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twenty-one on Boxing Day. And that' Thursday
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Gardner. Thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Cameron Williams. Welcome to A Current Affair. We've got a jam packed show for you tonight. And we begin with the family home trashed beyond belief, just days before Christmas. As police hunt the vandals, the Ross family has just one question

police hunt the vandals, the Ross
family has just one question - why? What on earth has happened in here? God. Absolutely trashed it. I hope you got satisfaction in doing what you've done.Just heartbreaking. How do you get paint off stuff like this? Unbelievable.It's a big kick in the guts that hardworking single mum Debbie Ross and her son, Mitch, did not see coming. Imagine coming home to this, just a week before Christmas.Nah.It's too much, isn't it?Yeah.Vandals broke into their Housing Commission unit while Debbie was at work and Mitch was at his sister's place. Whatever the rogues were looking for, they stumbled across a few paint tins and went to town, hitting the kitchen. They made a mess of the kitchen.Trashed the kitchen.The laundry, the lounge, even the laptop. What do you want to say to the guys?I hope they rot in hell. Not a room in their home was spared. Where do you go from here? It's a real kick in the guts.Mmm. How are you holding it all together?Um, my kids. My granddaughter.But it's what they did in Debbie's bedroom that's really left her shattered.But it seems to be aimed for me.In the main bedroom, the vandals have ruined everything she owned.Then I walked through to my bedroom. I absolutely nearly had a heart attack. The underwear, hanging from the roof, hanging up here and all along the bed. Like that. Absolutely disgust. My underwear... They were cut. Disgusting. The mattress has been urinated on. Unbelievable.Quite a smell. And this is why you take it personally, isn't it?Mmm.They have come after your things.Yep.Her wardrobe reduced to rag, Debbie only has the clothes she's wearing. Mitch and his mum, who works as a disabled carer, were homeless for the year before the Housing Department gave them the keys to this place in February. And your furniture, you're still paying this off?Yeah, just bought it all.So your mum was painting your room?Yeah, yeah. She was halfway. She went and put the paint in the laundry cupboard. And then they have obviously gone searching and then put it everywhere.I saved so long to get the rug. I will never let the kids walk on it, sit on it. My granddaughter's not allowed on it. Look what they have done to it.Now they have destroyed it. Up can't replace stuff like this. You can replace furniture, but you can't replace photos. Like, oh, God, of my son.It's hard to pick up all these pieces and make something of it, isn't it?Mm-hm.What are you gonna do?I don't know. What do you want to say to the people that did this?Well, I hope they are happy. In what they have done. Ruin a child's Christmas.It seems what happened here is just a terrible case of mistaken identity. Locals tell us the previous tenants weren't well-liked. One day, about a year ago, they simply packed up and left. And then vandals broke in and trashed the joint. Detectives also suspect Debbie's topt plants growing on her balcony -- tomato plants growing on her balcony may have lured the vandals.The police officer said to me it looks like a marijuana plant. "They are probably after drugs."It's a devastating blow for the family so close to Christmas. You want don't feel safe here?No. Not at all. Not at all. How can you come home, you know, and walk in? Is it gonna happen again? No. Sorry.But she's determined to fight on and repair their lives. She doesn't want the vandals to win.I said, "Right, I'm not gonna let this ruin our Christmas."What do you think of these people?Scumbags.Sum it is up. Debbie is now living with her family elsewhere and she has no plans to return to that unit. In the meantime, police are still looking for the vandals. So if you can help, please call us. Well, by her own admission, life is great for Lisa Curry. She's fit, happy, healthy, and passionate about her new business, helping people turn their lives around. But what's her reaction to the news her ex-husband, Grant Kenny, is having another baby, this time with TV celebrity Fifi Box? She's Australia's original golden girl.At this end. At your own pace. Lisa Curry has experienced many highs, as well as some very public lows. Most recently, the breakdown of her marriage to one-time ironman Grant Kenny made headlines.I'm a bit of a marshmallow - hard on the outside, soft in the middle. Tonight, Australia's champion swimmer reacts to this latest bombshell, dropped by radio and TV personality Fifi Box.I'm having a baby!!Kenny, who has three adult children with his estranged wife, is rumoured to be the unborn baby's father.You are, in fact...Having a baby.Wow.Both Box and Kenny are keeping mum on the baby's daddy. But there are fresh claims any romance they shared was brief and they are no longer a couple.You can choose to be upset and angry and sad or you can choose to be happy.Right now, Lisa Curry is extraordinarily happy. She's also fitter and healthier than many women half her age.And crunch!The 50-year-old Commonwealth gold medal iflt made a conscious decision to live -- gold medallist made a conscious decision to live life to the full after heart surgery a few years ago.Hitting 50 was very strange for me, but at the same time it's the start of the rest of my life.And Lisa's sharing it with her much younger partner of 2.5 years, Joel Walkenhorst.Things are happening. It's exciting. Um, it's adventurous. I've got everything under control. Well done. Good session.She describes her latest business venture, helping ordinary people to get fit, healthy and lose weight, as her greatest achievement to date. It's an amazing trainer. I really appreciate my time with her.I have just completed three weeks and I have removed four kilos.How do you feel about that?Yeah, it's pretty good.This is something I have dreamed of. And all the years that I have been coaching people.Lisa launched the online KISS, or Keep It Simple Sweetheart program, earlier this year.It is 80% food, 20% exercise. Maybe even less exercise.You feel so good and it is do-able. And it's very addictive. Participants are encouraged to eat fresh and ease up on sugar, bread and alcohol.When I have a glass of wine, just fill the glass up with ice, fill it up. And you can sit on that.It doesn't seem to be, you know, some sort of stream diet?No. You have your protein, your good fats in your nuts and avocado. And, of course, you have a little bit of bread.And she says it is possible not to gain weight during the festive season.Leading up to Christmas Day, if you can eat eggwhite omelettes, as many greens as possible, dilute your wine, and then on Christmas Day and New Year, just enjoy it.Aside from protein such as chicken, there's no measuring or recipes involved, just daily meal plans for a 10-week period.It's simple, it works, it's clean, it's not expensive. And there's so many people around getting great results.Now Lisa wants to spread the word and deliver it directly to the people. It's just a dream come true for me. I cannot wait for this.Next year, Lisa and Joel will farewell the Sunshine Coast and embark on an adventure that will take them to more than 100 countries and remote communities.Toowoomba is probably the first place.They expect obon the road at least two years.I think they feel they miss out on a lot of things. If they want education or inspiration, quite often they have to travel into the city to hear someone speak or be part of a group.Joel will drive the motorhome and take care of the logistics.Very supportive.Lisa believes the time is right to do something for herself, with her three children now out of school. To have Joel, it's really great to be able to do it with someone who shares the same passions.In the meantime, Lisa and Joel have the tabloids to contend with. You're obviously still very much in the public eye, and there's all this news with Grant. I don't know what your relationship is with him. Is this something that still affects you?I'm not talking about it.Up don't want to talk about it?No.OK. Lisa did post this tweet, which appeared to allude to the gossip this week.After everything I have been through, you see the positive side to life. You know, you just have to... You have a choice in life every single day. I think we have to have an attitude of gratitude, love what we're doing, love what we are. If you want to be better, you actually have a choice. You can be better every day you start.So true. Lisa's journey across Australia begins in February next year. You can follow it on her website. For details, go to the ACA home page. If you're like me, you have left Christmas shopping to the last minute. Sadly, that means long queues at the checkout and clashes in the car parks. It's that last-minute Christmas rush to stock the pantry and fill stockings. But in busy car parks like these, festive cheer can quickly turn into Christmas rage. (HORN BLARES) Move it!(BLEEP) (HORN The biggest cause of angst - people stealing car spots. And damage caused to vehicles from inconsiderate shop. This time of year, everything goes mad. Motoring expert Sam Stevenss spent 35 minutes trying to find a park to do her Christmas shopping.Everything is always done at the last minute. Everyone's out of time. When everyone's rushed, that's when accidents happen and tempers start to flare.Just like this parking altercation which took place in Geelong this week. This man, in the green T-shirt, tried to reserve a parking space for Christmas shopping by standing in it.Up don't reserve (BLEEP) parks, mate. Get out of the way.The angry driver nearly runs him over as he reverses into a space he decided was his.You might not be courteous to your other fellow shoppers, which is why we recommend people slow down, stay calm and hang on to their Christmas cheer, even in the car park.Mariana Cidade is from NRMA Insurance. Their latest research has shown there's a 17% increase in crashes in the week before Christmas.The majority is people reversing on to other cars. Or it could be runaway trolleys, or scrapes and bumps against a post or a pylon as well.The most common day?Thursday is the most common for car park collisions, closely followed by Friday.You have to be patient.At this car park in Brisbane, parking attend yants -- attendants admitted to us there's a lot being done wrong to find a car space.Idiots parking over fire hoses and emergency vehicle entrances, things like that.These things are saying there's no parking. I keep going up in the hope that somebody's going to suddenly take off.Yeah, we had to stalk someone.Just gotta keep driving around and don't start an argument.So, what can you do to improve your odds of snagging a park but not damaging your car? Reverse into a car space, if you can. It gives better visibility when you're coming out. Make sure you follow the traffic arrows in a car park. Return your shopping trolley to its bay so it doesn't hit another vehicle. Don't overtake cars that are waiting to drive into a parking space. And, most importantly, be patient. This is definitely the season where you don't want to dent your Christmas spirit in the car park. It's better to just slow down, take your time and have a nice spot of Christmas shopping.Yes, good advice, in theory. Now, picture this - you're 92, your wife is 91. And while you're both fast asleep, gutless prowlers are going through your house. Well, that's what happened to Bob and Winifred Connell. They were badly shaken. But, as you're about to see, their Christmas spirit is still alive.Probably the favourite word at the moment - scumbag. (LAUGHS) Disgusting. Unacceptable. Inhumane.Robbed just days before Christmas.I couldn't believe it. Bob and Winifred Connell were asleep on Tuesday night. Their home was being ransacked. I got up at 2:00 in the morning and the house was perfectly secure. Just a few hours later, the World War II veteran stirred.At 5:30 I woke up again. The drawers pulled out, stuff spread everywhere. It wasn't until I got out the back here and found that the window had been broken.The gutless thieves began helping themselves, even stealing the batteries to the TV remote.I found other things in the house that they had disturbed. After months of saving, the great- grandparents had withdrawn extra cash to buy gifts for their family. How much money did they take?$360- odd worth. Would have been a shopping day today or yesterday. What are you gonna do now?Oh, somehow we will overcome. Maybe they will miss out this year for Christmas.But that wasn't enough. The bold bandits then continued their 5-fingered shopping spree through the house.My desk over there, there's drawers open. Purses missing from there. When ones and how many, I wouldn't know.But it's what happened next that really rattled the elderly couple.This drawer was open, and that basket with jewellery in it, I found in the middle of the hall out here.To think they were here and opened that, you know, and I'm right there. I'm lucky they didn't bang my head in.After rifling through their home of 45 years, the brazen thieves then stole their only car. They burnt that oud. It was only a matter of a -- out. It was only a matter of a kilometre away. We've had break-ins here before, but nowhere near as devastating as this one.Despite this, the couple, both in their 90s, are refusing to let it spoil their Christmas. After an article in their local paper, the pensioners were overwhelmed with generous donations from strangers. I'm humbled by the attitude of people. So, please accept this and do the best you can.Without even a second thought, the proud pair wanted the money to be put to good use, so they have decided to give it to the local youth centre.We really appreciate your donation. And we couldn't resist helping out too. Look, we've got a little something - $2,000 cheque.Thank you.And a few bits and pieces for the kids. And we finally managed to convince them to keep something for themselves.Merry Christmas to you all. Gracious people. Thank you. Lovely story. And merry Christmas to you, Bob and Winifred. Very inspiring people. Now to the new home brand range in supermarket shelves. As Martine Alpins reports, it's an up-market label that's affordable. That's got a nice snap to it. Supermarket brands have always been for the budget-conscious. But now they are going high-end, with the latest, Woolies Gold.An entire range of products at really affordable prices.It's an attempt by the big supermarket to make what they claim is gourmet produce cost less.Customers have been telling us a while they want to indulge, but they need it to be affordable. General manager of groceries, Alex Dower, says to gain Gold status, products must pass two out of three cry tear yafpltThey need authentic crafts thnship. Handmade. The right country of origin. Thirdly, we want very high quality ingredients.The label has been launch would a range of Christmas and party foods. Among the product, there's pudding, mince pies and shortbread. Noela and Carol are Country Women's Association cooking experts. We have asked them to compare Woolies Gold to luxury brands that cost much more. The catch - they have no idea which one they are tasting. Merry Christmas.Thank you.Let's see how up enjoy this. First up, the $18 pudding from Woolies versus a well-known brand that costs over $38 for the same weight. It smells nice.It's very generous with the fruit.Oh, it's beautiful, actually.Mmm.Ladies, I hope you're hungry. Now you're gonna see which one you like better.OK. That's not as fruity as the other one.Not as full-flavoured either. No. That first mouthful tasted very rummy.Yeah.Definitely prefer the first one.The first one was Woolies Gold. More than half the price of the second, gourmet brand they tried. Goodness me!(LAUGHS)I'm shocked! There was no comparison with the flavour.No.Next up is the Woolies pure butter shortbread that cost $12 a box, up against a well-known brand that cost slightly more. That's got a more buttery texture. I think the fingers are really crunchy.That's got a better texture, when you look at it.We use Australian butter, flour and sugar. And that's the secret.It's Howard Dray's shortbread the ladies are tasting. His old-fashioned cookie company in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, was chosen as the Woolies Gold shortbread provider.The best part about this is that more people around Australia will be able to enjoy the product through the Woolworths Gold brand.Lastly, the Woolies Gold mince pies take the gold, at just $4 for a sixpack, the ladies say they are far better than the expensive brand that costs $16.95.Now, that, to me, tastes more like a homemade mince pie, this one.Hands down, wins it to Woolies.The vouch for the mince pies - I tried one today. They are fantastic. You will find more information on that story on

fantastic. You will find more
information on that story on our website. Still to come on A Current Affair - why you don't have to spend a fortune on champagne and wine during the festive season. There are real gems between $10 and

Get ready for The Block All Stars.

It's all happening again.

And in a Block first, we're back to where it all began. Welcome to Blocktastic Bondi.

We're doing The Block again because we are crazy.We were kind of the worst reneovators on the easiest series. We came last the first time we did it and we want to do better that that this time. We are taking the kids with us because we don't want to be apart from them. Nobody thinks we are going to win but we have a few ideas up our sleeves and we want to prove that we can do it. We

Learnt a lot in the past ten years and we want to win.We are coming back for more punishment. I can't believe it. I think we could pull out a few surprises. We know what coulours are in this time. I think the others should be scared. Look out.We are coming to get you.We are here to win.We must be crazy but we definitely feel we have a lot to prove this time. We won the most rooms on our season but we definitely didn't win The Block. We fought a lot and we survived it and we got married.And we're going to have a red hot crack at trying to win.As hard as it is, you love it. Sometimes last season we didn't see eye to eye.I wouldn't mind winning the title just to walk away and say you're the All Stars winner. That's pretty big.

All Stars? I don't know why we are All Stars.

None of them have taken out the top prize and incredibly they are lining up for one more shot at the title.I feel a bit sick about the whole thing.This time they are in charge of the entire bill.We pretty much have gone from renovators to builders.This is not a standard reno.I'm nervous or when I need to poo?

And here's the best bit - from front to back 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms 2 living areas and gardens front and rear.Oh my god. Kitchen, laundry and we're giving them just 6 weeks to get it all ready for auction.This is what we expected, hey.There's twists and turns everywhere.I can't do this. With more shock-a-block moments than ever before.Block All Stars is too smart for me.Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together.Who will win The Block All Stars?

If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

Merry Christmas!
Oh! Oh.
Oh. We'll do it.


Maltesers - the lighter way
to enjoy Christmas.

This program is not captioned. Tomorrow on 'Today' - one of the stars of 'The Voice', Rachel Leahcar, is performing live.Plus, we're crossing live to the North Pole and we've got the pick of the Boxing Day movies.Should be a good show. Looks good. Welcome back. It's time for our buyer's guide on the best champagne and wine to help you celebrate Christmas and New Year. And, best of all, this selection won't give you a hangover in your

And, best of all, this selection
won't give you a hangover in your hip pocket. You don't want to blow the budget, but you remain want to spoil people and have a great time.There are real gems between $10 and $15 a bottle.There are leerment thousands of wines to choose from - - literally thousands of wines to choose from. Where do we start? Luckily, we have an expert to help you decide what to drink on Christmas Day.The key is to have a good, all-purpose white and red. And good bubbles.Bubbles is precisely where Matt Skinner begins our list.If you're on a budget this Christmas, I think probably the best play to go would be here - Yellow Glen Vintage pinot noir chardonnay. Merry Christmas.Happy to taste is mum Sally Richardson, her parents, Ian and Carol, and friend Jane. So, this is Brown Brothers Prosecco, out of the King Valley in north- east Victoria. It's an Italian grape, produced here in Australia. Really clean, physy, fresh. It's a great way to start and spark appetite.Beautiful. It's fruity, plain and really easy to drink.It gets your approval?Absolutely. Love it.Now it's on to the affordable white.This is amazing, Yalumba. When it comes to value for money, they do it better than most. This is their pinot grigio.For $10, that surprises me.This is Jim Barry's Watervale riesling out of 2012. At about $15 a bottle, it's a bargain.Did you say $15? I don't believe it. It tastes double it. The bargain of Christmas. This is a shiraz out of McLaren Vale. Packed with fruit. It's an absolute gift. Because it's so full of flavour. I cannot imagine that you can get that for $10.This is a cab sav you would recommend?Absolutely. This is Houghton, one of the best-known names in Australian wine frrks Margaret River in Western Australia. At $15 a -- wine, from Margaret River in Western Australia. At $15 a bottle, it's a bargain.I would be very happy to drink that.You would be able to lock up the cellar!I know. Every year.Every time I put this in a tasting line- up, the serious stuff, it stacks up. If you can afford to splash out on $100 on a French bubbly, the wine man says try Charles Heidsieck. It's a fantastic champagne, because it's bursting with flavour, vitally and energy.For a top drop of white, Matt recommends the Devil's Lair chardonnay. When it comes to a splurge on red, the Cloudy Bay pinot noir for $44. But for our Christmas crew, it's three cheers for the budget buys. I really am just incredibly surprised that you can buy such affordable wine and it is so tasty. It's great.

affordable wine and it is so tasty.
It's great. After the break on ACA - your best- ever Christmas lunch. Easy tips from your favourite celebrity she was.Preparation is the key when it comes to cooking a lunch or dinner. This program is not captioned. Time's running out for
the new Lemon and Herb Chicken Sub from Subway restaurants. Tender, succulent chicken
marinated in zesty lemon juice, garlic and spices. Enjoy your first
or come back for seconds.

This program is not captioned. Time's running out for
the new Lemon and Herb Chicken Sub from Subway restaurants. Tender, succulent chicken
marinated in zesty lemon juice, garlic and spices. Enjoy your first
or come back for seconds.

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Big W
has last-minute gifts covered, with Cadbury Milk Tray
or Favourites just $5, and Lindt gift box
or gourmet truffles only $9.97. At Big W,
everyone's a winner
this Christmas.

This program is not captioned.

Tomorrow night - get set to hit the record button. Our celebrity she was guide you through a Christmas lunch you'll never forget.Some of my favourite things there - we have blue swimmer crab, sexualops. I don't think Christmas should be difficult -- scallops. I don't think Christmas should be difficult. You get everyone involved.Bon appetit.Looks good. Those reports tomorrow right here on ACA. We look forward to your company then. I'm Cameron

This program is not captioned.