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(generated from captions) True or false? Capers are edible
pickled flower buds.

True it is. Is the patella bone
found in the human leg?

Yes, it is the kneecap. True or false? In total there are four syllables
in the word 'terminator'.

True is correct, Gabi. What is 95 - 23?

62. 72. Does the giraffe
have a prehensile tail? Yes.
No. Prehensile tongue, it has. Checking scores for today. Michael, Harry, Dominik, 210 points.
Newington have come in third. Wideview -
Dominic, Bryce, Felicity - have come in second today. 230 points. Our winners, and by some margin,
Aidan, Jasmine and Gabi. Winning score for Hornsby North
is 310 points. Well, all we know is
that when we come back tomorrow we will be deciding our
grand finalist for series 15, so you know what I'm gonna say -
don't miss it. See you then. Bye-bye.

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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - 'Wild Oats' eyes the race record as she extends her lead
in the Sydney-Hobart. Why an Australian man
held hostage in the Philippines has given up hope of release.

Heart-warming help for a family whose home was destroyed
in a Christmas fire.

And the hunt for rare birds
stolen in a brazen heist.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with John Mangos. Good afternoon. Supermaxi 'Wild Oats XI' is powering towards
a line honours victory in this year's Sydney-Hobart, with the crew taking advantage
of favourable northerly winds today. Talitha Cummins
is at the finish line. Good afternoon, Talitha,
'Wild Oats' is looking good. Could the crew break the record?

That's the big question, John. 'Wild Oats' is hammering down the coastline, travelling at about 23 knots but things are going to get tough night around 11 PM, 12 o'clock. tough night around 11 PM, 12 o'clock.. The timing of the change will be critical. We have had a chat from Rob Wundel from from Rob Wundel from 'Wild Oats', they need to do 16 knots to claim the line honours. Ha ar hana one-third, no retirement, the full one-third, no retirement, the fleet of 76 boats is steaming down the coast, it's dependent on the weather gods. The crew of'Wild Thing' took a bit of a consolation Cruise in Sydney after this afternoon. Yes, they did, John. Not quite the sailing that they had in mind. Not a bad consolation prize, considering Sydney's beautiful weather today. Grant Wharington, the skipper and his crew headed out for a sail on the harbour. They had worked for months preparing for this race and to here at the 11th hour yesterday that they were excluded was devastating for them. Today was just a good way for them to let off some steam. Then we are look at the possibility of doing a course record attempt over the next couple of weeks. We will wait for a weather window and go and see if we can break the record which has stood since 1999 Nour. So, it certainly might take getting some over but xor those still competing in the race, perfect sailing conditions today. Things are going to changeover night so I think it might make the race pretty interesting. OK, Talitha, have fun in Tasmania. Thank you, John.

An Australian man being held hostage
in the Philippines says he has no hope
of being released in a new video posted online. Warren Rodwell has been held
by Muslim extremists for more than a year. The Australian government says it's
concerned by his ongoing captivity.

This is the first time
Warren Rodwell has been seen since last May.

Video clip today is to say
that I am alive. It was filmed on December 16. He holds a copy
of the local newspaper. I've been held prisoner, kidnapped by
Abu Sayyaf Muslim terrorist group, for over one year. Actually, 53...54 weeks today. The 54-year-old was taken from
his home in the southern Philippines on December 5 last year. He lived there with his wife. The new video could be part
of negotiations for his release. Abu Sayyaf initially demanded
a $2 million ransom but that's now been reduced. The Australian Government says,
"We do not pay "'cause if we pay once, "every Australian around the world
is likely to be kidnapped." But there are intermediaries so, obviously,
the purpose of this video is to say, "Yes, this man is still alive -
give us the $23,000." This is the third video released
by the Australian's kidnappers. He appears in good health
despite his long ordeal. I'm surprised he's still alive,
to be quite honest. He was kidnapped a year ago,
he's in rugged jungle, a lot of dengue fever and malaria
still there. But the isolation
is clearly taking its toll. I personally hold no hope at all
for being released. I do not trust Abu Sayyaf. I do not trust
the Australian Government. I just don't trust anyone.

Melbourne police are investigating
the suspicious death of a patient
at a secure psychiatric facility. The man was found dead in his room
at the Thomas Embling Hospital around 6:30 this morning. There are unconfirmed reports
another patient was injured. The hospital houses patients who have been found
not guilty of crimes because of mental health problems. Two men were stabbed to death
by another patient at the same facility in 2009. A Sydney family has described
their shock after a petrol bomb was thrown
through a window last night. The device caused a small fire
in one of the rooms, which the family quickly managed
to extinguish. The blinds, a chair
and parts of the wall were left badly damaged. and we thought, "Something's
happened in my son's room". The family believes a feud over
a bad debt may be behind the attack. One man has been arrested and police are searching
for two others after an assault in the car park
of a Melbourne McDonald's. The 24-year-old victim was attacked
with a barbecue fork outside the fast-food store at Footscray,
in Melbourne's inner west, at around 4:30 this morning. The three men allegedly stole
a mobile phone and $400 cash. The victim was treated
for cuts to his face.

A community in Brisbane's south has shown overwhelming support
for a family who lost everything in a house fire on Christmas Day. Friends and strangers
have joined together to help them get back on their feet. Chloe Baker
has been following the story.

Yesterday the family here at Eagleby
on Brisbane's south side were distraught. They lost everything in a blaze
started by the 9-year-old after he found a cigarette lighter
stuffed down the side of a couch under the house. But today there were more tears, they were tears of joy
over the generosity of strangers. Locals here have banded together and vowed to help
the struggling family. a TV, TV unit, some more clothes, some toiletries
that people are offering. I have had a lot of help myself. So whenever you can return the
favour that's what you do. This makes me want to cry
because it is so good. The child has a mild form of autism and he doesn't quite understand
the seriousness of the situation but his parents say they don't care,
they are just glad he's alive. A man has died
after falling from a boat on the New South Wales Central Coast
today. Emergency services
were called to Forresters Beach earlier this afternoon. They say the man was on a small run
about when he fell into the water. He was pulled to shore by
lifeguards, but couldn't be revived. It's believed another person may
have been on the boat at the time. Police are investigating.

Zookeepers at a popular
Sydney wildlife park are desperately trying to track down
10 prized birds that were stolen in a brazen
Christmas Eve heist. Two rare macaws are among the loot, valued at more than $12,000. Sarah Coates has more.

John, staff from Featherdale
Wildlife Park here in Doonside say they're devastated after the thieves stole some of
the most exotic and precious birds during a brazen
Christmas Eve heist. We've been told keepers came to work
just after 4am Christmas Day to find a breeding pair of
blue and yellow macaws missing as well as a pair of
red-tailed black cockatoos which are listed as
a threatened species. Six white breasted brown doves
were also taken. We're absolutely devastated
by the loss of the macaws. They're really friendly,
they're mischievous. The adult macaws
are worth in excess of $12,000 and there are fears they may have been stolen
as an exotic Christmas gift or for the illegal bird trade. Head keeper Michael Randy says
the pair were very popular because they used to talk to people. Don't want to think
the worst of them but in this sort of situation they will be pretty stressed out,
they'll be anxious. Police believe the bird thief may
have known his way around the park, climbing the electric fence and
cutting the locks to the avaries. CCTV footage shows a middle-aged man
entering the premises wearing a hoodie and cap. These birds are quite rare.
It's a unique incident. If these birds are out there and have been given to somebody
as a gift we'd encourage the greater community
with any information to contact Blacktown police. Keepers are very concerned
for the welfare of these birds because they're pared for life and become very stressed
when taken out of their environment. All of the birds are microchipped and police are calling on
anyone with any information to call Crime Stoppers, John.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - Prince Charles gives British troops
some fatherly advice. Also - a shark tank explodes
in front of terrified shoppers. And a pop superstar
immortalised in Sydney.

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Former South African president
Nelson Mandela is now recovering at home A presidential spokesperson said
he'll receive home-based care in Johannesburg. Mandela spent
more than two weeks in hospital where he was treated
for a lung infection. He also had surgery
to remove gallstones. The 94-year-old hasn't appeared
in public since the 2010 World Cup.

This is the terrifying moment a huge shark tank
at a Chinese shopping centre, burst leaving 15 people injured. The aquarium was home to several
small sharks, turtles and fish. Eight customers and seven shop
assistants were injured by large shards of glass. While there is no official cause
of the explosion, it's believed a sudden drop
in temperature may have caused the glass to crack
and burst.

Prince Charles
has sent a special radio message to troops serving overseas, urging them all to get in touch
with loved ones. Perhaps there is
some small consultation in occasional opportunities
to speak on the welfare telephone to Skype, to post on Facebook,
to send e-blueys or in the case of my youngest son receive a very rare and precious
letter in reply to mine. Prince Harry has been stationed
in Afghanistan since September.

Pop superstar Justin Bieber
is back in Sydney but this one won't be singing. The Justin Bieber wax figure
was unveiled at Madame Tussauds
in Darling Harbour this morning. It took 60 artists
more than 800 hours to complete. The fibreglass eyes
were handpainted, there was red silk thread
that was used to make the eyeball look realistic, the hair was inserted
strand by strand. This Justin Bieber figure shows off his latest hairstyle
and fashion trends. There are seven others
around the world.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll get the latest
from the financial markets. Also, tributes
for a puppetry pioneer. And in sport skipper Michael Clarke
ticks off another record as Australia dominate Sri Lanka.

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Gerry Anderson, the man behind the cult sci-fi
series 'Thunderbirds', has died. The show first aired on TV
in the 1960s, and included a much-loved
catchphrase that is still repeated by fans today. Thunderbirds are go. You mention thunderbirds to people
and they know what you mean they start walking around
like puppets. Gerry Anderson had been suffering
from dementia for the past few years. He was 83.

Time to check the financial markets. The ASX 200 resumed
from its Christmas break trading up at 4,648.

Two baby bear cubs have been
given a second chance at life after their mother was killed
by hunters in a forest in Russia. The 3-month-olds were found
by local rangers and rescued. They've been named Mashka and Mishka and will move to a special
animal rehabilitation centre when they're a little bit older. Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello. Coming up in Sydney at 6:00 - We'll be live with the record
breaking run from Sydney-to-Hobart for 'Wild Oats XI'. The supermaxi leads by a huge margin but can the crew keep up the pace
for a historic finish? We'll be out on the Harbour
with the crew of banned yacht 'Wild Thing'. Jodie Speers finds out how they're
coping and how much they've lost by being excluded from the race. We speak exclusively with the family
of a Rural Fire Service volunteer killed in yesterday's crash
in Sydney's north-west. They tell of their anger
at the tragedy involving an unaccompanied
learner driver. We've been on the case of rare birds
stolen from a Sydney wildlife park with details of how police
are tracking the thief. Reviving the spirit
of the Sydney Olympics - the project
that's strengthening community ties. Those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6:00 but now here's Mark Beretta
with the day's sport news.

Michael Clarke has broken the record
for the most test runs in a calendar year

by an Australian
on his way to another century in the second test
against Sri Lanka. The Aussie skipper
broke Ricky Ponting's 2005 mark of 1,544 runs

when he moved to 56
shortly before lunch. Clarke continued his remarkable
run of form, knocking up his first ton
in a Boxing Day Test. COMMENTATOR: His fifth in 2012,
his 22nd test hundred and third against Sri Lanka -
what a record! Clarke fell on 106 while Shane Watson scored 83 to help put the Aussies
in the box seat on day two.

The Sydney Sixers' Big Bash
title defence is all but over after losing to Hobart
by seven wickets at the SCG. The world champion Sixers
were restricted to 154 with Ben Laughlin
bagging four wickets. Ricky Ponting led
the Hurricanes' run chase, belting an unbeaten half century
in a man-of-the-match performance. COMMENTATOR:
And again! 50 up for Ricky Ponting! Englishman Matt Prior
arrived in Sydney today to help the Thunder
move off the bottom of the ladder. Brisbane Roar has breathed life
into their A-League title defence by upsetting Adelaide United. While the Roar were denied
the best chance in the first half, they kept coming to give new coach
Mike Mulvey his maiden win and their first on the road
for the season. COMMENTATOR: Mitch Nicholls
has done brilliantly... ..Henrique!

In the Premier League Manchester City's title hopes
took a hit with a shock 1-0 loss to Sunderland. Women's tennis star
Daniela Hantuchova has tipped Aussie Sam Stosur
for more Grand Slam glory. Rather than work on her game the Slovak took to the waves with Queensland surfing star
Julian Wilson. The swell just as tough to tame
as Stosur will be. She already prove that in New York
that she can win a Slam. It'd be amazing for her to do it
in her home country. Hantuchova is in Queensland
for the Brisbane International which begins on Sunday.

, Good news, Sam Stosur to win an Australian Open, that would be great

After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with Sally Bowrey.

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Good afternoon. Sally Bowrey
with your afternoon weather update and the feeling of summer
is in the air today. It took a while to get there
for Melbourne which peaked at 31 degrees today
under sunny skies, but the change is on its way with showers into this evening
over northern and eastern suburbs. It's been clear and sunny
across Adelaide, but this afternoon a south-westerly sea breeze
has kicked in and it will gust up to 40km/h
for the northern beaches. Staying a little cloudy
across Brisbane where temperatures peaked
at 30 today. South-easterlies staying fresh
around the bayside into tonight. On the satellite we've got a weak trough spreading
a cooler change across Victoria this afternoon. Clear skies across SA and WA
tonight. Tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms
will fire up in northern New South Wales
and Queensland, with heaviest falls inland. Around the country tomorrow, storms in Brisbane. Sydney, a sunny start, thunderstorms striking the
western suburbs in the afternoon. Partly cloudy in Melbourne with very light showers
in the morning and afternoon. Wet in Hobart.

Adelaide, fine. Hot in Perth.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, John. Thanks, Sally.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm John Mangos. Enjoy your evening.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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