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This program is captioned live. Shark alert - miracle escape from the jaws of death. We'll look at shark attacks and why you are safer than you think. Heading home, Australian troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. Has our mission been accomplished. Looming deadline, America's leaders try to stop the country heading off the fiscal cliff. Find out the impact. Surf's up. In China. Meet the Aussies establishing a big Fan club for the for this new sport. And Darryn Lyon looks at the images defining 2012 It is Saturday, 29 December 2012. Can you believe the year is almost over?I know. Coming up to New Year's. Hopefully you have big plans.Good morning ladies.Bring it on.2013 will be good, I reckon. I think so. We'll look at 2012 - the amazing shots taken throughout the year. First a look at the weather. A few showers for Brisbane. Cooling in Sydney and Melbourne. Might be a bit of morning rain

We'll keep you updated with all the weather. Time now for the news. US President Barack Obama is right now preparing to hold crucial 11th-hour talks in Washington in a bid to nut out a deal and stop the American economy toppling over the fiscal cliff. It's congressional leaders - if they can't come to an agreement - shockwaves could be felt across global markets. Economists are predicting we could see the affects on the Australian stock market as early as Monday.I have to be honest, Mr President. I don't know how it can happen now.Failing a compromise, which needs to be reached before 1 January, Americans will see crippling tax increases and massive spending cuts that could send the country into recession. Authorities will be keeping a close watch along the NSW mid North Coast after a paddle boarder was savaged by a shark. It happened at a remote beach, south of Port Macquarie yesterday afternoon. The 29-year-old man lost is finger in the attack and it's believed a Bull shark was responsible.Someone came up and said a guy had been attacked by a shark, and asked if we had a cell phone. I ran and got my uncle to call the ambulance.Holidaymakers are urged to swim at patrolled beaches. It's been revealed an attack where three Australian diggers were killed by a rogue Afghan soldiers in August was a planned Taleban assault. An investigation by Afghan officials found Private Robert Poate, Sapper James Martin, and Lance Corporal Milosevic were gunned down while playing poker, by a Sergeant who had been in charge of Afghan Army's weapons. It's believed the killer liaiseed with the Taleban prior to the attack and escaped with help from locals. The Afghan Army knew the man's father was a member of the Taleban. A Sydney teenager is in hospital after being injured by an exploding bullet. The 13-year- old was throwing bullets into a backyard bonfire in Penrith when hit in the stomach. Officers say he was lucky not to be seriously hurt or killed. They are urging residents not to get carried away with dangerous antics during the silly season. The Prime Minister ended the year on a high with the latest Nielson poll showing Julia Gillard's popularity soared in every state and among all age groups. On a two-party preferred basis support for the ALP reached a two-year high. The majority of voters in the Sunshine Coast, NSW and WA prefer the Coalition. Labor leads in Victoria. The preference is split 50/50 in South Australia. Despite the Gillard Government clawing back support, the Coalition would win if an election was held today. From today the Smart card system Myki will be the only choice for Melbourne commuters. Replacing the Metcard, the $1.5 billion system has been rolled out on almost all bus, tram and train lines in the city. The program could work better, Melbourne's users say the majority are using the tickets. Myki cards can be purchased at most train stations and 800 outlets. Newly released files revealed the close friendship between former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and disgraced television host Jimmy Saville. The BBC presenter wrote to Margaret Thatcher, declaring his love for her, while trying to obtain funds for a hospital where it's accused he abused children. There are no claims that Margaret Thatcher was aware of the abuse. Nelson Mandela's family reassured people that the former President is doing well. The 94-year-old underwent treatment for a recurring lung infection and surgery to remove gallstones. His grd rubbished hurtful claims that -- granddaughter rushished hurtful claims that he's been sent home to die. He is resting at his Johannesberg home. To a bizarre court case in the US. A star student claims she's being stalked by her parents. The judge agrees and put a restraining order on them. Aubrey Ireland is a gifted 21-year- old theatre major, often winning major roles in her school's musicals. Her latest win was not at school, but in court, after filing a civil stalking order against her parents.They basically thought because they were paying for my college tuition, and living expense, that they could tell me what to do, who to hang out with.The dean's list student's complaints against her parents began when she found they installed monitoring software on her computer and phone. They paid visits to their daughter, travelling 600 miles from Kansas to meet with Aubrey Ireland's department head, accusing their daughter of promise cutey, doing drugs and having mental issues to the point where they were going to order her go to court.There were nights I had to leave Skype on and mum would watch me sleep.Because Aubrey Ireland cut ties with them in a public way, they want a refund of $66,000 they paid for her education. Her mother says "We are not bothering her, we are not a problem." That's interesting, isn't it.I don't know how I feel about... Leaving the Skype on all night long. Interestingly we have the lovely Jesinta Campbell on the show. She's doing the weather and tweeted "I come home and mum rearranged the house and cut herself a pair - this is like an episode of 'Everyone Loves Raymond'". We need to ask her some questions.We have weather. First, sports news.And a win for Australia. Has Shane Watson bowled his last ball in test cricket. Bombshell, Roz Kelly, has the answer. She's on the couch next on Weekend Today. This program is not captioned. Eugh! Hey, honey? Do you reckon you could bring me
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Fergus Walsh With a are are inGood morning Sydney. Partly cloudy today. You are heading for a top of 24 degrees. Time for the sports headlines. Here is Roz Kelly.Good morning.Shane Watson has serious soul-searching to do. The Australian team enjoy the weekend off following a thrashing of Sri Lanka. There was plenty of good cheer as the team celebrated series win, Watson is a shatteredman. His troublesome calf flared up. The all-rounder considering giving up bowling to change his career.My batting is being affected in different ways. I can't stay on the park consistently. We'll have to sit and try to work through it. Shane Watson will miss the SCG test, and he's been replaced by Glenn Maxwell. Sydney Thunder have not had a win in the Twenty20 Big Bash

Maxwell. Sydney Thunder have not
had a win in the Twenty20 Big Bash competition. A 5-wicket lose to Brisbane Heat continued their tough series. Dan Christian was the star, taking five wickets from four overs, including Chris Gayle for 28. Defending 126, Sydney import, Matt Prior came under scrutiny over this close call.No. That's hit the deck, I reckon.Very close. Despite replays suggesting otherwise, James Hopes was given out. It didn't matter as Chris Lynn hammered four 6s in an unbeaten half century to seal the victory. Melbourne Victory had a 3-2 win over the Newcastle Jets. 'Wild Oats XI' looks set to claim the Sydney-to-Hobart triple crown - a new race record, plus line and overall honours. It will be the second time Bob Oatley's yacht managed the feat with an overall win to be confirmed.It's been something that's been on my mind for 12 months. We worked hard to achieve what we achieved.The fleet will drift in to Hobart, the last boats expected before New Year's Eve. Rafael Nadal has been ruled out of the Australian Open, struggling to overcome a stomach infection. Novak Djokovic looks set to be hitting top form ahead of the tournament, pumping David Ferrer 6- 0, 6-3 in a warm-up clash in Abu Dhabi.Never say die attitude from the world number one.Some players are taking it easy, Anthony Vittorimo cuddling up to locals in -- Petra cuddling up to animals. Shane Watson - should he or should he not give up bowling. Tough decisions for him to make. He's shattered. We spoke to him

shattered. We spoke to him
yesterday..We had bowling problems. Lots of injuries. Even with the rotation, it won't help him.No, a lot of breakdowns. Back to physio, hopefully he'll sort out what he can do.Jesinta Campbell is here with the Weekend Today. Great to see you.Good morning. Today I'm at Fun Central, at the Sydney Olympic Park for the Kids in the Park Olympic program. I'm at the monster state program where there's programs for kids to participate in. I'll take you through some programs. Let's take a look at the weather forecast.

forecast.Here at the Monster Skate Park, kids can get involved in BMX riding, skateboarding and these kids, half my age, are giving me a run for my money. I'll put my brave boots on, and I'll build up the courage to give this a go in the next weather cross.You are have brave woman. What will your mum, Valerie, think? She had a busy day yesterday. She had a busy day. Please don't rearrange any for furniture. I want to come back to my open house.We had a text from her, she's sitting on your lounge watching you now.Totally independent.Make sure you get the helmet on, see you soon. He's the man who defeated Saddam Hussein. We'll loquat Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf next. This program is not captioned. Smoke? Nah, I'm good.

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deliver A Joim back, Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf, America's -- welcome back. America's Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf, America's decorated leader passed away at 78. Joining us now is Denham Hitchcock. Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf lead Coalition forces, including Australia, in Operation Desert Storm. I remember watching this at home. That Iraqi war made him a hero.Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf they called him because of his temper. Desert Storm fit in. He commanded a Coalition force of 700,000 troops, forcing the Iraqi Army out of Kuwait. While the start of it was an earlier in the week campaign, it was the ground war that only lasted a week or so that sort of set him up in the history of military achievements. He's a revered man. He went to Vietnam, came back with a silver star, brans store and two purple -- bronze star and two purple hearts. He was looking at retirement when George Bush senior plucked him out of nowhere to head to Kuwait. He came back, got the Freedom Medal. He wanted to go into politics, but he did charity work. He was gruff, burly. Everything you expect from a 4-star general.Despite being outnumbered, you were determined to show up any dictator, that they can't get away with bullying their neighbours and taking what they want because they think they are so tough.A big man with a big voice. Desert Storm marked a new era in modern warfare.It did. I remember it. I was busy failing maths in high school at that point. I remember it being plastered all over TV. This was one of the first wars where we got to sit in the cockpit and watch it happen. They are the pictures that we remember, the attack helicopters, night-time shots and a trace of fire. Fast forward to the second golf war, Afghanistan, and now -- Gulf War, Afghanistan, and now where we get the pictures from the helmet comes. As journalists we love it, more transparency, but there's a big debate about public opinion. Critics suggest that perhaps the first Gulf War galvanised the jihad movement against the west.It had a hand in it. There's been terrorism. Sometimes we called it something different. There was around six major plane hijackings, a dozen in the '70s, Munich was in '72. The first Gulf War, in '91, that put America in the spotlight. It was Coalition troops, but was seen as the US versus Iraq and Saddam Hussein. It was not long after that that Osama bin Laden, and Al-Qaeda, it was '98 when they gave The Fatway against the west and the US. A lot of the terrorism groups have been dismantled. I don't think we'll see the end of it.The other big story in the US is the fiscal cliff. President Barack Obama cut his Hawaiian holiday short. He's back to try to reach a deal in Congress. Will this potential financial meltdown be averted?I don't think it will be fully averted. All the experts are saying it will be impossible that it's completely averted. The President is, at the moment, in the White House with the key speakers and the key representatives from all parties, trying to hammer out some deal. Saying that the best they hope for is something to get them into January that won't have huge cuts - $1500 billion in tax hikes and cuts. Every American Department and American will pay more in tax. They say it will be disastrous for the economy and send it into recession. We know how important the US is to the world's economy. They are a quarter of Australia's GDP. Australia and everywhere else will be affected. We are watching the White House hoping someone will come out with an answer.Denham Hitchcock, we are waxing. Thank you for that. Stay with us, news, sport and weather next.And then Richard's review of 'Les Miserables' coming up next on Today.

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This guy needs a new make-up artist badly.Doesn't he what.They made a mess of his face.It is catching, yes. I like it.When it came out I could not stop singing it, even though I couldn't get the lyrics rite. Now, you've heard it so much -- right. Now you've heard it so much. It's grating.They had huge success, playing packed-out concerts in the United States. Great awards, won at the ARIAs. Good to see an Aussie at No.1. Is it Kimbro or Kimbra.Kimbra.We are claiming her as an Aussie. Richard looks at the year in entertainment later. It's time for the news with Sylvia Jeffreys. Beaches along the NSW mid North Coast are expected to remained closed this morning following a vicious shark attack. Yesterday a paddle boarder lost his finger and suffered a nasty gash to his thigh when bitten at a remote beach near Port Macquarie.The shark came up and took about three chunks at him. He got his board and put the nose of his board into the Bull Shark's head and paddled into shore.The 29-year-old is expected to remain in hospital for the next few days. The crippling effects of America falling off the so-called fiscal cliff could be felt on the Australian stock market as early as Monday. President Barack Obama will hold critical talks today with Congress leaders in an attempt to broker a deal and stop the country's economy slumping into recession. If those negotiations are unsuccessful, Americans could ring in the New Year with sharp tax increases and massive spending cuts. Republicans are not about to write a blank cheque or anything Senate Democrats put forward because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. That wouldn't be fair to the American people.Leaders have just three days to reach a come promise. Two men have been charged after their -- compromise. Two men have been charged after a vehicle crash in Sydney's south-west. The pair were tailed, following reports a car with a similar description was used in a robbery at Casula. The unmarked police car attempted to pull them over, before the cars collided. The men will face court today. Severe snow storms lashing the United States claimed up to 16 lives. The blizzards paralysed much of the country, with the worst falls in New York.It's been brutal. I was trying to get out of my parking spot this morning and it took me about 40 minutes to get out. Freezing rain, strong winds and tornadoes caused destruction across more than half the United States, with hundreds of flights cancelled. In Pittsburgh this jet was stopped in its track as it landed on the snow-covered runway with 140 passengers on board. There's more bad weather on the way with huge snowfalls forecast this weekend. New figures revealed the average superannuation fund rose by $10,000. Research group SuperRatings shows that the funds have returned $10,000. 11 calendar months have been positive, offering highest returns since 2009. A pick-up in share markets -- pick up in share markets where the majority of shares are invested was behind the rise. Thousands turn out in Nepal for the annual elephant festival. Five jumbos went trunk to trunk on the field in one of the only elephant races. The three day event includes soccer matches, a cart race and a beauty contest.Can elephants play soccer.Yes.What's with the beauty contest.Imagine the swimsuit section.Wow.Plus size. Now for the sports headlines. Victorian Glenn Maxwell has been called into the Australian squad to replace an injured Shane Watson for the third and final test in Sydney.

replace an injured Shane Watson for
the third and final test in Sydney. The side has the weekend off after their demolition of Sri Lanka at the MCG. Michael Johnson's six wickets and his unbeaten 92 made him man of the match. Johnson's fire broke his hand and they are struggling to put a team together, the Sri Lankans.On the field he's aggressive. He's the first guy to walk into the Sri Lankan change room and make sure everything is OK with Kumar Sangakkara.In the big Barb Brisbane beat the Sydney Thunder by five wickets. Chris Lynn's 51 not out made sure the Thunder were winless so far this series. A huge loss for the Australian Open with Rafael Nadal pulling out of the tournament. He says a recent stomach infection robbed him of any chance of being fit enough to play five sets. Australia's best hope in the men's draw is Bernard Tomic. He's preparing by playing in the Hopman Cup in Perth.He'll be interesting -- it will be interesting in the next four or five games.He'll make a debut against Tommy Haas. Sam Stosur will play in the Brisbane International before heading south to Melbourne. 'Wild Oats XI' skipper, Mark Richards says his crew will be back next year for the Sydney-to-Hobart, and chasing their own race record once again. Even with half the fleet out at sea. Richards is looking to the future after claiming line honours with a record run to Constitution Dock. Melbourne Victory coach, Ang Postecoglou could find himself in trouble after a side explosion during his side's win against Newcastle Jets. The Jets scored after he was trying to make a substitution and he took it to the referee.I assume they spend a lot of money making people up, officials, unless he listen to music.Marcus Rohas scored a winner mid-way through the second half. Postecoglou's fury was reminiscent of a similar display from Sir Alex Ferguson.You can call it a bad example, yes. You have to be punished.United went on to win against Newcastle 4-3. Ferguson could be sanctioned by the Premier League over his actions. It's a bit of passion. We love seeing that. Interesting reaction from everywhere at home regarding Shane Watson's fitness. Craig Brown wrote in saying that the team needs balance, but he needs to bowl, he's a wicket-taker. He needs to be managed better with his workload. Dave Madden said he should bowl and give away the one-dayers and Twenty20s.Shane Watson said that is something he's considering and will decide

is something he's considering and
will decide on Keep the emails coming.Weekend weather time with Jesinta Campbell.

Jesinta Campbell. I thought I had my brave boots on, but I definitely don't. I got up here and thought I could get on a BMX book, but I can't. I'm way too nervous. I'm going to leave it up to the professionals while we look at your local weather forecast.

professionals while we look at your
local weather forecast. A surfers trough near the WA coast is producing middle and high cloud that covers much of the state. A trough and broad high pressure system over the north has thunder activity. A weak trough passes over Tasmania. There's a south-west flow around a

Tasmania. There's a south-west flow
around a high in the Bight The Free Ride Program is one of many activities available at the Monster Skate Park at Sydney Olympic Park. Knain can get involved. There's -- anyone can get involved. I'm the biggest kid and chicken, I'm not brave enough for the bikes. Next I will be on a scooter. Back to you guys in the studio.A scooter.I don't blame her, with those gorgeous long legs, you'd feel like a baby giraffe.I want to see her on a bike doing a backward 360.You do it first.Ok. In the break.Are shark attacks on the rise? The numbers may surprise you. We'll have that story in the next half hour.How does the Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe tandem work in 'Les Miserables'. Richard's review next on Today. This program is not captioned. The Boxing Day sales are on again, but this year, think bigger than new shoes,
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A in go

Before we get to entertainment - take a look at this. This is the largest iceberg break-up ever filmed. It's part of a film called 'Chasing Ice' and look, whether or not you believe in global warming, whether it's caused by man, the fact is the earth's temperature is rising, and this film illustrates that in some remarkable ways. Just spectacular pictures. We'll talk to the man who made it later on on Weekend Today. You don't want to miss it. Incredible. It will be cool. Let's get to entertainment. 'Les Miserables' is being brought to the big screen in epic fashion with a cast led by Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. Here is Richard's review on his movie of the week. # I dreamed a dream of time gone by # When hope was high # Life worth living.It's the movie we have raved about for months, a big-screen adaptation of the acclaimed musical based on Victor Hugo's novel about a man, Jean Valjean, and his journey for redemption. Hugh Jackman is staggeringly fabulous in the role of his career. # One day mourning # Another day destiny comes upThe film's director, Tom Hooper had only good things to say about his leading man.This is my short-list for the part of Jean Valjean. No.1, Hugh Jackman, number 2, refer to No.1. I would not have made the film if Hamman didn't exist. I was looking at a combination of someone who is a star, brilliant actor, had musical experience, someone with the grace and kindness and compassion in Hugh, that would fit the storm of the combination of what I'm looking for.Starring alongside Hugh is Aussie Russell Crowe, as his on-screen nemesis Inspector Javert. (SINGING)

Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and the brilliant support cast breeding new life into a classic tale. Tom Hooper made the bold decision to revolutionise the musical by recording the vocals live on set. 99% of the vocals you'll hear are recorded live on the set. When you do pre-records, everything sounds like the sound studio. You get the different resonances here.This is, without a doubt, one of the year's must-see movies, and almost is certainly set to do big things during award season. 'Les Miserables' is simply magnifique. Don't miss your chance to see this epic tale on the big screen. What do you think? Will you see it?I'm not a fan of period dramas.People don't talk to each other in song. # What do you mean, Stevie. # Coming up on the show the best films of 2012.It is weird.A couple hours of that.It's like "Get to the point", which is what our director is saying in the ear now. Stay with us. After the break we have dozens of Australians who have been kidnapped around the world. Does our government do enough to help them out. We'll have that story in the next half hour # Most clicked after the break # Find out what this guy was doing on a Darwin golf course # Next on Weekend This program is not captioned.

Good morning to you Melbourne. You might see a shower or two this morning, with a top of 22 degrees. Alright. Time to take a look at Most Clicked. First up, one of Australia's great papers, 'The Northern Territory News' has produced yet another of their memorable front pages. Mankini golfer facing charges.Brilliant. This guy played a round at the RWAF course in Darwin on Boxing Day, infuriating some Air Force bosses who are considering charging him. Northern Territory police say no formal complaint has been lodged. The identity of this man is a mystery.Wow.We don't think it is Borat. If you know him, get in touch with us on email, Facebook or Twitter. We'd like to chat to him. There are so many inappropriate jokes.It's like 'Happy Gilmore'. If that's you, give us a call, we want to talk to you.Next, kids get their first taste of Warheads.You can do it.

It's cute.Look at the face. (LAUGHTER)

He can't take it out.Do you torture your little girl like that for a laugh?Not yet, she's only 18 months old. I don't think a Warhead would go down well. It's not the going in, it's when it comes out, a nuclear explosion. Next - brave bike riders take on narrow backstreets.Whoah. It's like parqor on bikes.Wow.These guys are supertalented.Very brave.Head over handlebars, surely.Jesinta Campbell will do that on the weather coming up shortly.Do we have a Gopro to stick on her.You know as a kid when you are falling off your bike, and it happens in slow motion and there's nothing you can do to stop it. That's what this would be like the whole time. That's amazing.Wow.Impressive. Finally, dogs versus sleep.

I play this tune to my daughter every night. Same thing kind of happens.Bless.Nice.We are looking back at the tech gadgets that had the biggest impact in 2012. That's in the next half hour. Apparently the iPhone is so 2012. And Michele Mahone has all the gossip from Hollywood. What is happening. Kate Winslet got married, and the person that walked her down the aisle stole the show. Coming up. This program is not captioned. G'day.
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Kate Winslet Justin Bieber Anne
Hathaway Hollywood with Michele Mahone. Kate Winslet walks dawn the aisle for a third time. Who gave her away?It was a charm the third time - Leo DiCaprio.Hello 'Titanic' moment. Kate's people are not confirming that he walked her down the aisle. His people will not confirm or deny. I'll confirm it. In my mind it totally happened and she wore the big hat. They didn't walk, they did like that at the bow of the ship, and she was, like "I'll never let go, Jack", even if they say it didn't happen, in my mind it happened. Will they have wedding photos like in the movie. He didn't release them. Maybe they were at the bottom of the ocean. Britney Spears is at the centre of a paternity hoax.Yesterday I told you Kevin Federline's brother claimed he was the father of Britney Spears's elder son and he stole her credit card. It turned out to be an imposter, Jonathan Lee Richards. He's not the father of Britney Spears's son, and Britney did not use his credit card to buy comic books. Britney's people have no comment. I do "He's a nut, it didn't happen".And Emma Stone, and her boyfriend adopted. Fill us in. They adopted a dog. It was so cute. They went to an LA shelter and looked at all the different dogs and couldn't decide. There was a golden retriever that they could not stop thinking about. They thought about him for days, and went back and got it. It's love, love, love - similar to the way my husband met me, but that's another story. I got microchipped and everything. In case I get lost. That's why she catches occasionally. Hollywood producers love to bargain hunt when it comes to movie making. What does it mean?Here is what it means. This is the best bargain for the money, Forbes use data from actors' earnings, box office grosss and budgets, they look at the last three films, the last three years it opened to theatres, calculating the return on investment the studio paid them for their salary. The winner is - because that is clear - Natalie Portman is the best bargain for the money, followed by Kristen Stewart. For every dollar that they pay Natalie Portman, she returns $42.70 on that investment. Compared to the most overpaid actor, Eddie Murphy, returning $2.30 for every dollar they pay him. I'd be happy on either list. Overpay me, underpay me, pay the lady. Cut me a cheque, I'm take it.We've got to go. See you later. Here are the top stories on Weekend Today. Shark alert. A miracle escape from the jaws of death. We'll look at shark attacks and why you are safer than you think. Heading home - Australians troops begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. Has our mission been accomplished. Looming deadline. America's leaders try to stop the country heading off the fiscal cliff. Find out why it could have an impact on Australia's economy. Surf's up in China. Meet the Aussies establishing the sport in the world's biggest market. And pictures of the year - photographer Darryn Lyons looks at the images that de-- define 2012. It's Saturday, 29 December 2012. Incredible picture. We'll look at those later.Time for the news. Here is Sylvia Jeffreys.Leading economists say the fallout from America's fiscal cliff negotiations could be gelt here in Australia as early as -- felt here in Australia as early as Monday. President Barack Obama I suppose other leaders in the US House of Representatives in an urgent session to thrash out a deal from stopping the country's economy from slumping into recession. Many say it's unlikely a deal will be brokered. The worse case scenario for Australia will be a fall in commodity prices and weaker overall growth. Authorities will continue to monitor waters off the mid- North Coast after a paddle border was mauled by a shark. He lost a finger and suffered a gash to his thigh on a remote beach in Port Macquarie. He's expected to spend a few days in hospital. Today heralds a new era for Melbourne's public transport system with a Myki card the only way to travel on the city's trams, buses and trains. Nine reporter Seb Costello joins us from Melbourne. Good morning. What does this mean for commuters?For 127 years you've been able to buy a paper ticket on a Melbourne tram. That is extinct. You need a plastic key. For locals it's inconvenient. You have to buy the ticket before getting to the station. For tourists, it will cost $12.56 to come into town, do shopping and ride the tram. Some international visitors are putting it into the too hard bask. Hostels are receiving dozens of public transport fines from tourists who give them as a contact point. The last time they took the ticket machines out of trams there was a strike. Tram drivers blocked city traffic, lining up trams back to back. No-one expects that to happen today. We'll wait to see what the result of Myki switchover will be. Two rare birds stolen from a wildlife park in Sydney's west have been found. 10 birds, Mccause, Cockatoos and doves were stolen from the park in Doonside on Christmas Greeff eve. The two Mccause were discovered in a home in Auburn. The birds are worth $6,000 each. No charges have been laid and police are trying to find the other eight birds. Several states in the US are considering allowing school teachers to carry weapons. The plan comes a fortnight on from the Connecticut school massacre where 20 children and six adults were gunned down. In Utah the shooting sports council has been forced to turn students away after waiving its fee for educators to seek gun permits. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi agreed to pay his ex-wife close to $130,000 a day as part of his divorce settlement. Local media reported the 76-year-old billionaire will pay $45 million a year to his estranged wife Veronica after agreeing to a settlement three years after negotiations. The former actress was married to Silvio Berlusconi for more than 22 years and filed for divorce in 2009, after accusing him of having an affair with a 17-year-old girl. The reigning world No.1 on the tennis court turned catwalk screen, with Victoria Azarenka strutting her stuff on a Thai fashion show. She joined fellow player, Li Na, donning stunning silk gowns. They are used to showing their moves in front of packed stadiums, both admitted to feeling nervous. It was all for a good cause, raising funds for the World Tennis Charity. Roz Kelly looks stunning, let's get short.They'll head down underfor - - let's get sport. They'll Head down under for the Australian April. Vice captain Shane Watson is doubting his future as an all- rounder after breaking down again. He is considering giving up bowling to save his test career.Obviously I can't stay on the fark consistently. That's where we'll have to -- park consistently. That's where we'll have to try to work through it as best we can. Shane Watson has been ruled out of the SCG test and has been replaced by Victorian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell. In the Twenty20 big bark, Sydney Thunder beats Brisbane Heat. Dan Christian did the damage. Defending 126 Sydney impoured Matt Prior came under scrutiny over this close call. -- import Matt Prior came under scrutiny over this close call.That's hit the deck.Despite the replay, James Hopes was given out. It didn't matter as Chris Lynn hammered an unbeaten half century to seal the 5-wicket victory. In the A-League Newcastle slide down the ladder continues, falling out of the top six for the first time after a 3-2 loss to the Melbourne Victory. Harvard University scored a winner, moments -- Marcos Rohas scored a winner. 'Wild Oats XI' is expected to be awarded the final piece of a world triple crown, clinching victory and a line honour said win in the Sydney-to-Hobart race. It will be the second time Bob Oatley's yacht managed defeat. It's something that's been on my mind. We worked hard to achieve what we achieved today.The fleet continues to drift into Hobart. The last boats are expected before New Year's Eve. A stomach infection may have ruled Rafael Nadal out of the Australian Open. Novak Djokovic looks like he's hitting top form ahead of the Melbourne tournament. He pumped David Ferrer in a warm-up clash in Abu Dhabi.He wins the point. Never say die attitude from the world No.1. Other players are taking it easier. Petra Kvitova spending the day cuddling up to local wildlife in Brisbane. Coming up after 9:00, Michael Hussey, the Australian batsman will join us live from Melbourne from the team hotel for a chat about their win, and what is ahead for the Aussies. It may not be Michael Hussey. I spoke to the team media manager. He's trying to get someone out of bed. Sounds like it was a big night. They have a lot of celebrating.If you are watching - get up, get in here.See you soon.Coming up on Weekend Today - we'll meet the Aussies launching a surf culture in China.I've been interviewed a few times. They ask weird questions. I think they are shocked at what we are doing.When you think of China, you don't think of gorgeous beaches. We'll hit the beach with reporter Airlie Walsh in 12 minutes time. Great story. It's weather time. We have Jesinta Campbell on time. She is getting rad this morning.I sure am, rad and fabulous here at the Monster Park in Sydney. We have seen it all, BMXs, tricks on the skateboard. This is where it's all at, it's about the scootering. They over a program called Kick, all age, any skill level. I'm geared up and ready to go. I'm a little nervous. I'll calm my nerves and bring you your local weather forecast.

your local weather forecast.Dillon, are you going to show me some tricks. I'll try to copy you. Have you got some awesome tricks set up? Yes.Are you ready to go.Yes.Off you go, take it away, mate. Backward somersault. Please, I have got this. Here we go. Scramsscrams (SCREAMING) That is how it's done. Back to you. You are rad and fabulous - not a term that skaters use too often. Should the Federal Government be doing more to help Australians kidnapped overseas. That story coming up in three minutes. First, nor on the shark attack off the mid North Coast of NSW, where a surfer lost a finger, fighting off what is believed to be a Bull Shark. Incidents like these draw attention. Are attacks on the rise? Nine's marine expert, Paul Burt, joins us from the Gold Coast. Good morning to you. This attack happened at a popular surf beach. Are attacks happening at more Populated areas these days?I think you have to use commonsense. More people are entering the water, it's summer. Summer and rain periods during summer, it's the wet season. In Australia we see more sharks entering the water. People entering the water, sharks in the water, they combine into an attack. The last year we saw five deaths. We had an unfortunate year in WA. We have to look at that and understand that you enter their domain and you are at risk. No matter where you are, whether in an estuary, as long as there's tidal most from the ocean, there's the risk of sharks being there.Looking back through history, are shark attacks on the rise?If we go back 10 years, reality is no, they are not. The increase in population. We are seeing, again, last year was an unfortunate year. So many people were attacked by sharks and killed. They are the people as well that we know to have been eaten or killed by a shark. There are a lot of people that go missing in the water, presumed drowned, and never found. What happens we don't know. Because they are not found, we can't assume it's a shark. A lot more people entering the water. They are not on the incline. If you look at the stats, it's because of the amount of people going into the water. You have to be careful. Again, we are coming into the summer period where you have to stay between the patrolled areas, flagged areas. More eyes are looking at you in the water. If there's a shark visible, live guards or lifesavers will ring the bell, call the siren and you get out the water. If you are in an unpatrolled beach, you are up to nature.Is it unusual for sharks to be this close to shore at this time of year?Not at all. If you look at some of the green protection groups, they are saying the declip of fish stocks - yes, there's a slow amount of fish diminished for sure. At the same time a lot of sharks move in to follow baitfish. It's like you and I going to a major supermarket and buying food for grocery shopping. They can't see a red or yellow flag. They don't know if there's 15 or 10 people. They are going in to feed on baitfish. If you go in on cloudy, unsettled days, dusk or dawn or bar entrances, creek and river outlets, it's a main concern for Bull Sharks. The presumed attacker of yesterday's incident. With that particular shark, Bull sharks have poor eyesight. They go by the receptors in their head, feeling the vibrations in the water. It attacked the guy - if it was that shark - but it's not a man eater, it's taken a nibble, realised it's not a trevally, or baitfish, it's something bigger and let him go. He's fortunate. Unfortunately he came away with nasty wounds. Looking at the stats over the past 50 years, shark attacks seem to be on the rise. What is the reason for that?Again, if we look at the population going into the water. They are not really over the past 10 years. They are in certain times. The last year has seen more attacks - more people entering the water, the more a chance of a shark biting you. It's that simply. If you go to an area where there's a population of, say, 100. It is minimal. If you have a population of 10,000 in the water, chances increased, because there's 9,900 more in the water swimming around.A lot of baitfish moving through. Depends where you are around the country. We see a lot of whales coming through - 17,000-18,000-odd moving up the coast. With that we see the larger predator sharks, such as great whites following them. When the snapper sponsor, and they make a run up the east coast, you see a lot of White pointers, particularly the smaller white pointers, they are following the schools of fish. If you go out where the dolphins are, people say you'll go in and be fine from the sharks. Not really, the dolphins are feeding on the baitfish.So, too, the sharks. There should be more warning notices, particularly through the warmer months of the year where a lot of attacks occur along the council foreshores.I've been told there's a guaranteed record as to whether there's a shark in the water. Put your finger in the water, if it tastes salty, there are sharks.What if you have a salty pool? It's one of those things. Wherever you a tidal movement. I like your philosophy - if I can say that. If there's tidal movement and salt water in the area, be careful. Enjoy your swim today. Thank you for joining us.Good on you.After being kidnapped in the Philippines a year ago, this week we saw proof of life of Australian Warren Rodwell. A video of the 54-year-old looking gaunt and disshelved was released by the terrorist group who took him. In it Warren Rodwell made this plea.I am waiting to be released. I have no idea what is going on outside. I'm kept held prisoner in isolation. I personally hold no hope at all for being released. I do not trust Sav Abu Sayyaf, the Australian government, or anyone.How will the government respond. Joining me is Neil Fergus, Chief Intelligence of Risk. Good morning. What do you think Australia's reaction to this plea safe relief will be. What is the policy on paying Rap some? Australian government has a long- held principle not to pay ransoms. That is to avoid fuelling the kidnap and ransom industry. That is a strong criminal industry in some parts of the world, including the Philippines.The ransom is between $23,000 and $2 million. $23,000 as a ransom doesn't seem like much to pay for a life. Even though we don't negotiate, why don't we pay the small amount?The minute the Australian government pays a ransom fee and is known publicly to pay the ransom fee, we are likely to find half-a-dozen Australians kidnapped in hot spots like the southern Philippines. The Australian government seeks to negotiate. It seeks to have a conversation through the local authorities to find out what the motivations are of the group or the perpetrators. There are other touch stones they can look for in terms of economic, social, political conditions that they might be able to influence or bring to bear, but not giving over the brown paper bag. In some circumstances, such as a case in Somalia, the issue was we will ensure there is action for Medecins Sans Frontieres, and other international non-government medical staff into a particular area. We got an Australian aid worker back on that basis. We did not pay the ransom.It appears to be a foreign line, but it's an important distinction to make. Once the brown paper bags are paid, we are up for grabs.This group, Abu Sayyaf, is a group that does not muck around. They have killed many hostage victims before. How long do you think Warren has left?Sara, I'm aware of one case that Abu Sayyaf held a hostage for over three years. The fact that Warren is alive at the moment is a fantastic piece of news. He can be in a reasonabley safe situation for a protracted period of time. It's important that 'The Sapphires' group that are monitoring local media are aware that the Australian government and people do care about him. If there is no publicity, if there's no mention about his wellbeing or concern about his return, they may start to question whether there's a value in retaining him.How do you rate his chances of getting out of this alive. It's positive that we have seen the video. He has a couple more years in him, according to history. This group beheaded hostages on camera. They are ruthless.They are amoral, a violent little group. 200 or 300 maximum carded members, but a bigger support network in one of the most inaccessible parts of the Phil peeps. A number of people have -- Philippines. A number of people have come away alive in the past. The issue is not paying a ransom. But trying to leverage off other situations. A number have been killed, freed and rescued by military operations. The fact that he's alive should give his supporters and family hope.What about other Aussies travelling overseas. I've read around 30,000 people are kidnapped around the world every year, which is extraordinary. How real is the risk for other travellers?There's been a dozen or so Australians kidnapped in the last several years, some of which had little or no publicity. The reality is for Australians who love to travel, understandably, there are a lot of safe places. There are other places. If they look at the smart traveller website on the foreign affairs website they'll get a quick and useful preeshes of the risk associated with where you want -- appreciation of the risk associated with where you want to go. Southern Philippines, Thailand, Yemen - these are places where kidnappings happen to foreign visitors. People should have a good reason for wanting to go there or stay away. It's attracting adventure travellers who want to push the envelope. It's a new traveller that the kidnappers are targeting.Some of the traditional places where kidnappers and ransoms happen are receding in terms of risk levels. Colombia was a place where kidnapping happens. The security environment improved dramatically. A lot of Australian kids are going there.Looking at the Smart Traveller, it may not be up to date. It's a good starting point. Do a bit of research. For all the kids that want to do adventure travel - great. Do your research before heading off with the backpack. Thank you, Neil. China may have one of the world's longest coastlines, but surfing barely made a ripple there. A group of Aussies are wringing the much-loved sport to the country. Airlie Walsh brings the sport from the next surfing boom spot. In a great surfers' tradition in seeking out undiscovered breaks, this is one of the final frontiers.There's not many places in the world where there's good surf and people have not discovered it yet.In China, not as we know it.This is not anything like we expected. White sandy beaches, coconut palms and good surf.In a country where a tan is out, pollution is rife and outdoor sports are developing - it's an unlikely invention. With a new event on Hainan Island, the sport of beach bums is blossoming. You associate china with 1.2 million, massive cities. And my first trip you fly in and there's smog, factories. That's the first impression, and then you come to paradise.Australian Dane Jordan helped to bring the Swatch Girls Pro to the island, a competition credited with launching China's fledgling surf scene.Three years ago there was half-a-dozen local Chinese surfers and some ex-pats. Now there's a couple of hundred on the island and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Now surf schools are sprouting up, and surf breaks are getting crowded. If you nided any more proof that surfing is taking off in China - check this out -- needed any more proof that surfing is taking off in china - check this out. Fireworks, dignitaries and fireworks. An Opening Ceremony like no other. Riding the way like a celebrity, Gold Coast surfer Chelsea Williams. I've been asked some weird questions. I think they are shocked with what we are doing.At home the 27-year-old works at a spr.. Here the reigning champion -- supermarket. Here the reigning champion is a star.Good to feel special. There's swimming programs, ocean awareness programs. Young kids get a good chance. Hopefully they'll have the same level of understanding.I think they should learn to love the beach and appreciate it and get amongst it. They are taking over. They'll surf out the contest.A big thanks for the guys from ASP and Swatch for their help with that story. They were the gadgets that created mile- long queues and sent tech heads into cyber overdrive. With a look at the tech toys that had the moment impact in 2012, we are joined by Anthony Slater from Cybershack. Let's look at the big one, iPhones versus Android.It was, I think Apple finally have competition, and Samsung overtook Apple in terms of smartphone sales. There's been many lawsuits between Samsung and Apple about copying and following leads.This had hype. Microsoft is playing catch up to Samsung and apple.They released a full computer with a touch-screen tablet. You can use it with a clip- in keyboard as you would use a normal Lap tob or take off the keyboard and use it like a tablet. There was a lot of hype. It hasn't worked out as they'd like. They are not getting the number of sales they'd like. It's a first step. Good to have competition. Definitely. For the happy snappers, the Gopro Hero 3 was released. That was a big success.It's been released. There's been so much hype. It is basically a small, light durable camera that can make broadcast footage, 60 frames a second. If you are a guy that jumps off mountains, skiing, or people like me that use it around the house because I'm not extreme enough, it's a popular device. What is interesting about Gopro Hero 3 is it opened a new segment of the market. We had digital cameras, but this is something that you can take anywhere, chuck in the backpack and you won't damage it.It was a year or so ago when the cameraman around Channel Nine used the things. Now you go to the snow and everyone has these strapped to the helmetYes, you see it at places like Threadbo. They are not expensive and are a lot of fun.It's been a big year. Tomorrow join us and tell us what is ahead tech wise for 2013. Exciting stuff. Fingers crossed it comes true. Thanks for joining us. The pictures that defined 2012. We talk to Aussie photographer Darryn Lyons in our next half hour. Incredible pictures looking back at those. And the woman taking her own parents to court for stalking her. It's ahead after the news, sport and weather after Weekend Today. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. It is bang on 8:30. Let's get the news with Sylvia Jeffreys. Thank you, good morning again. Beaches reopened along the NSW mid North Coast following a shark attack in remote waters near Port Macquarie. Yesterday a 29- year-old man had his finger bitten off and suffered a nasty gash to his leg. It's believed a Bull Shark was responsible.I guy ran up saying that a guy had been attacked by a shark and did we have a cell phone. Straightaway I ran up and got my uncle to call the ambulance. Authorities will keep a close eye on the coastline and are urging people to only swim at patrolled beaches. A horrific head-on crash in Queensland claimed the life of a woman and left four in hospital, including a 13-year-old boy who is fighting for life. Police say a ute and a car collided around 9:30 on a highway south-west of Bundaberg. The 38-year-old woman, a passenger in the car, died at the scene. Three other occupants were taken to hospital. Amazingly a baby girl in the car was not injured. The ute driver suffered serious injuries. Barack Obama is preparing to sit with key Congress leaders this morning to broker a deal to stop the country dipping back into recession. They have three days to come to a compromise and avoid toppling off the so-called fiscal cliff. If they don't reach a deal before 1 January. Americans will see crippling tax increases and massive spending cuts.The American people have a right to be upset with this Congress.Economists predict we could feel the affects on the Australian stock market as early as Monday. Advertising mogul John Singleton is teaming up with Gina Rinehart to lobby for change at Fairfax media. In a statement last night Mr Singleton said the current board struggled in the new environment, which is revealed in the lack of direction of the company and the share market price. They'll file a notice to the ASX on Monday. Large parts of Canada have been battered by severe storms, with record-wreaking snowfalls in Montreal and Quebec. Up to 50cm of snow was dumped in a day. Traffic came to a halt across the region, with roads blanketed by snow. Hundreds of flights were grounded throughout the country. It's the first major storm for most regions this winter. It seems singing lullabies to babies had more benefits than helping them get to sleep. New research reveals singing to little ones can boost child hoot developments. Traditional nursery rhymes can wire the brain. Singing can be as important as reading or talking to young children. Let's stop talking and sing. # I think that's a good idea # SylviaSadly we don't always have the voice of Stevie Jacobs. Roz. I'm not going to attempt that, it's ugly. Stevie, that was bad.Thank youI'm trying to be honest. Michael Clarke backed Michael Johnson as an all-rounder in waiting as Australia celebrated a 3-day thrashing of Sri Lanka. Michael Johnson's six wickets and unweighten 92 saw him claim man of the match honours with the game coming to an end after the speedster broke the hand of two Sri Lankans.In the field he's as aggressive as anybody. He's the first guy to walk into the Sri Lankan change room and make sure everything is OK with Kumar Sangakkara.In the Big Bash Brisbane Notched its second win of the season, beating Sydney Thunder by five wickets. Chris Lynn's 51 not out making sure the Thunder were winless so far this series. Aussie tennis fans will not get the chance to see Rafael Nadal in action in Australia this summer. He battled a stomach infection and pulled out of the Australian Open. Our best hope in the men's draw is Bernard Tomic. He is preparing by playing in the Hopman Cup in Perth. It will be interesting in the next four or five days. I'm sure I will win matches.He'll make his Perth arena debut against Tommy Haas. Sam Stosur is looking to begin 2013 strongly, and will play in the Brisbane International before heading to Melbourne.'Wild Oats XI' Skipper Mark Richards said he could have gone faster after smashing the Sydney-to-Hobart record. With half the fleet out at sea, Mark Richards is planning for next year's race, after claiming line honours with a record run to Constitution Dock.A sideline tirade could see Melbourne Victory coach Ange Postecoglou in trouble with A-League officials, the Jets scored as Ange Postecoglou was trying to make a substitution and he took aim at the referee afterwards.I assume they spend a lot of money on making officials up - unless they listen to music with those things, I don't know.Victory was sprayered another spray with Marcos Rohas scoring the winner. Sir Alex Ferguson last weekend had a similar spray. There are calls for the Manchester United manager to be suspended.If you call it a bad example, yes. When you go to the board you need to be punished. United won 4-3, but Sir Alex Ferguson could be sanctioned by the Premier League over his actions.I have confirmation Michael Hussey will join us in the next half hour. He has been found. We are not sure if the rest of the Australian squad are accounted for after their celebrations. We'll hear more about them soon.Let's get the weather with Jesinta Campbell. Any trick for us this half hour?Well, you know what, you have seen my spectacular display of scooter skills. That kind of stuff does not come easy. That is why the kids practice in the tramp-to-ramp. They practice and fall into a soft pit of foam, and focus on earlier in the week techniques. And work on their progression before heading to the big kids' playground. I have seen awesome tricks. I saved one of the best for after we look at the weather. Let's see what is happening around the country.

happening around the country.Guys, here we have a pro-rider, Josh. He is going to show us a front flip. Take it away.LAUGHTERWow wee, isn't that spectacular.No, I will not try that.Jesinta Campbell - Stevie made a funny, ask Thor if he's sore after that.Are you sore after that.Very sore.That's the best bad joke I have ever heard. Can't wait to see what she has for us at 9:00.Australian troops have begun the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Have we accomplished our mission. We are talking to one of our most respected soldiers in the next half our hour. And next - the woman who took her own parents to court for stalking. This program is not captioned. Eugh! Hey, honey? Do you reckon you could bring me
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Welcome back to the show. An interesting court case out of the United States. A woman has been granted a restraining order against her own parents after claims they were stalking her. Have a look. Aubrey Ireland is a gifted 21-year- old theatre major, often winning major roles in her school musicals. Her latest win was not at her prestigeic musical school, but in court after filing a stalking order against her parents. A judge ruled in her favour, ordering that her parents must stay 500 feet away from their only child.

The Dean's list student's complaints against her parents began when she realised they'd installed monitoring software on her computer and phone, making her feel like a dog with a collar. They paid unannounced visits, travelling 600 miles to Aubrey Ireland's home in Kansas, to meet with department heads, accusing her of promise cutey, doing drugs, and were considering going to court to order them get treatment:

She claims her parents, David and Julie Ireland, have been diagnosed with co-dependency disorder. They say their daughter is a good actor, saying she is lying and calling her an only child who has been catered to all her life. Because Aubrey Ireland cut ties with them in a public way, they want a refund of $66,000 they paid for her education. Her mother says "We are not bothering her, we are not a problem".

Wow. We are joined by Brisbane radio's Robin Bailey. This story is astonishing. If her parents are paying the bills, does she have cause to complain?Well, I think it's an interesting story. Particularly in America, you have to understand the college system. Most kids go to college with the assumption that their parents will pay the tuition fees. What I find interesting about that story is being a single child I would have thought from a young age she showed a lot of potential. Her parents made that girl their only focus and got her to the point where she sounds like she's a bit of a musical prodigy. She goes to college, wants to break free and have her own life, and sadly her parents haven't caught up to that. She's 21, living the college life and the fact that her parents want her to keep her Skype on all night shows that they are not letting go. That story - we saw only one side of it. As a 21-year-old, I can't imagine many 21-year-old Australian uni students allowing their parents to watch them as they sleep. There's a good point, if they paid $66,000 for uni fees, maybe she should pay them back.Yes, I watched two jobs during uni. My parents didn't watch me sleep. The Prime Minister will be waking up with a big smile on her face after Newspoll figures shows she's risen oust of lows. She's trailling behind the Liberal Party. Can the Prime Minister hold off Tony Abbott?I don't know. The thing that made me sad when I saw the story is the ambivalence about both of them. I don't think what it is about Australian politics. None of us seem to care. The great thing about Australian political history is we have had amazing characters - whether it was John Howard, Bob Hawke or Paul Keating, you were passionate about them. You loved or hated them. What is it about Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott where we say "Really?" we are heading to the election. They can fight it out in the polls. I'm glad she has a smile on her face. Most Australians are "Gosh, guys, show us who you really are and lead our wonderful countries".The graphicss were switched around for that segment. This is a story I love. A man in the Northern Territory has donned a mankini while playing a spot of golf. I mean, it's 34 degrees. Is he being practical. Look, it's a Northern Territory thing to do, I think. Bar ot, what have you done - - Borat what have you done to us with the mankini.What made me laugh looking at the pictures is I never thought I would have a conversation about what sort of male physique should fit into a mankini.On the golf course. Shouldn't we see plad and camel shorts?I -- played and camel shorts? I know. It's funny. It's Australian. The owners of the golf course are not overly impressed. They could have kicked him off. God love him for giving it a go. He doesn't seem to care. The only thing that makes me laugh, it's Territorian, look at the tan mark. The bloke clearly doesn't wear shirts very often. He has the short mark and off he goes. God love him. It's an Australian thing to do. But the mankini is disgusting.There are some things the eyes cannot unsee. Robin Bailey thank you for joining us.Less is not more when it comes to men's Speedos.Michael Hussey looks ahead to the Ashes. We talk to him in the next half hour. And the images defining 2012. We speak to photographer Darryn Lyons. Next on 'Today'.

This program is not captioned.

2012 has been a year filled with unforgettable stories captured with the click of a camera, photographer Darryn Lyons joins us with a look at the images that define the year. Good morning to you, you have toned down your look for the end of 2012, what is going on, mate?Have a look at the jacket, the shirt. I'm having a rest from the hair. Down at the beech in Geelong, I have got rid of the peach. A different colour coming your way soon.Are you a mankini kind of guy?It's not really me. I know I have the abs, but I can't do the mankini. I'm not a Borat kind of a guy.What makes a great photo?I think it is really a visionary situati