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This program is captioned live. (VOICEOVER) This is Nine News with Sarah Harris. Good afternoon. We begin with some breaking news - a man has been rushed to hospital following a boating accident on the New South Wales Central Coast. It's understood the man's boat overturned at Lobster Beach only moments ago. The 48-year-old man was ten to Gosford Hospital in a stable condition. More details as they come to hand. Beaches on the New South Wales mid north coast are in lockdown after a man was savaged by a shark this afternoon. John O'Doherty is outside John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle. What you can tell us about the attack?The attack happened just after 10 this morning south of Port Maquarie. The 29-year-old man was on his surfboard when he was attacked by what is believed to be a bull shark. He sustained injuries to his right thigh and hand and lost his index finger and knuckles. We can see by the bite marks on the board it was a serious attack. While everyone was waiting for the rescue helicopter to arrive some of his friends used leg ropes as turn to days to stop the bleeding. Let's hear from witnesses at the scene. They were heaps of dolphins swimming around him and suddenly the shark came up and took three chunks at him. He put the nose of his board into the bull shark's head and managed to paddle himself back to shore. He was in good spirits, could he herpbt, talking well. Nothing ab normal.His friends and fellow surfers did a marvellous job and saved his life till we got here. They did well. How is the man now? EveryoneThe man was treated at the scene while emergency services waited for the rescue helicopter to arrive. He has since been choppered to the John Hunter Hospital. He is in a stable condition and has been joined by his family. Beachs have been closed from Crowdy Head to Camden Haven. Some of the beaches could remain closed for up to 24 hours.A gunman who held up a Gold Coast bank while wearing a high vis vest this afternoon is still on the run from police. The robber hit a St George Bank and made off with $5,000. Police are warning the public not to approach the man. A gunman remains on the loose in Melbourne. Heavily armed officers were called to hot ham in the city's west after the man was disturbed stealing copper wire from a factory. The offender has been identified but police are yet to make an arrest. Nine News has exclusive video of the moment a dramatic fight broke out between a bus driver and his 15-year-old passenger. Darren Curtis joins us live from the Gold Coast. These are extraordinary pictures. What sparked the brawl? This was recorded this morning at a bus stop at Broadbeach. The 15- year-old boy and bus driver are going toe to toe in the back rows there. There was a volatile dispute and allegations that the bus driver slipped in a punch before the video started recording. The bus driver was keen to get the boy off the bus. The adrep Lin was pumping and they were wrestling and arguing and this continued for some time. This was recorded by an impressive young reporter Chris O'Keefe who got on the bus and recorded it on his iPhone. We spoke to the boy in the singlet a short time ago. He said it all started over something relatively minor and quickly escalated and became very volatile. One of my friends had a $50 note so he couldn't pay because the bus driver didn't have change. We sat up the back and he kept telling my friend to come to the front. Yeah, then he came up and told us to get off. I was like I have paid. I have my ticket. He grabbed me by the throat and punched me in the face. So, Darren, what has the bus company had to say about all this? At this stage they have been a little surprised at the goings on. They are reviewing their only internal security footage recorded on board the bus and will look at that and interview the driver. They haven't made any decisions about whether the driver will have a counselling session or a stand down for a while. This has been brewing for a while on the Gold Coast. For some time drivers have been punching bags for young gangs, being spat on and had their buses smashed up. The union has been saying drivers won't cop this any more and have been asking the government to bring in five-year penalties for anyone who I attacks a bus driver or attacks anyone on board or damages a bus. This will be played out later by the union and by the company when they take more decisive action.Thank you for that update. It has been a huge day in sport. Australia has put Sri Lanka to the sword at the MCG, claiming the second test by an innings and 201 runs. The Aussies now take an unbeatable 2-0 lead into the third test in Sydney next week. We check in with reporter Roz Kelly later in the bulletin. The champagne is still flowing for the crew of 'Wild Oats XI' which has claimed first place in the Sydney to Hobart for the 6th time. Live to Nine's Justine Mackenzie. What a finish and another world record breaking race for 'Wild Oats XI'. That's right, Sarah. There has been plenty of champagne for 'Wild Oats XI'. If any of the yachts could do it it was her. She cruised into Hobart at 7.20 not only claiming line honours for the 6th time but smashing the record she set in 2005 by a very improved he isive 17 minutes. We did catch up with the owner Bob Oatley and the rest of the crew as they got off the boat this morning. They could not be prouder.Six wins. I would never have thought that when we did the 2005 Hobart. It just happened, you know. There is good chance we could get to 7 one day. That is the record.I just look at it and think to myself what a beautiful boat. It really is. It's a thing of great beauty. I never give up believing in it.Justine, the yachts are still arriving in Hobart.They are slowly by surely. Ragamuffin Loyale arrived just after midday to claim second spot.La - Lahana looks set to take third. Some of the smaller boats won't come in for days yet. But no matter where you finish it's satisfying. And the people of Hobart will embrace them with open arms. There is a great vibe here and earn is getting into the spirit of the Sydney to Hobart.I reckon you have a big night of partying ahead. Thank you very much for that, Justine. They called him Stormin' Norman, the US general who led the campaign against Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during operation Desert Storm in the 1990s. This afternoon there are tributes for the former US general, Norman Schwarzkopf.In 1990 Norman Schwarzkopfs with a little known US army general looking ahead to retirement. Then arack's dictator Saddam Hussein invaded neighbouring Kuwait and Stormin' Norman came to the fore.It's impossible to say how long it's gonna take. It's gonna take as long as it take force the Iraqis to get out of queue quite and the UN resolutions to be enforced.The Iraqis were routed in 100 hours.Now it looks like not onlys like not only the Navy is being told to get out of the war. He was a Westpoint graduate who spent his whole career in the army. He was a war hero in Vietnam where he earned three silver stars, three bronze stars and two purple hearts. President George Bush presented him with the medal of freedom and said he was a true American patriot and one of the great military leaders of his generation. In retirement Norman Schwarzkopf declined calls to run for office, devoting himself to public speaking and charity work. He leaves his wife and three children.Stay with us - there is plenty more to come this afternoon including the countdown for 2013 - the best spots to spend New Year's Eve right around the country. Christmas holiday cut short - why Barack Obama has rushed back to Washington. And why the Royals have delayed a visit Down Under.

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delayed a visit Down Under. It's the brightest and loudest party on the planet and Australia will be the first to sparkle this New Year's Eve. Fireworks preparations for next Monday are in full swing in each of the nation's capital cities. Nine's Airlie Walsh has the scoop on the best vantage points. From spectacular fireworks to riverside parties there are countless ways to ring in the New Year right around Australia. With just three more sleeps to go if you don't have plans yet you better get cracking. In Queensland, Brisbane will bring in the New Year with a bang at South Bank parklands with live music and two fireworks displays along the Brissie river. Kangaroo Point a great vantage point. The Gold Coast - plenty of positions but the largest display will be on the foreshore at surfers paradise and again at midnight. Not to be out done Adelaide's Elder Park comes alive with fireworks at 9 and 12. Perth farewells the end of the old year with free entertainment and a street party in Northbridge from 6. In Melbourne - spectacular fireworks and free celebrations right the way along the Yarra River at 9 and midnight. You can be in the centre of the action at Federation Square or the south gate promenade. In Sydney, this really is the night that Sydney shines for the world. There are many vantage points along the 65k foreshore. Some of the best are Mrs Macquarie's Chair and Circular Quay and also Sydney Harbour Bridge. This is one of the largest free public events in the world. But Sydney tour operators and hotels are said to be cashing in, charging up to $1700 a night for accommodation, 1100 a night on fancy dinners and even $300 on picnics. But there are still plenty of free options available. My tip : get in early.US President Barack Obama has ended his Hawaiin holiday early so he can address the fiscal cliff dilemma in Washington. It's just now just days before tax cuts and budge hikes come into effect thrit generaling to cripple the economy.It all started about six months ago when the government badly needed to borrow money to keep things going. In order to do that they did a deal. That deal meant that when this deadline of 1 January came into effect a huge amount of budget cuts and tax hikes would come into force. The idea was this would be so catastrophic for the government and the country that they would be forced to do a deal. But here we are five days out and it looks like we are going to go offer that fiscal cliff. The US is now lacking down the barrel of some serious problems. Budget cuts will affect every department, the CIA, FBI, homeland security. Even the in I'll tree. Every department will find it extremely hard to function once the cuts come into place. Not only that but also the average Americans - tax hikes for erb. The average American on 40,000 to 50,000 a year will have a tax hike have a tax hike 4,000 which will start immediately. Consumer spending will go down a hole. Retail will also drop off that cliff. They are saying it could introduce another recession. At the moment we are into the blame game with both sides blaming each other. The ticking point is on taxes because the Republicans have always said taxes should never be raised by the campaign President - but the President campaigned on that and won the election. He has cut his Hawaiin holiday short and flown back to Washington to do a deal. The Senate has been called back and the lower House is on standby. They are hoping there will be some sort of agreement to get them through the next few months. Certainly no big deal will be done. If these budget cuts take place it will be felt as far as Australia. Every first world economy is tied in some way to America. They have a $16 trillion economy. If they go into a hole it drags everybody else down as well. So the next few days will be very interesting.Prince William and his wife Katherine have ruled out any overseas tours for 2013. The Duchess of Cambridge is not expected to leave the UK in the New Year. Instead, taking mateerpb - maternity leave from her royal duties. The popular couple's first baby is due mid year with their schedule changed to make what way for the new arrival. Still ahead - a warning about fireworks ahead of New Year's Eve. Also, grave concerns for the health of a former US President. And why Jessica (ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC) MAN: It's not so much the job. To me, it's the people
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Authorities are worried a plaque market for illegal fireworks operating in Queensland could lead to tragedy this New Year. 500 kilograms of illegal product have been seized or surrendered this year. Today some of the haul was destroyed.

Those caught face a $44,000 fine and 6 months in jail. Former US President George Bush Senior remains in intensive care in hospital after he was admitted on Sunday with bronchitis. The 88- year-old has suffered from recent ill health and was also add mitted to hospital on November 23. He is believed to be alert and is surrounded by family. Just months after giving birth to her first child, pop star Jessica Simpson has confirmed she is expecting again. But the happy news poses a problem for Weight Watchers which has suspended her $4 million deal.. The wait is over. Jessica Simpson's brand-new Weight Watchers ad is much like the one released last week but this time a difference. Being healthy has become part of who I am, which is great timing because I'm having another baby. The big announcement comes a day after she tweeted a not so subtle hint - a picture of their baby Max well why the - with the words Big Sis written in the sand.If she gains the weight and loses another 50 pound it is will show pound it is will shows really does work. Simpson, who covered her baby bump while on the beaches of Hawaii yesterday, will continue to represent Weight Watchers as a brand ambassador. But the point counting will be put on hold until she gives birth. Weight Watchers released a statement saying :

After she gives birth Simpson and her doctor will decide if she should continue resuming the program.A second pregnancy took them by surprise. It's not something Weight Watchers was planning on. But Jessica Simpson is probably one of the most powerful names in showbiz today. It's to their advantage and smart for them to keep her on board.Meaning such son can have her cake and eat it too at least until the baby arrives. Stay with us - beaches close after a man was bitten by a shark. A man glassed in an unprovoked attack on a popular restaurant strip. And the YouTube clip that put a big kicker in the sights of one of the world's most famous sporting teams. And This program is not captioned.

They are both veterans of the big screen. Three deck cards after they first met Bette Midler and Billy Crystal are joining forces on a film for the very first time.We would be shooting and have a little lull and Bette would have her back to me. I would do this, "Oh, Ms Stanwick."We met up with them to talk about their new film parental guidance.I was surprised when I read you two had never worked together before.Never came up. You had Meg Ryan. What did you need with me.Oh, God!Hard to believe it was more than two decades ago when Harry met Sally.I will have what she is having.Nearly 10 years before that when Midler made her motion picture debut in the Rose. Of course the two have gone on to make us laugh year after year. He was Mr Saturday Night.We were just trying to get back at our ex- husbands.She started a five wive's club. But despite their glittering success they are two stars whose stars never crossed until now amIt was a thrill that you offered the gig.Well, there was no-one else. That's sweet. Do you mean that. Everybody else didn't make sense. Come on, Meryl turned you down. Face it.We're back. Did you have fun with the boys?The film stars three adorable kids and Marisa Tomai as their up tight mother. But this one isn't just about the laughs. Crystal plays artie, a minor league baseball announcer.I love this job. I'm fired?He has just lost his jobment he is 60 years old. What is he going to do with himself now? He pass this is on to the young grandson.Midler, as she does in our interview plays had his protector and the movie's truth teller.So you're not a grandmother yet?I have forbidden my daughter to become pregnant - until I'm ready.You have four?4 in March. Three, fine in, 6 and 3 and a new one in mid March.The new film was an idea hatched up with Crystal from an experience with his real life wife.There is a real moment where I'm colouring in the colour in the colouring that happened with Dillon, and she was four.I got the elbow from Jennifer, what's the matter with you. So we put it in the movie.That's very beautiful. Very avant Gard. Consider this. We did some research about you. Do you know that the two of you share something that's very uncommon Hollywood?No, what's that?Long marriages.Long, long, long marriages.We're swapping next week.43 years in June.28.So there are 71 years of marriage here. What is good about getting older? Not a damn thing.Do you feel smarter?I feel like a - like I know a lot more.I was always terribley anxious and now I'm not because a lot of that is behind me. You know what grand parenting is? A second chance.Their new movie reminds us there is still a lot to come from them.You're watching Nine's afternoon news - here is what is making news right now - a man is recovering in hospital after being attacked by a shark on the New South Wales mid north coast. Police are hupting a man after the glassing of a cafe patron at Melbourne's St Kilda. And an investigation is under way after a dramatic fight between a bus driver and his 15-year-old passenger on the Gold Coast. Now to the details - a 29-year-old man has lost one of his fingers after being attacked by a shark at a beach near Port Maquarie on the New South Wales mid north coast. The surfer was savaged on his thai before paddling back to shore.There were a heap of dolphins around him. The shark came up and took three chunks out of him and he got his board and put the nose of his board into the bull shark's head.The man was taken to Newcastle's John Hunter Hospital in a stable condition. Security cameras have captured a savage and unprovoked attack on a man at an outdoor cafe in Melbourne. Nine's Alex Daish is outside the restaurant in St Kilda and joins us now. Talk us through what happened. Sarah, a group of friends were sitting outside this bar-cafe in St Kilda at 1.30 Thursday morning when two girls who had left a nearby nightclub along with another man came up to their table and started speaking with them. One of those on the table made a comment about the two women looking quite drunk. It was then that the man who had been with the two women came up to the table, grabbed a glass and stabbed one of the men on the table in the face. The offender walked along the foot path. The 27-year-old victim's friends tried to catch up with him but after a small fight he broke away and ran off. We spoke with police, who are investigating the incident, earlier today.It's appalling for an attack like this to take place when people are going about their business and enjoying themselves. It's fairly trivial. Just people enjoying themselves and it escalated from a verbal confrontation into being struck in the face with a glass.It's a savage attack. Who uis the victim doing this afternoon?The man received multiple facial lacerations. He has since been released from hospital but he is obviously still traumatised. The focus for police turns to finding the offender. They say he has a Scottish act accident, aged in his 20s, Caucasian, medium build and short dark hair. Anyone who know this is man or who has any information that could help investigators to find him should come forward and contact Crime Stoppers.An argument over loose change has sparked a dramatic brawl on a Gold Coast busment this exclusive video shows the driver lashing out at a 15-year-old boy who tried to pay with a $50 note, then stayed on the bus despite bus despite beingfare. The teenager says his friends got on the bus first and then the driver erupted over the large note. The bus company is conducting a full investigation and will review the on board video. The Bee Gees former childhood home has been gutted by a fierce blaze north of Brisbane. A family of four fled the house as flames spread quickly from the bedroom. Nine's Ebony Cavallaro is in Brisbane and joins us now. This family had a lucky escape.They certainly did, Sarah. Authorities told us it was extremely lucky that the mother of the family was awake when the fire broke out in the main bedroom. Had she not been awake the family may not have escaped because unfortunately this house did not have smoke alarms installed, which in Queensland is I'll - is illegal. Authorities are urging everyone to make sure their smoke alarms work. Investigators haven't been able to find a cause. They have pulled out a number of items from the home but they say it took hold incredibly quicker. Neighbours had to be evacuated for a short time while authorities brought it under control. Had is what firefighters had to say. One of the occupants was awake at the time and noticed some fire and smoke and alerted everyone else and they got outment very lucky. If they weren't awake and...This house is very well- known to locals?It certainly is. It turns out that the Bee Gees lived in this house for a short period during their time in Redcliffe before they were famous. Back in those days when they lived at the house they were just a couple of young kids enjoying their music. We all know the history there. They went on to play in lots of local pubs and clubs before heading to London to hit the big time internationally. Neighbours say it's well-known that it is one of the houses they lived in. They came to visit not too long ago. They came down here in their stretch limousine.In a limousine. They got out and ran back and had a look at it. They were going to film something but they stopped on their way.The family who were living in this house are staying with friends for the moment. Thankfully they are all OK. And locals are relieved that the house has not been completely destroyed. The fire was managed to be contained to just the one bedroom there and main the roof itself has been damaged.Thank you for that, Ebony Cavallaro. The national holiday road toll reached 25 today with accidents in Queensland's Gympie and the Adelaide Hills. Police in New South Wales have pleaded with motorists to drive safely over the busy New Year period. 8 people have been killed in crashes in the state this holidays.The most disturbing part is that the ones we are catching have very high readings.Operation Safe Arrival finishes at midnight on Friday 4 January. The wild winter weather across the US has now claimed the lives of at least 15 people. And there are fears a new snowstorm could bring even more misery to many communities.Whitout conditions in Ohio. Powerful - power poles snapped like twigs in arc saw and this snow plough struggling to clear a path. The winter blast now accounting for 15 deaths, mostly on the nation's roads where black ice led to accident after accident.I have lost count of the number of cars I have seen in the ditch - a jack knifed truck trailer and horse trailer turned over.The north west was digging out.What is it like dealing with this much snow?A lot of agony and back breaking.Mother nature is wreaking havoc in the skies with 700 flights cancelled and in New York's Long Island this Southwest Airlines plane skidded off the runway and got stuck in the mid with 129 passengers evacuating safely.We just made your day very exciting. At least ours is gonna be. And right outside the snow zone but still in nature but still in nature eabrite new jersey, a town battered by Hurricane sandy, the streets flooded again.I adopting a child is the only option for many couples wanting to become parents. There is heartbreak for thousands of Russian children who thought they had homes in America.This is who gets caught in the middle - an American mother and a 5.5-year-old orphan with spinabiffida. A little girl who is already learning to count in English and tells her mommy she loves her.I love you too.They last saw her just a few days ago on a visit to her orphanage just outside Moscow. Now with the love only a mother can feel she worries what will happen to her daughter.I can't help her. I can't tell her I love her. It's really hard. Americans have adopted over 60,000 Russian children since the fall of the Soviet Union but Russian officials have pointed to the cases of 19 children who died after being adopted by Americansment in 2010 Russia erupted in fury after a 7- year-old boy was sent back to Russia alone by his American adoptive mother carrying a note saying he had become too difficult to handle. But children's rights advocates say the new ban is playing politics with the lives of children. Now with no way of contacting her she wishes she could send her daughter a simple message. I would tell her we love her and to be strong and we will do everything we can to get her.But after the last visit it was Paulina who was trying to comfort her motherment She said don't cry, mommy, be strong.Almost two weeks after the shooting tragedy in Conneticut America's gun debate is taking a worrying turn. There are calls for teachers to be arm and some are taking matters into their own hands. The gun is fake but these Utah teachers fear the threat facing their classrooms is very real. Today 200 of those teachers became students.It's ready to fire. Packing a conference room on their holiday break to learn how to carry a concealed weapon on the job and how to protect their schools from an armed intruder.Safety is the biggest part and to be able to use them appropriately is really quite high priority for me.Utar is one of few states where public schools allow guns on campus. But in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook the push is on to add more states to the list. Air zonea's Attorney- General wants every school principal or the principal's designee armed.Some gun advocates say arming teachers is like arming airline pilots. Simply knowing that someone on campus might be carrying a gun could be enough to stop the bad guys. In column bien, 15 people died and the armed security officer on campus and another one nearby could not stop it.The NRA's blanket call to arm our schools is nothing more than a distraction. Some teachers in utar say they want more gun training. Organisers are already planning another class for the next holiday break.What started as a hobby in his backyard has potentially landed a Norwegian man a sporting career that most people could only dream of. It all started with a video ono Youtube. He has never actually played football but he can do this and this with a pig skin. The lifelong soccer player with a killer lefter left he bought his first football last year when his soccer team disbanded.It was either find a new team or a new hobby. That's why I started kicking.And made this YouTube video. That's his brother catching from the sun roof of a moving car. He admits some kicks did take multiple attempts. Hundreds of thousands of hits later an email arrived from the new New York jets inviting the novice to try out for the teammentDid you ever think it would lead to this? It was more a thing to do for myself and my dog snoofpt his trial went well. He can nail field goals from 58-year-olds. He has ability. But you don't know what you have until you're in a crucial situation. The jets have asked him back for another look. And who wouldn't want a kicker who can do this and this? Well, on that note we better check in with Roz Kelly from the MCG. The Aussies, they were absolutely ruthless today.It was an incredible effort. They wrapped up the test with two days to spare. We will see how and hear from the Man of the Match in a moment. Wild Oats is first to Hobart for a 6th time. But who is winning the battle forehand cap victory? We tell you This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: The legendary
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Here at the MCG Australia has wrapped up the second test and the series against Sri Lanka in convincing fashion. They won the test by an innings and 201 runs. Here is how they did it.It's away. A nice push through cover. Hello. Could be a run out.Oh, yes, he has got him. Oh, dear oh dear. That was terrible cricket. Another one, he is going for two. Oh, they are gone. Another one. What a performance! Got him. Bird has got him. A duck. They are three for three. Close, yes, he is gone. Bird strikes again!Whacked the glove. Sangakkara, he took the left hand off the bat straight away. He is worried straightaway. The knuckles, the top of the palm there. That's a bad one, that. Sangakkara is going straight off.Out! That's it. Caught. Is it all over? It's all over. That's a massive win by the Australians.After being left out of the Hobart test Mitchell Johnson made the most of his recall, named Man of the Match.The consistency something is what I have been trying to work on and using the short ball well. I have been trying to improve and get out and enjoy myself like I did today.The third and final test begins at the SCG next Thursday. Well, having taken line honours and set a new race record in the Sydney to Hobart, 'Wild Oats XI' is also in the running to take the Tattestalls Cup for the overall winner. Ragamuffin Loyale crossed in second, 4.5 hours behind Wild Oats. But Geoff Huegill says she should have finished closer.If only some of our main equipment didn't get broken who knows what we could have done.The last yacht is expected to enter Hobart late Monday night, just in time for New Year's. In a dramatic finish Sydney FC have secured a much needed 1-0 victory over the Mariners. A Brett Emerton header in the 89th minute sealing the win. Western Sydney drew 1-1 with Perth Glory. And Wellington Phoenix have come from behind to defeat Melbourne Heart 3-2. In the Twenty- 20 Big Bash league, the Melbourne Stars have proven they can do it without the big name of Shane Warne. The stars beating the Adelaide strikers by 8 runs. Brad Hodge belting his side to their 4th straight win. His 88 came from 58 balances. The stars now sit at the top of the table equal with cross- city rivals the Melbourne renegades. The countdown to the Australian Open is on with aify quality field preparing for the Brisbane International which be which be on Sunday. Serena Williams jetted in this morning and headed straight to the practice courts. Sam Stosur is looking to improve on last year's disastrous summer in which she won just one match. The Aussies are still in the dressing room here at the MCG continuing their celebrations. More on the cricket later in the 6 o'clock news, including breaking injury news on Shane Watson.I will see you on the Weekend Today couch tomorrow. Thank you for that. Still to come - finance and the latest weather. The Boxing Day sales are on again, but this year, think bigger than new shoes,
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Taking a look at tomorrow's weather - storms in both Townsville and Brisbane. Mainly fine for Sydney and Canberra. Melbourne, much the same, 23. Sunny in Adelaide, warm 41 in Perth and 34 for Darwin. In finance - the All Ordinaries rose by just under 24 points N currency, one Aussie dollar is fetching 103 US cents. That's Nine's This program is not captioned. (THEME MUSIC)

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tonight, and they are... Kathy Partridge's boyfriend managed
to get them backstage tickets to the Roy Orbison concert. Hiranthi Wanigasekera's
most humbling experience was looking after
her sick grandma. Tony Bell was in the US embassy
in Russia when a man tried to fire
a rocket grenade into them. Wow! Returning from New Year's Eve
celebrations, Helen Treloar found an old man
naked in her bed. Michael Petrie was
one of the 21,000 competitors in Australia's first
Tough Mudder. And Simon Bacon spent years
in the British Army. The most important thing he did
was guard a tree. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Kathy, you ready to go?
I sure am, Eddie. Let's go, Kathy. Come on.

Kathy Partridge.
Yes. Come on, let's get happy.
# Come on, let's get happy... # Remember that,
'The Partridge Family'? Yep, sure do.
Shirley Jones? 63 years of age. A bus supervisor. Crown Coaches from Vermont.
Yep. 'VERmont' we say in Victoria,
don't we, not 'VerMONT'. Howard is your husband.
G'day, Howard. G'day, Eddie. How are you?
Good on you, buddy. Welcome aboard.
Great to see you here. Tell me, what happened to you
in Copenhagen? You were in an automatic toilet
with your knickers down, and what happened? I had never been in one before,
and I thought, "I forgot to lock the door." So, knickers round my knees, I hobbled over and pressed -
"It must be the red button" - so I pressed it
and the door just flew open. (LAUGHTER) Howard is out there,
I yell out, "Howard, help, help!" You were one of those girls,
screaming girls, back in 1964, outside the Southern Cross Hotel
when The Beatles came to Melbourne. What was it like? It was bedlam. It was great. How close did you get to them? Not too close.
They were up on the balcony. But you were there.
I was there. And Roy Orbison backstage?
Yes. That was really great. Did you meet The Big O?
Yes. Got to say hello.
Jeez, you've done well, haven't you? Yeah.
Good stuff. Kathy, $1 million. You ready to play Hot Seat?
Sure am. Let's do it. Go! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)


I think I'll go B, Eddie,
"white as snow". "White as snow" is correct, for


That's the lovely Elle Macpherson.
Lock in C, Eddie. C's locked in. Correct, for $200.


We'll lock in A, Eddie, hobbyhorse. Hobbyhorse is in. Correct, for $300.


(SNIGGERS) Not into kickboxing. Um... I think I'm gonna pass, Eddie. Gonna pass?
Yeah. (CHUCKLES) OK, catch you later, Kathy. See ya.

Hiranthi Wanigasekera.
That's right. Good to see you.
Good to see you. Where ya from?
I'm from Melbourne, in Noble Park. But I'm originally from Sri Lanka.
Whereabouts in Sri Lanka? The capital - Colombo.
Colombo? Yep.
Good on you. That's the way. 29 years of age.
Looking for work at the moment. Sash is your cousin.
Yes. Hey, Sash. Welcome aboard.
Hi, Eddie. Thank you. Hey, come on, let's get into it
here, Hiranthi. (READS QUESTION)

I have no idea about kickboxing, so this is gonna be a guess. You've gotta answer. 10. Um... Lock in C.
C? Yep.
Ah, Hiranthi. A 'kickback' is when
you pay money under the counter. You learn something new every day.
Learn something new every day. See you, Hiranthi. Bye-bye.
Nice meeting you.

From Campbell in Victoria,
57-year-old retired special agent