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(generated from captions) . . . This program will be live captioned by Ai-Media. Hello, it's 4 o'clock in Canberra, 1 p.m. here in Perth as your live rolling News Day continues. I'm Ashleigh Gillon. Our top stories, Wild Oats XI the first out of the harbour ahead of Ragamuffin Loyal. We'll take a look at how the start of the Sydney to Hobart went down when the starting gun went off. I'm stuck for words as to why it's happened this situation, we provided the documentation, I've got it in my hand. The skipper of maxi yacht Wild Thing dumb founded by the disqualification of the favourite snobt. Our reporting spoke to Wharington about his 11th hour disappointment. Also five Australian tourists lucky to escape with their lives after a passenger jet crashed in