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(generated from captions) champions. Running between the wickets his kit. Shane Watson works nicely with Michael Clarke. If we go back to the mix up. If we freeze it at their - straight away can see the ball-watching going on. You have Phil Hughes and Ed Cowan both watching Millwall. -- watching the ball. If you roll that on, all of a sudden, Ed Cowan... We will come back to it. We can see what ball watching does. All of a sudden, M coffin has made his ground and Phil Hughes has all the trouble in the world. It things there is a wobble but he's miles out and gone. Obviously, you can make out that if Phil Hughes goes immediately, there is a single there but it is all about ball-watching - it can be a big no-no. Definitely, loud calls stop even if he does not go, he yells out. We did not pick up a real Clear audio. It is a bit of her lip read of him saying something there certainly, it did not have any Cowan stopping in his track. Phil Hughes was not aware how far down the pitch N Cowan was. The other thing is, it Kalan is hitting the ball but he also has to realise that his partner is running to the danger end. They would probably throw it back to the keeper's end. It might be OK, I heated, I go up but he needs to have some consideration for the guy at the other end who is not exactly short of the ball has got in the gap. I'm not sure it was the world's greatest calls.There weren't too many Mid-Staffs -- mix UPS.It was a good day if you are Australian.Their trial by six runs. Are they will be happy with their position and the way they bowled.

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Tonight - off and racing - a spectacular sight, as 76 yachts head for Hobart. Anger and heartbreak - supermaxi 'Wild Thing' axed from the race at the eleventh hour. A horror day on our roads - five people killed in a matter of hours. Thousands flock to the sales for a Boxing Day bargain. And a dream debut for Sydney's Jackson Bird on cricket's biggest stage. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Georgie Gardner. Good evening. In the great Boxing Day tradition, a fleet of yachts big and small sailed out of Sydney Heads this afternoon, bound for Hobart. But the race wasn't without controversy, with one of the favourites ruled out before the start. If the Melbourne Cup stops the nation, the Sydney to Hobart seizes it... The starter's cannon, the spectacular sight of yachts large and small, 76 of them, jostling to be the first out of the Heads. On the docks of the Cruising Yacht Club this morning, excitement and just a few nerves. Between them, Jim and Mary Holley have sailed 41 Sydney to Hobarts. Onboard 'Aurora', this is their last.It will be a bit emotional, I think, yeah.Jim Cooney is skippering 'Brindabella' - his family there to wish him luck. I hope the boat stays safe and there's no sharks so my dad stays safe.Last-minute preps, hugs and kisses, farewells... And, as start time neared, the spectator fleet swelled from cruisers to runabouts. Would you like to be out there yourself?Mate, I'd love nothing more.You reckon it'll be chaos out here?Hope so!Have you done this before?Nup. First time.All wrestling for prime position to witness history. Even a surf boat got in the mix. Maritime Services moving them out of harm's way. After months of planning and preparation, it's out here on the water where it all counts - the race to The Heads, a scrambling to be first into open water - an honour in itself. Vantage points all around the Harbour were snapped up.It's great! Take a few photos. We're having a picnic and enjoying the boats and the water.It was very nice. I'm glad the weather turned around.The most popular - South Head.I think it's spectacular. I really do. We're from Melbourne, so it's a sight we've watched on television often. Oh, it was fantastic!And everyone's an expert.'Wild Oats' is always hard to beat.I think so. I think so.But they might be right - the supermaxi led them out to sea and into the swell. With 628 nautical miles to the finish line, skill, the forces of nature, and a good dose of luck will determine who claims victory. 2003 winner 'Wild Thing' didn't even make it to this year's start line - it was dramatically disqualified for failing to provide the race committee with all the necessary paperwork. Just two hours before the start, the news hit like a southerly buster - 'Wild Thing' and her crew were going nowhere. Grant Warrington stranded and furious. We're absolutely devastated to be told at the eleventh hour that we are unable to race to Hobart.'Wild Thing' had been extended to 100 feet as part of extensive modifications in recent months. The Sydney to Hobart race committee claims it had been chasing the paperwork to confirm all safety regulations had been met. After the disaster of 1998, in which six sailors died, no corners are cut. It's a final decision of the race committee, which puts safety first. She'll be marked as a non-starter. We tried to get a message to him that he does not interfere with our race fleet.I don't know whether there's any kind of conspiracy going on, but unfortunately I think this particular race director seems to be a serial offender of trying to get big boats out of the race. The Sydney to Hobart hasn't been kind to Warrington - in 2004, 'Wild Thing' lost her rig and keel - the crew had to abandon ship in Bass Strait. This year, she was being talked up as a genuine line-honours contender. 'Wild Oats XI' and 'Ragamuffin Loyal' are now the only 100-footers left in the fleet.We just need to go back and regroup, and look forward to the next adventure.The race start itself was dramatic - Syd Fischer on 'Ragamuffin Loyal' jumped the gun, and there could be punishment in Hobart for that. While fellow supermaxi 'Wild Oats XI' opened a gap before they'd even reached The Heads.Lift-off! Full throttle! We're bound for Hobart!'Wild Oats XI' is chasing its sixth line- honours win in eight starts.This boat is pure speed.The southerly the fleet started with is expected to swing around and power the bigger boats down the coast tonight. Trying to catch the favourite may take some divine help. So the race is well under way. Let's go live now to Sylvia Jeffreys at South Head. Sylvia, when is the wind change expected to hit the fleet?Georgie, the yachts are currently heading into a southerly caused by that same trough that delivered our Christmas rain yesterday. As they head further south, the wind should become light easterly, before turning north-easterly as they reach the south coast near Ulladulla. The frontrunners should hit that change tomorrow morning, as it strengthens - that will push them down the coast towards Hobart. Georgie, tonight here at South Head, clearly the wind is pretty wild, but I will be back with the New Year's Eve forecast for Sydney a little later.See you then, Sylvia. Thank you. After a positive start to the holiday season, today, the state's road toll soar ed, with five people -- soared, with five people killed in just eight hours. The worst accident accident happened on the Hume Highway - seven members of one family were involved in a crash that crushed a four-wheel drive, killing an elderly couple. The sweeping bend where a family road trip ended in disaster.We know they were on the road for under three hours.Seven family members were travelling in this Nissan Patrol when it left the Hume Highway at Holbrook and rolled. A husband and wife, both aged 70, were killed. They'd been visiting from Fiji. The other five relatives, including the driver, are in hospital - a 14-year-old boy critical. At the same time, in another field at Marsden Park, a young life has been helping others ended in the most dreadful way. Just heard a big bang. It sounded like an earthquake.Neighbours emerged to find Richmond Road empty. Then the awful sight - two wrecked cars in a paddock. The RFS would soon discover the 27-year-old male victim was one of their own.My understanding is that one of the vehicles has struck the second vehicle on the driver's side. Police claim the other driver, a 24-year-old Lithgow man, was an unaccompanied loner. It's a stretch notorious for fatal accidents and serious crashes. Locals say the planned widening of Richmond Road can't come soon enough. This afternoon, a man died after crashing into a tree near Cessnock. A male passenger also died near Mudgee. And a motorcyclist is fighting for life after allegedly fleeing an RBT near Raymond Terrace and crashing during a police pursuit.At the end of the day, it comes down to individual responsibility. An Australian woman has told of her terror as her plane crashed and exploded into flames in Burma. Anna Bartsch was one of five Australians onboard the Christmas Day flight when it plunged into a rice field, leaving three people dead. Panicked locals tend to the injured, as smoke and flames still billow from the burnt-out wreckage. The main cabin snapped clear in two. The fact that Anna Bartsch and her boyfriend Stuart Benson even survived this beggars belief. That they walked away almost unscathed is incredible.Can't even remember. It was too fast to even feel.They were among more than 70 passengers who were onboard the Air Bagan flight, when the plane flew into a thick fog, before a terrifying crash-landing.

The airline has said the plane hit electrical wires as it came in to land. But those onboard believe the pilot mistook the road for the runway.

Two people have been confirmed dead as a result of the accident. A female tour guide onboard was killed, along with a man who was riding his motorbike on the road as the plane came down. In the early hours of this morning, while most of us were sleeping, Sydney's most dedicated shoppers were up to embark on that other traditional race - the Boxing Day sales. And as usual, plenty of stamina was required to compete for a bargain. Gone are the jingle bells... Bells tolled for a different reason today. Shoes and clothes. That's my game plan.Dedicated shoppers sacrificed their sleep, lining the city streets from 9:00pm to snag the best position.The energy, the excitement, the buzz - I love the crowds.We did make a list, and we're going to head straight towards the linen section.Numbers were up on last year - men leading the charge, cementing a Boxing Day trend.This will be the one day I'm committed to shopping.You might as well get good-quality stuff on sale. Shoes, bags, men's shirts and homewares were the most popular items, and shelves were quickly emptied. Inside, queues for the fitting rooms stretched, as gridlock formed on the roads outside, delivering the much-needed cash injection on what is the most important day on the retail calendar.Today, we'll sell 2,500 suits across Australia. We're selling our business shirts at the rate of 50 business shirts a minute. Boxing Day this year is expected to rake in $511 million in NSW, but retailers say that figure could be even higher if trading restrictions were lifted.Consumers are smart enough to know when they want to shop, and we should just leave it to the marketplace to decide those things.Online traffic has exceeded expectations - department stores recording their biggest day for internet sales. But we're not only buying, with more than 4 million people across the state expected to jump on the computer getting rid of unwanted gifts worth $134 million. People are doing the smart thing and jumping online, selling these brand-new items on sites like Gumtree and getting some cash for themselves instead.Airlines, too, getting into the clearance spirit - Tiger is offering Sydneysiders return flights for just $1 to many major cities. Live now to Catalina Florez at Bondi Junction. Catalina, the sales will really ramp up tomorrow, won't they?They sure will, Georgie. Most retailers were pretty happy with the numbers today, but of course suburban stores are allowed to trade tomorrow, which will just mean millions more customers through the dar. At David Jones, most stores open from 7:00am until midnight. At Myer, most open from 9:00am until 10:00pm. Most Westfield centres open from 9:30am until 9:00pm. Georgie, remember, the Boxing Day sales run until January 27, so still plenty of time to do your shopping, Georgie. Catalina, thank you. Boxing Day's other big sporting tradition, of course, takes place at the MCG, where cricket fans poured in to watch Australia take on Sri Lanka in the second test. Roz Kelly is at the ground. Roz, a memorable day for Sydney's Jackson Bird?Georgie, can you believe, just two years ago, Jackson was sleeping on his uncle's couch in Sydney, confused and trying to figure out what to do with his life because he could not get a break in NSW cricket? To be playing here today is a remarkable achievement that wouldn't have happened if, as a young man, he didn't pack up and move to Tasmania, which was very hard on him and his close-knit family. But it was very much worth it for them today, when they flew in to see him make his test debut. Maybe one of the best things that's happened to Jack is moving to Tasmania. It's an amazing culture of cricket down there. They're very family-orientated. He's never on his own.He did take two wickets - a very strong performance from Australia's bowlers, Georgie. They are well in control. All the highlights coming up very shortly, with Tim in sport. Terrific, Roz. Thank you very much. In the news ahead - the chilling note left by the gunman who killed two firefighters. Plus - a break from Christmas tradition for William and Kate. And a special Christmas celebration for our diggers in Afghanistan.

This program is not captioned. If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

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A man who shot dead two firefighters after calling them to his burning house in New York left behind a chilling note. In it, he said he was doing "what he liked doing best - killing people." Police also believe a body discovered in his house was that of his sister. A tornado has slammed into the city of Mobile in Alabama, as the southern states of the US were hit by Christmas Day storms. Thousands of residents were left without power, the twister menacing in the night sky. They might have been a long way from home, but our troops serving overseas didn't miss out on a traditional Aussie Christmas. The biggest celebration was at Afghanistan's Tarin Kowt base, where soldiers were treated to a lunch of roast turkey and seafood. In one of the world's most dangerous zones, this was a rare chance for hardworking troops to let down their guard and celebrate Christmas the Aussie way.Today was a very special day for all the soldiers. They've had the opportunity in the morning to call home, to link in with their families, to share Christmas news. Those serving in Tarin Kowt enjoyed lunch alongside their comrades from the UK, Slovakia and Singapore. Local cooks created an impressive seafood feast.Well, it's pretty much just like home, the way they've prepared it here.Just what Christmas is all about. It's really good.Even better when a mountain of gifts arrive for loved ones.For many of you, this will be your first Christmas away from home.And this may well be one of the final big Christmas celebrations for troops in Afghanistan, as Australia's Government plans a 2014 exit. ALL: Merry Christmas! The Queen has overcome a cold to greet well-wishers on her way to attend a Christmas Day church service at Sandringham. But William and Kate were noticeably absent - the Duchess of Cambridge said to be still suffering from morning sickness. Pulling up in the royal Bentley, determined to make the trip to church - and she didn't disappoint. Absolutely marvellous. I wanted to do it.It's lovely that we had a chance to see the Queen and the children to meet her.The crowds had garted from 4:00 in the morning to get a glimpse of the Queen, with Philip by her side and surrounded by family members - Charles and Camilla, Beatrice and uniegey, Edward and Sophie... But conspicuous by their absence, William and Kate. They spent Christmas with the Middletons, as the Duchess recovers from morning sickness. But they didn't skip church, mingling with the congregation near their family's home. Missing in action too - Harry, who is serving in Afghanistan. The royal family is on a roll - the last few years have been among its most successful in recent memory, thanks to royal weddings and Diamond Jubilee celebrations. But though his high public approval ratings are -- those high public- approval ratings won't dip any time soon, because next year, the royal baby will arrive. The Queen stayed back to receive many bouquets of flowers - a fitting end to an eventful year. Sport is next, with the one and only Tim Gilbert. Evening, Georgie. Coming up - plenty of sport. Australia's Boxing Day demolition of Sri Lanka. Who's winning, and by how much? The Sydney to Hobart fleet sails south. And Alessandro Del Piero is ready to decide his future - we'll hear

This program is not captioned. Australia's bowlers have made a mess of the Sri Lankan batting line-up, and are well on top after day one.

A dream debut for Jackson Bird in - in just his second over, a moment he'll never forget.Bird gets his first! What a moment!Mitchell Johnson broke through early.Got 'im! A ripper!And when Siddle took down Sri Lanka's captain, the visitors were rattled.That's a beauty! That is a beauty! Sangakkara stayed cool to join an elite group of batsmen...10,000 test match runs for the Sri Lankan master!Around him, chaos.Look at that! Sticks in the left hand.In a lethal spell, Johnson tore the Sri Lankans apart - so nasty, this delivery sent Prasanna Jayawardene to hospital.

Nightmares here for the Sri Lankans. Keeper Matthew Wade covering plenty of ground, as the visitors were cleaned up for 156.Wade is after it! He dives, and takes a beauty! Australia in to bat straight after tea - and Warner unleashed.It's a beauty! That could go all the way! A blistering half-century off 34 balls - he threatened a big score, but on 62, played a reckless shot. He can't! Oh, he has. You're kidding.A running mix-up, and Phil Hughes's wicket was thrown away.A real mix-up. That's a big breakthrough for Sri Lanka.But Australia could afford the hiccup, and are well in control.

Australia could afford the hiccup,
and are well in control. As we reported earlier, there was drama before the start of the Sydney to Hobart - 'Wild Thing' was not allowed to race because of safety concerns. A short time ago, 5-time winner 'Wild Oats XI' was extending her lead down the coast. She's well past Wollongong, with 'Ragamuffin Loyal', 'Lahana' and 'Ichi Ban' doing the chasing. Alessandro Del Piero has hinted for the first time he's close to resolving his contract negotiations with Sydney FC. The Italian superstar says, despite the club's lack of success, better times are ahead.

There's a big test tomorrow, when Sydney FC plays competition leaders the Central Coast Mariners. Michael Clarke badding for more records on Nine tomorrow, Georgie. Indeed. Thank you, Tim. Sylvia is next with all the weather. Georgie, the New Year's Eve forecast is firming up. I'll have the

6. Coming up on WIN News: Christing up on WIN News: A Christmas 6. Coming up on WIN News: A Christmas Day tragedy for the
Christmas Day tragedy for the family of a young boy in Wellington kil young boy in Wellington Two kil of a young boy in Wellington Two killed when a car rolls on the Hume H e Hume race
Highway And the Sydney to Hobart race underway The sensitive ones.

The naughty ones.

The athletes.

The greedy ones.

The excitable ones.

The little ones.

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This program is not captioned. If you haven't blown away, you're probably still drying out - Sydney had its wettest Christmas Day in 70 years yesterday. The city copped 20mm of rain. 43mm dropped at Gosford in 24 hours.

Most of the rain that hit Sydney yesterday is pushing into south- east Queensland now. A high- pressure ridge will now deliver more stable conditions to southern NSW, and just isolated showers for the far north coast.

At this stage, Georgie, it is looking pretty good for the fireworks.Good news, Sylvia. We'll take that. Thank you very much.

fireworks.Good news, Sylvia. We'll
take that. Thank you very much. That is Nine News for this Boxing Day. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks very much for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

midnight. Tonight Two killed and f Two killed and five others in hospital after a crash after a crash on the Hume Highway b e Highway Thousands b crash on the Hume Highway Thousands bag a bargain in the Boxing Day do
sales And a record number of organ donations in the A-C-T Evening n the A-C-T Good Evening donations in the A-C-T Good Evening I' m Kerryn Johnston, elde yn Johnston, An elde Evening I' m Kerryn Johnston, An elderly couple holidaying from Fiji is dead and five people have been inj ople have been injured in a horror crash near Holbro or crash near Holbrook this morning. A four wheel d ning. A four wheel driving carrying seven people t
the Hume Highway and rolled several Southb
times. The accident closed the Southbound lanes of the nd lanes of the Hume
Southbound lanes of the Hume Highway for five hours, prompting police motorist
and paramedics to plead with motorists to take care. A family road trip turned to tragedy, the day after Christmas. They woke early and ristmas. They woke early and set out from Canberra before dawn re kilom
dawn, Just before seven am, six somethi
kilometres North of Holbrook,
something went wrong. "The vehicle ran off the road and into a culvert when it rolled a number of times bef s before landing up right." black up right." The black before landing up right." The black Nissan Patrol was crushed. The impact proving fatal for two of the people
vehicle' s passengers. "Two people died at the scene, two people have been conveyed to hospital with serious injuries and sermous injurie£ and !nother t(see serious anjuries and anOthgr dhree people, including the driver, be uding the driver, have be people, including the driver, have been taken to Albury base Hospital Al
with minor injuries and shock. " All seven people in the four dr ople in the four wheel dr All seven people in the four wheel drive were from the same extended family. The man and woman who and woman who died
family. The man and woman who died - both aged seventy - were on holiday from Fiji. Police and exp iji. Police and forensic exp experts
from Fiji. Police and forensic experts spent the morning examining the scene to try and establish the sta
cause of the accident and at this stage no factor has been ruled in
stage no factor has been ruled in or out. +w What we do know is that th know is that they were on the road for threewere on the road for under three they were on the road for under three hours. Police and paramedics ext
are urging motorists to exercise extra caution for the remainder of the holiday period. The for ay period. The message for the holiday period. The message for people is to only drive when you' re well rested, obey the road ru , obey the road rules at all times and pay

rules at all times and pay attention to your surroundings. Sa oundings. Operation Sa to your surroundings. Operation Safe Arrival runs through to January Jul
four, and double demerits apply. Julieanne Horsman, WIN News. The horrendous morning on the