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(generated from captions) long enough to see some sunshine
this afternoon over the eastern suburbs, making it one of those rare days when the east is warmer
than the west. Rainwise, we saw some massive totals
from yesterday. 72mm just south-east of Gosford. From the satellite, south-easterly winds
are pushing a few showers into the New South Wales coast while across the south a front will
sweep towards Tasmania dragging much warmer air across into
Victoria. For Melbourne that means tomorrow temperatures
will be 10 degrees warmer with a sunny top of 32 expected. A few showers for Brisbane. The hot spell continues in Perth.

On the water tomorrow
conditions will be smooth: Staying fine across the city tonight with a bit of cloud tomorrow. The fresh south-easterly winds will
ease with cloud across the western
suburbs set to clear, allowing for plenty more sunshine
and warmer weather.

Looking ahead - warm and sunny on Friday. Showers starting up across the
weekend. A cloudy New Year's Eve on the way but that means
it won't get too cold at night before a warm start to 2013. That's Seven News
for this Boxing Day. Next on 'Today Tonight' - a look back
at the biggest villains of 2012.

Tonight - They caught our attention
for all the wrong reasons.

The rogues gallery of 2012.

Plus, what's got Dick fired up? I'm gonna take it as far
as I can take it, as far as I can afford to take it. I don't like deception. Taking on an American
corporate giant over flag fraud. And the most unwanted - what to do with the presents you
don't want but can't be returned.

Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.
I'm Kylies Gillies. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.
I'm Kylie Gillies. We start our Boxing Day show with the villains who came to our
attention for all the wrong reasons. They lied, they cheated, they stole and at times
they went completely crazy and they never liked it
when we turned up. James Thomas looks back
the Rogues Gallery of 2012.

They're the crooks... What about all the other people
all through the building?

Don't touch the camera! ..the cons... I swear on the Bible,
and I'm not even a Christian. Peter Hawthorn - or should I say
the con man of Cobram - I'm Jackie from Today Tonight. I want to talk to you about all the creditors
you've been ripping off, the $2 million that you owe people, the mince meat you've made
of all your suppliers. ..and the people
who just went crazy.

My child has my eyes. Look at those eyes and look at mine and you tell me she is not mine.

He just collided with me,
he's pushing me into the barrier. Here he comes...ouch! He's jumping on my bonnet.
He's smashed my windscreen! A rogues' gallery of people that,
if you pass them on the street, turn and run the other way. Turn around, OK?

A cocky Mr Lloyd had no idea
who was going to pop out. Andrew, turn around.

Andrew, you married me and took off.

Well, you need to tell us,
Mr Ploughman, because it's quite serious - it's fraud that you're involved in. For some, age is no barrier. Do you know this woman? This is Natasha.
She owns the property. She wants to know
why you haven't paid her rent. Because I'm old, everybody takes for a fact
that I'm an idiot, that I'm stupid. You have made excuse after excuse. You've claimed
that the equipment here was faulty. It is - come look at it. I curse you and your children. Yeah, don't worry.

You're trying to provoke
an 89-year-old.

Others even prepared
to rip off their own family. How much, all up,
has she cost you? Around $600,000 or something. My heart is's stone,
so hard

and I would spit in her face. I don't care if I go to jail. I've really come to the point
I will spit her face. This woman is not talking
about her worst enemy, she's talking about her daughter,
her own flesh and blood. I wish the law allowed me
to divorce her, never, ever see her again. She claims
she's been defrauded, robbed, had dozens and dozens of
traffic infringements billed to her, been threatened with arrest and now faces financial ruin
all thanks to her daughter. I'm going through hell. If ripping off your own family
wasn't bad enough, how about your own wife?

Only days after tying the knot,
he took off, leaving his wife high and dry and thought he got away with it
until we showed up, luring him into meeting
his jilted bride by making him think
he'd won the lottery. I never wanted to get married.
I figured it was just paperwork. That was until she met 23-year-old factory worker
Andrew Lloyd on a family holiday
in Thailand last year. He swept me off my feet completely. When I'd gotten home,
I was utterly in love with him. I really was. After a whirlwind courtship,
mainly over Facebook, Lloyd begged her to marry him when she came to Australia
in January and they tied the knot
in a civil ceremony in Michelle's home city of Seattle with only Michelle's family
present it's become a surreal disaster, ending almost as soon as it began. The first hint things weren't right was when Lloyd turned up in Seattle
for the wedding without any of his family
she had not yet met, or friends, and no rings.

So we went to the jewellery store
and picked out wedding bands and I told him he could just give me
the engagement ring later and he said, "That's stupid -
I want to give it to you now," so we put it on my credit card. The two-timing Lothario Lloyd
also didn't tell her he was flying back to Sydney
two days after the wedding to be with his girlfriend
of five years, Shae Hopkins, as she was about to give birth
to their daughter. She was seven months pregnant
when he came. And two weeks ago, Lloyd ended the marriage
with a cowardly email on Michelle's Facebook page. Michelle wanted to tell Lloyd
face to face what she thought of his low act. Andrew Lloyd has no idea that his heartbroken wife, Michelle,
is here in Australia so we're going to pay him a visit
at his workplace.

Andrew, you married me and took off.
You had a 5-year girlfriend. That I broke up with. No, you did not! Did you tell your family? No. Why not? Why wouldn't you tell your family
that you were married, Andrew?

From broken hearts
to broken promises. Peter Hawthorn is known as
the con man of Cobram, a bogus butcher hell-bent
on chasing us out of town. Peter Hawthorn, or should I say
the con man of Cobram, I'm Jackie from Today Tonight. He's Australia's
worst rogue butcher - Peter Hawthorn and son Robert pulling off
a multimillion-dollar meat heist across two states and the ACT, selling their ill-gotten gains
to innocent customers. I want to talk to you about all the creditors
you've been ripping off, the $2 million that you owe people, the mince meat that you've made
of all your suppliers. Our efforts to expose these
notorious meat industry charlatans He's following us again -
he's got a much faster car. Robert Hawthorn's
powerful SS Commodore hot on our tail. I can't lose him, Jackie. Well, I can try to lose him. No, over an accident. 54-year-old Peter Hawthorn
is proprietor of Hawthorn Meats, a defunct company, but at his factory,
it's business as usual. Hawthorn dispatching his trucks to pick up bulk chicken, pork,
and beef from suppliers, the meat driven back
to his Cobram factory where it's processed, cut,
packed then distributed to his 16 butcher shops across New South Wales,
Victoria and the ACT but those loads of meat collected
from family-owned suppliers, like Hazeldenes, are never paid for. Put your window down and talk to us
about this. You owe millions. And from one car chase
to another - Brisbane driver Ken Olsen never
thought his weekend behind the wheel would turn out like this... Everything was fine and the next thing,
I just got rear-ended. I looked up in my rear-vision mirror and there's a bloke
gesturing and pulling signs at me and going berserk. ..a camera mounted on his dashboard
catching every terrifying second.

OK, he's coming up beside me.
He just collided with me. He's pushing me into the barrier. You've got to get someone here -
this dude is crazy! Here he comes...ouch! He's jumping on my bonnet -
he's smashed my windscreen.

This has shaken me. It is something you do not expect. Had the deal with somebody trying to kill you on the road?How you going? Do you want to tell us what happened out there on the road?I am not talking to you. I am talking to the Kop. What happened out there on the road?You will find out when I talked to the police.You get the video end you get everything... Fake.It was a fake video question mark --?

He was arrested and charged for the attack.

And believe it or not,
even the deceased can get dudded. Brisbane-based funeral director
Anthony James got caught transporting bodies
hundreds of kilometres away for a cut-price cremation but telling the grieving families
they were receiving a first-class local service. What would you say
to those families now? If I had the opportunity to sit down
with each one of those families, I would apologise. What do you say to those families who have been lied to the whole time
by you? One of those ladies
is standing over there right now - anything you want to say to her
at all? Her last memory of her husband
is tainted because of you. It's the nation's
most bizarre paternity dispute - a babysitter convinced
the baby she cared for is her own and after two decades on the run
living in constant fear, Tania Ransfield decided to confront
her tormentors. I want the police
to take action now. She's just a devil,
she's horrible. You paedophile!

A disturbing story of a babysitter convinced that the baby she minded was really half-owned. Stolen not at birth, but before. -- her own.

My child has my eyes - look at those eyes
and then look at mine and you tell me she's not mine. When

When she was six months old, they accepted the offer.Her parents came to us to ask us if they could care for her when I went back to work.Over at a 2-year period, Joanne and her bond with Tania became unhealthy.That brought her to a head. As from now on, I said they will not be looking after her any more.She is not your child and has never been your child. You have contacted her on Facebook. He wants you to know that you are ruining lives.I never want to hear another word from her. Do not want to see her again. Do not want Facebook message has.

Then there was
this sophisticated scam duping online retailers, fraudulent credit cards
used to purchase goods online, which are then shipped to
intermediaries around the country. We decided to make
our own delivery. John War has arranged for the
package to be sent here to Hobart and I'm going to hand-deliver it
to Trevor Ploughman, who lives at Clarendon Vale. He's going to be in
for a real surprise when he tries to open this. When we arrived
at Mr Ploughman's address, we asked him to check
the contents of the box. Now, I want you to open it
and check it. Can you open it?

What are you expecting?

That's one of them.

It seems that she has been busy. -- he has been busy. Mr Ploughman,

you realise this implicates you
in a stolen credit card racket? Yep, yep.

You do? It shouldn't be
a stolen credit card ring. Well, it is.
Oh, well. You don't know anything about that?
Stolen credit card? Then there was the good oil
on some very bad oil. So the oils ain't the oils,
you say they are on the label, are they?

I'm not going to talk about this
on the street because it's obviously... OK, shall we come in
and talk to you about this? Not at all.
I'll show you the results. I swear on the Bible,
and I'm not even a Christian, but I'll swear on the Bible
that that is absolute crap, Frank. None of them are extra virgin oils.
Most of them are 'lampante' oils. So what are you insinuating, Frank? Well, they're not the oils
that you say they are. In fact, many of them are way past
their best-before dates. What about all the people...? Hey, don't touch the camera. He was the concrete crook whose house of cards
came falling down but Joel McLeod wasn't too happy
when we paid him a visit. I would suggest to people, if you're considering Mr McLeod
for work, about whether that is
the best scenario for you.

He would give you Nussey and repute off of.Of what has he left you here?Nothing.The scissor work shirt.Here are not registered to work.You charge me for assault?

And finally,
not all bad guys are human. I felt scared and I felt like I needed
to get away. Do you reckon Whacker's out there
at the moment? Probably.

Julie Bambrick is at war
with a wallaby, under siege by a mob
of marauding marsupials. their leader responsible for this. He sits just over there
by that clump of trees and he sits there and he eyeballs
and he just looks at you and if you make any attempt
to go outside, he'll come up and bound up
and start to attack. Unfortunately, Whacker the marauding wallaby
met his end at the hands
of the Department of Environment.

Now to an Aussie hero digging in for yet another fight
against an overseas corporate giant that's bought up
an Australian business. This time, Dick Smith
is taking on MasterFoods over its tomato sauce. What makes me angry
is this MasterFoods, which I thought
was an Aussie product. It has 100% Australian,
great big letters on it, but it's an American company. It even has an Aussie flag
on the back so that people think
it's an Australian company that profits Australians here but all its profits are going
to America. That makes me really angry. When he sought legal advice
it only made him angrier. The legal experts

The legal experts say, there is nothing to do about it. They are allowed to do this. In a statement MasterFoods says that's because
it complies with labelling laws and supports local growers
and manufacturers in Australia whenever possible. That's not good enough for Dick who has taken out
newspaper advertisements, looking for a legal firm
ready to give it a go.

Lucky some of them say to get the

Lucky some of them say to get the
advice that you cannot do anything. We want them to take the Australian flag off it and make sure the writing on the front does not give the impression that it is an Australian company. I will be happy if they change it, otherwise I will go to court.

What do you think? Is Dick right about this?
Do Australians really care? Have your say on our website or go to our Facebook page
or send us a tweet. Stay with us. We'll be right back
to countdown the most unwanted. One of the worst case I got was a GPS when I did not

GPS when I did not have a car. What do you do
when they can't be returned? How unwanted gifts can end up giving
when you turn them into cash.

Welcome back. Almost $15 million worth of gifts
handed out yesterday will be looking for new homes
very soon. They are the presents given
with good intentions but received with shock
rather than surprise. Many will go back to the stores
they came from but what do you do
if they can't be returned? Madeleine Kennard reports.

I got, um, make-up that was,
pretty much...for a little girl, um, a useless poster,
that I still don't get is.

I got shampoo and conditioner
from my grandma, and I wish I could return it.

I got some underwear -
I didn't like the colour. Yeah! The rush is on...

..not for bargain Boxing Day buys, instead, to sell, return and re-gift
unwanted Christmas presents. Make, you know, $200 or $300. I bought a gift for my parents
and it's about technology, so when I gave it to them, she's pretty much like to me,
"I don't know how to use this." It's estimated 14.3 million
unwanted gifts were received around the country yesterday, costing Australians $475 million. One of the worst gifts I got
was a GPS when I didn't have a car. Jess Leahy is all too familiar with faking the happy face when it
comes to receiving an unwanted gift. I think it is annoying having a gift
that you don't want in the house because if it is a big gift,
especially, you, kind of, have to store it
somewhere or especially if it's something,
kind of, homewares or something, the next time someone
comes to your house and they've given you this gift, you have to bring it out
and put it on display. With the help of online auction
and classified sites, she's turned her misfortune
into fortune. I have sold, obviously, clothes
and things like that. Usually, when things come with
the tags and they are brand new, it is a nice way
to make a bit of extra cash, especially if it is going to sit
in the cupboard or, you know, in storage. You might have something
that's brand new, but you don't have the docket
to return it, so rather than go down to the store
and have a disappointing experience of being told that
you can't exchange that for cash, you can sell that online. 27% of Australians hoped they received gifts
they could resell online according to Nat Thomas
from Nat, I really wanted a garden gnome
this Christmas, but, apparently, they're not wanted. We'll, I have got some good news
for you - the fifth most popular thing
to sell after Christmas is garden furniture
and items like gnomes, so if you want one, now is the best
time to go and look for one. Gumtree research has revealed the most unwanted gifts
this festive season: At number 5 is cookware, including electric can openers
and hot dog makers. I did pretty well - didn't get a hot dog maker,
didn't get a popcorn maker, you know,
that I would want to give back. Number 4 are toys,
like jigsaw puzzles and teddy bears. 3 is personal hygiene products,
including bath salts and soap. The second most unwanted gift are garden ornaments,
like the garden gnome. And taking out the top spot
are socks and jocks. The most popular unwanted gift,
if you can call it that, is clothes. So, for example, here we have got
some nice, stripy socks. This is exactly the type of thing that you would find on Boxing Day
on Gumtree. Why is that? I think because every year,
you get the same thing. Like, Dad always gets given socks, so what is he going to do with it
each year? You know, it's just
a really easy thing to re-gift. If you've got a present that you just don't want
or you don't like, then take it back to the retailer
as soon as you can with that proof of purchase. Be friendly, um,
even ask for a credit note if they're not going to give you
your money back simply because
you don't like the gift. You might be able
to get over the line that way. If you would prefer to return
or exchange your unwanted gift, Ingrid Just from Choice says
unless the item is faulty, it's up to the individual retailer
if they will give you a refund. Generally, it's the larger retailers that have more generous
returns policies, so your Kmart, your Target,
your Myer, your David Jones. So, turn those unwanted gifts
into some cash today and jump online and sell them.

Madeleine Kennard there on
why it's the thought that counts but it seems cash counts more. Take a quick break and return
with more on Today Tonight.

We've had the villains,
now hail the heroes. Tomorrow night,
we pay tribute to the people who have shown amazing
courage and determination. It is a lot of work. We

It is a lot of work. We can do it. And Ossie always helps someone else when they are down. Always. Probably the most challenging thing I will ever do.I am going down the path that no kid wants to go down. I had to do something about it, a moral obligation.Oh, my gosh! Uplifting stories tomorrow. I'm Kylie Gillies. Thanks for
your company. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media

NARRATOR: Saving and caring
for our animals around New Zealand, in the wild and in zoos is the work of our Wild Vets. (SQUEAKS)


Tonight, a very grumpy lion
nearly finishes off Robin. The anaesthetic machine's
not behaving as it should. I'm sure it's a leak in it.

Is it love or war for the lemurs? (GROWLING AND SQUEALING) And Lisa steps up
to a very big challenge. Pretty darn awesome!

I've never taken blood
from a giraffe before.

At Paradise Valley Springs,
near Rotorua, everyone is full
of the joys of spring.


Well, nearly everyone.

Max is a grumpy lion because
he's got a date with the dentist.

Good morning, Robyn. How are ya? Vet Robin have already
removed his tooth, but it's still a problem.

He's dribbled
since the teeth came out.

It's only a couple of months
he's dribbled. Yeah, he's been drooling.

You can see he just hangs
that bottom lip a little bit and he just doesn't
look comfortable. I think he might have got something, sort of,
put a bit of pressure on there and maybe broken the gum open
a little bit.

So, Robin needs to knock
this cat out fast.

We're loading up with some darts
to anaesthetise him with. He's seen the dart before
and doesn't like it very much. We usually do it,
one of us with a... of us with a dummy
and one of us with the real pipe so he doesn't know
which way it's coming from. Not fair, I know.

(GROWLS) He may not like it, but Max
is a regular in the dentist's chair.

Both of his lower fangs
are removed now. He lost one
when he was about a year of age and just recently
had the other one removed due to infections
and breaking his teeth. (GROWLS) And it leaves quite a large cavity
in there that's been getting infected and I've noticed lately
Max's behaviour's changed. Hey ya, Max.
How ya feeling, buddy? (GROWLS) It's alright, boy. Hey, shh. He might get a little bit grumpy. (GROWLS) Just a little. And the only way
to check Max's teeth is to get him to have a growl... (GROWLS) ..which, as you can see,
he's quite obliging to do.

See, his breath doesn't smell right so you know there's some infection
in his mouth.

Max is normally
such a placid pussycat and when he gets grumpy like this,
you know that he's unwell. (GROWLS) But it's not just Max
who's on edge today.