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(generated from captions) Sensational, mate. That is just
such a generous thing to do. Wal Glynn has just decided
to give $100,000 to the Redemptoris Mater Seminary
in Villawood. What is...
where will the money go there? It will go to pay for the seminary. It will also go to support the
young men who are in the seminary training to become Catholic priests. Good on you, mate. That's a fantastic effort.
$100,000 donated tonight. Came on the show, just wanted to
do it right from the word go. I've got here,
"What would you do with the money?" There's no, "Have a holiday,
do this and anything left over..." It was bang - donate the money.
The $100,000's there. Congratulations, Wal Glynn -
$100,000. We'll see you in heaven one day too,
mate. And we'll see you in the Millionaire
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - execution on a Punchbowl doorstep - police hunt the gunman in our streets. A wife's anguish as her husband is ordered to trial over the Lin family murders. Tony Abbott again under fire for not being up to speed. The results are out for Sydney's HSC students. And - an angry Peter Siddle hits back at ball-tampering accusations. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Sheryle Gardner. Good evening. Two men are on the run tonight after an execution- style killing at Punchbowl. The 28- year-old victim, who was recently engaged, was lured from his home, then shot dead on the front lawn. Police are now on alert for retaliation. Relatives hug as they relive the moment Bachir Arja was shot dead in the head and heart. Holding her son in her arms, the 28-year-old's mother begged him to hang on. His new fiancee was on her way. But she was too late. More than 100 relatives swarmed to the Punchbowl street. Most of them live nearby and heard up to eight gunshots.We heard someone screaming, like, I think a lady. I'm not sure. And then we were like, "What's going on?"Everyone was putting their heads down n shock. 11:00 last night, Bachir had received a phone call telling him to walk outside. Immediately, he was gunned down, execution-style. At this stage we're looking at the motive behind the shooting itself. We haven't ruled anything out. I can say it wasn't a random shooting. 12 hours later it's still a crime scene. A Tarago parked at the front of the house is taken away, along with bags of evidence. Police searched the federation home for clues, desperate to know why.The family's deeply traumatised by this shooting, so we'll be speaking with the mother in due course.The victim had just bought this Punchbowl tobacco shop, which today remained shut. The shooting on Owen Street is being linked to a murder three weeks ago that happened just a few streets away on Loumya Avenue. That's where Bachir's cousin, Sanaa, lives, and where her husband, Ali Eid, was shot dead while working on his unfinished family home.It would be naive of me and any investigative team not to investigate any possibility of links.Two people dead, both targeted killings, and a community fearful and fed up.I'm sick of everything in this area. Live now to Dimity at Punchbowl. Do police have any leads on the gunmen?Well, Georgie, police intelligence about the victim suggests a history of drug dealing, so that will no doubt provide a prominent line of inquiry for police at this stage. As well as the suggestion that Bachir Arja knew his killer, since he was taking a phone call from them just moments before he was shot. But as this investigation continues tonight, dozens of his relatives have gathered here at the family's Punchbowl home, clearly shattered that whatever led to this shooting has ended in Bachir's death, Georgie.Dimity, thank you. And there was another shooting last night, this time in the up-market suburb of Mosman. Police were called to Shadforth Street after residents heard an argument and a weapon being fired. Later on, a man attended St Vincent's Hospital with a gunshot wound to his foot. In breaking news - there are explosive corruption allegations tonight involving Australia's Customs officers. Let's go live to Damian Ryan. Damian, what are the allegations?Sources have confirmed that the AFP has been engaged in a major investigation into allegations that Customs officers, the people, of course, who protect our borders, have been involved in drug importations. There are reports as many as 30 officers have been caught up in this scandal. The allegations are that Customs staff have helped facilitate the importation of drugs by turning a blind eye and then are rewarded with kick backs. Now, a spokesman for Customs this afternoon could offer me no comment. The Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Tony Negus, is in Sydney and has called a news conference tomorrow, where it's expected all will be revealed. So a very serious breach of border security. We will hear more tomorrow about this, Georgie. Indeed. Damian Ryan, thank you. Three years after the crime that shocked Sydney, a man has been ordered to stand trial for the Lin family murders. Robert Xie is accused of killing five of his relatives at their home in Epping. Kathy Lin lost her brother, his wife and her sister in what no-one disputes was a brutal murder. Today, she watched tearfully as her husband was committed to stand trial for the crimes. In July 200, Kathy and her husband, Robert z- were the first to discover the bodies of the three adults and two children inside their Epping home. Bashed with a blunt object, four of them asphyxiated. Nearly two years later, Robert was charge would five counts of murder. After four weeks of evidence, Management John Andrews found that while the prosecution case was based on circumstantial evidence, there's a reasonable prospect that a jury would convict the defendant. A spot on the floor contained DNA that may have come from the male victims. There is also surveillance video of Xie cutting up shoe boxes, after his wife was told by police they had found imprint that is matched the brafpbd shoes her husband wore. Robert Xie has applied for bail. Will he get it?The magistrate will decide that tomorrow. He has subjected himself to electronic monitoring. The prosecution says he's too real a flight risk, given his substantial family and financial ties in China. So it will be an anxious night for Robert Xie and his wife while the magistrate weighs up those arguments, Georgie. Thank you, Jayne. A mother who lost her son in a car crash two years ago has helped police launch Operation Safe Arrival. Carol Innes today plead with drivers to take care on the roads this Christmas. Our son was in the prime of his life, at 21.5. It's all just taken away from him.Double demerits start at midnight tomorrow and will run for 15 days, until Friday 4 January. Tony Abbott is under fire after admitting he hasn't read a damning court judgement of the sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper. The Opposition Leader insists his friend and former colleague, Mal Brough, did nothing wrong, despite a judge finding otherwise. Mal Brough was slammed in the Peter Slipper case judgement, but Tony Abbott's been standing by him all week.He's been quite transparent and upfront. He has acted rightly at all times.The Federal Court found Mr Brough acted to advance his own interests in what was an abuse of process. Tony Abbott, on a work trip to London, isn't concerned by the judgement. In fact...Look, uh, I haven't read it. And why haven't you read that judgement?Uh, because, uh, I am doing very important things for the people of Australia.It's astounding that Mr Abbott hasn't taken the time to read this decision.Doesn't read it, and conclude that is Mr Brough is in the clear, has done nothing wrong, has been upfront and transparent. It's the third time in recent months the Opposition Leader's had to admit to not doing his homework. When BHP cancelled Olympic Dam exexpansion plans...Have you actually read BHP's statements?No. When Julia Gillard answered questions about the AWU scandal... Well, I haven't had a chance to study the transcript.They are the three big issues Tony Abbott's attacked the Government on - the carbon tax, the AWU slush fund and the Slipper saga. But the Opposition Leader doesn't always read about them.Mr Abbott is constantly at war with the facts. Tony Abbott's wrapped up his London trip and he's now on the long journey home - plenty of time to catch up on some reading. It was the culmination of years of schooling and months of hard study - a record 73,397 students sat this year's HSC. And this morning they woke to get their long-awaited results. They were up at 6:00 after an anxious night of sweating their scores.Oh, I'm pretty nervous, yeah, definitely.Shelley She, from James Ruse Agricultural High, wants to study medicine.(SIGHS) OK.12 years of hard work hinging on this moment.Um, can I tell my parents? Can I show my parents? Mum!This year, more teenagers than ever completed their HSC and more scored top marks.Very relieved. It's done. Final.Campbelltown's Jess Norman was thrilled with her result, much to the relief of her mum.I was thinking, "What should I do? Champagne, tissues."Even the Premier was nervous, tweeting, "Returned from the gym to a happy HSC household, and a relaxed and relieved 18-year-old." A disappointing result, on the other hand, can leave parents and kids feeling extremely fragile. But experts warn this is not the time to problem-solve or push teenagers to talk.So it's really good just to be a good, old-fashioned sounding board J hello, Parent Line. Peter speaking.24-hour support is available for mums and dads needing support. And Shelley blitzed it, scoring near-perfect grades in every subject.Oh, my gosh. I'm really happy. And if you want to get in contact with that 24-hour HSC help Lyn, the number is: Two more young victims of America's school massacre have been laid to rest. Once hailed as the safest place to raise children, the small New England community is struggling to move past the tragedy. It was known as the picture-perfect village, wooden cottages, craft stores, even the babbling brook running through it. Though, now, Sandy Hook, the prettiest part of Newtown, will be forever remembered for all the wrong reasons. What started off with a few flowers and candles has grown into a huge memorial. Can a little town like this ever recover from this, do you think?It's gonna take time.And then a numbing reminder of what this is all about. The hearse carrying the body of 6-year-old James Mattioli passed by. Specially trained comfort droation here as well. And it helps -- dogs are here as well. And it helps.We're all crying. Then smiling through the tears, because it feels good to wrap around a dog.In other parts of town, simple memorials are springing up. In a driveway, 26 candles. Across the road, 26 balloons. And signs promising that this town won't be broken. Even the suggestion of a change in gun laws has set off a huge gun- buying frenzy right across America. Gun sellers are reporting big increaseness sales. One sell nr particular, not even here but across the country in California, said he's had his biggest sales days in the last 20 years. Australia's most commonly prescribed antibiotic is not as effective as previously thought. A landmark study means doctors are now less likely to prescribe the drug for infections such as bronchitis. MAN: The miracle drugs of our time. They are still considered the marvel of modern medicine, but experts say their misuse is contributing to one of the greatest threats to human health today - the spread of superbugs.The introduction of penicillin saved many, many lives. The key for us is to use it where it's appropriate. Now a landmark study confirms Australia's most commonly prescribed antibiotic, amoxicillin, shouldn't be used as widely as it has been. More than 6.1 million scripts are made out each year. The Lancet study found amoxicillin is ineffective in treating chest infections, such as coughs and bronchitis. In fact, it causes significant side effects, such as nausea, rash and diarrhoea.Unless you suspect pneumonia, this paper says there's probably not gonna be a lot of benefit. In fact, it will only benefit one in 30 people. Children weren't included in the study, but patients over the age of 60 were. Even they didn't receive much benefit from the pill.I think they are overused.I think that we are overmedicating ourselves, for sure.Although amoxicillin is effective for clearing bacterial infections that affect the tonsils, ears and gut, GPs will now have to be more cautious about giving out the drug. In the news ahead - the Sydney rescue heroes who have been ignored. Also - shopping frenzy - all you need to know in the countdown to Christmas. And - the astonishing moment an eagle swoops on a baby.

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This program is not captioned. Physical lip and emotionally, they push -- physically and emotionally, they push themselves to the limit - the men and women on the front line of emergency work. Getting some recognition is one of their few rewards, but for one group of heroes, red tape could block the way. Our firefighters and paramedics risking their lives in the rubble of the Christchurch earthquake to save others and in tsunami- devastated Japan, facing a major nuclear threat. What's your name?! Angela. Anne? Now they are worried they have been snubbed. Recognition of their heroism under threat.They are not the sort of people who look for accolades, but I think they deserve a little bit of recognition for what they did.Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal was authorised by Governor-General Quentin Bryce back in April, but a simple error in the wording could mean the entire Australian rescue task force could miss out. This is the official gazette of the Governor-General declaration. It states that the rescue task force should receive the medal on the condition that they were in the disaster zone for a 14-day period. The problem is they were only deployed for 10 days. Queensland Fire & Rescue worked shoulder to shoulder with their NSW counterparts after the Christchurch earthquake. They have been completely ignored in the list of eligible organisations.Not even to get any recognition that they were even actually there, it's really... It dumbfounds me.Both the NSW and Queensland Fire Commissioners have appealed to the Federal Government to fix the problem.I am informed there's a review into the eligibility for this medal.I'm confident that this will be rectified. It could take some time, but it's in train. Well, the final countdown to is on and retailers are doing everything they can to attract shoppers, by extending their opening hours. Lizzie Pearl joins us with all the necessary details.There is still plenty of time to get your Christmas shopping done. Westfield Parramatta will trade for 33 hours nonstop from 9am tomorrow until 6:00 Friday night. All other centres will stay open until midnight tomorrow. Both David Jones and Myer major stores are open until midnight tonight. And all stores will extend their hours until midnight tomorrow and Friday. Over the weekend, everything will shut around 9pm. And if you really leave things to the last minute, stores will open from 8:00 until 6:00 on Christmas Eve. When it comes to food for Christmas Day, the City Fish Markets will begin its marathon trade from 5am Sunday, closing at 5pm on Christmas Eve. Thank you very much. A family in Canada has had a close encounter with a golden eagle, possibly too close. The huge bird swooped down and picked up a baby at a park in Montreal. But the little boy proved too hove and the eagle dropped him. Although -- heavy and the eagle dropped him. Although visibly shaken, the baby was not hurt. It was a beautiful morning for five families who, thanks to the Starlight Foundation, climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge today. Then it got even better. Santa was waiting, handing out presents. Thank you.There you go. Merry Christmas.Hi, Santa. How are you? I'm very well. Good to see you. Yeah, all for a good cause, Mr Claus. Sport is next. Here's Tim Gilbert. Georgie! The Aussies are still upset about those ball-tampering claims. Peter Siddle's shot at the Sri Lankans next. Also - back from the Kings Cross KO - Reni Maitua returns to training. And - our first look at Quade Cooper in the ring. And it's going to reach 39 degrees in our west tomorrow. I'll have the full forecast This program is not captioned. SONG: # Whoo-hoo-hoo! # What would you change if you won:

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Peter Siddle has taken a shot at the Sri Lankans, who raised suspicions of ball-tampering during the first test in Hobart. Meanwhile, Michael Clarke is prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure he's fit to play in Melbourne. For the first time this summer, the Australians have got that winning feeling. It took just about every minute of the five days in Hobart, but they now head to Boxing Day one-nil up.Yeah, it's always great to win and to win for your country. It's a great moment. Sitting in those changerooms, singing that song is a sweet moment.The victory has been soured slightly by those allegations of ball-tampering. Vision of the incidence is far from damning. The Aussies aren't happy. Obviously trying to meack something from nothing. That's -- make something from nothing.For Michael Clarke, Christmas won't be a time of rest. He will undergo a proox physio to get his hamstring right for the Melbourne test.I have my work cut out for the next six days of rehab, recovery and treatment. I am confident I will be right for Boxing Day.Just in case the skipper doesn't make it, Usman Khawaja has been called in for backup. And with Ben Hilfenhaus Australia's latest bowling casualty, Tasmanian Jackson Bird gets his first chance in the national squad. It will be an amazing sort of dream to debut at Boxing Day at the MCG. So, yeah, looking forward to it, if I get the chance. The Eels' Reni Maitua returned to training today, tight-lipped about his Kings Cross fight with Toyota Cup player Shaun Anderson. As we reported last night, a club investigation has cleared Maitua. Parramatta have found it in their respect to sack Anderson. The NRL have asked the Eels for a 'please explain'. Maitua was knocked out in the incident. He was water boy today. And here's our first glimpse of Quade Cooper in his new role as a boxer. Cooper, wearing the white gloves, has been training behind closed doors for several months as he prepares for his debut in the ring, on the undercard of Sonny Bill Williams Williams' fight in February. To finance - the stock market closed at its highest level for the year.

Amber is next. She's got all the weather details.Thanks, Georgie. The mercury is

s tonight. Next on WIN News...
Shoplifting - how much is it costin result
consumers this Christmas? HSC a
results released. And: police catch tha
a group, stealing tools from more the
than 100 tradies. Join me for all the details next.

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This program is not captioned. After a sunny start today,d the clouds moved in, bringing a warm and muggy day with 70% humidity. After only dropping to 21 degrees last night, it warmed up to 26 degrees in the city. We saw a top of 30 degrees in Campbelltown. 32 in Penrith, with moderate to fresh north-easterly winds moving in this afternoon. Taking a look around the country tomorrow:

It is going to be very hot and humid for us tomorrow morning, with hot north-westerly wind. We're expecting a sweltering top of 39 degrees in Penrith, Richmond and in Kellyville.

Now, those hot temperatures will only last until lunchtime, with a cool, fresh and gusty southerly change moving through. That will drop temperatures by up to 15 degrees. And we are expecting dangerous surf conditions. Looking ahead: The weekend is looking fairly cloudy with an afternoon shower on both days. Warming up to 28 on Sunday. Christmas Eve is looking sunny and 30 degrees at this stage, cooling down a little for Christmas Day, with a shower or two and 27.

Christmas Eve is looking hot, warming up to 36. Christmas Day Day at this stage looking

died at the scene.Tonight ... -
Hundreds of shoplifters in Canberra HS
- driving up prices for consumers.
HSC results released, the wait stil Canber
on for A-TAR scores. And: the Canberra' s money making mumpreneur Fir
Good evening, I' m Greg Thomson. fi
First to some breaking news. Rural c
firefighters are battling an out of control blaze in Wallaroo. Up to te thr
homes are under threat less than nort
three kilometres from the ACT' s northern border. Twenty units are o A
scene with six sent from Canberra. crew
An aircraft is water bombing and co
crews are also trying to establish alrea
containment lines. The fire has wa
already burnt fifteen hectares and of
was reported an hour ago. Hundreds Territor
of shoplifters caught in the be
Territory this year are proving to Can
be a major hit to the hip pocket. thei
Canberra businesses lose half of pr
their profits to theft, driving up Chr
prices for consumers. Among the
Christmas mayhem - thieves strike. somet
They might just go in and grab be
something off the shelf and be out been
before the staff even know it' s wher
been taken. I' ve seen cases s
where a sterling silver tea set was t
stolen piece by piece, a night at a th
time. So one day the tea pot went, Four-h
the next day the coffee pot. Four-hundred-and-thirty-three peopl ye
have been charged with theft this thousand-on
year. All up though, one- i
thousand-one- hundred-and-fifty-two polic
incidents have been reported to com
police. More go undetected and it lose
comes at a high cost. Businesses sho
lose half their annual profits to are
shoplifting. It means you and I 10%
are paying somewhere between 5 to subsidi
10% more for our purchases to shops
subsidise those who thieve from pr
shops. Right before Christmas is bu
prime time. Plenty of shoppers and sto
busy attendants make nearly every thirty
store a target. Last December, shopl
thirty-three people were nabbed ga
shoplifting. Occasionally we get a
gangs who come down from interstate and take a consolidated approach on o
a particular business or on a chain individua
of stores. Usually it' s an dedicat
individual working alone. A down
dedicated beats team is cracking Belc
down on opportunistic thieves in Janu
Belconnen. It follows a blitz in call
January this year. Officers were jobs
called to one-hundred-and-eighty teenager
jobs. It' s not just young a
teenagers with nothing to do. Quite just
a number of them are people that basics.
just can' t afford to buy the ran
basics. So it' s across the whole would
range of the community, young I peopl
wouldn' t say elderly but older people as well.

A man has been declared deceased i accident
hospital after yesterday' s Canberr
accident involving a truck in collided
Canberra' s north. The truck Horse
collided with a Toyota Camry on Hi
Horse Park Drive, near the Federal ro
Highway. The car skidded along the wa
road - the truck slamming into the old
wall of the overpass. The 35 year old driver of the camry, from Sydne was taken to hospital in a critica donate
condition. His organs will be t
donated. It' s the 12th fatality on truck
the ACT' s roads this year. The injuries.St
truck driver suffered leg tod
injuries.Students around Canberra
today are breathing a sigh of relie A
today after the release of HSC and recei
AST results. While ACT students thei
received their ATAR scores today their NSW counterparts while have t wa
wait until tomorrow. An anxious Quean
wait - but the stress for these o
Queanbeyan High students is finally w
over. It was crazy but I think it was all worth it because I' m doing Sharma
what I want to do now. Rayna tw
Sharma and India Anderson are just pa
two of the 73,000 students to have
passed at least one HSC subject thi ov
year - a NSW record. They studied fina
over two years - receiving their wa
final three results today. There k
was a lot less pressure I guess you know , not doing assignments for si co
subjects, only three so your mind