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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the clock's counting down and we've only got a few hours left. Who were the biggest winners and losers in politics. Housewife by day. What makes people choose to lead double lives. Festive food tips. We catch up with Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. This is The Project. Goodnight and welcome to The Project. Please welcome Waleed Aly and Lehmo. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) I've just remembered duck and cover. Four hours from now the world ends. Sorry.Welcome to The Project. Obviously, it's possible that the world will end tonight. I should be guaranteed that zeebox will continue. So make sure you've downloaded it, it's free.In the news today - Friday 21st of December. James Ashby will appeal the court's recent dismissal of his sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper. The case was lodged with Fair Work Australia in a bid to have the matter heard before an open court. Contrary to public conceptions, James Ashby sexual harassment case has not been heard in court and no judicial finding has been made as to whether he was sexually harassed by Peter Slipper. Keli Lane is appealing her conviction for murderering her baby. She was jailed last year for killing baby Tegan in September 1996. Her lawyers hope the matter will be heard early next year. A sailor has been remanded in custody over theft from a bat trol boat in Darwin last month. Matthew Evans has been charged with a number of offences in relation to the heist at the naval base. The Greens want budget cuts cutback. I'm not going to make enormous promises based on misinformation. I won't be irresponsible.The French town has become the focus for those waiting for the world to end. The magical mountain of Bugarach will protect them.I'm being told that's the last time Bugarach will ever be relevant in the news.If it happens, I'm sure Australia will be fine. I can just have a long holiday, there will be no electricity.Are you resigning onair.What will you eat? We won't be able to get food. I've been stashing cans away. I have a punker.We don't tell you about our bunkers, we keep them secret.If you believe in this stuff, honestly, give me your house now. Why? What's the problem.I hope it ends because I've Maxed out my credit card. As the French are prepared, what about the Australians. I hit the streets to find out how everybody's feeling. We're going back to his place to play table tennis.We're worried a little bit.What's in your bunker? Rations, you name it.We've got a boy band here. How do you think it's going to happen, the end of the world?I think it will be subtle and I probably won't remember.I reckon it's zombies.Is this how you're spending the rest of the day?We survived it.No, it's happening tonight.(LAUGHS) (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) It's not going to happen. Parliament has wrapped up for the year. A couple of weeks ago, both sides have been busy as ever playing the political game. When it comes to the biggest game in politics, Julia Gillard versus Tony Abbott who came out on top in 2012? Tax revenue makes it unlikely to be a surplus in 2012-13.OK, so it wasn't a great way to end the pretty tough year for the Government. Julia Gillard started the year on the back foot, besieged and missing a shoe. She was unpopular still stuck in the shadow of her leader.But when K-Rudd made his move, he was exiled to the backbench. For better or worse Julia Gillard has got stuff done, NDIS, withdrawal plan for Afghanistan and plain cigarette packaging have all happened on her watch. It was with one speech that she projected a political persona that people could get behind. If he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn't need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a miracle.Tony Abbott is the tireless guy who has been there for every misstep the Government has made.You just can't trust this Government. Because we have a Government which is incompetent and untrustworthy. But mining tax, carbon tax. When the carbon tax came and went without the sky falling in, the words negative and Tony started being used together an awful lot. It's on asylum seekers that he has proven a most effective opposition leader.Despite being the second most unpopular leader in history, there's even whispers that he will be the next PM. The big questions remain - who won the political battle of 2012 and who will win in 2013.For his thoughts on the year in politics we're talking to a man without popular problems. Joe Hildebrand. If you had to choose one word to describe the year in politics, what would you choose?Ouch. I mean, we've got a guy writing the daily telegraph tomorrow who has said that it's just like World War I. There is he been heaps of carnage and bloodshed and bodies all over

And when the smoke, everybody is still in the same place. Everybody's in the trenches. There's been a huge amount of carnage but nothing has been achieved or ground gained. Who would you say has had a better year, even if just by a little?Look, it really is kind of deadlocked. You have to say that Tony Abbott has had a better year simply because he was in a better position to start with. So the poll figures that are released has him virtually unchanged on 55-45 the Coalition's way. The leaders themselves have had pieces torn off them in terms of their own personal popularity. It's like a murderer suicide, it's a lose lose situation.Tony Abbott's popularity has plummeted, Julia Gillard is starting to make inroads there. Has she had the better year?There is an argument that she personal has been able to turn some of the stuff around. It's hard to say you are having a good year when your disapproval ratings are so high. It's still pretty low and much too low for a Prime Minister trying to win an election. At least she won't have every journalist asking her if she's read what she's talking about for a year. We have an election next year. Tony Abbott predicted the year ahead. The next election campaign will be the feltest and the most personal in living memory.Grim forecast. Obviously, nobody wants an ugly election campaign. Politicians of course are famous for giving people exactly what they don't want.If Tony Abbott is saying things will get ugly. He's 50% of the reason why. I don't think it will be a statesman like or elevating or inspiring campaign.We know you have to get back to getting the paper out for tomorrow. Although the world will end tonight, don't bother.I was praying it would. I was very disappointed when I woke up this morning.There's still time. Does the TV actually have a front page ready to go that says, "World ends"?We've been writing that page for 100 years. Where have you been. (LAUGHS) you been. (AAUGHS) (LAUGHS)
(APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Happy Christmas, guys. Sticking with politics - a discussion on Sky News on what to expect from 2013. We got less than friendly analysis from Gerry Hand. She safe until the next election? Unless she gets run over by a bus. Does that mean you drive a bus? Grim forecast. Moving on to something else - married mother of one has been exposed to having a secret life as an escort. So what drives people to lead double lives?Suzy Favor Hamilton represented her country in three Olympics. Now retired from running, she has a husband, lucrative public speaking career and part-time job as a call girl. Stories of double lives are never far from the headlines. A secret swinger goes wrong, a priest knocks up a stripper.I did not have sexual relations with that woman. And there are some people who must live their lives in secret. And then those who go as far as establishing multiple identitys. Those cases are rare and fictional. A high profile athlete with a family, she chose to become an escort despite the risk. Even told some of her clients a real name, expecting them to keep a secret. Clients should protect the eye departmentity of sex workers. We might struggle to understand the double life, can we ever know for sure who anybody really is. Lauren Rosewarne is a social researcher. She said it was a coping mechanism. Do people turn to double lives as an escape?Most of us o do little things in our lives we don't know people to know about. I think it's an example in the extreme. We all have things we do in private we don't want our league colleagues to know about it.Guys who have families in two different cities, different sets of families. Is that a different version of the same thing or have I watched too many daytime movies.This athlete was keeping escort work in a small part of her life. For people with double families it has become less manageable and is a bigger part of their life.You are talking about three-time Olympian. These are high profile people what makes them think they can keep a secret?Often it's ego, they think they are smarter than the rest of us and they have it all under control and can keep the fingers in multiple pies and everything will be OK. They're often not smarter than the rest of us.Suzy Favor Hamilton has offered apologies on Facebook and twitter and other social media. Does she have to apologise?She kind of does in the US, depending on what state she worked in, her behaviour could have been illegal. I think she's apologising because sex workers are held in so low regard.Do you know if the word favour was in her name before the scandal?I think it was a wonderful marketing strategy.(LAUGHS) Thanks for joining us tonight. All I can think of is the possible fetishs these guys around me could possibly have.Now I'm thinking about fetishes.We'll take a breath of fresh air and come back in a tick. The same message every air. What more can be done to keep the Christmas road toll down. We chat with the stars of 'Les Miserables', Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe. ('WE CAN'T BE BEATEN'
BY ROSE TATTO PLAYS) # We can't be beaten # Hey, hey! # MAN: It's the real
flame-grilled flavour that makes the legendary Whopper
unbeatable. # We can't be beaten... # The burgers are better
at Hungry Jack's.

MAN: Wes was no different
to any other Australian young man. He played his cricket,
his waterskiing, plus he was down at the beach, loved the beaches. He tried to cover up
the best he could.

Evidently not good enough.

(SOFTLY) Um... (SOFTLY) Mmm.

BY ROSE TATTO PLAYS) # We can't be beaten # Hey, hey! # MAN: It's the real
flame-grilled flavour that makes the legendary Whopper
unbeatable. # We can't be beaten... # The burgers are better
at Hungry Jack's.

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This is The Project. The stars are out in Sydney tonight, as the premier of 'Les Miserables' has hit town. On the red carpet with the hero and the villain we have Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.Guys, terrific to have you with us. There's a lot of Oscar buzz about this movie. Russell Crowe, you have an Oscar, is it about time Hugh got to win one?It's definitely about time Hugh got to win one. He has been getting the right nominations. He is positioned well. Obviously, we come out Christmas Day in America and Boxing Day here. That will have something to do with it. He has my vote.Hugh, you all sing live, how hard did that make it? Yeah, it is hard. We were saying it's now five months after we finished and we think of singing it live. In the trenches, singing at the top of the mountain, in the rain, it was tough. Honestly, it was one of the most challenging things. In the end, one of the most freeing things. It made it like an opening night. It was exciting.The fear of anxiety is the positive fear. You know within yourself you want to do your very best. That challenge of having to sing required a lot of discipline. We had to revolver in and out of which we could sociallise, for me was a very challenging thing.(LAUGHS) Hugh n your case, you have trod the boards on Broadway and have done the musical thing.As has he.The difference is when you are singing on stage it's fantastic. When you are a film it becomes all of a sudden like this. And sing. (LAUGHS) It was kind of like that, too close for four months.You are both in very good nick at the moment. Who bench presses the moment??This man. You.No. We are both competitive. This guy works out like a beast, I tell you.We'll leave you to argue that out.He's underselling himself. He's just trying to win a bet later on, he's setting me up for a fall. 2:00 in the morning, you are both brilliant. The movie is brilliant. Go see it on Boxing Day. Thanks so much for joining us, guys. Have a great night.Merry Christmas.April April (CHEERING) .More news - three men from Melbourne have been rescued off the Philippines after spending two days adrift at sea while trying to reach a neighbouring island, they were found clinging to the upturned vessel.The work alcoholics will still be tapping away on phones and tablets. A new survey found small business employees are the most likely to clock on with 49% planning to work 1-3 hours per day while on leave.That's alright, they only work 1-3 hours per day while not on leave.Everybody is on Facebook the whole time and now they continue on their holidays. I'm so glad you are not my boss. So glad.You know, it's been a tough 24 hours for Wayne Swan, a lot of pressure on him at the moment. I reckon he's a little rattled. This morning he couldn't tell the difference between TV and radio.I hope you have a very merry Christmas.Same to you and all of your listeners.Viewers, TV, there you go.We have never made that mistake with our listeners. Back in a tick. Welcome back to The Project.We were tweeted about the end of the world.I think we'll be OK.It's Christmas time, meaning it's time to eat.Christmas here means roasted chest nuts and carving the tucky. Just a little dry, it's fine. Here in Australia we do thing as little differently with all sorts of foody treats offered up on a hot summer's Christmas Day.If you haven't sorted that side of things out yet, don't stress. As the latest 'MasterChef' winner has a new cookbook out now in the lead-up to Christmas. Meaning you can buy one for yourself to cook the lunch or dinner and another one for a gift.Please welcome Andy Alan. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) It's not a Christmas cooking book but there are lots of recipes in there great for the Christmas table. There's 79, so you can cook whatever you want.Is there one in there that you'll be whipping up couldI got a call from my dad this afternoon asking me what I'm cooking for Christmas. I didn't even know.Oh, you're cooking Christmas forever now you know that. It comes with the title.There's this great book, you should look at it.I'll hand you the look, I'm in Coogee.Where's Ben?He's in Tasmania.There's a bit of a TV show in the works.There can't be a bit of a TV show.There's a whole series in the works. It's just taking a fair bit of time. Fingers crossed.In Australia, the only honour great quear than an Order Medal, is winning 'MasterChef'. Writing a book, we wanted the book out before Christmas. That was hard but such an achievement. I do a lot of cooking demos. I love getting out and seeing the fans. It's exciting to see how much people love the show.Do people in an restaurant for you give you extra attention. I'm just a normal dude. I'm fine.You won 'MasterChef', you're not a normal dude.Do you point to the clock and say, "Come on guys."'MasterChef' professional kicks off. Mark scares the pants off me.I think he's a big softy underneath.He is. You've cooked for him.Did he tare you to shreads?Well, he scared me in the first round. The first round he really scared me and I couldn't cook, I was terrible. Hence I was in the second round, a double elimination, only three of us. After the first one, you know, he's just a normal guy. He really helped me in that challenge. So he probably kept me in the competition. He is just a normal guy. He always has a knife in his hand.Yeah, what's with that?I'm not too sure. I'm too scared to ask. A sort of a Ninja thing going on.Why are chefs too Burleigh all of the time. Are they upset? What's the problem?To be honest, I don't know. I wasn't surly on the show I hope. It's great, people get to eat your food and it's a good time.You see one dish and then you have your little side.That's true.Last year on the show we asked how to make the perfect crackle. Now, on behalf of all the Muslims and Jews I want to know can you crackle another animal?(LAUGHS) I'm going to say no comment so it doesn't get me in any comment.Can you crackle a cucumber?It's only blistering something. So blister something and you can crackle it. You could crackle a turkey for Christmas.Say the world was going to end, what would be your last meal?I don't know what it would be but it would be with my family and friends.Crackled cucumber. The book for the good people. The next element is out now. 'MasterChef' will be on Ten next year.Please thank Andy Alan.You have just joined us here's what's making news today. James Ashby filed his case with Fair Work Australia today. Tells will refund $30 million to mobile phone customers after admitting it has been overcharging for global roaming since 2006. Relief for the family of a serial killer who was jailed for life without parole. A 14-year-old charged with lighting a fire which threatened homes in Sydney's south- west will spend Christmas in jail. His parents didn't show up to court to guarantee his bail. An 11-year- old was also charged over the blaze. Commuters in Victoria are at war over an online petition calling for bogenings to be banned from a country train line.Whoa, this is like a bogan apartheid.If you start to ban bogans from trains who will racially abuse the tourists? Into we lose an aspect of society. The rich tapestry.Alice on Facebook says she prefers bogans over self-rightus people.But she founded really self-rightus when she said it.My favourite is Joe Hockey, everybody has a favourite bogan.North Sydney.And I love how he has been programmed in such a way that no matter what the question, he's able to attack the Government.Joe Hockey, hopefully there's no Apocalypse. If there isn't, merry Christmas to you and the family.If there is, I'll be proven right and Labor will never deliver a surplus.Hats off. Beautiful.It wasn't even a question. He just said thanks, and he said, "I'll tell you how bad Labor is."Christmas is a time for family and celebration. For a lot of people, it's a time of great sorrow.This weekend, thousands of Australians will pack up the car and hit the road for the Christmas holidays. But the reality is, some won't make it home again. Last year, over the Christmas period a time when families are supposed to celebrate, 49 people died on our roads. In the past 12 months, over 1300 people have been killed. 23- year-old Sarah Phraser was on her way to begin her adult life when things went tragicly line. The breakdown lane was too narrow for her car to fit in. She was killed instantly. This is her family's first Christmas without her.Police say there are many factors involved in accidents, driving tired, rushing to the destination, under the influence of drugs and alcohol. We add very kit for people to stay within the speed limits.Arriving alive at your destination is better than being delivering horrible news. We ask people to make certain that you are safe out on the roads. VOICEOVER:
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Here's unbeatable summer value - a large Frozen Coke for just $1. That's right. We're not talking small,
we're talking the large ones, for just a dollar. SONG: # Whoo-hoo! # The burgers are better
at Hungry Jack's.

you are safe out on the roads.
We present a Christmas message from Bob McGuire, our favourite retired priest.God, I'm tired.It's been a big year. Barack Obama was re- elected, Whitney Houston died and we had the London Olympics.I honestly don't remember them. When did that happen.Closer to home - a big year for Australia too. Things started off fiery when we knocked off our leaders on the Australia Day riots. We got ourselves a a fancy carbon tax and then as a sign of the coming Apocalypse there was being Lara Bingle.I suppose the biggest event of 2012 was when I was forced to resign in February by the powers that be and I don't mean Jesus.But now is a time to give thanks. I don't want to preach, because nobody pays me to do that anymore. I will say this - Christmas is about humanity. It's about celebrating each other. And not always with expensive gifts. This Christmas, I urge you to give the gift of a smile. To somebody you don't know. It can be a lonely time even for people with lots of gifts. Look out for each other. Stop. Give for a moment and think of those in our global community who will never know Christmas the way you and I do. Finally, if you insist on sending me gifts, no more chocolates. Send some coins to charity. Or send me some cream for this beard rash, this thing's killing me.Lufthansa. Please give a loud welcome to everybody's favourite priest, Bob McGuire. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) It's a bit of fun.Did you hear that?Yeah, I heard that.(LAUGHS) I have another thing. We were talking about koala bears do. The crackling.You are crackling koala bears?Yes.Something else turned up. It's fake bake.This is a new record for how quickly you have derailed a segment. It's a Christmas miracle.How has your year been?I got it thank gud or whoever. I don't know whether I'll make it tonight to 12:10.Come into my bunker.I'm celebate.OK. (LAUGHS) I was a bit nervous.I like to think, if the bloody world ends, so be it. I think it's more about the beginning of the new world. I think it's about the beginning. You see what I mean. A brand new day and that, I'll burst into song. (LAUGHS) Now, if, on the off chance, the world doesn't end, have you got plans for Christmas?More of the same. I think it's just going to be more of the same. I think it will be digit Ali enhanced.That's my understanding, the next ep society will be digit Ali. It will be better looking.Is that the wallet? I'm pickpocketing you.(LAUGHS) I thought you were there.You mentioned that some of your family has gone. You mentioned in the package that it can be a lonely time, sad time for people without loved ones around. One tip for people to survive this time if they're not in happy place.Use two ears. You have one mouth and two ears. We do too much talking and whinging. Listen and find there's beautiful things going on including the wrust Alf angel's wings. The angel of our better natures. We are obsessed with whinging and moaning that we can't hear the beautiful things from anybody in the street. You can get, to me the street is the place where you'll find probably more of God than you will anywhere else, especially churches. I think this Christmas you have to occupy Christmas. Take it over. Whether we are Muslims or whatever it is. We know what Christmas is. It's getting down to the fact that we're human and to celebrate it rather than to be upset by it. Can I mention quickly, the Atlantic Group is putting on a feed on Christmas Eve for 300 of my associates, all for nothing. I think it's a magnificent gesture, this is their first effort I think the this kind of thing. I think it's more time we did more firsts. I'll be thrown out.Thank you for coming in to us. We'll see you in the New Year.You bless the desk as we go to a break.Nobody else will have me except The Project.God bless the desk.We'll take a break and see you on the other side. Stop - The Project time. Collins dictionary selected 12 words or phrases they believe helped define 2012. Gangnam Style style. Mummy porn summed up the year in literature. And also a number of Google searches around the office. Now to reflect on the year 2012 it's time for our resident expert. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Please welcome Tom Ballard.What are the big stories from your point of view?One of the biggest is Coeny 2012.Still fighting the fight.Everybody talked about it for 1.5 weeks and since then nobody talked about it until me now. It all started with the viral video released calling on citizens of the world to help arrest Joe Kony for war crimes. The guy behind the video was arrested because he was found naked and screaming outside Sea world. Apparently he was overstressed and exhausted. For me, the Olympics were the big story of the year.Olympics were a massive disappointment. Australia came 10th in the medal tally. Hang on Hungary beat us, they came ninth.I was shattered. Every four years when I pretend to know about sport, I expect athletes to pull their fingers out and use those fingers to be good at sport. My favourite part was the revelation that they were outfitted with 1850 free condoms. That's 15 condoms per athlete which to be honest is a lot of pressure, particularly if you are a lesbian.I think there's no doubt, 2012 will be remembered for one thing and one thing own. 'The Shire'. If there's one thing to be said about Ten's nine-part series, it happened.Following the lives of 15 residents with the help of some light scripting 'The Shire' introduced us it timeless characters like Mitch and rebecka and Nicky. Girls with more redundant vowals in their names than thoughts in their heads. Despite the criticisms, I say it enlightened us. I would like to keep working for this network in 2010 so I say it was brilliant. Merry Christmas, everybody.Very thorough career suicide.Please stick around, Tom, while we look at what's making news around the world. Another teacher who died trying to protect her young students at Sandy Hook Elementary School has been laid to rest in Newtown. One of a string of funerals and wakes for those killed in Newtown. Still more will be held before Christmas. Barack Obama might miss out on his Christmas wish unless he can do a deal with Republicans to keep the US from facing the fiscal cliff. Government spending cuts in Spain worth $39 billion. Others place hopes on the lottery. It's worth $3 billion. Tough financial times have seen fewer people buying tickets. To London - Julian Assange has marked six months inside Ecuador embassy with a balcony appearance. Held up to avoid extradition to Sweden for alleged sex crimes he has promised to release more than a million documents in the coming year.While this immoral investigation continues and the Australian Government will not defend the journalism and publishing of Wikileaks, I must remain here. He also said he was sick of Ecuador food.We'll take a break and be back in a tick. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Time's running out for
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Welcome back to The Project. Now, clarification on our study of a link between fluoride and low IQ. After the piece I said, in China researcher found it to be 20 times that of Australian levels. It's time now for the Metro Whip.Tell me what's happening in Melbourne, Tomy.Guys, I'm in front of the iconic Christmas windows here on Burke Street. Vision Australia are helping people wrap their presents, which these kids are loving.I'll be honest, I usually finish with a joke. It's Christmas time, I want to knock off early and let the kids finish the job.Back to you guys in the studio.(LAUGHS) Jason, what's up in Adelaide?If the world doesn't end tonight I'm kind of stuffed because I haven't bought anybody Christmas presents. Everybody, the world's ending. OK. Now, you at home, you have to get flash lights and head for the hills, because the only Christmas nuts that you will be roasting is over a dead zombie's corpse. The rest of us, we can just do our shopping in peace. The markets are open until 9:00. You have heaps of time. If you see me, stay out of my way. Stay calm, Jason.Claire in Perth, what's happening?Well, while those guys are trying to stuff one more nut into grandad, here in Perth we're giving to charity. It's 25 years of Kmart, buy a gift for a child in need. Nothing healthy or educational. If you are going to buy a One Direction doll, not this one. Everybody wants Harry. (LAUGHS) Let's go to Brisbane. What's up, man?Guys, I'm not describing Kardashian. I'm here at South Bank for a special Christmas celebration. We're talking games, story telling and workshops for the kids. The open air cinema screening a different classic each night. The 17 ton sand castle. That is the second heaviest Queenslander after Clive Palmer. We're here in Martin Place. I have a note from Santa, "This year you will be getting twice as many presents as normal. Just kidding, the world is ending in a few hours. You're fired from Santa." That's a some ber note to finish on, let's get more Carrolls. Thank you very much. Thank you to all of our whippers. Have a great Christmas. All of the details will be on our website.End of the year. No, we're back New Year's eve.Last show before Christmas. I don't know what I'm talking about.It's been a long year.A big thanks to Australia audience.Of course, as we mentioned a few times today, it's the last day on earth according to the Apocalypse. Given that this is the last project ever if that's true. Let's reflect on the fun we had making this show. Thanks for watching. Goodnight. It's sad to say a final goodbye. You know, I really thought the network would can us long before God would end the planet in a fiery ball of lava and smoke, ending everybody's lives. It's funny how things work out.Sometimes when I go to the supermarket I take a grape, sometimes even two and I eat them and I don't even pay. It's just so good to get that off my chest.Where do I start? I'm not a grown-up. I'm two small children standing on each other's shoulders. I steel milk from work, have done for years. And mike waves. I've had a weird gastric thing going on today, I apologise for that.We want to say a massive thank you for watching this year. We've had a spectacular time making this show. It's a shame it will end in a matter of minutes. Charlie, Lehmo's been putting laxatives in your coffee all day. # It's the end of the world as we know it # It's the end of the world as know it # And I feel fine. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - CAPTIONED BY

SONG: # Don't need no invitation
'Cause you know where I am

# No need to call me
'Cause I'm always home

# Oh, oh-oh, oh

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# Comin' over... #

CHRIS: This week
in The Living Room Summer Series,

Barry uncovers every renovator's
worst nightmare.

BARRY: Come and have
a look at this, Paul.

What could it be?

I hope this doesn't stumble us.

When good neighbours
become Hollywood stars.

Amanda visits Aussie
acting sensation, Nicky Whelan.

He was very casual
about the whole thing.

And I was like "I don't want to
show you my boobs!"

And he's like, "They're only boobs."

Miguel refuses to be intimidated
by Melbourne's most massive wiener.

You're an animal. You're an animal.

And if all the summer heat's
getting to you,

here's a little reminder
of how much fun winter can be.


Brake! Brake! Brake! Easy!

Brake! Brake!

# 'Cause I'm always home

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MIGUEL: Five or six.
No worries, yeah.

Oh, hi. Welcome to The Living Room
Summer Series.

A lot of people seem to think that

up here we're in
some sort of junket.

Cheers, Chris.
Cheers, yeah.

And we are working hard,
we're making sacrifices.

I mean, you today, you had to choose
between the pink, the watermelon...

I didn't have my manicure,
no pedicure.

My skin has not been
exfoliated ever.

Look at this, it's so dry.
Look at this. Can you see it?

I know, I know. I mean,
these are mocktails as well.

That's why they call it
a summer serious.

It's...summer, summer series.

But, anyway, we are working hard,

but someone who knows
the real definition of hard work

is our renovation maestro,
Barry Du Bois.

He's a man of many talents

and this time he's helping out
in the bedroom.

In the bedroom? Mmm!

Bedroom. Hmm!

BARRY: There's no doubt about it,

kitchens and bathrooms are at the
top of most renovator's to-do list.

Now, if the kitchen's
the heart of the home,

it's the bedroom
that makes a home kick

and this bedroom
has lost its loving feeling.

My job is to bring it back.


Paul and Deb love to DIY.

Who wants to put
their own teabag in?

Me! Me! Me!

But like most busy parents,
their bedroom has been left to last.

It feels like
it's just the last resort.

Somewhere where we just go
and collapse at the end of the day.

It's just there's nothing exciting
about the room.

It's not romantic.

It's not somewhere we go
to be together, is it?

We go to go to sleep, I suppose.

That sounds awful,
though, doesn't it?

It sounds awful. (LAUGHS)

The worst place that I won't even go
into is the ensuite in our bedroom.

It's just dark and it's dank and
it's horrible and it smells mouldy

and even the girls go in and go,
"Come out again, Mummy.

"Come out again."

And I don't go in there
so Paul shaves in there

and I just use the bathroom
with the girls.

Ready to go and party?

We haven't got many ideas
as to what to do with the space

and how to make it work.

We need Barry to tell us.

To tell us how to do it.
We do.

Hi, Barry.

Hi, Deb. How are you? Paul.
Hi, Barry.

Where's this bedroom
I've got to look at?

Come have a look.
So this is the room.

OK, well, it's a blank canvas,
isn't it?

Yeah, it is.

Everything's been hotchpotch,
so it's all make-do stuff.

This is Paul's bachelor bed.

How you managed to get that
into the bridal suite

I'll never know, but anyway...

And so the bed's gotta go,
that's an obvious.

Yes, please.

So what's this little space here?
This is our dressing-room.

Obviously, you're not using that.

Well, we actually put
built-ins in our bedroom,

so everything
kind of went from here into there.

That's the ensuite.
Take a look, Barry.

This is reminding me
of my first bachelor flat.

This is tiny, isn't it?

I'm 6'6" and trying
to get in through this,

even for a normal height person,

this shower screen door's
far too low.

So in a perfect world,
what would I see in here?

Just somewhere where we can both
come at the end of the day

and wind down a bit,
just like an adult retreat.

I think we get some of these
ideas on paper, and get cracking.

Sounds good.

So this is your master bedroom.

My design
for Deb and Paul's master suite

is inspired by the casual elegance
of the Hampton-style interiors.

I'll give the bedroom some dimension
with whitewash wood panelling

and pelmets above the curtains,

and refurnish the room with a mix
of new pieces and vintage finds.

The bathroom and walk-in closet
will be knocked into one open space.

A deep soaking tub and vanity will
lead to a shower built for two.

But there's that little
question of the budget.

this'd be a $30,000, $35,000 job.

That's a bit beyond our budget.

So, tell me, how much have
you got to spend on this project?

We were thinking
maybe $18,000 maximum.

That's half the budget we need.

But if I put Paul to work,

we'll save thousands on labour.

OK, big fella.
I'm up for it.

You reckon?

Good. I love that attitude.

I am a little bit worried
about the amount of work

that I'm gonna have to do.

I'm quite happy to chip in

but it sounds like
there's gonna be a lot of work.

Four pieces down
and a thousand to go.

Beautiful, mate.

Got it?
Yeah. Gently, gently, mate.

We're moving at full steam

but our demolition
is about to come off the rails.

Look at that.

Come and have a look at this, Paul.

Now, that's severe white ant damage.

Often white ants will come

because there's a damp issue
and no ventilation.

Thank God that we're gonna
be able to get in here now

and see exactly how bad this is.

We're gonna have to get an expert
in asap, analyse this

and tell us exactly where we stand
with the white ants issue.

We'll keep on pressing on
but I hope this doesn't stumble us.

Oh, no! I hope this is not the end
of Barry's love shack, Chris.

I've found there's nothing like
the words "severe white ant damage"

to really crush your libido.


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