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This program is captioned live. Good morning to you, everybody, this 1 January 2013. Happy new year. Happy new year to you. Did you have a lovely night last night?I did. We had a show. We opened up a new room. I got a koum of hours' sleep. Tim, you right?Yeah, loved it. The kids, we saw the fireworks. Excellent.What about you?I so love fireworks. The kids were excited. I was excited.How did you rate last night?Fabulous. Up there in the fabulous meter. It was a 9.5. We will look around the country at all the parties that happened. If you're just getting home, good morning.We are going to be talking hangover cures a bit later on in the show. It involves, egg, bacon, barbecue rolls sauce.It's simple, really. Been going on for years. Let's take a look at the weather for 1 January 2013.

Let's kick it off with news.Good morning to you both. Not surprisingly, New Year's Eve is dominating our bulletin this morning. Flaming fireworks and colourful celebration have heralded 2013, with cities right around the globe lining up to welcome in the New Year. In Australia, Sydney stole the spotlight in spectacular fashion, with a little help from a home-grown star. Two Australian icons brought together for the greatest New Year's show on earth. (CHEERING) Sydney and Kylie Minogue turning it on to welcome 2013. The pop princess-turned-creative ambassador. She chose the streams of pink and gold fireworks, the red lips on the bridge fashioned on hers. And Kylie even provided the soundtrack. (MUSIC PLAYS) Her theme was 'Embrace', and embrace her Sydney did. 2 million revellers turning out for the sparkling spectacle. SONG: # On a night like this... # # On a night like this # I wanna be together... # Others soaked up the celebrations at private parties along the shoreline.It was awesome, man. The best party in the world.In Melbourne, 22 high-rise buildings erupted into a kaleidoscope of colour. While in Brisbane, the dazzling display brought the river and the revellers to life. ALL: Happy new year! On the Gold Coast, thousands flocked to the beach as the skies above Surfers Paradise lit up. Earlier, Samoa was the first country in the world to welcome the New Year, with fire twirlers and traditional dancers warding off bad luck. New Zealand was next, Auckland's Sky Tower the centrepiece of the celebrations, with fireworks flaring to the sound of boat horns on the harbour.Horns blareIn Hong Kong, 100,000 people watched the explosion of colour on the water. But as clocks around the world take their turn to strike 12:00, nowhere does New Year's like our girl. SONG: # On a night like lep...#

And police have praised the behaviour of partygoerness Sydney, with less than 100 people arrested as more than 3,000 officers took to the streets to help control the large crowds. Paramedics were also kept busy during Bondi's 'Shore Thing' concert, treating more than 440 revellers. Some tried to sneak into the event by jumping fences, but were pushed away by police. Police praised partygoer s in Brisbane as well. As the fireworks began on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, an emergency was unfolding on one of the city's major thoroughfares, where a hot dog stand stphreed flames. It erupted into a fireball after the stand's owners tried to put out the fire by throwing water onto it. Which is one of the worst things you can do. You should always have a fire blanket or a dry chemical extinguisher in the kitchen area. Unfortunately they chose the wrong option.Firefighters say the quick actions of emergency crews saved convenience stores on either side of the stand. An 18-year-old man has been shot dead in Adelaide's south. He was gunned down just after 7:30 local time last night and rushed to hospital, but he later died. A 17- year-old boy has been taken into custody and is expected to be charged with murder. Police do not believe it was a random attack. A massive fire has engulfed a factory in Sydney's west overnight. A huge plume of smoke could be seen billowing into the air. Police received a o00 call shortly after 12:30, with multiple fire crews battling the blaze on Miller Road. And many parts of NSW are ringing in the New Year with a total fire ban, with hot and windy conditions forecast for today. The ban covers the areas of greater Sydney, Illawarra, the Greater Hunter, the lower Central West Plains and central and southern ranges. Some areas have a severe fire danger rating, with blazes in those conditions deemed uncontrollable and fast-moving. Sydney is in for a top of 30 degrees, while the western suburbs will see the mercury soar to 39 degrees. Police in Victoria say alcohol probably fuelled an argument between two groups of men south of Melbourne on the weekend, which left one of them diefpltd a 22- year-old was fatally struck in what detectives believe was an unprovoked brawl outside a pizza shop in Rye, on the Mornington Peninsula.We're trying to establish what, if anything, sparked off the actual incident. Police say they have reviewed CCTV footage from the area, describing the attack as short but very aggressive. A Western Australian boy who spent 29 hours alone in the bush without water and in temperatures of up to 42 degrees has been reunited with his family. 14-year-old Dennis Dear, who has autism, was riding his quad bike with his father in Flint, south-east of Perth, when he disappeared on Sunday. An extensive air and land search located Dennis yesterday morning.I was extremely happy, especially as it was getting late afternoon. Obviously we were all starting to get worried, thinking the worst of things which, we do, as parents. But, you know, it was just grateful to hear he's alive and well.He was taken to hospital, where he was treated for dehydration. A fight over a garden hedge in Sydney's upper north shore has ended with a woman having part of her finger cut off. The 58-year-old was arguing with her 71-year-old neighbour in the suburb of Killara last night when he was trimming a hedge with a set of gardening shears. Police say the top of one of the woman's fingers was severed in the fight. She will now have surgery to reattach the finger. The man has been charged. Within minutes, President Obama is set to address the American people as US lawmakers race against time to stop America plunging over the fiscal cliff, when 2013 reaches Washington. Negotiations are continuing, as I speak. We really are running out of time. Americans are still threatened with a tax hike in just a few hours.It's rumoured the Democrats have abandoned plans to raise taxes for people earning more than $250,000, allowing Republicans to lift the threshold to $450,000. If there is no agreement on several other sticking points, taxes will rise for all workers and dramatic cuts to public spending will automaticly come into force. The Government almost became a reality in Australia 10 years earlier than its actual introduction. That's according to Cabinet papers from 1984 released by the National Archives. The documents also reveal the Government's thinking on a US missile testing off the Australian coast. 1984 was at times tough for Bob Hawke. He started the year with sky-high approval ratings, but the election was a hard-fought race. The first day of the election campaign I had a cricket ball smashed into me. I was in agony. And distracted by a family crisis. I just found out about my daughter's heroin addiction.But he went on to win with a comfortable majority and to fulfil his election promise, bringing in radical tax reform. If Paul Keating had had his way, Australia would have had a goods and services tax more than a decade earlier.The problem was it was essentially inequitable.On the international stage, there were significant challenges. The MX missile issue.We weren't in fairyland. We were in the middle and depth of a cold war.There was community backlash as Hawke's decision to allow US planes monitoring the splashdown zone to land in Australian territory. A decision he later reversed. Cabinet was also worried about the relationship between Australia, the United States and New Zealand after the government banned US nuclear ships from New Zealand's port.The essential thing was to keep ANZUS going and to keep America in the alliance.One of Bob Hawke's proudest achievements from those years was replacing 'God Save the Queen' with 'Advance Australia Fair'. Well, 2012 saw the largest-ever number of crocodiles captured in the Top End, sparking renewed debate as to whether the salties should be culled. Experts aren't sure if culling is the answer. While everyone is making their New Year Resolutions, there's one man in the Top End who's just happy he made it through another year.Yeah, still in one piece. We're all happy about it.Darwin's favourite croc catcher has been a busy man, removing a record number of crocks from the waterways - 314 caught and removed in 2012.Moving around the coastline, looking for different areas. Especially during the wet season, you have crocs moving upstream into the freshwater systems which join up with saltwater systems. We're finding them in places we never found them before.The biggest was this, caught in April.He was 4.85. Our boat was 3.8. It was a harpoon. He was quite good, went up into the reeds a bit. An adrenaline rush. The record numbers caught have set off a new debate on the merits of a culling program.I'm not sure that culling is the answer. It may just give people a false sense of security. Of safeness or safety.So, whether you love them, hate them, fear them or are friends with them - crocs are certainly part of Territory life. As the wet season approaches, there's a message everybody can listen to.If up can't see the bottom of the water, then there's always a chance of a crocodile being there. Be croc-wise. Stand back from the water a bit if you're fishing. And if you love dogs, keep them clear of the water. Good advice. Taking a look at the financial markets now:

Well, it has been a very cute start to 2013 at a Prague zoo, with the arrival of a baby gorilla. The little one was welcomed to its new home - how cute! - just to time to ring in the New Year as well. It was born in December and is the third baby for its 19-year-old mother. But all the attention a little bit too much for the youngster, who was just happy to have a snooze with Mum.Oh!That's how I feel this morning as well! Wow. How cute?We have a relaxing couch here, Deb.Yeah! You could have a power nap.If I could cuddle up to that gorilla, it would be better. Very cute.Thank you. Alright. Well, there is plenty of sport coming up next, Tim?There's a stack, actually. New Year's Day, a preview. Sam Stosur's first outing since surgery doesn't go according to plan, and the A-League. It's all on the way.

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This program is not captioned. Oh, look at that.Happy new year. Happy new year to you around the country. You're waibing up to a brand-new year. Let's look at the newspapers. 'The Herald Sun' features revellers Ross Elliot and Nina Steenwinkle, who joined partygoers to welcome in 2013 in Melbourne last night.Here's to 2013 - 'The Hobart Mercury' shows the fireworks which lit up the sky over Sydney to Hobart-winning yacht wild rfr, as thousands of Tasmanians flocked to -- 'Wild Oats XI', as thousands of Tasmanians flocked to the waterfront.In Sydney, the fireworks explode from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A giant part of red lips counted down the seconds to midnight.'The Australian' reports former prime minister, baurks has called for the abolition of the states in the interest of achieving more effective government, and has urged politicians, business and unions to work closer together on reform in the national interest.'The Daily Telegraph' says today if the Coalition wins this year's federal election, a second airport for Sydney is likely to finally be given the green light.Sydney for sale - 'The Adelaide Advertiser' reports Jack Snelling wants to sell more than 20 key public buildings, including the city's Wakefield Street Police Station, to reduce the state's burgeoning debt.And 'The Northern Territory News' says people are being urged to stay out of the water after a record croc season for the Top End. Watch out for your dogs - don't take them walking by the water.Time for the sport. Plenty happening?Yeah, the SCG this week, it's gonna be wonderful. Later, we have the test match starting on Thursday. Matthew Wade says it's time for Australia's fringe players to step up after Michael Hussey's exit from international cricket at the end of this test. Hussey will retire from all forms of international cricket against Sri Lanka, and Wade insists it's the perfect opportunity for a younger batsman to seal a permanent spot.We've gotta come to terms with life without Michael Hussey, which will be a shame. But exciting times for the young batters and myself to take responsibility.The Australians hit the nets for the first time this morning, with Glenn Maxwell desperate to impress selectors in the wake of the Shane Watson's injury. He revealed he's been getting a little help from one of the legends of the game.Yeah, Warnie's been good. I have been working closely with him at the Stars. Doing a lot of bowling next to him in the nets. Hopefully that pays off.The injury cloud over Michael Clarke seems to have lifted. He's on light training but won't miss the match. A horror night for Australians at the Brisbane International, with five locals crashing out in the opening round. The biggest shock was Sam Stosur's straight-sets exit to Swede Sofia Arvidsson. The former US Open champion was showing plenty of rust in her return from ankle surgery, making 48 unforced errors in the 2-hour encounter. COMMENTATOR: Good hustle from Stosur. But why in the world didn't she just hit a regular smash?!She wasn't the only top-10 player to fall last night, with Caroline Wozniacki upset by Ksenia Pervak in three sets. The USA is out to continue the good form at the Hopman Cup, when they face France in Perth tonight. Top seed Serbia are looking good ahead of their match-up with Australia tomorrow. They downed Italy 2-1, despite Novak Djokovic landing in Perth less than 24 hours before playing. I arrived quite late last night and didn't get a lot of hours of sleep, but felt this morning like I'm dream-walking.The biggest worry for the world number one came after the match - limping away from a sponsor's board falling on his shin. Nasty one. Now, a big night of A-League action to kick-start the New Year, with both Melbourne teams and Brisbane taking to the feemed tonight. Sydney thumped approximate-0 by the Reds last night. Dario Vidosic score add double, while Ian Ramsay made sure the home side took the win. COMMENTATOR: That's number three, Ian Ramsay.But the Mariners remain on top of the table, two points ahead of Adelaide after a 1-0 win over Perth. And if you're looking for a new hobby this year, why not try car jumping? No, don't try it. They take a banged-up ride and throw it off a ramp as far as possible, usually with a spectacular finish. Only a few managed to clear all nine cars. John Harbour crowned the world champion. No surprises, he's a mechanic by trade, but still needed some help to get home. A little bit of quirk to finish it off with. Thanks, Tim. Let's take a look at the national fly-around:

It's a big hit of gossip we need to get from Michele Mahone over there in Hollywood. What's happening? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have made a baby!!

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People crowded around Sydney Harbour last night to ring in 2013. The fireworks display cost almost $7 million. We're going to have more highlights coming up throughout the morning for you. Yeah. But let's get baby news. Which star is showing off her new bump, Michele Mahone, over there in Los Angeles? What's happening over there?Well, are we starting off with Kim Kardashian? She is pregnant with Kanye West's baby. And he announced it, his bad self. Have a listen. (SINGS) # And you're having my baby... # (CHEERING) # I love you, baby... #

Yeah. I didn't understand anything that just happened there. Did he announce something? Was he singing? It was auto tuned, that was for sure.Yeah, Kim is having his baby. Unlike most couples, they are not gonna film the birth, they filmed the conception! What's up?! (LAUGHS)Michele, what is Lady Gaga doing for all of her Little Monsters before her shows at the moment?This is a little weird. She's offering counselling before the concert. And she wants to make it fun. She says a lot of people don't like to ask for help, so she set up booths where you can speak privately to a therapist, or you can have, like, a group therapy- type situation. And there's gonna be a DJ to make it fun. So you can get cured off the crazy while you booingie.That's an intense -- While you boogie.That's an intense concert. And what about Miranda Kerr's husband, Orlando Bloom - what's he been up to?He went out hieblging with baby Flynn. This is cute -- hiking with baby Flynn. This is cute. I can't decide which one's cuter. Have a look at that. That is so cute. All rugged up. Thanks, Michele.Speak to you soon. Coming up on Today - tens of thousands of people pack into Melbourne City to welcome the New Year in style.We are going to meet an 80-year-old Queenslander who can run 5km in under 30 minutes. No ordinary pensioner.Let's start with news headlines.Good morning. Many New Year's revellers are resting this morning after a big night of celebrations to welcome in 2013. Sydney shone in spectacular form, as millions watched the colourful celebration unfold. Two Australian icons brought together for the greatest New Year's show on earth. (CHEERING)

Sydney and Kylie Minogue turning it on to welcome 2013.

The pop princess-turned-creative ambassador. She chose the streams of pink and gold fireworks, the red lips on the bridge fashioned on her. And Kylie even provided the soundtrack. (MUSIC PLAYS) Her theme was 'Embrace', and embrace her Sydney did. 2 million revellers turning out for the sparkling spectacle. SONG: # On a night like this... # # On a night like this I wanna be together... # Others soaked up the celebrations at private parties along the shoreline.This is awesome, man. It's the best party in the world. In Melbourne, 22 high-rise buildings erupted into a kaleidoscope of colour. While in Brisbane, the dazzling display brought the river and the revellers to life. ALL: Happy new year! (CHEERING) On the Gold Coast, thousands flocked to the beach as the skies above Surfers Paradise lit up. Earlier, Samoa was the first country in the world to welcome the new year, with fire twirlers and traditional dancers warding off bad luck. New Zealand was next. Auckland's Sky Tower the centrepiece of the celebrations, with fireworks flaring to the sound of boat horns on the harbour. In Hong Kong, 100,000 people watched the explosion of colour on the water. But as clocks around the world take their turn to strike 12:00, nowhere does New Year's like our girl.

Well, partygoers got the thumbs up from police right across the nation, saying a majority of people were well-behaved. In Melbourne, there were no major incidents reported last night but police did handcuff a number of revellers. In Sydney, a few rowdy partygoers kept officers on their feet, while paramedics treated more than 400 concertgoers at Bondi's 'Shore Thing' party. In Brisbane it was a mostly family affair, with large crowds watching the fireworks at South Bank. Fire has ripped through a factory in Sydney's west overnight, destroying the building and spreading to a neighbouring warehouse. Crews battled the inferno in Villawood just after 12:30. A huge plume of smoke could be seen billowing into the air as the flames tore through the structure. It's not known what sparked the blaze. US President Barack Obama is currently addressing the American people surrounded by a collection of middle-income families. It comes as lawmakers desperately try to avoid plunging over the fiscal cliff, when the calendar ticks over to 2013 in Washington.Now, today it appears that an agreement to prevent this New Year's tax hike is within sight. But it's not done. There are still issues left to resolve. But we're hopeful that Congress can get it done.If no agreement is reached, 9 -- 98% of Americans will pay thousands more in tax this year, while automatic public spending cuts will come into effect. Cabinet papers from 1984 reveal then-prime minister Bob Hawke agreed to honour the previous government's deal to allow the testing of US missiles off the coast of Australia. But the plan was dropped after a public backlash. The papers also showed Paul Keating, the treasurer, pushed for a 12.5% GST, but he was overruled. Mr Hawke denied the pair fell out over the issue.When it became clear it couldn't go ahid, he didn't take his bat home. He put his head down and got to work.1984 was also the year Cabinet first considered Badgery's Creek as a potential site for a second Sydney Airport, an issue that remains unresolved. Let's take a look at finance now:

Let's get a look at all the sport now. Good morning, Tim. Good morning, Deb. Happy new year to everybody. Not a massive New Year's for Sam Stosur. The world number nine suffering a pretty dramatic exit from the Brisbane International, going down to Swede Sofia Arvidsson. Lleyton Hewitt's campaign begins tonight. He's hoping to avoid the same fate at Stosur, when he faces Radek Stepanek.He's a tough competitor. He gives 100% every time he's on the court. He's got an awkward game style to a lot of other guys out there.The Central Coast Mariners have begun the New Year on top of the A-League ladder following a 1-0 over Perth Glory last night. Matthew Wade says he's open to batting at number six for the third test against Sri Lanka. He's expected to be promoted up the order in the wake of Shane Watson's injury. And Glenn McGrath will be the latest Australian to be honoured with a place in the ICC Hall of Fame. McGrath claimed 563 scalps over 164 test matches in the baggy green, retiring in 2007. I was there reporting in Perth when he made his debut. That's where they called him 'Pigeon'. Back in those days, his legs were like that. What an honour.Glieation Glenn McGrath. Thanks. Alright. It's time to -- congratulations to Glenn McGrath. Thanks. Alright, it's time to say good morning to Emma Freedman. How are you feeling?Do you want the honest answer? I can give you that or a fabricated one. The honest answer is I had minimal sleep. But I feel A-OK, because we are celebrating a new year. Just as these lovebirds are on the beach this morning. New love blossoming here in the new year. There's revellers, having fun. Surfers out there. We will be spending the morning at Queenscliff Beach. We would love for you to bring awes coffee, maybe bottled water as well. We'll take a look at your weather and see what's happening for your first day of 2013.

We'll take a look at the forecast rainfall map - showers and isolated thunderstorms in the north of the Kimberley to the northern parts of Queensland, with scattered showers over the west. A scattering of showers for Tassie as well, with isolated ones along Victoria and southern coast of NSW as well. I hope you guys had a terrific night last night and brought in the New Year with lots of festive festivities, like many of the people across the country did. Still a few people enjoying it right now, all those festivities. We will be down here all of the morning and trying to get rid of this - let's call it a hangover. We will be honest this morning!You look fresh. You look great.It is what it is. Coming up - we have the best hangover cure. You stick with us. Everyone else out there who's feeling dusty, we have something to make you feel better.After the break - the great New Year's wash- up - which city partied the hardest? We'll tell you right after this.

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Kylie Minogue started the midnight show with the press of a button. Her lips were on the old bridge there, the old Coathanger. The Sydney skyline exploded into 2013 with gold, pink, green and blue fireworks.Well, Australia certainly rang in the new year in sensational style, as you just saw last night, with a sea of celebration right across the country. We have reporters stationed for a wrap on who gave 2013 the biggest and best welcome. Let's go to Airlie Walsh in Sydney this morning. Good morning to you. Happy new year. Now, the Harbour City really turned it on last night?It sure did. If you want to know which city parties the hardest, it's gotta be Sydney. Last year we rang in the new year and sealed the end of 2012 with a kiss, with 1.5 million people descending on the foreshore here. Sydney Harbour turned into a medley of yellow, purple, magenta and red. We saw dazzling fireworks, featuring birds, bee, even a butterfly. Colours streamed from four barges and cascaded from the bridge. There was plenty of action down in Bondi as well, with the festival 'Shore Thing', which saw thousands of revellers descend to the beach for fireworks and music there. It really was a spectacular night, Liberia yafplt they promised it would be bigger and -- Alicia. They promised it would be big r and better than last year and they delivered.Was there much trouble? Police have praised the vast majority of revellers last night. There were 3,000 police out in force. There were several arrests. 97 people were charged with offence relating to drug supply and possession. In Bondi, police were out in force, as think were in Kings Cross. There were pyroow technics last night, when a hot dog truck caught on fire in George Street. It was quickly extinguished. Alicia, now, today, it turns to the clean-up. By the looks of things under the Sydney Harbour Bridge here in Kirribilli, they have a huge day ahead of them.I can only imagine. Emily Rice, the fireworks display in Melbourne was spectacular?Yes, it certainly went off with a bang here in Melbourne. Fireworks were launched from 22 sites around the CBD. But they could be seen from kilometres away. Crowd numbers were up so it was a fantastic night here. Of course, very busy for emergency services. At Lorne, the seaside town, an 18- year-old man was stabbed in the ribs around 1am. He was airlifted to hospital and is in a sears condition. Here in Melbourne, firefighters were kept busy. A woman fell into a fire and suffered burns to 20% of her body. Also, a man holding fireworks, they exploded. He suffered burns to his hands and forearms. It wouldn't be New Year's without some silliness on the roads. There was a man who blew 0.317, which is six times over the limit, at Mitcham. Police caught him after he crashed into several roundabouts and traffic islands. So they expect to be busy again today, because there are plenty much New Year's Day parties planned around Melbourne as well. So a very busy one on the way for them as well.Thank you. Now to Davina Smith in Brisbane. Morning to you. What kind of show did Brissie put on last night?It was apparently so good, some people haven't gone to bed, including Anthony and his mates shrap ALL: Happy new year!The fireworks organisers are only going to bed now after a massive 24 hours of being awake. They put on two shows, at 8:30pm and midnight. Their goal was to make it an intimate display, so the people at South Bank were almost literally sitting on top of the fireworks as they went off. Crowds were down compared to previous years. The biggest problem so far we've heard about was a lack of taxis. There were 2,500 working in the Brisbane area. Some were weight up to two hours to catch a taxi. In terms of crime, police can say arrest numbers have been down. They will give us figures throughout the course of the morning. They have two incidents - the first is a stabbing at Deception Bay at a skate park. We have been told that a young man has been stabbed but he's refusing to cooperate with police. He has been taken to the RBH. The only one, an incident that has only just happened, the details coming in at the moment. A man has been stabbed at a service station at Caboolture in the toilets. There will be a few sore heads around here this morning. And once those people go to bed behind you and wake up again, they may have sore heads. Thank you. Chris O'Keefe joins us from the Gold Coast. Happy new year, Chris. Take us through what happened there last night?Happy new year, Alicia. I don't know if you can hear behind me, but there's still pretty loud tunes coming out of a lot of the apartment blocks here in Surfers Paradise. The party is far from over here on the Gold Coast. As promised, around 50,000 people Surfers Paradise Beach last night. They saw tonnes of fireworks let off at midnight. That lasted 15 minutes and was a spectacular sight. There was a superhero theme. People got into the spirit. Superman and Batman were projected on to the high-rises. Police were happy. They did crack down on public drinking, which saw a lot of people receive $110 fines. That would have put a dampener on some. At 1:30, in Ashmore, there was a group of gatecrashers who grate crashed a New Year's Eve party. When one of the men was asked to leave, he pulled out a flick knife, stabbed one of the other men twice in the stomach, once in the arm. That man was taken to Gold Coast Hospital. He's been treated for non-life- threatening injuries. Police have arrested one man and are questioning him over the incident. Overall, they are pretty happy with how people behaved and how they welcomed 2013.Over to you.Thanks very much. Most Clicked is next, including this singer, who's reaching incredible heights. (SINGS) This program is not captioned. 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Yes. Happy new year. Hope up don't want have too sore a head this morning. We have the Most Clicked for you now. First up, an absolutely unbelievable putt putt shot. Have a look at this. Oh, my God! It's a ghost ball! Yeah.


Very perceptive.A bit like the people watching this - it would be good if you could see it happen. They acted like it did.Coming in at number two - listen as this male singer's voice reaches astounding heights. (SINGS)

A Euro vision Song Contest entry?

Goes higher.(SINGS) Go for it! Go for it. That's pretty high. Got his tight pants on today. Now, at number three - it's a bird, Tasmania plane... No, wait. It could be the world's most awesome toy, and it's remote-controlled as well. Check this out.Oh! Oh! I want that!! (MUSIC PLAYS) Yeah.Oh, that is unreal. Is that on the market? Can we get one of those? That is awesome.Yep.That wins. Keep it away from the kryptonite. That is good.That is really cool. Coming in at number four - check out this very human-like monkey sneeze. Have a look.

(LAUGHS) (SNEEZES) A banana went down the wrong way! Something's happening with that sneeze. That's not just one end. You think that's his trumpet?This is a father recording what goes on when he and his toddler are left home alone. The video has gone viral. The father and son set up camp in an initially spotless living room, and then are seen exploring an ever-increasing array of toys and games. Mr Tomeoni who, works in the film and production industry, says he made the video for his wife, who didn't believe he was playing with his son when she was at work, as the house was too clean when she got home.Great interaction.And also cleans it up. Does he? Or does he do the old 80 bucks?You reckon? He's filmed everything.I know a couple of blokes who have done that.Finally this morning - a compilation of canine confessions. Take a look. SONG: # Bad to the bone... # Oh. Wow.(LAUGHS) Got the shoe. It's like shaming your pet.Yeah, they look very guilty. Look at him.Frog-eater. Enjoy your breakfast this morning. And your laptop. You're in trouble.

Haven't we all left those notes for somebody that we love? News, sport and weather are next. Stick with us. Happy new year, folks.We'll see you soon. SONG: # This is the best night # This is the best # This is the best night... #

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Happy new year Melbourne, partly cloudy and a top of 26. Right now sitting on 16. Hot-air balloons in the skyline looks like. Let's get a hit of news. Happy new year to you. More than 1.5 million people lined Sydney shores as the Harbour Bridge rang in their tyre. Kylie Minogue led the celebrations as the clock struck 12.

struck 12. Fireworks cascaded and flared into the night sky. In City of Melbourne exploded to life while in Brisbane the river shone below the sparkling spectacle. Other celebrations in Auckland, Hong Kong and North Korea provided a fitting welcome to the new year, none shining quite so bright as the jewel in Sydney's crown. Police in Melbourne are preparing to back up for another day of crowd control at today's summer days music festival. Officers swung into action last night but say a majority of the crowd was well behaved. Police have praised most of Sydney as more than 1.5 million took to the streets. There was some drama in Bondi where crowds got rowdy and officers had to push away people trying to jump fence toss get in, while paramedics treated more than 400. In Brisbane police say celebrations were generally safe giving well behaved families the thumbs-up. Fire crews have scrambled the a hotdog stand in Sydney which was engulfed in a fireball as last night's prior works were starting. Authorities say a small blaze began when a fire boiled over. It turned into an inferno when staff tied to use water to put it out.They chose the wrong option and the water caused the fire to explode and set the hotdog stand on fire.The hotdog stand was destroyed and crews say it was lucky no one was injured. Fire crews in Western Sydney spent the night battling a factory fire. Thick smoke choked streets in Villawood. Matt joins us now. It is very smoky. Is that fire still burning?It is, but it is far more control compared to the wild scenes we saw last night. It is a tyre factory that went up at midnight. A 30 by 40-metre fire factory with hundreds or thousands of tyres inside fuelling a massive blaze and it was really out of control for a couple of hours. There were fears it would spread the adjoining factory but after a huge effort from firefighters from 12 stations they were able to bring it down into a more control state and prevent much damage at all to any surrounding buildings. It is a dangerous situation here. Firefighters say not just for themselves but also for residents. They say the smoke from the fire is toxic and they are urging residents the city away travelling the area or stay inside. What is happening is that because the fire - there are so many fires there, the fire is popping up each time they knock it up, it is popping up in another area so hard to get under control. They say it will be another day before they are able to mop up the situation completely. There is no word yet on how this fire started but it certainly was a massive effort by firefighters to bring it under control and make sure it was not any worse open what we have seen here overnight. Yes, firefighters doing a tremendous job. Two people have been killed on the NSW North Coast following a head-on crash early this morning.There were no passengers in either vehicle. A crime scene has been established as officers make their way to the scene. Four men arrested over a wild brawl in Sydney's southwest have been taken to hospital after the police car they were in rolled and landed on its roof. Police were called to Macquarie Fields at 11 last night after reports of a fight. They bundled some of the men into their vehicle which later tipped while going through a roundabout. Two officers were treated for cuts and Brucees. The men are expected to be charged when released from hospital. US President Obama says a deal to prevent America from going over the fiscal cliff is insight but surrounded by middle income families he stressed the deal is not yet done. He said he hoped for a solution that dealt with reducing deficit in a balanced way.So that recovers put all this behind us to focus on growing our economy but with this Congress that was obviously a little too much to hope for at this time.(LAUGHTER)Awe tax hikes and spending cuts come into effect in a few hours time. Finance now

Imagine Antiques Roadshow meets the Dukes of hazard? That sums up all the madness of the British car- jumping championship riders take a leap of faith as they speed over a ramp and attempt to clear 10 cars before landing sort of neatly on the open set side. 10 races and they are bombed.You have to be an idiot the start with. Or have totally no fear then it is just luck!At the end the winner does not get a prize just some rather dubious bragging rights.Would like to see the antique Roadshow host saying - well, summing it up. "A rare vehicle, rare indeed".Let's get the sport with Tim.They would not be worth much. Peter Siddle has backed Glenn Maxwell to perform if he is handed a test debut on Thursday T Aussies have wrapped up the series against Sri Lanka but will not take the third and final test match lightly.Don't want to rest on a 2-nil series win. We want to make sure we do not slip up and finish them up strongly. It was not a good night for the Australians at the Brisbane International. Five were dumped out of the tournament including world number 9 Sam Stosur who went down in straight sets to Swede, Sofia Arvidsson. Adelaide is keeping pace with the Mariners. They thumped Sydney 3-nil. From the Only in America file, half time entertainment at the NFL game here, there is the mass zot riding a dog, so what it was, its was a monkey riding a dog herding a goat. We have not sure if it has been booked for the Super Bowl yet.Right after Beyonce. Is awesome. A few monkeys. Good find. Though fit in really whole the chaps. Celebrate with a few bananas. Let's get into the T- signs. Matilda found this and Judy found a piece of coral in Far North Queensland. Our last sign comes from Annette in Ashmore who took a photo of this T-shaped tree that grows at the end of her street A variation on a theme. Probably needs to be trimmed up but I can see it!You are a tough judge.

see it!You are a tough judge. Will you family be better off in 2013? Record catch - why there are more salties in the Top End than ever before and a look at the hottest gadgets of 2013 including the Google glasses that do just about anything. I need solve them badly. But let's get your local forecast with Emma!

We have been doing a bit of resear top keep things entertaining as to what might happen in their tyre. All the psychics around the world say it is not too much good news. Apparently there will be another world war, a solar storm. This is my favourite - there are going to be earth changes. I do not know what that means but hopefully we have more good news on the way. We will tell you more about our predictions because the crew have a few after we look at weather to see what is predicted for your lays today.

It will be a beautiful day in Sydney but I asked the crew about some predictions. Andrew says the next election will be contested by Bob Carr an Malcolm Turnbull. Our cameraman says Hugh Jackman will win an Oscar for 'Les Miserables'. Our link technician says Kim Kardashian will have triplets but I will be in bet by 9.30 in a few hours.Can't come soon enough. As if we do not have enough KardashiansAfter the break Richard Wilkins connects in with the star- studded cast of 'Les Miserables'. You do not want to miss it!# Who will be strong and stand with me... This program is not captioned. (LAUGHS LOUDLY)
So are you driving? (MYSTICAL CHIMES)

SONG: # Work your body! #

are smarter than others.

This program is not captioned. MAN: Saturday -
sports day -

the day we all support
sharks, tigers, dolphins

and the odd little devil, where success isn't measured in tries but the number of triers...

..and the only thing better than
cheering on your team is the sausage sizzle. We love supporting local teams too.
Your local club.

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Welcome back and happy new year. It is one of the biggest movies of the year. A musical masterpiece - she dared me - starring some of Australia's final talents. 'Les Miserables' is going gang busters at the box office and Richard Wilkins managed to catch up with Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe to talk about their ambitious new project.# I dreamed a dream in time gone by...It is the movie we have been raving about for month t big-screen adaption of the acclaimed musical based on Victor Hugo's novel about a man Jean Valjean and his journey for redemption. Hugh Jackman is staggeringly fabulous in the role of his career.# On day more...

of his career.# On day more...
Hugh Jackman number 1, number 2 I would not have made the film if Hugh Jackman did not exist. I was looking for combination of someone who is a star a brilliant actor, a brilliant singer, had musical experience, someone the grace and kindness and come passion in Hugh with this perfect storm of a combination of all the things I was looking for. Starring alongside Hugh is fellow Aussie, Russell Crowe, as his on-screen nemesis. # We will be ready for this schoolboy... Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seigfrid and the brilliant support cast breathing new life to a classic tale. Tom Hooper made the bold decision to revolutionise the musical by recording the vocals live on set.99% of the vocals are recorded live on the set. When you do pre-record vocals everything sounds like a studio but here you get the qualities of the actors and the different locations. This is without a doubt one of the year's must-see movies and it is almost certainly set to do big things during award season. 'Les Miserables' is simply magnificent. Do not miss your chance to see this epic tale on the big screen.I can't wait. I'm seeing think it Friday, do not tell me the ending but I believe a lot of people die. New Pa herity payments - will your family be better off in their tyre? All the fireworks from around the country has night and around the globe. Our song of the day in keeping with that theme Fireworks by Katy Perry. Enjoy. Stay with us!

# Baby you're a fire work # Come on This program is not captioned. Smoke? Nah, I'm good.

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Ah! (GRUNTS) Do you need some he-

(GRUNTS) (CHECKOUT BEEPS) VOICEOVER: M&Ms - can't resist 'em. Hey, look - we're on the guest list.
(GROANS) It's the menu.

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This is Maxwell Smart, Agent 86. The butt of many jokes with his shoe phone but according to the ex- Pert's he might be on the money. Charlie will join us soon with the new technology we will see this year. You would never lose it, would you?You wouldn't want to otherwise you would be walking around with one shoe. Have you ever wanted to feel like an A-list celebrity? Now you can. A company in the US allows people to rent a entourage to hang onto your every word and scream your name wherever you go.That is what I thought Los Angeles was all about., why I moved here. But this is my reality. I wanted to have an entourage. I not this!I run a Rent a Crowd of. Some people pay for a crowd to follow them shopping. She wanted people to think she was the First Lady of the Philippines.Tkpwh did people buy it?Yes, do you know what she looks like?So I pretended to be the royalty and would people buy it? Outside a panting crowd. Paid to scream my name.King Nicholas. Once you have 10, 15 people with cameras everybody will crowd around.King Nicholas, I love you.

Nicholas, I love you.We give everybody the ability to live like an A-lister.For nearly $3,000 a crowd to follow you on a date.It is like, "Wow, you must really be famous".Some see celebrities use this service for career advancement. I guess you could say B-list celebrities who want a lot of attention in Beverly Hills and I was contacted by their agents I was like, "Seriously?". We have been very discreet about our clients. The crowd and the shopping felt a bit weird but I loved dinner afterwards.Tell me how good- looking I am! My very own entourage paid to flatter and laugh at my dumb jokes.I said, "No you get out of town".(LAUGHTER).I might hire these guys.That is funny. Is fantastic. Why wouldn't he give up the names of the B-listers though? I want to know who is renting these crowds.I know who has the answers. Michelle. A romantic gesture from Chris Brown. What did he do for Rihanna?He paint add picture. He spent months on the Christmas gifts and though said that when Rihanna saw her heart fell to the floor. Underneath the picture of him giving her a kiss on the cheek it says, "You are my girl for life". Or until she has to take out another restraining order. Nothing says love like your boyfriend also being the defendant. Which star is showing off her new bump?Look at this. Jessica Simpson just announces she was pregnant, but she is awfully pregnant. Look at this. I mean I would rather walk on my lips than to criticise but could you clean the counter off first! She looks good though.She looks great. She is healthy.Her hair is a bit messy. And baby number three for Matthew? Yes, everybody thought it was a girl but it is a boy! Baby Livingston, I presume. It joins Levi and Vida. Here is what I'm thinking - this baby should grow up to marry Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby and they could have babies and Hollywood will be as in bed as Kentucky. The Beckhams are settling down. Where?They want to move to London! They have three schooling-aged children. You got Brooklyn, Romeo and... The other one!Harper? No Harper is the little one. Cruz. There you go! One of them name, whatever. Well, though are getting expensive education - $23,000 a year. My learning was not that fancy and look how well I turned out!Exactly right. Imagine how exciting laundry will be.Yesterday was so nice when we first saw you, you had the sign up and now it is terrible. What happened last tight to you?I'm discreet too!Thank you, Michelle. Here are the top stories

Happy new year. All the fun and fireworks from around the nation and the world. Ringing in their tyre - how party goers across the country partied into the night. Your family and the year ahead. The government changes to family benefits, and bonuses. Bob ooze mission - the former Prime Minister's battle with Paul Keating and why he fought for our national anthem. Record catch - why there are more salties in the Top End than ever before and meet the 82- year-old Queenslander who will run rings around you. Happy new year. It is Tuesday 1 January 2013! Spectacular fireworks and celebrations have heralded 2013 with cities right across Australia lighting up to welcome the new year. Sydney put on the biggest show with more than one million people gathering around the hard pour as 2013 kicked off with a bang! Two Australian icons brought together for the greatest new year's show on earth. Sydney and Kyle Sandilands turning it onto welcome 2013 - Kylie Minogue. The pop Princess turned creative ambassador, she chose the streams of pink and gold fireworks, the red lips on the bridge fashioned on her and Kylie even provided the soundtrack.

even provided the soundtrack. Her theme was Embrace and embrace her they did. Two million revellers in Sydney turning out for the massive spectacle.# On a night like this... Others soaked up the celebrations at private parties along the shoreline.. This is awesome man, the best party. In Melbourne, 22 high-rise buildings erupted into colour. While in Brisbane the dazzling display brought the river and the reveller toss life.Happy new year!On the Gold Coast, thousands flocked to the beach as the skies above Surfers Paradise it will up. Earlier Samoa was the first country in the world to welcome the new year with traditional dancers warding off bad luck. New Zealand was next. Auckland's Sky Tower the centrepiece with fireworks flaring to sounds of boat horns on the harbour. In Hong Kong, 100,000 people watched the ex-plogs of colour on the water.

colour on the water. But nowhere does new year's like our girl. The party is still going for some and a big clean-up is under way. Let's go to our reporters stationed around the country. First to Airlie Walsh in Sydney. What is the scene like in Sydney?If you needed proof that Sydney parties harder than any other state, this is it. This is what a hangover looks like. We have party hats, plastic bottles, pizza boxes. This is the aftermath of what was a huge night in the harbour city. More than 1.5 million people crammed the foreshore. We saw dazzling fireworks featuring a rainbow of colours T soundtrack was naturally Kylie's On a Night Like This and the night was sealed with a kiss. Police have praised Sydney's partygoers. 97 people were charged for offences including drug use and assault. There was some drama in Bondi, however, at the Shore Thing festival. Police had to push away people trying to jump fence toss get in and paramedics treated 400 people A hotdog stand was set on fire and it was made worse after a staffer poured water and it but no one was injured. Event organisers promised it would be a bigger and better night than last year and they certainly delivered.Let's go to Emily in Melbourne where the fireworks display over the city was spectacular.It went off with a bang here last night T biggest new year's fireworks display ever Melbourne ever and I was a success. Crowd numbers were up T fireworks, which went off from 22 sites around the CDB could be seen if kilometres away. Emergency services were kept busy. The most serious incident, an 18-year-old man was stabbed at the seaside town of Lorne at 1 am. He was airlifted to hospital and is in a serious condition A22-year-old man was hospitalised when homemade fireworks exploded and he had burn toss his hand and forearms. There was some New Year's Eve sillyness on the roads. A driver was caught driving and blew six times the legal limit after crashing flew a few roundabouts and traffic islands. Police are expected to be very busy throughout the day today. We have the summer daze festival here, they will have dug detector dogs out so for some people here in Melbourne the party has not even started. Let's go to Brisbane where we find Davina. How is the city looking?I will let you be the judge. We look food when we are sleep-pratures and dancing on the sand here. They are having a food time. I do not know how they will feel in a couple of hours time though! In terms of crowds though, police say it is down on previous years. We expect about 80,000 people here at Southbank. It was more like 65,000 last night. The good news is arrests are down across the state and police say that is largely due to the big number of alcohol-free zones across the state last night as part of those celebrations. And due to the number of police that were on the beat last night. There were an extra 400 across Brisbane, an extra 200 at Southbank so police are happy. They will give us an update at 11am but so far Queensland has the big tick of approval which is more than I can say for these girls and their dance style in the background.Looks like they need to get to a bed sometime soon.? Chris is on the Gold Coast. What is the scene like there?

What is the scene like there?Last night proved the adults can party as hard as kids. 50,000 people packed into Surfers Paradise to watch the fireworks. There were about four tonnes of fireworks and a super hero theme with images of Batman an Superman projected on some of the major apartment buildings here. Police say they were happy with how revellers behaved but they were out in force cracking down on practice drinking so plenty of people received $110 fines which would have soured their night but this was a serious incident after 1.30 in Ashmore A bunch of gatecrashers crashed a party. When one was asked to leave he produced a flick-knife, stabbed another man twice in the stomach, once in the arm and was taken to the Gold Coast Hospital. The man involved has been arrested by police and is being questioned at the moment. But overall, police are happy with our Gold Coast celebrations of 2013 and I'm sure there will be some sick and sorry people here this morning. In other news - a large factory fire is burning in west Sydney with toxic smoke filleting streets around Villawood. Matt is there and joins us now. This is certainly a big job for fire crews this morning? Certainly. You can see there they are working behind me. The problem is that spot fires really, we have seen the woret of the blaze happen last night. Has been control T problem now is that fires keep popping up as soon as they get knocked down in one spot. They pop back up on the other. Is the result of the hundreds or thousands of tyres inside that are still smouldering and burning. The other problem for firefighters and for locals here is the smoke from tyres on fire. Firefighters say it is toxic and they warn residents in the area to stay indoors or stay away from the area the blaze broke out at the factory probably about a 30-metre factory here in Villawood, filled with tyres about 1 o'clock for a few hours. It was out of control. There were factories right around it. LPG and gas and extremely dangerous situation and took the 120 firefighters that are here to contain the fire and to stop it from spreading to the gas and the surrounding factories. An amazing job by firefighters. The problem here now will be that the blaze will continue in its form now for the rest of the day, they think, so there are road blocks in place around Villawood here and firefighters - the message is to stay indoors if you live in this area because the smoke is toxic. Looks very thick. An 18-year-old man has been shot dead in Adelaide's south. He was gunned down after 7.30 will time last night and rushed to hospital where he later died. A 17-year-old boy has been taken into custody and is expected to be charged with murder. Police do not believe it was a random attack. Many parts of NSW are ringing in the new year with a total fire ban with hot and windy conditions forecast T ban covers the areas of greater Sydney, Illawarra, the Greater Hunter t lower an central west plains and central range owes. Some areas have a severe fire danger rating with blazes in those conditions deemed uncontrollable and fast-moving. Sydney is in for a top of 30 while the West will see the mercury soar to 39. Police in Victoria say alcohol probably fuelled an argument between two groups of men south of Melbourne on the weekend which left one dead A22 -year-old was fatally struck in hat detectives believe was an unprovoked brawl in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula.We are trying to establish what, if anything, sparked the actual incident. Police say though have reviewed CCTV footage from the area describe in the attack as short but very aggressive.A fight over a garden hedge in Sydney's upper North Shore has ended with a woman having part of her finger cut off. The 58-year- old was arguing with her 71-year- old neighbour last night over a hedge she was trimming with a set of shears. Police say the top of one of the woman's fingers was severed in the fight. She will now have surgery to reattach the finger. The man has been charged. If American economy is hours away from plunging over the fiscal cliff unless an Eleventh Hour deal can be struck. Republicans say they will agree to tax hikes for the baelt write but only for those earn incorporated 450,000 a year. Barack Obama says the wealthy have not faced a tax rise in decades and wants everybody to share the burden of reducing the deficit.If we are going to be serious about debt reduction it will be a matter of shared sacrifice. At least as long as I'm President, and I'm going to be President for the next four years, I hope!If no agreement can be reached, 98% of middle morpbs will automatically pay more tax if today. From today your family may be better off under a raft of changes to family benefits from the Federal Government. Minister for Families and Community Services Jenny Macklin joins me from Melbourne. Andy new year to you, Minister.Happy new year and to the mums and dads welcoming a few baby into their family today. There are always winners and losers when these changes are announced. Let's pre bin with the paid parental leave scheme. Dads and partners are now included. What will they get out of this? That is right. From - for the first time dads and partners will start to receive two weeks of dad and partner pay, paid at the rate of the minimum wage, $606 a week. Will mean dads too can spend those precious few weeks with their newborn babies and help mum out as well. This is not an automatic payment though, is it? What happens if dads and partners do not lodge a claim immediately? Can they claim later?They can, but I would say to any dads expecting the their baby to come in the next little while you can do it three months before your baby is born, goat your paperwork done in advance, so if you know your baby is coming in the next three months, get online an get your application in. Let's go through the school kids bonus hole will get this and how much for each child?If you are receiving family tax benefit part A and you have a child in primary school or secondary school, from the 9th of January, you will start to receive the first stage of the school kids bonus. So if you have a primary-aged child, you will start to receive the annual payment of $410 and if you have a secondary school-aged child it is $820 and it is paid in two lots. One half in January and the other half in the middle of the year just when parents need it to whole open pay for those - all the expense that come along at this time of year. The sting in the tail is for some single parents. Why has the Government decided to slash their payments? I understand that around 80,000 single parents will have their payments slashed by up to $100 a week which is a harsh reality inform wake up to this morning.We really just are equalising to arrangements for two different groups of single parents. So from 006 the rules changed for those single parents coming onto the payment and we have not thought it was fair that we had two different sets of rules so once your youngest child turns 8, you will have the same rules that have applied for other single parents since 2006.Some parents say that the way they read it is that if they quit their jobs or work less hours, they will still be eligible for those payments. Does not seem right?No, it is important to remember that people are always better off working and of course we know that it is so much better for children if they grow up in a home where they see mum or dad or both working and of course we do provide extra support to families, that is why we are introducing school kids bonus making sure that parents get that extra financial support when they really need it.That might be so about kids seeing parents work but if you are going to get more money by working less hours or by not working you can imagine a lot of people will take that option or going down that path?It is just not the case. Parents know that they are better off working and one of the big changes we made this year that started in July was that we trebled the tax-free threshold so you can earn more than $18,000 a year before paying any tax and you no longer have to do a tax return, so that has been a very big boost especially to those parents who do want to do some part-time work and continue to look after hair children.Ministerster, we appreciate your time. It will be a big year ahead with an election looming so we wish you all the best. 2013 promise toss bring an asortment of brighter, faster and lighter gadgets certain to gain widespread attention. Charlie Brown joins us now. Tell us about the watch phones. We thought it was a shoe phone before.LG brought out a 3G watch phone a beautiful piece of engineering but I cost $2,000 outright and it was a bit chunky on the wrist. The one we are talking about it smaller and lighter and will be cheaper at a few hundred dollars. The idea that is because this device improves on those two key areas in size and price, it will be adopted a lot more heavily by people. Again, what we are talking about here is not just the time but making calls through your watch but getting your social media updates and things like that instantly. It can create its own content but stream content from devices around you so it can pull music from your smart phone in your pocket but the idea is make it cheaper and make it do more stuff and possible topbgsly people will buy it so we are looking at something like that coming out in 2013. Like Dick Tracy. The Google glasss - how do they work? This is the idea of augmented reality being built into glasses. You put them on an as you look around the room or the suburb information is fed live in front of your eye. Google has been working on this for a number of years and have shown us this technology in a number of different times. Their directional as well so they have GPS built in so as you turn it knows which way you are standing on the planet, how high you are in your altitude. It can stream information from your smart phone but it can have a small android operating system. Google is working on this and they make billions in profits a year but we have an Australian company a start- up which is pulling fundi