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(generated from captions) at the title.I feel a bit sick about the whole thing.This time they're in charge of the entire build.We've pretty much gone from renovators to builders.This is not a standard reno.I'm nervous or when I need to poo?And here's the best bit - from front to back 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 2 living areas and gardens front and rear. Oh my god.Kitchen, laundry and we're giving them just 6 weeks to get it all ready for auction.This is what we expected, hey!There's twists and turns everywhere.I can't do this.With more shock-a- block moments than ever before. Block All Stars is too smart for me. Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together.Who will win The Block All Stars?

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Turn boys are due to front court shortly, accused of lighting a bushfire in Sydney's south-west yesterday. It came dangerously close to homes. It was a terrifying afternoon. The residents of south-west Sydney... The fire started at 4:30pm in the afternoon. Residents called 000. A huge section of bushland was burned, threatening homes. People had to get hot hoses and protect their houses. One man was taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. Firefighters were a -- able to extinguish the fire before it reached homes. Had they arrived 30 seconds later, homes may have been under threat. This is what residents said.The flames did not hit the house. In the flames were hitting the fence and trees. Like this one. It was scary.They told us to leave straight away. Get out! That is how fast it was. Black smoke.A police have arrested an 11-year-old boy and 14-year-old boy. They have been charged with lighting a bushfire. They were refused bail last night. They will attend Campbelltown the children scored. Investigations are continuing. Witnesses are being appealed to come forward. If lawyers for James Ashby say they will lodge at a sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper with Fair Work Australia. A spokesman for James Ashby addressed the media outside Sydney. An appeal against the court's dismissal of the case will be made in the January.We are planning to file James Ashby's sexual harassment case with Fair Work Australia. We aim the whole evidence and the witnesses can be tested in an open court at the appropriate time. This is designed to preserve and protect James Ashby's legal rights. Tony Abbott has accused the Government of playing politics over the teaching of the budget surplus. Wayne Swan can seize it is now unlikely. -- concedes. There is no Christmas cheer to the Government. No. They say this is the Government's third broken promise. Third, it was he carbon tax. Now there is a surplus back down. -- first. Joe Hockey says he is making no promises. He has also questioned the timing of Wayne Swan's announcement, giving we are so close to Christmas. The economic data is published at this time of year. That is why he made the announcement yesterday.It is always published at this time of the year, under the previous Government and this Government. There is nothing unusual. It is my responsibility, given the data, to go out and clearly analyse where we were, and why we had taken this decision.He should have given this speech previously. But he gave it yesterday when Julia Gillard was on holidays. She goes on holidays and he takes out the garbage five minutes before Christmas. We want to know what the real set of numbers are about the state of the Australian economy.What are economists saying about this?Most agree that the Government has made you might call economically. Politically, it is a different story. Economists are calling for the Government to ditch its promise to return the budget to surplus. Given the current economic conditions, more spending cuts would be bad. One Economist pointed out it is not just the actions of Government that influences the budget.The budget comes from a made in China stabbed. There will be no surplus. Get over it.Most economists think aiming for a serve at-surplus is a good thing, not just this year.

Following the discovery of an alleged drug smuggling ring, Nick Xenophon says authorities knew about the gaps in security in Sydney Airport years ago. Two Custom officers, and quarantine officer and five others have been charged with corruption following an investigation by border control and AFP. Nick Xenophon said Customs was warned about the problem 10 years ago.In light of these events, the application for a pardon must be reconsidered. The reports must be released. There is nothing in those reports that will breach security or national security.He was well. Says he briefed his superiors about the contents of the report. The family of Mersina Halvagis has had a court victory with an appeal by her convicted murderer dismissed. Peter Dupas claimed he had been denied justice during his trial. 15 years after her death, this must be some relief for the family of Mersina Halvagis.Yes. It has been such a long time coming. 15 long and a training years. Mersina Halvagis's family will have some closure. Peter Dupas appeared via video link. His appeal had been unanimously rejected. The whole thing only went for a few minutes. Peter Dupas showed no emotion as the decision was read out. It has been 15 years since Mersina Halvagis was brutally murdered in a cemetery. She was visiting her grandfather's grave. She was approached from behind and stabbed 87 times. Her body was found in any side -- nearby plot. Peter Dupas was convicted of the murder in 2007. He claims he was denied justice in the trial. Free eye witnesses saw him at the cemetery should have been excluded from the trial. That was rejected. Mersina Halvagis's family was in court today. Her father and brother spoke to us outside the court.Me and my family have been through so much. Thank you.It is about time that justice is served in this matter. We are just happy and proud to move on. Peter Dupas has had a history of trying to overturn all his convictions.Yes. He was first convicted of Mersina Halvagis's murder in put his seven four. -- 2007. He is in his late 50s. He is serving three life sentences for the stunning murder of two women and Mersina Halvagis. He has unsuccessfully appealed against the East. Recently, more than $3 million has been spent by Victorian legal aid. That was in a 33 legal proceedings since he was first convicted. Hopefully this spells the end of it all for Mersina Halvagis's family. A Christmas message from Julian Assange, delivering a speech from the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. People gathered to hear the address. He promised to release one million documents in the new year. Our correspondent has more. He stepped onto the balcony of Ecuador's embassy in London. He smiled and waved to his supporters. There would have been about 100. They cheered whenever they agreed with a point he made. This speech lasted around 20 minutes.The quality of our discourse is the limit of our civilisation. But this generation has come to its feet and revolutionising the way we see the world. For the first time in history, the people who are affected by history are its creators. My work will not be coward. While this immoral investigation continues and while the Australian Government will not defend the journalism of WikiLeaks, I must remain here.100 supporters were here tonight. They would have been hit hardcore supporters. Supporters who followed him throughout his bid for freedom, which has gone on for two years. He addressed his supporters this evening. It must have boosted their spirits.People like you have watched over this embassy, come rain, hail, Shine. Every single day. I came cure in summer. It is winter now. I have been sustained by your solidarity. I am grateful for your efforts around the world. You support the work of WikiLeaks.It must have been nice for him to get some fresh air. He is not allowed to step outside of the embassy. If he does, there are police officers who will arrest him. There is police presence here. They have been here for the past six months. They will stay here until Julian Assange steps away from the embassy. He probably does his Christmas shopping online these days. If you have left it to the last minute, you are not alone. There will be marathon and trading hours. Westfield Parramatta in Sydney's West, was opened for 33 hours. It closes at 6pm tonight. Stores around the city have extended trading hours. Families are preparing for Santa Claus's arrival. Christmas lights are displayed in North mead and Baulkham Hills.

Plenty more to come in Nine's Morning News Hour. Dangerous swells were hit Australia's east coast. Liza Murle?Also, school of rock - the teacher who's transformed his classroom into a recording studio. And the legal battle over a stylish little monkey. This program is not captioned. You can be confident that if you
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just the beginning.

This program is not captioned. The effects of Fiji's Cyclone Evan will be felled along the Queensland coast over the coming days. There will be powerful swells and the dangers surfing conditions.

What is in store for beach-goers? It can be pretty unpredictable at times at Surfers Paradise Beach. This will is a little rough. It is not the height of the wave but he power behind them. Cyclone Annan has whipped up an easterly swell. The period between each wave is longer than usual. Those waves are more powerful. The height of the waves can be unpredictable. This will is around one metre in height. It can reach two metres. The short breaks can cause problems. They are dumping more. They can break hard on the changing tide. Authorities are warning people to be wary of the strength of the ocean. It is the busiest time of year in regards to tourism. People can be caught off guard. The conditions will settle over the next few days. They should continue over the weekend but they should settle down for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The advice from authorities is the same as usual. Be alert but not alarmed. Swing between the flags. Talk to the lifeguards and life- savers.

A Melbourne school is using technology to turn a traditional music lesson into a creative innovated experience. The classroom has been transformed into a virtual recording studio with the help of a famous face. Our correspondent has more. Tim Freedman is playing teacher in what looks like an Australian version of a school of rock.

Into the movie, modern music lessons are seen as a bit of fun. We are starting a new class project. The music and are teetering are being taken seriously at this community school in Melbourne. -- pollution. The jam session is recorded by iPad. By a specially designed app, it is strained to other classrooms where people become producers, putting their own individual steps on the tunes but adding their own sound effects. They are being creative as opposed to just learning. That makes them want to get involved and come to school.The music program was introduced to the school free by an education group. The national broadband network gives schools high-speed internet connection plays a part.It is about protecting children with the world in real time.The teaching style is softer than that of Jack Black. It sounds like this music program is making the grade.I learned to have fun at the same time. A woman whose pet monkey was found wandering in and IKEA car park in Canada has felt -- hold a protest to get him back. The monkey became an internet sensation when he was filmed doing some shopping in the furniture shop, in a little jacket. The century were he has been taken says they owe it and they are refusing to return him to the owner. The owner says the monkey was taken from her illegally. Still ahead this morning, petrol prices - when they're set to fall again for the holidays. Also, blizzards and tornado warnings - the white Christmas America wasn't wishing for. And the Mayan apocalypse - just hours to go to see if they were right.

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Some cities could see petrol fighters -- prices fall over the Christmas holidays. They should start to fall on Monday. The cheapest for most capital cities will be on Christmas Day. The cheapest will be in Melbourne at $1.29 per litre. They will rise after that. Overseas, the plans of thousands of people in the US have been thrown into disarray with large parts of the country hit by winds and blizzards. Power has been cut too many homes in the Mid-West. There are now tornado warnings in some areas. It is a white-out winter mess. Overnight, snow was dumped across parts of Nebraska with high winds that set cars like this sliding through intersections. In Iowa, in the midst of the blizzard, a flash. And then, yes. That is thunder snow. It is one of the many weather phenomena or swelling around this giant winter storm. The effects RBA felt this morning from Colorado to Wisconsin. In Texas, this town was hardly visible on Wednesday. Dust storms caused by winds up to 67mph or cent budget we cars colliding across this Texas highway, killing one man and injuring 17 others. There were blackouts and brown out. Thus not power out across parts of North Texas. The storm shut down part of an interstate in Colorado. It was felt at the Denver International Airport.One cancellation, two delays.In the Mid-West, snow is causing a problem. This is why people will have trouble with their early holiday travel. It was wet and heavy at first. Now it is blowing and drifting. Some might feel it is the end of the world, as predicted tonight. Thousands of tourists are using the Mayan calendar as an excuse to party. There were a car for celebrations in the Yucatan Peninsula, near the site of the ancient Mayan cities.TRANSLATION: This new era will bring the dawn, a cosmic spring and human Dawn. We will recover the qualities we have lost.It is the end of days at 11 minutes past 10pm tonight, Eastern daylight time. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour, two young boys charged with lighting a bushfire - our reporter has the latest. Also, caught in the act - the real life grinches ruining Christmas. And the top movies to look out for this Boxing Day.

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Welcome back. If you have just joined us, these are our top stories - two young boys accused of starting bushfires in Sydney. The Slipper slip saga continues as his former assistant says he will take his sexual harassment case to Fair Work Australia. Relief for the family of a murder victim after an appeal by serial killer Peter Dupas is thrown out of court. Now to the details - two boys accused of lighting a bushfire which threatened homes in Sydney's south-west yesterday are facing court this morning. Live now to Matthew Snelson. What more can you tell us?One of those boys, an 11- year-old, has appeared here at Cambelltown Children's Court, and has been granted bail. Prosecutors said it was a serious fire which posed a serious risk to the community and really came up only a few metres from their homes. He was granted bail with a number of conditions. The other boy charneled over this fire is a 14-year-old. He will appear in court later on this morning. We heard from the residents at Airds in South West Sydney. They spotted smoke at 4 o'clock and within minutes a large section of bshland went up and the fire raced to their doorsteps. They were forced to grab hoses to fight it back. Two people had to go to hospital for smoke inhalation. We caught up with one of those couples where Danielle Davis actually had to go to hospital. Let's listen to what he had to say and what his partner told us this morning.The flames didn't hit the house, but the flames were hitting the fence and hitting the tree. With this tree here gone, that's it. It was very scary. Within 30 seconds they said the house would have been gone. He screamed and told us to leave straight away. He said, "Get out" because that's how fast it was. It was doomsday, that's what it looked like. Another 14-year-old boy also appearing in court. He's charged with lighting bushfires and police say that while they did make these arrests yesterday, that their investigation is continuing and they're appealing for anyone else with information on the fire to come forward and contact them on Crimestoppers. Thank you. To Melbourne now. Serial killer Peter Dupas has had his appeal thrown out of court. A judge dismissed claims he was denied justice in his retrial for the murder of a Victorian woman. We're live to Amelia. This has come as a huge relief for the Halvagis family?Yes, her husband and father and siblings were in court. 15 years since Ms Halvagis was murdered. Hopefully her family can get closure. Peter Dupas appeared via video link, his appeal based on his claims that he was denied justice in his trial. He said that three eyewitnesses should have been excluded from that trial. That appeal was unanimously rejected in a 123-page judgement. As I said it's been 15 years since Mersina Halvagis was brutally murdered. She was visiting her grand -- grandmother's grave. Peter Dupas approached her and he stabbed her 87 times. We spoke to her father, George and her brother Bill as they came out of court. Take a listen to their reaction.So relieved, me and my family have been through so much. Thank you for everything. It's about time that justice is served in this matter with Mersina. We're happy and proud to move on now. Now Peter Dupas was currently serving three life sentences for murder and has a history of trying to overturn his convictions. He was first convicted of the murder in 2007 but was granted a retrial. A second jury found him guilty in 2010. He's also unsuccessfully appealed convictions for the stabbing murders of two other women. It's been estimated that $3 million spent by Victorian Legal Aid and the court in 33 legal proceedings since he was first convicted. Hopefully today's decision is a chance for her family to try to move forward from this, hopefully the last time. Thank you. A sailor has been charged with the robbery of several guns taken from a navy trip in Darwin. He was serving as a member of HMAS Coonawarra when it's alleged he broke into a patrol boat and stole a dozen pistols and shotgun.The prosecution will allege that the male is a current serving member of the Royal Australian navy.Officers from the NT Police I eventually recovered the weapons on a raid on a unit in the city. The 26-year-old will appear in court today. Lawyers for James Ashby announced they will lodge his sexual harassment case against former Parliamentary Speaker Slipper slip with Fair Work Australia A spokesman for Mr Ashby addressed the media outside the Federal Court. He said an appeal will be made in mid-January. Later today we are planning to file James Ashby's sexual harassment case with Fair Work Australia with the aim that the whole evidence and that the witnesses can be tested in open court at the appropriate time. This is designed to preserve and protect James' legal rights. It might only be four days until Christmas, but the Coalition is not showing any good will to the Government after Treasurer Wayne Swan backed away from his budget surplus promise. But Shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, won't commit to delivering a surplus if the Coalition is elected.We aim to make surplus. We've always said it based on the information we have available. The problem is we don't know what the books look like. Economists have welcomed the Treasurer's move away from the surplus promise. WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange, has addressed a crowd of supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. He's been holed up there for six months. He says the whistleblowing website will continue to publish documents to embarrass governments around the world.WikiLeaks has already over one million documents being prepared to be released, documents that affect every country in the world.He says the door is open for anyone who wishes to speak to him or offer him safe passage. He says he will stay in safety as long as the Pentagon describes WikiLeaks as an ongoing crime. And it looks like it could be a bleak Christmas in large parts of England and Wales. Torrential winter storms are causing chaos, closing roads, submerging cars, forcing evacuations and prompting flood warnings. If this wall fails, a village could be submerged. The river is high here in Wallington and a crack in the flood defence means it could be breached. People are prepared because they are familiar with acting quickly. They've seen a deluge before - 12 years ago. Came up right underneath the windows. The whole lot was a pond. Alan is one of those living in 85 properties nearest to the river who have been asked to evacuate. He decided not to.The amount of water in the river was more than the flood of 2000. It's higher up. I can tell you exactly where it was. That is where I think this caused the cracks with extra pressure. I wouldn't have put that down to anyone's fault. It's extra water. We're not panicked.Most of us feel the same - only a handful have left. With high tide comes a big riszk. If the water was to come through, where we're standing now will become the river. It's as simple as that. That's one of the main reasons why these houses were being offered evacuation.Much of the UK is still under threat of flooding. As far north as Sunderland, dramatic waves. It's the result of an afternoon of raging torrents. In Coastal Northern Ireland the same, coming precariously close to roads. In Southern England, many routes became impasseable and as some were hit hard in their homes others tried their best to minimise the risk.We encourage people to stay safe. Walking and driving through floodwaters is extremely dangerous. One couple were pulled out of a car being swept away. We urge people not to drive or walk through floodwater. It's the south that's been bearing the brupbts, as roading turn to lakes, emergency services have been busy. The concern is with more wet weather over the weekend, these are scenes that will perhaps become even more familiar. Christmas is supposed to be the time for giving but as you will see, shameless thieves are taking great joy in taking, too. A number of real-life Grinches have been caught on camera pinching holiday cheer. Tis the season for a fat man to wriggle down chimneys, leaving gifts. It's also the season for a skinny dude in Texas to steal inflatable snowmen off of lawns. Oh my word. This victim did not want to be identified.He ran across the street to the other neighbour's house, taking their inflatable. Maybe his heart is two sizes too small. A real-life Grinch. # You're a mean one # Mr Grinch Midnight in Maine - this Grinch steals the giving tree. Are these people just really hard up?These people are blatantly trying to find anything they can pick up.This Family reports gifts stolen from their front porch by what looks like a pregnant woman.The holidays, you know, people tepbld to be more giving. Instead, there's people taking advantage. F 3am, Texas, this Christmas killjoy walks up to a front door and steals the wreath. He then unplugs and loots the lights.I think it's scary that a grown woman would feel the need to do that.Thanks to this security footage and some anonymous tips thrbgs Mrs Grinch is now in the county jail. Happy Christmas lady. On a brighter note - it is the Christmas holidays. That means one thing at the box office - the Boxing Day blosbuster. Some of the biggest movies are released on December 26. Richard Wilkins takes us through his top four. Ah to the east over ranges and rivers. A single solitary peak.It is the first of three preqeuls to the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, Peter Jackson taking us back to the origin of the species who inhabit Middle Earth.Mr Bobo where are you off to?On an adventure!Martin Freeman is splendid as Bilbo, who leads dwarves to reclaim stolen treasure. It is a rollicing adventure with all manner of characters.Loyalty. Honour. A willing heart. I can ask no more than that.The 3D is awesome. It's brilliant stuff. 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', it's a four- star film.The world is ahead. # I dreamed a dream in time gone by Next-up, the movie we've been raving about for months - the big screen version of the acclaimed Mews kalt based on victor Hugo's novel, about a man and his journey for redemption. Hugh Jackman is staggeringly fabulous in the role of his career. Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway and the brilliant supporting cast breathing new life into a classic tale.

This is another of the holiday season's must-see movies - 'Les Miserables' - magnifique! Four-and- a-half stars. Another fabulous-looking film is 'Life of Pi', based on the best- selling book which takes us on the imaginative adventure of a young Indian lad who travels to Canada with his family in and a boat load of animals only to get ship wrecked, finding himself bobbing about on the Pacific in a lifeboat. He's not alone. The visuals and 3D effects are absolutely stunning. It's a little slow at times and way too scary for the real little kids, but teens and adults will lap it up. 'Life of Pi' - beautiful. It is out New Year's Day, four stars.

Next up is the latest from Disney. It's about Ralph, the arcade game character sick of being a villain and wans to be a hero. He's off to explore the world around him. Hey, are you a hobo?No, I'm not a hobo.In is a fun concept and a most enjoyable film for the kids, and for parents alike. Enough nostalgia for us grown-ups and a blast of 3D action for the kids. 'Wreck It Ralph' - go get them dude. Three-and-a-half stars.Take me, take me! Now, Harvard academics have been studying the secret of the success of Sir a Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager. They concluded he's a perfect team leader. The key apparently lies in being ruthless when required. By his own admission, Sir Ferguson is a bad loser but that he says is one of the secrets of his success. His temper is infamous, but it's hard to question the tactics of a man who's won almost every trophy in the game. He has the respect of players.That was the big thing - you know he's in charge when he's in the room. Clayton Blackmore played under Ferguson for seven years. He remembers Sir Alex's halftime outbursts when he would shout loudly in the face of a player - a technique known as "the hair dryer". His passion is second to none. He needs to get it out of his system. He wants a reaction off the players. Most of the time it works. You don't want to come in after the game and not change what you've been doing in the first half, other wise lit be a bigger hair dryer. Even David Beckham felt the force of Fergie when a flying boot accidently hit him in the head in a dressingroom rant. Academics from Harvard University have been analysing Sir Alex's management technique, which apparently starts with giving praise. He says for a player and for any human being, there's nothing better than hearing "well done". Those are the two best words ever invented in sports. But it also involves keeping people firmly in line, according to Fergie. He says you can't lose control when you're dealing with 30 top professionals who are all millionaires. "If they misbehave, we find them, but we keep it indoors. If anyone steps out of my control, that's them dead". Whatever your views on his leadership style, there is no doubt Sir Alex has become one of the most respected managers in football. In his 26 years here at Old Trafford, he's brought Manchester United unparalleled success.He tells people clearly - this is what we expect. He gives people the ability to perform and deliver and then wants to see the results. I think woe betide you if you don't deliver the results. And that, say experts is a blueprint for success and why Fergie's secrets may help managers in any line of work to get the best from their teams. Now sport. Tim Sheridan has been successful. He turns 71 at the end of this month. I think in common with a lot of coaches he wasn't a great player. He was a good player, but not great. They I have to think a lot more about what makes greatness. Very intelligent man obviously. It wasn't always great for him. Fantastic. He will need everything because the European Champions League Draw overnight will put all of Sir Alex's genius to the test. The team effort from the Sydney Thunder, but was it enough to seal their first win?

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The Australian cek et team is enjoying one day off before the camp for the Boxing Day test. Mitchell Starc heads to Melbourne tomorrow and opened up this morning at about the biggest day of the year for cricket fans. It's the big occasion of watching - the Boxing Day test. It will be nice to run out in front of a big crowd and hopefully we can get up to 2-0 and finish off in Melbourne. Injuries are unfortunate and seem to go hand in hand with fast bowling. I am looking after myself to stay on the path and make sure I'm recovering and preparing well. Unfortunately those things do happen. Can't worry too much about the other guys. We're all preparing the way we can. I'm not doing anything too different to anyone else. I'm doing the recoveries and looking after myself, getting to the gym and hopefully stay on the path as long as I can. I had a good run, so hopefully I can continue. You've got to find that balance between being too aggressive and going for runs, but when you are 450 on the board in the first innings, you can afford to be more aggressive. In our second innings, we saw, I reckon we were better attacking and knowing when to go harder and pull back a bit. Twenty20 - the Sydney Thunder is on the bottom of the Big Bash ladder without a win from three matches following a 51-run thrashing at the hands of the Adelaide Strikers. Michael Klinger and Tim Ludeman led the way. Nathan Reardon was robbed of a certain six following a spectacular team effort on the boundaries. Straight up to mid-on. Just taken inside. Beautiful catch. The Thunder's run chase didn't go to plan. Chris Gayle holed out in the deep for eight runs. The giant Maxis that compete for the Sydney to Hobart every year are commonly referred to as "big boy's toys". That's not always the case. We caught up with one veteran racer. The crews are looking for adventure and they will get it. I'm joined by the naff gayor of Wild Oats 11, Adrian Kaahlin. What's the forecast like?At the moment it looks good for the big boats. There's northerlys and not too much southerlys. That gives us the possibility for a good result.Do you have sympathy for the smaller boats when you cruise south and they're stuck somewhere?I've been there. It's hard. So, yes, I do. We're pleased that we've got some running conditions this year, because more often than not you sit six days out and look at that southerly and think about no lunch on Christmas Day. There's always the question of a race record. Is there a chance of that this year?This is if first time since 2005 there is a possibility. There's a few transition zones, from the southerly start and clocks to the north-east but then it looks like a couple of days of running. There is the possibility. The Derwent throw ags lot -- throws a lot of muck at you. That's a bit in the mix we're unsure about.Your beautiful boat struck five out of seven. Ready to get back to the winner's circle? Last year was disappointing. But we've sat down, done modifications, worked on different areas to improve, so we're looking forward to this race. Thank you. Enjoy the run south. It's one of the great sights of Australian sport. 77 yachts ready to head from Sydney to Hobart on Boxing Day. We heard about Sir Alex Ferguson and now he's put to the test. Manchester United will face Real Madrid in the European Champions League. The other tie is Barcelona against AC Milan t draw bringing some relief to the Arsenal manager. I don't think there is anyone who's keen to play Barcelona too much in the Champions League Draw. In a bizarre coincidence, the draw was the same at the rehearsals 24 hours earlier. It must be right. This might be the cheekiest goal of the year.

the year.
Futsal from Brazil -- Brazilian Futsal star Falcao took an unusual route to a goal. This program is not captioned. Let's look at the weather.

Now to finance:

That's our Morn bIng News. Join me this afternoon. Have a good day. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -



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