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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - the stabbing murder of a man called
a father figure by neighbours. A week on
from the Connecticut shooting and the gun lobby
calls for more guns. People power forces another rethink of the heliport plans
for Sydney Harbour. And families converge on the Domain
for tonight's carols spectacular.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Reason.

Good evening. A week of violence in Sydney
has continued with the murder of an elderly man at
Guildford in the city's south-west. After a murder
and several drive-by shootings, in his own home. His alleged attacker is in hospital
after turning the knife on himself.

Cedric Newton, affectionately known
as 'Papa Smurf' in the Guildford neighbourhood
where he's lived for decades. A real father figure. You just couldn't get anything
more decent than Cedric so we're absolutely shocked
and absolutely saddened. The 77-year-old was stabbed to death
in his own home at about 3am. His son awoke to his father
screaming, "He's got a knife!" There's no sign of forced entry
and, according to the son, he may have just simply answered
a knock at the door. With his father dying, son Stephen watched his attacker
drive the knife into his own chest. Police arrived and say
the man kept stabbing himself, so they subdued him with a taser. He's clinging to life
in Westmead Hospital. The man who appears to have
stabbed Cedric Newton to death had no ID on him and for most of the day,
police have had no idea who he is or whether he even knows the victim. They've tried downloading
Taser Cam vision to get an image of his face
before showing it to locals. A man recognised him
this afternoon - it was Cedric Newton's neighbour. Cedric was popular here. He was a quiet bloke.
Nothing wrong with him. But he was also outspoken,
and made enemies. Police will have to wait
until their suspect recovers - if he recovers -

to ask what drove him
to such madness three days before Christmas. The perfect neighbour. Perfect neighbour
and an absolute, real community guy and we're absolutely shocked.

There's been a new mass shooting
in America with three people murdered before
the gunman was killed by police. It happened not long after
America's powerful gun lobby said the only way to stop the shootings
was to fight guns with guns.

Exactly a week after the Sandy Hook Elementary School
massacre, Americans paused
to remember the 26 victims.

And it was on this day that the National Rifle Association
chose to break its silence. The only thing
that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The NRA's solution to America's
problem with gun violence? More guns. I call on Congress today
to act immediately to appropriate whatever is necessary
to put armed police officers in every single school
in this nation. Some thought the NRA
would soften its position after the Connecticut massacre, but it did the opposite, laying blame
on almost everything else - violent movies, video games
and the media. And it says
gun-free zones around schools have left students defenceless. They tell every insane killer
in America that schools are the safest place to inflict maximum mayhem
with minimum risk. But the push for tighter gun control
is gaining momentum. The NRA has blood on its hands!
Shame on the NRA! More than 400,000 Americans
have already signed online petitions calling for action. Celebrities are also lending
their star power to the cause. It's time. The President agrees. I will do everything in my power
as President to advance these efforts because if there's even one thing
that we can do as a country to protect our children, we have a responsibility to try. And while the debate rages,

there's been another mass shooting - four people gunned down
in Pennsylvania.

Residents have chalked up
a small win in their fight
against controversial plans for a heliport in Sydney Harbour. The project's been put on hold as support mounts
for an investigation into how approval was given without
proper scrutiny or consultation.

Sydney's well-heeled
harbour-side residents are more familiar
with the decks of their boats than beating a path
to a protest meeting. But from Mosman to the north
and Vaucluse in the east, these foot soldiers of
the anti-heliport war are uniting. We must not flinch
and be intimidated by people who say "Well, this is the Silvertails
who live near the harbour "complaining about it." A licence has been granted for tourist flights to operate
from a pontoon near Fort Denison without any aviation safety approval
or environmental planning. If that's in fact correct,
then the licence is illegal. Had no information
from the State Government. There was no consultation. They are now planning
to argue their case in the Land and Environment Court. Clean Up Australia pioneer
and harbour environmentalist Ian Kiernan says the heliport's
approval has been so swift, so bereft of bureaucratic process, that he can't help
but be suspicious. It needs to be investigated. There's a paper trail there
and it needs to be followed. The idea that this can be done without any proper due process
or consideration is outrageous. One of the things we've seen
over many years, whether it's the former
Labor government and now with this government, is the fact that there's always
seems to be more than meets the eye. Late this afternoon -
a victory for the protestors. Bowing to their pressure, Newcastle Helicopters announced
it was putting the project on hold to considers it feasibility.

A terminally ill man
with just months to live has been left devastated after vandals trashed his last ever
Christmas light display. Several front yards were targeted with electrical wiring cut and
ornaments ripped from the ground.

10 months ago, doctors told
Noel Dobell he had a year to live. He's dying from emphysema. His Christmas light display
a welcome distraction. We do it for the kids. Every single year,
we set it up for the kids. It gives me so much pleasure. But then vandals
targeted his neighbourhood It's probably my last Christmas. There's a special effort put in because my son's mates came around
and set it all up. Noel says he isn't concerned
about the financial cost. He just can't believe
the senselessness. The only thing taken
was one of these fish. Why would you steal a fish? I see no logic
in why you would steal a fish. Locals here have no idea
who committed this vandalism or what their motivation was but it's angered some of them
so much, they're now considering
installing security cameras around their homes. We spoke to the police again and they did call us back
after we spoke to them and they said they are going to
try and patrol the area. Some victims of the vandalism
are now considering turning their lights off for good. It's just frustrating
because all the kids then miss out. For his final festive season,
though, He's determined
to make his visitors smile.

Retailers are enticing
bargain hunters to spend big before Boxing Day in what's shaping up
as the biggest festive sales in Australian history. Travellers are also getting caught
up in the rush this Christmas.

Whether you were grabbing food,
a flight or some stocking-fillers today, wherever you went, it seemed
everyone else was there too. It's my first day shopping,
left it to the last minute. Big mistake. Whatever we just find
while roaming around, we just grab it. The traffic banked up early
at Flemington Markets. The produce was being trollied out as fast as it was being
forklifted in. At the airport, 46,000 people went through
the international terminal today. Even more were flying domestically. But the biggest Christmas crowds
were going for gifts.

You always think of a few
you've forgotten about so you have to come in quickly
and get it. Pretty successful. One more to buy for
and I'll be right. I'm all organised. I'm here for him.
He's not organised. I have my baby with me
so it's fun smile. Retailers have had to take a lot off
to get customers spending. We're expected to fork out
$12 billion this week alone. We are finished for the day
and we're heading out. Extremely happy no more crowds. No more people we have to deal with. We can go home and relax. While many were today
giving generously to the economy, a new survey says
most Australians this Christmas will also try to do what they can
for charity. 58% say
they'll make a contribution, a quarter giving cash, 16% gifts or food. Women and people over 65
are most likely to help out, men and younger people the least. A spirit of giving alive and well, south of Brisbane,
7,500 people came for food being given away
to struggling families. While in East Sydney, the Nova Youth Orchestra
brought the sound of the season to the city's homeless.

And one of the highlights of the
Christmas calendar kicks off tonight with Carols in the Domain. Our own Natalie Barr from 'Sunrise'
is the host and she joins me now. Nat, it's the 30th anniversary
of Carols in the Domain and you're getting a superstar visit

I can tell you the 10 tenors will open Carols in the Domain tonight. They have never sung here before but we have the full dress rehearsal last night. They take your breath away. I can guarantee tonight Mark Vincent will. People sing Jerusalem. We were almost in tears when we heard him sing. I host of stars, with got people like Jessica Mauboy. She is thinking three events tonight. John Waters, lots of screens in the background. People have started arriving here at 5:30pm yesterday to get their seats. Carols has been on for 30 years. They have come from interstate, all-round NSW. We are hearing police had closed the Domain. It is full. This is the fourth year in a road this has happened. Organisers died one to turn people away but unfortunately, they have to listen to police. It has been a tough year for a lot of people. Everyone is really wanting a little bit of Christmas this year. They will get it down there. And a reminder, Carols in the Domain
is on Channel 7 from 8:30 tonight.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - beaches closed as a powerful swell
pounds the coast. Also, the Australians rescued from
an ocean ordeal in the Philippines. And Kylie and Jason
back together on stage. That's next.

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Dangerous surf has continued
to pound Sydney beaches Bilgola, south Curl Curl,
Manly and Tamarama beaches were closed today
because of the conditions. The swell,
from ex-tropical Cyclone Evan, is very powerful. Some surfers couldn't resist
the big waves. However, swimmers and rock fishermen
are being warned to take care.

Three Australian men
have been rescued after clinging to their small boat
for 48 hours in the Philippines. as they island-hopped
through the Archipeligo. Their boat's skipper
is still missing.

Ralph Harald Auer, his son Thomas
and their friend Joshua when the small boat
they were travelling on hit large waves and overturned. The men clung to the side of
their capsized vessel for two days while the boat's skipper
tried to swim to shore to get help. He's yet to be found. My main concern is the pilot. That's all I want - I want to find Ruben,
my friend Ruben. The crew on a passing freighter
finally spotted the men, from New South Wales and Melbourne. They'd been travelling
between islands when their small vessel
encountered strong winds. Just island hopping,
swimming, snorkelling. All three have been treated
for cuts and bruises and the freighter has towed
their vessel back to shore. The group has shown
Philippines coastguards the last known position
of their boat as authorities continue
to search for the skipper.

Barack Obama has nominated
US Senator and one-time presidential candidate
John Kerry for his next secretary of state. The 69-year-old
will replace Hillary Clinton, who's expected to announce
her resignation shortly. Mr Obama says John Kerry
is well prepared for the foreign minister role.

Over these many years, John's earned the respect
and confidence of leaders around the world. He's not going to need
a lot of on-the-job training. John Kerry's appointment is not
expected to face any opposition from his senate colleagues. Aussies Kylie Minogue
and Jason Donovan have reunited on stage for the first time
in more than 20 years. The pair performed
at a fundraising concert in London, belting out their famous hit
'Especially for You'. (SINGS) # Together, together

# I want to show you
my heart is oh so true. # Jason even managed to lift
the pop princess off her feet. And 65-year-old Rolling Stones
guitarist Ronnie Wood has married
his 34-year-old girlfriend. The pair said "I do"
in a low-key ceremony in London. The wedding is Ronnie's third. Rod Stewart acted as best man while Sir Paul McCartney
and his wife were among the guests. Ronnie's new wife, Sally, says
she's keen to start a family.

Sport now with Matt Carmichael, and Mitchell Starc
wants to play at the MCG. He's not happy about being rested,
Chris. We'll hear from Starc next. Also, is Michael Clarke fit to lead
Australia in the Boxing Day test? Plus, welcome to 'wander'-land. Western Sydney rocks the A-League
with six of the best. And the party rages on
for our surfing world champion.

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Michael Clarke and Mitchell Starc
have arrived in Melbourne, both hoping to play in the
second test against Sri Lanka. With 14 wickets in 2 tests
this summer, Starc was stunned by reports
he'll be rested on Boxing Day. Michael Clarke touched down
with his Boxing Day dream intact. I think we've got
some running to do this afternoon so fingers crossed. I'm confident I'll be fine. Vice-captain Shane Watson
is ready to step up if needed. Oh, if that opportunity arises, no doubt it would be
a very special moment, to be able to captain your country,
let alone a Boxing Day test. Young quick Mitchell Starc awoke
to headlines he'll be rotated out. That's all news to him. Apparently I'm being rested so I'm here in Melbourne
and ready to go and I'll be preparing
like everyone else does. One paceman who'll definitely
play at the MCG is Peter Siddle. The hometown hero says
he's pulled up well despite another heavy workload
in Hobart. Yeah, no resting here. I'm feeling really good. Another Victorian cult figure,
Merv Hughes, says there's no better feeling than opening the bowling
at the 'G on Boxing Day. Siddle's recent lion-hearted efforts
have drawn comparisons with Merv. Probably the way we play. The other looks, not too much. I can't grow much hair so there's no chance
of getting a good mo going. And the man with the moustache
can see the similarities. I love the way he goes about it. He's a 100 percenter,
and he just won't stop. He's like one of those little
wind-up jack rabbits, isn't he? He just keeps going
and going and going! (LAUGHS) To be looked up like him, it does put
a bit of a smile on my face.

Sydney's Big Bash teams
are desperate for wins tomorrow after Shane Warne upstaged Brett Lee
last night. Lee beat test discard Rob Quiney
with pace before Glenn Maxwell's
50-ball onslaught for the Stars against the Sixers. His 82 had plenty of assists
from Sydney as Melbourne made 6/177 at the MCG. Warne removed
the dangerous Dan Smith for 32, then told us how
he'd remove Moises Henriques. COMMENTATOR: Just trying
to slog sweep here so same ball, slower but with turn, leggie, not straight.

Oh, it's gone a long way
up in the air. Should be out...
yes, it will be out! Brad Haddin fell
to Super Slinga Malinga and the Sixers lost by 21 runs, their second straight defeat.

Shinji Ono is proving
to be the marquee buy of the summer as the Wanderers rocked the A-League
with a 6-1 demolition of Adelaide. In one stunning night, the competition newcomers
almost scored more goals than they had
in their first 11 games. The Wanderers
have won over Western Sydney and they've only just begun. They've been good all season and now that we're putting on
good performances, it's what we want to do for them. A 6-1 score is something
Adelaide fans Bec and Lleyton Hewitt are used to seeing at Wimbledon but the Grand Slam performance
came from the Wanderers' Mark Bridge with the club's
first-ever hat-trick. COMMENTATOR: Here's Mark Bridge! Bridge trying to create an angle. Oh, what a goal from Mark Bridge! Bridge...this is incredible. Sit back and enjoy. And enjoy, they did. Ono back to Kresinger! Shinji Ono is the creative genius
behind most of the magic. But he can also go all the way. Ono! Oh, yes!

He's the marquee man who's put
Western Sydney in the top three. It's hard to tell
if the Socceroos coach was impressed as the Wanderers
followed their Sydney derby win by annihilating Adelaide. Bridge leaves it for Joey Gibbs! Red and black are in
and the Wanderers are the real deal.

Marquee men Alessandro del Piero
and Emile Heskey are going head to head at Newcastle. Del Piero's team-mates were happy to see him back
in the starting line-up. The Jets welcome wasn't so warm as
Newcastle dominated the first half. COMMENTATOR: And Emile Heskey has
scored for the Jets, 2-0 Newcastle. Against the run of play, Yairo Yao hit back for Sydney FC
after half an hour. The ladder-leading Mariners drew 1-1
in Wellington this afternoon.

The leading contenders
for handicap honours are praying for a change in weather before next week's
Sydney-Hobart yacht race. The crews expect conditions to make
the big boats impossible to beat, tipping back-to-back
overall victories for 'Loki'. It was all paws
on deck 'Celestial' today. Skipper Sam Haynes is using the race to raise awareness
for Assistance Dogs Australia. Doing the hard work here, good boy. It is a stressful thing,
doing the Sydney-Hobart. I hope we're not putting too much
stress on ourselves doing it. The dogs won't be on board
for the trip to Hobart.

in this afternoon's
All Star Game in Adelaide. Sydney and Wollongong's best
were on the end of a thrashing. South beat North 134-114. COMMENTATOR: Oh! Oh, my!
Oh, my goodness. Hawks guard Lance Hurdle
found a little helper for the Slam Dunk contest but he finished second
to Melbourne's Benny Lewis. There were no dunks
from Lote Tuqiri and Wendell Sailor who joined some of the greats
in a legends game.

A week after winning
his first surfing world title, celebrations are still going strong
for Joel Parkinson on the Gold Coast. (CROWD CHEERS) Dual international Mat Rogers
was among the guests at Billabong's party for Parko, the 31-year-old's sponsor
for 20 years. My contract was three pairs
of board shorts, cheap wetsuits and some stickers. Parkinson won the Pipeline Masters to claim the world title
last Saturday. I think they will still be going

about this time next week. Well deserved. Sydney's weather forecast
is after the break.

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We had a cloudy start
to the weekend in Sydney although the sun
did eventually make an appearance. It was a fine day with the cloud gradually burning off
this afternoon. The city reached a top
of 26 degrees, which is one above average. Right now it's 23. It was a warm
and cloudy evening with minimum temperatures
a few degrees above average. The fine weather stuck around today with north-easterly winds
bringing warm weather. Richmond and Penrith
were the hottest at 30 degrees. As usual,
it was cooler on the coast with Bondi and Cronulla reaching 24. Tomorrow - Brisbane can
expect a few showers. Chance of a storm
in Canberra. Melbourne,
fine and very hot. Hobart, Adelaide
and Perth should be
mostly fine. On our waterways:

Tonight will be fine
with a little brief cloud at times. We can expect a warmer day tomorrow with Richmond and Penrith
heading for 33 degrees. The city will reach 28. Looking further ahead -
Christmas Eve will be a warm one before a gusty southerly moves in
in the afternoon. There'll be a few showers around
on Christmas Day with a top of 25 in the city and we'll have similar conditions
for the rest of the week.

And that's Seven News
for this Saturday. Thanks for your company. I'm Chris Reason. See you tomorrow.

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