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(generated from captions) to the station in the port here. They will process them,
they'll fingerprint them and they'll possibly interview them to ascertain whether they can be
removed from France back to their country of origin.

The stowaways were sent back
to Romania. It may be only a matter of weeks before they make another attempt
to get into the UK.

And given that the woman
from Trinidad had a son back in the Caribbean, Immigration officials decided she was unlikely to overstay her visa
and allowed her to enter the UK.

This program is captioned live. A Life Guard's terrifying encounter with a shark at Dee Why Beach. A touch in the deal of Tony Greig, celebrating Christmas. Julia Gillard's Tash splash for families. But what is the catch? New Year's Eve countdown. Shoppers stock up. And the retiring Mike Hussey fight back tears as he thanks family and friends.

Good evening. An off-duty lifeguard has described being knocked from his surfboard during an encounter with a shark on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The 23-year-old swam to shore and found a decent chunk had been taken out of his board. He's usually the one protecting swimmers. But today, Danny Sheather found himself facing the uncertain dangers of the ocean.I was going along and I felt a big hit on the bottom of my board and it kind of knocked me forward.A gash in the bottom of his surfboard. The lifeguard was riding a wave between Long Reef and Dee Why when he felt something hit him. What do you think it was?I am not sure. People say a shark. My native knows a fair bit and he thinks it might have been. But I am no expert!Minutes later, lifeguards spotted a shark further down the beach.The helicopter has reported there is a shark approx 100m north of the surf club and the helicopter's out there now trying to chase it away. Swimmers were ordered out. The beach was closed.I'm a bit shocked about the whole thing. I've never had this happen at Dee Why beach before.It's a bit disappointing. I want to go for a swim.The Westpac helicopter called in to scan the shoreline and monitor the predator. It always is concerning, especially with an attack a couple of days ago up the north coast.For locals, it was a sight to see. Will that stop you going in the water?No. I'm going wakeboarding tomorrow. You've got more chance getting hit by a car.But for Danny...Can tick that one off the bucket list, that's for sure.Life to Dee Why Beach now. When will they reopen?-- live. This beach will remain closed until tomorrow. The shark was last spotted 600 metres from the surf Club, between Long Reef Beach and Dee Why. We are told the helicopter will do a flyover in the morning from Manly to Palm Beach to confirm if the shark is still anywhere near the shore line. Only then will a decision be made as to whether the beaches will be open for New Years Eve. For now, swimmers are told not to swing at dusk or early in the morning.Thank you. Many years after Tony Greig bit the bullet and came to live with the old enemy, it's emerged just how deeply he embedded himself in Australia's way of life. A day after his death from a heart attack, there's been a constant flow of praise, reflecting the many friendships Tony made along the way. This is Christmas 2012. A wonderful tree, lovely to have the family together. The final pictures of Tony Greig on Christmas Day, surrounded by the family now suffering his loss.Good dog.Well done. Another image - the Australian flag, today half mast in Tony's honour, framed by the big lights of the SCG. Towers that symbolise the modern era of cricket. He turned what were cricket matches into something special.Over which Tony Greig was such a powerful influence. For a man born in South Africa, who captained England, there's been an unstinting flow of praise today from Australia, his adopted home.The summers are not going to be the same without him. He started as a cricketing rival but became a great friend.I had a couple of beers on a couple of occasions with him, which produced a couple of funny situations and that'll stay in my mind.There was a minute's silence at the WACA. And admiration from a rollcall of Aussie cricketers.It's a tragic loss and one that's going to take not only Australia but the rest of the world a long time to get over. I think that's why the Australians respected him, because he took us on and we always respect people who take us on.He was a dinky-di Aussie that we embraced.Adding to his popularity, Tony was the happy target of comedian Billy Birmingham. Straight down! He is gone! That is the end! And it was just that whole melody of the way he would call the piece of action.He added authority and a touch of theatre on the pitch. As a player and commentator. He will be missed went -- when the new year Test starts.This season has been very strange without him. It is sad and we miss him a lot.He was always a great person to talk to about the game. Fascinating insight from all over the world. The SCG is always the stage for dress up and fans are being urged to make it a big hat event in honour of his signature. Broad- brimmed headwear. Tributes for Tony Greig are still coming in from around the world, led by his former England teammates. The larger than life all-rounder was also remembered today at Lord's. At half mast, a flag flies at the home of cricket in memory of one of its favourite.It's a very sad day indeed. 66 is not a great innings at all. He was in the business of scoring spectacular hundreds. It has been 35 years since Tony Greig padded up at Lords but at his last performance a few months ago, he gave a lecture about the many joys of the game.I consider this a tremendous honour.Shane Warne led the Australian tributes from England, posting:

Of the English crates:

He played many innings here and will be remembered as one of the most influential and imposing leaders in the history of English cricket. And the President of this Cricket Club, who played alongside him, said the sport had lost one of its most colourful characters and he will be sorely missed. His legacy is that he was a great player and a superb commentator. But above all, a family man and the top bloke. A man has drowned and three of his friends taken to hospital after they were caught in a rip on an unpatrolled Central Coast beach. Lifeguards were just 800 metres away but say they weren't notified of the emergency. A desperate battle between life and death. But an entire fleet of emergency service teams couldn't save 27-year-old registered nurse Genesis Hernandez.A number of them got into trouble in the surf in a rip. As a result, they tried to rescue their friend and, unfortunately, four of them had to be rescued by bystanders.It was onlookers who started CPR on Mr Hernandez after a breach of emergency services protocol meant that on duty lifesavers, who were at a patrolled beach just 800 metres away, were never formally notified of the incident. A lapse in protocol and life-savers. $YELLOW It was quite concerning. Not just for the lifesavers on duty but the lifesaving community to have lifesavers so close to the incident and not be aware at the time it was occurring was very distressing. The first 000 call went through at 5:29pm and ambulance called the police at 5:39pm. They arrived on the scene at 5:44pm but it was 5:54pm, more than half an hour after the group first got into difficulty, before life savers were made aware of what had happened. Yesterday's drowning is also a major blow for the local community. For tonight is they have been badly for funding to make this patrolled beach, less than one kilometre away from where he died, more accessible and obvious to the public, hopefully steering people away from the blackspots. At the start of a long and busy summer, the message could not be clearer.The safest area is between the flags. Dramatic pictures have emerged of the moment a Russian jet crashed in Moscow, sending debris flying onto a nearby motorway.Four people were killed when the plane came down in icy weather. Four others were seriously injured. The death toll could have been much worse but the plane wasn't carrying any passengers. The Gillard Government's promised surplus is gone, but many family budgets are about to receive a welcome boost. A raft of new cash payments will start hitting household bank accounts in the New Year. Out enjoying the Queensland sun, Julia Gillard spent the day with families at the Woodford Folk Festival. And while the government's strapped for cash, for millions of Australian families, there's cold hard cash coming in the new year. For expecting parents, working dads and partners will be paid two weeks of the minimum wage. That's around $1,200. But only if they earnt less than $150,000 last financial year.You've always got to be modernising the way government works to support families.And there's no more waiting until tax time to claim eligible education expenses. Parents receiving Family Tax Benefit A will automatically receive $410 for each primary school child and $820 for high school students.

It's welcome news for Clucas family. I think it's a very worthwhile payment to receive.Try and spend it sensibly.But the Opposition says the payments are about carbon tax compensation, not better education.The carbon tax was meant to be a tax on big companies. It turned out to be an electricity tax on families.But amid the cash splash, there are also cuts. Some single parents will have their welfare payments slashed from 1st January. Welfare groups warn it'll hit hard.Many families will be looking at relocating, forced evictions and unfortunately for some this will mean homelessness.

Sydney is Australia's favourite New Year's Eve destination, and more than two million people are expected to descend on the city for a spectacular fireworks show tomorrow night. But authorities are on edge about what's to come, warning party-goers to celebrate safely. An intoxicated woman, a wild brawl and an unconscious man. Just another Saturday night in the city for our paramedics. But come New Year's Eve, no other night is busier or more dangerous.Over 400 people just in the city alone will require some form of medical emergency.This control centre is expected to take more than 1,000 calls in just a few hours. Drugs and alcohol the biggest concerns. Ambulance emergency. What town or suburb?Just as paramedics are preparing with extra crews, revellers are stocking up for the big night.Retailers are making sure that they've got the products on their shelf that consumers are looking for and a lot of New Year's Eve will be all about food and alcohol.The fish markets were buzzing with last minute purchases. Discounted outdoor furniture lured shoppers.Hopefully we'll be spending new years by the beach so we'll be able to use our beach tent. And trolleys were full at Costco in Auburn.We're doing shopping. We've got a new year's bash at the house. If we had more space at home, we'd probably get more.As for your location, the harbour isn't the only place you can watch the fireworks. At Coogee and Manly, bring your own picnic and enjoy colourful displays at 9pm. While at Parramatta and Campbelltown, there's live entertainment from 6pm and fireworks at 9pm and midnight. But be sure to plan how you get there. The Harbour Bridge will be closed between 11pm and 1am for the fireworks and there are plenty of other closures in the city. Check the RMS website for details. And the sky is expected to hold out. Partygoers in the city can expect a top of 28 degrees. 33 degrees in our west. At midnight, it will be clear skies and 23 degrees in the city. And our west - a top of 22 to welcome in 2013.

It should be a great night. Coming up - modern-day rogue trains. Are they coming to Sydney? Panic and chaos as would-be rescuers plunge into an icy lake. And the popular This program is not captioned. If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

This program is not captioned. The Boxing Day sales are on again, but this year, think bigger than new shoes,
a new TV or a fancy new barbecue. Think this big. This year, your Holden dealer is having a Big Boxing Day Sale until
December 30. Get the Boxing Day bargains
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This program is not captioned. The NRMA is calling for mandatory safety standards for all trucks, before B-triples are trialled in NSW. The State Government says allowing the giants on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne, could reduce the number of freight trucks.We know is -- we most certainly do not want these trucks coming into Sydney. They are to beat and the crash statistics would be double.The Government insists the trial won't go ahead before 2014. There's been a dramatic rescue in California, after a dozen people fell into a frozen lake. They were trying to help one man who'd slipped on the ice, when they became part of the emergency themselves. It started as a fun family day out until suddenly it all goes terribly wrong. One man accidentally slips off the ice and the into the lake. We saw the guy coming across fast. It went from cheering to just all of a sudden an unbelievable amount of panic and chaos.Another man goes to the edge of the ice to help but he falls in as well. And then one after another, a terrifying chain reaction, as each would-be rescuer plunges into the lake. Nearly a dozen people in the water. From the shore, a frantic attempt to get them out with ropes and inner tubes. Finally, after nine harrowing minutes, everyone manages to scramble out of the water. A little cold but all OK, with a chilling tale to tell. It's been almost two years since an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, but the effects of those monster waves are only now being felt in other parts of the world. Debris is starting to wash up on the shores of Hawaii, bringing with it terrible consequences. This isn't a rubbish tip. It's not a dumping ground or a place for industrial scrap. It's Hawaii. And it should look like this. A place of endless sunshine and pristine beaches. Must have been a shock when you first came down here?I felt powerless. Like the problem was so large, I had no idea where to start.The tsunami that struck Japan was unstoppable.

And all that water that swamped the ports and rushed inland across the fields, retreated with everything that floats. And now, after 21 months at sea, it's joined what's known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and it's coming ashore on Hawaii's big island by the ton. It's hard to even take a guess of the enormity of the potential Japanese tsunami debris hitting out shores.The concern here is an obvious one. The debris has already become a part of this coastline and if the tsunami junk scores a direct hit, and it's said to be 20 million tones worth, then it would make this seem like a blessing. And the problem is far greater than just cosmetic. Birds are dying in record numbers after eating plastic. So each one of these came out of a single bird and sometimes we see sometimes two pounds of plastic. Mothers are even feeding plastic to their chicks. The number affected is in the millions.Every single bird that we look at has plastic in it.Sea life is also getting entangled and some of the pieces are so broken down, they're being eaten by fish. The fish are eating the plastics. We are eating the fish. How big a problem is this? We're only scratching the surface. Tim Gilbert is next with sport. Tonight, retiring hero Michael Hussey nominates the man to take his place in the test team. Also, why the world number one is dancing all the way Australia. And ten of the best in an English soccer goal-fest.

This program is not captioned. Graeme's Apia experience, taken
from a real flood claims call. (PHONE RINGS) Hey, Graeme.
It's Ray here from Apia. How you going?
Oh, not bad. Starting to almost feel
normal selves again. (LAUGHS)
Oh, well, that's good to hear. I just can't have
enough praise and admiration for what you've done for us. It's kept us
with our heads above water. Pardon that pun too.
(LAUGHS) If you're over 50, Apia makes home
insurance a rewarding experience. Call 13 50 50 for a chat today.

This program is not captioned. Mike Hussey says the relentless travel and being away from his family are the reasons for his shock decision to quit international cricket. Hussey broke down today as he thanked his loved ones for their support. The Australian cricket team has been like a family to Hussey, but nothing beats the real thing. A day after announcing his retirement on Nine News, the man they call Mr Cricket struggled to pay tribute to those who matter most.I would like to thank my wife, and our children. They have been an amazing support, particularly. Particularly my wife while I have been away.Hussey rang each of his team mates individually to tell them the Sydney Test will be his last.It is quite a shock.

In the space of a month, Australian cricket will farewell two of the all time greats. So who can the fill that gap in the batting line up? Hussey hopes to keep it in the family.Maybe David Hussey could get a round.His final Test begins on Thursday.Thank you very much. Serena Williams has begun her summer of tennis in convincing fashion, winning her opening match at the Brisbane International against Varvara Lepchenko in straight sets.It's been a spectacular year for the world number three, who's chasing her sixth Australian Open title. Winning Wimbledon, the US Open and Olympic gold marked a grand season for Serena and that'll be tough to top next year. But Williams' build- up has started just the way she wanted and Aussie Jarmila Gajdosova shocked Roberta Vinci with her will to win. It was Gajdosova's biggest scalp - a three set victory against the world number 16.

At the Hopman Cup, Bernard Tomic showed forgotten fight to spring a big upset.

The last time he played Tommy Haas, Tomic retired hurt when he was 5-2 down in the first but there was plenty in the young man's tank last night.

Great play from Bernard Tomic.

And how's this for fine tuning your game?Djokovic happy to entertain the crowd in his own special way. The Joker came from a set down to beat Nicolas Almagro in their final in Abu Dhabi. And it's a rushed trip for the world number one. Djokovic plays his opening match for Serbia in the Hopman Cup tomorrow.

An incredible 10 goals were scored in Arsenal's defeat of Newcastle in the English Premier League. But this effort by Theo Walcott was the clear standout.

That goal brought up his hat-trick, Arsenal winning 7-3. Tomorrow, I will talk to Michael Clarke and of course plenty to talk about. Mike Hussey's retirement and he was very close to Tony Greig. Up next - Sydney's new year's weather forecast. This program is not captioned. If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

This program is not captioned. There was a bit of drizzle around this morning. A top of 27 degrees in the west. Scattered showers and thunderstorms in WA. The remainder of the country is relatively cloud free.

For New Year's Eve, a sunny day and a top of 28 degrees. 35 around Sydney in the west.

Looking further ahead:

That's Nine News for this Sunday. Thanks for your company. Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. DAVID ATTENBOROUGH: Summer in the
polar regions and the sun never sets.

Imagine a single day
that lasts for months.

Some polar animals
will face great challenges as their ice world vanishes
around them.

Others must use
this special time wisely, for summer's riches will not last.

The summer is just beginning, and the increasing power of the sun is creating
a spectacular new landscape.

This melting icesheet in the Arctic
is 150 miles long with a thousand waterfalls.

Vast expanses of ice
that were once stone-still have come to life.

The polar bear's world
is melting away under the constant summer sun.

The polar bear family have to adapt
to their rapidly changing home.

For the two cubs,
this is a whole new, watery world. It's the first time they've seen
the sea ice break up.

They're only six months old and will be dependent on their mother
for another two years.