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Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. I'm Larry Emdur
live at Constitution Dock in Hobart. This morning -

'Wild Oats XI' set to take
Sydney-Hobart line honours but will miss the race record
by just minutes. The race blunder that could still see super maxi
'Ragamuffin' penalised even after crossing the line. And, I'm Melissa Doyle. Also today - The rising AFL star
charged with assault. Safety warnings as WA swelters
through a 4-day heatwave. How to keep your
New Year resolutions.

(SONG) # Reach out for the sunrise # Reach out for the sunrise. #

Live across Australia, this is a special edition of Sunrise, on Seven.

One of the finest racing boats in the word in storm bey, the -- Storm Bay. They can see the checkered flag and can smell the pies. A finish on one of the world's finest sporting events.

Hello and welcome
to Constitution Dock in Hobart. It's fairly quiet now but in a couple of hours,
this place will be buzzing.

Mel, we have got a race on our hands, it keeps changing. We heard she might be here and miss out, but now, we are racing the line for a big finish, for a race record.I reckon she's been teasing us. They've known all along. I got my fingers crossed. So good for a record. Of course, you are the man to send down there, having done it twice. One over the edge, one OK.I decided I prefer flying down here, it is so much easier.We did giggle on the conference call saying it is probably the easiest trip you have had down there. We have got Beretts here with his race tracker. Of course, let's begin with all the news of the morning with Eddy.

'Wild Oats XI'
is powering to the finish line, poised to take out this year's
Sydney-Hobart yacht race. but is unlikely
to beat its own record. 'Ragamuffin Loyal' and 'Lahana'
are following 'Wild Oats' in second and third positions. Controversy has surrounded
this year's race after a false start by 'Ragamuffin'
and the exclusion of 'Wild Thing'.

Of course, Beretts is all over that Yacht Tracker.

Australian troops have begun
their withdrawal from Afghanistan with the Defence Force
preparing to leave the country over the coming year. The Defence Force's Commander
in the Middle East told 'The Australian' newspaper the end of our troops' involvement
in Afghanistan is coming. He says the bulk
of the 1,550 personnel currently deployed in the region will leave next year with some already on their way home. Troops are now focusing on completing their training
of local forces so they're ready to take the lead. Grieving family members
of a Melbourne man accused of killing his grandparents have sobbed and clutched each other
as the 24-year-old faced court. Ross Konidaris appeared briefly
yesterday behind protective glass. He's charged with murdering
his grandparents and setting fire to their house
at Yarraville last weekend. His lawyer asked he see
a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Konidaris will face court again
in April.

Powerful winter storms have pounded
parts of the United States, disrupting holiday travel and
cutting power to thousands of homes. At least 12 people were killed
by falling trees and in collisions on icy highways. Residents in Alabama
are assessing the damage from a Christmas Day tornado
which caused significant damage. Perth is still sweltering through
a blistering heatwave with the city expected to hit
a top of 40 degrees today. It was officially declared
a heatwave yesterday after three days
well over 35 degrees. Christmas Day reached nearly 40,
the fifth hottest on record. And the worst is yet to come. A reprieve isn't expected
until the new year. Residents are being urged
to drink plenty of water and try to stay indoors. Those most at risk are the elderly, unwell,
young children and pregnant women. In finance news - Wall Street is falling as investors
grow increasingly concerned over the US fiscal cliff deadline.

The Australian share market
has reached a 17-month high. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. Good morning. Savanth, what does this mean for us?

Hope you had a good Christmas.Yes, certainly great news, Eddy. Looking at the US flif scenario and the ongoing concerns to see our market continue to grind higher is a good sign for the sign for the year to. I can the key for 2013 will be how quickly will kfs improve. The confidence improving in the Chinese economy is a really good a really good sign things are heading in the right direction. Keep in mind the Reserve Bank will keep in mind rate cuts for early 2013 and it means our market will improve. Stronger super, improved household wealth and confidence. Yesterday, it wealth and confidence. Yesterday, was the retailers who out performed the markets. Clearly, the Boxing Day sales were a hit across the nation. I did try to do my best.Thanks, Eddy.

Coming up, a year in pictures. We look at the images
that have come to define 2012. But first,
here's Beretts with the sport. Australian cricket's injury woes
have continued with Shane Watson in doubt
for the Sydney test The injury didn't hamper his batting but it is the same muscle
that ruled the all-rounder out of the first two tests
against South Africa this summer. The team will take
a cautious approach to Watson for the rest of the test and is yet to decide
if he will bowl. Michael Clarke capped his incredible
year with another test ton as records tumbled on day two
against Sri Lanka. Clarke passed Ricky Ponting's mark for the most test runs by
an Australian in a calendar year. He sits fourth on the all-time list
with 1,595.

Needing just six runs
to overtake the Sri Lankans, the Aussies made short work of it. COMMENTATOR: That's nicely played. After a slow start,
Watson finally got going. That's glorious from Watson. The tourists tried everything
to stem the bleeding. COMMENTATOR: Ooh! I'm not sure
that was the smartest thing to do. Then they inflicted some pain. You can see the mark there
right on the top of the helmet. Watson powered past 50. As did Clarke, on his way to the record for the
most test runs in a calendar year. He's now the leader. And the skipper didn't stop there. The Sri Lankans tried everything
but to no avail, Clarke bringing up his first hundred
at the MCG with a boundary. It's predictable and he's got it. He's got it away...yes, he has! It took 187 balls, but, finally,
the tourists had their man. Oh, he's flashing at that. Clarke's record-breaking innings
coming to an end on 106. Just 8 balls later,
Watson holed out for 83. Straight to the man...
and he's out too! That opened the floodgates
with Wade gone for 1. This one's down the throat, as well! Needing some stability,
Johnson and Hussey dug in. But finally, the visitors hit back, Herath bringing down
the catch of his life. Oh, he IS out! That's a ripper! With Hussey gone, it was all hail
Victorian Peter Siddle. Johnson chimed in
with an unbeaten half-century while Siddle's innings ended on 13,
Australia in command.

The big action of the day is in the Derwent River. These are live shots Derwent River. These are live shots of 'Wild Oats XI' coming down the Derwent. Now, they are six nautical miles south west east of the Iron Pot, a rock outcrop in the Derwent River, that is famous and something to avoid coming into the Derwent to avoid coming into the River. That is where they are. Travelling at 14. 7 knots. Their current predicted finish is 7 current predicted finish is 7:36. To beat the record they have got to finish before 7:40 and 10 seconds. You are going to huff and puff from Constitution Dock and get them across the line?I know, from a sailing perspective, this is the frustrating bit, because you come around the Pot there and that is the big turning point. But you are looking down the river and it still take a good few hours. The winds are tricky in there. The guys are working everything. The navigators are on deck, the tack are on deck, the tacticians, the huffs and puffs of winds. It gets very strategic. They are probably watching James Tobin now on the river to see what the weather is on the river.Yes, we had you covered this morning for inSydney-Hobart finish. Not only do we have the live shopper shot but we are on the Derwent. If you look there, that is where the Iron Pot is situations. They come through Storm Bay and into the Derwent. We will track them live to meet you and Nick Etchells in Constitution Dock. It is going to be an exciting morning monopoly as the -- exciting morning. Yacht Tracker is suggesting they have got every chance of beating the record, which is fantastic. So let's look at the forecast around Australia.

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Well, I tell you what, I'm sure the Oatleys are pretty exit excited. Bob and Sandy, the owners, must be watching with fists clenched, white watching with fists clenched, knuckles. At one time they were suggesting the race record would be smashed and then not a chance and now it is a red-hot crack. An exciting night for the guys and girls?Yes, 12 to 14 knots, the final run home. It bit frustrating. If they can get the record, talk coming in under a minute of record time, whether you are introosailing or not, -- whether you are into sailing or not, it is going to be very, very exciting. We got it all covered. It has been a very exciting night and we are at Constitution Dock here with

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is positively different to the big rental car companies. Go with the underdog and save. # Tonight's going to be a good night # 'Wild Oats XI' Would have had a couple of tiring nights at sea. And a huff few hours ahead. -- tough few hours ahead.

But the supermaxi
is still set to claim line honours Sunrise correspondent Nick Etchells
joins me from Constitution Dock and James Tobin
is out on the Derwent River. Good morning. Nick, there's a real buzz in the air
this morning What time are we expecting
'Wild Oats' to cross the finish line and the rest of fleet?

Well, it's going to be right down to the wire. It the wire. It is going to be a matter of minutes, as you said. They are looking at sort of 7:36, but a good puff of wind either way now could end up an extra 5, 10, 15 minutes up this end. It is going to be a very tense finish as you tense finish as tense finish as mentioned. -- very tepbgs finish as you mentioned. 'Ragamuffin Loyal', in second place would bring them into Constitution Dock at 3:20 this afternoon. There has been an elastic band, if you will, right across Bass Strait and down this run between 'Wild Oats XI' and 'Ragamuffin Loyal'. That elastic band has stretched out to 52 nautical miles at time, or 25. As they head down Bass Strait, they reached incredible speeds. 'Wild Oats XI' topped out at 25 knots an hour, which is 46km/h. About the same speed that Usain Bolt runs the 100 metres. At one point, 'Ragamuffin Loyal' topped out at 56km/h. So they have been ripping along. As well as 'Wild Oats XI' hit the coastline, the wind dropped off. They have been trailing along at 7 knots for most of the night, which is why they were looking getting in 8:30ish but now the wind has kicked in and they are closing in. When the skipper arrives at Constitution Dock, in what will it be? Sort of an hour and a half, maybe? This is what he's going to be collecting. There is, I have checked, no champagne in it yet. But it's very dented and has been champagne in the past. A lot of the security situation is very different to different to the the Melbourne Cup. My cameraman Billy went up and said, " My cameraman Billy went up and said, "Can I grab this?". "Can I grab this?"., "Yeah, no worries mate, just pop it there" From our aerial shot before it looks beautiful for a recreational sale but they don't want that, they want a win?You couldn't have been a better spot than out on the Derwent this morning. There is a sou-wester, 5 to 10 knots. They will come around the Iron Pot and they will hit this little breeze. It could mean we will see a spinnaker finish, which is that big, billowing sale we see them put out and catch the wind. Which means it will be very picture means it will be very picture ecfor every -- picturesque for everyone watching at home. You can follow them live into Constitution Dock and then you and Nick Etchells can pick it up there.It is so exciting. Whether you are into sailing or not, it will be a cracker race for that invisible line that holds the record. Now back to Mel in the studio.We are loving it. It is going to be pretty and a great week to do it. We will talk to Larry soon with another update.

Also coming up on Sunrise,
the year in pictures. The images that
have come to define 2012. And a terrifying moment - a shark tank explodes
on unsuspecting shoppers. That's next.


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If it's Selleys, it works.

'Wild Oats XI' heading to the finish line, official now now in the Derwent. We have got every angle covered. A few little boats around her, that will get bigger. There are probably hundreds of spectator craft out to greet her.

Not surprisingly, the Sydney-Hobart is dominating news
across the country this morning. Ruler of the high seas, 'Wild Oats' has scored the
front page of Tasmania's 'Mercury'

I'm putting some money on it that she will get front page tomorrow too.We have got a book going on what time she'll come in. We're all hoping for a record, fingers are crossed, stay tuned.Just been updateed to 7 12:00.The closest win?Yes, the closest win.I'm in the lead.7:27.

Also making news this Sunrise - the nursing homes in Queensland reportedly using baby monitors
to keep tabs on the elderly in an effort to cut costs
and cover staff shortages. According to reports, many aged-care facilities
are even using CCTV cameras to monitor residents. An investigation has been launched
into the practice, which authorities say robs vulnerable people
of their dignity and privacy. What do you think about this - should nursing homes be allowed
to use CCTV cameras on residents?

There is no question they are under staffed. If it means better care, maybe it is OK. But it does seem a little impersonal.I would like to think it is in addition. One of the fears in a home would be depression and loneliness, so the personal contact.

Hopes for a 2013 visit from
William and Kate have been dashed due to the royal pregnancy.

Fair enough.

Palace aides have reportedly
rejigged the couple's schedule to fit around the mid-year birth
of the couple's first child. Kate will take maternity leave
from royal duties in the new year and may not leave the UK at all
for the whole of 2013. Let's hope the Duke and Duchess
can make it to Australia in 2014.

They were scheduled to come here, we had them here for an hour on the way home from the South Pacific.I hope she has a good parental plan in place.We are great family destination.TheThe baby on the beach.Give them a ride on 'Wild Oats XI'? Whatever.Maybe not just yet. But you can take it to the beach.

The terrifying moment when a shark tank
exploded onto shoppers has been caught on camera. The 33-ton aquarium, built into the entrance of a
Shanghai shopping centre, shattered. Glass shards flew towards onlookers
followed by a wave of water, carrying the sharks
and other marine life. 15 people were injured.

Could you believe it?Isn't that just... But the glass and the sharks and the water?Yes, every aquarium you have ever been to, you walk up to the window and you think what would happen? And there, " would happen? And there is it is, it does happen.Hopefully never again. Shoo I want to make a bad shark fin soup joke but I soup joke but I won't. But you are.

The news, sport and weather
is up next on Sunrise. Then we're live
to Constitution Dock in Hobart.

Larry is getting very excited.Just me and everyone else here.

Coming up - 'Wild Oats XI' on track
to take out line honours. We'll update the progress
of the supermaxi next.

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Skipper's orders, all men on the side of the boat at this point, just trying to run it flatter. 'Wild Oats XI' currently doing 15 knots, two nautical miles south-east of the Iron Pot in the mouth of the Derwent River. Those guys will go into action, if the skipper calls a sail change, the people will run all over the deck to keep the speed up. Let's get some news.

Sydney-Hobart race favourite
'Wild Oats XI' can be seen from land as it makes its way
towards the finish line. The supermaxi is now
just 15 nautical miles away from its sixth win. Its nearest competitor,
'Ragamuffin Loyal', is trailing by 46 nautical miles. 'Wild Oats' could still beat
its own record if only by just a few minutes. Controversy has surrounded
this year's race after a false start by 'Ragamuffin'
and the exclusion of 'Wild Thing'.

They could still face a protest if finish

Australian soldiers have begun
their withdrawal from Afghanistan. The Defence Force Commander
in the Middle East says the end of our troops involvement
in Afghanistan "is coming." The majority of the 1,550 personnel
currently deployed in the region with some troops
already on their way home. They're focusing on completing
their training of local forces so they're ready to take the lead.

Charges are unlikely to be laid
against the 2Day FM radio presenters involved in the royal prank call
made to a hospital in London. New South Wales police say they haven't been asked
to provide further information since initial contact was made after the death of nurse
Jacintha Saldanha. Scotland Yard sent a file
to the Crown Prosecutor earlier in the week to determine if any offences
were committed. British police would have
difficulty finding a charge. Hundreds of families
have been forced to flee after a volcano in Nicaragua
started spewing ash and hot gas. Residents living near
the San Cristobal volcano were told to leave with an alert issued
for those at highest risk. But thousand of farmers living
on the slopes are refusing to go, saying they don't want
to abandon the area. A government spokesperson says there have been 15 eruptions
recorded in the past 24 hours. The volcano has several
active craters and is part of the
Pacific Rim of Fire. The organisers for New Year's Eve
celebrations in Sydney have given their famous light show
a test run overnight. The city's iconic Harbour Bridge
was lit up with a series of dazzling displays. A flashing butterfly
looks set to take centre stage during this year's festivities. And Sydneysiders will receive
a New Year's Eve kiss with a difference.

In finance news - with investors concerned about
the US fiscal cliff deadline.

Time for sport.

Australian cricket's injury woes
have continued with Shane Watson in doubt
for the Sydney test after sustaining a calf injury
on day two of the Boxing Day test. The injury didn't hamper his batting but it is the same muscle that ruled the all-rounder out
of the first two tests against South Africa this summer. The team will take
a cautious approach to Watson for the rest of the test and is yet to decide
if he will bowl. Sydney FC has jumped off the bottom
of the A-League ladder with a last-gasp 1-0 victory
over the Central Coast. The Del Piero show came close to giving home fans
what they'd come to see just before the break. Sydney looking nothing like
the side that lost 7-2 the last time the sides met. Despite the improved performance, it took until the 89th minute
for the hosts to break through.

COMMENTATOR: Emerton! Brett Emerton scores for Sydney with two minutes to go! And it almost lifted the roof off Allianz Stadium.He is fantastic.

Sydney rivals the Wanders
threw away a win in the dying minutes
of their clash with Perth, the Glory securing a 1-1 draw.

Just a quick update on the Yacht Tracker, 'Wild Oats XI' heading into the mouth of the Derwent at the moment. These are live pictures as you can see from the mouth of the Derwent River. The elapsed time of the race is 17 hours... The leading order, 'Wild Oats XI' first, 'Ragamuffin Loyal' and then back to 'Lahana' third, 'Black Jack', 'Loki', 'Ichi Ban' 'Projected Calm'. They are projected in just off the race record. James Tobin, as they move up the Derwent River that wind will drop off so they'll slow a bit. JT, that is some shot.Mate, it is not every morning you get to experience history in the making but right now, we are travelling live down the Derwent River, in Hobart on our way to the finish line and Constitution

Wild wile, we will talk about records all morning. Eight attempt is certainly, there is Buckley's chance of them not picking up their 6th line-honours win. The question is, can they break the race record again in 2005? They made the treble, line honours, handicap honours and the race record? Well, this morning, there is a good chance, Yacht Tracker is saying we are going to do it. At the moment we are travelling around 15 knots. To the lay person, that's almost 30km/h. Isn't she a magnificent vessel? 100 foot long, on board Mark Richards, the skipper, Adr igan Kalahey and Tom Kadis who have done a magnificent job overnight navigating 'Wild Oats XI'. What could possibly be a new point in history. I tell you what, that crew will be exhausted. I have been reading the media reports overnight, I reading the media reports overnight, I think Ricco got a few minutes overnight. Larry, no-one would know aerthen -- know other than you how hard it is. But let's look at the forecast and then come back to the boat on the river.

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A broad trough over Queensland
and northern New South Wales is generating showers
and potentially severe storms. A front crossing Tasmania and
Victoria is bringing a few showers. A trough over northern WA
and the Northern Territory is triggering thundery showers.

I tell you what, being here on a power boat, you realise power boat, you realise just how fast these maxies go. We are travelling around 30km/h, the yacht's doing it just on the breeze. The technology they use these days means the yachts can travel faster than the wind. Mel, I tell you what, now we can see Constitution Dock, I am sure the guys and girls on board are feeling pretty excited about it. I bet, excited, relieved. All those lovely emotions. We're excited and we're here.All the other boats who come out in the morning, people in Hobart want to be part of this. There will be hundreds of them beyond James.It is one of the most spectacular sights in world sport, to see the winner of the race, and the record holder, to come down the river and the flotilla, as you say, hundreds of boats. There will be people running through the streets of poBart at the moment -- Hobart to of poBart at the moment -- Hobart at the moment because you want to be at Constitution Dock, hopefully, when the boat sets a record.We are loving watching this. We love that you are going next to them. We will keep an eye on it. If you are at home lying in bed with a cup of tea, relax, we will have it covered for you.

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Alright, let's go back to Larry. He's getting the party started.As only Larry can.Yes, 'Wild Oats XI' almost here, guys. Very exciting. The end is in sight. Skipper Mark Richards is ready to take his 6th Sydney-Hobart vict ra. The only thing that can go wrong now is if James Tobin crashes into him. We are seeing some sail movement now. We are live at Constitution Dock for the finish of the Sydney-Hobart with the record in sight. # This is the best night of my life #

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VOICE OVER: On 'Weekend Sunrise', what a year. From cat Stephens to that doctor from the 'Love Boat', from Tony childs to Tim Friedmann. The moments that made us think and the ones that made us laugh. 'Weekend Sunrise', from 7am tomorrow and Sunday.

A live look at 'Wild Oats XI'
through the Jetstar Skycam.

Boat cam, JT, cam indeed. They are looking for sail area for the light winds. A bit of waving to the media already from the bow. This is going to be a terrific finish. There is am sometalk this morning we could be a minute either side of the race report. It could mean the next 20 minutes in setting the run up for the Derwent will be crucial. As one sail comes down, all hands on deck. Those guys are exhausted by the way. Just pulling the sails down and packing them up would take every minuscule piece of energy they


Seven yachting commentator Rob Brown
is here to give us an expert opinion. Good morning. How would you rate
this year's race?

Good morning, how exciting is this? The perfect record is just about.

. I have got them ahead of race record time, finishing around 7:31. The only problem, when they get into the Derwent as they are now, closing to the finishing line, the wind shadows from Mt Wellington and the city, they could get into patches that slow them up. But they are doing 14, 15 knots, they just hoisted the new A0 code spinnaker, it is arounds 600 square metres believe it or not and it laz given them a lot of speed.James Tobin was saying the technology is such that the boats can move faster than the wind itself. Which is an amazing concept. Taep taep we can see

we can see here they are setting themselves up. You are talking about patchy winds on the Derwent, which means for the last hour or 40 minutes of the race they will work as hard as any time of the raceIt is a sprint for them. They have been going hard since the start of the race. What a perfect race. They nailed the start, they broke the record going out of had the heads and done a magnificent job down the east Australian coastline. The record is in sight. They are pushing this boat as hard as possibly they can. They got the sails trimmed perfectly. The adrenaline will be going ten to the dozen as they see the finishing line in sight. They got eight or nine miles to the finish line, on the left of our screen. You can see on the top of the screen, the light patch on the water. That's no

The top left hand of the screen, there is no wind up there either. This is the point they could slow down and it could be agonisingly frustrating and see that record

Bert we know for sure, this boat will get the line honours victory. For Steve Jarvin, the 11th line honours victory and no sailor has done it.We are all excited about them breaking the record. Are they focused on the timeline or they making it look beautiful coming in for a finish?These guys are totally focused on their job. They are trying to extract every ounce of boat speed out of this magnificent yacht, it is a superyacht, arguably the fastest yacht in the world. There is over 230 Sydney-Hobarts experience on board. They will be focused in to get the

speed, getting the trim, the heads on the boat, looking for the gusts of water and planning their final approach to the finishing line. What's the feeling like, Rob, you have been associated with some of Australia's greatest sailing victories. What is it like if you? Your memories of it when you first cross that line?Well, this has been not only two days in the making, they have been planning this race for over 12 months. The agonising frustration last year of getting beaten by 'Investec LOYAL', no stone has been unturned for this yacht. There will be anticipation, there will be excitement inwards but no-one will be saying anything on board. They will be totally focused on their job. We can see they are hoisting a staseal inside that code zero. This zero. This is to accelerate the air on the large sail on the right, the code zero and the mainsail. They don't want it don't want it dragging in the water because it is slow. Once they get the tension, they will sheet it on. As you know, Larry, you have done two hobarts. Everyone just locks in on their job. If the result comes, that's well and good.I was just explaining to people down here, it is a very quiet time on the boat. People expect there is lots of yelling and screaming but this is skipper Mark Richards in a small committee with tacticians looking at the puffs of winds. No-one talking more than they have to. An eerie silence on the boat?I know a good crew is one who concentrates on the job. Mark Richards is known to get a bit excited at start time but now they will be locked in on boat speed. We have just seen them role the large code zero up. So they have gone back to a head sl. So -- headsail, so it means the winds has come into the nose, which means they can't sail as close to the wind. On the right hand side of the boat, they are bringing down the code zero, like a big cone of spaghetti. There is Mark Richards steering to leward and there is Iain Murray on his right. They his right. They have been working so well. One man on board we haven't mentioned is Stu Balentiene, the Kiwi who has done yacht races around the world. He is a master for picking conditions on the ocean. But now the skiff sailors like Adrian Kalan and Iain Murray will be calling the shots.Thaenk you very -- thank you very much. Let's go to Beretts, with the Yacht Tracker and the statistics?You have giving me goose bumps, fantastic. The fleet, 'Wild Oats XI' and the current race, the record marker line on line here, coming into the Derwent. Back from there, this is 'Ragamuffin Loyal', still a fair way away. And then we go back to this little group here including 'Lahana' and 'Black Jack' which sit in third and fourth position. A quick update on where 'Wild Oats XI' is, where the standings are. The expected finish time of iled time of standings are. The expected finish
time of 'Wild Oats XI', it is expected to finish at 7:13. They are currently doing 13. currently doing 13.9 -- 14. currently doing 13.9 -- 14.9 knots, Rob, you are spot on. They are steaming up the Derwent, the expected finish time, 7:13, remember, the mark to finish, 7:40 remember, the mark to finish, -- 7:400 9. -- 7:40 and 10 seconds.I spoke half an hour ago to you and there was no-one here at all. They have had a sleep but woken up and seen the television and they are now just pouring in now. They are a couple deep now. A few of the copy shops in town have -- coffee shops have opened. The place is coming alive as news filters this will be a very exciting finish. Watch this space, I expect it to be a very different scene when I talk to you in ten minutes or so.We will be back to you soon. I will be,

, Rob, everyone is putting a time on this, 7:13 is the latest one. Is it accurate, given how unpredictable the Derwent can be? I remember pulling into the Derwent and it took us hours. You could see the finish line. Admittedly it was at night and the Derwent is famous for stopping at night in They are doing 13 to 14 knots but as they get closer to the shoreline, I think the breeze will drop. The prediction of the finish line is assuming they keep up the speed of 14 knots. But I expect them to slow down a little bit. But let's keep our fingers crossed. Hope keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully they can get there and maintain the speed. It is looking magnificent as they steam down with all the spectator craft. It makes you feel good. These blokes probably haven't seen a boat for a few days.Yes, the funny thing we talk how fantastic it is to pull up in Constitution Dock and everyone wants to say hello and you realise you haven't had a shower for three days. Gee, they worked hard. What a beautiful scene. How would they be feeling on 'Ragamuffin Loyal'? A good race but a controversial start?Yes, that will be dragged out longer in the protest hearing room later on today. Look, I think they have done a good job. They haven't had a lot of time to sail 'Ragamuffin Loyal'. And the, look, I think, realistically, the distance they are apart is really showing the standard of this boat, just how good they are. 'Ragamuffin Loyal' has got a very good crew. They've got 351 Hobarts of experience on 'Ragamuffin Loyal'. So, a, it really is just coming down to the machinery. What a picture this boat is. No stone has been unturned. Bob Oatley and the design team, John Hilderbrand, the engineer on board and Josh Whittaker, who designed the boat, the boat is perfectly prepared and this is the result. They deserve it.They do. They run a fantastic campaign. Then, you know, they talk about taking the boat apart after the race. X-raying it. Actually x-raying it over all the pieces and the bits and the pieces, making sure there is no cracks and stress fractures. They look at it that closely. That is how carefully this campaign is run.You talk about the x-ray process, that mast you are looking at now on 'Wild Oats XI' was shipped to the US to be x-rayed just before the race to make sure it was 100% to go. Isn't that one of the greatest sights you will ever see as 'Wild Oats XI' steams towards the finish line at Constitution Dock. We are all enjoying it. Seeing it around Australia and arounds the world but one guy who has the best view and who will have a smile from ear to ear, is ear, is Bob Oatley at 85. He is out there on one of the follow boats. He is too old to be competing with the guys. But he is so passionate. He flew down yesterday, flew over the yacht, checked orn the guys and -- checked on the guys and gave them a rev along. His commitment to the sport is incredible. The amount of energy and passion he has put into the yacht, making it the fastest and the best boat in the world. We be very proud of that, as Australians, we have the fastest superMaxy in the world.It was built here in Australia. McConaughey Boats in monveil, Sydney -- Monavale built the boat.It is great to waterski behind too, Larry.They are missing you right now.I don't think they are, Larry.A few smiles, a few waves to the spectator craft, the guys can smell the scallop pies they are going to get here. Talk us through the campaign? They only run in two races, 'Wild Oats XI', the Sydney-Hobart and the Audi regatta on Hamilton Island. Then they say goodbye and go to the biggest and best regattas around the world. The collection of brain power and talent on that boat is quite awesome?Yes, Larry they certainly do. They do a lot of round-the-world stuff. We are seeing 'Wild Oats XI' here, tacking. So they have just hit a bit of light air here. Sorry, Larry, I will get back to that in a second. They were steaming long, probably doing 14, 14 and a steaming long, probably doing 14, 14 steaming long, probably doing 14, and a half knots but suddenly they hit a change in wind direction and the boat slowed dramatically. It will be interesting to see what speed they are doing now. But you are right, these guys like Tod Addis and Stu Ballentyne, they will do the around-the-world yacht race and do the European and Mediterranean circuit. They are red-hot sailors who do it week in, week out.We will jump on board with James Tobin now, on the boat, they on the boat, they found a few patches? How they going?Beretts, we were travelling at 16 knots then and then we hit a patch and we all stopped. They are tacking across. I tell you what, there are so many follow and media boats at the moment. There is so much wash being created. But they got barreled by the wake of all these other boats, I guess. So right now, we are barely moving. I tell you what, being alongside 'Wild Oats XI' at the moment, is incredible. It is a sail, you think it would be quite silent but the noises that are coming off it are incredible. The creaking and moaning under the moaning under the prergz as the -- prergz as the -- precas the boat prergz as the -- precas the fights the wind. The brand new sail, the first time they used it in the race. Over 600 square metres. It is as big as two tennis courts. The proportions of this boat are immense. 100 feet longch. -- long. The Jis sails. -- gianormous sails. They must be exhausted, the crew. They have been going for close on two days, really. It looks like a finish of one day, 18 hours, and a bit. So, there is not much sleep they

You would know better than anyone else, Laz, reports are that Richo, the skipper had a matter of minutes, if an hour's sleep during the course of the race. It has been a very tactical race. At the moment, the frustration

moving what is almost away from Constitution Dock as they tack back out to try to pick up some of the breeze, must be exceegsiating. They can see the finish line.Yes.If we turn our cameras, you can see it there.What lapened with us, I will take you down memory lane. A race to get in before dark because the Derwent winds stop when it gets dark. We got in here, we could see the dock, the lights, you could almost hear the people. But you try to find every puff of wind. It might send you 50 metres or 100 metres or 150 metres and then you got to find another puff of wind. You got no energy. You are spent, you have worked hard for two days. You are tired, freezing and wet and you are lifting the sails the size of two tennis courts.You can hear the boat creaking but there is not much noise from the crew. It looks like a well-oiled machine, moving up and down the vessel. We have started to pick up speed. They were almost stationary. They are pulling down one sail and putting up one sail and putting up another. The technical terms, I have no idea. But the speed they are doing is incredible.Well, mate, I have done two Sydney-Hobarts and I think that is all they say, put up the sail, take it down. Your fingers and hands are freezing cold at this point, been wet for a couple of days, trying to get handfuls of the sale and get it off the deck. You are trying to run it as an efficient Ferrari racing

The flotilla of boats will grow by possibly hundreds. Probably the Oatleys will be on one of the nicer boats. Nick, you are with me on the dock, getting busy now?It sure is getting busy. Just gone and looked at the screens over in the media centre there. She has got 5 and a half nautical miles to go, about 9 and a half kilometres. Was until recently doing 15 knots. We are still looking at 7:13. As we get closer it is starting to look more like the record is going to fall but we don't want to jinx anyone yet. As James said, the wind could just drop right off. But it is very, very exciting. It is very, very short amount of time, 9 and a half anyways away, -- 9. away, -- 9.5 Kays away. A million places around this body of water you can find a position and I think they are all filling up.What they do as they get closer to us, there is a vibe on the dock, they do the announcements and the big screens are up. We will get a count down and real sense of excitement on the dock?Yes, exactly. The microphones have been, the speakers have been firing up right now. The announcer, I can tell you, you want to nail his shoes to the floor. He is getting very, very excited. Will be even more so, I anticipate.Alright, and of course, what happens, we have got a gathering, family and friends. There is media here. As you said, it is the interesting thing too. Because there Because there has been so much juggling of the finishing time. People will be waking up, turning on Sunrise and going, " Sunrise and going, "I got to run down there." Because they are nearly there?Exactly, I will run you through what will happen when they arrive. The finish line is 500 metres or so offshore. Then they have got to pull in the sails and come in under a motor. They will pull up in a dock behind me. The crowd is very close to where it will be going on. There will be a lot of people looking out for flying champagne corks. The skipper is obviously going to come over and have a chat with you, Larry. There will be the presentation of the trophy, we saw a little while ago here. Obviously, all the family of everyone on board, all the race officials and fans will be crowding afor that one. It is definitely standing room only.We are talking just a few minutes away at this point. Little gusts of wind are they need to fill the sails and just keep the momentum up. Stay with us, it is live and very exciting. If you can come back to me, this is where they will be tying up. I will do my best to grab a rope and we will certainly grab the skipper as soon as he steps off. grab the skipper as soon as he steps off. The crowd so close. I got news for you, you are going to be able to smell these guys, they stink!Laz, you got to get them before they head to the Customs House hotel for the official Bundy and Cokes. The official finish time is 7:10. So Yacht Tracker is saying four or five minutes. It will take longer, they have four nautical miles to cover. The latest speed was 14 nautical nots. They are probably under 10 knots a as they try to find the wind. Rob Brown did a good job explaining, the smooth water, there is no wind. Where it is choppy, that is where the wind is and they are chasing. You can see how much they slowed down to find the wind. But imagine a marathon, and now you got to climb a rockface to get to the finish. It is move forward and peg it in and not lose time. Now they are starting to pick up speed. You can see by the actions of the crew on deck, they are pointing to where the wind is. Mark Richards on the helm looking for the wind. Iain Murray, one of our most decorated yachtsman looking for the wind. This is where the real tension just combination of so many emotions, the adrenaline of getting to the line, being a record-holder but just that frustration of wanting to get there. Yes, Mark, very tense time. But these guys are very, you know, they have done this before. They know they can't do anymore than what they're doing. They've gone back to this very large A 0, a code zero, that's 600 sqairt metre -- -- square metre front sail, Bob Oatley must own a wine company.I think he does. I haven't heard of it.Just to put it in terms we understand, that's the size of two tennis courts they put up on the front of the boat, a giant sheet, size of two tennis courts to drag them across the line. That's correct. Bh we look at this shot, we can see how patchy the winds is. The dark parks are the wind speed, where they are headed, it gets very patchy. I wouldn't mind in the next minute they will probably tack over and go on to starboard tack. The other thing we haven't minced, the -- mentioned, the Derwent River is always flowing outwards, an ebb tide. Not only in light winds but pushing current as well. The golden rule to stay away from the wind shadows areas you work the right-hand side of the Derwent River, the nor eastern shore. At the moment they are probably in the middle. But guys like Steve vargen, Iain Murray, Adrian Carvin, their minds will be focused on the patch. The dark patch at the top of the screen is what they are looking for. They will get init the light patch -- into the light patch and tack over. -- into the light patch and tack over.. The finish line is the top left of the screen, so about 4 nautical miles to go. I think it will be line ball, to be honest.Oh boy! Very close.Rob, it is interesting. There are people on this boat. It is a 6th sense, it this boat. It is a 6th sense, hard to describe, they can see the wind and predict the wind to the second when the gusts of wind can hit the sail?Yes, Larry, dead right. People think your ears are on your face to listen but they are actually to feel the wind.(laughs) the wind.(laughs).You can see where they are pointing to, the dark patch of water on the top right of the screen, it is what they are looking at. Another one to the left, they want to link in with the gust, tack over and Hoad more -- head more directly to the finishing line. Alright, the flotilla being very well behaved. The Hobart boaties very well versed in what to do on the water, not interfering with the big boats and giving them lots of room. Understanding what they do next, turn left or right, you can't sit on their shoulder. But James Tobin is next to them and looking spectacular.I am soaking it up. I am so glad we can bring you these pictures arounds Australia. Right next next to 'Wild Oats XI'. A remarkable race. The distance from Sydney-Hobart. To think they happen pipped by just minutes, just minutes over that distance is phenomenal. This year, they just had a fantastic race. Overnight, they had some big strong winds, they were also fighting periods with a little wind. But the navigators have done a fantastic job, along with the skipper, Mark Richards, and the rest of the crew to find a fantastic path from Sydney-Hobart. When you talk about records, this boat has so many. From eight attempts they have won six times. Adrian The demail navigator on board, racing in her navigator on board, racing in twenty-first Sydney-Hobart, more than any other woman in history. -- the female navigator on board. They got the treble, line honours, handicap and race honours in 2005. This is the only boat that has done it. This year, we look like we could have another race record. It is just a phenominal swag of awards this boat hasz.If they are going to do the record, they have to do it in the next sqh is in what we -- next? What we calling it? 10 or 15 minutes. If you have been below on the boats, the navigation station is the boats, the navigation station the boats, the navigation a cubicle big one for or two people. It is OK at the moment but when the boat is coming across Bass Strait and being smashed by 4 or 5 metres, that cubicle is horrible. You got it well covered there, mate?We got bird's eye and Yacht Tracker. But they are coming into a calm patch. They areic looing for the -- they are looking for the next stretch of wind as Rob pointed out. Very tense. It is 7 12:00, Australian eastern daylight saving time. It is 6:15 in Queensland. They got to cross the line by 7:40 and 10 seconds to break the record. Gee, they got 20 minutes or so, a bit more to or so, a bit more to try to squeeze across the line. Three nautical miles to cover in that period to break the race record. Just while we watch them slow and try to keep moving, spare a thought for the rest of the fleet. Looking at the Yacht Tracker, here in Hobart is 'Wild Oats XI' crossing the line. Back from there, is 'Ragamuffin Loyal' in second, and 'Lahana' and 'Loki' and that group, all the way, still off the Victorian coast, at Mallacoota, almost on the New South Wales coast is 'Inca' two withdrawals, 'Living Doll' pulled out last. Doll' pulled out last.. ', is 'Inca' two withdrawals, 'Living
Doll' pulled out last.. 'Inca' is at the tail end and 'Wild Oats XI' is at the pointy end, trying very hard to get to you, Larry Emdur.This to get to you, Larry Emdur.This is the cruel thing. A lot of the guys from 'Wild Oats' and 'Ragamuffin Loyal' will be back with their family having a bath while those boats are still hammering across Bass Strait. But a lot of those guys like it too. There are a lot of traditional sailors in the race who love being on the smaller boats with their mates. In fact, aren't into the Ferraris and the supermaxies. They want to do it old school. 'Wild Oats XI' slowing down somewhat. We are trying to get that race record. It is going to Lappin -- it is going to happen one way or another live on Sunrise. Little patches of water. We are looking for the rippley patches or the dark patches which show the wind. But the power boats nearby slowing down. It looks like you are coming into a real slow bit at the moment?You can see the forced smiles on the yachtsmen. I can almost feel the frustration they have got. They have been flying overnight. Reaching speeds of 28 knots, the equivalent of 50 claclaur and then the -- claur -- kilometres per hour and now crawling through the Derwent, suching for -- searching for speed. There are two yellow buoys they have to yellow buoys they have to pass. An invisible line between the two of them. It is where the clock officially stops. I am not sure if we are going to live pictures, I am hearing Constitution Dock, we can see it is only, looks like only a couple of kilometres away but it is so deceptive when you are on the water. But it feels like we have picked up speed and the breeze has picked up where we are sitting on the Derwent River. For the yachtsmen and women on board, it must be frustrating. Not doing any work and hoping the breeze picks up.JT, you hoping the breeze picks up.JT, can use the technology as much as you like but all the trained sailors are looking for the paths. I imagine it is pretty quiet but everyone just looking and trying to communicate if they see something, or if they see a patch or a path to patch or a path they see something, or if they see a patch or a path to get the message through to the skipper, Mark Richards?You can see them scouring. It is quiet in terms of wind but not traffic. As we made our way from the mouth of the Derwent Constitution Dock we have been picking up boats at fast speed and four or five choppers above, which are very noisy. You hear the creak, the moaning and straining of 'Wild Oats XI' as it XI' as it bends and flexes in the breeze. It is truly remarkable to be this close to a 100 foot soup maxy. It is an engineering feet. The depth the keel goes down, the keel can shift and move as the weight of the boat needs to be changed is phenomenal. The technology inside these supermaxies is just phenomenal.JT, Beretts was talking before...Yes. Sorry, Laz?Beretts was saying before the Oatleys are obviously out there somewhere. Have you spotted them? The biggest support boat directly behind?Yes, the wed boat behind 'Wild Oats XI' is the support boat and I imagine the Oatleys are on board. When I saw it coming in, they were the people with the biggest smiles on their face. They love the sport of sailing and the Sydney-Hobart is one of the biggest races in the world. 'Wild Oats XI' hasn't just excelled in the Sydney-Hobart but this year they had an incredible run. They won, and also had a new record in the Sydney/ also had a new record in the Sydney/Gold Coast and also the Cabbage Tree race, they beat their previous 2010 record. So this year has certainly led a fantastic race for the Sydney-Hobart. It looks like all that preparation has really paid off as we make our way in, hopefully for another race record but certainly a win.Rob Brown in the studio. Call it? Record or no?I'm saying record.(Bere Woohooo) saying record.(Bere Woohooo). The crew have moved from the foredeck to the rail, they have gone into the new pressure band of speed and doubled their speed. Probably doing 8 or 9 knots. I would say looking at the photos, they are probably off Sandy Bay so one and a half knots to go -- one and a half miles to go at 10 knots, they will do it.We know they are getting close because they just put the nice close because they just put the nice tablecloth on the trestle table under the trophy.Always a good sign.Rob has called it. You got the technology, give us the scientific view. Record?I think it is going to be a record. I think they are cruising to the line now and giving it everything. You talk about technology. Rob, I want to talk to you about this, but the keel redeveloped for the boat, let me explain it

it is called a canding keel. They can move it, what pushes it are two giant hydraulic rams and they push it to where they want the boat to gose faster. Gauche gauche to go fast -- -- to go faster. New is the fins down the bottom. It is is giving 'Wild Oats XI' the speed this year. I know they have a forward keel as well, a retractable keel, that would be

But the new technology seems to be working beautifully.You are wrong, they have got the forward dagger board down.There you go.(laughs) board down.There you go.(laughs). What lapins the -- whop happens, the large sail is out and keeping the boat out of balance. So you have got to use the dagger board. We showed it in the start of the Sydney-Hobart, they have got the dagger board down which means Mark Richards who is driving can keep the aft rudder straight. So that dagger board is doing its job right now.We just heard, we are only two or three minutes away from what will be a record-breaking run from 'Wild Oats XI'. Fantastic scenes down here at Constitution Dock. Hundreds of people have moved to the edge of the dock to get a better view of history in the making. And just a spectacular finish. They couldn't have hoped for anything better. Rob, last couple of minutes on the way in. Got this one in the bag by the looks of things?I think so. I just heard two or three minutes away but the boat has slowed down again. They are pushing current. Let's just hope and pray the breeze hangs in for a few more minutes. There is a bit of shake of a hand on board. Looks like John Hilderband, the technical engineer on board. So they think they are going to do it. Robbie Nay monopoly spigt from New Zealand is trimming it. They would be feeling good -- Robbie Naysmith. That left-hand boy on -- buoy on the side of the screen is the finishing line. Plenty of choppers, plenty of people escorting them in. Rg, they -- Rob, that first rum and Coke will taste good.They will get several. They just hit a light patch, the breeze has gone on the nose, the sails are flapping.Oh...So they are furling up the code zero. The two yellow marks, literally two or three boat lengths from the finish. Over to you, Larry.Beretts, well within the record?This is great. Just an amazing moment in sport when you see this incredible yacht. All that technology, that skilled crew. Here they are crossing the line to take a record 6th Sydney-Hobart. Fantastic. New race record will fall today. It is one day, 18 hours, 23 minutes have elapsed and make that about 10 seconds as they get set to cross the line, Rob.No, it's across the line! There is the gun, 'Wild Oats XI', congratulations, race record! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Now they can relax.

. Comment ladies and gentlemen, 'Wild Oats XI' has crossed the line to take the line position and a record speed. It has been tremendous.They smashed the record. That's almost 20 minutes inside the record, which in yachting terms is an incredible achievement?Most. The average they had to coverage the 628 nautical miles was an average of 15 knots. They have done it by 15 minutes or so, it is a fantastic achievement.This is the good bit. These guys have run an incredible campaign, look at this, cheers and chugs. -- cheers and hugs. It surprises me how quickly they turn around. They will step off and do the media and formalities and the support crew will jump in. This boat will be back to Sydney-Hobart in a few hours?They might hang around and have not only one jug of rum and Ceke but several.You want to keep that boat moored in Hobart and let people enjoy this moment. I would be surprised if the Oatleys rush the boat off. They might keep it there for a few days. I know, Larry, traditionally they turn them around but I wonder if they will leave it there and let people enjoy it. It has been at least 12 months in the preparation of the record and win. Last year, Bob Oatley gave them a kick up the backside and said, " kick up the backside and said, "Why didn't you win." This is the result of the determination. There is Adrian Carlan, the navigator with Tom Addis. She hasn't finished. She spends all her time looking at the screen. Mark Richards taking his wet-weather jacket off and Iain Murray. They are feeling very pleased. There is Sandy Oatley and I think Rob Mundell is there somewhere. I am sure he will spruik the victory for the next 12 months. It is a great atmosphere on 'Wild Oats XI', there is the feeling they do want to do it for Bob. He is not on the yacht competing but very much part of it. So passionate and a real pioneer for Australian sailing. You are spot on, Rob, the mest technocljically advanced -- technologically advanced. And if we can just extend back to the London Olympics, Australian sailing has dominated the world.I think there is a bit of a tear in Bob's eye. Fantastic.Rob, you notice he has got the stick with him, he wasn't going to kick them in the bum, he was going to him them with the stick if they didn't get across.What a great year for sailing. We won three gold medals and a silver. The Australian sailing team have done well. And a silver medaling in the Paralympics. Sails wog the top Olympics sport in Australia.

It will put the focus on sailing.We are pretty good at it and will stay that way.Just some tidying up. We can See them just off the dock. Once they get the mainsail down, they are into us and the celebrations can begin?I am sure the guys won't even feel the pain of no sleep.'Wild Oats XI' has won the 6th line honours victory in one day, 18 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds. To take the trophy. A round of applause, Hobart.Fantastic effort. Isn't it a great place to finish, Hobart? This is a city that really embraces this event. The crowds come running down the street. They know when the yachts are coming in. They are watching, monitoring and they get there and watch it and bring their boats out as well. That shot with 'Wild Oats XI' coming down with enormous flotilla and the boats arounds it is unique. It is unique to Hobart and such a special place for an event like this.You are exactly right, Beretts. There wonderful thing, there is so many boats out there for second, third and fourth. Even the last boats after three or four or five days, there will still be a bunch of people from Hobart in boats jumping and cheering. It is such a Hobart-centric event. They put the Hobart Food Festival on as well. It is wonderful to see the last boats coming in and they won't be on their own. Here it is, very exciting. James Tobin has just jumped on board 'Wild Oats XI'. Not sure if he has been invited or not. JT, go?

Permission to come aboard, sir? Granted.Congratulations, line honours, new race record.It was close, only just a race record but you know what? 2005 was a great year but this year was that much better. Fantastic a great result for the whole team. We are stoked.At one point we had you for smashing the race record and another point it was going to be slow?A very tricky night. The breeze died and the new southerly was coming threw, which we knew but it was soft. Very testing. A lot of sail changes and wore ourselves into the ground but the guys did a great job and here we are.Looking at Yacht Tracker you did huge speeds overnight. Tell us about when you hit the Derwent and p wind pulls up and the boat is almost stationary?It always happens. You get here at night time and it is very frustrating. But you got to chip away. It is all part of the Sydney-Hobart and it is part of coming up the Derwent. Good to be here.Sailing is all about a team. This crew is a crew that sticks together?Absolute absolutely. We have been together for a long time. A great bunch of people and all good mates. When the going gets tough, they get tougher and it is fantastic? The navigators, Adrian, the first Australian woman to have done 21 Sydney-Hobarts. Tell me about the job they have done? They have done a great job. It is very involved navigating. A lot of work all through the night, constant meteorology updates. But they can't predict what is going to lap -- happen half the time. It is a very stressful time but they handled it well and they got the reward.You spoken to Bob or Sandy Oatley yet? They are here, can't wait to get to the dock and give them a big hug. Congratulations, this boat Congratulations, this boat is a sporting hero.We are very proud of it.Sailing in Australia couldn't be in a better place right now?How many places in the world have this sort of fleet racing? None. It is pretty cool. To be part of the history of it is just fantastic. I don't know, just a great day for the 'Wild Oats XI' team.Beretts has a question. I will relay it?Firstly, wig him con-- condition him congratulations from us and secondly, he hit something the first night.Firstly, congratulations from entire Sunrise team. You hit something on the first night? What was it?We don't know, it hit one of the dagger boards, it must have been a log. We thought it could have been Beretts' waterski. He could have waterskied across bat strass yesterday.Only two boats retired so far, does it mean conditions were favour rlg someThey were but we blew out a blew out a spinnaker and lost some gear, testing times.You won the Sydney-Gold Coast andcap cabbage Tree islands. What is left?We got to go for No. to go for No.Seven. It is good stuff, Bob is really excited. Happy for Bob. See what happens next year. You will be back? The crew will be back? Seven Sydney-Hobart wins, not seven Sydney-Hobarts in hoteal might I -- total. How is everyone feeling? They are over the moon. Even though we beat the record only by 15 minutes, it was a challenge to get here. Last year being beaten by three mibts -- minutes was disappointing. We have beaten 'LOYAL' by hours today. It is great. There is no-one more excited than BerettsHe is screaming in my ear. Another question?Ask about the technology. They did a lot under the boat? Did it make a difference? Beretts is asking about the technology under the boat. Did it make a big difference?It did help, no question. In this race, we didn't use a lot of the modifications, just for the light stuff at the finish of the race. It helped us for sure, but for the majority of the race it was business as usual.We saw the big new sail, the size of two tennis courts come out on the Derwent?Yes, 700 square metres. It does its job. It is very powerful and certainly a useful tool at the finish.I think you deserve to enjoy with the crew. Congratulations. Enjoy the rum and Coke. Back to you, Laz.Here is my hot tip. Get off the boat now, if you are on the boat when it pulls in, you have got to help clean up. You will be swimming.I am out of here, I'll swim.Get off the boat. Have a chat to Adrian too. He is just there.Congratulations.Thanks very much.Like your twenty-first birthday party.I know, I feel like I'm 21.For everyone watching, down there, that is the gavination pit, that is where Adrian and Tom, the two navigators who have taken turns since Sydney, the entire voyage. For the average person who gets seasick, what is it like for you?Come on down.We are going down.That's going to be ugly.I'm going to have to hand the microphone down to you, but tell me, the journey from Sydney.Take a deep breath.The first part was rough, yo