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(generated from captions) OK. Let's see. Oh! Yes!
YEAH! Neddy-noodle-nuts! (LAUGHS) Wow. (LAUGHS) Absolutely magnificent. You have wound this audience up
like a machine, and now you've let them free. What do you think is in 9, Tom? I've got the 15 grand, Andrew. So he says. Let's have a look. Is he on the money? It's... No. $1. There was 15 grand there. Which you have managed
to multiply fourfold and then some. Magnificent. May your descendants
multiply and prosper. Let's see the money. Now I'm reliably informed that the
currency of Mongolia is the tugrik. And $66,000 is the equivalent
of 90 million tugrik. Suffice to say, I think you'll be on easy street
once you get to Ulaanbaatar, mate. Well done. Good on you, Tom. Good on you, Ned. Thank you, Mel. Thank you, Candice. And thank you for joining us on 'Who Wants to be
a Mongolian Millionaire?'

This program is captioned live. Tonight - five people die in a shocking day
on the state's roads.

A mother's tribute
to her 9-year-old boy killed in a Christmas Day accident.

A Sydney-Hobart favourite
is sensationally banned from entering the race.

Big crowds snap up big bargains
in Sydney's Boxing Day sales.

Australia off to a great start in
the second test against Sri Lanka.

He dives and takes a beauty!

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. An unsupervised learner driver
has been involved in a crash that killed a volunteer firefighter
in one of five deaths today on New South Wales roads. It has been a shocking Boxing Day
for emergency crews with that first death in Sydney's
north-west just before 7am, a double fatality near Albury
five minutes later with two more people killed this
afternoon near Mudgee and Cessnock.

The force of the crash threw
both cars across a nearby paddock just before 7am on Richmond Road... One of the vehicles has disobeyed
a give-way sign and struck the second vehicle
on the driver's side. ..killing a 27-year-old man, a long-time RFS volunteer,
well respected and today, mourned. It is alleged the 24-year-old man
in the other car was a learner, driving alone. Just minutes later near Holbrook
in the state's south, this Nissan Patrol,
carrying seven relatives, lost control on the Hume Highway. The vehicle ran off the road
and into a culvert where it rolled a number of times
before landing upright. A 70-year-old husband and wife,
from Fiji, died. Five others were injured,
including a 14-year-old boy, and a 67-year-old woman
airlifted to Melbourne. Around noon,
this was the scene at Heatherbrae, near Newcastle, police were chasing
a motorbike rider who fled a RBT said to have reached speeds
of 190km/h. Unfortunately,
as a result of his riding a crash has occurred on
Masonite Road. Taken by air ambulance
to hospital in Newcastle he is tonight fighting for life. This afternoon, two more deaths. Here, one man was killed after
a car hit a tree near Cessnock. Another died after a similar accident
at Hargraves near Mudgee. Paramedics are urging drivers
to slow down and take care this holiday period. It's better to arrive
30 minutes late than not at all. The injury toll also rising. A woman taken to hospital after
this accident at North Strathfield. Since Friday around 250 people
have been hurt in crashes, which leaves authorities fuming
at images like this. A P-plate driver snapped along
Melbourne's Eastern Freeway.

A 9-year-old boy has been killed
in a Christmas Day tragedy in the state's central west. He was riding a motorcycle
with a friend at Wellington, near Dubbo, when they hit a wooden post. Seven's Hugh Whitfeld
has spoken to the boy's family.

Mark, 9-year-old Kayleb O'Neill's
family is obviously devastated. They say on Christmas morning he was so excited trying to guess
what was in the presents underneath the tree. But later in the afternoon, he was riding with a mate,
a 12-year-old boy who had just received a motorbike
for Christmas. They were riding through the grass
here at the Wellington Town Common, when the bike struck a pole,
throwing the boys into the air. Kayleb suffered massive
head injuries and died at the scene. His mum has given us permission
to use these photos and she's written about him saying:

Wellington is a small community,
a very close-knit community and obviously that community
is shaken and every courtesy has been extended
to the family to help them through this. Police investigations are under way but what is clear is that
both boys weren't wearing helmets and detectives say if they were, The older boy has two broken legs
and head injuries and he is in intensive care
at Westmead Children's Hospital. Mark.

'Wild Oats XI' is leading the 68th
Sydney-Hobart yacht race tonight after a controversial exclusion
just before the start. Live to Talitha Cummins
at race headquarters where there have been suggestions
of a conspiracy. Talitha?

'Wild Thing' skipper
Grant Wharington is pretty wild himself after the race committee
rejected his entry at 10am, saying he'd failed to provide
documents certifying recent modifications. Wharington denounced race officials and asked whether there might
be a conspiracy aimed at driving supermaxis
out of the competition.

Drama, excitement, controversy. This race has it all, but rarely does it happen
three hours before the start. Third favourite 'Wild Thing' sunk, kicked out of the race
for a lack of paperwork. It's a final decision
of the race committee, which puts safety first. Skipper Grant Wharington
was ropeable. We're absolutely devastated
to be told at the 11th hour that we're unable to race to Hobart. Furious, too, that the Cruising Yacht Club boss
wouldn't debate on camera. He's obviously out drinking
champagne somewhere, so, um... Wharington insists
he followed the rules and hinted someone was out
to punish the big boats. I dunno whether there's
any kind of conspiracy going on. But it did him no good. The fleet was cut to 76 boats and the start was a drag race
between just two of them. COMMENTATOR:
And you can just see the distance between 'Wild Oats'
and 'Ragamuffin'. Hot favourite 'Wild Oats XI' blasting up the harbour
under skipper Mark Richards. So, 'Wild Oats' - absolutely flying! And last year's line honours
winner 'Ragamuffin Loyal' in hot pursuit. 'Ragamuffin' almost too eager. (BANG!) Oh! That's very close. But no recall,
just incredible speed, practically leaving skid marks
as they turned for open water. So, 'Wild Oats' around that mark
in new record time. The 100-footers literally flying
as they cleared the Heads. Just imagine being up
the front of that, Gordon. The smaller boats
giving them a hurry up too under a stiff south-easterly. 'Black Jack', 'Loki', 'Lahana'. And 'Maluka of Kermandie' -
the smallest, and the oldest. These freshening southerlies will make for a white-knuckle ride
for the next 12 hours or so and the winds will only strengthen as the boats pass through the Heads
and head out to sea. I reckon it will be
a really rough old night at sea. Exciting for sailors and spectators. An estimated 500,000 watched from Harbour vantage points
and pleasure craft. The current race record is 42 hours,
40 minutes and 10 seconds. While the southerly made the start
up the Harbour a scorcher, a forecast swing
to a north-easterly tonight will give the fleet
a following wind. That makes the Holy Grail -
Hobart in less than 40 hours - a real possibility.

So after five hours of racing, the leading yachts
are off Port Kembla. 'Wild Oats XI' is still in front followed by 'Ragamuffin Loyal',
'Lahana' and 'Ichi Ban'. There's not much between them and already there's
another controversy brewing over that false start
by 'Ragamuffin Loyal'. The Cruising Yacht Club has ruled
it did jump the gun but because no-one told 'Ragamuffin'
to go round and start again, it might not face a penalty.

Thanks, Talitha. Let's check in with Sally now to get the forecast for
the rest of the Sydney-Hobart race. How's it looking, Sal? Mark, at this stage it's a forecast
that favours the big boats. The fleet started off the race
battling against a southerly wind but it will hit a north-easterly
around Jervis Bay. That will make things pretty
fast running as it strengthens but the big test will be a series of
fronts moving through Bass Strait. Those could whip up
gale-force westerly winds which will be bad news
for the smaller boats. And it wasn't just the boats in the
race battling the big seas today.

A Boxing Day test
for those on the water today. Three Sydney-Hobart volunteers
had to be winched to safety by the rescue chopper after their marine rescue boat
was hit by a freak wave and started to sink off
Collaroy Beach. Dangerous surf
shut some Sydney beaches. Not quite the summer holiday
we'd hoped for.

After the wettest Christmas Day
in 70 years, heavy rainfall dropped over 20mm
in the city.

The southerly swell buffeted boats
at the start of the Sydney-Hobart. COMMENTATOR: This first night's
gonna be wet and wild from the get-go. It's been a very dry December. But the last week of the year
isn't looking too bright. New Year's Eve
could be a cloudy affair which can make viewing the fireworks
more spectacular. The only drawback is
it could also bring a bit of rain. Long-range forecaster Ken Ring says
January will be wet. It could be wet.

with a warm New Year's Day forecast.

Thousands of shoppers
are still out spending tonight with stores expecting
to ring up almost $2 billion from the Boxing Day sales. Live to Jodie Speers
in the Pitt Street Mall. Jodie, have we started
spending again?

Mark, if today's crowds
are anything to go by, Stores have been full today
with bigger bargains than ever walking out the doors and many will stay open
till midnight.

If you don't like crowds or queues, then the Boxing Day sales
are probably not for you. We're trapped like rats! I'm 77 and I'm holding up. It's incredible. The people are going mental,
this place is mental. Retailers sell it
as the ultimate adrenaline shop. Packing into Pitt Street Mall
with thousands of other customers, every man and woman for themselves
in the battle for the best bargain. Shoes! We're girls! Shoes. Handbags are downstairs -
got to get down there. What are the prices like? Oh, really cheap. Like 60% off. David Jones threw open its doors
with the help of Jessica Marais. The 5am start to stop stampedes
like this at Myer in 2004. (SCREAMING) This morning, only the keenest
shoppers and the best boyfriends hauled themselves out of bed
before dawn. We've come from
the Sutherland Shire, got up about 3:00. I just bought a pair of socks - $5.
I can't go much cheaper than that. Myer is selling business shirts
at a rate of 50 per minute today. 35,000 sets of sheets
will go this week along with 60,000 pairs
of ladies' shoes. Myer and DJs say they expect to
serve around 19 million customers during the sales, including a growing number
of trendy men. This year, they're out in force and they're heading
for the fashion areas and they're travelling in groups. Wouldn't you rather be
watching the cricket? Oh, yeah, of course, of course. As retailers compete
with overseas 'e-tailers', the promise of discounts
is bigger than ever. Some of our saucepan sets
this year - 60% off. Last year they were 50%,
the year before 40%. So we're in the game and we'll make
sure we're competitive.

And, Jodie,
the suburban sales begin tomorrow?

Mark, shoppers in the suburbs
are being assured they won't miss out on the bargains. The same deals that have been
on offer here in the city will be available elsewhere
tomorrow. There'll also be security
in all the stores to help keep crowds under control,

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - Australian tourists
survive a deadly plane crash.

Also, celebrations in a war zone, The Christmas gifts
given to our diggers.

And the rare flower
that's opened in Australia, causing a big stink. That's next.

There's no need to shop around.
We've got the lowest prices here. 4-litre Dulux Wash & Wear paint,
only $63.70. 4-burner flat top barbecue, $97. Treated pine decking, just $2.35 per linear metre. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices
are just the beginning.

Five Australians
have survived a plane crash that killed three people in Myanmar. The victims
included a motorbike rider who was hit by the aircraft as it crashed on a road. A tour guide
and an 11-year-old child also died. More than 60 people were on board,
mostly foreign visitors.

Can't even remember,
it was too fast to even feel! during bad weather.

The American man
who shot dead two firefighters as they responded
to a blaze he started left a chilling note declaring his murderous intentions. Police have now
found the body of his sister inside the ruins of their home. The volunteer firemen called
to this raging inferno had no idea
a killer lay in wait.

William Spengler started a fire
at his home in New York State. The blaze spread to six other houses
before he opened fire, killing two firefighters
and seriously wounding another two. Police have revealed
Spengler left a note. Quote, "I still have to get ready "to see how much of the
neighbourhood I can burn down "and do what I like doing best -
killing people." The 62-year-old
later shot himself dead. Spengler was a convicted killer. He murdered his grandmother with
a hammer more than 30 years ago. This time
he used a 12-gauge shotgun and a Bushmaster
semiautomatic rifle, the same weapon used
in the Newtown school massacre. He was equipped to go to war,
to kill innocent people. Police believe human remains
found inside Spengler's house belong to his missing sister. We'll never really know
what was going through his mind. One possible motive is
the death of his mother in October. She may have made donations
to the local fire department.

The Queen has recovered from a cold
to join the rest of the Royal Family for her traditional
Christmas Day church service. Our troops in Afghanistan have also been able to spend time
with their families, given a break
to make video calls back home.

(CRACKERS POP) The sound of celebrations
in a war zone with Australian troops
in Afghanistan being granted at least one wish
for Christmas Day - a seafood dinner being served
to those who serve our nation. Lobsters, prawns and salmon
were on the menu along with turkey and mince pies. Merry Christmas!

A khaki Christmas
for a gun-toting Santa. In Uruzgan,
you're never off the job but time off to Skype
and gifts from home help make the day feel special. For many of you, this will be your
first Christmas away from home. And I suspect that
for most of us here today, today will probably be
during the deployment the day that we feel
the separation from home the most acutely. Prince Harry is among the troops
in Afghanistan this Christmas, missing the Royal Family's
traditional day at Sandringham. The Queen made it after missing church two days ago
because of a cold. She shared a laugh with some
of the 1,000 people who gathered to see her. Grandchildren Beatrice and Eugenie
were there to help but Prince William and Kate
were missing, instead, they spent Christmas Day
with the Middleton family.

It's a good thing
this isn't Smell-O-Vision because a rare flower
with a really bad odour is blooming
at the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. It's called the "corpse flower" because it attracts flies
and stinks like rotting meat. It wasn't scented at all
a few days ago but now it's fully open,
it is quite heavily scented. The flower has taken
seven years to grow and is only in bloom for two days. Not the flower to take home
to your wife.

Sport now with Mark Beretta and the Aussies on top
in the Boxing Day Test. They certainly are, Mark. All the highlights
from day one are next as David Warner
puts the Sri Lankans to the sword at the MCG.

Plus, is Sydney FC's marquee man,
Alessandro Del Piero, staying or going?

And can race favourite
'Wild Oats XI' smash the Sydney-Hobart
line honours record?

Sydney's Jackson Bird has enjoyed
a dream debut in the Boxing Day test against Sri Lanka. The 26-year-old claimed two wickets
at the MCG as the tourists crumbled
to be all out for 156. Australia finished day one
just six runs behind with seven wickets in hand. The inner circle learned
Clarke's fate at the last minute.

I'm playing, so bad luck to 'Uzzy'. Bill Lawry handed Jackson Bird
his baggy green, his war story about batting with
the selection chairman a big hit. If you'd have batted
with John Inverarity, you'd have run him out too. ALL: (LAUGH)

Bird made it a debut to remember,
striking in his second over. COMMENTATOR: Bird gets his first.
What a moment! Sri Lanka in early trouble
when Dilshan took a wild slash. Got him, a ripper! This wedding number
raised a few eyebrows. Looks like Peter Siddle's brother. The real Peter Siddle ending
any hope of a successful union between Sri Lanka's
two best batsmen. That is a beauty! Sangakarra brought up 10,000 test
runs, Mike Hussey took a screamer - inspiration, perhaps,
for Matthew Wade, who etched himself
into Boxing Day folklore... Wade is after it... He dives and takes a beauty! Mitchell Johnson
also thrilled the MCG crowd, almost managing a hat-trick. Johnson...he's bang on it
and he's bowled a no-ball. Lyon mopping up as Sri Lanka's tail
threw away their wickets. Sri Lanka need a strong cup of tea. I'm not sure
what they were doing out there. On a perfect pitch,
Dave Warner knew what he was doing. Gone for the big one.
And it's long. It's a beauty! That could go all the way! The aggressive opener
went after Sri Lanka's attack before pushing his luck
once too often. You're kidding! Hughes and Cowan
had a communication breakdown. There's a mix-up here. Phillip Hughes
is at the non-strikers end... ..and he's run out! Cowan was caught soon after for 36,
answering Sri Lanka's prayers. But a late blow for the tourists, with confirmation keeper
Jayawardene's got a fractured thumb.

Race favourite 'Wild Oats XI'
is off record pace but still leading the field, heading into the first night
of the Sydney-Hobart. 'Ragamuffin Loyal'
is hot on the heels of the leader and won't be penalised despite jumping the start.

'Ragamuffin Loyal'
edged across the line early but was let off because officials failed to order
the crew back to the start. Their sneaky move
didn't stop 'Wild Oats XI' from making the running out
of the Heads and saved the crew from a blast
from skipper Mark Richards. (LAUGHS) No, everything was calm
on board today. Yeah, we got a great start,
actually. We were right on the line
when the gun went. While 'Wild Oats XI'
is hot favourite to win a sixth Sydney-Hobart they are already behind
race record pace. Unfortunately, their 2005 mark
of 42 hours already appears safe. It's just a tiny possibility,
I'm afraid, but, you know, you never give up. We'll see what happens. Their main priority for now is just to beat Syd Fischer's
'Ragamuffin Loyal' to Hobart. Haven't taken our eyes off them
for a minute, I can rest assured. While they head the fleet Queensland entrant 'Charlie's Dream'
trails the field. Marquee man Alessandro Del Piero
is keen to sign on with Sydney FC for another year despite their on-field woes. Del Piero has an option
in his favour but with Sydney sitting last,
many feared he'd want out. Yet, the Italian says
the deal could be done soon. I'm really enjoying here and now
I have to win a couple of games. We are in trouble, for sure. That's why we have to move. Sydney host league leaders
Central Coast Mariners tomorrow night while the Wanderers play Perth.

We have not had the last of Loyal jumping the start. Everyone fish in behind him will have something to say. -- finishing. Mark, it's a mixed bag weather wise
as we see out the last of 2012.

After a wet Christmas we saw a windy Boxing Day
with gloomy skies across the city this morning. We will see sunshine return
this week but it won't last long. Today we peaked
at a top of 24 degrees with fresh south-easterly winds
keeping things cooler.

The clouds did break apart

long enough to see some sunshine
this afternoon over the eastern suburbs, making it one of those rare days when the east is warmer
than the west. Rainwise, we saw some massive totals
from yesterday. 72mm just south-east of Gosford. From the satellite, south-easterly winds
are pushing a few showers into the New South Wales coast while across the south a front will
sweep towards Tasmania dragging much warmer air across into
Victoria. For Melbourne that means tomorrow temperatures
will be 10 degrees warmer with a sunny top of 32 expected. A few showers for Brisbane. The hot spell continues in Perth.

On the water tomorrow
conditions will be smooth: Staying fine across the city tonight with a bit of cloud tomorrow. The fresh south-easterly winds will
ease with cloud across the western
suburbs set to clear, allowing for plenty more sunshine
and warmer weather.

Looking ahead - warm and sunny on Friday. Showers starting up across the
weekend. A cloudy New Year's Eve on the way but that means
it won't get too cold at night before a warm start to 2013. That's Seven News
for this Boxing Day. Next on 'Today Tonight' - a look back
at the biggest villains of 2012.

Tonight - They caught our attention
for all the wrong reasons.

The rogues gallery of 2012.

Plus, what's got Dick fired up? I'm gonna take it as far
as I can take it, as far as I can afford to take it. I don't like deception. Taking on an American
corporate giant over flag fraud. And the most unwanted - what to do with the presents you
don't want but can't be returned.

Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.
I'm Kylies Gillies. Hello and welcome to Today Tonight.
I'm Kylie Gillies. We start our Boxing Day show with the villains who came to our
attention for all the wrong reasons. They lied, they cheated, they stole and at times
they went completely crazy and they never liked it
when we turned up. James Thomas looks back
the Rogues Gallery of 2012.

They're the crooks... What about all the other people
all through the building?

Don't touch the camera! ..the cons... I swear on the Bible,
and I'm not even a Christian. Peter Hawthorn - or should I say
the con man of Cobram - I'm Jackie from Today Tonight. I want to talk to you