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ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams. Good morning. The body of a woman has been found this morning after a mother of two disappeared from a boat on Sydney Harbour. We will cross straight to our reporter Matthew Snelson, who is at the scene in Rose Bay.The terrible find came about 6:00 this morning after about four hours of searching after the alarm was raised. We now know that the 49-year-old woman and her family were out on Sydney Harbour for the night, spending a couple of days on the water, ahead of New Year's Eve. About midnight, her husband and her two children, a 9-year-old and a 12-year-old, a boy and a girl, went to sleep. A couple of hours later, the husband woke up and discovered that his wife was missing. That is when the alarm was raised and a huge search was under way around Rose Bay and Sydney Harbour involving Westpac lifesaver chopper and several lifesaving boats and police boats. A terrible find came only 200m from where the command post had been set up searching for this woman. Now, sadly this morning, in a media conference, the 49-year-old woman, the police believe, had been drinking prior to her going missing. Let's listen to what the police told us a short time ago.We have information the lady was drinking prior to going missing. I want to remind everyone that boating and alcohol do not mix and the water is a dangerous environment and if you are going to go boating, please watch your alcohol intake.It is such a tragedy for the family. What is the next step in the police investigation?Well, police have just come back onshore after spending about an hour out on the brother forensically examining it. It will now be towed away for further examination. Place say that a post-mortem will be conducted to determine exactly how the woman died and the Marine Area Command will continue their inquirys into the circumstances of her death, but certainly a terribly sad day for this family, an absolute tragedy last night, Amelia.It certainly is. Matthew Snelson, we will leave it there. Thanks for the update. Breaking news now - there has been a fatal car crash at Yamba in northern NSW. The collision involved two cars, one person has been killed. Two others were trapped, but one now has been airlifted to hospital. Emergency Services are currently at the scene and the Pacific Highway has been closed in both directions. Well, 2 million people are expected to descend on Sydney tonight for what is billed as the biggest and best New Year's Eve fireworks spectacular on Earth. Let's go live to Shane Doherty. What is in store tonight?Forget New York and London, as you say this is the biggest fireworks display on the planet. There is no surprise that already thousands of people around the globe have come down to the harbour to find themselves a spot for tonight. Who can blame them. 15 Months' work has gone no tonight's extravaganza. It has been led by creative director Kylie Minogue who has worked to develop the theme which is "Embrace". There will be a harbour of lights parade at 8:15 and then first round of fireworks at 9fpl fplt 00 and then the one we have been waiting for, the most technologically advanced fireworks display in the world to welcome in the New Year for 12013. Let's hear from Clover Moore and the director of the fireworks himself about tonight.Really putting Australia on the map in terms of welcoming people to the New Year. In fact, more people be watching our New Year than people in Berlin, New York, Paris or London.We have got 11,000 fireworks, 16,000 m of cable, 16 shiping containers of equipment and 48 crew working over the 10 days. It will get bigger and better each year.John, for anyone who has not secured their pot. What is still available?There are plenty of spots around the harbour for the 2 million people expected to turn out tonight, but spots are filling quickly. There are 16 recommended advantage points. Bald Head Reserves, Doors Point Park, creme more Point, Mrs Macquarie's Point and of course circular go, Darling Harbour and the Sydney Oprah House. Spots are filling quickly. Anyone who wants to secure themselves the best advantage taken point you may need to consider making a move soon. It will be a long wait, but u Amelia, it sounds like it is worth it. It will be a big night.Shane Doherty, thank you very much for that. We will go live to Melbourne later in the bulletin for all of the latest on the New Year's Eve preparations there. Meanwhile, in Queensland, it is not just about Brisbane with fun and fireworks on the gold and sunshine coasts as well as Brisbane's Southbank. Davina Smith is there for us this morning. Davina, what can we expect?Morning, Amelia. Brisbane will play host to Queensland's largest New Year's Eve celebrations. Two displays tonight one at 8:30 and another at midnight. Both will go for about 10 minutes duration. We will see two barges being pushed into position and they carry 5 tonnes of fireworks, individually about 10,000 different explosions. The highlight tonight will be these underwater fireworks. They fire off the barge and skim across the Brisbane River and fire up into the air and explode. It is all choreographed to music and a laser beam show and for the organisers, it has been months of planning.It has been six months of intensive work from theme and music inception, right through to the physical layout that you see today. Every firework has a unique address and has to be plugged into the computer in a unique sequence. We are making sure the fireworks are addressed properly so when they are told to fire they fire in perfect synchroniseed motion with the music. We are asking people across south east Queensland to catch public transport. Here is why. Have a look at the figures. 35,000 people expected at Broadbeach tonight and 55,000 at surfers paradise. Southbank here in Brisbane, 80,000 revellers will pack in and on the Sunshine Coast at Mooloolaba where all of the action will be, you can expect 40,000 people. The good news is, Amelia, it should be clear, fine skies tonight, so don't let the cloudy dreary skies across Brisbane fool you.That is good news. Thank you very much for. That you can watch all of the New Year's Eve celebrations live on the Nine Network from 8:30 tonight. It should be a great evening. Now a quick look at the weather.

There is plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour - a shark has been spotted off Sydney's northern beachs that morning. We will have all of the details. Also, more on the 21-year-old man shot in the stomach in Sydney's south-west. Last minute talks stall in the US over the finance crises. And, a winter wonderland - the amazing ice sculptures in China. This program is not captioned. New Year's Eve tomorrow, we welcome in 2013.We will have the best fireworks and celebrations from all around Australia.Back to the Morning News.A northern City Beach has re-opened this morning, despite fear as shark may still be lurking in waters off Dee Why. There was a close encounter with what is thought to be a great white or bull shark yesterday when it bit into his surfboard.I had to raise the alarm a few times and overseas I have currently seen a couple of sharks every now and then. Nothing like this. It is pretty frightening. Marine experts will head to dee white in an attempt to spot the shark which they believe may be injured or sick. Meanwhile, a second possible sighting at North Narrabeen Beach turned out to be a big fish. A post-mortem will be carried out within the next few days to work out how convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson died. The 64-year-old's body was found inside his unit in Sydney's Surrey Hills by ambulance paramedics yesterday afternoon. Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death. Ferguson was sentenced to 14 years jail for the kidnapping and sexual abuse of three children in 1987. A 21-year-old man has been taken to hospital with a gunshot wound to his stomach after another shooting in Sydney's south-west overnight. Nine's Amelia Ballinger has the details for us. 61-year-old Billy Kay is currently here at Liverpool Hospital where he is in a critical, but stable condition after undergoing surgery overnight for a stomach wound. Police are yet to formally interview the teenageer, but have been told he was on his way to visit his girlfriend in Busby at about 11:15 last night when he was shot at by someone rising a motoriseed push bike. The offender fled the scene leaving Mr Kay to walk 200m to his girlfriend's house. Emergency Services were called to that address and tablised him at the scene before transporting him to Liverpool Hospital. Police closed down a large section of the street last night while they searched the area. Neighbours didn't hear anything and a search couldn't provide any clues. Given the nature of the victim's injuries, though, police believe he was hit with a low-cal ber projectile. At this stage police haven't determined whether the attack was targeted or random. Detectives are now waiting for Mr Kay to recover so that they can speak to him. Meantime, on the Gold Coast, police have swooped on a 23-year-old man wanted over a shooting at a shopping centre earlier this year. The man was arrested at Hope Island late yesterday where a police search uncovered a stash of weapons, cash and ammunition in cars. The man has been charged with several offences and will appear in court today. It comes just over two months after a group of men got into a fight at a shopping centre in Molendinar which ended with one of them being shot in the hand. US President -- Vice President, rather, Joe Biden has been called in to try to broker a deal between political leaders. As the country barrels towards the dreaded fiscal cliff. If an agreement is not reached before tomorrow's deadline, almost every worker will be hit with huge tax hikes and billions of dollars in spending cuts will come into force. President Obama set off the high-stakes weekend scramble Friday night' imploring people to take action quickly.The American people will not have any patience for a politically self-inflitted wound to our economy.Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell launched a last-ditch effort to finally craft a bipartisan plan that would at the very least protect most peep from a big tax hike going into effect on New Year's Day. The senators and their staff negotiated all day Saturday. By Saturday night Republican leader McConnell made his offer and by this morning there was a clear sense of optimism and warnings that failure would be unthinkable.There are certainly no breakthroughs yes, but there is a real possibility of a deal.If we are not able to reach an agreement it will be dire.But the morning's optimism turned into this afternoon's pessimism. The Senate opened for business at 1pm with that ominous prayer from the chap lan.Look with --Chaplain.Look with savour on our nation and save us from self-inflicted wounds.And soon democratic leader Reid acknowledged he had not even been able to make a counter-offer to Republicans.We are apart on some pretty big issues.Frustrated with the impasse, Republican McConnell said that he called Vice President Biden urging him to get involved.I am concerned about the lack of urgency here. I want everyone to know I am willing to get this done. But I need a dance partner.There has been a white-out in China with major snow causing destruction to the traffic network T bad weather grounded aircrafts and halted trains. But the icy conditions have been welcomed by some, including competitors in an international ice-sculpting competition. The six- day event has attracted over 1,000 ice sculptors with 15 teams from 10 countries. Still ahead this morning - Olympic swimmer Grant Hackett launches legal action against his lawyers. Also police in Queensland on the hunt for thieves that stole Vietnam War medals. And kidnapped and strapped to a fake bomb - a bank worker's terrifying ordeal in the US

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Grant Hackett is suing his lawyers over a botched prenuptial agreement with his estranged wife Candice Alley. News Limited reports the 32- year-old has launched supreme court action against Brisbane-based firm Mullins Lawyers, claiming the financial agreement was defective and is costing him significant losses. Hackett asked them to draft the agreement a month before his wedding in March 2007 to protect his $8 million dollar fortunate. Grant Hackett has sued his lawyers along the basis of, "You were unprofessional and you didn't provide me with the agreement I wanted and paid for, therefore you pay me the extra that it has cost me."The couple's marriage collapsed in May after a series of well-publicised arguments. The widow of a Vietnam War veteran has pleaded for the return of his medals after they were stolen from her Queensland home. Nine's Simon Ward is following the story. It is one of those crimes unfortunately we hear of all too often - a war veteran's medals have been stolen. This time at Mt Cotton. Kirsten Tiballs and her sister had been out of their Mt Cotton Road home for just a few hours when they came home and noticed a noise and found the whole house a mess. Drawers open, possessions flung on the floor, missing John Howard dith's dead husband's war medals. He passed away just five months ago to the day. The crime has broken John Howard dith's heart.-- Judith's heart. My heart just sunk. I know he is up there watching me. He must be rolling around up there say ago few words.Surely they realise they are of no value to them. Something like that just can't be replaced. They are sentimental.Some jewellery was also stolen, but it is the medals that Judith really wants back, as a reminder of her husband and to pass down to her grandkids.The people that stole them are mean and unkind. Cruel. Poppy deserves to have the medals here with nan.The whole family is begging for whoever took them or anyone that has seen them to return the medals safely. A funeral has been held for a 23- year-old medical student in Sindh ya, who died after she was -- in India, who died after she was gang raped. Protesters and police clashed after the pivot ceremony as demonstrators marched to the Parliament building in New Delhi, many calling for stronger laws for women's safety.We need to raise the people's rights.I came here along. This is something which nobody - it is really noise.Six men have been charged with her murder. In a crime that has chilling echos of the Madeleine Pulver case, a US bank worker e has had a fake collar bomb strapped to her neck during a terrifying robbery. The woman was abducted from her home and held hostage by the thief. It is a quiet strip Mall, now the scene of an FBI investigation. The horrifying ordeal started Friday. The victim, a woman who works at the Bank of America branch here was at home when an intruder stormed in some time after 6pm. FBI investigators say she spent the entire night held hostage in her own home. The next morning at around 8, the suspect drives her to the bank and straps what he says is a bomb to her neck. Luckily, when other employees show up about an hour later, they call police. By then the suspect is long gone without any of the money. Police move in quickly and discover the bomb is a fake.A traumatic night to be held against your will and used as a paub in a bank robbery. REPORTER: Do people out there actually think they can get away with crimes like this?They know it is a risk, but they feel like it is worth it for the payoff. That is just how bad guys think.As outrageous as it was, this isn't the first time someone has strapped a bomb on a hostage to get money. Just last year 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver was alone in the family's multi-million dollar Australia home when a masked intruder strapped in. He strapped a bomb-like-device to her neck demanding money warning the device would go off if Pulver called the cops. Bravely, she did and after excruciating hours the bomb squad diffuseed the device only to learn later it was a fake. FBI investigators are now combing the victim's home for clues. The victim is recovering with police hot on the suspect's trail. Now to a real- life Angry Birds situation in the US. Migrating vultures have been attacking cars in Florida's Everglades, ripping off windscreen wipers and anything else they can get their boks into. From gaitors... To snakes. In Florida's Everglades you have to go in expecting some danger, but the newest threat to visitors is this... We've had a huge increase in the number of black-headed vultures coming down here.It is a real-life game of Angry Birds. Flocks of black vultures waiting make a meal out of your car.The patron is away from the vehicle, think get down quickly. For these birds, it only takes a few minutes to do the damage.As the number of my glaiting birds grows, they are getting fear. The birds are winning at the expense of any bit of rubber they can sink their beaks into. Biologists and park services have exhausted every strategy trying to fight off the flying attack UWe had to set up effigys to actually scare them away.We have tried things like poppers, small fireworks.They come back, so it seems to be only a temporary fix right now.So as the assault from the air continues, humans are playing the part of the green pig. Fort fig our cars beneath what our rangers call the vulture-proofing kit. It is a tall and bungee kit handed out for free to park visitors, along with extensive signs with an ominous message, "Warning vultures may cause damage to vehicles". Let's have a quick look at the weather now around the country today.

Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - a body has been find after a woman went missing from her boat in Sydney Harbour. Our reporter has the latest next. Moves to safety - a joint black bear who roams LA gets a new home. And Kylie shimmers in Sydney, as she prepares to fire up the city's New Year's Eve celebrations.

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Welcome back. You are watching Nine's Morning News Hour. These are our top stories. The body of a woman has been found after a mother of two disappears from a boat moored on Sydney Harbour, while her husband and two children were asleep on board. A countdown is on for New Year's Eve revellers all around Australia after staking their claims for the best spot to watch tonight's fireworks. And a young man is in a critical condition after a brawl, involving up to 10 men at Rye, south of Melbourne.

Returning to our top story now. Police are investigating the death of a woman after a body was found in Sydney Harbour this morning. It is believed to be that of a 49- year-old mother who disappeared from a boat while her husband and two children were asleep on board. Matthew Snelson joins us now from the scene at Rose Bay. Matt, good morning. What more do we know about this incident? Ufrpblgts well, Amelia, --Well, ameala, we know that the woman went missing at about midnight. The police told us today she was a strong swimmer, but tragically they believe that alcohol was the factor in this, that she had been drinking prior to her disappearance. Her family had been anchored off Rose Bay in Sydney's eastern suburbs in the harbour. Anchored for a couple of days ahead of New Year's Eve. About 12:00 her husband and son and daughter, aged nine and 12, went to sleep. The husband woke up a couple of hours later and realised she was missing. He raised the alarm and there was a massive search across the harbour involving helicopters and search boats. The terrible and tragic discovery was made only a couple of hundred metres from where the boat was anchored and right next to where the search command post had been set up to coordinate the search. We heard from police a short time ago. Let's take a listen to what they told us.Obviously, the family are distraught. I haven't personally spoken to the family, but obviously they are distraught. As I say the body has not been formally identifieded but we assume it is the missing female. What is the next step for police in terms of the investigation?Well, police say they are in the process of formally identifying the body, though it is believed to be the missing 49-year-old wofpl -- woman. An autopsy, a post-mortem will be conducted to determine the exact cause of her death and that inquiries will continue into the circumstances surrounding her death, Amelia. It is tragic news for this family after a terrible night on the water.Yeah, it is an awful story. Matthew Snelson, thank you for bringing us up-to-date. Well, thousands of people have already started to line Sydney Harbour, preparing for one of the world's most famous New Year's Eve celebrations. Let's go live to Nine's John O'Doherty for the details. I don't know know, a huge night ahead there.Amelia, it will be the biggest night of the year and the city that will deliver the biggest fireworks display in the world. Around 2 million people are expected to turn out to welcome in 2013 down by Sydney Harbour. As you say, thousands of people have already turned out to find themselves a spot. Some people have already been here for days. They know there is an incredible spectacular in store for them. The schedule for tonight is there l be a harbour of lights display at 9:15. That follows the first round of fireworks at 9:00 before the big one - the midnight fireworks extravaganza to welcome in 2013. It will certainly be a big night and authorities are asking everyone who is thinking about coming out to please about responsibly. There are an increased number of alcohol-free zone areas and people need to look them up on websites they are going in a particular direction and there will be an enhanced police presence on the transport system with a newly established police transport command out in force tonight to make sure that everyone gets home safely.And Jon, for those who are still undecided, run us through some of the best vein taken points. There are plenty of spots around the city for the almost 2 million people who are expected to turn out tonight. There are 16 recommended vantage points. Door's Point Park, Bradfield Park, creme more Point, Mrs Mac qrry's Point and of course circular go, Darling Harbour and the Sydney Oprah House. Spots are filling quickly. For some people, it will be a very long wait, but, amaoem ya, it sounds like it will certain -- ameal Yes., it sounds like it will certainly be worth it. It sure does. Thank you for that. Pop princess Kylie Minogue will join millions bringing in the New Year on Sydney Harbour tonight. She isn't just hosting the speck. She's had a behind the scenes roll in Australia's biggest party. Nine's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins caught up with Kylie a little earlier. (SONG): # I'm spinning around # Move out of my way #I feel like we should be running in slow motion. Let's do it. There is a hill.There is a hill there,y. We put the hill in just for you. How are you?Good. You lock gorgeous.Getting more and more excited by the minute. Too much, people. Too much!Good.It is fantastic.This is your party. Have a seat. Good to be back?It is amazing to be back. Absolutely incredible. Just don't mind us while we squint our way through this entire --You are not squinting.It is so beautiful.It is a little different from London this time of the year.Yeah, two days ago I was in cold London, but honestly I have been so excited about coming home since the first - - I signed up for this project, which was a year ago. Now here I am and ate is reality and it is so exciting.You are no stranger to the fireworks. I remember us over there when you actually pushed the button.Was that' 96 or something like that.When we were wild, crazy teenageers or something like that. (LAUGHS) .The fireworks on the bridge is always a focal point. We will see the lips, I think.That is supposed to be a surprise.It was in the paper.Oh, OK. There is a countdown that I rerecorded.So they are your lips?Well, no. Well, they are kind of computer-generated, not actually filmed.25 years, this is a great way to wind up and celebrate.I will definitely be trying to find a moment in the madness to really appreciate what - everything that I have sort of done this year and what an amazing year it has been for me to share with fans.We can't wait for the fireworks. Don't forget your box of matches.I have been joking saying, it was a bit of pressure. Imagine if it goes pee- tong. I might carry an emergency become pack with some sparklers. Just send me out.Now to Melbourne where there are plenty of good spots to catch the fireworks tonight U Nine's Alexis Sage has all of the details for us. Morning, Alexis. What is in store for us there?Good morning, ameal Yes.. There is 12.5 hours to go and in true Melbourne style, it is not a matter of if you will see the fireworks, but where. You can see them anywhere with a view of the city sky line, but for those who want to get most the live DJs and the partygoers, there are three live sites to choose from, the Flag staff Gardens and the Docklands. That is for the midnight fire wshs display. At 9. Fplt 3 o there will be a special countdown for the kids at Yarra Park Main Stage near the MCG. Most families will be acting appropriately looking after their young ones and being safe, but our acting premier did issue a warning this morning for those who are intent on causing trouble. We will have more than 420 general duties police officers on duty here in Melbourne. There will be another 175 transit police working. We will have PSOs who are working through until 7am at Flinders Street Station so there will be a big police presence around.Alexis, talk us through some of the best locations.Look, outside of the city, there is going to be 22 other sites they are recommending where you can see the fireworks the best. Some of those are Williamstown at Newport, St Kilda and Northcote. The spots where there will be live music and entertainment up until midnight are like Docklands are dry zones. The police will be issuing on the spot fines for drunk and disorderly behaviour and having open alcohol in an open place. From outside of Melbourne from 4 o'clock on the Geelong water front there will be live music and entertainment. At 9:15 and midnight they will have fireworks as well. There will be a lot of families, of course, who do decide to have parties at home with close friends, which I think we have just about got it covers here in Melbourne, Amelia.You do. Thank you, Alexis. Queensland is set to be dazzled at a variety of locations as well. The focus will be on Brisbane's Southbank where 5 tonnes of fireworks will blast into the night skiez, creating a total of 10,000 individual explosions. Tonight's highlight, though, is expected to be underwater fireworks that will fire down into the Brisbane River and then high up into the air. On the Gold Coast, 35,000 revellers are expected at broad beach and another 55,000 at surfers paradise. While Brisbane's big night is expected to attract around 0,000. Hp on the Sunshine Coast Mooloolaba is expected to play host to up to 40,000 people. Our political leaders have been making some big resolutions to 2013. Thoughts of next year's fed rald election are not far away in the New Year's messages from Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.I am determined that 2013 will be the year when we together write the next great chapter in our nation's history. A chapter about jobs, opportunity, a better education for our children, a better deal for Australians with disability and that we do so with a renewed Australian spirit. Happy New Year.Let us all approach the coming year with confidence, knowing that we are a people who can rise to any challenge and that there is a better way for our country. May 2013 be a year of hope for all Australians - happy New Year, Australia!The Victorian holiday road toll has risen to eight after the death of a motorcyclist following a crash in Melbourne's south-east. The 44- year-old was riding in South Yarra when he lost control and slammed into a power pole last night.I heard a motorbike revving down the street and then that awful screeching sound I thought someone had side-swiped a car.He went to hospital but died this morning. A 22-year-old man is fighting for life in Melbourne after a brawl south of the city. Up to 10 men were involved in the fight in Rye at around 1am and Nine's Justine Mackenzie has more details.The fight broke out in front of this fast food store just before 1am. Police say up to 10 men were involved. One witness has described seeing one of the men being belted around the head with a pole, two men were taken to hospital, one a 22-year-old from Melbourne who is filinging for life in the Alfred. Another aged 23 suffered a broken jaw. Of course, this is one of the busiest times of year in Rye and there were several people around who witnessed the brawl.I saw a few blokes across the road jumping these blokes over there and it got pretty bad. They got rushed off to hospital.Now, Rye locals say this kind of violence is sadly quit common around the New Year's period. Many of them have told us that they are really nowt that surprised.It is like a war zone some nights. It is dreadful. I live right here so I hear it. My for some unknown reason Rye draws a lot of ratbags here, particularly at night. Yeah, there can be problems here.In light of this, police will be bracing for a big night tonight. They are warning they will be out in force. They are reminding revellers there is a total alcohol ban along the peninsula and that anyone caught breaking that law will face tough penalties. Heading overseas now and authorities say that a faulty brake system could be to blame for a plane crash at a Russian airport which killed five crew members. The passenger jet was attempting to land when it careered off the runway and ploughed on to a multi- lane highway outside of nose co splitting into pieces. -- of Moscow splitting into pieces. They are now trying to determine the cause of the crash. Two young boys in the US have spoken of their miraculous escape after becoming lost in a swamp. They were eventually found, thanks to a wide scale police operation and their mobile phones. Strapped to a stretcher, wrapped tightly inside a survival suit, 12- year-old Jake Waterman and best friend Drew Covney will easily have the best "what I did over the Christmas break" story in their school. It started harmlessly enough, an afternoon hike around the property of Drew's house.I kind of dragged him into it we decided to go and see if we could fine the end. We went deep in the swamp and there is a lot of water out there.As they knee beyondered the temperature started to drop and the sun began to set and the boys suddenly realised they had no idea where they were. Their only hope? Jake's cellphone.I called my brother. He thought I was kidding around and thought I was just dumb because I couldn't find my way home. Far from the wafrpl glow of their homes, the boys fell into the water. Their frozen shoes, too painful to keep on. Worries of hypothermia or worse. Finally, it pushed the boys to call Drew's mum for help.We didn't really want to call my mom because we figured we would get in trouble.Drew's mom immediately called police.We activated sirens and the boys said they could hear it.The boys used their cellphone to play a high-stakes game with hot and cold with state police hovering in a helicopter.He would play this game where he would shine his light down. Every time he would get closer we would say hotter. If he was moving further away from us we would say "colder".From there, police on the ground finally located the boys and pulled from their nightmare. They were given the all-clear from a nearby hospital where anxious parents had been praying for a happy ending. Certainly, it is the holiday season and having them home is the best gift of all.Now, to an update on the bear which gained worldwide notoriety for repeatedly visiting the same Los Angeles le neighbourhood. The joint animal, known as Meatballs, has been moved to a special wildlife sanctuary, following a campaign to save his life. This is how America first met Meatballs the Bear on the prowl in the suburbs of Los Angeles. Locals even thought he had realised when the bins went out. He earned his nick name by stealing meatballs from a garage freezer. Every time wildlife officers tranquilised him and a hauled him back into the wild, Meatballs just came back.Great shot.Once travelling 200 miles to find the same neighbourhood. Usually they put down a bear who shows such an interest in residential areas, but by then, Meatballs was something of an international celebrity and all over the local new as well. NEWSREEL: Fishing game officials point out the brazen bear's ear. Notice the orange tag - it reads 210 and that only moans one thing - this bear is no stranger to this next of the woods.They followed an online campaign, including his own Twitter account and that saved his life U. This is where he now calls home - a sanctuary in the mountains of southern California. His diet now - grapes and peanut butter sandwich witches. The transition cage is temporary. He will be able to roam free here, away from the themsations of human habitation.I can't wait to get him out. He wants out.It is heartwarming to know that people love animals like we do. He is a really loved bear and he is a really special bear.Despite his brown fur, Meatballs is a black bear not usually a threat to humans, but at 500lbs, no-one can take any chances. It is not the life in the wild he's been used to, but Meatballs' curiosity had already made that impossible. America's celebrity bear does at least have a new lease of life. Time to get all of the sports news now with Roz Kelly. Roz, the Aussies have gathered in Sydney for the third test.Yes, the SCG test begins on Thursday, Amelia. It is sure to be an emotional time following the death of Tony Greig and Mike Hussey. Also ahead a cocky Chris Gayle gets under Brad Haddin's skin in the Big Bash and Serena This program is not captioned. After the cricket,
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start the summer of tennis.
The Aussie cricketers assemble in Sydney today ahead of the third and final test against Sri Lanka. With Mike Hussey retiring, captain Michael Clarke admits this begin as new challenging era for the Australian cricket team. I think we've got to work out who the best player is, simple as that. Performance will come no it. Someone who has been successful at first-class cricket. Like I have said for a long time, we have lucky to have such a great first-class competition. It is a great stepping stone leading up to playing international cricket so. The selectors will certainly sit down after this test match, we will have a good chat and work out who we think is the best player to come in and fill the very big shoes of Mike Hussey.They hold their first training session on New Year's Day tomorrow. The Thunders remain winless after 11 games, but that is not the talking point following the loss of the Sydney Sixers. Brad Haddin and Chris Gayle clashed in an entertaining match. The Thunders Chris Gayle is one of the highest paid imports playing? The Big Bash and when he claimed a wicket off Brad Haddin the celebration got under Haddin's skin. COMMENTATOR: Gill Gayle, king of the jungle banging his chest.It was important that Chris Gayle started to do something for the Thunder fans. He's been all talk so far this tournament and they haven't won a game.Regarded as the best Twenty20 batsman gill gale has averaged just 13 in recent games for his team. Haddin reminded everyone of that.It is great to see gill Gayle do something for his money, hey.They are two players that know how to get the worst out of their competition. Head to head a New Year's Eve fireworks display was almost guaranteed. There was something for everyone. Sydney test hopeful Usman Khawaja made an impact. COMMENTATOR: Thank you very much. Khawaja was not out on 66 off 47 balls, but the Thunders's total of 132 was always going to be hard to defend. The Sixers won by 4 wickets, their cross-town rivalry alive and well. Sam Stosur's season gets under way at the Brisbane International tonight when she faces Swede Sofia Arviddson. Fellow Aussie, Jarmila Gadjosova, broke down in tears following her upset win over world No. 1 4 Roberta Vinci while Serena Williams returned to the court, following toe surgery to defeat fellow American Varvara Lepchenko in less than an hour.Technically, you know, I still had my 2012 wrap on the line so I really needed to win today.And in the Hopman Cup Spain won their tie against tphrans two matches to one. -- France two matches to one. A blow for this team with Alessandro Del Pieero out of the New Year's bloke buster against Adelaide United. He is suffering the affects of repeated fouls during the upset win over the Mariners. Frank Farina says that Del Piero is at risk of missing more matches until he is better protected by the referees. Oversees in the English Premier League a Frank Lampard double has jumped Chelsea up in third place on the ladder. The Blues beat Everton 2-1. COMMENTATOR: Lampard, he follows it in.While Liverpool will start the New Year in the top half of the table, defeating Queens Park Rangers 3-nil at Loftus road. The Australian cricketers should be landing in Sydney any moment now, Amelia. We will hear from them in the afternoon news.Good stuff. Thank you, Roz. See you then. Up next, the finance and the New Year's Eve weather forecast. This program is not captioned. Drifting carriages, an icy slope.
Against bitter winds. Just like I did on Everest. But you have a Mars Bar, son. VOICEOVER: With a Mars
comes great responsibility. ARGH!

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Let's have a look at all of the weather details for you now. First to the satellite. Ex-tropical cyclone Mitchell off the north-west WA coast is causing some patchy rain in the Pilbera. A trough is triggering a few storms in the Kimberley and sending hot north- east winds into south-west WA. Another trough is causing shoulders and storms in the Northern Territory and Queensland. Around the country today:

To finance now, having a quick look at the market numbers before we go:

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Your favourite Block-heads are coming back. None of them have taken out the top prize. And incredibly, they're lining up for one more shot at the title. Get ready for The Block All Stars!

It's all happening again.

All Stars? I don't know why we're All Stars.We're doing The Block again because we're crazy.We were kind of the worst renovators on the easiest series. We came last, the first time we did it and we want to do better than that this time. We're taking the kids with us, 'cause we didn't want to be apart from them. Nobody thinks that we're going to win but we've got a few ideas up our sleeve and we want to prove that we can do it. We've learned a lot in the last ten years and we want to win. All Stars? I don't know why All Stars. We're coming back for more punishment, I can't believe it. I think we could pull out a few surprises. We know what colours are in this time. I think the others better be scared. Look out.That's right, yeah, we're coming to get you.We're here to win. All Stars? I don't know why we're All Stars. We must be crazy but we definitely feel like we have something to prove this time. We won the most rooms on our season but we definitely didn't win The Block. We fought a lot and we survived it, we got married.And we are going to have a red-hot crack to try to win. All Stars? I don't know why All Stars.As hard as it is, you love it.Sometimes last season, we didn't see eye-to-eye. I wouldn't mind winning the title, just to walk away, to say that you're the All Stars winner. That's pretty big. In a Block first, we're back to where it all began. Welcome to Block-tastic Bondi. This time, we're in charge of the entire build. We've pretty much gone from renovators to builders.I'm nervous and I need to poo.

To win the All Stars, you've got to be all in, all the time.I think we can win, Scotty.There you go!Go you!Who will win?

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This program is not captioned.