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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. There are just over seven hours to go until Australia celebrates the start of 2013, and millions of people across the country are preparing to ring in the New Year by watching the fireworks spectacular. We have full coverage this new year's eve with reporters in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. First, to Airlie Walsh in Sydney. The Harbour City is promising to put on a huge show tonight?You can forget the rest of the States, forget New York, London and Paris. This is the night Sydney shines. 2 million people will cram into the foreshore and things are filling up fast. People started filing an and Mrs Macquarie his chair last night to get a pole position. If you have not got your place, there are plenty of free options along the foreshore including Balmain, darling Harbour and secular key. Or you could come down to under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is starting to look like a campsite. People have come prepared with a plan, they have tents and umbrellas and back mac rides.It is the big fireworks. I have not seen them before.Sydney has the best fireworks. It is worth every minute that I sit here in the sun burning.I have heard it is amazing. My cousin's about tear. I hope we get to the front of the queue.The five down here is electric. $6.6 million worth of fireworks going off today

electric. $6.6 million worth of
fireworks going off today and then at midnight. Kylie Minogue will be at

at the house on and it is going to be better and bigger than ever before Now to Melbourne, where the pyro-technics will be the biggest and best the city has ever seen. What's the plan there tonight?It is not a matter of if you will see the fireworks it is a matter of where. This year the design has been done in such a way that you should be able to see it anywhere as long as you see it this

should be able to see it anywhere
as long as you see it this city skyline. There are three lives lots. These are where people can enjoy live music. At the Flagstaff Gardens, the Treasury gardens and the Docklands. That is the midnight fireworks. At midnight, there will be a special countdown for the children. We caught up with people along the Darra river today. They

along the Darra river today. They
already have prime positions ready to go. The best spots if you do not go to one of the live sights is William's Town, north, Newport and Saint Kilda. Outside of Melbourne, in Geelong at the water front will be live entertainment and music. They have fireworks at 930 and midnight. Police did remind us earlier they will be out in force. Extra officers will be around issuing on-the-spot fines for drunk and disorderly behaviour. All these live sights are dry areas. If the crowds continue to accumulate, this will be packed by midnight. Southbank will be the focus of Brisbane's big night, with five tonnes of fireworks due to explode into the night sky. Davina Smith has been tracking preparations. What's Brisbane got to offer?We are nice and relaxed about New Year's Day. No crazy crowds. Crowds a meandering to the South Bank precinct. The prime real-estate does this area. They are queuing to get the prime spots. You can see the but in the middle of the river. That was pushed into position at 1pm. Five ton of explosives are fop -- floating on that. They will form part of the 8:30 and midnight show. The star attraction will be underwater fireworks. He was the organiser explaining how they will explode into the night sky tonight. We have the aquatic pyrotechnics. They will fire from the barge into the river and rise up into the night sky.Economist perception is that Kangaroo Point is the best placed to be the fireworks. The organisers say South Bank is the best place to be because it is one barge.

best place to be because it is one
barge. They will be the main attraction at midnight.

barge. They will be the main
attraction at midnight.You can see all the celebrations on a nine from a 30. In other news, police have confirmed a woman who vanished from a boat in Sydney Harbour overnight was drinking before she disappeared. A female body was discovered early this morning, about 500 metres from where the family's boat was anchored. The 49-year-old was believed to be preparing for New Year's Eve celebrations with her husband and two children.At midnight last night, the father and children went to sleep. They left the woman on the deck of the boat. About 2am, the husband came up to the deck and could not locate his wife.The body is yet to be formally identified. We'll have more details on this story later in the bulletin. A man is fighting for his life after a near drowning on Sydney's Northern beaches. He was pulled unconscious from the water near Manly where he'd been swimming. Paramedics treated him at the scene before he was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Coming up, a man fighting for life in Melbourne after a vicious brawl south of the city. The mystery surrounding a man who was shot by a projectile in Sydney. Hillary Clinton rushed to hospital.

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This program is not captioned. If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

This program is not captioned. The homicide squad has taken over an investigation into a wild brawl which has left a 22-year-old man fighting for his life in a Melbourne hospital. The assault happened at the bayside resort town of Rye, south of the city.

of Rye, south of the city. Good afternoon. Take us through what happened at? The mayor and was outside a pizza shop on the mainstream when he was approached by group of five men.It is unclear how the altercation started. He was king hit and fell to the ground and sustained critical head injuries. He was elected to the Alfred Hospital where he is in a serious condition. One of his friends was taken to hospital so with a broken jaw. Police have described the condition of the 22-year-old as terrible. They are desperate to catch up with everyone involved in this horrible brawl. We are in the process of analysing CCTV footage. We are getting it from the vicinity of the assault. We are trying to establish what, if anything happened to spark the incident. We have young people fuelled by alcohol. They are behaving aggressively and violently on the streets.Thousands of revellers have descended on the peninsula. They have been warned the police will be on high alert, especially given this horrible incident. Alcohol bans on the foreshore will be in force. Any body faulting them will face serious penalties. This horrible incident has put a damper on celebrations at Rye.Sydney Police are investigating what believed to be the shooting of a man in the city's South West. Officers found the 21-year-old with wounds to his stomach late last night. Doctors can not determine if the man's injuries were caused by a bullet or another projectile. A forensic team spent the night at the scene looking for clues. A 22- year-old man in Perth has been charged with the murder of a 2- year-old boy. The toddler died in hospital overnight.The man has been charged with murder after the body of the two-year-old was found at his mother's time. It is believed the said of units is government run housing. This morning major crime Squad detectives and police forensics were setting the scene. A corner of a group of shopping trollies which they say the boy loved to play with. It is alleged he was sent to Swan district hospital in the eastern suburbs of Perth before one this morning. My neighbour said he heard the mother screaming.I heard some people crying.I felt horrible because I heard him screaming. I just thought it was a drunken fight. I was going to ring the police but somebody had already done that.The youth who was related to the family has yet to appear in the Perth magistrates' court.Hillary Clinton has been admitted to a New York hospital with a blood cot. Doctors discovered the clot while performing a follow up exam on the US Secretary of State. It stems from a concussion earlier this month when Mrs Clinton collapsed with dehydration while she was unwell with a stomach virus. The 65-year-old will remain in hospital for at least 48 hours while doctors monitor her. In a joyful moment to end the year, a family in Perth is celebrating after their son was found alive and well in the bush. The 14-year-old went missing for more than 24 hours after he got lost while quadbiking. The teenager has been airlifted to hospital with dehydration. He'd been without water in 40 degree heat, but is now said to be doing well. Still ahead - this afternoon, lifeguards on high alert after more shark sightings on Sydney's Northern beaches. One of Australia's most notorious and despised paedophiles found dead. And the world economy on the brink as America heads towards its fiscal cliff. Right now, though, here's a look at what's happening in tonight's News at six. Thanks Amelia. Tonight, Sydney prepares for the biggest party of the year - thousands race to grab a spot on Sydney harbour for the fireworks. We'll have your last minute weather, roads, and public transport information. A young mother from Carlingford drowns after falling from the family boat. Shark alert - lifesavers do a sweep of the Northern Beaches after two more sightings. And we speak to the Aussie cricketers ahead of a very emotional Sydney Test. Nine News at 6:00pm. This program is not captioned. Smoke? Nah, I'm good.

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Am There've been more shark sightings on Sydney's northern beaches. And despite the perfect summer weather, some swimmers are understandably cautious after two attacks on surfers last week. Nine's Amelia Ballinger has the details. For the second day running, beach goers at Dee Why have been told to stay out of the water following a shark sighting off the coast. The beach never actually reopened after the closure yesterday afternoon when a 23-year- old off-duty lifeguard was knocked off his board after something beneath the water bumped him. An inspection of his board revealed a mark underneath, and it wasn't long before the Westpac helicopter spotted a large fish, thought to be a shark, off the coast. This morning's shark sighting was at about 8.30am.Off the page, we sighted a fit sh which was five metres long which we assumed was a shark. And then near narrowed -- now been we thought we saw a hammerhead full it is alarming.But the sharks to live there.After air and sea patrols throughout the morning, the beach was reopened at 10am. And the sighting hasn't stopped the crowds from flocking. Although some people are wary.It has long gone.When I heard there was another sharp, I was perplexed. Experts say we're likely to see more sightings if these conditions continue throughout the summer.It is a concern for us with people swimming in the ocean.BCH will remain open but regular powers from the air and an ocean will continue. One of Australia's most hated criminals has been found dead. The body of notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson was discovered in an apartment block in Sydney yesterday. It's believed his body had been there for some time. Ferguson was jailed in the 1980s for kidnapping and raping three children in Brisbane. Police say his death is not being treated as suspicious. A motorcyclist has been killed in Victoria, bringing the state's holiday road death toll to 8. The 44-year-old was travelling near Melbourne when he lost control and slammed into a power pole, just before 11 o'clock last night. He was flown to hospital, but died early this morning. As the New Year edges closer, so too does America's looming fiscal cliff. Americans are hoping 2013 won't bring tax hikes and more economic woes, but that depends on whether President Obama and Congress can reach a deal. President Obama set off the high- stakes weekend scramble on Friday night, employing professional leaders to take action immediately. The American people will not have any patience for a politically self-inflicted wound to the economy. Senator leaders launched a last ditch effort to craft a bipartisan plan that would protect most people from a big tax hike going into effect on New Year's Day. Censuses and staff the Gays hated all day Saturday, by Saturday night, Senator O'Connell made his offer. There was optimism yesterday morning and the possibility that failure would be unthinkable. There are no breakthroughs but the possibility of the deal.If we do not reach an agreement it will be dire.But the optimism turned into pessimism. As Senator Bramati could not make a counter-offer to Republicans.We are part on some large interviews.Frustrated, Senator O'Connell calls vice- president Biden asking him to get involved.I'm concerned about the lack of urgency. I want to get this done.A black bear in the US has been given a new home after a campaign on Twitter. Named 'Meatball' for his love of the Italian food, the 230-kilogram bear was a regular visitor to bins in California. And despite constant efforts to return him to the forest, he kept coming back. So residents took to social media to find a sanctuary to save him from being put down. Still to come on Nine News - We're live around the country as thousands gather to watch the New Year fireworks. Tragedy - as police divers pull a woman's body from Sydney Harbour. The riot squad breaks up a violent brawl near Melbourne that's left a man fighting for life. And we talk to the superstar behind Sydney's firework display, ahead of the 2013 countdown. This program is not captioned. thousan
Good afternoon, More than 25
thousand people are expected to hea to Civic tonight to ring in the ne Fire
year and Canberra' s centenary. Fireworks are at 9 and midnight. Th t
Canberra Raiders want to redevelop tomorrow,
the Braddon Club site. From moved
tomorrow, poker machines can be moved between clubs in the ACT. And Canberra soccer player Tom Rogic i Ma
likely to leave the Central Coast De
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Breaking news: the man involved in April south of Norburn has this afternoon passed away. He hit his head on the ground and was allegedly punched. Five young men are accused of attacking him. More in the 6pm news. Our Queen of Pop Kylie Minogue is back on home soil, to join millions of people bringing in the New Year on Sydney Harbour. She sat down with Nine's Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins, reflecting on 2012 and 25 successful years in the music industry.

I feel like we should be running in slow motion falls of this is good, there is a hill. We put the hill in just for you.I am getting very excited. Too much people.Good to be back?It is amazing. Incredible. Don't mind us what we squint. It is so beautiful and sunny.It is different from London?Yes, two days so ago I was in cold London. But I have been so excited about coming home.25 years. This is a great way to celebrate.Yes. It has been a huge ear for may Forster -- huge ear for me. -- year. 40 Queen's Jubilee performance, it's the city had an amazing hat this year. -- amazing atmosphere. The palace and the fireworks were amazing.The Abbey Road Sessions album?Another dream come true. Carols in the park was a peak performance. I had a 70-piece orchestra.Your work ethic is second to none. You do the job.You have to get stuck in. I love that. Going through illness, I wish it had not been that way, but I felt like people were reminded that I was human. That I go through the same stuff as everybody else. It sounds stupid coming out of my mouth but I think sometimes public figures become two dimensional. Congratulations on the 25 years. We can't wait for the fireworks. Don't forget the matches.Yes, I need an emergency backpack with some sparklers.You are watching of the afternoon news for some the Canton is on for new use be. Revellers around the country out gathering to watch the fireworks. A family is in mourning after a woman plus a body was pulled from the water in Sydney Harbour. A 22-year-old man has died after a brawl south of Melbourne. Millions of people around the country are getting ready to renew the new year. Comprehensive coverage of how the country will celebrate. We have reporters standing by. First to Melbourne. What can people look forward to there? In Melbourne tonight it is not a matter of if you will see the fireworks but where's. The display has been designed so that you can see it anywhere if you have a view of the city's skyline. For those wanting a party, there are three live sights to choose from. That is for the Big Night fireworks. At 9:30pm there will be a special cat down for the kids. -- Countdown. We caught up with some families who have already locked in their prized position.We picked up this area are a couple of days ago.We came down to get a good spot.It took us a long time to find the right spot in front of the barbecue.A glass of champagne tonight?A bottle. Outside of the city the best place to catch a glimpse of the fireworks is Williams Town. The spots where there will be live entertainment heart rhizomes. Police will issue on-the-spot fines for drinking in a public place. Outside Melbourne, in Geelong, they have flight entertainment. They have a fireworks display at 915 and midnight. Along the river there are already families building up. This will be packed by midnight. A huge night ahead in Melbourne for some 80,000 revellers are expected to squeeze into Brisbane's South Bank. Look at this. This is the best seat in quiz that tonight. Still plenty of sports available. The barge out there is carrying five tons of fireworks. It will light up the spectacular cities get at 8:30pm and again at midnight. The star attraction tonight will be atheists underwater fireworks that fire off the barge. They scheme into the river and then explode into the sky. Tonight the focus will be South Bank. Organisers say this is the place to be forced of it is an alcohol-free area designed so that families can enjoy it. Public transport is recommended because of road closures. The taxi drivers have told us there will be 2000 taxes on the streets tonight. The best way to put his through the eye phone at it. An extra 400 police will be on the beat. -- iPhone app. Sydney's boasts the biggest and best New Year's Eve fireworks on the planet. Thousands have lined the harder to get the best use. What can sit beside us expect? They can certainly expect something bigger and better than last year. More than $6.6 million worth of fireworks will go off tonight at 9pm and midnight. These are said to be unlike anything seen before. There will be a musical note. There will be koalas, hands and feet, in keeping with this theme of embrace. For the best vantage point, you have to get in early. Here it is quite cramped. It looks like a campsite. People have come prepared. They have tense, sunscreen, our umbrellas.Putting Australia on the map in terms of welcoming people to the new year. More people will watch our new year then people in Berlin, New York or London.We have a 11,000 fireworks. 16 shipping containers of the equipment. 48 crew.Things are already filling up quite fast. If you have not found jot picnic spot yet there are plenty of sports left, including Balnain, Darling Harbour. But with just under eight hours to go, you'd better get in quick. The Gold Coast is insisting it is going to be party central with three simultaneous fireworks displays. Our reporter has been checking it out. There are so many fireworks displays going off across the coast. The biggest will be in surfer's paradise where they are expecting 55,000 people to Lyon the foreshore. Four tons of fireworks, 10,000 of them. This is just one of the many locations. Here are the details.

Those early fireworks that will go off at 9pm, for the first time they will have a theme of superheroes. Withey 9pm fame, that has been targeted for the kids. The soundtrack is Spiderman, Batman Foster on it is all set to music. - - Batman.The Gold Coast will be party Central tonight. Too many functions to choose from. The best view will be from the sky deck. From 77 storeys above you can watch everything. 2,000 people will board a boat bound for a secret island off the gold coast. Perhaps the most exclusive avenge as a theme of burlesque. At the Gold Coast Art Centre it will be all about Paris and Showgirls for some there is so much to do on pre-cast. We have seen showers and clouds roll in but organisers say not to worry. Thank you so much. There are more celebrations planned across the country. In Adelaide the history rotunda will provide the focal point for two rounds of fireworks. Double be a family friend the fireworks display. In celebrations start at 6pm. There will be wondering mystical characters on the streets.

To other news now. A family is mourning tonight after a woman's body was pulled from Sydney Harbour this morning. It's believed to be that of a 49-year-old mother who vanished from a boat overnight. The terrible find was made just after 6p and This morning. It was not too far from where the boat had been a coward. They were planning to spend a couple of nights on the harbour. The family were on the Pope about midnight with the husband and two children going to slip. A couple of hours later the husband woke up and realised his wife was missing. A huge search was launched around Sydney Harbour, focusing on rosebay. It involved a helicopter. The discovery of a body was found at around 630.Obviously they are distraught. We have information the lady was drinking prior to going missing. Boating and alcohol do not miss.The boat has been taken away as police continue their investigations for some A man is fighting for life and another is being treated for a broken jaw, after a wild brawl involving up to 10 men in the bayside town of Rye, south of Melbourne. Witnesses say one man was repeatedly hit around the head with a pole. The Homicide Squad has taken over the investigation. Police say they'll be out in force in Rye tonight, to prevent a repeat of the brutal assault. There's a New Year's Eve alcohol ban all along the Mornington Peninsula. A Queensland widow is pleading for the public's help to locate her late husband's war medals, which were stolen from her home. Judith Tebbit arrived back home with her sister after going to lunch. They had been gone for just a few hours, when they heard a noise inside. When they walked in they saw the back door busted open, drawers and cupboards throughout the home were all open and possessions were thrown onto the floor. The thieves caused a bit of damage but worst of all Judith's husband's Vietnam War medals were missing. There's five of them and they were inside a special box made by her husband Bruce. It's an extremely low act, made even worse by the fact that Bruce passed away five months ago to the day. These medals were supposed to be passed down to their grandkids. Judith and her whole family and now desperate to get the medals back. Have a listen to what they had to say. My heart just sunk. He must be rolling around up there saying a few words. They have got no respect for anyone. They think it's their right to take what they want. They haven't worked their guts out over the years to get these things. Do the police have any leads? It's early days at the moment but the police have spent the past few days combing the scene and fingerprinting. They believe whoever was responsible may have disappeared out the back of the property and into bushland. But they are confident of solving this crime. Take a listen.The examination was quite promising. We are quite hopeful. We are appealing to the public to assist us with any suspicious activity they saw. The public can help Judith and the family out. If they've got any information contact Crimestoppers. Reality television star Kim Cardow Sheehan and her partner have announced they are having a baby forced of the singer broke the previous C news during a show. Keane is said to be 12 weeks pregnant. -- Kim. A very Pickwick for Australian cricketers. The passing of Tony Greig and the retirement of Michael Hussey is inspiring the team ahead of the Test in Sydney. The world's best This program is not captioned. (CHECKOUT BEEPS) (PANTING)



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And the last the Australian cricketers have assembled befall an emotional test. He used a big moment for Victorian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell. We spoke with the test her full recently. We had from Melbourne to sit before the final Test. One bloke happening to make his debut is claimed Maxwell. You must be pretty nervous?Massively nervous but also excited. Looking forward to get the chance to get out there for some the Victorian boys' have been speaking highly of you. Yes, I have been lucky. People have said nice things.It will be a pretty emotional occasion with Michael Hussey going and the passing of Tony Greig?Yes, not a great week for cricket. The loss of Tony Greig and the retirement of Michael Hussey. Hopefully we can win for those guys.Sri Lanka are in a terrible state. Surely you boys will be looking to pounce. Always looking to pounce. A clean sweep would be good. Her filly we can get that third win.Sam Stosur hits the court tonight at the Brisbane International facing Sweden's Sofia Arvidsson. Caroline Wozniacki is currently tied with Ksenia Pervak. In the Hopman Cup, former world number one Ana Ivanovic dominated Francesca Schiavone, winning in straight sets.

Schiavone, winning in straight sets.
Novak Djokovic defeated Andreas Seppi. In the Big Bash, Sydney Thunder remains winless after 11 games. But that's not the talking point following the loss to the Sydney Sixers. Rival star players Chris Gayle and Brad Haddin clashed in an entertaining match. The Thunder's Chris Gayle is one of the highest paid imports competing in the Big Bash and when he claimed the wicket of Brad Haddin, the celebration got under his rival's skin. Chris Gayle, king of the jungle beating his chest. I just think it's important Chris Gayle started do something for the Thunder fans. He's been all talk this tournament. They haven't won a game. Lauded as the world's best Twenty20 batsman, Gayle has averaged just 13 in recent games for his team. Haddin reminded everyone of that. At least the Thunder fans are seeing Chris Gayle do something for his money. They're two players who know how to get the worst out of the opposition. Head to head an early New Year's Eve fireworks display was almost guaranteed. There was something for everyone. Sydney Test hopeful Usman Khawaja made an impact. Khawaja was not out on 66 off 47 balls. But the Thunder's total of 132 was always going to be hard to defend. The Sixers won by four wickets, their cross-town rivalry alive and well. Disappointing news for Sydney FC and South Australian fans, with marquee man Alessandro Del Piero out of tonight's New Year's blockbuster against Adelaide United. The international star hasn't recovered from the rough play during the Sky Blues' upset win over the Mariners. Sydney FC coach Frank Farina says Del Piero is at risk of missing more matches unless he is better protected by the referees. Did we uncover but with that music came from? We did not. It was hard to concentrate. Very mysterious. Coming up - finance and weather. Eve
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Let's look at the with the details. -- weather.

In finance, the share market finished the year lower.

That is the afternoon news 4 to date. Our next bulletin is at 6pm. Thank you for your company.

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hello, everybody, and welcome
to the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. 15 questions, $1 million. Hopefully, somebody will just
have a life-changing experience - might be enough to buy a new car,
have a holiday, pay off the mortgage,
do something like that. Just a life-changing moment
is half an hour away, hopefully, for one of our contestants tonight. Are we all ready to go, gang? (AUDIENCE CHEERS)
Alright. Let's do it. Let's meet our contestants tonight.
And they are... Good Samaritan Stephen Hunt
saved a man's life when he fell off the platform
at a railway station. Shey Cummings considers
the band U2 to be her religion, and cried
right through their concert. Peter Maclean regrets turning down an overseas scholarship
to stay with his girlfriend - they broke up. Jane Love's guide dog puppy
interrupted her university lecture to express his personal opinion. Chris Nicolaou managed to combine
his love of music and psychology into a unique stage show. And Maureen Riches
received an Order of Australia for her tireless advocacy work. Well done, Maureen. Well done. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Alright. Stephen?
Eddie! Come on, mate, let's go.
Let's go. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hello, Stephen.
Hello, Eddie. Good to see you.
How are you, mate? Stephen Hunt's 54, from Herne Hill. He's a storeman at Woolworths
liquor distribution centre. How many bottles of wine
would you have at Woolworths? We have a cellar there, Eddie, that holds 5,760,000 bottles of wine
for Dan Murphy's. Fantastic. Uh, we send out a million cases
a week, approximately, mixed with ambient and other stock, but mainly the liquor
for Dan Murphy's. You look after it all, do you?
I don't look after it. I do my bit.
That's it. I love your T-shirt -
'The Mighty Thor'. Yeah, just got it recently -
at Big W, actually. And you've got the old
stamp on the arm, there. Oh, these are Kings Cross ones,
mate, from... Give us a look at them.
They're fair dinkum tattoos. Yeah. That's, um, Tony Cohen -
original Kings Cross. Yeah? And what's this one?
That's a Tony Cohen, as well. Yeah. Now, they're
fair dinkum tattoos. I've had them a few years now.
(LAUGHS) That's the old style, mate.
That's it. Kings Cross? What was it like?
Did you work in Kings Cross? Yeah, I ran a band room, at the old
Piccadilly Hotel, for a few years. That would have been
nice and tasty at times. Yeah, well, I used to drink
in those days. I don't anymore. (CHUCKLES) Good stuff, mate. Stephen, let's go.
$1 million is there to be won. You ready to play?
Oh, yeah. Let's play Hot Seat. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

100 bucks.


Oh, we'll lock in A on that,
I think, Eddie. Full moon's in. Correct, for $100. $200. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) (READS QUESTION)

Uh, we'll lock in D, Eddie,
because I've been there. (CHUCKLES) You've been there.
Lock it in - D, Melbourne. Absolutely right, for $200. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Along the way, known as Colonial Stadium,
Telstra Dome, Docklands Stadium. It was even gonna be called
Victoria Stadium, to start with. Yeah, I believe so, yeah.
And now Etihad. $300. (READS QUESTION)

Well, the only thing I can think of
that's logical there, Eddie, is B. Lock it in?
Lock in B. Lock it in. It's an American term. You would have only ever heard it
on 'The Brady Bunch', I reckon. I watched 'The Brady Bunch',
but I don't remember it. I remember when Cindy and Bobby
were gonna have the world teeter-totter record
for going up and down. Oh, OK. I don't remember that one. Anyone else remember
that episode of 'The Brady Bunch'? No.
Everyone's with me. Seesaw's correct, for $300. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) $500. (READS QUESTION)

Uh, we'll lock in, uh... ..C, yeah. C, John Howard?
Janette Howard. Yeah. Locked in. Janette Howard is correct, for $500.

Bob Hawke, of course,
formerly married to Hazel, now to Blanche D'Apa...
Blanche D'Alpa... Oh, hang on, another...
Blanche D'Alpuget. His biographer. (LAUGHS)
Exactly, yeah. Now his wife. Hello, Blanche. Uh, and, of course,
Kevin to Therese, and, of course, Gough
and Margaret Whitlam, who passed away in recent times. OK, $1,000. Ready to go, Stephen?
Yes, Eddie. Here we go. (READS QUESTION)

Uh, we'll lock in
A for Apple there, Eddie. Apple is locked in. Got it again, Stephen -
you're killing us - for $1,000. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Yeah, the Apple label started in 1968 as their outlet
to do their own thing, the Beatles. Also, James Taylor was one of the
first - I think THE first - signing. Yoko Ono, Hot Chocolate
were all part of the Apple label. And they had their own battles with Apple, the IT company,
of course - with Steve Jobs - along the way. Alright, mate, your proudest
and most humbling experience was spending four to five years as
a sole parent to your two daughters.