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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Hello. Welcome to a special Christmas Eve edition of A Current Affair. We begin with Jean, Australia's Housing Commission queen. She's 86, and she gives what little she's got to families struggling at Christmas.

little she's got to families
struggling at Christmas. # We wish you a merry Christmas # We wish you a merry # And a happy New Year

(MUSIC PLAYS) Thank you. I can't believe this!

Ohhh...You can spend it on anything you want to spend it on. That is SO great.

We can have a Christmas dinner. Yeah, it is. It's fantastic.

86 years old, legally blind, and living on a pension, yet Jean Cinis has spent the entire year helping others.I can't believe that she gives up her pension to help us. Like, yeah. It's just unbelievable. Jean had been helping battlers for 22 years before her funding stopped unexpectedly last year. You're still not getting any Government funding?No, no, no. No. No.She now spends her own old-age pension paying for the service in Sydney's west, because the Government won't. It's a few months since we've seen you. Have you been continuing your work?Oh, yes. Definitely.So A Current Affair thought Christmas was the perfect time to revisit Jean, and some families doing it tough, to give each of them a hamper and a $200 grocery voucher to make their day just a little easier.Oh, gee.

That's fabulous. That's absolutely fabulous. That'll make a hell of a lot of different to people. Truly. Jean has a few families she really wants to help - all are single parents or grandparents surrounded by lots of kids. Let's go and give out these hampers!Yeah, let's go! We load all the hampers into the car and head off to see Wilma and Julie.I think it's going to be a wonderful, wonderful day. Best day of my life, probably.


# It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas I haven't had a hug yet!Jean has brought this Christmas hamper for you guys, with some Christmas ham and pudding and chocolate.Thank you!Wilma, in her 70s, has just come home from hospital. Her daughter, Julie, is a single mum.I was homeless. I came from Ipswich, and I had nowhere to go, with four children under five. I went to this lady. Three weeks after seeing her, I've had the house I'm in now. I've been there for 17 years.I think she's wonderful.This is a $200 voucher for you to spend at your supermarket.Thank you!Thank you! I know - don't you cry, 'cause I cried when they told me about it! Julie, come on!She's gonna cry now. Goodness me.That's so awesome. Thank you so much. That just makes Christmas worthwhile.We do need more like her.

Off to the next people! Our second stop is at Monica and Adele's house - they've really been struggling, and need a little helping hand. We just thought this might help at Christmas as well.Oh, definitely. Definitely.For Monica, the supermarket voucher will make a world of difference.You know what? I've got about $9 on me at the moment.Well, that's a $200 voucher, and you can spend it on anything you want.How much? $200!$200.Oh! Thank you.You're not allowed to cry.I'm trying not to!I know, I know!And to top it off - a gift for Adele, a shy young boy who wanted a skateboard.He was actually looking at those. He said, "Do you think that one or that one?" I said, "Babe, I can't get it."Jean helped the mother and son find housing. Monica says her service is lifesaving.Jean helps the community a lot.Hello!Hello! Family number three is a big one. Living in the one House - nanna, a couple of her own kids, and her grown-up daughter Jesse, who is also a mother of three very young kids.Merry Christmas!The kids age just four months, one and three, all living there too.They can have a Christmas dipper.So a hamper to feed them all, and a voucher to buy the essentials.They could do with some shoes.And then to help Santa out, we go around the corner to find a secret stash of goodies. Today, this is one of the best things that's happened to us. Honestly, it's a weight off the shoulders. A very big help.Is this my present for Christmas? Can I take him home?We make our final goodbyes, ready for our last visit to someone we only heard about during the day - two sisters, both single mums, living in the one house looking after three 2-year- olds.With electricity so high, and there's three of them, and we have to - it is, it's hard.Again, the hamper is a tempting treat, but the gift voucher brought the biggest relief.Oh, my God! Thank you! Spend it in any of those stores. That is lovely. Thank you very much. What do you think you'll spend that on?Well, probably some more food and maybe some things for the kids. With all our hampers delivered, there's only one thing left to do - surprise a selfless pensioner. Jean, we've helped so many people today, but we want you, also, to have a lovely Christmas. You spend your pension on everybody else, so we've got a hamper for you as well. And of course, a $200 voucher - to hopefully spend on herself.I just would like to say thank you for what you're doing, and I wish all of your Channel Nine listeners a really happy Christmas, and a New Year that brings them health and happiness, which is the most important things you can have. That is the perfect Christmas message. Just how lovely is Jean?! If you know someone like her in your area who needs recognition, we want to know about him or her. Send us an email or give us a call. 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There's your bill. You've got five minutes, and I'm driving off.This guy has just ruined us.

Supposed to be a 10-minute move. Let's face it - everybody hates moving day.It's been an absolute nightmare. It's turned our lives upside-down.What if your move involved chasing your runaway removalist down a highway?I don't want them to stop suddenly.We went, "Oh, my God, there goes our furniture. What do we do?" I jumped in the car...A mad scramble to find your missing furniture... Police were involved - and to add to the stress, claims of theft and damaged goods.Even the chair leg on this kitchen chair has been ripped off. It just seems like, you know, everything we've got is damaged in some way.It's when moving day descends into hell.

We've gone from being a normal family to living like gypsies in a tent. This guy has just ruined us. When Western Sydney couple Gary and Melanie Waddell hired Arthur Salos from Green & Gold Removals, it was supposed to be an easy move - just 10 minutes down the road for $500. It started out OK.But halfway through the unload, Melanie rave raised questions about her missing purse. The man from Green & Gold allegedly turned very dark.Arthur basically said, "Right, you can get stuffed. You can put your fridge back together yourselves," and they walked straight out to the truck, and that was it.On the unload, they decided to come up and say, "You've stolen our wallet" and started carrying on like that. Then we basically had to say, "Hold on a second. Pay us X amount of dollars. We'll unload your things, and whatever changes from it, you'll get it back."Arthur claims the Waddells refused to pay him, so he kept the remainder of their furniture and drove an hour across town. The Waddells pursued the removal truck. After losing it, they later discovered everything unloaded at a storage depot, which has nothing to do with Green & Gold Removals.That's where our base was. If they wanted their things in safety, that's where it had to go. Arthur piled on more man hours in travel time to the bill. It was now over $1,000. And unless they paid, the furniture would remain in storage.He was like, "I've got your stuff. I know you're at my mercy. I can charge you whatever I like."On top of that, the Waddells had to pay $200 more for the storage.When we were at the storage container finally getting the key, he just walks out the door and turns and looks at us and says, "I hope you have a merry Christmas" with a big smile on his face. Then he walked out on the door and threw a big grin, and laughed.The Waddells felt they had no choice but to pay Arthur the money he demanded. Finally, they got their remaining furniture into a new home - but that before paying another removalist.Little things we now have to replace...The nightmare is not over.Melanie's exercise equipment she uses to train her clients is missing.Yep.Boxes have been opened.Now, tell me about the gear that's been damaged. There's more gear they say that's been missing.I can't comment on that. You're the one responsible for it, Arthur. Come on!All I can say is we took the utmost care on their job. We wrapped everything in their furniture.Right.And we do quite a number of moves every week. Theirs was the second job we did on that day. We've got plenty of work we do. We wrap everything. We do very work. This sorry mess is now being played out in the Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal. The Waddells are demanding $5,000 in damages. How much did you offer them?$350. Which was the time it took me to drive from their place back to the storage and unload it. So that amount there, I thought, "I'll wear that cost."Moving day - no wonder we hate it. Are you hopeful of getting anything out of him?We're hopeful, because we are really out of pocket. I'm hoping, going to the CTTT, the law will work in our favour. Even if we don't get everything we're asking, at least it might teach him a lesson that he can't do this to peopley.It's tough. Of course, we'll let you know the outcome of that case. Question - just how good is your memory? Do you forget people's names after you've met them, or forget where you've left your car keys? Here's some simple tips on the path to total recall. Well, here's the

Well, here's the challenge. We need everyone at home to remember this phone number... 0485-121-329... It's very important, so start memorising it now. Take a good, long look. At the end of the story, we'll test your recall - and our experts will tell you how you compare with everyone else.

compare with everyone else.I can show people how to improve their memory in seconds.Jennifer Goddard is an expert at remembering things. In fact, she's trained her brain into having a photographic memory, so she can recall more than 100 items off a shopping list. She also has all sorts of advice on how to remember things, like people's names.To link or connect or associate their name with something you already know. For example, Laura. You may have a friend whose name is Laura, so you link the two together. Or Ruby - is she wearing ruby clothes, or ruby lipstick, or just imagine her with ruby red shoes.To test her out, we created a contest, giving each other a random list of 10 shopping items to remember. Jennifer, here's your list of things to study.SHere here's your list of things to study.Thank you. After 30 seconds of memorisation, we were off to find our things - and true to her word, Jennifer was pretty good. In fact, she remembered everything. In aisle five, things weren't going as well. Well, I've got seven of the items in my trolley. I've got no idea what the other three might be. Let's check the list. It turns out I actually picked up a few items from Jennifer's list - so the real score was 10-5 in her favour. Next - we went to a cafe to see if Jennifer's coaching could work with everyday people. WeWe thought we would test your memory and see what you can remember, and then maybe give you some ideas and hints and tips to improve your memory.We asked three people to study some playing cards, and then see how many out of 10 they could remember. Ahhh... Diamonds... 3 of diamonds... The results weren't great.Was there a 7 of hearts?No.Look, I'm just guessing now. I can't really remember any of them.You remembered five.7 of diamonds, was it?No...(LAUGHS) With scores of 4, 5 and 5 respectively, Jennifer gave our contestants some memory tips. When you're trying to remember things, one of the simplest ways is looking at what's unusual or what stands out most. The pair of sixes here stand out, and are both red 6. That's really easy to remember. With the four, you can easily rhyme that - four rhymes with door. Imagine a door with different hearts on them, or a heart-shaped door.Using the tactic of association, everyone's memories started improving.I also remember about shovels - I didn't want to do a lot of work. There was the 4, 5 and 7 of spades.Our contestants then scored 7, 7 and 8.Look how many more that you remembered! There was only two in a very, very short time.That really did help. It's been a few minutes since we told you that phone number. So, how many digits can you remember? Your short-term memory is really only effective for about 30 seconds, so this is a good test of how much you can recall.

If you remembered between five and seven numbers, your memory is within the community average. If you remembered more, then you're top of the class. But if you remembered less than five, here's some tips on how to do it better next time. An easy way to remember a number like this is to chunk it down. We can easily chunk it into pairs, or into groups of three numbers, if we wanted to. Then, as a more advanced technique, you can convert the number into something more meaningful. 12 is easily a dozen. 13 is something that's evil. And 29 is like a leap year. It's simple as that.Other ideas to improve your memory - eat more fish, red meat, and eggs. So, there you have it - some simple and easy tips on how to improve your memory. All you have to do now is remember them. 0485... 121... 329. But I can never, ever find my car keys. After the break on A Current Affair - make sure the kids are watching, because we've got all the details of Santa's plans tonight.

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Well, kids, it's nearly time to go to sleep. That means Santa is packing the last few toys into his sleigh, and Rudolph is getting ready too. But just before he leaves the North Pole, we checked in with Rob Walker, the man who controls Santa's flight path. Yes, Cameron, it's looking really good for tonight. We're expecting Santa to leave the North Pole a little bit after midnight, and should be making landfall here in Australia very soon after. We've been talking to the Bureau of Meteorology as well, and as you'd expect this time of year, there's a few thunderstorms around, but Santa is pretty confident that everything is going to go to plan, and he's obviously been working with our air-traffic control team here in Australia for a number of weeks now, and we have his flight plan, and everything looks good to go. Alright. So he's got to dodge the thunderclouds. What about other plane traffic? Will that pose a problem for him?No, definitely not. Part of what we do at Airservices is making sure that safety is always our number one priority, and keeping Santa well clear of the other passenger aircraft flying tonight is part of what we do day in, day out. The interesting part is that, for his en route or upper- airspace sectors, we've scheduled him to fly to above 65,000 feet, keeping him well clear of the jets. At some point, he has to come down. He'll do a lot of rooftop-height flying as well. We've notified all the airlines of Santa's intentions, and obviously they're all going to keep a good lookout for him as well. Where will he come first in Australia?Well, we expect him to leave the North Pole a little bit after midnight. He's going to come down the International Date Line through the Pacific islands and into New Zealand. We've changed his flight path a little this year - he'll make landfall in Tasmania first, so those in Hobart should see him very early on in the piece. Then he's going to work his way up and down the east coast, zigzagging across Australia to Western Australia, and then probably around Broome will be the last landfall he makes in Western Australia, before he heads off up into Indonesia and pnk PNG.And you know him so well - what does he like to eat and drink? What should we leave out for him and his reindeer?Obviously with Santa, he might like something a little bit more relaxing at the end of the evening, but he's just asked kids to - something nice for the reindeer, maybe a biscuit or two. They love carrots, apparently. And also for Santa, you can't gego past a good glass of milk - warm milk, preferably, but something like that would be fantastic. And of course, Santa has also asked to make sure they're in bed nice and early. He's only going to come for those already asleep.Keep safe.Merry Christmas to you.That's the important thing, kids - you've got to go to sleep. Rob Walker there from Airservices Australia in Canberra. Still to come on ACA - saving Caleb from - from violent kid

saving Caleb from - from violent
kid to responsible teenager. Nice to see you again.Three years! Has been three years.My God. How tall are you!Getting there!

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Tomorrow night - how Caleb turned his life around, and hasn't looked back. VOICEOVER: The troubled boy.I get crazy, and I can't control it.Who was about to snap...I would like help. Please.The Aussie teen who saved his life.Get that anger out. They go through hell so troubled kids get a second chance.I missed you. That's Brady Halls's inspirational story tomorrow, only on ACA. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. We'll see you tomorrow. I'm Cameron Williams. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

We want 'The Hobbit' to be
a visual experience that goes several steps
beyond Lord of the Rings. MAN: (SINGS) # Far over... # The Misty Mountains... # Fans of 'The Hobbit',
they're going to get so much more. # To dungeons deep... #

You'll get taken on an amazing ride. NARRATOR: In two sleeps' time,
people around Australia will be invited to return to an old
world for a brand-new adventure. You will see more of Middle Earth
than you've ever seen before. 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'
is the first of a trilogy of films adapting Tolkien's
enduringly popular masterpiece. Tonight, we introduce you to the characters
who will take you on the journey, along with
exclusive behind-the-scenes footage that illustrates how this faraway
world has become a reality. Sit back and enjoy The Making of
'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'. When we made
'The Lord of the Rings', I was absolutely sure that
that was gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I never realised that...
10 years later, we were doing it all over again. We actually shot for 266 days
on 'The Hobbit', which was exactly the same
number of days that we shot on
'The Lord of the Rings'. So, I've sort of done the
once-in-a-lifetime experience twice. But not a third time,
there won't be a third time.

It was a little bit like
returning to summer camp. You know, so many of the people who were part of the first journey are part of this journey. Ooh, it's all coming back to me. It's all coming back to me now. ANDY: It was extraordinary,
coming back onto set, with those same people. You looked round at all the faces in
the crew and thought, "Here we go." JACKSON: The same creative talent. 20 or 30 of the most senior people
were 'Lord of the Rings' veterans. Who would have thought
it would ever have happened again? What a treat. I know. To have a chance to return...
pop the wig on, and the feet on, it kind of feels like I've
stepped into a time machine. (CHUCKLES) And I get to meet
all of these other actors, who are coming along
for the real long journey, and sort of seeing in them a little bit what we felt like
when we started.

'The Hobbit' is actually Professor
Tolkien's most beloved book. And it's your first introduction to
Middle Earth for a lot of readers. The story of 'The Hobbit'
takes place 60 years before the events in
'The Lord of the Rings'. GANDALF: Bilbo Baggins. I'm looking for someone
to share in an adventure. NARRATOR: At the centre
of this grand tale is a little hobbit,
Bilbo Baggins, played in this film
by Martin Freeman. We join Bilbo as the book
'The Hobbit' does, as a kind of home-loving,
fairly solitary hobbit. JACKSON: They like their comfort,
they like their food, and they treat strangers
with suspicion. The worst thing that could
happen in Bilbo Baggins' life, is to be suddenly be dragged
off into a dangerous adventure. Mr Baggins? Fili.
And Kili. BOTH: At your service. You must be Mr Boggins. No, you can't come in.
You've come to the wrong house. What? Has it been cancelled?
No-one told us. Can... No, nothing's been cancelled.
That's a relief.

Careful with these.
I just had them sharpened. It's nice, this place.
Did you do it yourself? Well, no,
it's been in the family for years. That's my mother's glory box,
can you please not do that? Fili, Kili, come on, give us a hand. Mr Dwalin. (CHUCKLES)

Wait, shove this in the hallway, otherwise we'll never get
everyone in. Everyone? How many more are there? (DOORBELL RINGS)
Oh, no. No, no. There's nobody home! Go away and bother somebody else! There's far too many dwarves
in my dining room as it is. If this is some clot-head's
idea of a joke... (LAUGHS) ..I can only say
it is in very poor taste! (ALL GRUNT) DWARF: Get off!

Gandalf. Fortune comes knocking on his door,
in the shape of 13 dwarves.

(SINGS) # Far over... # The Misty Mountains cold... # GANDALF: Far to the east,
over ranges and rivers, lies a single, solitary peak. The dwarves' home is called Erebor, otherwise known as
the Lonely Mountain. When you enter, you're in the middle of this vast subterranean palace, carved out of solid rock. MAN: Gold and jewels
were the resource on which they built
their dwarf kingdom.

There was this huge amount of gold,
which attracted the dragon, Smaug. MAN 2: The dwarves
try to defend Erebor, but there's nothing they can do,
so Erebor is literally ripped apart. Run for your lives!

MAN 3: Since then, the dwarves
have been a wandering people, and many of us have been homeless. We will seize this chance
to take back Erebor! (CHEERING) The dwarves that turn up at Bag End are the only volunteers that have
decided to back this quest.