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Good afternoon. Two people had died in a house fire in Melbourne's west. Their bodies were discovered this morning by firefighters. A tragic fire and so close to Christmas.Good afternoon. Firefighters were called to this Yarraville homered with reports of a house fire just after three o'clock this morning. -- home. The bodies of two elderly grandparents were found dead inside the home. When family members heard of the tradie news, they arrived at the scene, distraught and desperate for answers. -- tragic news. There were forced to wait at the end of the world -- the end of the street as the investigators out to the house for any clues. Homicide detectives say they do believe this fire was deliberately lit. They said the couple both had injuries that were sustained prior to the house catching fire. We spoke to some neighbours in the area.It is really sad this happened so close to Christmas. It is a bit of a worry.Have a chat, smile that the kids.Lovely people.We spoke to one other neighbour in particular Houlis very close to the house. He said last night he heard a very loud bang. He said he described it as a small bomb. 15 minutes later, he came outside and saw that the house had caught fire. Homicide detectives say they have not ruled this out as a murder suicide. They say there is no clear motive. For that reason, they have spent the day scouring the neighbourhood. Police are also appealing to the public. They are asking for anybody with any information that might help to come forward and contact Crimestoppers. Queensland police are searching for a gunman after a man was shot at a house in Greenbank overnight. An air and ground search has so far failed to find the attacker. The victim is recovering in hospital. A man has been stabbed to death in Sydney's south-west. Paramedics tried to save the 77-year-old that he died at the scene in Guildford. A terrible crime. What do we now happened? He was described as the Perth Heat neighbour. He died in a brutal and savage way. -- the perfect. He answered a knock at the door at three o'clock. He was confronted and stabbed. His cries for help worked his son in another room. He went out and found that his father had been stabbed. He saw a man standing there man holding a knife, he turned the weapon on himself. The Sun called police. When they arrived, the alleged attacker was inside. They had to tasered him before they took him to hospital. Police still do not have a motive for this attack. They are still trying to identify the alleged attacker, the man who is alleged to have stabbed the 77-year-old. It has come as a surprise to neighbours. He was a Fargo -- a father figure in the neighbourhood. This has come as a huge surprise to the street.He used to have a joke with me.He was a good man.The alleged attacker is aged in his 50s. Police are continuing their investigations as he undergoes surgery. Late this afternoon, police say they are investigating the possibility this was a neighbourhood dispute. The news has come as a surprise to locals. They said he was helping them with chores ahead of Christmas. A terrible time for a neighbours in that street. Three people have been shot dead in the US, exactly a week after the deadly shooting in CT which claimed 26 lives. The gunman opened fire in Pennsylvania, killing a woman and two men. The woman was decorating a children's Christmas party at a local church. Police were involved in a shoot-out with the lone gunman who was later killed. Three state troopers were injured in the crossfire. The shooting comes as the US reserved a moment of silence for the 20 children and six adults killed in Newtown. The cities across America fell silent, the country's biggest gun lobby spell up -- spoke out, calling for armed guards in every school. One week on, I can edit it remains, the silence of a town. -- unedited remains. The nation still feeling the shop. As the grieving continues, America searches for the way to prevent gun violence. In the Oval Office, the President paused to reflect. Across the road from the White House, protests across the hotel where the powerful National Rifle Association was breaking its silence.The only thing that stops a bad guy with the gun is a good guy with a gun.Without the NRA's support, a ban on weapons and ammunition will be hard.More guns does not help the situation. It is like more alcohol given to an alcoholic. It is not going to solve the problem.The voices calling for action have never been louder, but at a time when the nation was supposed to be coming together, it has never been more clear that Americans were not easily give up their guns. Three men from Melbourne had been rescued in the central Philippines after their boat capsized in rough seas. There were a treat for two days, clinging on for their lives before being saved. -- adrift. They suffered just minor cuts and bruises and will soon return to Australia. It is the season for goodwill towards all men and one charity in Brisbane is showing its festive spirit by feeding the less fortunate. This is one of the biggest Christmas food giveaways in the country. More than 7,000 people have come here today, each will leave with a bag of groceries that would have cost them $200 to buy in the supply market. In real terms, more than $1 million worth of food has been given away. All of it is donated. From fresh food, deli products, meat and cakes, everything that you would want on the table come Christmas Day, and you can tell just how much it means to the people, many of whom are currently struggling.They line up and they are thanking you.Amazing. It is a will ripper.You have got your hands full? Are definitely.It is wonderful. They are so good to do this for people.This is the biggest one that we had done. It is huge. I cannot believe how many people have turned up.What makes this more remarkable is the fact that this charity group was targeted by thieves about one month ago. Thousands of dollars worth of property was stolen and damaged. Organisers were determined not to let the setbacks load their annual Christmas giveaway. By today's a huge turnout, the Grenoble donated food being given out, it certainly has not. -- the incredible amount of. Star All ahead - a skydive almost ends in disaster. -- still ahead. Disappointment in Sydney as Carols in the Domain reached capacity. The dash to save a baby after a trolley carrying the youngster made a This program is not captioned. SONG: # Do the cough... #
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This program is not captioned. A man has suffered serious injuries after a skydiving accident around 100 kilometres south-west of Adelaide. It is believed the 50- year-old novice skydiver misjudged his landing and crashed hard into the ground. He was flown to hospital with internal injuries, as well as fractures. It is a Christmas tradition, and Sydney is overflowing, literally, or with the festive spirit for Carols in the Domain. The gorgeous weather, and it looks like a full house.It certainly is. Carols in the Domain has already reached capacity. There are a few hours still to go. Organisers want us to let anybody know who has not left home yet to stay put, because public access, this many people means that public access does have to be cut off. A full house means that some 50,000 families and friends have turned out for a great night of entertainment, and why wouldn't they? The son is a shining. The temperatures are fantastic. This is the perfect opportunities for families to stop and be together and reflect on Christmas. Coming to carols every yet means that Christmas is really here. It brings home the Christmas spirit. We spoke to a few of the families who have been here since 6am.Why do you like coming to carols?I have got this candle and I like Silent Night. There is a jumping castle down there.The atmosphere. Singing, dancing like idiots, it is fun.We come every year. It is like a family tradition. It just makes you feel that Christmas has finally started.What do you love about it? The fairy floss. And as you can see, it is a spectacular afternoon down in the Domain. The Prix entertainment has started. Organisers have told us that 50,000 people are here, and that means a full capacity. If you have for not left home, in front of your TV screen is where it is going to be. The sight of a former women's prison has gone up in flames in Sydney's west. -- the site. 60 firefighters battled the blaze to try to save the heritage-listed building. Investigators are treating the fire as suspicious. Britain's former prime minister Margaret Thatcher is recovering in hospital after having an operation to remove a growth on her bladder. The 87-year-old Baroness is said to be recuperating well. Known as the Iron Lady, she is rarely seen in public after suffering a number of strokes. A shopping trip turned into a nightmare for one parent in the US. The trolley carrying her baby rolled out of the car park towards a busy road. Call literally, a miracle, or fate. Just instinct.Adam Brunclik was in the right place at the right time on 11th November.It was a Sunday morning. I was the only person on patrol.He noted something unusual. I saw a shopping cart roll out of the parking lot. He realised that something was horribly wrong.This is when I started to see the cart moving and I realised there was a child. He was wearing a bright jacket.A woman had been placing her other child IndyCar when her shopping cart started to roll away from her, down the driveway... and right into traffic along a busy Strait of Highway 70.He was travelling fast. I knew it was an option to stop the cut, but I had to do something to stop traffic. I activated my emergency lights. It was my only option.He quickly ran after the cart and grab to the little boy, who amazingly, was not injured.In the mother was running pretty fast down the hill herself. The sport is next. The Aussie cricketers have assembled camp in Melbourne. Michael Clarke gives us his injury update. The Wanderers put every team in the A-League on notice. The Sydney to Hobart fleet gets its final touches. This program is not captioned. Australia, the only thing
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The Aussie cricketers have assembled a cap in Melbourne ahead of the Boxing Day Test. Captain Michael Clarke says that he does not want to play if he is not 100% recovered from a hamstring injury. I certainly will not do anything to let the boys down. Our goal is to win this Test match and win in Sydney. If I'm going to restrict them in any way, I'd certainly would not put myself in that position or let the team down. Mitchell Starc is not even sure if he will play under cricket Australia's rotation policy. The team is likely to be named on Christmas Day. Veteran stars Shane Warne and Lasith Malinga put on a show in the Big Bash, leading the Melbourne stars to a victory over the Sydney Sixers. Glenn Maxwell and Brad Hodge set up the Stars' innings with the first century partnership of the season. Sydney were chasing 178 for the win, but Lasith Malinga and Shane Warne made it impossible. Sydney have only got one win for the season, while Melbourne got their third. A late goal has helped Wellington hold the Central Coast to a 1-1 draw. It is the season of giving and he nearly picked up an early freebie for the Mariners. Destined for stardom, he should have made it count. A shot from him did lead to be a breakthrough. He tapped in his 10th of the season. In the 84th minute, the good work was undone. Danielle Sanchez equalised. So much for the Wanderers not being able to score goals. Their tally for the season was 10 before last night's clash against Adelaide and they added another six. Shinji Ono was a master of destruction. He stuck the dagger into the Reds himself up.

Mark Bridge finished with a hat- trick against the League's second- place team. The Wanderers crowd was thoroughly entertained. Adelaide hold the record for the biggest win, 8-1 against North Queensland, this time they were on the receiving end of a six hide them 1 thrashing. The introductions for Brisbane Roar's new coach. -- 6-1. A glorious strike won the game for Perth. Premiers last season, the Brisbane Roar heading into the new year with a whimper. Crews in the Sydney to Hobart are spending the next few days adding the final touches to the yachts before the Boxing Day start. 'Wild Oats XI' remains the red-hot favourite to win her sixth line honours title, while the race for handicap honours is expected to come down to the big boats. Skippers believe anything over 64 it has a chance. -- 60 feet. Next in Nine News - the friendly neighbour who was stabbed to death in his own home. Outrageous comments on gun laws by the head of the National Rifle Association in the US. The historic building in Parramatta destroyed by fire. A driver who tried to evade a police RBT, smashing through an embankment, and falling down a 20 metre cliff. And the unusual proposal on the steps of the Opera House. That's coming up shortly in This program is not captioned. (WOMAN SPEAKS SOFTLY)

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