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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Sydneysiders turn out in their thousands to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. Rain and thunder, but a gloomy day fails to dampen the festive cheer. A Christmas Eve stabbing leaves a man critically injured. Lured to their deaths - two US fire fighters killed in yet another senseless shooting. And, the Wiggles bring some much needed smiles to some brave Sydney kids. Good evening. Family, love, and companionship for those who are on their own - they were the Christmas messages spread by religious leaders today. Thousands joined in services across Sydney. From the traditional to the festive, there was something for everyone. Strong in voice and strong in belief. Church services, the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday. The grey skies could not keep them away. The devoted making the traditional Christmas Day pilgrimage. Archbishop Peter Jensen remembered the tragic school shooting in the US. This Christmas has seen a massacre of the innocents in the dreadful events in Connecticut. It was his last Christmas sermon before retiring. He spoke of reconciliation.It is a wonderful service. Many of us were caught up in the meaning of the singing and the Word of God.Cardinal George Pell but decided church's child abuse scandal to tell the congregation that Christ's birth stood for love.His life, death and resurrection. A message of love. It produces good and truthfulness. This is the message of Christmas. They were on song at this church. And at the chapel in King's Cross, the doors were opened to people from all walks of life.This is about gathering people together to make sure nobody is alone. Christmas is a day of joy and hope. To Jesus Christ our Lord, and men.

-- amen.Rain and thunderstorms have swept through Sydney this afternoon, bringing a miserable end to Christmas day. But the wet weather couldn't spoil the celebration for families - locals and tourists braving the conditions to make the most of the holiday. Despite the grey skies, no one slept in this morning. Santo had paid a special visit overnight. So many toys to unwrap and so much excitement. For Kelly and Jessie, Christmas Day brought the greatest gift of all. This little baby coming into the world just five minutes after midnight. For those two sec to celebrate Christmas at home, the Wiggles paid a special visit to Sydney hospital. Both old and new members bringing some much- needed Christmas cheer. The spirit of giving was alive and well at charity lunches across Sydney. 150 volunteers giving up their day for the Salvation Army. More than 3,000 people turned up for the annual Christmas lunch. 65 hands and 75 turkeys were served up.It is good for you to spare a thought for somebody who is struggling.The one present we were all open for was some sunshine. It did not appear. Not the weather we are used to in Sydney. No fair is that more obvious than here, Bondi Beach. It is normally jam-packed with swimmers. The top temperature today was only 23 degrees. Only the tourists are brave enough to take the plunge.He it is like being in England.Those out about were determined not to let the rain dampen their Christmas spirit. One man is in hospital and another is on the run, after a horrific stabbing at a family restaurant in Sydney's inner-west. It's not yet clear what sparked the attack, which left the victim - critically wounded. 29 years old and fighting for his life in the back of an ambulance. A Christmas Eve dinner that would end in bloodshed in tears. It had been an ordinary night at Stratfield Seoul Barbecue. The victim would into an argument and was viciously set upon. He arrived in hospital. Witnesses told police that the attackers simply ran off.He is in critical condition.There was a surge of nearby streets. Forensic specialists focused on the restaurant. Police had a good description of the attacker. They are hoping security cameras will give a clearer picture what happened and why.The person of real looking for is an Asian male in his late twenties, La 30s.-- Early. Police are appealing for help. Schapelle Corby has something to celebrate this Christmas, with the Indonesian Government recommending two months be slashed from her sentence. The 35-year-old was convicted of drug trafficking in 2005, and sentenced to 20 years behind bars. The cut is part of an annual Christmas remission program for prisoners in Indonesia. An Australian lawyer who was banned from leaving Mongolia is due to spend Christmas night on home soil, after being freed by authorities. Sarah Armstrong's parents have confirmed their daughter has been cleared of corruption, and is now making her way home to Launceston. Foreign Minister Bob Carr has welcomed news of her release. The holiday season in the United States has been marred by yet another senseless shooting. A gunman set fire to a house in New York state, then shot the fire fighters who turned up to put it out. This is what they were rushing to put out. They ran into gunfire. The firefighters are injured. They're taking cover in a truck. It is serious.It appears that it was a trap. The firefighters, upon arrival, they were shot. They were shot at the scene. Two were killed and two others winded. The fire chief struggled to deliver the news. He is also a member of the police department. He was deceased at the scene.Sporadic gunfire pinned police and residents down for hours. An army truck evacuated dozens to safety. The fire fighters were rushed to what the will.It is likely the bullet will never be removed.The gunman has been identified a 62-year-old William Spengler. He was released from prison after spending time in jail for killing his grandmother. He later turned the gun on himself. There is a violence in this community and everywhere.It is not yet known what type of gun he used. It will increase the calls for gun control. More families getting the worst news.You go to put out a fire, you don't expect to be shot and killed.An Australian invention which monitors a person's vital signs while sleeping could be rolled out in hospitals across the country. The portable mattress can be used as an early warning system for breathing or heart problems. It looks like an ordinary match this but it can monitor a person's vital signs at night without any wiring or medical help.It is taking a long time to get to this point.Sensors within the matches measure the patient's breathing and heart function. -- the matches. The developer was inspired to develop a take-home device that would save parents and children going into a sleep lab for testing. It can help people with chronic conditions like heart failure, cystic fibrosis and even heavily pregnant woman who need monitoring.Their blood pressure can often go sky high.It has been approved for use in Australia. Its inventor believes it will not be long before the innovation is embraced.Virtually every hospital will have this type of technology.There are tributes today for one of TV's most loved actors of the 1970's. Emmy winner Jack Klugman was best known for his part as one of television's most memorable duos - in the sitcom 'The Odd Couple'. For a generation of TV viewers, key will be remembered as Oscar Madison.Oscar Madison presents his new surprise.He was one part of a mismatched pair of divorcees who were forced to share an apartment. It proved a comedy goldmine.Some big will have little black books. I did not think I could lose them all. I am going to kill you.He won two Emmy Awards for the shore. It has been shown countless times in re-runs. His first drama teacher had told him he would be better suited as a truck driver.The most fascinating sphere of police work.He also learned Oscar nominations for his job as Quincy. -- his role.The thigh bone is connected to the Kneebone.He starred in a number of movies. He survived throat cancer. He taught himself to speak again after losing his voice in an operation. He died peacefully at his home in California. He was 90 years old. The Queen has thanked everyone who helped make her Diamond Jubilee a year to remember. In her pre- recorded Christmas message, filmed for the first time in 3D, the 86- year-old paid tribute to volunteers who gave up their time to make the London Olympics a success. She also praised the athletes for inspiring everyone who watched their achievements. As London hosted a splendid summer of sport, all those who saw the achievement and courage at the Olympic and Paralympic Games were further inspired by the scale, dedication, training and effort of four athletes. They gave the rest of us the opportunity to share something of the excitement and drama. We were reminded, too, that the success of these great festivals depended to an enormous degree on the dedication and effort of an army of volunteers.In the news ahead, The shoppers getting a head start on the Boxing Day sales. Also, how the family dog stole the spotlight from America's First Lady. And the lucky kids off to the North Pole to see a special friend.

This program is not captioned. I am doing a Master in International
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Shoppers have been given one day of rest before the Boxing Day sales swing into action. At David Jones and Myer in the city, stores open at 5am, and close at midnight. At Bondi Junction, opening hours are from 7am until midnight. But if you can't wait, both department stores along with Target and other retailers are already offering Boxing Day sales online. Santa hasn't forgotten about our Diggers serving overseas. He's visited Uruzgan province in Afghanistan, to deliver hundreds of Christmas care packages.It is humbling to ignore that people at home take the time and effort to sense something. It is great. It has put a smile on everyone's face. It's part of a program called Stockings for Soldiers. The aim is to ensure our troops feel a little closer to home, this festive season. Thousands of people have packed Manger Square in Bethlehem, for a Christmas Eve concert to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The Pope also held his traditional evening mass at Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. The midnight service was brought forward by two hours to give the 85-year-old Pontiff a few extra hours sleep before his Christmas Day duties. And a Christmas treat for America's first pet, with Bo the dog deciding to be in the front seat as Michelle Obama read to children. Bo is no stranger to festive fame. He's been at the centre of the Obama's Christmas card collection since the President took office in 2009. We all know Santa lives at the North Pole, but not everyone gets the chance to visit him there. Our own Robert Penfold was lucky enough to meet the man himself, before he set off on his trip around the world. It looks like a scene out of the movie and in a way it is. The town of the wrangle in Colorado has its very own Polar Express. -- the town of Durango. This is Durango at Christmas in 2012. All aboard, along with the whole bunch of kids in pyjamas, we are off to the North Pole.This is the best time of the Year for parents.The chocolate is as thick and rich as melted bars. Everyone is so excited. Up ahead, there he is. Sand and his elves. -- sand of. Few would have believed it? Better still, he is now coming for the ride on the train with us. You can see him when you come round the corner.Away we go. Again, just as in the Navy, he is handing out to everyone on board a little bell from his sleeve. -- sleigh.You can hear it. How many of your viewers have heard the spell? It is a good sign.Yes indeed. After all that, who would want anything more?

Roz Kelly is next with sport. Michael Clarke has been pushed through a fitness test in front of selectors. And how the Australian cricketers and their families spent Christmas Day. Shane Warne jets away from his Big Bash team at a crucial time. And on board with Santa and jolly sailors on the eve of the Sydney to Hobart. This program is not captioned. It's that time of year when
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Michael Clarke has completed a fitness test at the MCG in front of Australian cricket selectors. The captain will spend the night icing his hamstring. The decision still being held off until match day tomorrow. Preparations are wrapped up. Time for the cricketers to enjoy their traditional Christmas lunch. Mickey Arthur left something special for Jackson Bird under the tree yesterday. Now the captain is hoping for a go.I want to be part of its.Michael Clarke has Australia's most talked-about hamstring. On the field and in the nets he looked good but not good enough to make a decisive call.If I cannot play my best, I am not doing the 18 justice.The decision will not be made until tomorrow morning. Shane Watson is the captain in waiting. In contrast, it has been a stress-free build up for their opponents, cook a growing in confidence.We have got the experience. We have token -- spoken about it.Mitchell Starc is shattered to miss out. He was put in his place.As disappointed as he is, in a couple of months, he might be thanking the team for saving his career.The Australians lead the series 1-0. Shane Warne has jetted to the UK for Christmas with his fiancee, and will miss the Melbourne Stars crucial Twenty20 Big Bash match with the Adelaide Strikers on Thursday. The club says the spin king will return in time for Melbourne's clash with Brisbane on January 3rd. Cameron White will skipper the Stars in his absence. The crew of race favourite 'Wild Oats XI' say they are more prepared than ever to chase a sixth line honours victory in the Sydney to Hobart. Today, the international crews were given a race eve pep up from Santa. Santa ditching the sleigh for a tin of beer. A home away from home for the sailors. Lucky for them, they were all on the list.This might be very useful to communicate.The big guy was handed something special. France or Australia, it does not matter where you are from. Cricket -- Christmas means one thing, presents. The ultimate gift will be in Hobart for one of these crews. There are showers tomorrow. A flying start for the first time in six years. A solid win from the south-west. The crews could not be happier.We love strong wind for Elstob the Lithuanian lads will not be fazed by the weather.-- strong wind.Everything is a bit different or opposite.The French are well prepared for the 620 nautical miles of sailing that lie ahead. I hope you are all having a merry Christmas. Coverage of the Boxing Day Test from 10am. Looking forward to it. The weather is next. This program is not captioned. SONG: # Whoo-hoo-hoo! #

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A severe thunderstorm warning for large parts of the state. Fears of flash flooding, hailstones and damaging wind. 21 degrees in the city. Looking at the satellite, thick cloud NSW. That is generating showers and severe storms. Around the country, storms and Brisbane and clear skies in Adelaide. For the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne, it will be sunny and 21 degrees for the start of play. Sydney can expect a possible morning shower and a top of 22 degrees. 16 degrees to 23 degrees across the state. That is all for now. That you for your company and have a very merry Christmas.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Cameron Williams. Welcome to this sperblt edition of A Current Affair. I hope you're having a wonderful Christmas. You may remember Caleb. For his family, Christmas Day, like every day, was torture. Over four years we followed Caleb's incredible transformation. Tonight he goes back to than tk people who changed his life. How are you my man?Very good. Nice to see you again.Three years. Getting there. Miss you. The troubled teen returns.

He returns to the place where wayward kids are given a last chance to turn their lives around. The anger came out.Secrets are revealed.There are certain things here that will always remain with us.A place with where a young man like Caleb converted into a loving, caring responsible family member again. Years ago you would never have done something like that.If I want to kill someone, I want to kill someone. If I want to punch someone, I want to punch someone.We take each day as we get it and deal with it.This was him four years ago. I want to take it out on my family. I don't want to hurt my sister, I don't want to hurt my mum. I don't want to hurt anyone else. Caleb had a long history of being suspended and asked to move schools. He attacked teachers; had fights and destroyed equipment - a staggering list of doctors and experts agreed he did not have ADD or ADHD, but his escalating violence was concerning psychologists. It was devastating his mother, Ann. Sometimes I get upset. Sometimes I go crazy.When Caleb became old enough to question who he is, he didn't like the answers. Ann left his father, who had been in and out of jail.Every night I want to get a butcher knife and just carve it in my leg. Ow. I don't like my father. He's making me really ticked off. I get judged as a parent because of his behaviour.I would like peace. He'd given up on himself like, you know, kids these days like that. When courts, doctors and government departments can do no more with wayward kids they send them to Brahminy in the Australian Outback. Here Alan Brahminy and a team of social workers and psychologists talk and engage with the kids and get them to open up on what's troubling them. Caleb is counted among the organisation's 90 per cent success rate. He's got a job. He's got support. He's got friends.He taps into somewhere that he knows how to release the anger that you hold. Funny? Sometimes you can tell the most troubling and personal things to strangers rather than family and friends.Get that anger out. Get it out because it's killing you. You're not going to fit into society, you will end up in jail. Police will hate you for it. Your parents can't cope and there's no instruction book. Face reality; take ownership of the consequences they're doing to themselves and the community.Where exactly is he? I don't ne, this place is not on the map. You meet someone two hours south of Darwin and then you follow