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This program is captioned live. Tonight shall four shootings in 24 hours in Sydney. He is too busy to read the slipper findings but the knot swaying Tony's opinion. It's vital for science and medicine but will we soon run out of helium? How young is too young to let the kids stay home alone? And we look back on a huge year of entertainment. This is the Project.

Stkwhr good evening and welcome to the Project. Would you welcome back Lehmo and Nicole Livingstone. Some headlines perhaps?In the news today, Wednesday, 19 December, explosive allegations out of Sydney airport this evening with dozens of customs officers accused of being involved in corrupt activities. It's believed they have been under surveillance after being suspected of receiving payoffs for allowing drugges into the country.We can tell you that 30 customs officers are allegedly involved in turning a pliend eye to the importation of Ilisity drugs, we understand possibly cocaine and pseudoephidrene. We understand they were receiving kickbacks for this. We also understand entire shifts of staff were involved in this highly planned activity. The AFP commissioner and home affairs minister were due to hold a press conference today to talk about this but we don't know where it's been postponed.Do we know when we will hear more about the allegations?I apparently we will hear more tomorrow when the AFP commissioner and home affairs minister and multi agency heads hold a joint press conference.With these 30 customs staff being taken off the job does that make in a better or worse time to try to bring in dodgy nunchucks from Bali?Maybe try it now.I will take that advice.A 28-year-old pnch bowl man has been killed outside his family home - the fourth shooting in Sydney in 24 hours. Bachir Arja died in his mother's arms. It's revealed he wass related to a man gunned down three weeks ago at a house just a kilometre away. Robert Gjee the man accused of the Lin family murders will go on trial next year. Five members of the family including his brother-in-law were found beaten to death in their Sydney home in 2009. The 'Top Gun' lobby in the ufpl S has broken its silence over the Sandy Hook massacre. The NRA says it's shocked by the shooting and says it's prepared to make a meaningful contribution to make sure this never happens again. There was something interesting I saw today that may help us understand the culture better. We often see ads for utes, beer or softdrink that appear to manlyness. The rifle used in the shooting was a Bush master. This is the actual magazine ad.-- your man card reissued.That's a simple, common add in the US appealing to the manlyness to buy a gun.I was in west Virginia a few months ago and I was stunned by the number of gun ads in the paper.I thought you were about to say you actually bought a gun.No, I...Finally, three European towers got more than they bargained for while filming a fresh water crocodile. They were clearly a little too close for the freshy which took off in their direction with a flying leap.Wow. Of all the things a crocodile could do to you water hole, jumping on your head is a win.You see how that story changed during the day. We tackled it and...And we had 20 beers with it.Moving on to something else - this week tens of thousands of Australian high school lever also find out whether or not all of their hard work has paid off with the offer of a place the a university.Whatever happens, when it comes time to check your exam result this is week do not panic, your life is not over if you don't get offered a place at uni this year or, B, you have made the choice to skip union uni altogether. The only week anybody will ask you your score is this week and that gos for your entire life.Christmas is a week away and you will probably have to endure endless questions from your family all wanting to know what you will do with your life. There are plenty of people who never went to or finished uni but went on to be successful. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Paul Keating all skipped tertiary education and climbed to the top of their respective fields. I left school at 15 and did an apprenticeship. When I was 22 or 23 we opened our first pizza shop. We opened over 260 stores in Australia and New Zealand.These are hardly comforting words if your dream is to become a doctor, lawyer or engineer, all professions that need a degree.There are many ways to get where you need to go, just take a longer or different path.That's right. High school exams are just one way to get into university. TAFE, private college and mature age entrance are all other options you can use to score that uni place down the track. Whatever happens, don't stress. Just take the time to work it out because getting somewhere is heaps easier if you know where you want to go.There were some examples there. I didn't go to university. I'm I I feel like I'm declaring something. Strangely, Carr irks e, you're the only one who studied what you're doing now. I did do law.I was a pretty average accountant.I was in the thr,0 es of training for the Olympics and racing for Australia. I didn't get the marks to get into the Olympics.Not too late. Go back to uni.I think there is something to having a plan. If you don't have school to get up and go to every day it gets to May and you're still partying going, "We just finished school" but you just finished six months ago.It's a good idea to know what you want to do.I don't share that idea. I think it's a good idea to have a 'Gap Year', kids. Do it for uncle Charlie. Heaps to come, stick around. Heading away for the holidays? Who better to tell you how to burglar proof your house than a burgler himself. We aired the proposal last night so what did she say. Plus is the party over for helium?We're already having shortages. It's difficult to get helium when we need it.

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Welcome back to the Project. Lehmo? Yeah, thanks, Charlie! Australians are rushing home after the cyclone in Fiji. This lady rang an airline to find out exactly what was going on.I spent an hour listening to some terrible music this morning with the airline. That took a long time. She was very helpful but gave me the wrong information.Helpful miss information - thank.Keeping positive.Gining to wonder if it was actually an airline. Broadcaster Allan Jones has finally apologised on air for comments he made 7 years ago describing Lebanese Muslims as vermin and mongrels. He was ordered to read the apology after losing a lengthy legal battle that found he incited hair tread.I apologise for making those comments and I recognise they were unlawful. I also apologise on behalf of radio 2GB.There has been a lot of discussion out there about whether he was sincere because he read off a statement on radio. Allan Jones is a very stubborn and opinionated man as we know. The fact he Read statement on radio to me means he is actually apologising. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it. And stood his ground.I was disappointed. I prefer the apologies when it's more the insane raifings of a mad man! You have a 40 have a 40, with a reference to the Prime Minister and kicking the boot into the carbon tax. That's the apology I was looking for. I was sadly disappointed this afternoon. - this morning.A window cleaner has been rescued on the Gold Coast after he fell four floors and was left dangling outside a window. I could never do that job for that exact reason. That's terrifying. You can imagine being in your apartment and seeing him!A bungee jump. Into I imagine one clean swish over four storeys. Someone would have yelled out, "You missed a bit!"He could have been left dangling up there.He would still be there now. Luckaly they brought him in. I love this lady's observation.He was just cleaning our windows when I was talking to him. I said you must not be scared of heights, hey. He said, "My name is Heights but I'm not scared of heights."And his name was Height. Here was I worrying about whether or not she would be able to dine out on a story for the rest of the week. She will be fine.You may have missed this year's next big story - we're facing a global helium shortage and it's no laughing matter.Rory runs the Melbourne party emporium. 40% of his business comes from selling helium balloons.I guarantee you any kid who gets a balloon, their Facelift light up.One day people can expect to pay $70 or $100 for a helium party balloon instead of $2 or $3, which is unfairly cheap for something that is so important. Helium junt - doesn't just make balloons float. It's an essential part of modern life - for drug research and MRI machines.Without helium we can't run them N science there are lots of other instruments that require helium to be able to work. Without that helium you can't use them at all.For instance the large hadron collider looking at the basic make-up of the universe needs helium to run. It also makes magnets super cold and superpowerful. The problem is there isn't enough of it to go around. We're already having shortages. It's already difficult to get helium when we need it. And there are occasions when we aren't able to get it at all.The sun turns 600 millions of hydrogen into helium every second but here on earth it's harder to come by. The BOC plant in car with in-service Australia's only supplier and accounts for 2% of global production.Helium is rare around the world. It's found in natural gas deposits. Not every natural gas deposit contains helium. If it escapes from under ground it flights into space. In the past decade the market price of pure helium has nearly tripled. The global shortage has already seen some MRI machines in India working only part time. And Tokyo Disneyland has stopped selling helium balloons. But Peter Ray reckons it's not quite time to start stockpiling.There is no need to panic about the global helium supply. There will be sufficient additional supplies next year.But existing reserves may be exhausted in as little as 20 years time, which means a baby born this year may see a helium balloon at their 21st birthday.We're taking this resource which is very hard to make more of. To put it into balloons and float it off into the sky seems incredibly waistful to me.Wow. It's very concerning. But for people who think it is very important to be able to speak with a humouriously high voice, supplies of "kicked in the groin kicked in the groin teeful.I didn't know it was used for so much.Very versatile. Didn't mention chipmonk albums as well.Why do you not know -Why don't you...Why don't you let us know...Why would they? They don't know. We have to take a break now. Back with more in a sec. It's not illegal to leave your kids home alone but if something happens to them that's another story altogether. And why did NASA snarb stuff into the moon on purpose? This is the Project. Time's running out for
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This is the Project. A bit of feedback on helium?A bit of feedback. We're caution panic. Simon on Facebook says - and I should leave the comedy to the comedians : what a let down jooplt Dave said, "I feel a little deflated after hearing this"Was that Dave Hughes?Some amazing images out of Canada which captured the moment an eagle snatched a child off the ground and flew off. The youngster was quickly dropped but unhurt. However the child was upset.And Tony Hawk has faced an internet backlash after skating with his daughter without a helmet on. Some posted he was a dangerous dad. Others wished he was their dad. Look, I'm an old skater from way back. Tony Hawk knew what he was doing. That's as safe as walking. That's the greatest skater who has ever lived. He would have not risked injury to his child doing that.Would you have let Ollie do that?Should Cadel Evans or Lance Armstrong dipbg their child down the road because they are a great cyclist.Cadel, yes, Lance Armstrong, no. Before you know it he has a blood bag out...This is Tony Hawk's actual backyard. It looks like a drained swimming pool. He has his own skate deal going on. You wouldn't want to walk out into the backyard drunk. You would be in for a rude shock.When it comes time to sell the house - it's a very limited market.To cricket - as a result of the ball tampering furore, Peter Siddle has been accused of a lot in the last 24 hours, Peter Siddle has been accused of a lot. If you look at me bending over before I bowl... Bending over! Peter Siddle, enough of your antics.For the first - and on 12 December a Federal Court judge found that Howard government minister Mal Brough was part of a conspiracy with James Ashby in the sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper. A week later Tony Abbott voiced support for his colleague.I'm confident he acted rightly at all times.It's pretty brave for a politician to take a stand against the verdict of a Federal Court judge. Particularly when...I haven't read it.Queue flash back to this moment.Have you actually read the statement?No. The only document we know Mr Abbott has read this year is 50 shades of grey.All good fun but there is a serious point to be made.. As the astoupding Mr Abbott hasn't time the time to read this decision. Mr Abbott's office says Tony was briefed on the verdict, but there is more strangeness going on here. Abbott has always claimed he had no specific knowledge of the lawsuit before it was filed. But it's been alleged his staff drafted a media release about the case the day before court documents went public. It's looking like our own wall lead Ali was right last week when he said...This is the scandal of the year.Which makes it all the more surprising that Mr Abbott hasn't heard anything about it.For his political insights we welcome Barry Cassidy. The judge found that Mal Brough was involved in a conspiracy. Surely Tony should have read it by now.Of course. The judge found is that Mal Brough acting with James Ashby conspired with Peter Slipper. James Slipper. James ash er slipper's office and stitched up the bloke on sexual harassment allegations. Mal Brough stood to gain for this because he wants the seat.To be fair, Tony Abbott was asked in London why he hadn't read it. He had this to say.It was because... I'm doing very important things for the people of Australia here in this country right now. What are those important things?He went back to his old university. He has gone to something called the Australia-UK-Israel dialogue. That's so big deal that even I was invited. I think he would have had plenty of time to read that report. He has been particular about the language that he has chosen in that regard. Here is Tony Abbott speaking about that.I had no specific knowledge of any of this until I read it in the newspaper. The Prime Minister has said he is using weasle words in this regard. In your experience when a politician is that specific about the language they are using why are they that specific?Well, maybe because they are having trouble dealing with the content. That could in the end explain why he hasn't read the report because he doesn't want to go into any detail in question and answer. If he hasn't read it he can say that and then respond respond directly. Isn't the issue that the Federal Court judge says there is a conspiracy and now the question is how much did Tony Abbott know about the conspiracy?That comes down to the response that he gives that he had no specific knowledge of it. Any member of the Liberal Party who had some working knowledge of it has questions to answer. He says no specific knowledge but he hasn't said what he means by that. He did say rumours are swirling around the house about Peter Slipper and other things. He needs to say precisely what he did and how much he knew about the arrangements before the announcements were made to the media. There has been a public skhairpbg on Twitter between Rupert Murdoch and Malcolm Turnbull : terrible news today. When will politicians find the courage to ban automatic weapons. This seemed like a balancesy response from Malcolm Turnbull. I suspect they will find courage when Fox news enthusiastically campaigns for it. You have to give Malcolm Turnbull 10 out of 10 for courage. Rupert Murdoch would be offended by that. But it's spot on. They campaigned for Mitt Romney throughout the US election and didn't win. But in this case if Fox news was to campaign in support of gun reforms - the NRA and their supporters would have nowhere to go in the US and then you really would get something done. Thanks for everything this year. Look forward to chatting to you again in the New Year. Please put your hands together for Barry Cassidy. If you have just joined us, here is what is making news today, Wednesday, 19 December. Customs officers at Sydney airport have been accused of corruption with dozens being investigated by federal police. It's alleged they have been receiving kickbacks for allowing drugs into the country. Police in Sydney are investigating two overnight shootings making it four in just 24 hours. With unman was shot in the foot after an argument at a Mosman apartment. Detectives believe a punch bowl man shot an killed outside his home is related to a man gunned down three weeks ago. 48-year-old Robert Gjee will appear in court charged with the murders of the Lin family in 2009. She is accused of bludgeoning the five family members to death in one of Sydney's worst homicide cases. The timing of cyclone Yasi in Far North Queesnland has proved a blessing in disguise. If it had struck hours earlier at high tide the damage would have been worse. The damage bill is $is $33 - the costliest in history. And a campaign to stop people covering up graphic pictures on cigarette packs. The government has released a way that people try to hide the Gorey pictures. The main message : you can't hide from the effects of smoking.I thought they were ads for the new Saw films.Someone who does have the occasional durrie - covering them up is very stressful and makes you want to smoke more. You say when you're out...I hate putting a pack of cigarettes on a bar or table because the pictures are so ugly thank you do try to hide the smokes.There is an easy solution to that.Yeah, I know - what is that, by the way?A fascinating study into the habits of convicted robbers has revealed the best ways to prevent your home being burgled this holiday season. You can think of anything worse than getting robbed this Christmas? Sure, that was pretty awful. Still, no-one wants to have their Christmas goodies ripped off this silly season. Researchers from Edith Cowan university have interviewed 9 self-confessed burglars to find out what makes a home a good target. Firstly, they found 6% entered through unlocked - 66% entered through unlocked doors and windows. Over flowing mail or bins left on the street was a tell tale sign that residents were away on holidays. And leaving a light on at night was a lame attempt at convincing crooks there was someone at home.Christmas being the traditional holiday people people go away and houses tend to be vacant and they become easy pickings.You don't want to turn your home into for the knocks because then Santa won't be able to deliver the present this is Christmas. But what exactly you can do to stop thieves targeting your home and convince them that maybe your neighbours a better target? Natalie, the fascinating getting into the mind of a crim but how did you find so many burying arelas to interview?It's part of a larger project we run with the Australian Institute of Criminology where we interview people just arrested a number of behaviours. We were able to isolate 69 self-confessed burglars and ask them about their typical burglar behaviour.Break it to us. What was the most common reason for breaking into our homes? Availability. Open doors, open windows. Keys left under mats, keys left in fake rocks by front doors. Accessibility, walking past, seeing an opportunity and taking it.I'm Schachtered to hear that the fake rock isn't working. I will have to change something as soon as I get home. Interestingly, one the best things you can have are dogs around the house. I have some ferocious terriers - an enormous westy and Scotty. Surely they are big enough to intimidate anybody coming to the door.Actually they are. It's not dogs that are big enough to rip your pants off but dogs that yap and can alert someone that sun else is around.Are my two cats going to keep away burglars?No, sorry, that won't work.Is it stupid that when I leave the house I know it's empty, see you later, you can put the washing on so it looks like someone is still inside the house?That would be effective if would be effective if joint and watching you. These people weren't typically casing it so that wouldn't really help in this situation.So no rocks and no yelling.Is there a chance that the burglars may break in and do the laundry?They were only staying in your house on average 5 minutes, running in and grabbing what they could and leaving.So you can give us tips to make your house not so enticing for them?Certainly. Lock up. Particularly at this time of year when people are having parties and they go out the back. The front door is left open for late comers or smokers to go out, you need to look the doors. They are telling us they come in, mingle with guests and no-one notices them, they grab a few handbags and purses and are out the door.Some good advice there.Good tip force burglars as well by the sound of it!Thanks, Natalie.You're welcome. Last night I brought you some Christmas messages from the troops in Egypt. That was great but this guy went further than the rest and proposed to his girlfriend. The lady in question, Ashleigh Coombes, is in Darwin. Ashleigh, we're dying to know : did you say yes?Yes, I did.Congratulations. Congratulations.Thank you.How surprised were you?Very. He kept it quiet a secret.I have to say we were very excited when we saw the sign that your fiance held up yesterday asking you to marry him. But when we looked design and your name today they are spelt very differently. Have we got it wrong or did your future husband get it wrong?Yeah, he got it wrong.Did he give you a reason for getting it wrong?He didn't know until I told him.Oh, no!I don't their he realised at all. He was pretty embarrassed.I bet he never spells your name wrong again. Look on the bright side.He hasn't. This was a first.Are you a regular watcher of the Project?I'm not a big TV watcher actually.Was it by coincidence you watched last night? How did it play out?He told me to watch it. He said there was a Christmas thing going on. I had my suspicions on the day it was happening and I was very angry with him and I said, "Do not propose to me on national television."He said, "I wouldn't."He said I said hi to my parents and that I love you. Had me fooled.Not only did he misspell your name but he disobeyed you as well?He is in a lot of trouble. When will you get to see him to celebrate?He comes home in May. He will get about 10 days leave in February.Good. It will be great for you both to catch up. Ashleigh - LEIGH - thanks so much for your time and congratulations.Cupid!We will be back after the break.Can't think of what to buy us this Christmas? How about a Logies nomination. It's that time of year to point and click on all of your favourites. How about nominating the Project as most popular light entertainment program. It will be a joyful yuletide. Head to the website and follow the links. Merry VOICEOVER: Can you beat
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VOICEOVER: Can you beat
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Five real breast nuggets
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Welcome back to the Project.While most of us are winding down for the year some very sick people are - fit people are preparing for the ironman series. Who is looking the goods?SA hard job to do looking after the iron men. The iron women are out there as well. This is Ellie Day, one of the red hot favourites for the series this year the series this year. On Channel Ten at 2 pm. This is Shannon. His brother Cayle has gone across to the ironman triathalon. Courtney Hancock is looking fantastic. She was runner-up in the series last year. Our series leader from last year is Liz Plumer who is in the UK for a year. Brody Moyer is looking fit and ready to go. It's wide open. Portsea is one of the venues, which - which is always really big surf. It's really exciting. Last year the boys had to run through a nudist beach. Let's revisit that moment. No, he saw him in the water.Any more of that action in this series? You better not blink because you might miss it.The ironman series kicks off this Sunday in Perth - all of the action on Sunday from 2. Time to see what is making headlines in news around the world - the people of Newtown continue the agonising task of laying the victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre to death including a principal. Some local students have returned to the classroom for the first time since the shooting. American NBC journalist Richard Engell and his team have escaped to Turkey after being kidnapped in Syria but pro-regime supporters. They were bound, blindfolded and threatened with death. To Ireland the government is amending its abortion laws death of a woman refused an abortion in October. She died of blood poisoning. The new laws will allow abortion when a pregnancy endangers a woman's life. And NASA scientists have ended a 15 month mission with a bang. Washing machine size probes Ebb and Flow slammed into the moon. Graham, why didn't they just top up Ebb and Flow with fuel? Was it really necessary for them to crash into the moon?That's right. They were flying around with the gauge getting lower and lower desperately looking for a gas station. They didn't find one. That was the only alternative. A lot of stuff has crashed on the moon. Things that go up must come down with graffiti and that's the only place they can end up.It seems like the moon has become a big junkyard.We say it's a collection of important and historic scientific instruments! The big question on my mind was did they manage to avoid hitting the flag that Neil Armstrong planted in the moon?That would be embarrassing if they crashed it right into that. They had it all carefully planned. It wasn't just a random we're running out of fuel, down it comes. The two probes crashed into the same mountain and at really high speed - something like 6,000 kilometres an hour. Caused a couple of craters 30m across. Well out of the way of all of the other junk as you like it call it - scientific instruments. Did it really happen or was it filmed in a Hollywood studio somewhere?I reckon we know it's real because they missed the key shot.Will they know what cheese the moon is made of?I'm pretty sure it's on the NASA agenda.Can't wait for those stats. Thank you very much for your time.No worries. From the sea of tranquillity to the dead sea scrolls - seguay of the year - the dead sea controls have found their way on to Google. Here is a very important man talking about them in a press conference. Only five conservators worldwide are authorised to handle the dead sea scrolls.It's good you have those rules in place. You wouldn't want anyone just flashing them around. Hey, careful! They are over 1,000 years old! Seriously, you should not be handling those things in public like that.I did the kids invitess invites last year, painted it with Coke and burnt the edges. That's exactly what they Merry Christmas!
Oh! Oh.
Oh. We'll do it.


Maltesers - the lighter way
to enjoy Christmas.

Welcome back.A shark feeding frenzy off a Perth beach has drawn hundreds of spec the at a timeers. The shark pack which includes tiger sharks were feeding on a dolphin swimming just 10m off shore. South Trigg and Scarborough beaches have been closed.That's where the ironman is going on Sunday.I think the ratings will get a boost.And the winner of $40 million in last night's Oz Lotto draw only knew she won after receiving a call from Oz Lotto this morning.Let's see how happy in particular this random bloke is.Is that a good thing just before Christmas?I think it's too much.Oh, come on.As America mourns the victims of the Conneticut school massacre Hollywood has reacted by toning things down. The premiere of Quentin Tarantino's latest film Jango Unchained has been cancelled with producers opting for a private screening instead.The showbiz world has come to a standstill over this?On so many different levels - Saturday Night Live, a comedy show opened up with a children's choir singing Silent Night, trying to transition into comedy. Films being affected. Jango Unchained, a big Quentin Tarantino film starring yaimy Fox, they cancelled their premiere. And Jack Reacher, the premiere, both have a lot of killing and guns. It's a sensitive time in Hollywood.A lot of celebrities have offered their personal sympathies?This has been a tricky thing. Kim Kardasian and Justin Bieber, all of the big names, have given their condolences on Twitter. How soon you can move to talking about other stuff? As soon as Kim said her heart goes out, prayers and thoughts, five minutes later she is tweeting about ice- cream or shoes. I don't think there is an appropriate answer to the question of when you start talking about other things. It's difficult for celebrities at this high level. Thank you for all of your entertainment wisdom this year. See you next year.Thanks, guys, always a pleasure.New research has sparked the debate about what age is too young to leave our kids unsupervised at home.Where is the balance in saying you can walk to school by yourself but you can't stay at home while I get sugar, for example.Madonna king reckons her 7 and 9-year-old are nearly old enough to stay at home while they are running errands.It's the one topic my husband and I don't see eye to eye on. I see no problem leaving them alone for a few minutes.Now an Oxfam survey has revealed almost half of Australian mums are happy to leave kids under the age of 12 unsupervised at home. The biggest reasons, work commitments, rising child-care costs and having no-one to look after them.A parent is in the best position to determine at what age a child can stay at home and whether it's good for them.There are no laws stating when children can be left alone. In Queensland enforcement is tougher and leaving a child under 12 at home for an unreasonable amount of time is considered a misdemeanour.Parents have to ensure they are adequately supervised and are safe. The question for parent is : does my child have the supervision they need to stay safe?When is it safe to leave kids at home alone?Dr Justin Cowley is a parent and coach of - and father of five - who hopefully aren't home alone right now. Justin, what age is too young to leave a child at home?Wouldn't it be grateful if there was a magic number when kids got to a certain age you could say you could say we're we're we can leave you and you will be safe. Context matters. It's not as simple as saying once they are 8 or 10 we can leave them alone.Should it be illegal to leave kids at home unsupervised or unsupervised full stop?It's a tough question. If we make it illegal I think we can end up putting parents and children - parents who are well meaning into some difficult situations. What I think we need to focus on is keeping our children safe. And the best way to do that is not necessarily to worry about enforcing these kinds of potential laws, but inis it edto make sure we're educating parents, making things legal isn't the panacea. It's not the silver bullet that will fix this.Leaving them home alone for the day while you go off to work is different surely than ducking next door to the neighbours for 10 minutes.Of course it is. Again, it depends on how old your children are. Again, I would be careful about leaving the kids at home to duck off to the neighbours for 10 minutes as well. Very often we will pop out to the neighbours for what is meant to be 10 minutes and an hour later we are a still on the driveway chatting. TheYou know me very well.It happens to me all the time. I get into so much trouble. They might not be OK. Maybe it's winter time and we have a fireplace. Maybe it's summer and the pool gate hasn't been closed properly. Maybe they are cooking in the kitchen and something goes wrong. Leaving them alone at home is potentially dangerous. We don't need to wrap them in cotton wool and they should be able to learn to become independent. But we need to do it the right way, step by step and consider the overall context. Alright. Another one for you : you go to visit your neighbour for half an hour, say. What is the difference between that and letting your kid walk home alone from school?Yeah, that is a tough one. What we're dealing with here is - if I'm going to visit my neighbour or leave them in the loungeroom for half an hour they are stuel unsupervised. Normally we don't let them walk to school until we feel comfortable that they are old enough. We usually make sure there are other kids or even parents walking with them. Schools have safeguards to let you know if there is a problem or a child has not shown up or shown up with difficulties. Ultimately it comes down to the general challenging issue of raising kids. It's messy, difficult and every child will be different and every context is different. I just don't see how we can put out a blanket rule and say when kids are 8 they are OK but before that they are not or 10 or 12 or whenever it is. It is just too hard.Thank you for your time tonight.Thank you.More to come. Back in a tick.Tomorrow on the Project, having woed audiences from New York to Milan, Jason is Down Under and joins us live in the studio. Plus we catch up with the stars of the Hobbit. That and all the news but not as you The sensitive ones.

The naughty ones.

The athletes.

The greedy ones.

The excitable ones.

The little ones.

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You're watching the Project. We're just about out of time but first, the top five. Tony Abbott says Mal Brough has agented appropriately at all times even though Mr Abbott hasn't read the court judgment that found Mr Brough has links to a plot to damage Peter Slipper's reputation. A man is dead after being the victim of a targeted shooting in Sydney's south-west. A new Sawyer vai shows half of Aussie mums are willing to leave their kids home alone each week. And two NASA spacecraft have slammed into the moon's stupid face in the name of science! Yay, science! Scientists warn we may run out of helium in as little as 20 years. 20 years. If I can't fly any Zeppli in, to work any more, this is an out available. That's the end of the show. Thanks to everyone who has been on tonight. Thanks to Nicole.

Hey, fellas!
ALL: Adam!

Dude, tomorrow night, get ready
for the greatest bachelor party

ever planned by man.

Easy. Rachel's not around, is she?

Your fiance is out front
with Rutherford.

Dude, my best man, Jerome,
planned the whole thing.

It is going to be insane!

In my experience, it's best
to get our stories straight first

so what did you tell Rachel?

Steakhouse dinner with the boys.

Steakhouse dinner.
That's a good alibi.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll get some matchbooks,
valet stubs, mints.

Really build the illusion.

We're going to need another alibi
just in case the night runs long.

OK, cap it off with Scotch,
cigars, Havana Clubs.

Do you think Rachel will buy it?

You've got drinks,
red meat and cigars.

How could you not buy it?

Let's start right now.

Come out and play a song with us.
You want me to spin with you guys?

Alright. Let's do it.

(SINGS) # Here comes
Johnny Yen again

# With the liquor and drugs
And a flesh machine

# He's gonna do another striptease

# Well, I'm just a modern guy

# Of course,
I've had it in the ear before

# 'Cause of a lust for life
# Ooh!

# 'Cause of a lust for life

# Got a lust for life
# Ooh!

# Lust for life
# Ooh!

# A lust for life
# Ooh! #

STEVIE: Throwing yourself
a retirement party?

MAN: Yeah. I figured why not?

You are living the dream, Shaun.

Not even 30 and you're retiring.
I did something wrong.

I do everything wrong.

I started writing code
when I was nine.

I couldn't legally drive
to my own IPO.

I spent my entire life working.

Then, a few months back,
I see my assistant

and she's reading this book -
'100 Things to Do Before You Die'.

I know that book. The author died.

Yeah, but he got to do the hundred,
you know?

Hiking Machu Picchu,

scuba diving in
the Great Barrier Reef,

menage a trois in Paris.

I'm going to do
every single thing on that list -

live life to the max from now on.

Don't sell yourself short, man.
Drinking $10,000 vodka.

I mean, you shot hoops
with the leader of the free world

and that model,

literally blocking my view
of the other model.

Sure, but I never had that best
friends thing like you guys have.

Whoa! Me and Barry?

We're not best friends.

He thinks that we're...?

(LAUGHS) No. Strictly band friends.

Oh, OK.

We never hang out outside the band.


MAN: The usual? You got it, man.

Did you just put a lime
in your drink

so I'd think it was a vodka tonic?

OK, yeah. You know what?
I did, alright?

Nicely done.
I've got Gibby detail tomorrow.

We've got T-ball
then we've got a dinosaur exhibit

and then we've got a birthday party
at the firehouse

which should be fun.

Alright, tonic.

Just admit that you're bailing on
Adam's pre-bachelor party golf game

so you can go to the firehouse.

Alright, you know what?

Ingrid was going to take him,
but then Janie had a competing party

so we had to switch
from zone to man-to-man.

Well, I would just like
to point out the fact

that you've been using your kids
as a beard

to get out of things lately
and I don't like it.

You know, I know a lot of dads
who are like that,

but I'm not one of them.

You are. You are that dad.

I'm not that dad.
Yes, you are.

When was the last time
you closed down a bar?

When was the last time
you closed down a Disney store?

Lies. Lies!

You're back goes out more
than you do. Do you know that?

OK, alright. You know what?
At least I'm not that guy.

The one whose primary mode
of transport is a skateboard.

You're that dad.
You're that guy.

At Adam's bachelor party,

you better have vodka in that tonic,


That's two sneezes.
Five more - jackpot.

It's common knowledge.

If a woman sneezes seven times
in a row, she climaxes.


Whoa! One more.

This is awesome!


Close, but no 'sneezegasm'.

Dude, if you ever need somebody

to help, you know, finish off
the stuff on that bucket list,

give me a call.

How do you feel about street luging?

For reals?

What's up?


About tomorrow night.

I just want you to know that...

..I'm not one of those girls
that gets all freaked out

about her fiance having
a bachelor party.

That's a very healthy attitude.

Besides, it's golf
and a steakhouse and cigars

so what could possibly go wrong,

I know what you're doing.
It's not going to work.

Just one request.

No, because once I...

..once I help you with a guy thing,
then that door is open

and I am your guy adviser
and you know what?

I don't want to be your guyser
for all of your boyfriend needs

so no.

If you could just...a little bit
keep an eye on Adam.


Not let him get in trouble

'cause his best friend comes around
and it really worries me, actually.

He's kind of a freak.

Are you seriously asking me
to be the mole

at your fiance's bachelor party?

I think I am.

I'm trying really hard
not to sound needy when I do it.


Alright. Fine.

I'll do it this one time
and that door is shut.

Do you hear me? Forever.

So, what's on tap
for your bachelorette party?

I'm not having one.

You didn't have to invite me.

Probably assumed I had other plans -

that your boss has better things
to do than hang out with assistants.

Oh, it's not that.

We just don't even have
a wedding date yet.

Oh, but Adam gets
a bachelor party anyway?

Ah, it's going to be
one of those marriages

where he gets a poker night
and you don't.

I don't want to play poker.

Tomorrow, you and I
are going to have a girls' day

and I won't take no for an answer.


Your generation has so many more
opportunities than mine did.

Like the cool boss.
I am going to be that for you.

Tomorrow is all about you.

Until the Lewis luau at five.

Hey, babe.
Oh, hey.

Ooh, I know Mallory's kid
picks on Janie in rock star class,

but don't you think
the Glock is a bit much?

Work called. Strip club break-in.

I hate those places.

So germy and awful,
what they do to those women.

Hair samples,
interviewing strippers.

That sounds horrible.
Strippers all day. Wow.

So, the kids have competing
birthday parties today.

Oh. Two places at the same time?
I'll figure something out.

You are the man.

You are the woman.
Thank you.

Oh, and I'll be back in plenty of
time for you to go to Adam's dinner.

Great. Thank you.

I don't want you to miss
your big steak dinner.

That's all we're doing.
Just eating steak.