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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Success for the Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt votes for controversial constitutional reform. Radio recordings reveal the grisly details of a Christmas Eve shooting. I don't know if I had him or not. Church leaders tackle politics in their Christmas messages.From a democratic point of view, it's a shambles.And a -- red tape costs 'Wild Thing' a place in the race. They should be promoting their race, not dragging it through the gutter like this.

Good evening and welcome to the program. Later Craig Foster will join me with all the sport, including a superb day for Australia's cricketers as they take a stranglehold of the Boxing Day test against Sri Lanka. First, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has signed off on a new constitution after the country approved it in a controversial referendum. Members of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood claim it will pave the way for political stability but the result has already sparked protests around the country. Even before the official announcement, opposition parties had conceded the no vote at last. 63.8% voted for the new constitution, but with a turnout of just 33%, many Egyptians are angry, claiming the referendum has no legitimacy.

The result will usher in immediate changes tee jipt's political landscape. -- to Egypt's political landscape. President Mursi's controversial November decree are void. Members of the former ruling party of Hosni Mubarak will be banned from public office for 10 years. The number of Supreme Court judges will be slashed from 19 to 10. Ms will be slashed from 19 to 10. Mohammed Mursi is likely to appoint a new chief justice and preparations have begun for parliamentary elections which must be held within 60 days.This is a priority for us. We're going to discuss with other parties concerning what kind of rules in order to rules in order to speed up the economic reform.According to leading opposition figuresto leading opposition figures, that will be a significant challenge because the people from the educated middle class and the professions overwhelmingly votedsions overwhelmingly voted against the constitution.So far Mr Mursi has not been reaching out to the rest of the country. He needs to do that. There are qualified people who can jump start the economy and can work on the education.For many, there's an even For many, there's an even greater priority.

Most observers say for that to happen, President Mursi must engage in dialogue with his opponents. Israel's PM has pledged to halt Iran's nuclear dged to halt Iran's nuclear program if re- elected. Binyamingram if re- elected. Binyamin Netanyahu has officially launchedtanyahu has officially launched his campaign for next month's general election, telling supporters radical Islam poses huge challenges for Israel. A strong message to his party, a defiant message is party, a defiant message to his opponents. Binyamin Netanyahuhis opponents. Binyamin Netanyahu chose a speech to the party faithful to remind them of ul to remind them of the dangers he believes his country faces. "The state of Israel faces huge challenges and I have to tell you this honestly before the elections. Iran is advancing its nuclear program, and Hamas and Hezbollah have equipped themselves with rockets. It makes regimes collapse one after the other. Some people say in the face of this rising wave, some people prefer to give up. Let's go and wave the white flag. Not us. Not us." This is not the first time Mr Netanyahu has criticised Iran and its nuclear program. In September, he warned the United Nations General Assembly if Tehran reached 90% uranium enrichment, it would become an intolerable risk for Israel. Then, weeks later, he ordered the Israeli intervention in Gaza which targeted leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Mr Netanyahu and his party have been ahead in the opinion polls for some time. That may have emboldened him to say this about the status of Jerusalem itself. "With gau's help, we will continue to live and build in -- God's help, we will continue to live and build in Jerusalem." Their lead has been cut. Not by anything they have said but by the actions of a close political ally. The former foreign minister. He and his party have forged a strong electoral bond over the past few years. Mr Lieberman has been charged with fraud and breach of trurs and forced to resign from the government. to resign from the
government. TRANSLATION: Unity is important. Very important. It's important to have a slandslide victory. Weneed a powerful PM because that means powerful leader shfpltDespite his problems, he is standing again and hopes to return to the cabinet. Those who really matter are the voters who must elect a new leader. And Israel votes on January 22. Shinzo Abe has been formally installed as Japan's PM again. The jpnies cabinet resigned to make way for the conservative leader. Mr Abe returns to the post after his liberal Democratic Party won a landslide election victory this month. He is Japan's seventh PM in six years. Mr Abe's nationalest positions have s nationalest positions have in the past angered Japan's neighbours. Got breaking news now. At least four people have been killed and seven wounded whether a car bomber attacked a US base in eastern Afghanistan. So far there are no reports of coalition casualties. Afghanistan's NATO-led force said the bomber did not get into the bis or breach its perimeter. The Taliban claims responsibility for the attacks via email. In the US, police say the man who shot dead two firefighters before turning the gun on himself had left a note outlining his attack. William Spengler set fire to his house and began shooting at firemen who arrived to put it out. Human remains which are likely to be those of his sister have since been found at the site. Radio recordings capture the moment police engaged William Spengler shortly after he shot four volunteer firemen, killing two. Police say the men were shot before they had a chance to get out of their truck. Spengler then fired again, as they tried to drive away. I'm taking cover now. He's going to be across from the street of the fire.The officer fires four rounds. A muzzle flash coming from Spengler's direction.He doesn't appear to be hit. Spengler was later found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police found human remains. They're believed to be Spengler's sister who lived with him.A type-written note from Spengler which specified his intents. The note does not have a motive.Police haven't released the note but did read from one of its pages."I have to get ready to see how much of the neighbourhood I can burn down and do what I love doing best - killing people." Police say Spengler had a massive supply of ammunition to ciry out his attacks. First, a Smith & Wesson, and a pump-action shotgun and finally an assault rifle, the same gun Adam Lanza used this month to kill 26 people including 20 children at a primary school in Connecticut. Police are still investigating how a convicted felon managed to get hold of such an arsenal. Gun deaths are on a down trend in the US.Over the last 20 years we have been turning people loose and deininstitutionalising people and itutionalising people and I think we swung too much and there are people who still need to be in institutions that are a danger to themselves and others. This is a classic example.Barack Obama and several members of caurpbg plan to address gun laws in the -- Congress plan to address gun laws in the new year. The NRA says it won't allow any altererations without a fight. Three people have been killed and at least 11 injured in a plane crash in Burma. Five Australians onboard survived. The cause of the crash is not yet known. 63 people, including 51 foreigners, were onboard the Christmas Day flight when it fell out of the sky, hit the ground, broke in half and burst into flames. Among the dead, an 11-year-old boy and a Burmese tour guide. and a Burmese tour guide. A motorcyclist riding on the road where the jet went down was also killed. Five Australians survived the crash. Adelaide woman and her boyfriend among those who escaped the wreckage relatively unscathed.I don't think there was any real warning of it happening but then when the tail section was on fire and they were about three quarters of the way back on the plane, they were aware that the plane was burning behind them and the cabin ahead of them was full of smoke. That probably was the worst moment for her because she thought she was trapped in the burning plane.She said both wings were ripped off during the landing, taking with them the fuel tanks and potentially preventing an explosion. The flight was flying from mand lay and due to arrive in the country's east -- Mandalay and due to arrive in the country's east. They were trying to get to a popular tourist destination. It's unclear what caused the plane to plummet. It was described as an emergency landing but authorities believe the pilot mistook the road for a runway because of fog. Witnesses say rescuers on the ground brought the fire under control after 45 minutes and smoke continued to bellow from the wreckage hours after. The plane is one of two stocked by the airline. The jets are no longer being manufactured. And later we look back at historic year in Burma. And bad weather is being seen as a possible factser in a crash of a Kazakh military plane which killed all 27 people onboard. Rescuers struggled to access the sea that was reported to be an open cut mine. The plane was carrying the head of Kazakhstan's border security agency and smashed into four parts after a failed landing attempt. A funeral has been mpt. A funeral has been held for a policeman killed during anti-rape protests in New Delhi. Demonstrations were sparked after a woman was raped by a group of men on a bus. Eight people have been charged over the policeman's death as the Indian President called the Indian President called for calm. A family in mourning. An outpouring of grief over the death of father and husband. The policeman was found lying on the ground with serious injuries after anti-rape protests in Central New Delhi on Sunday. His exact cause of death is still unknown but his relatives are blaming the public.

So far eight people have been charged with rioting and murder. The gang rape of a 23-year-old student this month sparked the protests. They turned violent because authorities tried to subdue them, barricading tried to subdue them, barricading roads and metro stations. Officials say more than 100 people have been injured. At least half of those police officers. The government says it's doing everything it can to calm the ongoing demonstrations.People must control their emotion and calmly and peacefully control the situation. Violence is not the solution.He was cremated with full state honours. Officials say the entire New Delhi police force will donate one day's salary -- donate one day's salary to the grieving family as a mark of respect. Global church leaders have tackled tough issues in their customary Christmas addresses. Pope Benedict has called for the edict has called for the end of bloodshed in Syria. An Anglican leader has expressed disappointment over the failed vote to appoints female Bishops. Speaking from the balcony, in a message watched by millions around the world, Pope Benedicts spoke about the world's conflicts regions. He called for the end of bloodshed in Syria and appealed to politicians to find a peaceful solution to the 21-month conflicts. He also called on Israelis and Palestinians to find the courage to end years of conflicts and division. In London, the Archbishop of Westminster used a surm toon criticise the British Government's plans on same-sex marriage.Frankly, the processe-sex marriage.Frankly, the process is shambolic. There was no announcement in any party manifesto. There's been no green paper. There's been no statement in the Queen's Speech. Here we are on the verge of primary legislation. The British Government is confident of getting a bill set to be introduced next month through both houses. The symbolic head of the world's Anglicans acknowledged the church had lost its credibility.In the deeply painful aftermath of the vote last month, what was startling was how many people who certainly wouldn't have said yes to the census question turned out to have a thought of investment in the church, a desire to see the church looking credible.Dr Williams will retire at the end of the month, passing on his position. And the Supreme Governor of the Church of England overcame a cold to attend a church service in Sandringham. The Duke and Duchess were away and Prince Harry is serving in Afghanistan. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. For the third year running, Christians in Nigeria have been shot dead while celebrating Christmas. Gunmen in the voltime north killed six people during a Christmas Eve church service before getting the building on fire. Services were poorly attended this e poorly attended this year because of the threat of terrorism. And actor Charles durpbing has died aged 89 after a died aged 89 after a career clebgz Derning has died aged 89 -- Durning have died at the age of 89. He died of natural causes at his home in Manhattan. Controversy has marred the opening of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. One of the favourites, 'Wild Thing', didn't even make it to the starting line, disqualified because it failed to submit the necessary paperwork. Sydney Harbser cluttered with sleek racing yachts with one notable exception. 'Wild Thing' - the super maxi nowhere to be seen after she was jerked from the race tw.5 hours before the start.The race committee will not be accepting the entry of the boat 'Wild Thing' as a result of non- compliance with the notice of race. 'Wild Thing' disqualified. The race committee citing a lack of appropriate paperwolack of appropriate paperwork.He has not lodged the documentation that is required and ntation that is required and that's where it is. We don't have the document that we need to verify and sign off this matter.Only 90 minutes before the race start, Grant Wharington, the skipper, arrived here, believing his documentation was up to date. He lodged an appeal with the race directer, only to discover his boat was not able to race.We provided the documentation. I have got it in my hand. it in my hand. We were given an approval on Wednesdaythality we were able to go and subsequently -- Wednesday that we were able to go and subsequently withdrawn. We're devastated.Wharington was expecting to compete in his 25th Hobart. Instead, he's stranded on dry land. e's stranded on dry land.I don't know if there's a conspiracy going on but I think this particular race director seems to be a serial offender of trying to get big boats out of the race. 'Wild Thing' crew frustrated with what they believe is unnecessary red tape.It's an international platform they've made a mess of. They should be promoting their race. There was further drama on the water come racing time. 'Rag muffin Loyal' a time. 'Rag muffin Loyal' a little over-- Ragamuffin Loyal' a little overexcited.Could have been over early. 'Wild Oats Eleven' rr -- 'Wild Oats Eleven' has won the start.'Wild Oats Eleven' speeding offshore, threatening to leave all in her wake. World News Australia's Nick is at the Cruising Yacht Club in Sydney. WharingtonYacht Club in Sydney. Wharington is an extremely experienced skipper. How could he make a mistake like this?Grant Wharington has 24 Hobarts under his belt. There was an error in some paperwork. He failed to submit the documentation in time and in the correct format. I'm joined now by Howard Pickett, the man who made the decision. Cania clarify a bit about that decision today?We're talking about verification of construction. Grant did extensive modifications to 'Wild Thing' and we required him to give verification that the designer and the builder had complied with the ABS guide, that is the guides of construction. That is required as a matter of safety so far as our records are concerned to ensure the boat is safe and has been built in accordance with the guidelines laid down by that body.In terms of that decision, it's obviously one you stand by as the race directing team does. Grant Wharington and his team have been scathing about the way the matter was handled in terms of communication. Can you give SBS an idea of how you handled the matter? I'm disappointed. The documents were due in on November 1. We gave extensive time right up to three hours before the start. We had communications with Grant telling him exactly what we needed and we were confident he understood. Today we tried to contact him by a number of people to make sure he understood that sure he understood that time was running out and wanted those documents in. We were unable to raise him. I think communication on our side has been excellent.It has been a drama-fuelled day. Also 'Ragamuffin Loyal' got off to an early start. Will there be a penalty?She was over the line just before the start. So she will be shown as OCS. However, the race team have decided, the starting committee have decided to put an application to redress in, acknowledging that they did not give proper notice in accordance with the instructions to notify the yacht he had broken the start. That will be handled when we get to Hobart and Syd will be told of the situation on the schedule tonight. Hopefully that will resolve the matter. It appears race staff made a slight error in not communicating at the appropriate time he had broken the start.It's all about communication. Thank you very much for your time. Great to hear from you. I'll be back a little later with all the news on the rest of the race crew.Thank you. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. The Boxing Day bargain hunters expected to deliver a billion dollar boom to the retail industry. Dozens of children saved as Chinese authorities track down on trafficking rings. And understanding the And understanding the plight of African refugees. An Australian man's journey to former safe haven Tanzania.

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If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

Shoppers are expected to part with nearly $2 billion in the Boxing Day sales. Retailers say the figures are slightly up from last year and many bigger department stores have embraced Internet shopping, even starting their much-coveted sales early online. While most people were sleeping off the excesss of Christmas day, these eager shoppers were queuing for bargains.We came up from the Sutherland Shire.We were up at 6 o'clock.Some flew interstate.Got up at 4:30 this morning and caught the 6 o'clock fliefpltThe annual Boxing Day sale is the biggest retail day of the year. Shoppers are expected to spend $1.8 billion. It's not how many are queued up for opening, it's about how many come through the doors. Not everyone's convinced. I've been here but they're not as busy as I was the previous years. That could be because of the influence of online shopping. The big department stores started their online sales early.We did five times the volume for the eqifrblant Christmas Day. We have -- equivalent of Christmas Day.It is our biggest trading day.For many going to the Boxing Day sales is a family affair.A lot of things are on special.We thought we'd do a mother and daughter thing.We couldn't resist.Most consumers are spending up on traditional items. Christmas is the time of giving but now it's over most of these people are looking for presents for themselves. On top of the list - clothes, shoes and electronics. Buyers could be selling unwanted presents. Gumtree shows more than 14 million unwanted presents were received in 2012. And many people are selling them online rather than keeping them. A Perth shopping centre is urging people to open their hearts by giving away these unwanted goods to charity, rather than selling them. The Air Safety watchdog has suspended the -- Barrier Aviation. Their entire fleet of 34 aircraft have been grounded. The decision affects 4,500 passengers. Bearianier Aifrbquation -- Barrier Aviation has been serving northern Australia for 24 years. It's made a big impact.It's affected all the transportation of essential personnel to those communities, like doctors, nurses, it's affected the magistrates sitting in all those communities. It's affected the transportation of goods.It's created great uncertainty for the 55 staff of Barrier Aviation. 36 of whom are pilots. CASA says it's taken this action because it believes permitting Barrier Aviation to continue to fly poses a serious and imminent river to air safety. And that Barrier Aviation has been operating aircraft with serious and known defects.Barrier has engaged ts.Barrier has engaged in discussions with the legal team from CASA, as well as high-level executives of CASA to constructively work towards a resolution.Barrier Aviation says 4,500 passengers will be affected across northern Australia. Passengers flyingtralia. Passengers flying between Cairns to Horn Island between Cairns to Horn Island and other communities like Bam gu, Badu, will need to find alternative transport. Qantas says it is currently operating scheduled flights and will monitor customer demand for these services. The Barrier Aviation suspension comes on top of CASA's grounding of the regular passenger flielts in the Northern Territory. -- flights in the for. And NITV is now part of SBS and can be seen on digital channel 34. on digital channel 34.

For 40 years Tanzania has been a safe haven for Africans fleeing strife in neighbouring countries. Now the East African nation is closing its refugee camps, claiming a new era of peace. One policeman from Western Australia made the reverse journey to understand the needs of Africans living on his beat in ving on his beat in Perth. Karen Ashford travelled with him to Tanzania's refugee camps to witness his moving journey. Tanzania is pretty far from Mirabooka. s pretty far from Mirabooka.My job is to educate and engage these people. To me it's like saying how can I really get a grasp of what I'm doing without of what I'm doing without going over there and seeing first hand what these people have come from stphrHe's trying to build rapport with refugees who might have issues with police. Sometimes people might pick on you. They have been picking on me so many times.Community leaders say cultural differences can mean parents feel dissempowered by police.Coming in between the parents and the kids.This sergeant thinks if he can understand refugees' pasts, he can build bonds in the future. He's making the long journey to the refugee camp in Tanzania but there's tension, after 40 years the camp's about to close. Only 2,600 here have been granted international protection. It means the remainder are left in limbo and with a December 31 deadline for the closure of this camp looming, their future is uncertain. Some may be repatriated to their homeland, a prospect not all are happy about.

Authorities say where possible, family reunions are being pursued. Tanzania offered citizenship to refugees but not all accepted. Non- citizens who don't voluntarily go home face repatriation under immigration law. Tanzania saying it's done its protective duty.You can't go on forever as a refugee. At some point you have to decide. The country has settled down. Things are fine. There's peace there. The economy is booming. Why do you want to continue this?The refugees remain hopeful of acceptance in another country but resettlement figures are tiny and the wait is long, much longer than they have. Meanwhile, this policeman from Australia helps raise their spirits. He later admits feeling overwhelmed but has come away with a better cultural understanding.In relation to the camp, you could see how significant the family bond is and that's the biggest thing to me now. When I go back and continue my work, I'll be looking at the culture and family bond to achieve greater results. Aided in part by the musical bridge now stretching across the world.

More than 700 black South Africans who lost their land under apartheid are celebrating a major victory. The government has agreed to compensate the former land owners who had their homes stripped away from them more than 50 years ago. This is the only pictures she has of her mother. She was 12 years old when police forced them from their home in 1960. Her friends, now in their 70s and 80s, were also affected. It's a piece of apartheid legislation that meant blacks couldn't live in areas designated for white homes and businesses.It built hatred. We can't solve it. Even today. By those types, when we were told, we were called names and we felt inferior to them. So it can't geour way.They were moved to the township y were moved to the township about 20 kilometres away. There was no decent housing, water or electricity in 1960. Conditions have improved since 1994 but these ladies say it's still not home. During apartheid, the colour of a person's skin determined which side of the tracks families lived. In 1960, black people were forcibly removed from this area, just outside Johannesburg. Their homes were destroyed and those factsries over there were built.This was -- factories over there were built. This was my house.Their legal battle was thrown out of court in 2005 because it did not meet certain requirements. It was then reinstated and recently the state agreed to settle the matter out of court. Many more people in South Africa also want justice. Unfortunately, it will involve the biggest rural claims that will be resolved. Some claims have not even touched this.The women plan to use some of the compensation to elect tombstones for friends when died before the case was won. This woman is 85 n. This woman is 85 and says she's planning to throw a victory party where she says she ere she says she will throw away her walking stick and dance for joy. Burma was long considered a pariah state, isolated from the world with an appalling human rights record. This year the ruling military showed its first signs of allowing a transition to civilian rule. Remarkably, two years after her house arrest ended, Aung San Suu Kyi went Aung San Suu Kyi went on to win a seat in parliament. Burma is on the verge of a breakthrough to democracy. Burma's military rulers released 900 prisoners.Victory wouldby highly symbolic. Giving her a voice in government for the very first time.Dancing in the streets, as political activists complete their long walk to freedom.18 months ago, just approaching this house would have got you arrested and reported. Now delegations are a regular feature.This is the country's new parliament. She would soon be part of this parliament, sitting and debating alongside many of those who kept her under house arrest for much of the past 21 years.It's a dramatic turnaround from previous votes.The monasteries have been reopened.Very good for the country. Everyone is happy.

A Muslim minority has been targeted by individual laenty -- individual ante -- vigil ante groups. The fact dissidents can speak freely to foreign journalisticise a measure of just how much things are changing here. The MLD boycotted the open session buzz of a dispute over the constitutional -- because of a dispute over the constitution. A new government has taken over. There is fresh hope.The President is now welcomed by the world as a reformer. The first American President to visit Burma came to praise reform.We have to be very careful we be very careful we are not lured by a mirage of success. My country today stands at the start of a journey towards, I hope, a better future. SBS producers compiled that look at Burma in 2012.

Chinese police have smashed a suspected child trafficking ring rescuing 89 children. The children are believed to have been abducted by criminal gangs. More than 300 people have been arrested. The operation begins at nightfall. The police officers are briefed on the suspects just briefed on the suspects just before entering the building. The leader reminds his team - protect the infants first. The raid is swift. And within minutes, a kidnapped baby is found. In just one week, China's Ministry of Public Security has rescued dozens of children in a non- province wide bust. TRANSLATION: The goal of this operation is to seize all suspects involved and smash the cal network. The government snaits there are around 30,000 to 60,000 cases of child abductions in China each year. They are often sold in to slave labour or forced to become beggars. Demand is high from childless couples. The price of a kidnapped baby can vary. Girls start at around $3,000. s start at around $3,000. Because of the traditional preference for sons in China, a baby boy can fetch between $10,000 and $14,000. This in a country where the average annual sl slry is just under $-- salary is just under $6,500. Although traffickers can face the deaths penalty, child buyers are currently not prosecuted if they do not obstruct the rescue operation or mistreat the children. TRANSLATION: Next, we will cooperate with relevant agencies to strengthen the penalties for those who buy abducted children. So as to increase the demand which may lead to child trafficking.Only a tiny fraction of abducted children in China are ever found and reunited with their families. The tragedy of a thriving market where babies are for sale.

Coming up next - Craig Foster with all the sport. And Sri Lanka on the ropes after Australia lands several hammer blows to dominate the Boxing Day test. And the latest from the Sydney to Hobart as the super maxis eye off a race

Finance now.

Joining us now with sport is Craig Foster it's been Australia's day at the MCG?A day that will live long in the memory for two players in particular. Matthew Wid took one of the best-ever catches, sprinting more than 25 metres before landing a superb take. And Jackson Bird's two wickets on debut announced his return on nounced his return on the scene.

On a Boxing Day in Melbourne, there's only one ticket in town. With all the talk of Michael Clarke's fitness and rotated speedsters, it was easy to forget about the debut of Jackson Bird. In the lead-up to the test, the Sri Lankan side said they had no idea about the tearaway but they soon would. A fegtser in the brand new baggy -- feather in the brand newbugy green cap for Bird. The Australians had chances they didn't take but they quickly made amends. Got him.With both openers out early, the honeymoon was over for the Sri Lankans. Mahela Jayawardene suffered from cold feet.

the Sri Lankans. Mahela Jayawardene
suffered from cold feet. Kumar Sangakkara flayed Mitchell Johnson to all parts of the ground to go past the 10,000 test run milestone before lunch. While the Australian advance was stopped for 40 minutes, the real feeding frenzy came after lunch.This will be out. Edged. Well caught.Kumar Sangakkara nabbed his 41st test half century but the resistance at the other end crumbled around the other end crumbled around him.Steaming in. Mitchell Johnson unable to achieve his first test hat-trek but he would soon after his man, courtesy of some Wade magic.A nervous look. He's got him.Nathan Lyon made a late innings impact. As Sri Lanka was bundled out for a miserable 156. This will be out as well.The Australians not fooled by the non- existent gremlins in the pitch. Take that.As David Warner set about knocking off the deficit before stumps. the deficit before stumps.It's a beauty. It could go all the way.Three quick wickets went as Sri Lanka staged a late fight back. The most embarrassing for Phil Hughes running himself out. In spite of the wobble, Australia still clearly on top. a still clearly on top. Well, as we heard a little earlier, the Sydney to Hobart race was dominated by the news of 'Wild Thing'

was dominated by the news of 'Wild
Thing' disqualification. The fleet is well under way with the leading boats tracking towards Eden on the South Coast of NSW. Nick, what's the latest on the race record attempt?Well, the race record was well and truly up for grabs early on in the picture. They rounded the Heads well in front of the race mark. The wind had started to ease and the started to ease and the race record looks like it might be slipping out of reach. The field is averaging 11 knots an hour and to sit the race record they need to be going around 15. They need to make up a fair amount of ground. After six hours of racing, the fleet is about five minutes south of Kiama and they're struggling to make up time now. It was tough conditions early on, of course. No surprises who was winning. 'Wild Oats Eleven' were well ahead and four nautical miles back was last year's winner. So there's a dual unfolding there. They're keeping fairly close to the coast. As the wind are quite light, but expect them to head further offshore. It will bea light night but plenty of racing still to come. It's anyone's race still.Thank you for that. Round 13 of the A-League kicks off tonight with Adelaide United looking to go top of the table when it takes on second. The Central Coast second. The Central Coast Mariners taking on Sydney FC rs taking on Sydney FC which was demolished by the Mariners 7-2 earlier this season. Del Piero didn't play in that match and says he wants to focus on turning around Sydney's season and not on all the speculation concerning where he will be playing next season.I think now is a very tough moment for us and we go next against the top three team in the league, I think. And we need time prove a lot, for sure.Del Piero did say he's happy with Sydney but would leave all contract renegotiations to his brother and agent. That's the day in sport.Thanks, Craig. Coming up - we have the weather.I'll be coming to you from Broken Hill where a Sydney student has discovered a twist in the tale.

Crowds in Melbourne have been queuing all day to get a glimpse of what's called the corpse flower. It grows for seven years and now wrs for just three days. -- and flowers for just three days. Avid gardeners haven't stopped lining up to see it. It's native ning up to see it. It's native to Western Sumatra where it can grow up to three metres tall. It's been a rare white Christmas for several American states. A major winter storm spawned several tornadoes in the south of the country which have been blamed for three deaths. Surging east from Texas to Alabama, the storm exas to Alabama, the storm caused widespread power outages and damage to trees and buildings. The forecast. A low over the east is bringing showers and storms to NSW, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Another low in the west is triggering storms over Western Australia.

A mysterious book found at an outback mosque had for decades been thought to be a Koran brought to Broken Hill by Afghanis. A chance sighting of the tx bia Sydney student has -- text by a Sydney student has added a twist to the story. Bobby Sham-rose knows this corner of Broken Hill by the back of his hand. This is where the South Asian man who arrived in the town late in the 19th century settled, bringing with them the stock that helped settle the bush. Bobby's grandfather was the lost Mullah of this mosque.You could tell, there would be dozens of them in here. When you think about it, they've done a lot of good things for this country that is sure to got it hat is sure to got it on its feet, especially the outback. How else could they get all that.Their presence is well documented. So when a large foreign book was found at the mosque in the 1960s, a label classifying it as a Koran was attached and it stuck for 50 years.It said on it in English the Holy Koran. This is the thing I read ab. But I think it's in Bengali.Everybody assumed it was in Koran and she was the person who informed us it wasn't because she could understand the writing.The book is kept with the Broken Hill Historical Society,he Broken Hill Historical Society, inside a restored synagogue. Any locals with the knowledge Any locals with the knowledge to dePfeiffer the 19th century work, had long since passed away when it was foun. Here on the was foun. Here on the edge of the Broken Hill cemetery, backing on to the dezbert hind me, some of the -- desert behind me, some of the town's Muslims have been buried. The mystery of who brought the book was everything Samia had been looking for in a PhD subject.They aren't really Bengalis who are cavaliers because -- cameleers because Bengali have never seen camels. It doesn't make sense.Some of her findings suggest there could have been a whole community. Their presence forgottenity. Their presence forgotten until now.It's a thumb book. It is performance poetry. The kind of way these books were read was people would gather. Often illiterate people. And the one person who can lead would sit there and lead would sit there and sing it out.Just like other early migrants, the south Asians who came to Australia brought little pieces of home with them.A fig. It tastes alright. Whether it was their favourite fruits or poetry, little pieces remain. Samia's doctorate is being -- could become a book next year. Recapping our top stories now. Mohammed Mursi has signed off on a new constitution which the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party claims the way for political stability. The result has sparked protests around the country. Police have found human remains and a note at the house where a US gunman shot dead two firefighters before turning the gun on himself. Church leaders globally have tackled tough issues in their Christmas addresses, including the ongoing bloodshed in Syria and a failed vote to appoint female bishops. And controversy has marred the opening of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race, with one of the favourites, 'Wild Thing', disqualified beforeing', disqualified before the start because of a failure to submit the necessary paperwork. That's the world this Wednesday. Our next bulletin at 6:30 tomorrow evening. You can get news around the clock. And you can follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - e Media -

A bug's world is no place
to let down your guard.

At every step,
there are stealthy assassins...

Big mandibles, good vision,
and they jump.

..merciless superheroes
and prize-fighters

poised to take you down.

We thought only vampires
drank blood.

In the treacherous world
of monster bugs,

you stay vigilant or vanish.

I'm Paul Willis
and I inhabit a monster bug world.

And so do you.

They make up almost 90 per cent
of all the living things around us.

Those numbers
are all the more astonishing

because, so often,
bugs are hidden from our eyes.

They're such tiny creatures!

And yet so much is packed
into those miniscule bodies.

Some can perform astounding feats
of physical prowess.

They're like bug super-heroes,

faster than a speeding bullet...
and all that stuff.

And when those superpowers
are deployed in a bug battle...

Well, you can only sit back
and marvel at the mayhem.

When a green-bellied huntsman tackles
a colony of jumping jack ants...'s a clash of the titans.

If an army is only as strong
as its weakest soldier,