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This program is captioned live. This morning - more arrests likely
as police reveal details of a major investigation
into Australia's Customs service.

Police speak to a man over that terrifying road rage
attack near Brisbane.

And President Obama reveals
his plans for greater gun control. VOICEOVER: This is
Seven News morning edition with Talitha Cummins. Two Customs officers
and a Quarantine official have been arrested as part of a drug sting
at Sydney airport. A total of eight people
have now been arrested as part of the 2-year investigation into the importation of drugs
into Australia. And police warn
more arrests are likely. They're meant to be
on the front line, protecting Australia
from the importation of drugs but today corruption within the
Customs department has been exposed. This is the result
of a 2-year operation. A total of eight people
have been arrested in relation to the importation
of drugs through Sydney airport - two Customs officers,
one arrested this week. It will be alleged in court that the Customs officer
facilitated this importation of approximately 10 kilograms
of pseudoephadrine. Also arrested
was one Quarantine official. The rest were members of the public,
allegedly acting as drug couriers. The Government's talking tough
on the issue. And if you're corrupt, we will hunt
you down and lock you up. Jason Clare says there will be
more stings and more arrests. He's sent a blunt warning
to Customs staff. If you're thinking of taking
a bribe, than think again because the next time
you take a bribe, it could be off a police officer. Seven News first unveiled serious
problems in Customs last June when we revealed a shipment
of illegal drugs had not been detected
at Port Botany. The acting head of Customs says
the arrests show why the department
can't let its guard down. It's a disappointing day
but we're not surprised. We're going to root out these cells. The Home Affairs Minister says tough reforms to Customs
are already underway. They include integrity testing,
drug and alcohol screening and more money to the corruption
watchdog to examine the department. The Government has also
announced plans to set up the Customs Reform Board. The job of the board will be to provide me with advise and
recommendations on further reform that is required. The Opposition's placing the blame
on the Federal Government. It claims the Government's decision to cut
the budget and 750 Customs staff has left Australia's borders
vulnerable. The customs budget is bigger now than it was
under the former government.

Queensland police are yet
to lay charges against a man over a shocking road rage attack that was captured
by a driver's dash-cam. Police have spoken to the man and two more alleged victims
have come forward saying they also feared
for their lives.

After his antics were broadcast
to more than a million people, Australia's angriest driver
didn't feel like talking. Are you able to tell us
what happened out on the road? I'm not talking to you,
I'm talking to the copper. What happened out there
on the road? You'll find out
when we've talked to the police. It's the chilling road rage attack
that has the nation talking... MAN: He's jumping on by bonnet.
He's smashed my windscreen! ..every heart-stopping moment
caught on camera. (THUD!) The call to police, recorded. I can't do anything,
he's trying to run me off the road. WOMAN: (ON PHONE) I know. All I'm trying to tell you is keep
driving to the police station. Well, I can't, he keeps cutting
in front of me and cutting me off. Now another person has come forward claiming a driver in the same
black ute also targeted her. You can see there's oncoming traffic and he would have just cut straight
in front of them. He swerved once again out
over these double lines. She was too afraid to show her face, fearing the man who stalked driver
Ken Olsen, will again target her. I don't wanna be a statistic
and nor does anybody else. He's a maniac and he should not be
on the road at all. The 21-year-old was questioned
for 90 minutes yesterday. He claims the video was doctored. You get a video
and you get everything, if you didn't make a fake,
a fake video... Tell us what happened.
It was a fake video, was it? He could now face several charges
including dangerous driving, wilful damage

and the more serious offence
of using his car as a weapon. A man is recovering in hospital after an early morning
fire bomb attack on his home in Melbourne's
north-west. Two stubbies containing burning fuel were thrown
through the lounge room window of the Meadow Heights property
just after 6:00 this morning. A 39-year-old man was badly burnt
while trying to douse the flames. It could have caused substantial
damage but he's gotten on to it and prevented the fire
with what he's done. He's been very brave. The victim is known to police Police believe
it was a targetted attack. A 4-year-old Sydney boy
has been hit by a car after wandering on to a busy road. Witnesses say the boy was alone
and wearing pyjamas when he tried to cross
the road at Dulwich Hill just before 8:00 this morning. It's pretty shocking
this early in the morning to see something like that. However, I think
the more shocking thing is that there were no parents around
helping this kid out. The boy was taken to hospital
in a serious condition.

Two more funerals have taken place for the victims of America's
Newtown school massacre. The funeral procession
of 7-year-old Daniel Bardon was joined by volunteer
firefighters. They lined the street
to pay their respects after finding out Daniel had wanted
to join their ranks when he grew up. 27-year-old teacher Victoria Soto
was also buried. Paul Simon sang her favourite song,
'The Sound of Silence'. She died trying to protect
her students from the gunman. US President Barack Obama has set up
a task force to reduce gun violence.

The President declared that tackling the issue of gun violence will be a priority in his second term. But the fact that this problem is complexed can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing. President Obama has assigned vice president Biden to work with members of Congress and outside groups to come up with a specific set of policies in time for his state of the union address next month. Their task will be to sift thigh every good idea that's out there and even take a look at some bad ideas before disposing of them. Mr Obama responded sharply when challenged on why it has taken him nol now to make this issue a priority. Where have you been? I have been president of the United States dealing with the worst competition pry situates since the great depression. I don't think I've been on vacation. I think all of us have to do some reflection on how we prioritise what we do here in Washington. The President even used the Newton massacre as a political wedge when questioned about stalled negotiations over the so-called fiscal cliff. When you think about what we have gone through over the last couple of months, a devastating hurricane, and now one of the worst tragedies in our memory, the country deserves folks to be willing to compromise on behalf of the greater

as 'Time' magazine's
Person of the Year for 2012. It's the second time
he's held the title. The magazine's editors say
he symbolises a changing America. What you see in these past few days and particularly
in his speech at Newtown is a president who really has
the liberty to speak from his heart about issues that matter to him. He's also the first president
since Roosevelt to win more than 50% of the vote
in two straight elections.

A gay South Australian politician
has married his long time partner in Spain overnight. Social Inclusion Minister Ian Hunter
said he's disappointed his marriage
to artist Leith Semmens would not be legal in Australia but said they couldn't wait for
Australia to approve gay marriage. We were coming to Spain anyway, so why not get married
while we could. Spain is leading the world
with its changes to its laws, and Australia is still having
the debate, as is France and the UK. Spain enacted its gay marriage
law in 2005. Next in Seven News -
the latest finance. And Hugh Jackman in Sydney to
promote his film 'Les Miserables'.

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The first military shipment
of emergency supplies from Australia has arrived in Fiji
following Cyclone Evan. The C-17 Globemaster plane
left Queensland yesterday, touching down on the battered
Pacific nation last night. Fiji is slowly getting
back to normal after the worst tropical storm
in 20 years. Tarpaulins, hygiene supplies
and basic necessities have all been delivered to locals. To finance now and joining me is Bill Evans,
global head of economics at Westpac. Good morning, Bill. The US market is down today over
concerns around the fiscal cliff. How are we responding?

Yes, the US market down 0. Yes, the US market down 0.75% Yes, the US market down 0.75%. House leader Bayner gave a 20 second interview, says the house hopes to approve plans to help people above a million dollars. He indicated that if the democracies did not approve that, then President Obama would be increasing tax. I think the issue will come down to if the market does start to get mer start to get start to get nervous about the start to get nervous about cliff, then the Republicans, will be under pressure, the share market which is the key part of their own constituent situate will start to lose a lot of value. Bill, how has our marketed performed this year compared to other countries? Today, our market was flat so we did rather well today. The base metals were down but the financials were flat. Looking back over the year, we have to say our market was up 14% have to say our market was up 14%. That's a very good result. The US up around about the same. But other countries did better, the Europe was up 17% up 17%. Japan, up 22% up 17%. Japan, up 22%, Hong up 17%. Japan, up 22%, Hong Kong, up up 17%. Japan, up 22%, Hong Kong, up 25%. It was only really the Chinese market that fell slightly that clearly under performed Australia. So we can be very happy with our outright performance but compared to some of these other markets this year, we under performed. I will take that, Bill, speak to you

An internal report into the BBC's
shelving of an investigation into the Jimmy Savile child sex
abuse scandal has found chaos and confusion
reigned among senior management. An executive has now resigned
and three others have been moved.

raise Damning words about the BBC and and it's failure to run the Jimmy Saville story, the report found a BBC in chaos and confusion and news night editor making a flawed and wrong decision. There was a lack of leadership. News bosses made serious mistakes, yet there is some comfort for the BBC. The decision to drop the Saville investigation was made in good faith, even if it was wrong. When the full force of the affair broke in October this year, the BBC's management system proved completely incapable of dealing with it. The level of chaos and confusion was even greater than was apparent at the time. Former director general, George ent whistle got a 450,000 pound pay off but doesn't get off lightly, criticised for criticised for his caution, not taking control of the fall out. And there are emails he was sent before he took on the most senior job, warning him before the Jimmy Saville tribute programs were commissioned that there was the darker side of the story about Saville. And in an earlier email about Saville, a colleague told him, " colleague told him, "I'd feel very queasy about an o bit, I saw the real truth." Yet last Christmas, instead of Saville the peed file, the BBC ran Sav the BBC ran Saville, the TV star, the BBC ran Saville, the TV star the two journ two journalists were right that the BBC could have broken the two journalists were right that the
BBC could have broken thestory almost a year before ITV. I think the decision to drop our story was a breach of our duty to the women who trusted us to reveal that Jimmy Saville was a pedestrian

A veteran team of space explorers is headed for
the International Space Station after successfully blasting off
from a Kazakhstan launch pad. in a brilliant burst of orange.

MAN: Five, four, three, two, one,
and lift off.

The 'Soyuz' is currently
the only spacecraft able to send humans into orbit after the US shut down
its space shuttle program.

Hugh Jackman has welcomed the director and producer
of 'Les Miserables' to Sydney ahead of the film's Australian
premiere tomorrow night. The Oscar buzz is building for
the stars of the movie musical. Seven reporter Sarah Coates
has more.

, Good morning, Talitha, I'm here at the rocks in Sydney, where Hugh Jackman has just had a photo call ahead of the Sydney premier your of 'Les Miserables' on the final stop of this promotional tour for the screen tour. The movie is creating plenty of hype and is being talked about of being potentially Oscar-wrothy. He says he doesn't buy into any of them I don't read them, I am too nin skined, the great thing for me was watching the movie with an audience and it was amazing. In New York and in London and hopefully in Sydney tomorrow night, it will be the samement people samement people seem to be moved by it and they are excited. It's a great feeling. Jackman has been advised that he is a certain contender for the Best Actor academy award for his role as John Valjean, the Ex prisoner who creates a successful new life for himself but he says the most challenging part was taking the part from stage to screen. Here is the man here, Tom Hooper. He is the man who really did it. One of the great things that Tom did, who directed 'The King's Speech', Tom Hooper, he decided for us all to sing live. In effect, even though you are watching the movie in a way, it's quite theatrical. It's just that you get a seat that you can't buy in the theatre. The movie comes out on Boxing The movie comes out on Boxing Day which is traditionally one of the biggest movie going days of the year.

Next in Seven News - the Renegades
on fire in the Big Bash. Welcome news for the Roosters
in the NRL. And a triumphant return home for newly crowned world
surfing champion Joel Parkinson.

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Test great Shane Warne expects
Jackson Bird to debut for Australia in the Boxing Day Test
against Sri Lanka. Warne says Bird's impressive MCG
record should work in his favour at the selection table. The Spin King has warned skipper
Michael Clarke not to select both Mitchell Starc
and Mitchell Johnson. I don't think Australia will go
with two left armers. I think Mitchell Starc
and Mitchell Johnson... I think they both leak runs. Meanwhile, Cricket Australia's
high-performance manager Pat Howard has ordered a review into
how our fast bowlers are managed. Seven Aussie pacemen have broken
down with injury this summer.

The Melbourne Renegades are
on top of the Big Bash League following a 7-wicket win over the
Hobart Hurricanes at Etihad Stadium. Ricky Ponting received
a cheeky 38th birthday present from his team-mates. The former Aussie skipper made 25
before falling to Murali, Hobart finishing at 9/102. Aaron Finch had a certain six
ruled a dead ball, when it cannoned into a roof beam. COMMENTATOR: It just hit one of
the beams coming down off the roof. That's how well he hit it. I feel like I'm in really good form
I'm hitting it well, wish the roof wasn't here. The Renegades captain
finished unbeaten on 46. The NRL is expected to register Sonny Bill Williams's
Roosters contract by the end of the week. Delays in registering the contract
sparked fears Williams could be lost
to rugby league, like fellow code-hopper
Israel Folau. But now the deal's all but done, for next year's World Cup. Once he gets settled
back into the NRL then we can establish
whether he's ready. He's definitely in our plans. The NRL has decided not to include
Williams' boxing prize money in the salary cap. Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley
has hit back at suggestions Dane Swan is a bad influence
on team-mates. Buckley admits he did raise
the topic with Swan but says the Brownlow medallist's
attitude has been exceptional at the Magpies' training camp
in Utah. after recent heart surgery. They say that, you know, down the
track I should notice a difference Like, pre-season's still hard. The 32-year-old went under the knife
in September to repair a hole in his heart. Chelsea has overcome a scare to power into the semifinals
of English football's League Cup. A massive upset was on the cards when second tier side Leeds United
grabbed an early goal. But Chelsea hit back hard
after the break. COMMENTATOR: Fine effort, Chelsea turning on the style
and the goals. Victor Moses makes it three. The Blues ran out
convincing 5-1 winners and will take on Swansea
in the semis.

Newly crowned world surfing champion
Joel Parkinson has been given a hero's welcome
on the Gold Coast. He was expecting just close friends
and family, but hundreds of fans greeted
Parkinson at the airport last night. Parko says a host of near-misses have made his maiden world title
all the more enjoyable. To have done... had, I guess,
the scars and the bruises and all the near-misses He's intent on going back-to-back
next year.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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And in breaking news this morning - a large bushfire has broken out
in Sydney's south-west. The blaze is burning
is in grassland at Milperra and firefighters are rushing
to protect property. It's not clear how the fire started but Sydney is experiencing heatwave
conditions today with temperatures expected
to hit 35 degrees. Coincidentally, earlier today,
police and firefighters warned that they will throw the book
at anyone caught lighting fires this summer. At least three hectare
has been burnt and the fire is still
out of control. To the national weather now and troughs are generating warm,
unsettled conditions over New South Wales, Queensland,
WA and the Northern Territory. A cold front is bringing showers
and cooler weather to Victoria and Tasmania. The national capitals - Brisbane should
see showers. A possible Thunderstorm
in Sydney. Showers
in Canberra. Melbourne,
a clearing shower. Mostly sunny
in Adelaide. Sunny
in Perth. A late thunderstorm
in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day I'm Talitha Cummins. Thanks
for your company. See you soon. Supertext captions by
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