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(generated from captions) A field test is conducted to confirm whether the substance
is in fact cannabis.

The positive indication should be a kind of like a red...reddish colour.

See, there we go. That's a positive indication
for herbal cannabis.

With a street value
of more than $60,000, it's an excellent seizure
by officers.

The man is currently awaiting trial. If he's found guilty, he'll face
up to five years in prison.

This program is captioned live.A massive rescue operation to save tourists inside this minibus. Police warning after two dangerous pursuits through Sydney. Christmas countdown, our shopping centres packed in the last minute rush. An extraordinary effort to free people trapped underneath a collapsed awning. And injured skipper, Michael Clarke's race against the clock. Good evening. Two people are fighting for their lives tonight and another eight are seriously injured after a mini-bus crash on a notorious tourist drive. The accident, on Queensland's Mount Tamborine, sparked an extraordinary rescue operation. A difficult rescue mission. Emergency crews struggle up the steep mountain pulling the injured one by one from the wreckage. The carnage spread across the road as paramedics stabilised the patients and loaded them into waiting ambulances.We had head injuries and many fractures.The impact left the 50 year-old bus driver and his front passenger critically injured. Both were flown to hospital. Others lucky to walk away barely hurt.The people were wearing seatbelts. It has saved a number of lives.14 Chinese tourists and four guides were on board the bus. Around midday the driver lost control on this bend. The mini-bus tumbled 30 metres down the embankment landing on its side buried in shrub. It's the same stretch of road where 11 people were killed and 38 injured in Queensland's worst bus crash back in 1990. Now another investigation. Why this scenic route is still a potentially deadly trap.You just don't know when they're going to stop.A woman who went on a daring coastal walk at North Avoca had to be winched to safety by the Westpac Life Saver Helicopter. She found herself stuck on a narrow ledge on a sheer 100 metre cliff face. Unable to move when the chopper arrived the delicate operation took 90 minutes. Two men are facing serious charges after dangerous police pursuits through Sydney. At Naremburn, witnesses say it was lucky no one was seriously hurt after a chase ended in a crash outside a busy restaurant. The crashed car and its alleged driver running away. Michael Martin had been sitting down for dinner at Naremburn.As I turned around I saw a car coming over my shoulder flying past me.It crashed into a pole and a tree, Michael was allegedly punched in the face as he tried to stop the 22 year-old fleeing.Very exciting night. Police claim the young man had earlier stabbed a woman in Earlwood and stolen her car. He was spotted on the Warringah Freeway, there was a brief pursuit before this: It's alleged he also assaulted another bystander who tried to stop him. He is facing a string of charges.When something like this happens you actually look around you to see that everyone's alright.There were three pursuits in all over the weekend, more than 1,000 drivers caught speeding and more than 100 caught drink driving. The holiday road toll stands at one but senior police fear that will rise because of risky behaviour. At Merrylands last night a young man was taken to hospital after the driver of a ute allegedly fleeing police crashed into his Honda. The 20 year-old driver will face court next month. Anyone speeding, drink driving, not wearing a seat belt can certainly expect to get detected and prosecuted very quickly.25% of Christmas shoppers have left their hunt for gifts to the last minute. No surprise that shopping-centre as were packed. With one day left, some were feeling the pressure. Lost, confused and time running out. Two days before Christmas and the panic sets in. 29% of consumers have left their shopping to this weekend and no surprises who the biggest culprits are.I suppose that's just the way men do it.Last minute as always, it's actually her birthday tomorrow as well so it's a double header.It's what we guys do, we live for this kind of stuff, we can't wait until the last minute to do something.A tip for men, a recent survey shows gift cards, fashion and cosmetics are on the top of women's wish list. Cosmetics stores in Miranda today reaping the last-minute benefits.We've had a shop full of guys today which was very predictable.NSW will out spend the rest of the country, shoppers parting with $10 billion in the pre-Christmas period. Food and liquor has seen the most growth. The fish markets kicking off its 36 hour pre-Christmas marathon. At Dan Murphy's in Alexandria, it was a selling frenzy.NSW is the Christmas engine room, there's no doubt about it.And there's still time. Tomorrow, Myer and David Jones will be open from 8am until 6pm. Westfield centres are open from 8am to 5:30pm. Coles hours vary, but most are open from 6am until midnight. Woolworths stores vary too but most open from 7am until 10pm. And if you're after seafood, the fish markets don't close until 5pm tomorrow.It is our busiest time of the year by far. Has the Christmas rush hit yet? They have been pretty steady here. We have to remember, people have had from 5am this morning to stock up. Feet it is to get here before 8pm. -- the tip. There is extra parking and public transport. Get in quick is the message.Very busy time. Thank you. Warnings that lives could be lost won't stop the Premier from going ahead with plans to allow hunting in some national parks. Two million hectares is being opened up for shooters in exchange for support for Barry O'Farrell's power station sell off. It was controversial from the start. Shooters and the Government argue its needed to control feral animals. Opponents maintain it will make our national parks dangerous.There's a high risk of a projectile causing death or serious injury. Any responsible government would pull back and cancel, abandon the plan. Hunters will be allowed into 79 parks, including Myall Lakes and Barrington Tops targeting feral pigs, goats, dogs and cats. Kosciuszko National Park, home of the wild brumby, is also on the list. A government risk assessment warns bushwalkers and park staff could be at risk, waterways could be contaminated by carcasses and park visitor numbers could fall. You undertake a risk assessment so that you are able to put in place procedures to ensure those risks don't eventuate.The report, compiled by the Premier's Department, was leaked just days before the changes to the game and feral animal control act are due to become law. Two years ago a school teacher in New Zealand was shot dead in a national park when she was mistaken for a deer.If you put hunters with high powered rifles and you mix them with bushwalkers, picnickers and other users of national parks you have got a high risk of somebody being killed or being seriously injured.The Greens want the plan scrapped. No chance, says the Premier.We'll ensure safety does apply. The 2day FM DJs involved in the royal phone prank scandal could face criminal charges after British police handed their report to prosecutors. Indian media is reporting that the nurse who took the call, Jacintha Saldanha, twice attempted suicide during a trip home last year. And if you or anyone you know needs support you can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. Incredible 3D computer game technology is being used to improve the design of one of our busiest hospitals. The $139 million upgrade at Campbelltown is being refined by staff and the public, who have taken a virtual tour of the facility. This is what happens when an architect is friends with a computer expert. The best of both worlds. In this case, the new hospital building at Campbelltown. We give you the control and you can walk where you want. We give you the freedom. Before a single brick is laid you are a construction in the virtual world.They were both born at the hospital. Thumbs up from locals who have taken the tour. It is not just for fun.From a nurse has point of view, they will have a feel for their work space. - - nurses. The patients can see the new building been built. Construction will begin in February, it will take three years to finish. By that time it will be attached to the existing emergency department. The State Government is keen to use the technology more widely.To work out that a room might be too small. There is not enough space.That could save millions in the long- term. Federal Labor is calling for Senior Liberal frontbenchers to be investigated over the Peter Slipper saga. Labor MP Graham Perrett wants the Federal Police to consider if Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne's involvement amounted to criminal conduct.Frankly it looks to me like a typical Labor Party try on. I think they should just move on from all of this.Mr Abbott wants to know if any taxpayer funds were used to prepare the investigation request. Australian researchers have discovered a new compound that can help reduce the DNA damage that leads to melanoma. It's a synthetic vitamin D and could soon be added to sunscreen and after sun lotion. Take any beach on any given day and you will find thousands of survivors stories.I had stage three melanoma when I was 24.Our love affair with the sun shows no sign of a ending.3-4 hours. Australian researchers have made a breakthrough, discovering a vitamin D compound that reduces in a damage caused by the Sun. Vitamin D is produced when skin is exposed to sunlight, it helps protect against cancer-causing UV rays. It boosts the body's natural defence.When we put the UV light on the cells, less of them died when there were vitamin D, towns around.It was also found to reduce premature ageing. Researchers want the chemical compound to be added to sunscreen within the next two years. They say it cannot wait, given two in every three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer.Win a sunscreen is effective if it is used properly. -- we know.After more than two decades entertaining millions of children around the world, the Wiggles as we know them today gave their final performance. It was an emotional farewell to three of the original members, who are passing on their famous skivvies to a new generation. The crowds flowed into the Entertainment Centre for a chance to say goodbye to Murray, Jeff and Greg.There's no-one better than the original Wiggles.It'll be the best of them all.I loved the Wiggles as a kid and I still love them.And they certainly put on a show to wrap up their Celebration Tour. The foursome have spent the year on the road performing more than 200 shows across eight countries, capping off 21 years on the stage. The Wiggles are ranked number two on the BRW Top 50 Entertainers list making just over $17 million in the last financial year. The successful franchise is set to continue with new members Simon Price, Lachlan Gillespie and Emma Watkins. Fresh faces for the next generation of Wiggles fans. In the news ahead, one man dead after a street awning suddenly collapsed. A woman collapses after winning big on a game show. And Peter Harvey reports on the Sydney we thought was This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: At Big W
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This program is not captioned.

A man has died in a sudden awning collapse on the Gold Coast. Shoppers frantically tried to lift the awning to rescue people trapped underneath.Is everybody alright? Four kids, just missed me. Missed my head by about an inch. What just happened? You heard this crack and the whole thing just comes swinging right down.Police say the man was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, another three women were treated for injuries. Winning big on the New Zealand Lotto was all too much for this woman after she pocketed $200,000. Merry Christmas. She will be fine. Lotto officials say she's doing fine and plans to buy a car. And Prince William will be spending Christmas with the in-laws this year. He and Kate have decided to stay with her parents as she recovers from severe morning sickness. They'll miss out on the annual royal get-together at Sandringham. Tonight, a rare insight into Sydney's past. An historic collection of glass plate negatives has been donated to the National Library. The photos will be preserved and soon available for everyone to enjoy. It's a crystal-clear window into a Sydney we thought was lost and gone forever. The poverty of Surry Hills in the 1930s, the kids here are wearing hessian sacks. The enormous crowds watching Australia play England in the 1928 Test. On the hungry mile, it is Barangaroo now, a 1931 dole queue that beggars belief. A tiny fraction of the thousands of irreplaceable glass negative photos, some taken more than a century ago, now a gift to the nation from Fairfax Media. Rather than having them stored in our warehouses, let the people of Australia see them.The sharpness of the glass negative process is extraordinary, completely unmatched until the last few years when digital photography reached its current peak.The clarity of the glass still holds up so well to this day, so it's a tribute to that old technology.The Fairfax photographers were everywhere - here a wounded great war vet farewells his mates. Later, in 1918, diggers celebrate the end of the war. The billy cart derby was all the go and Mascot airport unrecognisable. The National Library will digitise the entire collection and post it online. An opportunity to walk into an Australia that once was, and through these photos, is again. Carols by Candlelight is a Christmas Eve tradition. We've been given a special sneak peak of this afternoon's dress rehearsal in Melbourne.#Santa Claus is coming, he's not very far away.You can share the festive spirit with Carols by Candlelight right here on Nine tomorrow night. Sport is next with Tim. Australia trained at the MCG ahead of the Boxing Day Test. We'll tell you how the skipper went. The Big Bash bowler labelled a cheat over his action. And what's ahead for the Sydney to This program is not captioned.

The signs weren't good for Australian captain Michael Clarke at the team's first hit out at the MCG today. The skipper struggled to keep up and looks to be losing the battle to be fit in time for the Boxing Day Test.The medical staff have got to judge whether it is a minimal risk or a medium risk. I think we'll take a Conservative at brooch.Shane Watson mentally preparing to step up and take up a big challenge. -- approach. Mitchell Starc has been told he will be rested this series. The 22- year-old has played just two Test matches this summer.The reality is Mitchell Starc will not be able to do the Melbourne and this Sydney Test.This approach is frustrating the bowlers.If you are fit to play, you should be playing. The best 11 should be playing.That includes Michael Clarke. He has had to go for a follower of scan here in Melbourne. The results will be returned tomorrow. In the domestic Big Bash competition Ricky Ponting is enjoying his retirement from Test cricket. He's leading the Hobart Hurricanes in tonight's match against the Sydney Thunder and both teams need a win. So used to being in Melbourne at this time of the year Ricky Ponting opened the batting for the Hurricanes. Ponting's 50 came off 36 balls, the former Test captain still loving his time in the middle.What about that reaction from the crowd?And Darren Lehmann is facing a fine after questioning the bowling action of the Melbourne Renegades Marlon Samuels.Samuels is up to 30km/h quicker than most off spinners, off two steps he's reaching speeds of 120km/h.Lehmann, the Brisbane Heat coach, agrees with the experts.Mike Hussey can't bowl that fast off 15 steps. Sydney FC players are on notice. They won't like me when I get angry. The two-one loss to Newcastle keeps Sydney sitting last in the A-League and Frank Farina isn't showing any Christmas spirit.I will find the players who want to fight and get us out of this. They will play. The rest will fall by the wayside.All of the sailors in this year's Sydney to Hobart have a task ahead of them, it's even more challenging for first timers. The debutants ranging from 18-58 years of age aren't sure what to expect but have heard all of the stories. This year's race also sees many international sailors making the trip down under. Competitors from France, Japan and Lithuania all vying for some glory. Some breaking news: 39 year-old Sachin Tendulkar has retired from one day cricket, he will keep playing Tests. Thank you.

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That is Nine News for this Sunday. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions This program is not captioned. DAVID ATTENBOROUGH: The sun is absent
for up to half the year in the polar regions. When it returns
at the beginning of spring, its warmth will transform
this magical ice world.

The greatest seasonal change
on our planet is now under way.

Antarctica is still locked in ice and surrounded by a frozen ocean. Nonetheless,
there are signs of spring.

Adelie penguins are arriving -
just the males. They've spent five months at sea where it's warmer
thanit is on land, and now they're in a hurry,
for spring will be short.

They have travelled 6,000 miles
across the ocean since leaving their colony
last year, and now they're returning
to breed. They cannot lay their eggs on ice,
for they would freeze, so they have to come here,
where there is bare rock.

Over the coming months, the few parts of Antarctica
that are ice-free will be the stage on which five million Adelies
will build their nests.

To construct one, they need pebbles. And without a good-looking nest, a male will be unable
to attract a female - when they, at last, arrive. An impressive property
demonstrates your worth as a mate.

It takes stones of all shapes
and sizes to build a decent nest, and finding ones that are just right
is not easy.

So some penguins turn
to a life of crime.