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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Home straight - 'Wild Oats' chasing a race record. We're live to Hobart for the closing stages of the Sydney to Hobart. Bottle ban - the plan to ban the sale of all glass from bottle shops on New Year's Eve. Scorcher in the west - bushfires for Perth as the city swelters through a major heatwave. Last-minute push - Obama cuts Christmas as the US looks certain to head over the fiscal cliff. Poised for victory - Clarke's record-breaking century puts the Aussies in the box seat. 2012 in the news - the stories that captivated hearts across the globe and truly shaped our year. And the royal baby - Kate's maternity leave plans and that trip down under. Good morning to you shall everybody. I hope you're having a fantastic Friday. The weekend is now upon us, although it has felt like the weekend all week! It's strange, the post-Christmas week. Good morning, Alisha.We hope you're enjoying the rest of your holidays if you're having a week off work. We've got plenty on the show for you this morning. TG is back in the house. Oh!You talked about this week and I was talking to a few people. You almost want a zipper down the side, don't you? You need it at this time of the year.Is this time for pants to be elast sized?Or just to go out.Happy Friday, team.Happy Friday, team. I feel like I should have said that. We should do the hands.We did it!


That. Let's get some news with Sylvia this morning. Good morning, guys, and good morning to you at home. The crews competing in the Sydney to Hobart have spent their last night at sea but the final few hours have been anything but smooth sailing. Nine's Justine McKenzie is waiting for the yachts to arrive at Constitution Dock. Good morning, Justine. A particularly bad night for the crew of 'Living Doll'. What was the problem?Yeah, it was a bad night. 'Living Doll' had to retire with a broken rudder. But we're hearing that all the crew on board are safe and well. Their families have been notified that it will take at least until around midday tomorrow before they can be towed into shore. We're hearing word of yet another retirement. 'Primitive Cool' has pulled out with a damaged mainsail. It wouldn't be a Sydney to Hobart without a bit of drama. Very disappointing for them. How is the rest of the racetracking?It's certainly still all about 'Wild Oats XI'. Currently, she's tracking about 35 nautical miles ahead of 'Ragamuffin Loyal', well set to claim line honours. She thud do that fairly easily. As for beating the record she set back in 2005 - well, yesterday it looked like she'd do it really easily, but today not so much. It's just too close to call. It really all depends on the weather gods, Sylvia. Not long to go now, Justine. We'll check in with you a bit later. Thank you. Homes east of Perth have been under threat overnight by a raging bushfire which destroyed sheds and fences. The blaze at should low was reported shortly before eight o'clock local time last night and took several hours to bring under control. 70 firefighters spent the night strengthening containment lines and mopping up. Power to the area was cut after electricity lines came down. The state has sweltered through horror bushfires this week, with temperatures soaring into the 40s. Perth is once again in for a top of 40 degrees later today. The national holiday road toll has climbed to 23 after a man was killed when he was hit by a truck just south of Brisbane. The 25- year-old was parked on the side of the Logan Motorway around 9:30 last night, and was struck while standing on the road. He died at the scene, while the driver of the B double wasn't injured. Our troops in Afghanistan have begun shipping back millions of dollars worth of military equipment as they begin the final stages of their mission and prepare to come home. News Limited reports non- essential gear such as armoured vehicles are being flown back to Australia via Dubai for clearance checks. Defence officials were trying to send back equipment before air and road routes become jammed as other ally nations also begin withdrawing. Commanders say they are focused on preparing Afghan forces to take over before the coalition leaves. There are calls for the Victorian Government to build another psychiatric centre for high-risk patients after a 27-year-old man was found dead inside a Melbourne mental health hospital. The victim, a patient, is believed to have been killed by another person being treatedty Thomas Embling Psychiatric Hospital. Unions say the facility is essentially a hospital with a secure wall around it and guards aren't positioned in wards. NSW Police says it doesn't expect 2Day FM DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian to be charged over the royal phone hoax. Scotland Yard said it had sent a file to British prosecutors to consider whether any criminal offences had been committed. But the NSW Deputy Commissioner says investigators in the UK haven't asked for further information or interviews with the hosts. Jacintha Saldanha took her own life three days after transferring the call at a British hospital. And you can contact Lifeline if you need any help or support. The death toll from severe winter storms in the United States has now risen to six. The widespread weather is wreaking havoc for travellers while more than 30 tornadoes have torn through the south. In Bloomington, Indiana, they've not just had a white Christmas, more a total white-out. Despite their best efforts, trying to shift around 30cm of snow wasn't proving easy, with more falling every hour. We're fighting a losing battle, but it's still one worth fighting.The severe winter weather system has brought huge parts of America to a standstill, causing problems for those trying to reach their relatives on the roads. The icy weather also grounding aeroplanes, with many finding themselves stuck in airports when they should be heading home after the holidays. Oh! What are you going to do? Further south, they didn't need to worry about the snow. Instead, it was tornadoes. On Christmas Day, 34 twisters were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, tearing up trees and destroying buildings and powerlines. It's left more than 200,000 people without electricity and a state of emergency has been declared.I was screaming and hollering. I mean, I was just scared to death. In parts of New York state, the storm has gone down a little better. Skiers and snowboarders ready to take advantage of the extra snowfall.There's a lot of powder. It's coming down fast. Tomorrow should be even better. So we're just enjoying it. We have the whole place to ourselves tonight.But in New York and Maine, it's probably a bit too early to think about clearing up. People are being warned to stay indoors, with up to 46cm of snow expected in the next 24 hours. President Barack Obama and most of the US Congress have cut their holidays short in a last-ditch effort to avoid America falling over the so-called fiscal cliff. The end-of-year deadline is just days away and could push the country back into recession. Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock has more for us this morning. Good morning, Denham. Can you explain for us what the fiscal cliff really means?Yeah. This is an interesting one. About six months ago they needed to borrow more money to keep the economy and everything running, basically. So the two parties couldn't come to an agreement, so they did this deal. And what it means is these budget cuts that would come into effect would be so catastrophic, so absolutely terrible for the country, that they would be forced into making some sort of deal before January 1. Well, here we are just a few days out and that deal has not come and it looks very likely that the US is going to go over that cliff. When people are talking about this, what they mean is deep cuts right across the government - CIA, FBI, Homeland, the military. Almost every department will find it hard to operate as they are at the moment. And the average American is really going to be hit hard. If you're on around $40,000 or $50,000, you're looking at a $3,000 to $4,000 tax increase that would kick in almost immediately, which means consumer spending will drop into a hole. Retail would also go down the tubes, and they are saying that it will kick-start another recession if all of these things go into play. So there are desperate talks going on at the moment. But the problem is, we think we may have gone already too far to be able to turn back and at least solve this for good.Gus an agreement, though, between the Democrats and Republicans look likely at all?A full agreement - almost absolutely 100% will not happen. That's how far apart they are on this. The President - you can see him there stepping off Air Force One - he's come back, cut his holiday from Hawaii short. The Senate has been called back. They're hoping to do some sort of stop-gap measure to get them through a few months before they can hammer out a real deal. As you know, it's a $16 trillion economy here and Australia is tied to it, along with the top 10 nations, economy-wise, in the world. If they go into a hole here, we all will feel it. Starbucks - there are many people trying to do something about it. Starbucks is doing their little bit in Washington. For the first time ever, they've started to put some signage on the side of their cups saying, "Please come together." So people ordering their lattes and coffees in the morning and what they hope - the sign there - especially politicians, that it might kick-start things. I think it will take more than a cup of coffee to solve this one.Desperate times indeed. Denham, thank you. Looking at the markets now:

With Christmas done and dusted, it's beginning to look a lot like New Year's Eve. The engineers behind one of the world's most spectacular fireworks displays are putting the finishing touches on Sydney's extravaganza. They spent the night testing the lights on the Harbour Bridge, with this year's impressive display set to include butterflies and kissing lips. Meanwhile, telcos are upgrading their networks ahead of the busiest night of the year. More than 230 million texts are expected to be sent from Australian mobiles, up 50% from last year. There you go. It will be a big night.That is a huge night. It's really hard to send texts out that night.It's impossible sometimes. Do something about it, telcos. You've got to get it going. Thanks, Sylvia.Let's look at the national flyaround for you :

Now, let's get some sport. A lot was happening yesterday, Timmy and a lot today. A massive day of cricket to come, of course, and we're close to the finish line in the Sydney to Hobart. 'Wild Oats' is chasing its own record, picking up pace, as we are, this morning.

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Welcome back, everybody. Let's get the front pages of the papers today. "Ruler of the high seas" - the Hobart 'Mercury' says only a catastrophic mistake are gear failure can deprive glamour Supermaxy 'Wild Oats XI' of an historic double in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race.The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says Michael Clarke yesterday scored an impressive 106, which is also his average, achieved previously in a calendar year only by Bradman, Sobers and Ponting. The 'Australian' reports the withdrawal of Australian troops from Afghanistan has begun, and millions of dollars worth of equipment is already on its way home."Kept like babies" - the 'Courier-Mail' reports baby monitors are being used in nursing homes in a move authorities say is robbing vulnerable residents of their dignity and threatening their safety.The 'Herald Sun' says the Royal Children's Hospital needs help to cope with a huge increase in emergency patients as parents turn their back on other hospitals and GPs.The 'Age' reports an epic 20km traffic jam choked Melbourne's busiest arterial road on Thursday as planned maintenance works on the West Gate Bridge slowed traffic to a crawl all the way from West Sunshine to Malvern. The 'Advertiser' says criminals are manipulating the legal system and costing taxpayers up to $90,000 every time they sue the state's prisons over alleged shower falls, lost property and other frivolous matters.The 'West Australian' reports 19-year-old Collingwood defender Marley Williams has been accused of breaking another teenager's jaw outside a nightclub in Albany yesterday morning.The 'Northern Territory News' says a man is in custody after police swooped following reports of an armed man threatening people in Darwin's northern suburbs.The 'Daily Telegraph' shows Oscar hopeful Russell Crowe and billionaire casino-owner James Packer walking in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs yesterday. The unlikely duo were caught doing a random set of roadside push-ups, both clearly wanting to maintain their newly acquired slimline fiss yeek. Do you do that on the side of the road?Just when I go out for the milk, especially if Rusty is out there watching.It doesn't happen overnight.Certainly not. You've got to work hard.Black's a good colour. I know that. As we heard earlier, 'Wild Oats XI' is picking up the pace and needs to if she's going to break the 2005 race record as the fleet of this year's Sydney to Hobart nears Constitution Dock. 'Wild Oats' needs to finish within nine seconds of the clock hitting 7:40am this morning to claim the record. The Supermaxy maintained her lead over defending champion 'Ragamuffin Loyal' during the night. A strong southerly front saw the race's first casualty, 'Living Doll' pulling out with a broken rudder. There are 74 yachts still in the race. Shane Watson's injury curse has struck again, the all-rounder in doubt for the final Test in Sydney. He suffered another calf strain while bowling on day one in Melbourne. Australia in the box seat heading into day three. They will resume at 8/440. Mitchell Johnson is unbeaten at the crease on 73. The big paceman is just as handy with the bat, blasting six boundaries. But the day belonged to Michael Clarke, the skipper scoring his maiden Test century at the MCG, passing Ricky Ponting's record of 1,544 runs in a calendar year.You know, if I'm helping this team have success, then I feel like that's part of my job. It's my responsibility as leader to make sure I'm helping this team have success and, um, yeah, as long as we keep winning, that's my priority. Coverage again later this morning on Nine. Australia leads by 284 runs and two wickets in hand. Still on cricket and a vintage knock from Brad Hodge has guided the Melbourne Stars to their fourth straight Big Bash win. The Stars scraped home by eight runs against the Strikers. Hodge top-scored with 88 from 58 balls two days shy of his 38th birthday. He turned back the clock smashing 10 fours and 3 sixes. He fell to Callum Ferguson in the deep but the damage was done. Kieron Pollard did his best in reply, the big West Indian scoring an unbeaten 65, belting 17 runs from the last over. Oh! It could be 110! It could be 120! What a huge hit over mid-off. He was fired up. It wasn't enough. The Stars stealing second spot from the Strikers with their fourth win in five matches. A bumper night in the A-League. A last-minute goal to Brett Emerton lifting Sydney FC off the bottom. The Sky Blues beat the Mariners 1-0 at Allianz stadium. Earlier, Wellington were too good for the Heart and a late equaliser secured Perth a one-all draw with the Wanderers. A fourth straight win was looking likely for Western Sydney but Glory substitute Nick Ward had other ideas, a nice volley in the 78th minute ensuring the points were split. In Sydney, fans had to wait until the 89th minute for a result.Brett Emerton scores for Sydney with two minutes to go. It's almost lifted the roof off Allianz stadium.Yeah, it went off. Earlier a double from Jeremy Brockie saw the Phoenix climb to sixth on the ladder. That's a comprehensive look at sport. It's a little over two hours away until 'Wild Oats XI' is due in. We'll be on air. We'll be following it. Let's check in with the weather in the major centres now.

Let's catch up with some gossip from Hollywood. We're going to speak to Michele Mahone over there. Michele, what's happening?Well, did Miley sires sneak off and get married? Some interesting pics coming up.

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What a moment that was. Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner made history this year when he plunged to the earth from the edge of space. We're going to show you all the moments, including that one, that defined 2012, a bit later on this morning.It's white-knuckle stuff looking at that. I know he's going to be safe but it's still scary. Also this morning - the finish of the Sydney to Hobart. Leader 'Wild Oats XI' needs to finish at 7:40 and nine seconds this morning to beat the race record. We'll cross live to Constitution Dock as it happens.We'll take that live so make sure you stay tuned. The record back inside again.You think? Good stuff. Time for the Hollywood gossip this morning with Michele Mahone. Hey, Michele. Did Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth get hitched?Well, you decide. Have a look at the pictures. She posted some photos on Instagram and look at Liam's left hand. It looks like a wedding band and then Miley posted one of herself in a way-awesome Santa get-up and it looks like she has on two rings. So I don't know if they got married, but I love the outfit. I love me some costumes. Do it.They've certainly been ring-shopping. We know that for sure. Speaking of rocks, Kate Winslett has tied the knot for the third time. Who's the lucky guy? And what is that last name?Well, his mama named him Abel Smith but he legally changed his name to Ned Rocknroll. That's one word. I kid you not. It was a quiet ceremony with Kate's two children from her two previous marriages in attendance. If you're worrying why she would marry someone with that name, he is the nephew of billionaire businessman Richard Branson. Explains a lot, doesn't it? I don't know if she took his last name but somebody on Facebook suggested Kate Rocknroll Winslett. I like it.Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart fly in style. He's Luke Skywalker. The dude can fly. Come on. They went flying with their 11-year-old son, Liam, and his three older children. They don't have to pay for extra luggage since it's their own plane. That's the good news. He said he owns six aeroplanes but he can only fly one at a time. See, that's rich-people humour. Yeah. Also, Kelly Clarkson - I'm a big fan of hers - she's received a large gift from a fan. What was it? A big old bra. She says she loves her fans because they're funny and inappropriate and have a great sense of humour and the bra read, "We support you." Very clever. She said that she dreams daily ofeting -- of getting an addition, shall we say, but she's scared to do it. It brings new meaning to the term "stocking stuffer".That's a really strange gift, even by Tom Jones standards. That's strange. Thanks, Michele. We'll catch up with you soon. 'Wild Oats XI' is on track to claim line honours in the Sydney to Hobart, but can they do it in record time? We're going to cross live to Constitution Dock.And more news on the royal baby, including Kate's maternity leave plans and that much-hoped-for royal visit to Australia. It's time for more news with Sylvia. 'Wild Oats XI' holds the commanding lead in the Sydney to Hobart with the race record back in sight as the fleet makes its way into Hobart. The supermaxi is currently a minute under her 2005 time. 'Wild Oats' is expected to sail into Constitution Dock at 7:39am. She needs to finish within nine seconds of the clock hitting 7:40am to claim the record. West Australian firefighters are keeping a close eye on a bushfire burning at Chidlow, east of Perth. Residents were told overnight to either evacuate or actively defend their homes as the fast-moving fire approached. Four structures and fences have been destroyed since the fire was first reported last night, but the blaze has now been contained. It's set to be another scorcher in WA today with the mercury once again forecast to soar to 40 degrees. Live now to Emma Freedman, who joins us with the latest on the weather. Good morning, Em. Still no sign of a reprieve in sight, is there?Unfortunately not, Sylvia. That hot weather is going to continue for Perth for at least a couple of days. On Christmas Day, the mercury topped 39.6 degrees, making it Perth's fifth-hottest Christmas Day on record. And for 2012, it was the hottest capital city of anywhere around the world. 37.5 on Boxing Day. As you mentioned, it's set to tip 40 degrees today and 41 degrees apiece for both weekend days. It's all due to the dry, hot, north-easterly winds which are currently circulating a high-pressure system drawing in all the heat from the interior of the country. Unfortunately, though, today, there are fire weather warnings for many parts of the state, including the central west, the southern interior and Gascoigne regions. No fire bans are in place, but the CFA are alerting people to stay vigilant and to monitor the updates from that organisation. The good news is that the first sign of relief will come in the first day of 2013, New Year's Day, when the mercury will dip to 34 degrees, the first time it has dipped below 38 in over a week! They'll be looking forward to that. And Emma will have a full New Year's Eve forecast for us a little later in the show. Well, there has been a major push for alcohol-fuelled glassings in Victoria to be put to an end on New Year's Eve. Liquor shops are being urged to not sell any bottled drinks on the day. Nine reporter Emily Rice joins us with more. Good morning, Emily. Is this a workable solution?Well, Sylvia, it does have the support of many hoteliers, police and councils. So the Victorian Liquor Authority wants bottle shops and other places that sell alcohol to stop selling alcohol packaged in glass from 9am New Year's Eve. Now, as you know, there's a lot of alcohol packaged in glass, so it may seem a tough ask. But they are in support, because trials last year showed that it does work in some seaside towns and some suburbs. It does curb glassings and does curb the amount of glass litter, which can cause accidental injuries. Not surprisingly, some hoteliers and some bottle shop-owners say it is unworkable. Most of their alcohol is packaged in glass and, ultimately, it's the consumer that will suffer, particularly the law- abiding consumers who might want to buy a bottle of claim pain or a 6- pack of beer and certainly won't be out in public causing glassings or any violent incidents. It will be interesting to see how many bottle shops take the advice and curb their sales of alcohol in glass packages. It's certainly one for debate.It is a big call. Emily, thank you. To finance now:

Let's get all the sports news with Tim. This week is a busy one. Returning to the Sydney to Hobart and 'Wild Oats XI' is expected to arrive or will arrive at Constitution Dock later this morning, of course, and it is tracking for that record, the race record. The supermaxi leads defending champion 'Ragamuffin Loyal' by more than 45 nautical miles. The pair survived the night as a cold front hit the fleet rounding Tasmania. The same couldn't be said for 'Living Doll'. The Victorian boat has become the race's first victim, pulling out with a broken rudder. 'Primitive Cool' has also retired from the race. In cricketing news, Shane Watson is not expected to bowl for the remainder of the second Test in Melbourne and is in some doubt for next week's Sydney Test match. He's got a calf problem. Cricket Australia confirmed the news shortly after Michael Clarke heaped praise on the all-rounder's knock of 83.It's very exciting the way Watto plays. He showed a loot of thris Palestinian in -- discipline in his shot selection. As captain, I'm not disappointed with his shot selection, because he pulls and hooks as good as anybody. The Stars have secured an 8-run victory over Adelaide, Brad Hodge top-scoring with 88. And Sydney FC has avenged their 7-2 from the Central Coast with a thrilling 1-0 victory over the top- placed Mariners, Socceroo Brett Emerton heading home the match- winner in the 89th minute. Earlier, the Glory ended Western Sydney's 3- game unbeaten run with a draw in Perth. Wellington came from behind to beat Melbourne Heart 3-2. If you're a Stars fan of the Big Bash and were wondering whether Shane Warne was. I read some tweets yesterday. Him and Liz were in bed. One was tweeting that they were reading and the other tweeted that they were watching the cricket. They're in England, having a rest. Were they tweeting each other from bed? "Darling, what are you doing?" "I'm tweeting you, darling."Maybe that happened later.Coming up - the best places to enjoy New Year's Eve around the country.Also - the terrifying moment a giant shark tank burst in the middle of a shopping centre. All the details in the next hour.That's like my nightmare. And later - the story that stole our -- stole our hearts in 2012, including this very special reunion. I'm very tired. I haven't slept all night. I just want him home. I just want him to be safe with me.This is the reunion just moments ago. Yeah! We found you! Where is he? Oh, my baby! My baby! Who could forgot that great moment? That's the moment Reilly and his relieved mum, Bianca, were reunited on our show. Reilly walked away from home one night in October and spent the night in the bush. Let us know what stories you think should make the list. Email us at still get goosebumps looking at that.We were all on tenterhooks that morning. Let's get the weather now with Emma Freedman. Hey again, Em.Good morning. We're spending our morning on the banks of the Yarra in old Melbourne town. Whilst Perth is experiencing all that heat, this morning in Melbourne it's a balmy 15 degrees with light showers and gusty breezes making it feel more like winter than it is summer. Let's see what's happening at your place today:

Clearing showers in the south-east and Tasmania today. Showers and thunderstorms continue in the north and west, extending down the WA coast to Perth, across northern regions and down over most of Queensland and into the north- eastern parts of NSW, as far as about Port Macquarie for your Friday. Well that, of course, is the clock of Flinders Street Station, one of the iconic sights here in Melbourne, usually very busy on a Friday morning, buzzing with commuters. But on this Friday morning, the banks of the Yarra are very quiet, people still enjoying that holiday period, David and Alisha.We are all still in holiday mode, Em. Thank you very much. It's great out there. I love this time of year. The roads to yourself. Enjoy it, people. We'll bring you the secret to keeping your New Year's resolutions in 2013.It can be hard? Can 'Wild Oats XI' win the Sydney to Hobart in record time? They're on track. We're live to Constitution Dock coming This program is not captioned. Red Rooster's Feast for One. A delicious quarter of roast chicken
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This program is not captioned. Look at them go there. 'Wild Oats XI' is on course to claim its sixth line-honours victory in the Sydney to Hobart, with the supermaxi due to arrive at Constitution Dock in the next 90 minutes to two hours. Nine News reporter Justine McKenzie is in Hobart at the finishing line. Justine, 'Wild Oats' needs to arrive at about 7:40 this morning to beat its own race record from 2005. Tell me - what are the chances? Justine, are you there? We're just having a little bit of trouble with Justine. I was speaking to her a little bit earlier, though. We'll get her in a second. She said to me during the break that 'Wild Oats' is possibly four minutes ahead. We'll cross to Alisha now and we'll try and get Justine back on the line. We will but joining us now on the line is 'Lahana' skipper Geoff Cropley. Good morning to you again. You're on the home stretch. Where are you now?Good morning. Yeah, we've got - we're just coming down the coast, the final part of the Tasmanian coast. There's not much wind, only about four or five knots. We're aiming at Tasman island, where we turn right for Storm Bay. We've got about 50 miles to go to Tasman island.So tough going with low winds out there at the moment. How are the spirits of your crew? Oh, we're in great shape. We're working hard.Last year, 'Lahana' finished in eighth position. Do you think you're going to beat that, at this stage?It's hard to say. The weather has really died down dramatically and the smaller boats are coming down with more wind at the moment behind us. So there's a high probability that a smaller boat will do very well and the bigger boats that were initially doing well in the first two-thirds of the race will now get pushed down the leader ladder.With the finish line in sight - and you look at this year in comparison to previous years - what has the race been like?Oh, look, unbelievable. Yesterday was some of the best sailing you could have had in your life. But incredibly hard today. Yesterday, it was 25 to 35 knots with a northerly wind. The wind was so strong that it into blew out a number of spinnakers, which was a bit unfortunate, but there was water everywhere. We were ploughing to through waves. It was very exciting and a lot of fun. A lot of smiles.That's brilliant to hear. It's a great event and enjoy that first frothy or glass of champagne when you step on to Constitution Dock. Thank you very much. Over to David. Let's return to Nine News reporter Justine MacKenzie, who is at Constitution Dock. 'Wild Oats' needs to arrive at 7:40 but in the ad break you said it could beat its own race record by a couple of minutes. Can they do it?Well, I've just heard it's now nine minutes, that it's chucking to bed its own record by about nine minutes. The winds have really lifted and that's exactly what 'Wild Oats XI' needs to sail towards the ultimate victory and claim its sixth line honours. The reception here at Constitution Dock will be incredible. Everyone here is just buzzing, so excited to see her come in and take the victory. Particularly if she's that far ahead. It will be electric at the dock. Unfortunately, 'Living Doll' dropped out of the race last night. What happened?She had to retire with a broken rudder, but we're hearing that everyone on board is safe and well. Their families have been notified, but it will be a long wait for them out at sea. It will take at least until midday tomorrow before they can be towed back to shore. Also, 'Primitive Cool' has had to pull out with a damaged mainsail. It's disappointing for them this morning. We understand the race committee will address a starting-line issue with 'Ragamuffin Loyal'. What's happening with that?The racing committee is alleging that 'Ragamuffin Loyal' jumped the gun at the start by a few seconds too early and that the committee, itself, failed to notify the crew within the required time. So the protest will be lodged around four o'clock this afternoon. This will be the third year in a row that the race-man been subject to a protest. But this one should have no bearing on any of the winning results.It's been a controversial year already. Thanks, Justine. We'll cross to you again soon. Alisha? Heading overseas to a happy holiday story out of the United States. A little girl has been reunited with her best friend after a Christmas Grinch stole her puppy. This a story about a little girl named Mia, a little dog named Marley and a real-life Grinch. Somebody swiped a 7-year-old girl's dog.It was the morning before Christmas and it was all captured on surveillance video.We didn't know if we would ever see him.Mia was devastated.He's so adorable. It's so hard to be without him! Miles away on Christmas Day, a school teacher named Tina Cohen, was walking through a park and noticed a man selling a dog.They didn't look right together. It wasn't right to be selling a dog on Christmas and I had a gut feeling this was not his dog.So she bought the dog for $220 and took him straight to a vet, who checked him out and found his identification microchip.We got a phone call and he said, he said, "We have your dog. We have Marley." And we screamed up and down. "We have Marley!"Two hours later, little girl and little dog were reunited. Oh! Amazing. How was that woman's instinct. "This man and this dog don't belong together. I'm buying this dog from you."Selling a dog at Christmas is quite suspicious.It's a little dodgy - in the park. Most Clicked is next, and the moment a shark-filled aquarium exploded in a shopping centre.

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This program is not captioned. Let's get some Most Clicked now. At number one, fish-lovers got more than they bargained for when the glass of a huge aquarium in Shanghai cracked open, sending 33 tonnes of water, fish, and sharks out over onlookers. 15 people were hurt by flying shards of glass. Three lemon sharks and dozens of turtles and smaller fish were also victims of the accident. Investigators are still trying to determine what caused the glass to shatter. Experts say it could be a combination of the warm temperature inside the tank and cold air outside that made the glass crack. At number two this morning, Richard Wilkins's interview with Russell Brand has become the latest viral hit, mainly because no-one has any idea what he's saying.You want to be better than anybody else. You want to be the best, the funniest. You cannot define yourself in reference to other external coordinates. You must define yourself internally with your relationship with a higher entity. Think of yourself as a manifestation of some higher thing, some higher frequency. This is the visible realisation. And you know that because you can't see Athens, can you, and you can't see -- atoms, and you can't see the forces that hold our hands together. There, in the quantum world, lie the answers to everything. You feel it intuitively. Get yourself in alignment with that stuff and you beam like the sun. Yeah, man!Clear as mud, isn't it?Shoppers in a market in Japan got a surprise to see a fluffy toy poodle prancing around on its hind legs. Is that a fluffy toy? Or is it a real dog?No, a toy poodle. So it's a miniature poodle. It's not a toy! Get that toy! Those toys will be available in all shops this year!That's a gallop. That's cute.Pretty handy. At number four, this is what happens when you park illegally in Russia - a truck with a large claw picks up your car and dumps it into the back of the vehicle. Councils in Russia have taken a no-prisoners motto. Goodness, gracious me. You're just going to duck in, grab some muk and it's, "Oh, no!" Straight to the Toyota in Siberia. Finally at number five, somebody get this kid a drum kit. He's just like my son. Look at him go!

-- that is thinking outside the square, isn't it?

It would be hard to transport one to gigs.I bet his mum would like it if he put the clothes in. If you've got a fidgety kid, get them to did the washing for you.We've got news next.Later, we'll be dipping into the archives for one of our favourite interviews of the year - the wonderful Alisha Keys.

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# Life goes on...They love him over there. Buckingham Palace was transformed into a dazzling stage this year to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. It was one of the highlights of the year. We look at the moments that defined 2012 and we want to hear from you so email us and let us know what you think. Maybe that was one of them. Let's get the news. 'Wild Oats XI' is soaring towards her sixth line honours victory in the Sydney to Hobart. The supermaxi is tipped to arrive into Constitution Dock in just under one hour. If the crew holds its current pace they will break their 2005 record of one day 18 hours 40 minutes and 10 seconds. In breaking news - a home has been engulfed in fire north east of the Brisbane. It is believed the blaze began in the bedroom of the home in Margate at 5 this morning. Firefighters are working to contain the fire. There are no reports of injury. Millions worth of military equipment is on its way home from Afghanistan. The non-essential gear is heading back before Australia's 1500 military personnel prepare to come home. Most will be back in Australia before the end of next year and have already wound down their patrols. Military chiefs want to send back valuable equipment before competition for runways and aircraft becomes more fierce. Federal Labor has shrugged off suggestions that moving its headquarters to Melbourne before the next election is designed to distance itself from the NSW branch. The National Secretary of the ALP says space, rent and proximity to three marginal Victorian seats is behind the move but some NSW MPs say the election will be won and lost in Western Sydney. America is days away from going over the so- called fiscal cliff and a much- needed agreement appears unlikely. If a deal cannot be negotiated tax increases and spending cuts automatically kick in. For more we cross to deny ham Hitchcock in Los Angeles. Everything here hinges on the Democrats and Republicans coming together. There is a feeling that they will get there in the end?I do not think so. They are playing blame game at the moment and what they are doing is putting economy here in grave, grave danger. As you said, Obama and the Senate have been called back but they have a few days but not quite enough to get the deal done the deal that is needed. They will not get a full deal but might get something, there might be a stop-gap measure because if that fiscal cliff date comes and goes huge cuts to every Government department, CIA, FBI the military and the average American will be slugged to a $3,000-$4,000 increase in taxes and more in the higher brackets which means retail, consumer spending will drop into a whole. They say it could actually force a recession and if that happens here every economy to the world is tried to the US $16 trillion runs around in circles here and you can bet we will feel it all over Australia so keep a close eye on this.The Royal couple's wings will be clipped in 2013 with the pair ruling out overseas tours next year. The Duchess of Cambridge is not expected to leave the UK in the new year as she takes maternity leave from Royal duties. The couple's first baby is due mid-year with their schedule regigged to make way for the new arrival. Finance now

for the new arrival. Finance now - Time Square's crystal ball has been given a make-over ahead of New Year's Eve. It has been revamped to pay tribute to Dick Clark who hosted ceremony for 40 years. The ball boasts 3,000 crystals with 300 replaced to reflect the theme of peace. Isn't that beautiful? Let guess get the sport. Exciting. It will be a brilliant finish to this year's Sydney to Hobart. 'Wild Oats XI' on tack to break her 2005 race record. During the night her time blew out to 50 minute out side the record but the supermaxi has roared back into contention. She is now tipped to finish at 7.2 3am, that is 17 minutes under record time. Her closest opposition is defending champion 'Ragamuffin', almost six hours behind in second. Overnight living doll became the first yacht to pull out retiring from it with a broken rudder. Cricket - resumes on Channel 9 today Australia will take a 284-run lead into day three of the second test in Melbourne. Skipper Michael Clarke laying platform with a century. Mitchell Johnson will eye a the on unbeaten an the keys on 73. Brad Hodge has guided the Melbourne Stars an 8-run victory. He top-scored with 88. Kieron Pollard belted 65 in reply but it was not enough for staff Stars to win. For the first time in over a month Sydney FC has climbed off the bottom-of-the-table. A header in the 89th secured a 1-nil win over Central Coast. Perth found a late equaliser to draw 1-all with Western Sydney while a double handed Wellington a 3-2 win over the Melbourne Heart.

the Melbourne Heart. This was taken by Kirstie. Wendy and Richie found a rock-shaped sign on the beach. Big good morning to Allan! He sent in this photo of the zebras and that would not have been easy to turn out. "You stands there, you stand there".I love that last one. Get it framed. The best holiday spots in Australia, and how to set yourself up for success in 2013 and keep those new year's resolutions. We will show you the best places to see the fireworks around country this New Year's Eve!It is time for your best local forecast with Emma.

your best local forecast with Emma.
As it is with summer, it is a mixed bag weather right across the country stretching from the hot to the quite cold and even the wet as well so we will get into the National fly around and see what is happening with your weather today.

The Yarra runs through the heart of Melbourne and it will be chock-a- block when it comes to New Year's Eve to take in the fireworks or to take a ride on a Melbourne river trip. A nice way to spend time taking the sights in. We will have a full wrap-up for the bets spots of the capital cities when you can take in the fireworks. Sounds great. Only a few days away. After the break one of our favourite performances of the year. Is Taylor Swift hitting all the the right notes. We will be back with that just after this!

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Welcome back. Time to look back at some of Richard's best interviews of 2012. One was Alicia Keys. As the charts would suggest, her career really is on fire.

career really is on fire. It is hard to create the perfect body of work. I create it, produce it, and for me is a life process and statements so I really look forward to people feeling that and I do feel crazy excited.

feel crazy excited. It reflects a song, a journey, an experience.

song, a journey, an experience. For many people her music holds a special place in their lives.

special place in their lives.This was the theme to my high school graduation, or this is my favourite song because I got married to the song.

song.Adding to her list of achievements her 2-year-old son Egypt is the apple of her eye as is her husband who works with her on the new album.The amazing part living, loving, working with him is our relationship, partnership that is we both understand this business and we both have been a part of it for quite a long time.What is the secret of keeping a showbiz marriage together?Totally not easy. It is combining two people and two different lives and two different paths and two different sets of dreams. You combine them into one, one household, one life. We know that there is some things that will enhance our relationship and be able to bring us closer and there are other things that will their us apart and we are really conscious about it. I think you have to be really conscious about it. Hopefully the next time she backs her bags and goes on tour she will be coming to Australia.I hope it is really soon. I love Australia so much and I really cannot wait to come back. I cannot wait to play the shows and be able to hear this music live. It is crazy!

music live. It is crazy!Another fan was Taylor Swift, a very welcome studio guest who joined us to perform her new smash hit.

to perform her new smash hit.# We are never ever getting back together...

together... # We are never, ever, ever getting back togetherYou talk, your friends talk and my friends talk to me...

talk to me... He calls me up saying, "I still love you". I mean this is exhausting like we are never, ever getting back together - like never!

getting back together - like never!
Probably your favourite Song of the Year.. No doubt. You were bopping along.Coming up after 7 we are live to Constitution Dock. It is heating up down there as the Sydney to Hobart winds up. The record is insight. We speak with Brett Lee as the Aussies prepare to step out in day three of that Boxing Day test. To take us to the break an Aussie classic which will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

# Brings home the heavy day, brings home the night-time swell... # Out on the patio we sit...

This program is not captioned.

We are close to the finish of the Sydney to Hobart. 'Wild Oats XI' is expected to Colin at 7.17 an I was only to come in at 7.40 to beat the record. We will cross to Constitution Dock as it happens. Time for gossip with Michelle Mahone. Miranda and Orlando stepping out as a family. What were they up to?They were together at Christmas like they had been saying they would be and they look all pleased as punch leaving a friend's house with baby Flinn then Miranda tweeted a picture that she made of a dish and she said 'My delicious dish was a big hit with my familiarly at Christmas and even included a little smiley face" so you do not tweet smiley faces when you are mad and getting divorced. That kid is so cute. He is a cute little boy. The brother of Kevin Federline has dropped a bombshell. What has he said?These are the stories I live for. Christopher has find a temporary restraining order against Britney Spears. In the papers he says he is the father of his brother's son Preston not Kevin. Yes indeed! He said he slept with Britney during her marriage to his brother, thank you I did not get you anything! He said Britney blackmailinged him, harassed him, took $$4500 from him after he stole a credit card and he says she is out of control and manic. They all sound like the picture of stability to me.That is the bombshell though. Devastating. Janet Jackson is about the say "I do" but to who?To a billionaire. 46-year-old Janet is engaged to 37-year-old billionaire from Qatar. He apparently proposed with a massive engagement ring and she says she is afraid will it get lost or she keeps it locked up. I would keep it on my finger, but that is just me. It will be her third trip down the aisle and it looks like this one is a charm. She did good. She did really well. I do not know what it is about him that she finds so attractive. Lady Gaga is set to get - I read you there! She business to get her own documentary, maybe just in time for the Oscars.She is making a documentary about her life for her little monsters and she is exciteded and looking forward to it. She has a new album coming out so I just hope it has a lot to do with the fashion because you never know what she is going to wear. She is worse than me with the hats. I have never worn meat.There is still time. I'm going to go for a live chicken, see how that does! Here are the top stories.'Wild Oats XI' chasing a race record. We are live to Hobart for the closing stages of the Sydney to Hobart. The plan to ban the sale of all glass from bottle shops on New Year's Eve. Scorcher in the west - bushfires for Perth as the city swelters through a major heatwave. Last- minute rush, Obama cuts Christmas as the US is certain to be pushed over the fiscal cliff. Clarke puts the Aussies in the box seat. 2012 in the news the stories that captivated hearts across the globe and truly shaped our year. The Royal baby - Kate's maternity leave plans and that trip down under. It is Friday 28 December 2012. We are into the final hour of the Sydney to Hobart race. 'Wild Oats XI' is on tack to smash its own 2005 race record. The supermaxi has entered the Derwent River and is powering towards the finish line. So let's go to Justine at Constitution Dock in Hobart. Take us through what needs to happen for 'Wild Oats XI' to beat its own record.She simply needed to arrive at around 7.40 but things are looking so good she is on track the arrive here at 7.13. Those wind have lifted which is what is needed to power through towards the ultimate victory to claim her sixth line honours. The crowd here at Constitution Dock is building with family, friend the public, everyone here is so excited ahead of her arrival. I have seen a lot of coffee-drinking going on but I'm sure that will turn to champagne-drinking very soon. What about the rest of the field? Where are they now?'Ragamuffin' is the other supermaxi, trails pretty far behind. She is due the arrive here at 1.10 this afternoon. As for the rest of the feerblgsd so smaller boats will not be in here for several days now so this is just at difficult race and this is just - field.It is not all champagne for everybody. The race ended early for Living Doll. What happened there? It was very disappointing. It suffered a broken rudder and had to retire. All the crew on board are safe and will need to be towed back to shore. Will not happen until around midday tomorrow so it will be a long wait for them. A disappointing finish for them and there was also one other yacht that had to pull out V differ, that suffered problems. Disappointing but all eyes are on the winner, 'Wild Oats XI' will be here very, very soon.I would say we will cut back to you very shortly. Thank you, speak to you soon.Firefighters have contain add blaze that was threatening homes east of Perth. Bushfire destroyed sheds and fences in Chidlow and took crews several hours to bring under control. 70 firefighters spent the night strengthening containment lines and mopping up. The fire could not have come at a worse time with Western Australia right now in the grip of a heatwave. Emma joins us with all the details. Hat temperatures is the state expecting the did, and how much longer will it last? Unfortunately that heatwave will continue a while longer. On Christmas Day the mercury topped 39.6 degrees in Perth, making it their fifth-ever hottest Christmas Day on record. As a result for 2012 it was the hottest capital city of anywhere in the world. 37.5 degrees on Boxing Day, 40 is the forecast for today over the course of the weekend 41 degrees for Saturday and Sunday. It is all due to the dry hot, not east flows circulating around a high-pressure system at the moment drawing in the heat from the interior of the country as a result there are a few weather warning boss. No total fire bans in place but definitely fire weather warnings for many parts of the state including the southern interior, central west and Gascoyne regions. The DFCS are asking people to remain vigilant and check the alerts as the day progresses because they could change. But there is some good news insight. The first cooler day seems to be 1 January 2013, a forecast of 34, which would to be first day below 38 in over seven days.They will be looking forward to that very much. The countdown is on to New Year's Eve and we will tell you the best spots to catch all the fireworks. First, there is a major push for alcohol-fuelled glassings to be stopped during Victoria's celebrations. Liquor shops are being urged to not sell any bottled drinks on New Year's Eve. Let's go to Emily Rice. Is this a workable solution?Surprisingly it does have the support from a number of groups, many hoteliers and police and medical authorities say it is a good idea so the idea has come from the Victorian liquor authority. They want bottle shops to stop selling alcohol in glass containers from 9am on New Year's Eve. They say it will curb glassings and a lot of that glass litter that end up on beaches and in parks on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day an cause as lot of cuts and accidents. But not surprisingly some liquor outlets and bottle shops say, "No, this is not a workable solution". Most of the alcohol they sole is in glass bottles so it gives consumers very little choice when it comes to New Year's Eve the biggest party day of the year. There will be a hot debate about that. Tell us what Melbourne has in store for New Year's Eve? It will be a big one here in Melbourne. Fire works are always the focus. It starts early at 9.30 in Yarra Park near the MCG with a countdown for children and their parents why and fireworks will go off at 9.30 but midnight is the big one. I does not matter where you are in the CDB because the fire workless be released from rooftops around iconic city buildings so as long as you can see the skyline you are going to get a great view and the hot tip is the weather is going to be much better than it is today, around 24 grows on New Year's Eve. Let's go to Airlie Walsh. Take us through what the other capitals have in store for New Year's Eve? From spectacular fireworks to Riverside parties there are plenty of ways to celebrate around the country and with three more sleeps to go, you better get cracking and get in to it. If you ring Queensland, the best vantage point will be from Brisbane and if you head to the Southbank parkland with live music and two sets of fire work displays over the Brisbane River. Kangaroo point is a great spot to take in the fireworks as well. Moving onto the Gold Coast - plenty of positions there but the largest display of fireworks in Queensland will be at the foreshore at Surfers Paradise at 9pm and again at midnight. In Adelaide, not to be outdone - Adelaide's Elder Park comes alive with dazzling fireworks at 9pm and again when the clock strikes midnight and moving over to WA and Perth farewells the end of the year with fireworks and entertainment and a street party from 6pm. In Sydney it is the night that Sydney shines to the world, and there are many vantage points along the 65 kilometre foreshore, some of the best being where I am now under the bridge at Kirrabilli and Mrs Macquarie's Chair and any where around Circular Quay but this is the largest free public event in the world. Many hoteliers and Sydney tour operators are cashing in. It is said that some tour operators charge upped to 1700 night for accommodation. They are even charging $1100 on dinner and $300 on picnics, would you believe it? So there are blendy of options if you do not want to spend a fortune. The tips to get in early to find a spot along one of the many free gardens along the foreshore.If you stay right there you have a perfect position.If you want the look for fireworks in the city, look up!The Sydney to Hobart - 'Wild Oats XI' is moments away from crossing finish line. I'm joined on the phone by 'Ragamuffin' crew member Jeff huge yell we hope has found his sea legs. Skippy, how is it going and where are you now, mate?Hi David. We are 10 nautical miles north of the point and we will make our way back into Hobart.

will make our way back into Hobart.
What is the mood on the boat? We will leave you there. Justine, we are signing 'Wild Oats XI' now?Its is so close. We can actually see her right now. As you can see - I do not know if you can see that far down - but her sail is visible from here. She is pulling in. She has not yet crossed the line. Is still a few minutes away, but so close. This record has certainly been smashed. The record was set back in 2005 and it has already been smashed - I think it could be almost half an hour so that is huge. We will try to speak to the crew as soon as they come in. I think they will be eventually somewhere right here so we will try to speak to them as soon as they come in.How is the energy down there at Constitution Dock? It is great. Everybody has their cameras out now they can see the sails. Everybody is tired and drinking coffee with but this has perked everybody up the first sight of the same I'm sure there will be champagne corks popping very soon. 'Wild Oats XI' are on track to break their record? Absolutely. It looks like they could break it by as much as - as I said before - half an hour. Even though it has not yet been a crossing, it will be in the next few minutes so we will bring you that as soon as it happens. Tim, to you. A great finish for 'Wild Oats XI' after last year's disappointment. It has been another great day of test cricket yesterday with Michael Clarke notching up yet another century. He has been unbelieve and. Joining me live is Brett Lee. How are you, Brett?A great finish for the boys yesterday. It was. You know Mitchell Johnson did so well on 73 not out. We hope he can push onto get his 100, but set up beautifully by Michael Clarke A great partnership by him and Watson. The boys are good form A few issues with Shane Watson potentially out with a call of injury. Have not heard the medical reports but hope things can be OK with him.I know you are not a massive fan of the rotation policy, although they do not even like to use that word but it is an irony. Here is Shane Watson as we look at yesterday, Shane Watson pulling out - well, not pulling out, but getting this injury. Mitchell Starc on the side line it is curious.It toys say the least. I'm int a massive fan of this rotational policy think if the players are fit they should be allowed to play. You have Mitchell Starc on the sidelines wanting to play in his first Boxing Day test and has not been given the opportunity. The guys on the ground are doing business. Mitchell Johnson with 4 in the first innings and backing it up with 73 in his batting innings so we hope he can get 100.Michael Clarke, where does he sit. We are watching his first test 100 and dismissed caught in the slips but an extraordinary year, most runs in a calendar year by an Australian. Yes, he has done it in a few less games than Ricky Ponting. I'm not sure what Michael Clarke has been doing in the last few months but keep it up. He is newly married, batting beautifully. When he goes out to bat you expect him to get 50-100 so he is in top form and enjoying leadership from the front so he has certainly embraced the captaincy and it is working for him right now.It looks like a demolition today by Australia?Yeah, well Australia, you know, edging up towards 400 runs in front so Australia are in the box seat as we speak, so go out there and punch a few more runs and hopefully unleash the fury on the top order of the Sri Lankans.Look forward to your coverage on Channel 9. Let's go back to Hobart. We are on the media boat following 'Wild Oats XI'. Morning, John. Take us through exactly what is happening where you are.It is a fantastic morning in Hobart. 'Wild Oats XI' is making her way up the river followed by a large flow till yaf spectator and media craft. She has a brand-new - about a kilometre from the line, fairly flatwater. Winds have dropped but she is still very much on track to take a new record -- flotilla.We do not have a great line to you, John. But we woke up to news she had to pass the finish line at 7.40. It looked shaky because the winds had dropped up but they picked up a lot and it looks like she might smash that record by 20 minutes, 25 minutes. Yes, she rounded the island about an hour behind the fleet.

an hour behind the fleet. She does not have very far to go now, probably about a kilometre, so looking good. Records like this do not fall very often. We do not have a fantastic line but just at kilometre from crossing the finish line into Constitution Dock and we will go back to Justine who is on the ground, when that happens.Boy they are smashing it there. The Royal couple will take maternity leave from official duties. Prince William and Kate have postponed their overseas tours with their first baby due in the middle of next year. We are joined by Gavin Grey. When will the Royals head our way? Not until they have a little child in to you?They will probably do no foreign trips it has been reported and there is a suggestion now the duchess is pretty ill, frankly, with this morning sickness, she is not going to do very much here in the UK before the birth. Expected sometime in the middle of 2013. It was back in 1983 that Charles, Prince Charles and Diana left for a six-week tour of Australia and New Zealand with a 10 month old Prince William in tow. It was the then prime Malcolm Fraser who said, "Come on you two bring the baby out" and a nanny looked after the baby and they 307ed in between official visits. You cannot see Kate and William very keen to do that in the early days but the President has been - the precedent has been set, so who knows, they may travel early 2014.Anyone with a child knows they should do it when they are young. Plenty of people want a cuddle of a baby down here. We are very clucky in this studio.Looks like a great day here in Melbourne. Pretty hot in the west and a bit of rain in the south and the east so we will look at that all-important map and see what is forecast for your neck of the woods.

Let's go back to Constitution Dock. Justine is on the ground there. We are seeing live pictures as 'Wild Oats XI' makes it towards the finish line. Tell us what is happening where you are.We are all waiting for that canyon to fire to signal that 'Wild Oats XI' has crossed the line, and that should happen very shortly. As you can see, there are people lined up all across the docks just waiting to cheer on 'Wild Oats XI' as see comes into claim her signatures line honours. This is just an amazing fate. She has really smashed her record, which was set back in 2005. It looks like it could be somewhere in the ball park of half an hour, which is massive. We will not get an official time until after that cannon fire, and this could not be a more exciting end to this race. We thought after last year's finish that was so close and exciting, it was going to be hard to beat. But hot an incredible and historic victory we are seeing here as she nears the finish line at Constitution Dock. Yeah, it means that the skipper, Mark Richards, will be the most successful skipper in the history of this race. It will be his signatures line honours so that is a huge achievement. So a very successful teamthat. Yacht, 'Wild Oats XI', has had some modifications recently so maybe that has done something to make it this absolute powerhouse and one to beat. 'Ragamuffin' right now is still a bit behind. Looks like it could have been a serious contender but it will not come in according to the current speed and location until about 1 o'clock or thereabouts tomorrow afternoon. It has been all about. 'Wild Oats XI'. Really all about. 'Wild Oats XI'. We are still waiting for that cannon to fire to hear as she crosses the line. What is the feeling of the crowd where you r Justine?Everybody is really excited. There are cameras out. There are lots of smiles. To get up this early with people on holidays, you know, I is a very exciting event here in Hobart. It has been buzzing for the past few days. This moment is what it is really all about.. There are people lined up all across the dock waiting to see and to cheer them on. Not only friends and connections but a huge number of the public are here so it is a great day for Hobart too. Justine, for viewers joining us now, we are watching footage of 'Wild Oats XI' about to cross the finish line in the Sydney to Hobart. Champagne corks will be popping but we have had two boats drop out in the last few hours, haven't we? Unfortunately for Living Doll it had to pull out with a broken rudder. Luckily all the crew are safe and well. They will feed to be towed back to shore. Unfortunately for them it will not happen until midday tomorrow, so that is a long time to be waiting out at sea. There was also another withdrawal too - Primitive Cool had to throw in the towel as well this morning with problems with its boat so they are disappointing ens. It is a very challenging race and a very different journey. You can only imagine what it would be like to be out at sea