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mean anything to you, Paz?

Four children.

One wife. (LAUGHS) (ALL LAUGH)

And I'm sure you'll agree,
that's enough for any guy. Absolutely. (LAUGHS) So, what have you got -
$2,000 or $4,000, Paz? I think I have $4,000.

He thinks he's got the $4,000.
It's Paz's decision. He's the one wearing the pants
on the Megaguess. Alright, let's see it, Pasquale. Bring it on home to mamma. (AUDIENCE CHEERS)

That's great!
Beautiful! Beautiful! That is great work, eh? And two grand there
makes it a $12,000 deal. (ITALIAN ACCENT) That's-a my boy! The Italian stallion, alright!
Giddy up! We won! (SQUEALS) Thank you, Chelsea.
Thank you, Miss Katie Mac. Great outcome. Enjoy the bathroom and best of luck. Thank you so much, Andrew.
I hope it all goes really well. Hey, Andrea is a beautiful name!
Waltario, you know? Andrew, Andrew.
(LAUGHS) See you, people.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - two boys charged with
lighting a Sydney bushfire. One of them is locked up. The holiday petrol ripoff,
a 15 cent hike - how much you should be paying. First on Seven, the rapid reponse team
to keep our freeways flowing. Exclusive - the secret documents
revealing plans to tax you for shopping online. And the common household item that left a Sydney girl
fighting for life. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Mark Ferguson. Good evening. A 14-year-old boy
will spend Christmas in jail after he was charged
with lighting yesterday's bushfire at Airds, near Campbelltown. The teenager's 11-year-old
co-accused was set free even though
he was on a good behaviour bond for another offence. He is 11 years old,
looks even younger, and was already on probation
over a break and enter. Despite that, the Year 5 student walked from
Campbelltown Children's Court on bail accused of lighting a bushfire that
nearly burned down a neighbourhood. At least his mother
turned up to court - his co-accused, just 14, had nobody. He didn't even apply for bail, choosing Christmas in detention
over Christmas with his family. The residents of Wallinga Avenue,
Airds, are just happy
they can spend Christmas at home. Extremely terrifying. Pretty scary, because if the fire brigade
didn't come two minutes later, our house would have been gone. Before you know it,
it was jumping forward. It was just like doomsday. Really fast. It was quite incredible
how fast the flames travelled. At the home of three brothers, allegedly seen with the accused
when the fire broke out... Get away from my house!

We just wanted to ask
about your son.

Police wouldn't need directions
to get here, either. Fires in the Campbelltown area
have quadrupled since last year. Crews have already battled
more than 40 blazes since the start of September. One of the boys was released
from juvenile detention only last week and we understand
it's not the first time he's alleged to have lit a fire,
either. While witnesses saw a group of boys
running from this area, what police really need are witnesses who saw them
light the fire. Sydney drivers are being warned they could be paying up
to 15c a litre too much for petrol as oil companies cash in
on the Christmas holidays. Live to Adam Walters. Adam, what should we be paying? Mark, the NRMA says drivers should be looking for fuel
selling at about $1.35 a litre. That was hard to find
around the city today with prices around 10c more. Petrol has recently fallen
in the lead-up to public holidays but we can show you how this time,
prices have gone up. On Monday,

petrol fell to a $1.32 a litre the price has jumped
between 10-15 cents. So the oil companies should explain
to the Australian people why they have put the prices up when in actual fact,
they should have come down. But the Australian
Competition and Consumer Commission has let the oil companies off the
hook, saying:

Why is the ACCC concentrating its
efforts on the retailers when they know retailers
are the middle men? and in fact, the ACCC
are investigating the oil companies. Leaving the public to wonder if the consumer watch dog
has any real power. They don't really seem to have
any teeth, do they? Don't go there with
the Federal Government - they're not going to do anything. But bargains can still be found. The independent Blue Star service
station here at Ermington would have to go close to having
Sydney's cheapest pertrol. The owners fully prepared to take
the hit for their customers. we're trying to give the best value
to our customers, that's all we're trying to do. The ACCC said prices should come
back down again within two weeks, just as most of us return to work. Convicted child killer Keli Lane
has applied for bail after lodging an appeal
against her conviction. including failure to present
the jurors with an alternative charge
of manslaughter. Lane is serving more than 13 years
for the murder of her baby Tegan in 1996.

Keli's confident because
she hasn't done anything wrong. She really does maintain
her innocence. Her bail application is due
to be heard at the end of February.

A Sydney judge will decide
on Monday whether a man accused of murdering
five relatives can return home for Christmas. Robert Xie allegedly killed
his wife's brother Min Lin, Min's wife Lily, her sister,
and two children at a home in North Epping in 2009. A magistrate granted bail yesterday
claiming the case was not strong. The Director of Public Prosecutions
went to the Supreme Court today to appeal that decision saying the magistrate's
interpretation is wrong. It was claimed Xie could interfere
with witnesses and flee Australia. As drivers head out of Sydney
for the holidays they're being assured the infamous accident delays
on the F3 are a thing of the past. Crash crews are keeping
a close eye on the freeway ready to rapidly respond to trouble. Mid-afternoon, and there's been
a two-car bingle on the F3 near Brooklyn. Luckily, there were no injuries,
but there was plenty of traffic. These sort of fender benders
on the freeway used to cause major snarls,
stranding travellers for hours. It was this chaos that led to the F3 Field Response Unit
being set up. It costs tradies dollars. It frustrates business
and it can ruin holidays. Even Barry O'Farrell
was held up on election day, forced to catch a train instead. Everybody hates delays on this road. It's happened to every motorist
at some stage. It's the job of the Response Unit
to quickly clear incidents and keep everyone else moving. Up to the Christmas break,
we see an increase in breakdowns where people haven't serviced
their vehicles or trailers. The team tends
to almost 400 incidents a month. That's more than 13 a day. They certainly seem appreciative
of the effort we go to relocate them to give them some water
and refreshment. It eases their mind. Since the unit was introduced, clearance times for bingles
and breakdowns have been slashed by 30% saving drivers an average
of 10 minutes per incident. It's important to reduce the delays
and the frustrations that that causes because that frustration sometimes
results in more riskier behaviour and more accidents. A Christmas wish from all drivers. Secret Treasury documents reveal plans to introduce a new tax
for online shopping. It's one of several proposals
for the Government to get its hands on more than
a billion dollars in lost GST. By 2:00 AM at one of Australia's
shopping marathons even Santa was tired. Basically we just did some shopping
tonight for Christmas, we saw Santa Claus, and I sat on his lap and everything. Outside of the Christmas spree,
stores have been struggling, but online shopping is booming. Australia Post has seen
an 11% increase in parcels this Christmas, thanks to internet shopping. But on spends
less than $1,000 online, there's no tax.

Treasury documents obtained
by Seven News show the Commonwealth is missing out
on $1.5 billion in revenue. And foreign companies
are taking advantage The government's investigating
a GST for all online shopping. It's just a flaw in the Act,
it needs to be sorted, and it need to be sorted
to protect Australian jobs. But the GST now looks unlikely. The Treasury documents show imposing it is close to impossible and would cost more to administer
than it could ever bring in. Instead, the Tax Office
has hatched a plan for a flat, 10% tax charged when Australian dollars
are changed into foreign currency. There would be refunds if you
exchange cash for overseas travel, transfer money,
or buy GST-exempt goods. A working group of State Treasurers
will make recommendations by next Christmas.

A day after the Gillard Government
broke its surplus promise, the Coalition is backing away
from its own budget pledge. The Opposition says
it can't make any guarantees because Labor won't reveal the true
state of Australia's finances. A joke to start the day
on 'Sunrise'. Terrific to see you -
love your work. Thank you so much. But Tony Abbott
says Labor's broken surplus promise is no laughing matter. It's a promise that should have been
delivered upon. Not that voters are surprised
it's been scrapped. It's probably just indicative
of another broken promise. Well, I never thought they'd be able
to go in to surplus anyway. I can't wait till we vote them out,
to be honest. The Treasurer again
defended his decision. To cut harder in 2012-2013,
to do it right now, would impact on growth and jobs. The Greens are calling on
the Governmnent to reverse cuts made
to achieve the surplus including to foreign aid
and welfare for single mums. The damage that has been done
now needs to be reversed. The Opposition's been doing
some reversing of its own, backing away from its commitment to deliver a surplus in every year
of a Coalition government. The Shadow Treasurer says
he won't make any guarantees until Labor reveals
the budget's true state. We're not gonna make promises
that we cannot keep. And a warning from economists about trying to come back
to surplus soon. It's still going to take some very
unpleasant decisions, and some nasty headlines
and some unhappy people. A Sydney mother is warning
all parents to trust their instincts after her daughter
underwent emergency surgery. Four doctors misdiagnosed the
little girl's condition, thinking she had a virus when instead a battery had become
stuck in her throat. This is what a 2cm button battery
did to little Mackayla. Doctors say
it could have killed her. Andrea O'Connor knew
something was wrong with her. She came to me, she said, "Mummy, I put something
in my mouth, "and now it's here." Then the 3-year-old got worse. She start vomiting
and complaining of stomach pain, having very high temperatures. Doctors thought it was a virus
and prescribed antibiotics. Five days and several doctors later,
Mackayla was X-rayed and the cause of the pain
became clear - a small battery
lodged in her oesophagus. During emergency surgery doctors discovered it had burned
a 4cm hole near a main artery. It was hard.

I was feeling so angry, because this all could
have been prevented, you know. Up to four children a week
end up in the emergency department after swallowing batteries. And it only takes two hours for a battery like this one
to start burning the oesophagus. They're so small
and they look so innocuous and you think
how can they cause such damage but for us, button batteries
are very, very dangerous objects. Andrea says parents
should never doubt their instincts. You know your child best.

Screams have greeted
Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe in the city this evening for the premiere of their movie
'Les Miserables'. Jodie Speers is near
the State Theatre, and Jodie, it's a long walk
on the red carpet for them. Mark, it runs the length
of Pitt Street Mall and there's no shortage
of people lining it. Hugh and Russell have become
international superstars over the past few years, and Sydney fans
love to see them back here. I spoke to Hugh Jackman
a short time ago about the importance of coming home.

It is our home towns. Our families here, like our friends. It is our country, and this is a project that comes along once in your lifetime. A musical. It is special. Both of us were talking in the car, it is something we would be dead.What was the toughest thing about making this may be? Was it the singing? Yet, it is pretty tough.The air was not an easy day. Every day demanded everything of us, for every character. When you had your big Sunday, it was like an opening and closing night all at once. You may never sing that song again, so you had to deliver.It is very easy to say, you're going to sing live. Obviously every time you singular singing live, where the 80s in the shallow or whatever. But on a film set, there are so many other variables you have to take into account.

Hugh and Russell are being tipped
for Oscars for 'Les Miserables'. It opens in Sydney on Boxing Day,
Mark. Still to come tonight in Seven News, after becoming victims of violence
themselves. Julian Assange still defiant
in his balcony address to fans. And the people behind
that amazing eagle video tell why they did it.

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just the beginning.

The man accusing Peter Slipper
of sexual harassment is now taking his case
to Fair Work Australia. A spokesman for James Ashby says lawyers will also lodge an appeal
in the federal court which last week threw the case out. James Ashby's sexual harassment case
against Mr Slipper has not been heard in court and no judicial finding
has been made The federal court has ruled the claims made by James Ashby
were an abuse of legal process. Sydney's paramedics are appealing for an end to violence
against ambulance crews following six attacks in two weeks. They say too many people
are getting wasted or fighting then turning on paramedics
who turn up to help. Really, the message is simple - when you see the ambulance, the aggression and violence
has to stop. Also today, a warning from police that drinkers who refuse to leave
a pub or club when they've had too much face a $550 fine.

Julian Assange has marked six months
holed up in an Ecuadorian Embassy with a speech
from its London balcony. The Wikileaks founder told
supporters he has big plans for 2013 including the release of another
1 million documents. It's usually the Queen and the Pope
delivering Christmas messages. Now add Julian Assange to the list. I have been sustained
by your solidarity. The WikiLeaks founder
has become a virtual prisoner in London's Ecuadorian embassy. If he steps foot outside
he'll be arrested by British police and extradited to Sweden
to face sexual assault claims, which he denies. He fears Swedish authorities will
then send him to the United States to face court
for publishing sensitive files. In a statement,
Ecuador's ambassador says it:

While the Australian government will not defend the journalism
and publishing of WikiLeaks I must remain here. And he has big plans for next year. WikiLeaks has already
over a million documents being prepared to be released. And in Australia an unelected senator
will be replaced by one that is elected. Besides a visit
from pop star Lady Gaga, Assange's life is mundane. He reportedly lives in a small room, with only a laptop, treadmill
and sunlamp. The Canadian students
who faked a video of an eagle snatching a child to make something that would
go viral on YouTube. Animal and baby videos
on YouTube are super popular. So we thought, "What can we do
to a baby that is incredible?" It took 400-500 hours
of computer work and so far, the video's had more
than 22 million hits. Their marks aren't in yet but they think they'll pass. Sport now with Mark Beretta, and what's Mitchell Starc
had to say about Shane Warne? Mark, he's responded
to the Sping King's sledge and we'll hear from him next. Plus, is the Slinga
ready to rescue Sri Lanka? While nothing can save the Thunder
from another big defeat. And bad news for the small yachts, but a record's on the cards
for Wild Oats XI.

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Mitchell Starc has defended his role
in Australia's bowling attack during the first test against
Sri Lanka. The left-arm paceman has responded
to Shane Warne's calls for the uncapped Jackson Bird
to replace him in the second test on Boxing Day. While Shane Warne was busy slamming
the Aussie left-armers, Big Bash team-mate Lasith Malinga gave Sri Lanka's much-maligned
pace attack a pep talk. But his appearance
intensified speculation that Slinga Malinga would end
his retirement from test cricket If he comes back,
it's good for the side, definitely. But I don't think
he's going to change his mind. Taking wickets
is what Starc and Johnson do best, but Warne thinks
they leak too many runs. Ah, everyone's entitled
to their own opinion but Mitch obviously showed in Perth that he's well on his way
back to his best. Starc not taking the bait as he defended Australia's tactics
in Hobart. When you've got 450 on the board
in the first innings like we did I think you can afford
to be a little bit more aggressive. If the Blues' quick is as mentally
strong as he is physically, Warne's barbs won't mean a thing. He's the one Aussie bowler
that hasn't broken down. I'm not doing anything
too different to everyone else. I'm just making sure I'm doing my
recoveries and look after my body. Tonight, Steve Smith hopes to resume
leg spin for the Sixers against the Stars, revealing he gave up
to start from scratch. I was probably not as consistent
as I would have liked, you know, just to forget a few things
and be a bit more natural. It's all going wrong
for the Sydney Thunder who lost their eighth straight
Big Bash game last night. They're win-less from three games
this season after Nathan Reardon's six-hitting
onslaught for Adelaide last night. Chris Gayle lost the battle
of the West Indians, dismissed by Kyron Pollard for 8
in the demoralising defeat. You know what do you do, the batting was poor
from start to finish. Former test paceman Shaun Tait
took three wickets in the Strikers' 51-run. While the Roosters wait for Sonny Bill Williams' contract
to be registered, they've secured one of the game's
hottest young talents. Kiwi 19 year-old Roger Tuivasa-Sheck has resigned until the end of 2016. He made his debut this year after senior players
demanded his selection. Tuivasa-Sheck's considered
the long-term replacement for Anthony Minichiello at fullback. And Sydney FC have resigned local products Terry
Antonis, Seb Ryall and Rhyan Grant before facing Newcastle tomorrow.

Lewis Jetta's smashed
his pre-season records and the Swans believe
they're in perfect shape to defend their AFL premiership, heading into their Christmas break. Coaching staff are thrilled with the performance
of several young stars. Lewis Jetta,
from the day he came back, has been
in absolutely fantastic condition - a lot better
than what he was last year. Controversial recruit Kurt Tippett's
been another standout. The Swans say he's fitting
in perfectly since arriving from Adelaide. The Big Boats are celebrating while the small yachts
dreading the forecast for this year's Sydney-Hobart. With a spinnaker start and tailwind predicted
for most of the race, line honours favourite Wild Oats XI
expects to break her own race record. Every sailor dreams
about a southerly through on Christmas day so it's a very exciting forecast
for us. It's not for Sean Langman, Just over 9 metres, it's the smallest yacht
in the fleet. It's going to be extremely exciting
for the big boats, we'll be listening and trying
to get there for the fireworks on New Year's Eve. Last over the line last year, Langman gave up skippering
Supermaxis to sail the Sydney-Hobart
with his kids.

Five days they will be at sea. But that is quite a whore.Family bonding on the open sea. -- that is

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Today a thick layer of low cloud
settled across the city with a warm top of 25, while we saw a 10 degree turnaround
today compared to yesterday. A top of 25 in Liverpool
and Parramatta. 24 in Bondi. From the satellite we've got a trough lying
through northeastern New South Wales and inland Queensland. Which has stirred up some
scattered showers and thunderstorms. Tomorrow,
temperatures will reach the 30s throughout South Australia
and much of Victoria. Around the nation tomorrow - most of us will see
pretty warm weather. But a shower or two is forecast
in both Brisbane and Cairns. We've got dangerous surf conditions
tomorrow with large 2 metre swells which have actually been generated
by ex-tropical cyclone Evan, which battered Fiji
earlier this week. Staying clear over the city tonight
with a top of 26 tomorrow. Spot an average temps
for most of us tomorrow with onshore winds pushing a bit
of cloud across the sky 26 at Gosford and 29 in Penrith. Looking ahead, could pick up
a shower on Sunday A shower or two and maybe
a thunderstorm on Christmas Day then cool change on Boxing Day. The weather looks clear and warm
for Carols in the Domain

but if you can't make it,

you can watch it
on the Seven at 8:30.

That's Seven News for this Friday.
Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Tonight, is this anyway
to treat a disabled student? Luke was shunted to the back.
I could not see him at all. Discrimination or an innocent
mistake, you be the judge. Plus a medical miracle worker
or a cancer quack. The self-help guru who believes curing cancer
is mind over matter. And a curtain comes down
on entertainment icon - our exclusive back stage look
as the Wiggles take their final bow. Good evening. I'm Kylie Gillies. We start tonight with the school photo
that went horribly wrong for an 11-year-old disabled boy. Luke Smith is usually hard to miss
in his wheelchair, but here in his year 6
graduation photo, he's nowhere to be seen. Luke was shunted to the back.
I could not see him at all. He was right at the back
behind all the other kids. His parents, Phil and Vicki,
are fuming. I was mortified.
I burst into tears. I couldn't believe
what had happened. Devastated, really -

In a statement released
through the Department of Education, the Beresfield Public School, near Newcastle admits the set-up
for the photo didn't go according to plan. It says,