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Damn. Damn. It was demoted to a dwarf planet. Which just shows, you should pay attention
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it was recently. The most recent was 2006. Forget about that,
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Tonight - the race is on for the best vantage spots on the Harbour, as crowds gather for 11,000 fireworks and the greatest show on earth. Police on alert to crack down on drunken travel. Also tonight - a mother drowns after falling from a yacht. And another shark has Sydney beach- goers running scared. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Georgie Gardner. Good evening. It's Sydney's night to show off - 1.5 million people are packed around our stunning harbour, ready to embrace the New Year. These are live pictures from the Nine News helicopter, and as you can see, perfect conditions on the Harbour - a warm, clear night making it ideal for a spectacular fireworks display. Our reporters are in the thick of it amongst the crowds at the very best vantage points. John O'Doherty begins our coverage. It's the biggest night of the year, with the greatest show on the planet, and the best seats go to the most committed.We're all set up for today, all ready for tonight. This is the best spot.This is the best spot in the house. Can't miss it. (LAUGHS) Thousands lined the Harbour, braving the summer sun - some have been here for days.How are you going to get this spot if you don't come early?I hope it's worth it. At Mrs Macquarie's Chair, crowds snakeed for hours.It's definitely the big fireworks, without a question.Just really looking forward to it.With gates open at 10:00am, it was a sprint... (CHEERING) To secure the best seats in the house. ALL: Happy New Year!And even if you didn't join the early birds, it's not too late to welcome in 2013 with a bang. There are family- friendly events with fireworks and alcohol-free zones at Campbelltown, Penrith Panthers, the Parramatta River foreshore, Coogee, Manly, and Collaroy Beach.See the fireworks. It's an incredibly special experience.Across the city, last- minute New Year preparations are under way - they're firing up the barbecue at Mount Riverview... And at Bondi, the 'Shore Thing' beach party is being shored up. And finishing touches are still being put on the midnight extravaganza. We've got 11,000 fireworks, 16,000m of cable. 16 shipping containers of equipment. 100 tons of sand, and 48 crew working over the 10 days. Bigger and better each year.As always, there's a theme. Tonight, it's 'Embrace', developed by Aussie icon Kylie Minogue.I will definitely be trying to find a moment in the madness to really appreciate what an amazing year it's been.Down by the Harbour, it's already chock-a-block. More than 1.5 million people are expected to watch the biggest fireworks display in the world. If you are thing thinking about heading down to the foreshore to watch the Sydney sky light up, the advice from authorities is to take public transport if you can. Additional train services will operate from 4:00, but Circular Quay station will close between 8:00 and 1:00. There are extra bus services on all major routes, ferry services stop at 7:30, but some will start again after midnight. If you are driving, make sure you're not caught out. There are road closures across the city. The Harbour Bridge will shut in both directions from 11:00 till 1:00, but the Tunnel will remain open. Anzac Bridge will close twice for the fireworks. For a full list, visit live' Now as we wait, it's just a matter of time. The forecast is for a wonderful night, and already I think we can feel the festivity in Sydney. Sylvia Jeffreys has a spectacular view from Kirribilli. Sylvia, it's been a long, hot day already. What's the forecast for the evening ahead?Georgie, the forecast is very promising indeed. It has been an absolutely stunning day. Sydney at its very, very best. It's been a warm afternoon, particularly for the keen crowds who've been camped out here at places like Kirribilli since early this morning. The mercury hit a top of 27 in the city, 36 in our west. Although some relief is now sweeping through, with a sea breeze, at midnight, it will be around 22 degrees in the city, slightly cooler on the beaches at around 19. If you're celebrating in our west. Most importantly, the skies will remain clear for the fireworks. Hundreds of families here at Kirribilli came prepared with shades and umbrellas. They have certainly, in my opinion, secured the best seats in the house. New Year's Day is looking like a scorcher in our west. I will be back with the forecast a little later. Georgie.See you then, Sylvia. Thank you. There's no view of the fireworks from a police cell - that's the warning to party-goers heading out for a big night. More than 3,000 officers will be on the streets of Sydney watching out for drinken, violent behaviour. It's the flip side to the city's celebrations - a sea of blue getting ready for their busiest night on the streets.We're here to get involved, roll our sleeves up and get our hands dirty if we have to.Hundreds of officers preparing their plan of attack for the onslaught of New Year's Eve.Our biggest concern, as always, is alcohol-related violence and crime. Not only on the streets... Water police breath-testing party-goers as they raise their glasses to another year over. ALL: Happy 2013!We've got 20 courses. The odd drink. And we're gonna have a good time.But for the few that take it too far, our force will be ready.We will have over 3,000 police around the state deployed tonight specifically for all the New Year's Eve events. They're desperate to avoid ugly scenes like this. It starts from here - revellers flooding liquor stores, some on an alcohol-fuelled mission.What sort of night are you going to have a aheadIt will be a wild one.We'll do New Year's Eve in style. It's what you've gotta do. This is just for me!It's also a big night for Dr Gordian Fulde, who's left to pick up the pieces when a night goes wrong.Society just doesn't see how ugly it gets, especially at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning when people are just -- have just had too much to drink. For paramedics, it's simple. There's a very fine line between having a good time and then things getting crazy.Wherever you are, police could be watching, and a criminal record is not the way to start the New Year.Our message is that everyone has to accept responsibility for their own actions, and they need to think about the consequences of whether to take up the next day and find themselves in trouble.Live to Dimity Clancey in The Rocks. What can people expect if they push the limits tonight?Georgie, they can expect that police will not be far away. As you can see behind me, officers are already monitoring the growing crowds here in The Rocks. People can also expect an on-the- spot fine of $550 if they disobey orders to leave a licensed premise because they're too drunk. Police say they want everyone to have a good night, to drink within their limits and look after each other. But for those who step out of line, Georgie, police say they will use whatever force is needed.Alright. Dimity, thank you. Jayne Azzopardi is at Woolwich, one of the Harbour's best-kept secrets. Jayne, is there any room left there?Georgie, the best spots are gone, but there is still room, unlike elsewhere around the Harbour. Already closed are the ticketed events at Barangaroo and Toronga Zoo, as well as free areas of East Circular Quay, the Opera House, and Mrs Macquarie's Point. They're pretty excited at Woolwich, though. There have been families here for most of the day. A you can see, there is still room for anyone who can walk down here. You want to know why they're here? Take a look at this. Best view of the Bridge in town. There are plenty of road closures right around Sydney now. If you haven't got to your vantage point on Sydney Harbour, you might want to stay on the couch and watch everything unfold on the television. Georgie.Not a bad idea, Jayne, and off perfect segue. Catriona Rowntree and Jason Dundas are heading up the fireworks coverage on the Nine Network. How are tonight's fun unfold?It will begin at 8:30. That leads us up to the kick-off at 9:00. I believe those fireworks wils Will last for about eight minutes.After that, we'll take a break, and come back in a big way at 11:30 for a show that will lead up to the Bridge and all the celebrations we've come to love from the greatest city in the world that has the best New Year's Eve fireworks show of all time. And of course, Kylie Minogue is going to make an appearance with us.Can't wait for the coverage. Best of luck with it. Happy New Year.You too. A plan to spend New Year's Eve on a yacht in the Harbour has instead turn under to a family tragedy. A mother from Carlingford drowned after falling from the family boat which was moored in Rose Bay. Light in the sky and boats on the water for all the wrong reasons. It was a harrowing return to shore - a husband and his two young children on a lonely wharf, a wife and mother missing in the dark Harbour. They had been spending the night before New Year's on Rose Bay.The husband came up to the deck of the vessel and could not locate his wife. He was then notified -- has then notified authorities.The conditions for the search were quite reasonable this morning. There was good moonlight. The wind was calm.Four hours into the search, this was the heartbreaking moment a woman's body found in the water just 30m from where police were coordinating the effort.The husband is very distraught. He'll be spoken to at a later time. It's sad at this time of year, obviously, to lose someone. My heart goes out to them.On a day as calm as this, it's hard to imagine the Harbour could have such devastating consequences. Police say it's the lethal mix of alcohol that changes everything. They believe the 49- year-old had been drinking before her disappearance. A post-mortem will now be carried out to determine how she died. The state's holiday road toll has climbed to 10, after a crash on the Pacific Highway north of Grafton. A 23-year-old man died when three cars collided near the Iluka turn- off. The accident caused extensive traffic delays. An 18-year-old man has drowned in waters off Fairlight on the northern beaches. Paramedics gave him CPR at the scene. He later died at Manly Hospital. With many swimmers still on edge after yesterday's shark attack, just sightings of sharks today were enough to send surfers fleeing from the water. It's a bad sign for the rest of the summer, but there are warning signals that can help reduce the danger. For the second day running, the shadow of danger beneath the water. A second shark, a second scare - Dee Why beach closed.They tell us it wasn't the same shark as yesterday.It never officially reopened after surfer Danny Sheather's brush with what is now believed to be a juvenile great white yesterday afternoon.As I was going along, I felt a big hit on the bottom of my board.Minutes later, the Westpac helicopter spotted a shark, and at 8:30 this morning, a similar sight.At North Narrabeen, we sighted a shark, possibly a hammerhead, in amongst the surfers.With patrols in the air and on the water, the beach reopened at 10:00am.It is fine and safe to swim.The crowd with mixed feelings.They're harmless. They're always here!I would get in that water and I would hear the 'Jaws' theme and be running out!This morning's sighting hasn't completely emptied the beach. Regular patrols from the air have kept people calm. Regardless of whether they're concerned or not, if these conditions keep up for the rest of summer, as expected, we're likely to see a lot more shark sightings off our coastlines. Schools of baitfish like this attract the sharks. Experts say, if you see this, steer clear. Hillary Clinton has been admitted to hospital after she was diagnosed with a blood clot. The US Secretary of State is suffering from concussion, after she took a fall earlier this month. Ms Clinton will step down from her role early next year. There's no better spot to be than right on the water, and this is a live shot from the Harbour right now. The first fireworks show is less than three hours away. We will cross live to Kirribilli a little later. Also coming up - Julia Morris's husband diagnosed with breast cancer. A helicopter crashes during a beach rescue mission. And Kim Kardashian's baby news.

This program is not captioned.

Comedian and cancer campaigner Julia Morris has revealed that her husband has been treated for breast cancer. The disease is very rare in men, but the star of Nine's hit show 'House Husbands' says he's had a mastectomy. She tweeted:

She's advised all men to have regular health checks. One of Australia's most notorious criminals, Dennis Ferguson, has died. The body of the convicted child sex offender was discovered in his Surry Hills unit yesterday. Police say his death is not suspicious. I have to admit, I didn't feel much for it at all, certainly not sadness. I don't feel any sadness, and I don't think there'll be too many tears shed anywhere, really. Child protection groups recently declined the 64-year-old's offer to go into schools and help educate students about paedophilia. In less than 24 hours, America could be plunged into recession if politicians fail to come to an agreement over the so-called financial cliff. The US could drag the rest of the world over the edge with it, including Australia. It's painful for everyone - the average American threatened with whopping tax increases, and the politicians - their holidays cancelled, hauled back to freezing Washington to sort out the mess. A downbeat opening prayer by the Senate chaplain set the mood.Look with favour on our nation, and save us from self-inflicted wounds.If the two sides can't agree by tomorrow, 98% of all Americans will pay more tax. On average, $3,500 extra per household.That means consumers have a lot less money to make purchases, which means businesses are going to have a lot less customers, which means that they're less likely to hire, and the whole economy could slow down at a time when the economy is starting to pick up.Not surprisingly, both sides blame the other side.I want everyone to know I'm willing to get this done. But I need a dance partner.The whole world's watching, and for good reason - no deal is likely to trigger a US recession, and countries such as Australia will also suffer.If this deal can't be reached, then of course that will have implications on the Australian economy.So tomorrow, American politicians will be back at work, trying to stop the world's biggest economy toppling over that so- called financial cliff. Still in the US - a bank robber is on the run, after he took an employee hostage and attached a collar bomb around her neck, echoing the Madeleine Pulver case. The man kidnapped the woman at her home and took her to a branch in Arizona. He fled the scene empty- handed. The bomb turned out to be fake. A rescue helicopter has crashed at Rio's famous Copacabana Beach. The chopper had been on a mission to rescue a stranded swimmer. Incredibly, all four people on board survived. The person they were trying to save was later picked up by a surfer. And it's the baby news many have been speculating on. Kim Kardashian is pregnant, with boyfriend and father-to-be Kanye West announcing the news today onstage. At least a dozen Twitter accounts have already been set up in the baby's nickname, 'Kimye'. Of course. Sport is next. Hello, Tim.We can sleep tonight, Georgie. The Australian cricket team is in Sydney, and preparing for a test of emotions at the SCG. A scare for Novak Djokovic, as a barrier collapses in Perth. And is this the most bizarre half- time entertainment you will ever see?

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This program is not captioned. A minute's silence will be observed at the Sydney test, and players will wear black armbands in memory of Tony Greig. The Australians begin their preparations tomorrow for what is set to be an emotional few days at the SCG. Arriving in Sydney with their partners, Australia's cricketers preparing for a draining week ahead. There'll be emotions around the dressing-room with Mike and Tony, and obviously the Jane McGrath day as well. It's going to be an interesting test match to be involved skpwhrin. The loss of Tony Greig has hit Michael Clarke hard. He wants the whole team to attend his mentor's funeral.As much as we spoke about cricket very often, the type of guy he was - a very honest man, and a really nice fella.He's also preparing to farewell the retiring Mike Hussey, and young players are on notice. It's their time to take on the leadership roles.We've got four tests in India, then the Ashes start. It's as simple as that - we've got to come to terms with life without Mike Hussey. It'sIt's a daunting week ahead for Victorian all- rounder Glenn Maxwell, preparing for a possible test debut. Massively nervous, but really excited as well. Looking forward to the chance to hopefully get out there and be a part of Huss's last test.The team will get together tonight for their traditional New Year's team dinner. The cross-town rivalry between the Sydney Thunder and Sixers has gone to another level, with Brad Haddin suggesting Chris Gayle isn't worth the big money he's paid. Haddin wasn't happy with Gayle's celebrations when he dismissed the Sixers' skipper.I just think it was important Chris Gayle started to do something for the Thunder fans. He's linall talk so far this tournament. They haven't won a game!And the Sixers won by four wickets. A scare today for Novak Djokovic, when a barrier collapsed after his Hopman Cup win over Italy's Andreas Seppi. Djokovic won in straight sets, but limped away after the incident. After winning another tournament in Abu Dhabi, Djokovic arrived in Perth late yesterday, and Seppi jumped on any chance he'd -- he could get today.Great play by Seppi!But Djokovic quickly got over his jet lag. The world number one had too much game, and fans were lucky not to be injured trying to get a piece of him.Everyone was alright from that situation. Djokovic, though, was slightly hurt, limping away.Let's just hope Novak is OK.Earlier, two French Open champions went head to head in the women's, and it was c'est la vie to Francesca Schiavone. Ana Ivanovic won 6-0 6-4, helping Serbia, the Hopman Cup favourites, to a strong first-up win.Brilliant. And how's this for a way to end the sporting year with a quirk? This is the half-time entertainment at an NFL game in Indianapolis. Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you - it is monkeys riding dogs, which are herding goats. Could resemble some of the streets of Sydney tonight. It is New Year's Eve.That's true. Where'd you find that?Just from the vault. They'll celebrate with a bunch of bananas and a few bones. Well done. Happy new year, Tim.You too.

Back to Kirribilli, next - Sylvia Jeffreys has the weather forecast. Georgie, we have ended the year in stunning fashion, but will this weather hold for tomorrow? I'll have the New Year's

highway? That' s tonight,. Next on WIN News... New Year' s Eve in the R
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This program is not captioned. We are right in the thick of things at Kirribilli tonight. Sydney has really turned it on for New Year's Eve. Clear skies and nothing but sunshine to cap off 2012. The sea breeze picked up a little this afternoon, and the bureau has now issued a strong wind warning for waters between Port Macquarie and Port Kembla. Take care out there. Temperatures across the region were a few degrees above average today.

Ex-Tropical Cyclone Mitchell is delivering patchy rain to the north-west coast of WA.

We ended 2012 in Sydney with loads of sunshine. We will begin 2013 exactly the same way. A sunny day, even warmer with a top of 30 degrees and light winds.

It looks like we won't see decent rain until next Monday. A couple of showers midweek.

From everyone here at Kirribilli, Georgie, it is a very happy New Year to you. Looks absolutely perfect, Sylvia. Enjoy.

Looks absolutely perfect, Sylvia.
Enjoy. That is Nine News for this Monday. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thank you for being with us, and wishing you all a very happy New Year. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

sporting moments of the year. t
Tonight ... New Year' s Eve - where
to send-off twenty twelve. The sale las
keep coming - how long will they holiday
last? And: making the most of holidays looking at the next week o weather. Good evening I' m Daniell a
Post. New Year' s Eve is upon us - Canber
and for those who are still in where
Canberra, the centre of town is fireworks
where the action' s at. Two fireworks displays will light up th minutes.Gab
sky for more than twenty
minutes.Gabrielle Adams has more. prom
Well New Years Eve in Canberra year,
promises to be bigger than last hav
year, For those of you who don' t in
have plans yet - the place to ring to
in twenty-thirteen and say goodbye city
to twenty-twelve, is here in the heading
city. Thousands of people are di
heading in - for the two fireworks displays.While - after the stroke o midnight, Civic may be quieter tha an
normal - many of the popular pubs
and clubs are closed. Fireworks, rocker.
dance party - and a nineties t
rocker. Canberra city is turning on con
the festivities. We' ve got two concerts happening in Civic tonight one here at Civic Square that kick o
off at 7 o' clock we' ve got touch headlin
of soul and we' ve got Diesel Road
headlining tonight' s concert. rev
Roads are closed around the site, bus
revellers are encouraged to get a are
bus into town. The major closures Pe
are on London Circuit, and between
Petrie Plaza and Akuna Street, unti o
around two tomorrow morning. Parts duri
of Northbourne Avenue are closed expect
during the fireworks. We are pe
expecting around about 25 thousand tonight.
people to come into the city f
tonight. It' s a drug and alcohol w
free event - organisers are working be
with police to combat anti- social out
behaviour. Paramedics are sending "The
out a warning ALL party-goers. tol
"The ambulance service has a zero violen
tolerance policy in regards to
violence directed towards paramedic or even threats of violence toward midn
paramedics." The countdown to Canb
midnight also marks the start of people
Canberra' s second century. If tow
people aren' t heading out on the o
town tonight - there will be plenty
of opportunities to celebrate in th Cente
next 12 months. Looking at the 2
Centenary events already announced, 2013 is going to be one big party.

As celebrations get underway, many yea
of us are thinking about our news popular
year' s resolutions. The most los
popular, quitting smoking, weight them
loss and saving money. We make us
them - and then inevitably most of gett
us break them. "Joining a gym, better."
getting fit, you know eating the
better." "To be righteous, do
the right thing." "I' m about t d
have a break so I' m determined to and
do that well. To have a real rest m
and recuperate." At the stroke of
midnight - the new years resolution wi
we' ve thought so carefully about will become the ultimate test of ou a
will power. "Always lose weight, always exercise, always save money. been
"Try to save more which has no
been up and down." "Just start now, start saving a small amount an p
save regularly. Whether it is each accoun
pay and set up a separate bank account and put twenty dollars a pa Qu
or one hundred dollars a pay." +w promise
Quitting smoking is a popular harde
promise - it' s also one of the turke
hardest to keep. Giving up cold the
turkey - a big ask at any time of st
the year but worthwhile if you can smoking
stick to it. "I did give up yo
smoking." "Forty years ago. So O
you kept that new years resolution?
Oh yes, I' ve never smoked since." d
Then of course there are those who
don' t make resolutions at all. " tradit
feel like it' s just a little of
tradition that' s a bit of a waste ch
of time really." "If I need to need
change something I do it when it fo
needs to be changed. I don' t wait to
for January first." +w "I manage t
to sort of do most things I want in u
time. So I don' t have many lagging unachieved ideas hanging around."

Canberra businesses say sales bette
figures over December have been Chamber
better than expected. The ACT ti
Chamber of Commerce predicts tough