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This program is captioned live. Tonight - drugs, bribes and weapons - the Customs corruption and our busiest gateway. Surplus is now in doubt. NSW said to get its strictest gun laws. Jason Byrne joins us live in the studio. We catch up with the stars of 'The Hobbit'. This is The Project.

Good evening. Welcome to The Project. Please welcome back Natasha Stott-Despoja and Lehmo.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Are you on Zeebox? I'm on it. In the news today, Thursday 20th December. More arrests are expected as explosive revelations emerge of one of the biggest corruption scandals involving Customs staff. Eight people including Customs and quarantine officials have been arrested by Federal Police.If you are corrupt, we will hunt you down and lock you up. Wayne Swan has abandoned the Government's promise to hold the country to surplus. He says it is unlikely, blaming a drop in revenue. The Government doesn't have a revenue problem; this Government has a spending problem. Robert Xie, ordered to stand trial over the brutal 2009 murders of the Lin family has been granted bail by Sydney Court. But he will remain in custody. If convicted he faces life in prison. A toddler has drowned in an estuary south of Perth overnight while her parents were crabbingT two-year-old girl's body found hours after she was reported missing, and a six- year-old boy drowned late yesterday at a beach near Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast. If you missed the punchy one-liners of Paul Keating, this app is for you. The Paul Keating Insult Generator.

That will give you the upper hand in an argument.I think our politicians should have this app in Parliament. Imagine Julia Gillard in Parliament, turning to Tony Abbott, flicks on the app and says, "You mang maggot".Be careful what you wish for. Unrepresentative swill, we got that. But I have a nice story about Paul Keating. He rang me a couple of years after I left office to say, "How you copeing with the transition?" I said, "Paul who?" I thought it was a Cran k call. I had to get a baby sitter at short notice to meet him for coffee. Got home, 18-year-old said, "Is that someone you went to school with?" Former Prime Minister. The insult from the baby sitter. Back to the bombshell of the day. We heard it's the Government's worst nightmare. Today Wayne Swan was forced to admit we will see the promised surplus nex et year. Wayne has been promising to deliver his precious surplus for two years. Today he was like, "No budget sur police for you".Dramatically lower tax revenue. It makes it unlikely that there will be a surplus in 2012.He is blaming it on lower- than-expected tax payments. Cash receipts to tend of October are $3.9 billion behind our budget estimate.As you would expect, Joe Hockey jumed on Wayne Swan's flip- flop.That sounds dirty.Enough is enough, they are the most income petepblt government Australia has had, and the most imcompetent economic managers, and it's their own benchmarks they are breaking. Could the Mayans be right - is the failure to bring our budget into surplus a sign we are about to fall ininto a dark hole? Will Joe Hockey spend the summer on Wayne Swan's back until they're sweaty from wrestling. I got nothing.

Barry Cassidy knows about budgets and Paul Keatin insults probably as well. Surely this would have been better to sneak this in on Christmas Eve.They thought that five days before would provide them with political cover. The opposition will -- Opposition will pick up on this to the next election. The Government could have reintroduced another round of spending cuts and they would have had to have been big cuts in the order of $10-15 billion and force up unemployment at the same time, or they could have done what they decided to do, abandon the pledge to reach a surplus. Now, that hurts politically, but many the end they had to take what they figured would hurt the least. Given those factors, didn't everyone, except the Treasurer, see this coming?Yes. But the economists have been urging this is the way they ought to go. What the Government did is, as Joe Hockey said, they created this artificial benchmark. They were led into it a bit by the Opposition, more fool them, but in the end that's the pledge they made. Now they have had to aBonn don it and will play pay a price for it.Given those comments by economists, -- economists, is a budget surplus a big deal?I think deficits get a bum wrap. There are times when you need a deficit. If it is $10 million either said it doesn't really matter. What hurts and Keating and Fraser did this, they took away tax cuts. If you promise them and take that away, the public cares F you promise a surplus and you don't get one, not such a big deal.Don't take out tax cuts. The Opposition fired up today. Here is a bit of what Joe Hockey said.The Australian people will rightly be upset. Taking out the garbage five minutes before Christmas is the way the Labor Party operates.Joe sounds angry. Let's be honest - the Opposition would be loving this?Yes, and I think the line that the Opposition will run will be on trust and broken promise ras ther than on the waste further down the track. The Opposition was going into Christmas well ahead in the opinion polls. They already had the turkey and this is the stuffing. So Joe is happy.No doubt it is an early Christmas present for the Opposition. Now the scandal of Customs and drug trafficking in our nation's busiest airport. There will always be the risk that organised criminals will target law enforcement officers. There's always the risk that our law enforcement officers could end up working for the crooks. Our biggest airport is in the grip of the illegal drug trade. There have been eight arrests. There are at least 15 more border security officials suspected of corruption. What is shocking is is the amount of people involved in money laundering and manufacture of drugs for a smaller group.

If someone had a backpack filled with drugs, that person would be navigateed through Customs controls and avoid detection. And evidence suggests that it might have been going on for years. High-level Customs internal memos from 2007 clearly spell out that Customs has a may corruption risk. The Internal Investigations Unit wasn't able to confront corruption. The Opposition has jumped on the revelation.We need the Labor Party to explain under their watch how this has been allowed to occur.But the Government is talking tough. It is declaring it won't be taking any prisoners.I am resolved to weed out corruption where dver it occurs. If that means putting heads on stakes and locking people up for 25 years so be it.Why has it taken so long for authorities to act? Now that this scandal is out in the open, just what will the Government do to stamp it out. H? For more, we're talking to Independent Senator Nick Xenophon. You've been sounding the warning about possible corruption for years R you happy this has been exposed? Not happy. Really angry it's taken so long. Alan Kessi in, gs, a Customs officer, wrote reports in 2003. They were ignored by Customs at the time. Instead of Alan Kessing getting a medal for reports warning about the issues, he got hauled before the courts and a criminal conviction for supposedly leaking the reports to the media, which he denies. Not happy, pretty angry it's taken so long.These investigations and arrests are at Sydney, but would we be naive there are not similar operations around the country?If it can happen at Sydney, kit happen at any airport or any port around Australia. This has taken so long. Howl Australians have overoverdoseed as a result of heroin and other drugs coming in because of corrupt officials? That is the question.Does the entire structure need to change?It has to. The warnings have been there for years. After the Kessing documents were leaked, there was an independent review by the Howard Government, $220 million was spent by them to upgrade security, but still there were holes in airport security and the potential for corruption. We've seen that today with these arrests. A lot has to change. Good to get your thoughts. Thank you. Before we let you go - how are the sales of your 'Fully Sick' sick bags?I could have sold a few on the plane I was in, a bumpy flight. Buy one of Nick's bags. See you in the New Year. A tribute to how frugal he is as an Independent Senator, flying Jetstar, well done. I can't wait for that episode of 'Border Security'.Makes me worry about my wooden wind chimes and now worried about the bloody drugs.

Those wind chimes sound great, Carrie. I do give them as presents. Are they annoying? I'm fine for wind chimes this year. Now, the Chief of Customs faced the media. I think he is feeling the heat. REPORTER: This happened under your watch. Does your job feel secure?I won't comment on the security or otherwise of my job. That's not for me to indicate confidence in myself.I have no confidence in me.The last thing you talk to that guy is about security!I'm confused about how many people were allegedly involved and their relationships. Can someone from the police clear this up?Within the cell there are certainly friendships and those things and some relationships but again with the eight people, there are a variety of different interrelationships between the two of them. (LAUGHTER) I need a white board. I think what he meant to do was click "It's complicated". Why don't you let us know what you think about anything on The Project.

We will take a break.

Coming up - Matt Doran on the reality of life as a Burmese slave. It's all to provide food for western supermarkets.Half-starved and regularly beaten they are often force-fed amphetamines to bid the work rate. Some who don't comply are

Jayant Patel will face pailt over the death of a 75-year-old patient after losing an appeal to have a manslaughter charge permanently stayed. The prosecution has to reassess the case after the judge said it was incomplete and embarrassing. A mum had the shock of her life when she found seven deadly brown snakes in her toddler's wardrobe. The snakes hatched from eggs that the three-year-old had stashed in the cupboard in a takeaway container.Worst Kinder Surprise ever. (LAUGHTER) You know what surprises me is he's taken the eggs from a back yard, so there's an angry brown snake looking for the eggs. Have you ever had kids bring things in?Olly asks me for random containers. I never asked why. There are worse things you could find in a boy's bedroom, let's be honest. It will get worse as he gets older. (LAUGHTER) 'Lord of the Rings' fans have been waiting a decade for this movie. We sat down with the stars. In the middle of the earth in the land of Shire lives a brave Hobbit whom we all admire. So begins part one of a new trilogy that takes place before 'Lord of the Rings' - 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'. Where are you off to?Going on an adventure!Returning director Peter Jackson, and Martin Freeman as Bilbo and familiar characters including Sir Eyan as Gandalf and Andy Circus, the plan behind Gollum. He looks visually incredible. What was it like to get back again?He's never been that far away, sadly. Quite happily. But it was a real challenge coming back. He's been so absorbed inin the public consciousness in a big way, that reowning him was - I heard so many people's impersonations and people have asked me to do him so many times. So I felt like I was going through the motions of being him, but then I realised I wasn't in it for a little while. You have to own the character again. We shot for 200 days. It was a whole smorgesbard of different things.Lots of helicopter work? Yes, loads, the shoot in New Zealand was magical, shooting with darfs around the South Island, excellent. You were on set every day with 14 people all at once. Was there a rapport?Yes. I mean, actors tend to bond because it's difficult to act other wise. Cate Blanchett, I had a wonderful time and Hugo Weaving and Barry Humphries for a time. The dwarves were bonding and were a brotherhood. What are they doing here? Quite merry.You are 40m high. What's it like looking up and down at yourself?Very strange. I had to resist the temptation to take pictures of it. It's a weird once- in-a lifetime scale of stuff. With a rumoured cost of over $150 million, 'The Hobbit' is a long way from Peter Jackson's earlier film, 'Sad Taste' which he made with friends on the weekend on practically zero budget. Is there anything you learned making the first film?I'm sure if I looked at 'Bad Taste' I would be embarrassed. I love splatter, but my directing skills would I'm sure be rather primitive. You know, that was where I started to teach myself. I never went to film school, so that was one of my boot camps 'Bad Taste'.This is the one ring forged by the Dark Lord.What do you think is in Gandalf's pipe?A very good weed. Character and actor cross over.I wondered that myself. Ian was in a happy mood when he was smoking. He shares it at one point. He didn't share it with me, though. (APPLAUSE) 'The Hobbit' is in cinemas from Boxing Day. We will be back in a moment. Coming up - how moz sis could deliver more than an itchy bite. It looked amazing but was this video sensation a fake?

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) This is The Project. A bit of Facebook feedback?Yes, and Anna got in touch about the Paul Keating insult app.

No speedoes involved. I think Keating on wit. Not that Abbott is not a really funny guy! It would be like 'Stop the boat, stop the boat, I haven't read it, stop the boat". Pf Time for our next guest - this may include the best things to come out of Ireland, were Guinness, Bono and Sinead O'Connor but add comed yen Jason Byrne. He won't give you a hangover. That's not true, I've been out with him. He is the biggest selling comedian at Edinburgh and he ditched the cold Northern Hemisphere to tour down under. I read on the Internet that Melbourne is his number one city. I guess I better keep the Irish red head potato famine Proclaimer jokes to a minimum - no, they're Scottish. Please welcome Jason Byrne. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

The Proclaimers are Scottish but do you wish they were Irish?I look like them now. I didn't plan on this look, I swear. I thought I would wear these glasses. I did meet one in Edinburgh this year. I met him in the way an Irish person would - they walked by me. That was it. I totally met him. The Irish are known for storytelling. That was one of the worst. Thank you.You are in town doing shows for Christmas. Is that a cheeky way of getting out of family time?No. Huh? Well, what, I do this Christmas show in Dublin and I basically do like a Nativity play, get the audience up, so I thought I would come over here and do it this year in the sun. I love getting involved with the family at Christmas. I come here for the heat. Great. The Mary has to be a man. In the past...Why? Mary is not funny as a woman. (LAUGHTER) That's comedy. It's like banana and pineapple are funny, and Mary as a man. You will get the Catholics freaking out. The thing with Mary and the baby Jesus over the past years in Dublin is in the wings, because I get the audience to join in, and I normally have to give the baby Jesus to someone in the wings who will be the member and trust them. In the past they have come out and lost the baby Jesus. One year, this is no lie, one guy who dresses very gay, put it next to a little fan heater. The baby Jesus was born. He tiek it out and went uum, it's a fan heater.It's a Christmas

Another year, you know what happened? The dog's head fell off. It rolled across the stage. The baby Jesus was a head. Then he fell off into someone's lap. An audience member threw him back.You've ruined Christmas for everyone. We know what Christmas is like in Australia and America, thanks to movies and television. What is a typical Irish Christmas like?When I go and visit my mum's house, and I will do a lot, and a lot in the morning in Ireland they will have a little drink. (LAUGHTER) They will. Is it different to every other day of the year?You kbt do it every day. We do work, Lehmo.

Lying around, ahhh. I need more alcohol. No, we are sitting there and at Christmas you can have a drink and then you have a bit more and the neighbours come in and you have a little drink with them and in the past my mother's house, which is, she thought she put the turkey on and she didn't because she had too many little drinks. When it came to Christmas dinner t turkey wasn't cooked. She opened it. And we had to eat sandwiches. (LAUGHTER) As happy as the family Christmases sound, we need to talk about The Messiah. We know Kevin Rudd in this country. I understand that you have a thing going, you followed him closely.I have. Kevin taught me how to do public speaking. This was me. Kevin is beside me in this footage. He is standing there going, "Yeah, try it again". A bit more mad, a bit more swearing.In your time as a comedian you came across famous people. I saw you on Graham Norton with Gwyneth Paltro and Geoffrey Rush and Lady Gaga. The question - snog, marry kill?The thing is when I sat in there and Lady Gaga sat down and the others, they're looking at me and looking at Graham Norton as if an audience member had sat down. You could see Lady Gaga going...! Someone in the audience? (LAUGHTER) Haven't a clue who I was.It's safe to say that you will be the star of 'Jason's Massive Christmas Special'. Please thank Jason Byrne. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

Now, if you have joined us, let's get some news. Here is what is making news today. It was the success Labor promised by 2013 but now Wayne Swan says it is unlikely to happen. He reneged on the Gillard Government commit to bring us back to surplus and claims lower company tax revenue means the budget has taken a hit. We gave to Labor a Government that had no net debt. It had money in the bank. A woman accused of being a drug muel confronted court allegedly connected to corrupt Customs activities at Sydney airport. She is one of eight people arrested following a two-year investigation. A Customs reform board will be established to provide recommendations on how to bolster protection. Barack Obama is on the cover of 'cop time' as the Person of the Year. He's put Vice-President Joe Biden in charge of a taskforce to end what he calls an epidemic of violence. Victorian woman Jason Priest won a ruling to get Derek Percy to answer questions about the 1968 murder of her seven-year-old daughter Linda Stillwell. A survey shows what we think about politicians. The results indicate we would be happy for penny -- Penny Wong to babysit and Craig Thomson is a Bond movie villain. Some believe Katter would be great as a barbie host and others say he would be a villain.

I think she'd be great to leave the kids with. They would never misbehave. What about Paul Keating?Craig Thomson would organise a killer party.Have you ever left your kids with those polies?Many times in corridors or airport lounges, from Bob Brown, John Howard was really good with my kids. Not as a babysitting service, he was running the country. I sent a text the To Penny seeing if she's free over Christmas. We heard a lot about how it's the end of the world tomorrow according to the Mayan calendar. I was watching Channel 9 and it seems the Greeks could be involved.It could be the end of the world as we know it, at least if you go by the Mayan calendar, the prophecy predicts the Acopolis will be upon us in the next few days... Hmm, yes, look out for it. Barry O'Farrell is pushing for toughest gun controls but before the bill goes public it must pass a review committee made up almost entirely of gun lobbyists. In 2012 there have been over 120 incidentings of gun crime in Sydney suburbs, leaving 51 dead or injured. In respond the O'Farrell Government and NSW Police are pushing for stricter gun control to replace the 2006 Firearms Act which expires next September. The reforms would give police more how power to revoke

The proposals won't be officially released Unusual Suspect till they've been approved by the is 11- member Firearms Consultative Committee of which nine members represent-gun groups.The advice is from the one-eyed Shooters Lobby. The Gun Robbie disagrees - the 'Sporting Shooter Magazine' calls it a committee to stop shooting.

Committee members said not on our watch. Diana should know - she's on the committee. How will NSW control guns while the Gun Lobby appears to be in control? The man in charge is NSW Police Minister Mike Galagher. That seems loaded?You want to ensure that you want all of the major players, the industry or the shooting fraternity. I want the police in there. That's why it is important to have these numbers.If you want to have all of the players there and they so far outweigh any voice against the Gun Lobby, doesn't it make it redundant having a committee?No, not at all. You have pistol shooters, antiques, rifles, Game Council, these are people from a broad variety of sporting interests as well as importantly having the NSW representatives in that committee, and that is the NSW Police Force. I think their record speaks for itself in terms of taking a very strong line.I would have thought the members you mentioned would be okay with the idea of refusing permits to violent and sexual offenders declaring mental illnesses before given a licence. These are reasonable reforms here, but by the sound of things we heard in the Actage, they're not in support. What are the chances of thedz getting through?What I want to do is make sure that the people understand we're not weakening it, not moving from the National Firearms Agreement, but it is about making sure that it is a language that people understand, even cops - they need to understand.Minister, your critics argue that this is one of a number of concessions you've made to the Gun Lobby t compositon of the comiltty. Are you beholden to the Shooters and Fishers Party like your critics suggest?I was the one who introduced ammunition control in NSW. It was not well received by the shooting fraternity but it was something that the police said to myself and other members of Government that this needs to happen in NSW. We proceeded with it. To suggest that somehow we are working with them completely as you suggested is not correct. You said that the changes made were to put them into plain English so that cops could understand, but members of the gun lobbies claimed victory in softening the laws on the table. Why would they be saying that?I don't know why they would want to be saying that because this is about consultation over 12 months. At the end of the day, I will work with the cops to make sure that this actually works for them on the streets. If it doesn't work for them, then simply I can't see how in heaven's name it could be supported.We will watch to see how things unfold in 12 months. (APPLAUSE) Time now for a quick break. A tablet or desktop, there are plenty of ways to get more of The Prompt online. You could win really cool stuff on Zeebox. Welcome back. An Australian soldier seriously injured in a collision between a an armoured truck and a civilian vehicle in Uruzgan has been airlifted to Germany. The accident happened and is being investigated. As we head off to holidays, health officials issued a warning against mosquito viruses. They say our chances rise in the warmer summer months. We have Dr Jeremy McAnulty, the Director of NSW Health. Where the hot spots around Australia for the viruss?The viruses are less likely in the inner city area except for bushy areas. Up and down the coast there are ones in coastal areas and in the bush we see high rates.I remember growing up in Perth we were warned about it. There's no treatment for this. So I guess that's why it is so important we're aware and try to avoid it?That is right. There's no specific treatment. These are viruses, and so prevention is important. There are simple things you can do, particularly around this time of year, but also into summer and through autumn, when the viruses are most prevalent. So if you are going out when there are likely to be mosquitoes, protect yourself. Cover up with long sleeves, long pants, shoes and socks and then use repel lant on exposed areas.If we get and and there is no treatment, do we live in a bubble, stay away from humans? Move to an Ireland? You won't spread it to anyone else. It is spread by mosquitoes. If you get it most will recover after a few days but symptoms are unplezsapblt. You won't die, but you may get feeling tired, headaches, and aches and pains, most people will recover after a few days. Some people, it can last for longer, maybe weeks and sometimes months. It is unpleasant, won't kill you, but best avoided. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) Time now to see what is making news around the globe. To South Korea where President Elect Park Geun-hye will become the first female leader T daughter of a former dictator says she intends to open a new era of national happiness where everyone can realise their dreams. Anger has spilled on the streets of India and outrage grows over the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman in a bus in New Delhi. Thousands joined an emotional candlelight vigil as a the young medical student battles for life. How do we permit this? The BBC has been cleared of covering up allegations of sex abuse against Jimmy Savile. An official investigation said there was chaos rat the broadcaster, made worse by a lack of leadership after a report on Jimmy Savile was dropped. The footage of an eagle snatching a toddler was a project by design students. The shadow gave the game away. With more than 10 million hits t students have probably assured of a passing grade. I dined out on that story last night. My friends and I had a half hour chat about how to avoid our kids being swooped by big birds. Carrie bought an eagle-free outfit for her son. And they taught that news services like our also be fooled into playing the clip again. Fool me once. More fool you. Ah, we played it again.The Miss Universe competition won in Las Vegas. Someone from earth won it again. We dominate that. A lot of people criticised the contestants for their boring passions and causes - "I want to save the whales". Well, I like the radical gear change offered up by Miss Peru.I would like to be a psychologist, helping people to live in extreme poverty. She wants to help people live in extreme poverty. Quite the job.Do you need to be a psychologist to do that? I have no idea. The Q and A section has offered up highlights over the years. There's none better than this from Miss vepbsz wail la. If you could make a new law, what would it be and explain why?I think any ladies in prostitution are already made. I think that we should have a straight way to go in our similar or... In our lives, and for example, I think the best way I can take is the way that I wait for it. So please do our only law that we can do. Thank you Vegas. (LAUGHTER) LookGHTER) Look, to be fair, what she was trying to say a law in the beaches and drinking cup monkey. In her defence that was pretty much the final answer on my constitutional law exam. Almost word for word. We will take a break. You don't have to do anything.

If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

Welcome back. It's a crime you assume was stamped out long ago but across the world there are more human slaves now than at any time in history. Your Christmas lunch might be fuelling that demand. Matt Doran reports from Myannmar. It's one of the oldest civilisations on earth but as Myannmar makes the change to democracy, few moments have been more important to its people. Four days ago the country created history with its first international music concert to raise awareness of the growing human slave trade. Ma-mo and her 11-year-old son are two victims, smuggled at gunpoint into Thailand. They told us that go where we ask you to go. If you make any noise, we will kill you. Several days into the nine-day trek through forests and across mountains, their group was raided by jungle thieves. Infront of her, the three girls, three young girls were taken, dragged into a nearby bushes and being raped. In Thailand mother and son were put to work - 20-hour days in the factory of a major shrimp export factory.We had to stand up for the whole day peeling is rim ps. The broker would beat him. They beat my back. As the world's fifth largest importer of Thai prawns, much of the catch is destined for Australia but the abuse doesn't stop in the factories. The serious form of exploitation is happening on the boats. They are operating in international sea, and probably also in the Australian sea. These images released by Myanma -- Myannmar police capture the hor Ross of life at sea. Those who fall ill are rounded up like cattle.

By UN estimates, six in ten of the Burmese workers on Thai fishing boats are straining under forced labour, continually trafficed between vessels and suffering a catalogue of abuses - half-starved and regularly beaten they are often force-fed amphetamines in a bid to boost the work rate. Some of those who don't comply are killed. Others willingly leap from the back of the boats in a bid to escape the life of torment at sea. Trafficed Burmese migrants make up a large part of the workforce in the Thai fruit industry which supplies 63% of the canned pineapple in Australian supermarkets. It hard to imagine the horror of being drugged, kidnapped and forced to work in a factory. For Ma-in that was her reality. TRANSLATION:I thought I wouldn't escape and would die.With the help of a UN rescue team, she escaped and now runs a busy roadside restaurant and more help is on the way. The Australian Government has committed $50 million to fight trafficking and tens of millions more will come from billionaire Andrew Forrest. I'm thrilled with the support in Burma; and the support across Asia. Slavery must end.For the people of Myannmar it is a chance for freedom that's long overdue.I want to be the living proof that we can stand up and those who are being trafficed or abused or locked up will be freed. (APPLAUSE) Matt Doran joins us. Great story, difficult to watch. When you think of slavery, you think of the 17 Steven James Hunters. Prou don't think of the 21st Century. How is this possible?It is grim when you think that there there are thousands of near-identical cases across Myannmar and Thailand. In many ways it's tkphroblisation in the developing countries. The dark side, and it's a huge business. Best estimate, 20 million people in forced labour or slavery across the world and they're driveing a business worth about $32 billion a year.Over the next few weeks or days in particular, we will be downing a few prawns, I would imagine. How can we be sure they're not from traffic workers?The bulk of the prawns we will get are Australian-sourced. About 10% will be from Thailand and they are coming in from 140 factories. Today some of the big supermarket chains here told me plenty about occasional raids on those factories and ethical sourcing policies. None could give me the 100% guarantee there is no slavery whatsoever within their supply chains. We did get a statement from the Australian Seafood Importers Association that said: "No-one can guarantee at some stage someone had not been exploited but an extraordinary amount of work is being done to make sure the best procedures... Are put in place". Thank you for sharing this story with us. (APPLAUSE) We will be back after this.

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' Here is your Top Five. Wayne Swan conceded that a budget surplus for next year is unlikely. Tony Abbott accused the Government of breaking a promise. An investigation into corruption at Sydney Airport led to eight arrests and at least 15 more border security officials suspected of corruption and misconduct. The NSW O'Farrell Government is pushing for stricter gun controls in the state through the Firearms Consultative Committee. Nine of the 11 members represent pro--gun groups. Citing dangers of viral infection, health officials are warning Australians to avoid mosquitoes. The footage which showed you of an eagle snatching a baby was CGI. The eagle was played by Andy Circus in a green leotard. Pretty good effect. That's three times we played it.We have been had.It was a competition?It got 100,000 hits. It got well over. Thank you to Natasha Stott-Despoja. Thank you Lehmo. Tomorrow night Hugh Jackman. Good night. SHH!

Merry Christmas.

For me, Christmas is the most
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Family, friends...

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so you and your family can enjoy a
gorgeous festive feast, stress free.

(ALL) Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho ho ho!

Ho ho!

We're gonna do the absolute classic
reliable roast turkey

and of course the trimmings.

We'll do the traditional,

plus some tasty new veg ideas, too.

Oh, my God! The flavour is so good.

And we'll kick the party off with
a fabulous Christmas Day starter.

Beautiful, have a go on that.

I've even got some special dishes
for Boxing Day too,

including a cheeky chocolate teatime
treat that everyone will love.

Now we're talking.


First, something a bit different

to set your Christmas Day off
with a bit of a bang.

If, like me, you're woken up
super early by the kids,

probably nursing
a bit of a sore head,

then take a break
from the wrapping paper carnage

and have yourself
a proper breakfast treat.

These bad boys are a bit special,
bursting with flavour,

crunchy and delicious, they'll
wake you up in no time at all.

Right, you lovely people,
let's do the ultimate breakfast,

brilliant for hangovers.

Sun's coming up in central Essex

and it's time for a little bit
of something different.

Think bacon sarnie and all
the things that we love about that

and then let me introduce it
to its little Mexican brother...

Yeah! It's little tacos.

Right, and we can fill those
with beautiful things,

create these little mouthfuls,
bang, flavour, wake you up.

I wanna hit the same sort of notes

that you get from a bacon sarnie,
but we're gonna do it different.

First things first,
I've got some pork belly,

I'm just gonna slice it up
into sort of centimetre dice,

so just chop it up
pretty roughly like that.

'I'm adding one teaspoon
of sweet smoked paprika.'

It's an absolute known fact
that food with spice

is one of the best cures
for a hangover, it honestly is.

It'll have a hum of heat to it,
but it won't be super, super hot.

And then fennel seeds,
again very fragrant,

works really, really well with pork.

Just a teaspoon,
and I'm going to leave those whole

so they've almost got a pop
and a crack to them.

'Put the pork into a hot frying pan.

I'm cooking mine 'over
some hot coals

inside a wood oven,
but you just need a hob

'on a medium high heat
for about ten minutes.'

What I really love about
this breakfast is it's not expected,

it's not the kind of flavours
that we do in Britain,

but when you put it in your gob,
and swallow it, it's happy food.

It wakes you up,
it makes you feel really good.

So, we need things to go with it
that kind of just freshen it up.

So I've got avocado -
brilliant thing in the morning.

So a little avo.

Get your little half, get a spoon...

just put it underneath like that,
run it around the edge...

..and just pop it out.

It's all about contrast.

Hot and cold, crunchy and soft,

sort of sweet, and a little bit
of heat and citrus.

So we've got avocado.
Wanna get some nice tomatoes.

'This is a celebration breakfast
fit for Christmas Day,

'so we want it to be vibrant
and full of colour.

'I'm chopping up some mixed tomatoes
and some coriander

'to make a kind of salsa.'

I'm gonna slice up the avocado
into sort of like centimetre...

Well, same size as the tomatoes
really, centimetre dice.

Well, same size as the tomatoes
really, centimetre dice.

Just chop that up.

Let's just have a look. You can see
in here, it even sounds different.

So what I wanna do
is just add some haricot beans,

so just half a tin,

so we've got that whole baked bean
vibe going on as well. Look at that!

Nice. OK, back
to our little salsa here.

Nice. OK, back
to our little salsa here.

Lime juice. For the morning,
to wake you up, it's brilliant.

It gets you kind of,
you know, just really going.

It gets you kind of,
you know, just really going.

We're gonna squeeze
the lime juice over the avocado,

that'll stop it going brown as well.

And look at the weather!

How worth it...

..was that?

Nice. Sun's coming up,
all the animals are out.

I can even talk to a turkey, right,

'cause he knows it's Christmas
coming soon.


Told you. Bla-la-la-la-la.


This means, you know, Christmas
is coming, not long till the pot.


At one with nature.


'So I promised you a dish
that would wake you up

'and a hit of bright red chilli
should do that.

'Festive colours,
but with fresh, funky flavours.'

I'm gonna season it with salt.

And just sort of almost dress it.

Gorgeous. So, everything's
looking pretty damn good.

We've got this beautiful limey salsa

that's gonna wake up
your taste buds.

The pork I canhear...


The lovely thing is,
by cooking the pork in its own fat,

the fennel seeds, the paprika,

when those beans go in, if you look,
you can see they've almost puffed,

they've almost popped
like sort of Sugar Puffs, right?

Which is brilliant,
'cause you get that lovely texture.

Don't think baked bean stodgy,
it is kind of more like

kind of popping corn,
Sugar Puffs sort of deliciousness.