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(generated from captions) into southern Queensland
and the north-east. Tomorrow a cooler change will push
along the NSW coast with a few showers and storms likely
over northern New South Wales.

Around the nation,

expect a late storm
in Darwin and Brisbane. Cairns will be
fine and hot, while it will be warm
in Adelaide and Perth.

The water's 22 degrees
at the moment. It will stay pretty mild tonight, dropping to 17. And then we've got
a much cooler 24 tomorrow with a touch of cloud in the sky. Could see a brief shower over the western and northern
suburbs tonight but the breezy weather
will die down. Tomorrow will be 10 degrees cooler
than today.

Looking ahead - we could see a few afternoon showers
across Saturday and Sunday. A hot Christmas Eve on the way then a few showers
on Christmas Day clearing on Boxing Day. Recapping our breaking news now on the bushfire at Airds
near Campbelltown. And as we reported earlier, two people are in custody over the blaze that broke out
around 4:30 this afternoon. The fire came close to homes
and at one stage, about 20 properties were threatened. 60 firefighters and 3 aircraft
battled the flames. The fire's now under control and residents have been given
the all-clear. Investigations into the
suspicious blaze are continuing. That's Seven News for this Thursday. Next - 'Today Tonight'.

Hello. I'm Kylie Gillies.
Welcome to Today Tonight. We start with a late breaking
development in the road rage case the culprit has been arrested. This vision shows police arriving
at his home this afternoon to make an arrest. We will bring you details shortly.

But first to something very close
to all of us - wages, salaries and job security. This man is a banker. His pay packet this year
was $10.1 million but with bonuses and share options it almost doubled to close
to $20 million dollars. it almost doubled to close
to $20 million. This man is a dying war veteran, totally and permanently incapacited
due to war injuries. His pension has increased
by one cent a fortnight. That's right - one cent, not even legal tender nowadays. The gap between rich and poor
is widening. Most workers are battling
for even modest wage increases, and as Pippa Gardner reports, it's leading to growing resentment.

I'm getting angry. Ron Calnan served his country
in Vietnam and Borneo. There, he says, he was sprayed
with the highly toxic Agent Orange.

riddled with prostate
and bone cancer. He is paying the ultimate price. But the Government
can only see fit to pay him an extra one cent a fortnight
to his pension. I get upset but I can still see
the funny side of one cent. Here's the other side of the coin. Mike Smith, boss of the ANZ, and the most well-paid banker
in Australia. He's been given a bonus
of almost $3 million to top up his annual take home pay
of $17.2 million.

It works out at about
over $6,000 an hour, basically. And when you consider that
a great bulk of the work force is earning less than around
$30 or $40 an hour you can get a sense
of the scale of difference. Professor John Buchanan
from the Workplace Research Centre says we're following
the American model, where greed is good. The rich are getting richer
while the workers just keep working.

The top of the Australian businesses have been overpaid themselves for well over two decades now.

So while a tiny number of people
enjoy gold-plated pay packages the majority of Australians
struggle to make ends meet. The people who educate our children
and mould our future leaders earn on average $82,449 a year. Men and women who go to work
not knowing what dangers they face are rewarded for keeping us safe with a yearly average wage
of $72,693.33. Those who run into burning buildings
get $76,390.60. And the angels of our hospitals
who care for the sick and injured have to manage on $69,034.63. But they're on "Easy Street"
compared to a childcare worker who doesn't even crack $40,000 -
$39,717.60. While some argue
she's paid too much, a top banker wouldn't get out of bed
for the PM's salary. Julia Gillard earns
under $500,000 a year - $495,430. There is no denying Australia's
banks are performing well when the GFC hit. But - and this is the big but - is the job of running a bank worth
the same as the work being done by 240 teachers or 289 nurses? It's a bit rich to be on that amount
of money for just one year's work. Teachers I don't think
get paid enough, nurses certainly
don't get paid enough, and I think the grassroots
of our society is to pay our teachers more, really. It should be spread around,
more money, too much for one person. We can live without bankers. Let's be serious.
They are important. But if you don't have good teachers,
if you don't have good nurses, you really have
a highly compromised society. As for Vietnam vet Ron's
one cent pay rise, he says it's simply insulting. It's an insult not only to me
but to all the Vietnam veterans and the blokes who died and the same as the blokes
that are in Afghanistan, it's an insult to them. He says he doesn't care
or want more money, but is furious
retired federal politicians Yet dying veterans
just put up and shut up. A one cent is bugger all.

If the Government
is that short of cash and they've got to pay me
by the what's-it-named they can keep the one cent and try
and bring in a surplus that way.

Given the Government has now
given up on having a surplus, I guess Ron can keep his cent. OK, parents,
forget the terrible twos - the most stressful time, we're told,
is dealing with terrible teens. And believe it or not, it's girls who can cause
the most trouble. As they hit 13, suddenly "I love you"
can become "I hate you". So how do you work out how to tame
teenage girls? Josh Fajzullin reports.

You wanna know
where they are. I think it's scary for mums. Seriously? The first time they hear their
daughter slam the bedroom door, they go, "Oh no." You know, it's coming, it's coming. 13 years we'd had this bond
of mother and daughter, and, suddenly, it was just gone. with youngest of three, Sammie. Then, she hit her teens. She'd end up sort of disappearing
out the door and going whether I liked it or not. I would say
that she'd gone off the rails. leaving Sarah worried
her daughter had been kidnapped - or worse. I'd just sneak out
and I'd swear to them heaps. I wouldn't respect them,
like, at all. It's a phenomenon that strikes
teenage girls the world over. Even celeb teens like Lindsay Lohan, Drew Barrymore,
Miley Cyrus. Oh, my God!

some accidents happen
with teenagers. Kids don't have to be bad kids
to get into serious trouble. Michelle Mitchell
has spent more than a decade working with teenage girls, and now is giving an insight into their secret and sometimes
self-destructive world. They're still developing
their emotional maturity, their judgement,
their decision making. There's no manual
for having teenagers. But now there is. Michelle's taken 12 years
of research and experience, documenting the lives
of a group of teenage girls to bring mums and dads
the ultimate family survival guide. Her book, 'What Teenage Girls
Don't Tell Their Parents', is all about helping mums and dads get back in touch
with their little girls. Mums, your kids don't hate you.
(LAUGHS) Despite what they keep telling you. Have you told your mum you hate her? Yeah. Heaps of times. The first time that a mother gets
told that her daughter hates her, she takes it really personally instead of realising that's just
a normal part of the whole process. You're gonna be told that
more than once, you know. Michelle has some quick tips
for frazzled parents to help open up
the communication lines. Learn to listen for their benefit,
not for your benefit. So, realise that listening's
like an act of love. Especially when it starts
at 10:00 at night and doesn't finish
till 1:00 in the morning. Allow them to be in control. Allow them to sort of be the ones
who initiate communication again by saying to them, "I'd love
to talk to you about this." "Um, when you're ready to, "look, I'd love to hear
what you're thinking about this."

The last one is just being attentive
to what they don't say and keeping a check of that
inside yourself without actually having to
keep interrogating them and asking them more questions
about it. Don't expect them
to tell you everything, though. But, if you really want to know, Michelle's got it covered. It'll tell you everything
that you really want to know but you won't be able to get
out of them till 20 years time. Just in time for Sarah and Sammie. But still she could be
a little bit quieter. Like other parents. (LAUGHS) And they're like, "Go",
and Mum's like, "GO!" (LAUGHS)

The message is that difficult teens
aren't the end of the world. Which is not the message
the ancient Mayan astrologers, supposedly delivered more
than 5,000 years ago. Tens of thousands of people believe they predicted
the world will end tomorrow. And as James Thomas reports, some are going
to extraordinary lengths to prepare for the apocalypse.

I'm preparing
for an electromagnetic pulse that will disable
the transportation system. Coastlines throughout the world
are not safe. The seas will be chaotic. They call me the 'Doris Day of doom' because I'm preparing
for a black swan event like the catastrophic
New Madrid earthquake.

I have them all named. This is Stir Fry,
we've got Crockpot right here. We've got Blackened
and we have Cajun over here. It is the countdown to chaos,
or so they think... Many earthquakes,
new volcanoes erupting, dust storms - dust will be obliterating the sun
for two months. I think there will be
a new dark age. the 5,125-year-old
Mayan calendar ends tomorrow. I used to kayak
and ballroom-dance quite a bit. I gave all that up. Most of my time right now
is spent on prepping. I work 7 days a week,
10-14 hours a day. I've spent between $30,000-$40,000
in preparations.

For retired defence contractor
Doug Huffman, prepping for doomsday
is more than just a hobby, it's all-consuming. If survival is the goal,
it's into the spider hole. Man, it's cosy in here! He's preparing
for a cataclysmic event - an economic meltdown will lead
to an apocalypse and anarchy. To transform his Californian home
for survival, complete with a greenhouse, pond
and farm animals. So, when there's no grocery stores, this one rabbit will produce approximately 50 pounds
of rabbit meat a year for me. On the other side of the world
in Buckinghamshire, England, Malcolm Bowler is going boy scout. He's not just preparing his home,
but also his palate. If it came to a situation where
you had to feed yourself on meat, then you're definitely going to
have to take an animal's life. I've eaten squirrel, rabbit, magpie.

I tried, once, ants' eggs,
which is a bit of an acquired taste. Closer to home and
in the Queensland town of Allora, locals have been
stockpiling supplies before Earth collides
with a mystery planet in April next year. This is their third
doomsday prediction. We have vision sessions each night. And, each night,
for the last 1.5 years, we have been getting information
about Nibiru. Are we all doomed on 21 December? Yes, in the sense that there are only three
shopping days left before Christmas, but, no, in the sense that
the calendar will keep on going, the world will keep on spinning,
we're not going to be wiped out. Scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
is an eternal optimist. He loves the hype -
just don't believe any of it. We will not be struck down
by K-pop or zombie apocalypse nor radioactive mutated dogs
eating your guts out. None of those will happen. The Mayans, themselves,
never predicted that the world would come to an end. Instead, it was a guy
called Jose Arguelles. In fact, according to Karl, the Mayans believed
the exact opposite. The Mayans left behind days on which would be good to do
business, get married, have a party, and these dates are 5,000 years,
10,000 years, 15,000 years in the future. If I am wrong in saying that
the end of the world is not nigh, may I be struck down by a meteor
or a comet or a big, fat asteroid.

Like Dr Karl,
I have no plans to cancel Christmas. That was James Thomas reporting. Just a reminder
on our road rage story. The offender has been arrested and we've just had word he faces
a string of charges. We'll bring you
the full story shortly. But now to part
of the Christmas feast that should be
the big finishing touch but is often an after-thought - the plum pudding. If you're not making your own, there are hundreds
of commercial varieties ranging from a few dollars
to well over $50. Which ones will leave guests
asking for more and which will leave a bad taste? Helen Wellings investigates.

This looks good.
Yes. Very festive. It's Christmas in your mouth. In most homes, it's the big finish
to the Christmas feast. So, the last thing you want
is disappointment. This one here, if we look at that,
it's stodge city. Like, there's nothing
that would make me want to eat that. In the pudding test hot seat, mums Amber, Gronnia
and Melanie and Carla. It's an enviable job. I love this one. Blind sampling 10 popular brands from supermarkets, specialty shops
and delis. Spiked with brandy, cognac,
or candied citrus, ginger, spices, nuts and,
of course, dried fruits. The personal trainer's
not going to like this one. For flavour, aroma, texture,
moisture, appearance and how well they slice up. Oh, it's falling apart. Also comparing value for money. Prices range widely
from the cheapest - the basic Coles at $7.50,
75 cents per 100g and ALDI's the Cake Stall Luxury
$1 per 100g - to the top end - Thomas Dux, Newcastle,
Pudding Lady $43 and Phillippa's at $52.95 - seven times more expensive
than the cheapest, but boasting superior quality - all natural,
well-balanced ingredients. Can anyone else smell ginger? ALL: The nuts. That looks really artificial to me,
being really too dark. This with all the fruit on,
it looks gorgeous, but it's crumbling. Food and wine expert Lyndey Milan
is an advocate of home cooking but admits,
for a stress-free Christmas, commercial pudds offer great value, and presentation - some are snazzy-looking gifts. I'm loving this orange theme. I think this looks great
and I think this looks great. This does look unbelievably rich,
though, And it, to me,
almost looks uncooked. This is a bit more like
a traditional-looking pudding but it's not as enticing
as the other ones, is it? You are drawn to this, aren't you?
Well, yeah - the nuts. I think very drawn to this. Number one is very rich
but very traditional. The nuts and fruit
to give it a bit of contrast. The crunch and the softness
of the fruit. The crunch and the softness
of the fruit. This one is definitely my favourite
so far. This one looks very processed.
Not homemade at all. Oh, there's a huge piece of orange
in the middle, something in the middle. Orange, I think it is. This is UK super chef
Heston Blumenthal's foray into the Australian pudding market,
exclusive to Coles, containing a whole candied orange. I like this one. So, their top tasting pudds - equal third,
Woolworths Vintage Christmas Pudding decorated with
candied orange segments at $19.80 and the pricey Thomas Dux,
Newcastle's, Pudding Lady. Scoring second, Heston Blumenthal's
hidden orange pudding - 1.2kg for $18.

Really authentic looking. Our panel's favourite overall... Personally, eight. Nine. I'm voting for nine. Laden atop with nuts and just $14 Coles Finest Luxury wins
this taste test. Most puddings scored well - but not this one. Myer's Traditional Steamed
Christmas pudding, 400g at $14, was the fourth most expensive, but the least liked. 100% it was a funny taste. It was a letdown. The real test
of a quality pudding is quality ingredients. When Choice tested 14 puddings, one of the most expensive
on the market, Itha's at almost $50 for 1kg, came up trumps. The smells, the aroma,
the alcohol flavour were really lovely. But there are some good puddings
in the budget category as well. Choice's top value for money buys - Woolworths Vintage Gold The Christmas pudding is the finale
to the Christmas table, after all, so you do want it to be lovely
and memorable. This is my ideal of what a
Christmas pudding should taste like.

The proof of the pudding's
in the eating and it seems not all puddings
are created equal. Coming up - we'll bring you the latest
on the road rage arrest. We talk to new victims
who say he's a serial offender.

The charges and what happens next,
after this break.

Coles Finest Fruit Mince Pies - all butter citrus-infused
shortcrust pastry and deeply filled
with luxurious fruit mince and French brandy! Ooh-la-la! So decadent. Yum, yum. I want this badly.
And just $7 a pack. And Coles Brand
Fruit Mince Pies with shortcrust pastry filled with moist fruit mince. These 100%
Australian-made pies are just $1.80. Coles Finest
and Coles Brand Mince Pies. Both completely scrumptious!

Welcome back. As we mentioned earlier, the man behind a terrifying road
rage attack has been arrested. Neil Doorley has
the latest details.

Back behind the wheel,
but not for long. The man accused of Australia's worst
case of road rage caught on film took a back seat this afternoon. Arrested and formally charged
over the attack that has shocked the world. Here he comes now! Oh! (BLEEP) hell. Yeah! I can't do anything!
He's trying to run me off the road! WOMAN: All I'm trying to tell you is
keep driving to the police station. Well, I can't!

He keeps cutting in front of me
and cutting me off. He was continuously
colliding with me, trying to push me off the road,
pulling in front of me. And every time, fortunately, I managed
to just make it around him. The now infamous black Nissan ute
was garaged today at this sprawling
million-dollar property. And, as 21-year-old Edward Sullivan
from Carbrook in Brisbane's south was being questioned by police, more people
have contacted Today Tonight alleging they, too, have been
targeted by the rogue driver. Put the windows down and he was shouting absolute abuse
at me and was going on
how he had the right of way, everything like that. And, "Where did I get my licence?" Honestly, if he could have
got out of that car, I have no doubt
that guy would've just bashed me. This man, who we'll call Rob, details the terrifying encounter
with the same man, he says, attacked Ken Olsen. The guy was just full of rage.
I've never seen anything like it. It really did shake me up a lot. And he's not alone. He's a maniac and he should not be
on the road at all. Yesterday, this woman came forward
claiming to be another victim. I don't want to be a statistic
and nor does anybody else. She remembers being menaced
by the same ute with the same distinctive sticker
on the back near where Ken was chased. No! He's jumping on my bonnet!
Ah! He's smashed my windscreen!

Will you stop your car? No, because he just...
I did stop my car! He jumped on the bonnet. He's just smashed my windscreen
and he's fallen off the bonnet! He's lying in the road now! He's lying on the road?
Yeah! I'm looking
in my rear-vision mirror. I've driven off.
He's laying in the road. Did you just hit him? No, he was on the bonnet
and I tried to get away and he fell off. Keep driving then. Don't go back. I'm not going back! Are you crazy?!
I'm getting miles away! A former police officer, Ken says he's never witnessed
such a violent road rage incident. I've got somebody
trying to run me off the road. He's doing it right now. MAN:
Do you want to speak to the police? Yes, please. Quickly.
This bloke's chasing me all over. But this afternoon,
it was all over for Edward Sullivan including dangerous operation
of a motor vehicle. Anything to say there at all, mate?

Queensland police are interested
in talking to anyone who's had a run-in
with Edward Sullivan Information can be phoned in
to Crime Stoppers on: After the break - we have an exclusive look
at the last hurrah for our most successful
entertainment exports.

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Tomorrow night -
the end of a wiggly era. Our famous four take their final bow and we have the exclusive
backstage look.

It's starting to hit us now
but I think Sunday'll be the worst. (APPLAUSE) How can you have a bad day
with all that energy in the room? I mean, the children
just lift you up so much. There are plenty
of back-up skivvies. ALL: 1, 2, 3! It really is goodbye?
Yeah. Our Wiggles exclusive tomorrow only
on Today Tonight. Thanks for your company.
I'm Kylie Gillies. Enjoy your evening.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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Hello and welcome. With Christmas, as they say,
just around the corner, tonight we have
a whole host of ideas to help get you inspired
on Better Homes and Gardens. Pork ribs with the best ever sauce. Sticky and delicious
straight off the grill - here's the dish for your barbecue
this summer. Give your living room
a New York-style makeover. Metallic and modern -
this look is bang on-trend. What to grow
for attracting wildlife. JASON: Got no backyard buddies? Well, when this garden bed's
finished, you should have hundreds. Be a junior keeper for a day -
if you're game. Get a chance to get
up close and personal - eh? - with some of the exhibits. Rob's challenge -
to make a mirror for under $50. And give a whole new image
to any space at your place. And perfect finger food
for entertaining. You will love my recipe
for crispy prawn spring rolls. Plus we've still got more prizes
to give away, so keep watching to find out
how you could win. SONG: # Ooh # Getting better, yeah # Life keeps getting better # All the time # Getting better. #

Everywhere I go, children ask me how
they can learn to work with animals. And I tell them, "You've got
to get some experience first." So how do you do that?
Well, here's an example. At Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane, where you can become
a junior keeper for a day. Come on. I'll show you.

And being a junior keeper
is pretty cool stuff. You get to work
alongside real zookeepers and help them
with all the tasks involved in caring for
some pretty special animals.

Today Oscar and Isaac
are part of this program. One of the important lessons
junior keepers need to learn is the powers of observation. In other words, what's normal
about their particular animal. And Galit is explaining
to the two boys what to look for in Serendipity. So what I'm looking at when
I'm looking to see if she's healthy is we're looking to see
that she's got nice bright eyes, that her nose is nice and dry. We're looking for
any lumps or bumps, that her bottom's
nice and clean and dry and one of the things we do
is to weigh them very regularly. And just how do you weigh a koala? Well, Galit has come up
with an ingenious solution. You see, when you're a keeper, but you have to be
pretty resourceful too. What we do with a koala is we put them on a pole
hanging off the scales. So she's five... Oh! She's...gone. (BOTH LAUGH)
She took herself off the scales! But she was 5.6kg, so we know that
that's her normal weight and so we know
that there's pretty much, it looks like there's nothing wrong
with Serendipity today. Now it's time for the kids
to learn how to handle a raptor. A raptor is a bird of prey
and they have very sharp talons. Now, Katrina here
is head raptor keeper. Katrina, over to you. So this is Bo
and she's a barking owl. (GROWLS) Do you guys know why they
might be called a barking owl? Ooh! Yeah. Yes. Why?
Because they bark. They do.
They sound just like a dog barking. (GROWLS) Now it's the boys' turn
to experience what it's like to be owl handlers,
just like Katrina.