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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Final farewells - India mourns its rape victim turned martyr as her body arrives home.Rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in India at present.Overshooting the runway - four die as a Russian jet slams into a highway. UN warning - a diplomatic solution to the Syrian conflict must be found.The only alternative is really hell, or a political process.And later, goodbye, Gregy - the world pays tribute to a cricketing maverick.

Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Craig Foster will join me with all the day's sport including - seven points clear and counting. Manchester United to start 2013 in control of the Premier League. The body of the young Indian woman who died after a gang- ape and beating has been cremated. The unidentified 23-year-old was farewelled by family and friends at a ceremony, away from the public glare. Indians have again taken to the streets to express their grief and voice their anger over violence against women. A final journey - the body of the young rape victim is transported through the streets of New Delhi. A chartered plane had flown her coffin and her grieving family from Singapore where she was being treated for critical injuries. Landing in the early hours of this morning, they were greeted at the airport by the Prime Minister - a clear sign of just how deeply the rape and death of the medical student has shaken India and its leaders. Her cremation - just hours after landing - was kept private at the family's request. Police surrounded the funeral ground as the family said their final farewell. It emerged today, that the young medical student was planning to marry her boyfriend next month. He was injured in the same attack. News of her death, though, had already provoked a mass outpouring of grief - and Across India, thousands held vigils to mark her death and to demand greater protection from sexual violence for women in a nation where rape and assault have become a fact of life.I think every woman in the city feels unsafe. Every woman has been molested, if teased. Something or the other has happened to every woman. I can vouch for that.This is CCTV footage of the bus on which the young woman was gang-raped, tortured and beaten for an hour by six men two weeks ago. Protests since her attack have been violent at times - these were peaceful, mournful but no less determined.And stringent punishment, exemplary punishment, so that one fears, if I do it I can't escape.The six men arrested for the girl's rape have now had their charges upgraded to murder. A special prosecutor has been appointed to fast-track the trial through the usually painfully Indian legal system. Given the public outcry, lawmakers are beginning to speak about change - speeding up the process and increasing penalties.

And the protests are spreading. In London, a vocal group from its large Indian community, rallied at the Mahatma Ghandi statue before marching to the High Commission with a petition.The petition is for introducing fast-track courts in India and for strict laws for rape, because rape is one of the fastest growing crimes in India at present.In Sydney this afternoon, a two-minute silence was marked.We also want to send a strong message to the world that we are watching and that rape and violence against women is not acceptable.True Indian culture, they say, teaches respect for women - a lesson that needs to be relearned by

needs to be relearned by some. SYRIA The United Nations peace envoy has warned that Syria faces hell if a deal isn't stuck soon to end the twenty one month long crisis. Lakhdar Brahimi has met with the Russian Foreign Minister in Moscow to try to resurrect a failed peace plan. But Russia has said Syrian President Bashar al- Assad's removal can not be a condition for talks. It comes amid reports by opposition groups that nearly 400 people were killed on Saturday alone. If verified would make it one of the bloodiest days since the conflict began. A little Syrian boy lies wounded in a Turkish hospital bed. The young girl next to him is also scarred by the shelling. Nearly 50 people were rushed across the border to Turkish hospitals in the latest air strikes on rebel-controlled towns in Aleppo province, near the Syrian-Turkish border. The rebels' control curbed only by President Bashar air power. Speaking after talks Moscow, United Nations peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi issued this warning. The only alternative is really hell, or a political process, then we have got all of us to ceaselessly for political process. It is difficult, it is very complicated, but there is no other choice.Russia, President Assad's most powerful international supporter, had agreed to hold with the Syrian opposition, but with the door left open for Mr Assad. Syria's opposition rejected the offer. It wants his resignation to be a precondition. Russia has said no.

But even President Assad's fellow Arab neighbours are saying that his time is

As they search through the rubble in the shelled towns the death toll goes up. Without talks and compromises on all sides of this month long conflict, the UN Envoy says there is a huge risk that the chaos could spread into Lebanon and Jordan. The Taliban has killed 21 Pakistani soldiers after kidnapping them in Peshawar. Two others were found alive - one wounded, the other unhurt. The soldiers were captured when 200 militants stormed government paramilitary camps. people have been killed in a Russian airline crash on a busy Moscow highway. Only the crew was on board when the budget airliner overshot the runway. The accident happened at Vnukovo International - one of the country's busiest airports. Flames and black smoke billow above the ice. Some of the first dramatic pictures of the crash site. There's a panicked rush to get help for the injured as sirens wail not far away. Emergency crews scramble inside the mangled cabin. Amazingly finding more survivors. Four crew were killed out of the eight on board. The relatively new Russian Tupolev 204 overshot the runway as it approached to land. It crashed through a fence - the cockpit ending up on a main

The aviation industry says the crew was experienced. The captain had over 15,000 flying hours. His assistant nearly 10,000. But Russia's top investigator believes pilot error was to blame. Before this weekend, there had been no deaths recorded from accidents involving this type of Tupolev. Just a week ago though one skidded off a runway causing minor damage. So, once again Russia's shocking reputation for aviation accidents is under the spotlight. These just some of the major crashes inside the country over the past decade. Russian airlines have also been involved in more overseas. One which sparked an international outcry killed a professional ice hockey team northeast of Moscow. And in 2010, the Polish president and senior officials were killed in western Russia. Bad weather is often to blame, as is human error and the maintenance of notorious Soviet era planes. All those factors will be included in the latest investigation. The Russian president has told airlines to put passenger safety first. An accident like this only gives more credence to calls for something to change. The fiscal crisis in the United States seems no closer to resolution tonight. President Barack Obama has once again made an appeal to Congress to resolve the tax stand- off. He says he believes an agreement can be reached. But few think that will happen before the New Year's Eve deadline. US President Barack Obama has once again made an appeal to Congress to resolve America's fiscal cliff crisis. In his weekly address he says he believes an agreement be reached but few believe that will happen before the New Year's Eve deadline.The folks you sent here to serve should do the same. We cannot let Washington politics get in the way of America's progress.But Republicans have fired back, saying at his latest emergency meeting congressional leaders Obama offered no new concessions. The President will never have more political capital than he does right now. The next few days will begin to define his second term. The President needs agreement with Congress but most House Members are not even in Washington - they won't meet until tomorrow.But we're now at the point where, in just a couple days, the law says that every Americans' tax rates are going up.So what happens if America falls off the fiscal cliff. Wall Street already thinks that's going to happen - the Dow Jones was down every day last week almost 2%. Just like the $800 billion Wall Street bailout in 2008 and the debt ceiling crisis last year, when lawmakers argued until the very last minute, the markets are, once again, demanding Congress acts now. But this Congress only has one more sitting day until it's dissolved - those who won seats at the November election won't take their places until January the 3rd. That now becomes the key date when things could start to happen quickly. The powerful Republican Speaker John Boehner should be re- elected, giving him a fresh mandate to push a deal through. And a quick resolution will shield the President from blame over what could be a sharp market backlash. The markets are ebbing and flowing on every silly little word, on every politicians face time on TV. It's sort of ridiculous. economist estimates the fiscal cliff tax impact will drain nine billion dollars out of the US economy in just the first Insiders say that's a reality check which is bound to snap lawmakers, from both sides, into action. Tax problems too in France. The country's top constitutional body has blocked plans to introduce a super tax on ultra wealthy citizens. The government had planned to slug millionaires with a 75% rate but the court ruled against it. But Socialist President Francois Hollande's administration has vowed to push ahead with the reforms. The lifestyles of Frances rich and famous were about to get a little less glamorous after Socialist President Francois Hollande announced plans to subject every person earning more than a million euros a year to an income tax rate of 75%.This corresponds to 75 times the French minimum wage and was to be rolled out in the new Year but the super tax has now been scrapped by Frances Constitutional council.

The tax was designed as a temporary measure to help France out of its economic crisis, and would have affected a few thousand citizens as the government strives to boost public finances in the face of stalled growth but the government is warning the super wealthy it will tweak legislation so the tax rate can still be implemented.

The planned super tax angered business leaders and high earners prompting some such as high profile actor Gerard Depardieu to pack up and leave the country.

However left wing voters welcomed planned wage penalties for ultra high earners saying they need to contribute to the country's massive belt tightening initiative.

The government estimates high income penalties will generate revenue worth hundreds of millions of euros. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. In the US, the first gay and lesbian couples wed under Maine's new same-sex marriage laws. The nuptials of Steven Bridges and Michael Snell kicked off a series of civil ceremonies in Portland's City Hall. Maine is the only state in America to welcome gay marriage based solely on the popular vote. A 31- year old New York woman has been charged with murder as a hate crime. Erika Menendez told police she pushed a man off a subway platform because he looked like a Muslim. 46-year-old Indian national Sunando Sen was crushed to death by About 40,000 young pilgrims have attended an open air Mass in Saint Peter's Square. Pope Benedict the 16th blessed the worshippers had travelled from all over Europe. And a massive fire in Haiti has ravaged a popular market in the capital, Port-au-Prince. Authorities say dozens of stalls were burned to the ground and few items were recovered. No deaths or injuries were reported and investigations continue into the cause of the blaze. Mexico's new President Enrique Pena Nieto is promising a new approach to the country's war on drugs. Deadly gangs like the Zetas have thrived despite the military crackdown carried out by Nieto's predecessor. Now the cartels are branching out beyond drug trafficking. Using military-like tactics to attack and kill their enemies, the Mexican drug cartel known as the Zetas is one of the most ruthless and feared. And when the marines killed one of its founding members, Heriberto Lazcano, in October, it was supposed to be one of the Government's biggest victories. The cartel was formed by former members of the Mexican military and is one of the largest and most brutal criminal gangs. But two months after he was killed, the Zetas showed no sounds of losing ground to either rival gangs or Mexican forces.TRANSLATION: Zetas are an extremely important criminal organisation on a global scale and the death of Lazcano did not impact the structure of the gang. On the contrary, it consolidated that power and leadership.It is believed the new head of the cartel is 41-year-old former Dallas residents Miguel Trevio Over the last six years, the Mexican government has hit the Zetas cartel hard but each time they arrest a leader, another member quickly takes his place. Now, some are questioning the tactic. President Enrique Pena Nieto campaigned on a promise to end violence against Mexicans rather than going after cartel hopes to achieve this by creating a new national police force made up of former military troops and has pledged to cut murders by 50%. Even so, stopping the Zetas will be a huge challenge. Over the years, the organisation has branched out beyond just drug trafficking. TRANSLATION: They don't just deal drugs, they also kidnap, extort, engage in video piracy and a whole range of illegal businesses.All this means stopping the Zetas is less about killing individuals and more about destroying a criminal organisation that is constantly mutating. A daunting task for new government nonetheless. That was Rachel Levin reporting for Jazeera. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - the carbon pirate. Amazonian tribes claiming to be cheated out of their land by an Australian. Shortly, done with guns - small town weapon buyback programs gain momentum in America. And later, farewelling an iconic voice of cricket - tributes flow for sporting legend Tony Greig.

But without the money our ability to help those in need you can help keep things going, providing surgical equipment
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A tribe in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest is at risk of losing its land after doing a deal with an Australian businessman described as a carbon pirate. Tribal leaders claim to have signed away territory which the Yaguas have owned for centuries with the promise of millions of dollars in return. they say they haven't received a cent. Community leader Angel Yaicate had a hunch, a bad feeling that something would go wrong when this Australian, David Nilsson, arrived at the Yaguas community along the Amazon River two years ago. Nielsen came to strike a deal with these tribesmen for control of all land resources for the next 100 years. He said his company, Amazon Holding, will give them millions of dollars. They signed.TRANSLATION: I tried to worn my colleagues and other communities to debate the contract, to be informed about what were our duties.David Nelson isn known in Australia to be a carbon pirate or carbon cowboy. He's after carbon rights sell them in the international carbon credit market. Nilsson promised 50 per cent of the sales to these Peruvian trouble members. If -- if try war They are poor and most are illiterate and so far, they have yet to see a penny. TRANSLATION: I have asked them, you know the contents of the contract? They say, no.The Yaguas gave up territory that means their livelihood. They live on fishing, agriculture and logging. They have lived here for centuries. And now, they fear they will lose their land. TRANSLATION: the agreements says we have to go to Australia to make any claims but we are poor, how will we get there?Police should have won again Nilsson. Although he cannot return to the country, the uncovered by the Australian media has not stopped. Authorities say Nilsson's counterpart remain in the Amazon working for him. Angel Yaicat s going from one community to another promising to organise their legal defence.TRANSLATION: This is our land, and we will have a stranger or anyone else come here and trick us.But he is one of a few lonely fighters in this vast territory. For now, he can only worm these tribesmen to reject such money offers while bringing them hope that their rights over lands will be preserved. Email scams have been around almost as long as email itself and the number is growing. In the United States, the FBI has received more than 150,000 complaints over new scam. The emails are supposedly from friends needing money. But they're actually far more sinister. It came from halfway around the world - a frightening him now than London on an ABC producer's in box. It looked like it was from a friend.

Was this real for a hoax? Sceptical, she decided to play

We why ever just 20. They've picked up the money within hours and complained. But we do not leave it there. We traced the MR halfway around the MR halfway around the world to Mandela an alert Western Union newsagent had said someone had come into the shop to claim it. It is called the stranded traveller scam. They use information after coming to get personal information.It is and social engineering.If you send money, they put you on the sucker lease and he with other scams. Experts say never send money without making sure the Moll really from a friend. The FBI has to make the scams have cost America almost $0.5 billion. The Sandy Hook school massacre has given new momentum to gun buyback programs across the United States. This weekend, Connecticut police are hosting a buyback in Bridgeport-- a city near where the tragedy took place. An attempt at holding a similar event there last year failed to get off the ground. But now, people are lining up to turn in their weapons. They're exchanging them for cash or giftcards - no questions asked. William Porter says he's done with guns. The elementary school shooting in nearby Newtown, Connecticut struck a nerve.My wife cried. I was shopping and we heard it while we were in the store and she cried. You know, it's wrong. Porter is turning over his handgun to police in Connecticut's populous city, part of Bridgeport's largest gun buyback ever. And with well over $100,000 in private donations, police are taking the weapons - no questions asked.I know that every gun we take in is one less gun that has the potential to kill our children.More than 100 guns have been collected in each of the first 2 days and are expected to be melted down. But with millions more scattered across the US, can buybacks like this one make a dent?These guns could have created victims and we know that if we can reduce the number of weapons that are available by breaking into people's houses and grabbing guns, we are a safer society. Bridgeport's police chief says an attempt to organize a similar gun buyback failed last year due to lack of funding, but not this time. We've seen an outpouring from the community since Sandy Hook in manners. From teddy bears to cash, and I think this is part of it, I think people want to feel safe.For Porter, a gun locked safely in his home ended up in the hands of his foster child who he says then handed it over to a gang member.If that person would've did something to somebody else with that gun it would've been fallen back on me. And I am 52 years old. I haven't had a criminal record all my life. Police say that's how even legal guns can pose a danger.I know if we will ever be able to disarm every bad guy here, but what we're doing is we're taking away the possibility, we're taking away the chance for a bad guy to get another gun.Porter says he got lucky.It did go into the wrong hands but I got it back and its getting destroyed now.And now he has a little more cash in his pocket.All right. Thank you.But buybacks can get pricey with shrinking city budgets, renewed interest. For now, donations are available. But as the memory of Newtown recedes, many wonder whether people will continue to confront issues surrounding firearms in their communities. A

2012 has seen the passing of a number of prominent figures. From beloved actors like Ernest Borgnine to comedian Renowned journalist Mike Wallace and screenwriting great Nora Ephron. Astronauts Sally Ride and Neil Armstrong. And a host of music legends like Whitney Houston and Jimmy Little. We pay tribute to those most of us will Up it was three when I made to feel for Stone I knew who I was forced to anybody it was prejudice, that was their problem, not mine.If you've got to fight for your right to party.I'd love it forced on them from heavy rock to classical compositions.John Lord did it all.

The legendary Dave Brubeck on

The legendary Dave Brubeck on piano.
This man was cranking when he was just a chain.I'm Ardley. Sykes. More than 50 years of making people laugh. Richard Dawson became a household name, kissing forced I am prepared to voice my own opinion. My own personal opinion. The unmistakable sound of rock and a cute, a force that helped define a legendary group, of the Bee Gees.

I will always love you. This word is not mine. To his enemies, he was a dictator. We have a lections, very expensive and corrupt ones. But we don't have politics. The first indigenous Australian to have been elected to a State Parliament. This scheme was famous for his lavish lifestyle and eccentric choice of vehicle. All my characters write . All my characters write the book. McGovern was the first US and a shirt to oppose the t to oppose the Vietnam War for some -- US senator. Davy Jones will be remembered as one of the few British pop singers to achieve their dream of stardom in America. The man Who series entertained adults and children. All those knew Murray roasts regarded him as a legend. My husband, my beloved, my man of the sea. The four that Tony Greig wanted. My marriage Stretham me. I have a lovely, caring family. The basic project of art is to make the world comprehensible. Neil became the first person to set foot on the moon. One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. It And tributes are still flowing in from around the world for Tony Greig. The former cricket commentator and England captain was 66. Little more than 24 hours after his death he's being remembered as an imposing and charismatic personality who had profound impact on the cricketing world. To Australians he was the adversary who became part of the Australian cricketing landscape. But the loss of Tony Greig has been felt around the world.

Tributes pour in for Tony Greig.In Britain he will be remembered as a great captain and one of the best English all-rounders to take the field. That's it. Greig has bowled him.He was born in South Africa, a Scottish father opted to play for England. With eight Test centuries and 141 wickets he went on to captain the English team. But he was never far from controversy. These are the men who put the cat among the pigeons.He was stripped of the captaincy after joining the World Series competition which offered players a better His defection proved a landmark moment. Suddenly cricketers started being treated with a little bit more respect and getting paid what they should be rather than the pittance. Grieg proved as entertaining behind the microphone as he had been on the pitch. His combative attitude put him at odds with his peers - but at the same time earned him respect. He took us on. And we always respect people who take us on. He was never afraid to puff his chest out and get in our faces a bit. And that was Tony Greig, probably in the commentary box and on the cricket field.Gerig's fearless way with words cemented him in Australia's modern cricket culture. He was always, as a former English captain, have a bit of a jab at the Australians. That's all part of the spirit in which the game has always been played.He leaves behind a wife, four children and countless cricketing memories. Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Theo Walcott gets three goals as the Gunners score seven, in an amazing clash with Newcastle. Bernard Tomic answers the challenge in impressive fashion, in his opening match at the Hopman Cup against Germany.

If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

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are smarter than others.

Manchester United will start 2013 with a seven-point lead at

with a seven-point lead at the top of the Premier League table, after a hard fought win over West Bromwich Albion. Elsewhere Stoke and Southampton produced the only draw of the eight matches played. There were four away victories, with Tottenham coming from a goal down to beat Sunderland and go third on the ladder. Wigan moved out of the relegation zone against Villa. But Fulham slipped closer to the drop zone, after losing to Swansea, and ten man Manchester City won at Norwich in a cracking encounter. Reading edged out West Ham, Theo Walcott scored a hat- trick as Arsenal went fifth in a 10-goal thriller against Newcastle, while Manchester United had to work hard at a rain lashed Old Trafford. Old Trafford suffered a deluge just before kick off, and slick conditions played a role in the

McAuley with an instinctive finish. Ben Foster with the instinctive save. The former United custodian an impassable barrier as West Brom dug

Foster continuing to foil the Red Devils, but even he was powerless to stop Robin Van Persie. Seven wins in eight as Manchester stay top. Keen to hang from United's coat tails were cross-city rivals City, and the perfect start away to Norwich.

The Bosnian with his second, minutes later, Norwich being torn apart with consummate ease.

Pilkington's deflected free-kick giving the Canaries a lifeline before Bassong's challenge had Nasri seeing red. A kiss of the foreheads enough for the Marseillais to receive his marching orders. Aguero with the sublime to make it three. But nothing callow from the men in yellow, as they fought back.

An unfortunate own goal tipped the scales City's way. Norwich close but no cigar in a 7-goal feast. If it was raining goals in East Anglia, there was a monsoon taking place in the capital.

Demba Ba's deflected beating Szczesny, before the second half exploded.

Oxlade-Chamberlain scoring Gunners, before the Magpies swooped once more.

Podolski with a poacher's pounce after good lead up work by Wilshere. But Newcastle pegging them back for an unbelievable

From there it was Arsenal, all guns blazing. Walcott leading the charge with a treble. The Gooners fans in seventh heaven.

On the local scene, Sydney FC's star import Alessandro Del Piero is out of tomorrow night's A-League clash with Adelaide at Hindmarsh stadium, because of a corked calf. Coach Frank Farina has called for better protection of marquee playmakers, pointing out that Del Piero was fouled nearly a dozen times during last Thursday's match against the Central Coast. With only a short turn around between games, the Italian star hasn't been able to train properly. The club is anxious to allow him more time for a full recovery, particularly with his Achilles extremely sore. Now to cricket. Fast bowler Mitchell Starc says the chance to play at his home ground in Sydney has helped to ease his disappointment at being rotated out of the team for the Boxing Day Test. Starc is expected to be back in the Australian line-up for the third and final Test against Sri Lanka, starting at the SCG on Thursday. A selection headache the Australian team is happy to have. After the impressive debut of Jackson Bird and the performance of Mitchell Johnson in Melbourne. The bowling rotation policy much maligned has received grudging approval from Mitchell Starc. The heavy workload expected of Australia's cricketers over the next 12 months justifying the

decision.We didn't Morda another bowler to break down. If I went into the game and broke down you would be asking the same questions. As a reward for his rest, a chance to play in front of his home crowd at the SCG. But as one star starts to sparkle, another chooses to dim. Michael Hussey one of Australia's most reliable performers calling it quits at the end of this summer, to spend more time with his family. would like to think my wife and children and amazing support, particularly my wife why have been away.While it took years of first class cricket to get to the top, there are some things he can leave behind.I would like the feeling in NT stomach just before you go out to bat, the time away from home.As Hussey exits the international game his spot in the Australian set up is now vacant. And with plenty of able replacements in the domestic game, Shaun Marsh showed he may be ready for an international resurrection after putting on a show at the WACA in the Big Bash. Smashing 85 which included five sixes, Marsh helped the Perth Scorchers to a 51-run victory against the table topping Melbourne Renegades in Perth.

Australia's Bernard Tomic has given his build-up for the Australian Open a solid boost with a three set win over Germany's Tommy Haas in the Hopman Cup in Perth. The German, ranked 21st in the world at the age of 34, lost the decider 7-5 to the 52nd ranked Tomic. Bernard Tomic has been ducking and weaving from the media attention in the off-

the media attention in the off-
season. Last night Tommy Hass kept the Australian running for cover. Terrific angle with that.Hass continued to shove Tomic into a corner, and even had set point. But Tomic rallied, winning six straight points to take the first. What a comeback from Tomic.Tomic started to sizzle in the second. His shot selection stunting Hass' baseline rampage. That's part of the repertoire. He can do it all.Turning to serve and volley, Hass neutralised his opponent. Halving the match at a set a piece. The world number 21 continued his net presence in the decider, but all of a sudden Tomic was finding an angle past, much to the delight of the home Great pass form Tomic.The bending angled returns helping Tomic close it out in three. He picked that one.While in the women's rubber 16-year-old Ashleigh Barty played with composure beyond her years, Nice finish. Didn't need to do too much with it.Andrea Petkovic was clearly frustrated by Barty's variation. But the German composed herself and clawed back to take the opening set 6-4. Fights her way back into the opening set.Petkovic's fight fading to tears after she was forced to retire with a knee injury. This is upsetting to see.Today Venus Williams' running backhand helped open the stars and stripes Hopman account. Two-fisted backhand in great position.Williams' team-mate John Isner couldn't repeat the dose. South Africa's Kevin Anderson in sweet touch, taking the rubber in two sets.

two sets. Better luck for Soraya wheels. No Last night in Abu Dhabi Novak Djokovic's court coverage was breathtaking. The Serb's desire and court speed bordering on ridiculous. The world number one starting his season in style wearing down Nicolas Almagro. Game set and match Djookovic.Now to the first of our two special reviews covering the sporting highlights of 2012. Tonight we concentrate on the Olympics, hosted by London in July and August. The United States finished top of the medal tally ahead of China and Great Britain, with Australia finishing in 10th Olympic flame flickered high over London as the world's greatest came to conquer. A symbol of the peaceful coming together of nations.Australia's best on display early in the women's four by 100 relay. Gold on day one. Gold for Australia.Freestyling missile James Magnussen failed to fire, Australia missing its second gold by the length of a 10 cent piece. Dominance in the pool achieved by China's Sun Yang and Shiwen Ye. And of course the greatest ever Olympian Michael Phelps. The American retiring with a career tally of 18 golds. Iconic. Legend. Immortal.Australia improved its form on the open water. A golden well springing in Weymouth. The 470s, 49ers and the Laser class all dominated by team Oz. More delight on a golden pond. The Canoe Sprint foursome churning towards the prize at Eton Dorney. Anna Meares' individual triumph over home-town rival Victoria Pendleton the highlight of the women's cycling program.
She has beaten her arch rival.Sir Chris Hoy snatched two goals to give the home-nation plenty to crow about in the velodrome and compatriot Nicola Adams kept the cheers going as women's boxing made its debut. She will get the count.The dream team could count on gold in the basketball. On the track another raging hot favourite had to count the milliseconds. Sally Pearson surviving a nervous wait before being crowned Olympic hurdles champion The dream is reality.Mo Farah reigned as king of the middle distance, with gold in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres. But in the sprints, there was only ever one name. Bolt does it.Jamaica's Usain Bolt claiming gold in the 100 and 200, before shattering a world record in the relay. World record.Two weeks later it was the Paralympians' turn. And boy did they snatch the spotlight. Matt Cowdrey and Jacqueline Freeny with 13 gold between them as Australia was showered in fireworks and glory, fifth on the medal tally. And tomorrow night we'll have a full review of the rest of the sporting year. And that's the day in sport. Coming up, the weather. Costly vandalism or visions of hope? The changing face of American graffiti.

The worst rains to hit Baghdad in 30 years have

30 years have left four people dead. Many of the city's residents are struggling to cope, with parts of Baghdad submerged. Many locals say the poor infrastructure isn't helping and they're pointing their fingers squarely at those in power. To the forecast. Ex-Tropical Cyclone Mitchell off the WA coast is causing rain in the Pilbara and Gascoyne. A nearby trough is generating showers in the Kimberley. A trough in the east is producing showers and storms in Queensland.

It's considered a petty, costly crime, defacing buildings, walls and structures. But graffiti is increasingly being recognised for its artistic merit. In Los Angeles, street artists are using their work to bring hope to the poorest neighbourhoods.

When this graffiti artist gets into his group, the forms and colours flows straight from his soul, like freestyle rap or a jazz solo. Santos you are in a chance.This to sign decorates the side of a restaurant near Los Angeles. recruits are taking in painting, Sun-Times chased by cops in the days when graffiti was seen as nothing but a nuisance. Nowadays he exhibits his work in galleries. Sometimes I am getting paid a good money, but it is not as good as what I am doing now.Modern graffiti art is a worldwide staff. In the Arab spring, graffiti acted as a visual counterpart to social media and mass rallies. Here in of the poorest neighbourhoods Los Angeles, graffiti is being used as a tool to fight for social justice. This artist is touching up a monumental mural he created at the southern Californian library. It is n Californian library. It is the Breaking the avery. Breaking the chains. Metaphorically, in terms of knowledge. These graffiti spirits are our little characters carrying away the keys and flying away from the freedom. This neighbourhood, south away, was hit by severe riots 20 years ago after a policeman were videotaped beating a black man and were acquitted.There are not many jobs available. One of the highest levels of crime.He says graffiti can lift people's spirit.It is an art form created on the streets by the youth. Doing something monumental white This lets people know that this community important.Back at the restaurant, Eddie is hard at work in his own special staff.Playboy coming at you. It is expressing. That's all it is.Recapping our top stories now. The body of the young Indian woman who died after a gang rape has been flown home and cremated. Indians have again taken to the streets to express their grief and voice their anger over violence against women. Four people have been killed as a budget Russian airliner crashed on landing, ending up on a busy Moscow highway. UN peace envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has warned Syria faces hell if a deal isn't struck soon to end the conflict.

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Meeting talented chefs but to be invited to the
Japanese ambassador's residence

and meeting his private chef to experience the height of Japanese
cuisine is really an honour.

The ambassador's hosting
a dinner party tonight

featuring a traditional

prepared by a master.

beautifully crafted bites that, in

It's been described as

And we don't have to look far

where the ambassador's chef,

And this being autumn,
he's looking for chestnuts.

Here's our chestnut tree.

How do you say 'chestnut'

'Kuri', Okay.

This...this is already
fallen from tree.

Oh, thank you.

What kind of flavours
do chestnuts bring to a dish?

The nuts will be just one part
of one dish in the kaiseki.

And it's a beauty -
sweet chestnuts in burr.

Mr Shioi starts with chestnuts
he's soaked overnight

Now they're simmered in water

The next step is to blend

with cornflour, salt and sake... ..ending up with

Then he breaks up dried soba
noodles into smaller pieces.

And using the mousse
and an eggwhite as paste he sticks the noodles onto a segment
of daikon radish stuck on a skewer.

These get deep-fried
until they're golden.