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Tonight - watch and act - the fight to save homes from a raging bushfire. Sydney shoppers spend millions in the final dash to Christmas. A Church apology - victims of sex abuse say it's not enough. Michael Clarke given until the coin toss to prove his fitness for Boxing Day. And Peter Harvey's update from the North Pole - Santa is on his way. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News, with Georgie Gardner. Good evening. All the warning signs were there - another hot day and strong winds right across NSW. Then, this afternoon, fears were realised on the Central Coast - an eruption of flames, and suddenly, homes near Wyong were under threat. The bush ignited, and flames went charging straight at the village of Kulnura, surging powerful gusts of wind made it a highly dangerous job for crews on the ground. The swift- moving blaze turning swathes of bushland into an inferno. Back up for the -- backup for the firefighters came from overhead. The helicopters gulping up tankfuls of water, then heading off through the risky haze to strike repeatedly at the heart of the flames. Slowly winning the bat tool save homes.It was a close call for a lot of properties in that Kulnura area. That fire developed and burned pretty quickly.The blaze started early afternoon. Hard-pressed fire crews filling their tankers from this backyard swimming pool as the flames threat. This property was saved. The charred bushland around it, evidence of just how close the fire came. As more crews poured into the battle to contain the blaze, worried locals raced home to check on the damage. Bush destroyed, but the best news on Christmas Eve - homes safe and sound. Live now to Matt Snelson at the RFS headquarters in Homebush. Matt, what's the advice from firefighters tonight?Georgie, they say locals need to be prepared if conditions change with a southerly set to hit later tonight. There's a lot of smoke in the area, and more back- burning to be done. Drivers are being warned to avoid the area if possible. Today's events, say the RFS, is a clear example of why everyone under threat really needs to have a bushfire evacuation plan in place. I can tell you, in the last 30 minutes, one of the firefighting air cranes is headed off to the Kholo heights area and the Hawkesbury area, with the number of fires started due to lightning strikes. At this stage, though, no properties under threat there, Georgie.Thank you. A truck driver has escaped a firey crash at Seaham, north of Newcastleicalal. The 23-year-old lost control on a bend. The petrol tanker rolled several times before bursting into flames. He's been airlifted to hospital in a stable condition. Some popular asthma drugs are being recalled because of a problem with the dispensing mechanism. The recall effects a small number of Ventolin and Asmol inhalers, which might not deliver the full dose with each puff. The TGA website lists the batches affected. The pre-Christmas shopping frenzy is all but over - Australians were out in force today, spending millions of dollars on last-minute gifts. And the all-important festive food. 7:00am at the Fish Markets, and shoppers could smell a bargain. Three dozen, coming up, sir!As the marathon edged to its end, the queues to get in snaked back kilometres. It's now in its 17th year - more than 600 tons of seafood went flying out the door, including 100 tons of prawns and 840,000 oysters.I've just Nerf been in such a crush.We got the crowds really early. We haven't stopped since.Pandemonium.North, south, east and west shopping centres crammed with much-needed consumers. 7% of Aussies have left their shopping to Christmas Eve - and because it falls on a Monday this year, it's overtaken the 23rd of December, which is traditionally the busiest. At least $321 million will be spent in stores today in NSW alone.Positive news for retailers, because it was a pretty lacklustre start to the Christmas period this year. The last retail figures that came out showed that retail was continuing to do it tough, and have done for a couple of years now.And while retailers are cheering, online stores are the ones really profiting from the festive cheer - Australia Post is swamped. 70% of all parcels delivered have been generated by internet sales, making 2012 the biggest online Christmas, with 8% of the $32 billion spent nationally going overseas. If you think about all of the amazing stores that now ship to Australia, it would appear that Australians have really embraced buying online in the lead-up to Christmas.And to capitalise on the internet demand, David Jones and Myer are starting their Boxing Day sales online as early as tonight. Live to Catalina in the city now. The Christmas rush is almost behind us - now the focus is on Boxing Day?Well and truly, Georgie. As those last-minute shoppers get ushered out the doors here at David Jones, the race is on to prepare for Boxing Day. Thousands of Christmas trees and decorations will come down to make way for those Boxing Day signs advertising massive discounts. If you're not going online, remember to get here early on the 26th, because doors open again at 5:00am, Georgie. Alright. Catalina, thank you. While most shops will be closed on Christmas Day, trains and buses will operate - but on a Sunday timetable. Some petrol stations will be open. The advice is to fill up later in the week, when it should be cheaper. Certain cinemas will be open from the afternoon. And Saint Mary's cathedral will have services at midnight tonight, plus 7:00, 9:00, 10:30, and 6:00pm tomorrow. A legal backflip today over the decision to grant bail to the man accused of kill five members of the Lin family. It means Robert Xie will remain in jail. The Supreme Court judge saying he has serious concerns about some of the allegations made. Kathy Lin leaves court in tears, comforted by her husband's lawyer, moments after learning not only will he not be home for Christmas, but the man she loves is likely to spend at least the next year in jail, while he await trial for the murders of five members of her family. Robert Xie is accused of killing Norman Lin, his wife Lily, her sister Irene, and two boys at the family home in Epping in 2009 - a gruesome murder that shocked Sydney. While the case against Xie is likely circumstantial, Justice Rothman today found, "There are some aspects of the Crown case that are extremely strong." He also noted allegations of collusion, or coaching, of witnesses. The Judge said he had serious concerns about conversations Robert Xie had had with his wife, who will be a witness in the trial. In particular, one they had in relation to what evidence she should give regarding a toolbox. At a point in time when police hadn't disclosed they believed the murder weapon was a hammer-like object. The Judge said, although any time an innocent person spends in jail is regrettable, in this case, he couldn't find exceptional circumstances, overturning the magistrate's decision to grant bail. Robert Xie will be rained in the -- will be arraigned in the Supreme Court in February. A man has been shot in the leg at his home at Lansvale in Sydney's west. Bullet shells were found all over the street. The victim was taken to Liverpool Hospital. It was designed to heal some of the rifts over sexual abuse in the Catholic Church - but an apology from Cardinal George Pell has instead created fresh anger. Victims and their families say it simply didn't go far enough. 2012 has been a year of mounting shame for the Catholic Church.So they should feel ashamed.At a time of faith and hope, Australia's most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, used his Christmas message to speak of his sorrow.Especially those who've suffered at the hands of fellow Christians - Christian officials, priests, religious teachers.But his apology fell short of specifically mentioning child sexual abuse by members of the clergy.I'm deeply sorry this has happened. It's completely contrary to Christ's teachings, and I feel, too, the shock and shame across the community that these revelation of wrongdoing and crimes. Anthony Foster's daughters were victims of such wrongdoings and crimes at the hands of a priest at a Catholic school.It's a sorry without any real action. It's a sorry that sounds robotic. It just sounds like the spin that we've heard from the Catholic Church for a long, long time.Under increasing pressure, the Federal Government announced a sweeping royal commission into child abuse in institutions. It's expected to be held next year. The Catholic Church right in the crosshairs. Detective Chief Inspector Peter Cox was instrumental in forcing the Government to act, alleging cover- ups.I suppose a lot of victims would like to hear a lot of sincerity. Sadly, Mr Pell hasn't had a terrific record in that department.There are words said, but no action taken. America's most powerful gun lobby has issued a point-blank refusal to support President Obama's moves on gun control. The National Rifle Association is not only defending the current laws, but demanding more guns in schools. Opposition was expected - a battle over the constitution inevitable. But the NRA is sticking to a position that no-one expected.If it's crazy to call for putting police and armed security in our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy!And many people are doing just that.He says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. What about trying to stop the bad guy from getting the gun in the first place?The NRA is still supporting assault rifles, and it believes the country - and history - is on its side.I think they'll do what they've done historically. They'll defend the freedom.And while the debate is raging, firearms of all types are disappearing from the walls of gun shops.We've never seen anything like this. We have the Christmas business, the hunting season business, and now we have the political business.And anyone who speaks outset being targeted - the NRA wants outspoken British broadcaster Piers Morgan to be deported from the US.You're an unbelievably stupid man, aren't you?It seems to me that you're morally obtuse.The debate was ignited by what happened in Newtown. But for the families of the murdered children and teachers, there's no time for this argument - not yet.Evil came to the town. That's for sure. It took lives of precious children. Christmas not only celebrates the birth of Christianity, but also the midnight race around the world by Santa Claus. And our very own Peter Harvey has been keeping an eye on his preparations. Baby, it's cold outside... (MUSIC PLAYS) Baby, you'd freeze up there... It's up to your knees up there... But Santa's elves have been hard at work. With last-minute mail... And helping Santa pack his bottomless sack...We are working hard to make sure all the wishes to Santa Claus are delivered.Tonight, all the shops are closing, the final gifts are being wrapped, and excited little kids will have vision of toys and games and sweet treats dancing in their heads. Christmas, though, is much more than presents and plum pudding and brandy butter - the most beautiful thing is a smile on a child's face. That's Santa's secret Christmas recipe. Find time to reach out, give a helping hand. Now you go and get Rudolph and make everything ready. So come on, old fellow - it's your night of nights. Toddle out to the sleigh. Yeah, the kids are waiting for it - snowy conditions on the take-off strip, with only two runway lights. But don't worry, kids - once that sleigh is in the air, it's jet-propelled all the way. Santa is coming, spreading a little joy to the world.

In the news ahead - teenagers hit by a speeding police car. Also - Christmas Grinch - hams stolen from a Sydney butcher. And going high-tech - the Queen in 3D. This program is not captioned. Every day until Easter, Coles and Liqourland
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Two teenagers have escaped serious injury, after they were hit by a police car at Nowra on the state's south coast. The patrol car was travelling at high speed, with its lights flashing, when police say the teens suddenly ran out into its path. A hungry thief has ruined Christmas for a butcher in the Blue Mountains. His shop was fleeced of nine hams, ten legs of pork, six meat trays, and about 10kg of bacon.All I care about was fulfilling the people's orders, and make sure they had something for Christmas, which I have.The brazen ham heist was colt on CCTV. About $3,000 worth of meat was stolen. -- caught on CCTV. The Queen has gone high-tech. For the first time, her annual Christmas message has been filmed in 3D. The 86-year-old Monarch previewed her performance with specially designed glasses, and is said to be thoroughly delighted with it result. It's become a Christmas Eve tradition for Australian families - the annual Carols by Candlelight. Of course, Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson are hosting the show at Melbourne's Sidney Myer Music Bowl, and join us now. What's in store for everyone tonight?It's a huge night, Georgie. I know you look forward to this every year, as we do. Always, it's a worry what the weather will do here in Melbourne. It's not like Sydney - it's perfect all the time. Here, it can change dramatically. It's beautiful, though, here this evening. Hot yesterday, but really mild tonight. A terrific night of entertainment heading our way.It's a real celebration of 'The Voice', for starters, Georgie. We've got Delta Goodrem headlining things, as well as Sarah De Bono, Rachael Leaccar, the ambassador this year, and Darren Percival. Hi-5, the guy in the red suit, Tim Campbell, Anthony Callea...All the names I can't remember!(LAUGHTER) I'm particularly looking forward to Lisa McCune and Terry Tahoo-Rhodes. Lisa will be wearing my Christmas present to her tonight - a Channel Nine basketball.--He is predictably kooky, Lisa. Enjoy tonight. We can't wait.Absolutely. See you soon.Merry Christmas to everyone in Sydney! Bye.And of course, you can watch the Carols by Candlelight right here on the Nine Network from 8:00 tonight. Great viewing. Let's get the sport, next, with Erin Molan. Hi, Georgie! All eyes on injured Australian skipper Michael Clarke ahead of the Boxing Day test - our exclusive Captain's Call, next. Also - good news for the fleet in the Sydney to Hobart. And what record has Chelsea broken in the Premier League? Storms are battering our west tonight, but what's in store for Christmas Day? This program is not captioned. It's that time of year when
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This program is not captioned. Sydney Ray's Jackson Bird will become the seventh fast bowler used by Australia this summer when he makes his it buon Boxing Day in place of the rested Mitchell Starc. Michael Clarke tested his engined hamstring in the nets today, and open up to Roz Kelly in our exclusive Captain's Call.

open up to Roz Kelly in our
exclusive Captain's Call. I can't really feel it too much when I'm actually batting. The time that, I guess, is the most worrying, is the running component - running between the wicksets the area I've slowly been trying to build up. It probably helps that I'm fielding in slip as well so, I won't have to run too much in the field. I think I've played 80-odd test matches and I haven't missed one due to injury. I don't want this to be the first. On the other hand, I don't want to learn let the team down, either.If you don't play, this is a big challenge for Shane Watson stepping up into the captaincy. You two are both very different characters. What sort of tips or advice would you give him?I this go it's a great opportunity for Watto if he gets the chance. He's been vice- captain for a while now. He's captained some one-day games. I'm confident he'll gran the opportunity with both hands.What's the reasoning behind resting Mitchell Starc? A lot of the fans are very, very confused by this. Yeah, and it's a tough selection, there's no doubt. It's about trying to look after our young bowlers as much as we possibly can. As you've seen, we've had a lot of injuries throughout the past 12 months. We've got another test match starting three days after the Boxing Day test, then 10 one-dayers, a tour to India, Champions Trophy, Ashes away and Ashes at home. So much cricket coming up.Big moment for Jackson Bird.A great opportunity for him, yeah. I think there's nothing more special than seeing somebody come in and make their debut. And what a stage - Boxing Day test match.What do you want for Christmas?Ahh, a test match win would be lovely. I wouldn't mind a Boxing Day hundred, either. I've got a little nephew at home - my sister's little boy - who I've spoiled rotten before coming to Melbourne. Yeah, I'm just happy giving presents, rather than receiving them, to be honest.Merry Christmas.You

receiving them, to be honest.Merry
Christmas.You too. Crews in the Sydney to Hobart Classic can rest easy - the latest weather predictions are pointing towards a comfortable race, with a spectacular start. If the skippers were hoping for an early Christmas present, they got it at today's briefing - the weather will be onboard for the Sydney to Hobart. Crews can expect few hassles from Mother Nature on the trip south.It's going to be a fairly easy race. I don't think we're going to get knocked around too much.At 85, Fischer says he's a long way from dropping anchor. This year, he's going head to head with Mark Richards and the supermaxis - 'Ragamuffin Loyal' versus 'Wild Oats XI' in the battle of the 100-footers.Ever since I was knee how high to a grasshopper, Syd has been an inspiration to all in this sport, especially in the ocean-racing scene. It's great to see Syd there, and I wish him all the best.For the first time since 2006, the fleet will have a flying spinnaker start. By nightfall on Boxing Day, the southerlies will have turned into fast-sailing northerlies. 'Wild Oats XI' s race record is under threat.It's possible, absolutely. The north- easter may stay in for an extra 3-4 hours. That's a big deal in these boats. We'll see.With everyone off for Christmas, today was the last chance for crews to get things shipshape. If the weather predictions are right, casualties will be light this year. Chelsea marked its return to form in a massive way, smashing Aston Villa 8-0 in

in a massive way, smashing Aston
Villa 8-0 in the English Premier League. It's the first time in the EPL seven players from one team have scored goals.

EPL seven players from one team
have scored goals. Georgie, Michael Clarke is the eternal optimist, but I don't think it's looking too good for him. Fingers crossed.Indeed. Thank you, Erin. To finance:

Sylvia is next - she has all the Christmas Day weather.It's looking like a Christmas to spend indoors. The forecast, next. the country from 6. Coming up on WIN Coming up on WIN News: An elderly woman after : An elderly woman dies after WIN News: An elderly woman dies after a car crash in Wollongong man after a car crash in Wollongong A man charged over a double in ged over a double stabbing in man charged over a double stabbing t
in Orange And the RFS on standby in the Riverina This program is not captioned.

A severe thunderstorm warning is in place tonight for much of southern and central NSW - a band of isolated storms is pushing through Sydney's west at the moment, with the threat of isolated showers and flash flooding likely to linger throughout the night. The mercury this afternoon soared to 39 degrees in Penrith, and it hit 29 degrees in the city. The storms are moving in with a trough, which will eventually bring a cool change to NSW, along with some showers - those showers will be heaviest tomorrow around Tamworth.

After a warm night tonight, we'll feel that cool change hit Sydney very early tomorrow - around 3:00 or 4:00am - along with some strong winds along the coast, up to 60km/h. We're in for a mostly overcast Christmas in Sydney, with isolated showers most likely in the morning, a cool top of 23 degrees. Overnight, 20 degrees.

Boxing Day - we are still expecting a slightly bumpy start to the Sydney to Hobart, with showers and strong winds. The threat of showers for most of the week - 27 degrees on Friday, 26 on Saturday.

Georgie, rain or shine, hopefully a very happy Christmas.

Georgie, rain or shine, hopefully a
very happy Christmas. Indeed. Merry Christmas to you, Sylvia. That is Nine News for this Christmas Eve. I'm Georgie Gardner. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

latest from the WIN Newsroom. Tonight An elderly woman dies after a crash at Wollongong The last minute rush to get ready for Christmas And one of the best G
presents any mother could ask for It
Good evening I' m Kerryn Johnston, It' s been a tragic lead-up to Chris been a tragic lead-up to elderl
Christmas for the family of an elderly woman who has died hoderly woman who has died in hospita elderly woman who has died in hospital following a car crash in Wollongong. The holiday road toll now stands at two. Police are pleading for motorists to take o motorists to take care o pleading for motorists to take care on the state' s roads, and make
on the state' s roads, and make sure T
they make it home for Christmas. Traffic at a stand still on a Wo still on a busy Wo Traffic at a stand still on a busy Wollongong highway - A two car collision involving six elderly people. "A white camry was turning right from old Mount Ousley ont from old Mount Ousley Road ont right from old Mount Ousley Road collid
onto Mount Ousley Road when it collided with a white falcon was d with a white falcon that was collided with a white falcon that was coming down Mount Ousley as coming down Mount Ousley road."
was coming down Mount Ousley road." The seventy-nine year-old and year-old woman and The seventy-nine year-old woman and her eighty year-old husband were passengers in the Camry, when it collided with the Falcon. The woman was rushed to Wollongong Hospital, but she tragically died. Her elderly husband suffered suspected spinal fractures. "Unfortunately a 79 year "Unfortunately a 79 passe
year old passenger in the camry passed away as a result of the
collision." The seventy three year suffere
old male driver of the Camry suffered facial injuries, while s suffered facial injuries, while his seventy four year old wife escaped unharmed. The driver of other car - a of other car - a seventy three year old man and his Meanwh
wife suffered minor injuries. underwa
Meanwhile an investigation is underway into how two o teenagers underway into how two teenagers were struck by a police car at Nowra. An officer was on his way to a ar way to a brawl ar officer was on his way to a brawl around nine-forty five last night, when it' s claimed the two fifteen ye ed the two fifteen They
year-olds ran out onto the road. They remain in Shoalhaven wi main in Shoalhaven Hospital wi They remain in Shoalhaven Hospital with minor injuries. Any witnesses f
to either incident is urged to come forward. Double demerits are in for s are in force until midnight on January until midnight on January 0 0
force until midnight on January four to
. Until then police will continue to saturate the roads as part Oper rate the roads as part of Oper to saturate the roads as part of Operation Safe Arrival. "You don' t drink and drive there is
don' t drink and drive there is high penalties for that and at and probably penalties for that and probably the worst penalty of all is it causepenalty of all is it can cause worst penalty of all is it can Ja
cause death to someone." Melissa Jaros, WIN News A forty-three year-old Molong
A forty-three year-old Molong man ch
will spend Christmas behind bars, charged over the stabbing of peopd over the stabbing of two peop charged over the stabbing of two the
people in Orange. It' s also alleged the man held up a Caltex service station at the intersection of Summer and Hill Streets, threatening a female employee with a lo a female employee with a steering lock on December fourteen. follow December fourteen. The follow lock on December fourteen. The following day, police found a fifty-two year-old woman with a

fifty-two year-old woman with a stab wound to her neck and a fifty-five year-old man with a facial wound a ith a facial wound at a year-old man with a facial wound at a Spring Street home. Both were taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Molong njuries. The Molong life-threatening injuries. The Sh
Molong man has been refused bail Shoppers queued for hours and car parks were filled to to capacity parks were filled to capacity across the state in the last retail b the state in the last retail hours before Christmas day. fore Christmas day. Retailers
before Christmas day. Retailers have worked around the clock today tho around the clock today as tho worked around the clock today as pro
thousands hunted for the freshest produce and the perfect gifts. Thoduce and the perfect gifts. There' s a lot to do the day C the day before C Christmas.
There' s a lot to do the day before Christmas. " Balmain bugs, lots
Christmas. " Balmain bugs, lots of them and lots of prawns." At Hareld lots of prawns." At Harely and John' s Seafood staff prepped from two this morning. ho two this morning. Six ho prepped from two this morning. Six hours later a line one hundred and fifty metres deep formed outside the front door. "It' s seafood, its an Aussie Christmas, it' s what you n , it' s what you need." "We want our seafood very fresh and this is as fresh as can his is as fresh as it can fresh and this is as fresh as it can be." Around five tonnes praw ve tonnes of praw can be." Around five tonnes of t
prawns have been sold here and over twenty-four thousand oysters. "I always like the bugs I think they are e the bugs I think they lobster
are good value for money, the lobsters fly out the door and o s fly out the door and every o lobsters fly out the door and every one wants prawns." Close to two tho rawns." Close to two thousand hams were purchased at Liesu urchased at Liesure coast fruit and deli - "Allure coast fruit and deli - "All Liesure coast fruit and deli - o
"All the Christmas hams are rushing out the door, you' ve also got yo e door, you' ve also got all yo out the door, you' ve also got all your fresh sliced meats, pror fresh sliced meats, salami proch prochiutto
your fresh sliced meats, salami prochiutto and ham." +w sour tto and ham." +w Cherries sour sourced
prochiutto and ham." +w Cherries sourced from Orange are a dessert fav Orange are a dessert favourite. " There has been a
favourite. " There has been a good winter and a good spring and h d a good spring and there h winter and a good spring and there has been no blemish to them, very very nice. " For those who couldn'