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ACT Brumbies player Nic White is it
recovering from a broke jaw, after mon
it emerged he was punched at last Canber
month' s Foreshore Festival in
Canberra.The halfback needed surger but has returned to training. Whit has been cleared by the club, afte an internal investigation. Canberr rally car driver Adrian Coppin wil Cham
contest next year' s Australian Te
Championships with Ford. Coppin' s include
Team Innate Motorsport, which includes co- driver Tim Batton, wil eve
field the new Ford Fiesta R2, at
every round of the championship. Th Canber
opening race gets underway in as
Canberra, from the first of March, cel
as part of the Capitals centenary incre
celebrations. Kody Hightower' s contin
incredible summer with the bat Australi
continues, after being named o
Australian Baseball League ' player of the week.' The right hander was s
stand out, during Canberra' s away series against Melbourne. He hit tw b
home runs, and now has the leagues preparin
best average. The Cavalry is Narrabu
preparing to meet Brisbane at Ni
Narrabundah Ballpark from Thursday trea
Night. The Canberra Capitals are as
treating Friday Night' s home game as a must win, or they can say good confide
bye to the play-offs. Down on urgin
confident, coach Carrie Graf is answer
urging her players to find the hope
answers, and fans not to give up Canb
hope. Six losses in a row, the
Canberra Capitals are very unstable no
Their on-court performance is a
no laughing matter. Carrie Graf, as point
always, getting straight to the mate,
point. If the answer was easy i
mate, we' d be winning the games so it'
it' s not through lack of effort, it' s not through lack of endevour. pressure
Confidence is down and the pressure is getting to the players. de
We get a little tight and we our k
decision making gets tight, um, you more
know we' re feeling a little bit u
more pressure, teams are pressuring sno
us more, you know and it tends to h
snowball. Veteran Michelle Cosier
has been there through the highs an stun
lows - and says the players are bas
stunned. We' re not playing bad g
basketball, it' s just that we have w
games like against Adelaide, we' re we can' t get the ball in the hoop. durin
Turnovers were a big problem, thin
during their weekend double. I
think a bit bruised and battered yo know it was a long road trip um an you'
two disappointing losses, so it that
you' re never feeling good after C
that and you we got one game before f
Christmas that we obviously have to find a way to win. That' s agains AI
Townsville on Friday Night at the Christm
AIS Arena. Cosier hoping some w
Christmas cheer finally comes their win
way. Townsville is coming off a
win and beating Bendigo, so they' r confi
going to come in with a lot of some
confidence so we' ve got to pull think.
something out of Santas sack I think.

Canberra golfer Nikki Campbell wil aft
swap Japan for Europe next year, Th
after earning a place on the tour. twe
The 32 year old made it on to the a
twenty-thirteen European tour, with qualifying
a second place tie, in the Campbell
qualifying event in Morocco. in
Campbell has spent the past decade in Japan. Fellow Australians Whitne hea
Hillier and Sarah King will also Vel
head to Europe. And, The Canberra sco
Velocity' s women tennis team has final
scored a place, in the national Leag
final of the Asia-Pacific Tennis
League. It comes after the team los d
the New South Wales ACT conference c
decider, but the South Pacific team couldn' t make up the numbers in th cha
womens, giving Canberra a second chance. While, Oceania will submit competi
men' s team in the inaugural month
competition, in Melbourne, next want
month. It' s the question we all want answered - what is the forecas for Christmas Day? This program is not captioned. clim
for Christmas Day? Temperatures re
climbed around the region today It C
reached a top of twenty-nine in the degrees
Capital, after dipping to ten d
degrees overnight. Right now, it' s Taki
dipped down to nineteen degrees.
Taking a look around the region, Ho t
on the Southern Tablelands, Eleven Queanb
to twenty-nine in Goulburn and twenty-e
Queanbeyan One less in Yass, Braidwo
twenty-eight, Twenty-seven in Thirt
Braidwood. Moving to the coast, Twe
Thirteen to twenty-eight in Nowra t
Twenty-three in Ulladulla Sunny and and
twenty-five in the Bay One better Mountai
and twenty-six in Bega On the Co
Mountains, Twenty-seven the top in eight
Cooma today Perisher climbed to
eighteen Fifteen in Thredbo Eight t th
twenty-five degrees in Bombala On sout
the satellite map,Low cloud over a
southeastern New South Wales behind fe
a low pressure trough is causing a t
few showers. There' s the chance of c
thunderstorms further north. On the centra
chart, The sky is clearer over h
central parts of the state, under a at
high pressure ridge. Taking a look on
at tomorrow' s forecast,Hotting up on the coast, Thirty in Bega, A bit Ulladulla,
cooler in Moruya Heads and i
Ulladulla, twenty-five Batemans Bay Fi
is expecting a top of twenty-eight Tab
Fifteen to thirty in Nowra On the shou
Tablelands, Some early fog which Braidw
should clear to a sunny day in Thirty-th
Braidwood, thirty-one there On
Thirty-three in all other centres. Thirty-one
On the Mountains tomorrow,
Thirty-one in Bombala and Cooma, Si in
to nineteen in Thredbo twenty-two He
in Perisher For Canberra tomorrow, af
Heading for a steamy thirty-three, after dipping to eleven tonight. Th
sun will rise just before a quarte e
to six, and set around twenty past five
eight. Let' s take a look at the o
five days to Christmas. Twenty-nine on Friday, but climbing up to 31 fo thir
Saturday, Canberra should reach ther
thirty-six by Christmas eve. But showe
there' s the chance of possible d
showers on Christmas day - 17 to 26 hou
degrees. And that' s the WIN News Dan
hour for this Tuesday Night. I' m G
Danielle Post.....see you tomorrow, Good night.

This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. Nice to be with you. The very good news is Bridy Halls and his hamper van are on the road again tonight for our Christmas hamper giveaway. Campbelltown yesterday. Where are you pitching your tent tonight? Didn't we put a lot of smiles on people's faces down in Campbelltown. We will do the same tonight. We have over 100 Crisco Hampers here. All courtesy of them and A Current Affair. Where are we? We're in Melbourne. We're in the suburb of Frankston. And you only have a couple of minute. If you need some of this on your Christmas table this festive season, get down to Ballem Park. First in, first served. One hamper her family. Come on down!You're in Dermott Brereton country there. Back to you soon. Now to those who have decided to just help themselves to charity donations for the needy. As you're about to see, our cameras caught people taking whatever they want without a care in the world until we arrived. Why are you stealing from the charity? What gives you the right to take it from outside a charity bin?I'm not sure. I don't know. It was a good one.Was it? Yeah.You're just taking the drawers?Yeah. That's all.Where are you taking that?Home.It's steling from people who need it. It's supposed to be the season for giving. You know it's Christmas and there are people more deserving of this stuff. These charity bin thieves are only interested in taking.People who are donating the goods are donating it for the needy, not for the greedy.We're not the only ones that come here. A lot of people come here.Helping themselves to anything and everything.We lose three quarters of the stuff that could go to other people that need it.We're catching the thieves red handed. Where are you going with that? A Current Affair has been contacted by residents who live opposite these charity bins because they're concerned about the amount of stealing they're seeing every weekend. Some are even seeing the same cars returning every week. So we've left a couple of donations and we're going to watch from this van to see what happens next.

and we're going to watch from this
van to see what happens next. As night falls, out come the thieves. Grab the table.We stopped this woman in her tracks. Katie Gregory from A Current Affair. You're taking this furniture from a charity donation?No.You're about to. Why were you doing that? It's 9:30 and this couple is on a mission. They steal a coffee table by putting it in their baby's pram. You're taking things from a charity donation pile.It's donated.It's been donated to charity. You took your baby out of a pram to put a coffee table tine it.So I could carry it home.You think you had the right to take it? A station wagon pulls up with three people. Empty handed, they're definitely not donating. Yet again, the coffee table is taken. You know you're taking from a charity donation pile? You're not meant to take it? That's OK.It's this sort of behaviour that Vanessa McCallum has a front row seat to almost every night.It really upsets me that they can get away with it and it's alright. No-one seems to care.The mother of three lives across the road.There's certain people that come every day, even during the week if it's just a drive past to see if there's something good there worth taking.Perhaps the most brazen are those who steal in broad daylight. This couple spend at least 10 minutes digging through donations, filling up bag after bag. You know you're taking things that have been donated to charity? Enjoying your shopping spree there? That's not your table?They can dodge them.The cameras don't deter these people, nor does our producer when she asks them what they're doing.What are you guys doing - grabbing stuff from charity?This man has his eyes on electrical goods. The two ladies - donated clothes. We pounce. Excuse me, mate. Where are you taking that?Home. You know it was donateed to charity, though?Yeah.Why are you taking it?Someone pinched mine.Someone has stolen yours?Yeah.You think you can steal someone else's? Reluctantly, the items are put back. Someone put it there for charity. You work hard enough trying to keep everything tidy and then when you come in to there, sometimes you sit down and cry. The Salvationation Army's Vicki Boswood said they have been forced to remove their bins because of stealing.It is a terrible problem. It's not people who are in need. It's greedy people who are doing it. People are finding things so hard. At Christmas time it's even worse.Of all our bin busts, it's this mother-daughter team who take the cake.Let's go.Not only are they stealing bedside tables, but this is their excuse. You work here? Yeah.Why are you taking it?I can come down here and take it.Why?

When we showed this vision to Lifeline, they had never seen these women before.Probably the lowest you can go.The assistants shop manager says they'd never allow staff to take things off the street. Put it on the floor for 24 hours. Before then a staff member can actually buy it. It's not true at all.The charity is there for a reason. Why don't you ask them to help out?It is disgusting. Considering if you really needed it, they'd give it to you.Do you feel good stealing things from a charity? It's

charity? It's greedy and cruel. Lifeline said if you want to be sure about giving securely, it's best it too drop off your donations during business hours. It's no secret many Australian pensioners are doing it really tough this festive season. Laura Tunstall reports things are so bad, some seniors decided they won't be celebrating Christmas at all.This Christmas I won't be having anything.What's the point of getting the tree out? You just have to try and manage.It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of year wut for many Australian pensioners, Christmas Day is just like any other.We're not giving Christmas presents now because it's so expensive. We cut it out.It's terrible.Might geto Red Rooster and buy a chook.Sometimes the simplest act of Christmas cheer can make all the difference.I can't believe that.No dramas at all.I don't know what to say. I really don't.68-year-old Vera Fischer went be celebrating Christmas this year. Her tree remains in the cupboard. She will be having baked beans for lunch. When you have to pay your electricity, I have a phone bill too to pay, food to pay for - it doesn't leave much.

phone bill too to pay, food to pay
for - it doesn't leave much. Being on the pension, Vera said there is no money for festive trimmings. She stopped baking a Christmas cake years ago.All my pans are in the oven. I've looked at them and looked at them but I can't. I'm so scared of the bills.What would you like to be able to afford for Christmas?Have a good feast. Have a good feast. I'd like a big table put out with friends gathered around.She's even started growing her own vegetables to make ends meet.I water. I take a sprauberry here and a strawberry there and think that I don't have to go to the shop and buy these.Would you normally be able to afford sprauberr -- Strawberries?No. They're too expensive.Vera has around $200 a week after her rent is paid for all her expenses.It is a worry. Believe me. It is. It's got to weigh on you.Currently a single person on the aged pension receives an annual income of just over $20,000 a year. That's just over $770 a fortnight. But for many their biggest concern is how to make that payment stretch to cover the cost of private rent, of groceries, phone bills and the rising cost of electricity. 84- year-old Margaret Palmby struggles on the same payment. She thinks ahead every year to make sure she has Christmas covered.Well, I save $2 coins all year and usually have around $400 to $600 for Christmas. For her, Christmas is also a lonely time.A couple of years ago, I my husband had to go in the nursing home. That was hard because we had been married 65 years. It's hard.

Crunchy Nuts for Christmas dinner. Stan Souter is on the disability pension but is soon transferring to the aged pension. He already find it tough to make ends meet so a traditional Christmas lunch is out of the question.Jam sandwich, I suppose. Doesn't really worry me. I would like some turkey or something but you can't afford it.People are living on Weet-Bix and cereal and bread. They can't afford fresh fruit or fresh vegetables or fresh meat.Sue King is the director of advocacy at Anglicare in Sydney. Christmas time is no different for a lot of these people to any other time of the year. It isn't a special time. It's another day where you have to get through another day you have to find food to put on the table.The most recent increase to the aged pension was in September. It was just $8 a week. The last significant boost was back in 2009, when the government granted a rise of $30 a week.I would like the Government to swap places with me for six or seven months or 12 months. I would like 'em to swap their income to my income. And see how they like it. Do you think they'd survive?I done think so. Not on my pension, anyway. It seems unthinkable that some of the pensioners we have spoken to won't be celebrating Christmas this year so we have put together a little surprise for them, in the hope it eases the burden somewhat over the festive season. A $100 gift voucher for you?Thank you so much.Spend it on whatever you'd like.We vane had anything for the last few years. This is real good. Real good surprise.What can I say? A big thank you.It's our pleasure, Vera. Can I hug you?Of course, you can. Hope you- a wonderful Christmas. Frplgt I definitely will. So many people doing it

So many people doing it tough. Advocacy groups continue to lobby the Government for a substantial rise to the aged pension. We'll keep you updated on any developments. There's been a dramatic development on the shocking death of Australian Nicole Fitzsimons in Thailand. Thai police reopened an investigation in to the road crash that killed her and in a cruel twist, there's no been some rough justice for Nicole.She was passionate every minute of the day. That's why we miss her so much.It was absolutely outrageous what this idiot did that killed our daughter. It was the heartbreaking story that open our eyes to a tragic death. 24-year-old Nicole Fitzsimons killed after a scooter crash on the holiday island of Ko Samui in Thailand. We also heard how bent local cops tried to cash in.I was vulnerable. They were obviously after one thing and one thing only and that was my money.Driving like a maniac, a local scooter rider killed Nicole after crashing in to the bike on which he was a passenger. Her boyfriend, Jamie Keith, was about to turn in to their resort's driveway. Local police initially let the Thai scooter driver go free without charge over her death. The Nicole's outraged father, Vince, also accused local cops of corruption and trying to brush aside her death. You realise you're in an environment where it seems like corruption is the way of the world there.But after A Current Affair's story was replayed on ptyalin's national broadcaster, TV 3, it prompted police to reopen the investigation in to the crash. They immediately sacked the local chief of police from his position. Now, in a dramatic new development, according to the Australian Embassy in Bangkok, the Thai scooter driver has been charged with negligent driving, causing death. An embassy note reads, "He is currently detained in prison to prevent him from escaping." That news brings a sense of release to Nicole's family but here is where outrage takes over. At the time, local police forced Jamie to admit the crash was an accident or they wouldn't let him leave the country.They asked me to sign a blank piece of paper and say it was an accident. It burns inside of me. It's a cruel world over there. And we seen it with our own eyes.The cruelty continues. Police have turned their sights on Jamie, charging him with careless driving causing death. The embassy note reads, "Police have issued a warrant requesting Mr Keith report himself to Samui police immediately. If Mr Keith does not come as instructed, they will issue a further warrant for his arrest." Jamie says he has no intention of reporting to Samui police or for that matter ever returning to ptyalin.Our love together will always be inseparable and she will always be in my heart, that's for sure.She was much loved. Nicole's family stood with pride last Friday when they collected her degree from Griffith University in Queensland. It was a Bachelor of Communications with distinction. Time for a change of pace. Our special buyers guide to Christmas books on a budget. Relax, Evan 'bookworm' Batten has done all the home work for you.They're very interesting. Very exciting.Popular fiction, cooking, sci-fi, vampires, whatever you fancy, there's a book for everyone. Books are still a popular choice for Christmas presents?Yes. They're one of those last-minute gifts which is easy for you to think about.A good stocking filler?Fantastic. But a thoughtful gift too. You have to think about it.We hit up two of our biggest retailers, Big W and Dymocks to find out what's topping the list. Sharyn Vallaverde takes us through Santa's top three.'Jack of Diamonds' from Bryce Courtenay. Number two best seller here and I don't think any child would be unhappy if they received this. And jaet Jamie's 15 Minute Best Meals'. I don't think anyone would be unhappy with that.Meredith Drake agrees cook books are popular on their list.Donna Hay. On how to cook light this year. Number two for kids - 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'. Number one is Australia's faefrt, Bryce Courtenay.Another star performer is 'Eureka the Unfinished Revolution'. Why are people going to pick up this book?It's not dull. It is like a novel. I wants to write my books like a novel.Author Peter Fitzsimons says it's all about taking readers on a journey. I want people to feel like they're in the middle of the story. So I write it. So I get enough detail and then it's accurate and people feel ideally like they're there. And something more about where we're from, what we're about.Crime is always a great genre. People love it?Yes. It is one of our best-selling categories. This one is great for the blokes. Repus, the favourite character, is back in this one.I'm an old man. I like reading books.Ifia do want to embrace the latest reading gadget, you can find e-Readers for as little as $78. The Kindle has got people back in to reading?Yes. It stores somany books and so light. You can take it away. The battery life is almost two months on this. Are they getting more popular?In Australia. Yeah. The market is still quite young here. Growing rapidly in Australia.Something for everyone. You'll find more information on that story on our website. When we return, we will check in live with bridy Halls and his travelling hamper van.

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Make sure you're up early on Thursday. That will be fantastic. One fella with a lot of company right now is our residents hamper king. He's the king of Frankston, Brady Halls.Who is the most popular boy in Frankston tonight? Who is a happy little hamper collector here? Look at that. We have more than our 100 hampers to hand out here tonight. And we've got over 100 gifts and toys to hand out as well. It's going to make Christmas a little easier for a lot of folks around this part of Melbourne, that's for sure. You can start handing out the hampers to those who have the lucky tickets. There's 100 hampers to be handed out here tonight. And all these fine folk have lined up patiently. They've all gut a smile on their face. They all look happy. And they're gratefully receiving their Khrisco Christmas hamper. -- Chrisco Christmas hamper. Christmas is hard with people when you don't have much money. For pensioners and people like this. You were telling me earlier you're sitting on your hamper box there. 88 years old.Yes. How many great grandchildren?10 under 10.Do you know all their names? Done start. We vane got time. Only a couple of minutes. The hamper will help you?The last one is four months old.Maybe there's some chocolates and things in there the others can have. But you're so excited to get your hamper?Oh, yes. You're like a littlegroundchild. It's very helpful to get one this time of year.I'm a pensioner. And it helps tremendously. Wecouldn't afford all this. And I have one granddaughter. It will help her too. It makes it harder at Christmas. You have to fine that extra money to find the presents and get the food. Is that the same with you? You have your son here?It means the world. First Christmas without my mother-in-law, my wife's mum. And to get the family altogether at the one place and to share in a few laughs and memories.Nicely said. We have Lisa here. You were one of the slowest but we always keep a few for those who can't run so fast and kaen get here so quickly. What's it going to -- can't get here so quickly. What's it going to be like for you?You changed our life. I had a stroke two weeks ago and was waiting to have treatment for cancer, so you changed my life. Sweetheart, it's a pleasure. Good on you. I like to see a smile on your face. That's what it will do. Without a doubt.It's a pleasure. We wish you all a merry Christmas. Good on you, mate.How are we all going down there? Everyone is fine? Aren't they a well-behaved lot tonight? Well done here. You excited? How did you get here so quick?I've been here for hours. Well done. Well done. Live across the road. Thank you very much. Tomorrow night, we will be somewhere else in Australia. So tell your family, your friends to be watching A Current Affair. We could be in the street near you tomorrow night. We'll see you then. Good on you. Thank you very much. His hamper van will be hitting the road again tomorrow and we'll have more to give away. We'll look a few details to you in due course. After the break - we turn the tables on the cyber bullies who target teens. You have no regrets?No.

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