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(generated from captions) Today a thick layer of low cloud
settled across the city with a warm top of 25, while we saw a 10 degree turnaround
today compared to yesterday. A top of 25 in Liverpool
and Parramatta. 24 in Bondi. From the satellite we've got a trough lying
through northeastern New South Wales and inland Queensland. Which has stirred up some
scattered showers and thunderstorms. Tomorrow,
temperatures will reach the 30s throughout South Australia
and much of Victoria. Around the nation tomorrow - most of us will see
pretty warm weather. But a shower or two is forecast
in both Brisbane and Cairns. We've got dangerous surf conditions
tomorrow with large 2 metre swells which have actually been generated
by ex-tropical cyclone Evan, which battered Fiji
earlier this week. Staying clear over the city tonight
with a top of 26 tomorrow. Spot an average temps
for most of us tomorrow with onshore winds pushing a bit
of cloud across the sky 26 at Gosford and 29 in Penrith. Looking ahead, could pick up
a shower on Sunday A shower or two and maybe
a thunderstorm on Christmas Day then cool change on Boxing Day. The weather looks clear and warm
for Carols in the Domain

but if you can't make it,

you can watch it
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That's Seven News for this Friday.
Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Tonight, is this anyway
to treat a disabled student? Luke was shunted to the back.
I could not see him at all. Discrimination or an innocent
mistake, you be the judge. Plus a medical miracle worker
or a cancer quack. The self-help guru who believes curing cancer
is mind over matter. And a curtain comes down
on entertainment icon - our exclusive back stage look
as the Wiggles take their final bow. Good evening. I'm Kylie Gillies. We start tonight with the school photo
that went horribly wrong for an 11-year-old disabled boy. Luke Smith is usually hard to miss
in his wheelchair, but here in his year 6
graduation photo, he's nowhere to be seen. Luke was shunted to the back.
I could not see him at all. He was right at the back
behind all the other kids. His parents, Phil and Vicki,
are fuming. I was mortified.
I burst into tears. I couldn't believe
what had happened. Devastated, really -

In a statement released
through the Department of Education, the Beresfield Public School, near Newcastle admits the set-up
for the photo didn't go according to plan. It says,

Luke's parents don't believe it. I'm saying it is deliberate, yeah.
I am saying it is deliberate. The school did offer
to have the photo re-taken - the Smiths declined.

Now to the self-help guru who claims he teaches people
to beat cancer using the power of their own mind. at Dr Ian Gawler's health retreat, where they're taught healthy eating,
exercise and meditation is the best medicine. Tineka Everaardt reports clients believe
he's a miracle worker, but others have raised doubts
about his claims. Anyone could say that I wouldn't be alive
if it wasn't for this program. My doctor, just a few years ago,
said it's a miracle. From the brink of death
to miracle recovery. Use the power of your mind,
use meditation, because they can actually
improve your chances of survival significantly. This man believes the cure to cancer
lies in the mind. There's a big difference
in what comes from hope in terms of positive thinking. Dr Ian Gawler has been prescribing
the medicine of positivity for more than 30 years. Diet, nutritional medicine,
exercise, emotional health, power of the mind, meditation. You do these things and there's every chance
you'll improve your outcome. He calls himself a doctor,
and he is, but not of medicine. The retired vet claims
it's these methods which helped him cleanse his body
of bone cancer after specialists told him
he had only weeks to live. Nobody expected me to get well. I mean in one sense,
it was a bloody miracle, and I was impressed enough to think
that it might help somebody else. And so he did. Over three decades, more than 75,000 people
have attended one of the Gawler Foundation's
lifestyle programs. Many of them are held here, in the Yarra Valley Living Centre
in Victoria. It's a place where the clientele say
miracles happen. I wish someone that
had of pointed this out to me so much earlier. Scott Stephens has come back
from the brink of death - not once, not twice,
but three times. He said, "Look, it's bad news. He said, "The tumour's grown back
and it's in your chest," and he said, "Well,
you can have chemo if you like, "but it's only got
a 5% to 10% success rate." They're such bad odds
that many would lose faith but this 35-year-old didn't. I thought, Ian Gawler was
crook as a dog and he's still alive. I thought, you know,
let's try this, and I did. Jackie Woodroffe
another to beat the odds. After being treated
for breast cancer with chemotherapy, radiotherapy
and an isotope implant, she was told... They couldn't do any more for me.
It was palliative care. The Gawler foundation
her last resort and saviour. I would advise everybody to follow these ways
that Ian recommends. The 76-year-old is now cancer free but still practices
Dr Gawler's methods of healthy lifestyle
coupled with contemporary medicine. I'm still on a diet to this day. If you stand back and do nothing
or you get depressed, you can be pretty sure
what's going to happen. If you give it your best shot then
you'll find out what's possible. But not even positive thinking can protect Dr Gawler
from explosive claims. It's clearly a personal attack
on my story and, as a corollary of that,
my integrity. Two eminent oncologists
releasing a report casting doubt on whether
the alternative therapies guru ever suffered from
the secondary cancer he claimed to have cured himself. It was always clear
that I had secondary bone cancer. Nobody, on reviewing
the actual medical records, would doubt it
if they had a reasonable mind. Dr Gawler has made his livelihood
out of being a cancer survivor, with six best-selling books
about his remarkable recovery. He says the report is ridiculous. Really shoddy science that really doesn't warrant being
printed in a reputable journal. Cancer cases are on the rise. In 1982, 47,000 Australians
were diagnosed with the disease. 30 years later and
that number has more than doubled to 112,000.

Now more and more people are looking to non-traditional
methods of treatment. If they're used as an alternative
to established therapy it could be quite dangerous
for the patient. Cancer Council CEO Ian Olver says alternative therapies
have their place. We're happy for patients to explore
whatever may make them better but they should be very careful
that they know what the evidence is about whether a treatment
works or not. Scott says you don't get more proof
than him living to tell the tale. My message is, this works. You don't have to chose to do this
and not do chemotherapy. You can do it all at the same time. But this, you know, is a healthy
lifestyle change that's going to help you
live longer.

It's been a long and outrageously
successful run, but on Sunday,
the curtain will close on one of Australia's greatest
entertainment exports. Three of the original Wiggles will
be taking their final bow after a career spanning two decades. Pippa Gardner has this exclusive
backstage pass as Greg, Murray and Jeff prepare
for their last gig in those colourful skivvies. My zipper broke. I have to go change my pants. Wardrobe malfunction!
Yes. Even after 21 years, not every performance goes to plan
every time. I was climbing off the stage
in London at the Hammersmith Apollo, and there was kinda a little lip
at the front of the stage which I didn't notice and I tripped on it
and I just face-planted and, fortunately,
there wasn't kids right there so I didn't hurt anyone. But all the parents were like,
"Are you OK?" and I was,
"Oh, yeah, it was part of the show." Break a leg?
No, 'chookas'. Chookas.
Chookas. Chookas. Chookas! Chookas. OK. Have a good one. Microphone! I forgot my microphone. # Toot, toot, chugga, chugga
Big red car... # They say breaking up is hard to do. I think that
it's starting to hit us now but I think Sunday
will be the worst, yeah. Never in their wildest dreams did Anthony, Greg, Jeff and Murray
imagine that an idea to write a few
children's songs two decades ago would launch their career as the world's most successful
children's group. I thought rock stars would
be a bit precious about injuring themselves
before a show? (LAUGHTER)

They've been together
longer than most rock groups, sold more than 23 million DVDs,
7 million CDs and last year earnt $28.2 million. Would you have preferred
to have been a rock star with a band like U2 or Coldplay instead of a children's band? Answering honestly?
Honestly. No, no. I'd much rather be in
The Wiggles. It's been great.
It's been so much fun. For a group so successful and together so long, it's not only incredible
they're still great mates, but remain so grounded. Do you reckon this is how
the Rolling Stones warm up - reading their iPad? No. Probably not. Any mums throwing themselves at you? No. No, never? We get roses for Dorothy
and bones for Wags but that's about it. Come on. Over the years - nothing? No. Who's going to fall in love
with this, seriously? It's the kids, they say,
that kept them real and kept them going. Over the years we've met so many children
that are seriously ill and children with special needs and the thing is
that keeps you grounded and keeps you real about everything. That's what it's about. But as their fans have grown up and they've grown a few grey hairs, Greg, Murray and Jeff know
it's time to say goodbye. I'm holding it together
at the moment but I think the very last show
is going to be very interesting. Is there going to be tears? Um...
Not just from the kids. Yeah. Possibly. Possibly. Greg, of course,
has said goodbye before, leaving the group in 2006
due to illness. He controversially came back
earlier this year. Are you glad you came back? I'm glad I came back
because it now gives me closure that I didn't have from
last time round and I get to finish off
with Murray and Jeff and it brings everyone's career
to a nice round finish. Anthony will stay on
as the Blue Wiggle and the unofficial leader. The new Wiggles
take the front of the stage and sing the beautiful ending. Fans need not fear. The yellow, purple and red skivvies
are in very safe hands with Lachie, Simon and
the very first girl Wiggle, Emma. Now there's a woman Wiggle, I am sure there are going to be
some serious male admirers. Yeah, back off, fellas.
Yeah, we've got you covered. Watch out for these two. We're such tough guys. (LAUGHTER)

As an era ends, There's no doubt Sunday's last show
will be a tear-jerker. Are you going to take one
as a souvenir? I hope so. I'd like to take one. Are you going to wear it
around the house when you're not performing? No, definitely not wearing them
around the house. Farewell!

And the fab four of children's
entertainment will feature in tomorrow night's
Carols In The Domain, at 8:30 here on Seven. The traditional feast might be turkey
with all the trimmings but here in Australia, no Christmas day food-fest
is complete without prawns, and plenty of them. James Thomas has been trawling the
supermarkets and the fish markets looking for the pick of the catch and checking whether the prices
will rise before the big day. Who doesn't like a prawn
at Christmastime? Australians eat 43,000 tonnes
of fresh and frozen prawns a year. At Christmas, we peel our way through 4,000 tonnes
of the sweet, salty crustacean. Well, there's plenty of prawns. This is the best time to buy them. Trawler men are singing,
cash registers ringing. In 2010, the prawn industry
was worth $324.1 million. Over the past four years, the big supermarkets
have aggressively chased a bigger slice of that prawn pie. Christmastime
is all about crustaceans and this year, we'll sell
over 400 tonnes of crustaceans. In past festive season
seafood frenzies, customers have complained supermarkets jack up
their prawn prices. An allegation Marcus Walta,
head of seafood at Coles, denies. We don't put the price up,
we put the price down. Last week, Woolworths' tiger prawns
were $27.99 per kilo. This week, there's no change. And Coles -

last week,
tiger prawns were just $23 per kilo and the promise is that
that price won't change. We challenged Coles
to a blind taste test. A mix of prawns, some from Coles,
some from a local fish monger. WOMAN: Which one do you think
is the Coles prawn? Well, I'm hoping it's this one because this one's
a fantastic prawn. So, if I say that,
"Yes, they are the Coles prawns," would you be surprised? No, just very happy. (CHUCKLES) We also offered Woolworths a chance to put their prawns
up against the fishmongers but the "fresh food people"
declined. I bought some Woolies prawns
for you. I want you to eat one. Tell me what you think. They're not bad for the money. Flavour's OK. Little bit chewy. They've probably been frozen before. A predictable answer, perhaps. Barry Rallis
IS a high-end fish monger with little time for the big boys
muscling in his market. We always will have better product
because we're a smaller operation. Very small, tight supply chain. Look, I think that the supermarkets
have done an outstanding job in the last 10 years in terms of lifting the quality
of the category. John Susman
is a leading seafood consultant and insists prawns are no longer the sole domain
of cashed-up customers. You've got the option
to buy something from, you know, $11 or $12,
up to that $50 prawn. We tasted the vannamei,
the Australian farmed tiger, and the top-shelf wild king prawn
from South Australia. This is the cheapest
that I'm about to eat now and it's delicious. Yep. Sure. This is the Rolls-Royce. You're gonna hate me for saying this but the vannamei
actually taste better. Look, some people like Jacob's Creek
and some like champagne and you're clearly
a Jacob's Creek man, James. Imported from Asia,
the vannamei is widely blamed for putting local prawn producers
out of work and John claims the days of them
being farmed in filthy conditions are a thing of the past. They're well produced in Asia,
they're snap frozen, they're brought into the country
under very strict conditions and if they're thawed
and presented properly, delicious eating.

With the vannamei, we're going to do
a, um, a prawn toast. It's pretty simple fare
for 2-hatted chef James Viles but he adds the better the prawn gets,
the less you do with it. So with the tiger prawn, I thought we'd do
a nice little sort of warm jamon and, uh, a prawn salad and then we're gonna serve it
with some sage and a little bit of butter. The ocean kings,
I thought we'd keep them natural. Um, I would even eat the head,
but that's me. Hmm, yes, James, that is you
but the salad does look good. Clean, tasty and, uh,
and delicious. Those recipes are on our website. Now to the woman paying the price
for going on a wild spending spree, using money that wasn't hers. After $2 million
suddenly appeared in her account, Judy Lorbeck splashed out,
only to be caught out. Damian Hansen has the story. 10 months ago, Judy Lorbeck had more
than $2 million in the bank. Today she's homeless.

This is where my kids have been
for how many years. You know, it's a lot of memories,
yeah. I don't think they take
all that into account, do they? The Queensland mother of three
has pleaded guilty to stealing taxpayer money after $2 million was incorrectly
deposited into her bank account by the child support agency. Lorbek went on a spending spree - paying off her $200,000 mortgage, outlaying $90,000
on home renovations and splurging another $100,000
on holidays and expensive gifts. I'm just devastated
it's come to this, where something that was
their mistake has become, you know, I'm losing my home
over this. Police claim
$160,000 remains unaccounted for and now her house is being sold from
underneath her to repay the debt. The clear indication
we were given was she was the last person the state
wanted to have the house. My question why? I don't know. Michael McMillan
is Lorbeck's lawyer. You could easily imagine that someone who deliberately obtains the
money deceitfully in the first place should probably suffer some form
of consequence like this. It seems terribly unfair that this
woman who had it given to her is effectively having
her life demolished. The forced sale
of her Sunshine Coast home will more than cover
the $160,000 owing but she won't get a cent
of what's left over. Chances are she'll go to jail, but even now she believes
she has already paid a high price. I don't want to go to jail,
you know. I have three children raised all
my life for the last 12 years or so in this home, in this area. I'm not a criminal
and I don't deserve to go to jail. This is so wrong. Judy Lorbeck is back in court
in March when she'll find out
if she'll go to jail. The maximum sentence is five years. We'll take a break. When we come back,
forget the watch dog - this woman has the ultimate pets
to discourage thieves. Crocodiles can feel
your adreneline. They can sense the fear. The croc lady,
and her snappy companions, are next.

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Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, you're coming for
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Welcome back. Well, they could never be
described as cute or cuddly but this woman says crocodiles
make great pets. She keeps them
in her suburban house, where they splash about in the bath. And Tineka Everaardt reports, when she takes her babies
for walkies, the neighbourhood dog walkers
take a wide berth. Hey, hey, hey, hey! OK! Sure, crocodile makes
the perfect accessory - usually on a pair of high heels - but Vicki Lowing prefers to keep
her ultimate fashion statement real. Come on, I'll race ya. For more than two decades, Vicki, a registered nurse,
has hand-raised crocodiles the way most of us
would keep a pet dog - in the house, on the bed,
even watching TV. A hobby that's earnt her
the nickname 'Croc Lady'. Reptiles have always interested me but crocodiles are special - there's something very special
about them - I don't know what - but I think
having a pet one in the house, I was amazed by their intelligence
and how quickly they learn. While crocs
don't quite walk as well as dogs, it's all about the effort. All up, Vicki has three - two freshwater crocodiles
and a baby salty. It's hard to believe this is
a suburban Melbourne lounge room, home to snakes, lizards and Johnie
Vicki's her baby of 14 years. And in Vicky's house, think again
before asking to use the bathroom. It's, well,
a little bit nippy in there. In fact, it's Fovian
the freshwater croc's territory. Some people freak out
which is not a good thing because crocodiles
can feel your adrenalin. If they can sense the fear, and then it, like,
triggers an aggressiveness in her. Vicki has another surprise
in her granny flat. This 2m baby croc isn't so docile.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! OK! OK! I think Jillie's hungry. When she's like that,
it means she's a little bit hungry, so... Yeah, yeah, OK! Recently, Vicki appeared
on UK channel Animal Planet. The crew spent three days
at the house capturing her life with crocodiles and her dreams for the future. One day, eventually, I hope to have
a small wildlife or reptile park and be able to give these animals,
you know, much more space. It must be very strange
for her neighbours to see her walking down the street. Yeah, I'm sure the crocodile
appreciates the stimulation. Reptile expert Tristan Rich admits crocodiles aren't the ideal pet
for everyone but with the right training,
can be kept happily among humans. As long as you're providing them
with the appropriate enclosure, the appropriate food, the appropriate heating
and lighting, there's no reason why someone
who has the right knowledge shouldn't be able
to keep a crocodile. Vicki says she's never been bitten,
only nipped - usually while trying to feed them
frozen goldfish or chicken but the hardest part
about keeping crocodiles is keeping the house at 27 degrees
day and night. Very expensive, electricity-wise. I work to pay electricity,
that's about it. These are wild animals. I just relate to animals
and I think they relate to me. Of course, in all states, you need special wildlife licences
to keep crocodiles as pets. That was Tineka Everaardt. Next tonight,
the most amazing Christmas bonuses. Who are Australia's best bosses? Showering their workers
with expensive gifts.

Next week, we'll tell you the companies you
really want to work for where the bosses value their staff
and reward them with lavish gifts.

It is a million-dollar

It is a million-dollar prize, isn't it, really?Every girl's dream. Every girl's hairdresser's dream. The experience of a lifetime.

That story tomorrow.
Thanks for your company. I'm Kylie Gillies. Enjoy your
weekend. See you next week. Supertext captions
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Hello and welcome
to Better Homes and Gardens, where we have a whole host of summer
ideas and recipes to share with you.

A tempting and beautiful
Christmas favourite. Bananas, chocolate,
honeycomb and butterscotch. Now, that's the making
of a very merry Christmas. Our next-to-nothing
bathroom facelift. TARA: Everything old is new again. All the tips
for a bargain bathroom makeover. We lend a helping hand
to someone very special. JASON: We're going to build
a pretty cool-looking bench for a pretty cool old man. Turn an old tyre
into a whole lot of fun. I'm doing a project for the kids
and it rocks. Beautifully simple
chicken and pistachio terrine. It's perfect for entertaining and your friends
are going to love this. GRAHAM: A tropical paradise just
minutes from the heart of the city. And Dr Harry
discovers a thing or two about keeping animals amused
at the zoo. You didn't know our magazine had
such a wide circulation, did you?

And it wouldn't be Christmas without
something special under the tree, so your chance to win
another fabulous prize is coming up. Details soon. SONG: # Ooh # Getting better, yeah # Life keeps getting better # All the time # Getting better. #

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're looking
for last-minute festive desserts, well, 'Better Homes and Gardens'
magazine have got you covered with some really great ideas, including one that you are
really going to love because it's just a matter
of throwing together some ready-to-use ingredients.

The first thing you're going to need
is four really nice, ripe bananas. Just slice them up thickly
and put them in a bowl, then toss them
with 50ml of hazelnut liqueur and the juice of half a lemon.

Then just set that aside.

Next up you're gonna need a bunch
of your favourite chocolates. Now, the recommendation is for
some chocolate-coated honeycomb...

..some caramel-centered chocolate...

..and some flaky stuff as well. You want to chop them up
into bite-size pieces.

The only other real prep job
that you need to do is to whip some cream. You'll need 600ml of thickened
cream. Take it up to soft peaks. Then you're ready to start building. So, for that you want to put
half your bananas into the bottom
of a 12-cup trifle dish. Then you're going to top
with half of your honeycomb.

Scatter on some roasted hazelnuts and a generous drizzle
of butterscotch sauce. You can either make your own
or use a store-bought variety. Then put on half the cream.

Once you've done that, simply the repeat those layers
to fill the dish.

And then just to prove you can
never have too much of a good thing, scatter on those chocolates
you chopped up earlier on. Being a Christmas dessert, we need to put this one
into its party frock, so grab yourself a cup of sugar. You're going to cook that over
a medium to high heat until it forms
a good medium-brown caramel.

Then using spoons or forks and over a sheet
of nonstick baking paper, just pull it apart
to make long strings.

Then set them aside to cool,
stack them up on top of your dessert and you're ready to serve. Well, there you have it. Even if you're pressed for time
this Christmas,