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(generated from captions) (WHISPERS) Indiana.
Jones. Indiana. Is the humerus bone
found in the human leg? False. Correct. It's in the arm.

pugnose shiner -
animal, vegetable, mineral? Animal. Animal. Correct. It's a fish. What's 78 + 15?

Correct. Which of these is a name for a small
valley - a solid or a hollow? A solid. Hollow. Is the planet Saturn
visible to the naked eye from Earth? No. Yes, it is. Unfortunately inside, Sarah,
so points come off. Checking scores. Widewiew - Sam, Sarah, Jaidyn -
190 today. Third place for green. Christopher, Matthew, Joseph -
second place for purple. Newington, 230 points. Probably our biggest winning score
of the week. Yong Yong, Jackson and Kate,
310 points. Delayed reaction from Yong Yong
on the high five. There we go. We got it eventually. 310 is a big victory. We've got two games left
in the week. Scoreboard fascinating. Please join us tomorrow
for day four of the grand final. Bye for now. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - Race records and conspiracy claims in this year's
Sydney-Hobart yacht race. A Christmas tragedy - a young boy killed
in a motorcycle crash. And ready, set, shop -

can the Boxing Day sales
save struggling retailers?

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with John Mangos.

Good afternoon. Super maxi 'Wild Oats'
leads this year's Sydney-Hobart, off to an impressive lead as the 76-strong fleet
travels south. Seven News reporter Talitha Cummins
is following the yachts. Good afternoon, Talitha. The 5-time winner
off to a stunning start? It

It certainly is. They knew it would be a fast start but this is incredible. 'Wild Oats XI' smashed the race record, making it through their head in 11 minutes, shaving two minutes off last year's time. It was a fantastic finish to start. The fresh south-easterly winds will make for a wild ride. Them makes the perfect conditions for sailing downwind tomorrow. We were out on the media boater and it was pretty hairy out there. There was a 3-4 metre swell. Hundreds of boats out for a look. Thousands of people also lining the sure to catch a glimpse of the start of a spectacular brace. Numbers were a bit down on last here.

Oh, look it's always exciting
out here today. I reckon the numbers are down
just a little bit because of the weather. I think a lot of people
would have woken up this morning and looked at the weather
and thought, "Oh, I may as well just watch it
on Channel 7, I think." And Talitha, controversy on shore, with another race favourite,
'Wild Thing', disqualified. 'Wild Thing' was disqualified because it is good but failed to

because it is good but failed to
hand in some paperwork relating to modifications that were made to the boat. The skipper protest at this decision. They turn up to do that. The racing committee said they had given him a lot of time to return that paperwork and just was not done. And very disappointed man today.

So pretty disappointing for us and
our team who have worked so hard to get this boat to the position that it's in now, I don't know, whether there's any sort of
conspiracy going on but unfortunately I think this
particular race director seems to be a serial offender of trying to get big boats
out of the race. That

That leaves three Super maxis in the race. The weather is a wild card. Anything can happen.

Police are again
pleading with drivers to take care these holidays after a number of deadly crashes. One man died when his car
crashed into another vehicle at Marsden Park in Sydney's west
early this morning. While a husband and wife,
visiting from Fiji, were killed
when their four-wheel drive flipped near Holbrook in the state's south.

Two people have been
conveyed to hospital and another three people,
including the driver, have been taken
to Albury Base Hospital. A man was also killed
in a single-vehicle crash near Bluewater, north of Townsville.

A 9-year-old boy has been killed
in a Christmas Day tragedy in the New South Wales central west. Kayleb O'Neill was riding a
motorcycle with a 12-year-old friend at Wellington, near Dubbo,
yesterday afternoon. Kayleb suffered fatal head injuries
when they hit a post and were thrown from the bike. He died at the scene while his friend was flown to Sydney with two broken legs
and serious head injuries. Police say
neither boy was wearing a helmet.

A Victorian taxidriver is being
remembered as a loving father after he was killed in a crash
last night. The father of five
was working in Geelong when his taxi was struck
by another vehicle. Brendan Roberts has more.

John, it has been
a devastating Christmas for a Pakistani family
here in Melbourne who have lost their father
in a tragic road accident that, sadly,
could have been avoided. The 39-year-old was driving his cab
here in Hamlyn Heights, a suburb just outside of Geelong,
where he lived, when about 6:15 last night, an out-of-control Holden Commodore
ploughed into his cab as he waited stationary
at some traffic lights. His family and friends
were today remembering an honest family man who lived to provide for his wife
and his five young children. He was a very nice husband,
a nice father, a nice family caretaker. Their life was going very well. It was a very beautiful life
that they were spending here. Yes, he was planning for
a better future for his kids. He was always saying to me
and to other friends that, remember the best wish in life is to give a good life to my kids,
to my children. Police from the
Major Collision Investigation Unit are currently probing whether speed and alcohol
were factors in this fatal crash. Meanwhile, the man's family are preparing to take his body
back to Pakistan, where his extended family
are still grieving his tragic loss.

It's a Boxing Day sport for some and extreme shopping
shows no signs of slowing down. While thousands of bargain shoppers
woke before dawn many more will line up for sales
until midnight.

It's a Christmas tradition that continues to defy the laws
of a good sleep-in on Boxing Day. ALL: 3, 2, 1... Whoo! While most of us
are still feeling the effects of yesterday's overindulgence, hundreds of people managed
to pull themselves out of bed to line up for the Boxing Day sales. Some didn't make it to bed at all. We've been here since 6:30
yesterday, PM, since 6:30. Got here about 3am. Really early, we came here
about 3:30 in the morning. Myer and David Jones
opened their doors at 5am in Sydney and Melbourne, but they opened the sale
much earlier. For the first time, the Boxing Day discounts
were available online yesterday. If they wanted to watch the cricket
or have a day out then they can still do that. They can come online
and get free delivery from Myer and we think that's an important
part of our go forward. The biggest discounts
are in electrical, homewares, clothing and cosmetics. And just in case
any dads missed out yesterday... I just bought a pair of socks, $5 -
I can't go much cheaper than that. It's not only the sales on today,
there's also a rush on returns. Millions of unwanted presents
are set to be handed back but shoppers beware -
cash-backs are not guaranteed. If you don't like the present,
check on the store's policy. You're not necessarily protected by the Australian
Consumer Guarantee laws. It has to be faulty for you
to get an exchange or a refund. The advice from Choice,
have a proof of purchase - if not a receipt, at least a tag.

And joining me now is Margy Osmond from the
National Retail Association. Good afternoon, Margy. How are crowds
compared to previous years? Are the best bargains out now or will prices drop again
over the coming days? The best bargains will be available throughout this sale period.

throughout this sale period. An awful lot of stock that retailers have to move so there will be a lot of great pricing and lots of opportunities. Compared with previous years - is the crowd up or down? I think crowds are definitely up. We think the access to online yesterday - so many of the iconic retailers have done it. People have done research, they know what they want and they are turning out in real numbers on Boxing Day. Have you got any shoe leather left? Yes, a little bit. But I can always replace a because the prices are so good. Christmas with the royals
as the Queen shrugs off her cold. Also, Aussie tourists onboard
a plane crash in Myanmar. And an emotional anniversary
for celebrity chef Matt Golinski.

Five Australian tourists
have survived a plane crash in Myanmar. 3 people were killed
and at least 11 others injured when the jet came down on a road
in thick fog. Adelaide locals Anna Bartsch
and her partner, Stuart Benson, were on board
but escaped with minor injuries.

Um, can't remember. It was just too fast into the field. The Australian Embassy is offering
assistance to those involved.

A Queensland family has a had
a Christmas they'd rather forget, with fire destroying their home
at Eagleby, in Brisbane's south. Smoke alarms woke the family
late yesterday, and, luckily, everyone escaped. It's believed a 9-year-old boy had been playing
with a cigarette lighter just before the blaze started. They lost everything. I guess, find somewhere to stay
and start again. There's not much more I can do. I am just glad my son's OK
and we're all still alive.

A year ago today celebrity chef Matt Golinksi
lost his wife and three daughters in a house fire
on the Sunshine Coast. Matt was also severely burnt but continues to show amazing
strength and courage on his road to recovery. Erin Edwards has been following
Matt's story. Matt

Matt Golinski, the sole survivor of last year's boss -- Boxing Day house fire has spent today surrounded by loved ones. Flowers have been left -- laid at the site where his wife and three daughters perished. He said, I realised this might sound strange to some people, but I am so break -- great fall.

For him to say that he is grateful is it simply amazing. He had burns to 40% of his body. He still has to where compression bandages but he has started training for marathons. He has run one and he also has plans to go back to work.I think he gets his strength from his wife third goal backs. -- girls. The foundation has raised a lot of money. He has donated them to the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital, where he will have more surgery next year.

The Queen and members
of the British Royal Family have attended a traditional
Christmas church service in Sandringham. Well-wishers gathered outside and were greeted
by Prince Charles and Camilla. Children presented flowers and gifts
to the Queen. Prince William and his
pregnant wife, Kate, were absent - instead spending the day
with her parents. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the Pope's Christmas prayer
for peace. And a dream debut
for Aussie paceman Jackson Bird against Sri Lanka
at the Boxing Day Test.

The Pope has called for an end
to the violence in Syria in his annual Christmas message. Thousands of people gathered to hear
him deliver a message of peace from the central balcony
of St Peter's Basilica. May your hearts be filled
with hope and joy, for the Saviour
has been born for us. He also asked
for more meaningful negotiations and encouraged
greater religious freedom in China.

And 40 brave and perhaps
just a little crazy Germans dressed in little more
than Santa hats have taken a dip in freezing water. The tradition dates back to 1984. Some people were left disappointed. The unseasonably warm weather meant the water wasn't as cold
as previous years. Locals are now hoping for more ice
on New Year's Day, when they'll cool off again.

And they say
you should stop to smell the flowers but maybe not this one. It's known as the corpse flower and has flowered for the first time
at the Royal Botanic Gardens. The smell is similar
to rotting fish or cheese, but that hasn't deterred
eager green thumbs. It's flowering
but I'll probably come tomorrow because I think
the smell will probably increase.

Sport shortly. But, first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6pm, and these are the stories
making headlines. Hello. Coming up in Sydney at 6:00 - All the action and controversy
from the Sydney-Hobart to the race. from the decision to disqualify one of the favourite
supermaxis, 'Wild Thing'.

It's been a horrible day
on the state's roads

for our emergency services

with four people killed by lunchtime and many more crashes
with people badly injured.

Reporter Hugh Whitfeld
has spoken to the family of a 9-year-old boy killed
while riding a Christmas gift. We'll bring you
his mother's tribute at 6:00. where there's been
a shopping frenzy today tonight and tomorrow. We'll show you the special
Christmas gift for Aussie diggers We'll show you the special currently serving in Afghanistan. I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6:00 Michael Clarke
has overcome a hamstring injury to lead Australia in the
Boxing Day test against Sri Lanka. Test great Bill Lawry
presented debutant Jackson Bird with his baggy green cap at the MCG. The 26-year-old struck
with his 10th delivery. COMMENTATOR: Got him! Yes, he has! Bird gets his first,
what a moment! Peter Siddle and Mike Hussey
combined to remove Angelo Mathews. Oh, well caught, Michael Hussey.
That went like a rocket.

Kumar Sangakkara made 58 before becoming Mitchell Johnson's
200th test victim, thanks to a diving catch
from Matthew Wade. Nathan Lyon mopped up the tail. Sri Lanka all out for 156. David Warner hammered
a 34-ball half century in reply before holing out in the deep on 62.

James Pattinson has backed Cricket Australia's contentious
rotation policy for fast bowlers. Pattinson is one of seven Aussie
pacemen to break down this summer. He believes the rotation policy
will reduce the injury toll and expose more players
to test cricket. There is a lot of cricket and I think the ability to have
so many bowlers around at the moment is quite good
for the depth of Australian cricket. The 22-year-old is on track
to return from a rib injury in next month's one-day series.

As we heard earlier maxi 'Wild Thing' was not allowed
to start the Sydney-Hobart for failing to meet all
the safety requirements, but it's been smooth sailing
up front for race favourite 'Wild Oats XI'. The 5-times winner of the race
was first out of the Heads in front
of fellow maxi 'Ragamuffin Loyal' as the fleet heads down the coast. 'Wild Thing's crew
will have to wait until next year after failing to lodge
the right paperwork to start. The race committee has no option but
to not accept entry of 'Wild Thing'. A fleet of 76 yachts
started the race.

Sydney FC star Alessandro Del Piero
looks like extending his stay in the A-League. His club is bottom of the ladder going into tomorrow night's clash
at home with league leaders
Central Coast Mariners - yet, the 38-year-old Italian
remains keen to take up the option
of a second year with Sydney FC. I'm really enjoying here, and now I have to win
a couple of games. Adelaide United host Brisbane Roar

After the break, The cricket going well and a great start to the Sydney-Hobart. After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with Sally Bowrey.

Good afternoon. Sally Bowrey with your weather
forecast on this Boxing Day. Brisbane peaked
just under 27 degrees today with gusty storms possible
into this afternoon. Melbourne reached 22 degrees with sunny skies and southerly winds
easing into this evening. It was a cloudy Boxing Day
across Sydney after the wettest Christmas Day
in 70 years - the city stayed cool. Gusty southerly winds
for the start of Sydney to Hobart. On the satellite there are showers and thunderstorms
over northern New South Wales, the Northern Territory
and Queensland. Storms could be severe
in Queensland. The forecast looks favourable for the big boats
in the Sydney to Hobart with winds expected to swing
north-east tonight as the fleet heads down the coast. Tomorrow, the skies should start
to clear up over New South Wales as a high nudges in. Around the country
tomorrow, Brisbane,
few showers. Mostly sunny skies across Sydney
and Canberra. Melbourne, warm. Hobart, a touch of cloud,
staying cool. Adelaide,
warm and sunny. The hot spell continues
in Perth. Showers and storms
will fire up in Darwin. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, John. Thanks, Sally.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm John Mangos. Enjoy your evening.
See you soon. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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