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(generated from captions) because they're spreading
an important message for summer. Can you tell us about the message?

Can you tell us about the message?

Can you tell us about the message?
It is a new initiative by the Cancer Council. It is creating awareness. The Australian know about the awareness of skin cancer but it is every vine do for people to stay in the shed, keep the sunblock on and the hat and sunglasses. Be proactive.A some smart. You picked a perfect day to do it. We had a bit of summer in the

Summer certainly made
a comeback today. The city reached a top
of 26 degrees under those big blue skies. Around the suburbs,
we saw a warm day as northerly winds
swung in, pushing temperatures
into the low 30s in Penrith. Around the country
tomorrow - hot in Melbourne
before rain hits. Showers and storms
in Brisbane. Showers clearing
in Adelaide. Slight conditions
on the water tomorrow: You'll be able to see the stars
tonight with clear skies but tomorrow,
a touch of cloud will brew with the city set to see a warm top
of 27 degrees.

It will be warm
in our west and we may pick up
some showers and storms from late morning
until Wednesday night.

Looking ahead - it will get hot in the city
on Thursday. Then cool and cloudy on Friday. But otherwise it will be warm.

Clear skies
and plenty of sun on Christmas Eve with a shower possible
on Christmas Day. That's Seven News for this Tuesday. Next on 'Today Tonight', the highway pursuit
by a crazed driver - every second of the terrifying
road rage attack videoed by the victim.

Good evening
and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Kylie Gillies. Tonight, the worst case of road rage
we've come across - all of it caught on camera. So, now watch and listen as we ride with an innocent driver who found himself the target
of a mad man. Neil Doorley reports.

It started innocently enough, with Ken Olsen taking
a weekend drive south of Brisbane when trouble struck.

I just got rear-ended. I looked in rear-vision mirror
and there's a bloke gesturing, pulling signs at me
and going berserk, pulling signs at me
and going berserk. A camera in Ken's car records
what happens next as the driver, in the black ute,
comes into shot crossing double white lines. At that stage, he just appeared
to be coming up beside me so he could scream
through the open passenger window. Ken keeps going
before the ute appears again, this time on the inside. He's going berserk at me again - gesturing, pulling signs
and things - so I thought, "I'm not going to
pull over for this bloke "because he seems
a little bit unbalanced." Moments later, there's nothing
Ken can do to avoid the ute. He's gone onto the grass verge,
pulled over straight in front of me and then immediately
applied his brakes, and I had nowhere to go and went straight
into the back of him. He then jumped
out of passenger door, came right up to vehicle and thought, "He's not coming
to talk, he meant business." (THUD!) That's the sound of the man punching
Ken's window as he drives off. I realise that he just doesn't want
to stop and exchange details - he's got something against me - but I was still thinking, "Might be able to drive
down the road a little bit "and he'll cool down." But things were about to heat up
even more as the chase continues along the wrong side off the road
and off road. He then came up left side of me,
tried to pull in front of me again, um, I went onto wrong side
of the road. There was no traffic coming
at this stage. I went into the right lane.
He continued to follow me. Catching up
and ramming Ken's vehicle as the road rules go out the window. So I had to go onto the footpath - got onto footpath, went over
traffic islands with him in pursuit. I got around the traffic island,
he crunched into side of me, so I had to go onto another footpath
to get away from him. Thankfully, there was no people there.

Trying to escape, Ken narrowly misses this car,
as he's forced to run a red light,

Ken just keeps driving
and keeps his nerve, calling 000. I've got somebody trying
to run me off the road. He's doing it right now. Please, quickly,
this bloke is chasing me all over. I

I was in fear of my life. The driver continues to stalk Ken. "Here he comes now." "Oh... (BEEP) .. hell!
I can't do anything. He's trying
to run me off the road. All I'm trying to tell you is keep
driving towards the police station.

He keeps cutting in front of me
and cutting me off. He was continuously
colliding with me, trying to push me off the road,
pulling in front of me and every time, fortunately, I managed
to just make it around him. Ken knows he can't stop
because it could prove fatal. Because he'd crashed into my vehicle
so many times, I was convinced
it was gonna stop going. And I thought, "Once my vehicle
is not going, I have no protection - "this bloke is going to kill me."

He came up beside me and sideswiped labour could not put me back onto the road. He just flipped the back of my ute to try and get a hold of May. She was gesturing out the window and waving her arms around
and screaming.

He is running the commentary on the impact the pursuit is having on other drivers.He is trying everything he can to run me off the road. There egos. He is coming in between me and another vehicle. How did this start?I have no idea. The chase continues but is about to reach a dramatic climax.He has just collided with me and is pushing me into the barrier! The better get someone here. This Doody is crazy!

This is the moment
Ken thought he was going to die.

Did you stop your car?No, he just a smash my windscreen and he has fallen off the bonnet. He's lying in the road now. Did you just hit him?

No. He was on the bonnet and
I tried to get away and he fell off. Keep driving then. Don't go back. I'm not going back.
Are you crazy?! I'm getting miles away. That is absolutely terrifying. Well, I was terrified,
that's for sure.

He just died on to my Bonnett and started punching the windscreen with both fists. I had the impression that he was tried to get me. -- dived on to my bonnet. He must have got snagged on my mirror. My mirror was all bent. I think that spun him around. The next time and looked at him, he was crouched down on the Beecham.

Having been rammed
at least seven times Ken continues driving
his battered four-wheel drive to the nearest police station.

I almost broke down on the freeway. Because 000 told me not to stop. I did not want to stop on the freeway -- freeway because I did not know whether he was going to pursue me. As a got to the police station, the engine seized. I have not been happier to get to the police state -- station. A former police officer, Ken investigated many
road rage incidents over the years but never imagined he'd be involved
in one as violent as this. This has shaken me. It's something
that you don't expect, and, um, it's something
that's very difficult to deal with. And how do you deal with somebody
trying to, what I think, trying to kill you on the road? So, I'm struggling. Yet another victim of the increasing
number of road rage incidents which are turning quiet suburban
streets into bitumen battlefields,

Where angry drivers are lashing out
against other road users in sometimes unprovoked attacks,
like Ken's. I had no choice in the matter. If I'd stuck to road rules,
I wouldn't be here talking to you. The driver who terrorised Ken
might have been caught on camera, but he's still on the run despite that damning dashboard
vision being handed over to police. Ken says his attacker needs to be
taken off the road, and quickly. What I'd say to you, man,
honestly, you need to get some help. For you to put so many people's
lives in jeopardy is unfathomable.

And we've had word that police have now been contacted
by the driver of the ute. He's planning to hand himself
in tomorrow morning. We'll let you know if he does. Now to the ads
that get people angry - the most complained-about for 2012. Some are deliberately designed
to get under people's skin, others simply miss the mark so badly
they drive people mad. Madeleine Kennard reports
on the ads that offend and what the authorities do
when they go too far.

They're cringe-worthy... Fix it with Frixion. ..over the top... ..cleans your balls. ..sexist and confronting. You know, even that bit of discharge
in-between our period... Some ads we love to hate. There wasn't a lot of love
for these, the 10 most complained about ads
of 2012. It doesn't take a lot
to get an ad taken off air. Appearing in an ad
can make a career, or it can break it. Actress Coby Conell appeared
in this Carefree ad. It was anything but carefree, and she is still stunned
at the stir it caused. And when you are walking down
the street, do people recognise you? Sometimes. And what do they say? Often they look at me
and they do a double-take and say, "Are you the girl
from the vagina ad?" Whilst they may be offensive, often that means
they stood out a lot so they get the message across
quite quickly. Advertising guru Rob Belgiovane
says in the ad game,
standing out is important, even if it's for the wrong reasons. When you're spending a lot of money
to make a piece of communication, the ideal scenario
is to be loved by everybody. The broader that appeal can be,
the better it is. But some pushed those boundaries
way too far. ADVERTISMENT: At Energy Australia, we try to understand
how you use energy. Energy Australia didn't understand what message
this conveys to children. Its ad came in it at number 10. Offering personal insights
and advice about your energy usage to help you be more efficient. 19 people complained it encouraged children
to hide in a fridge. ADVERTISEMENT: Thursday afternoon
in a 60 zone. But when it comes to safety, this Transport Commission Commercial
was too confronting. The rider broke his neck on impact
here. Advertisers have a right to advertise their product
how they like provided that they don't go
over the line of acceptability, which is set out
in the code of ethics. Fiona Jolly from the
Advertising Standards Bureau says the most complaints are for ads that make sexist remarks
or mock religion. One of the other most complained
about advertisements in 2012 was a Red Bull advertisement which used images of Jesus
as a cartoon character. It generated 96 official complaints. The problem is,
soap just isn't enough. See? Still dirty. Singer-turned-actress Sophie Monk
caused an uproar when she used sports balls
as a metaphor. Hi.
I am thrilled to be here, Stephanie, Hi.
I am thrilled to be here, Stephanie. What have you got for us today,
Amber? Balls. Nobody wants to play
with them when they're dirty. The Lynx deodorant ad
is 1 of 3 ads in the top 10 that breached the code of ethics. The Lynx ad, the board felt did go
too far in one particular area, which was that it discriminated
against older people, and so that advertisement
had to be modified to have the offensive scene removed. So this is the Top 10 - Energy Australia, Transport Accident Commission, Kleenex Cottonelle,

Frixion Pens, Lynx, Libra tampons,

New Idea,

Lynx Body Buffer, Red Bull, and the top spot goes to
the Carefree ad - 149 complaints from viewers, claiming it made them
feel uncomfortable. I think being controversial,
it was always going to have that and it was always
going to upset some people, but the positive feedback
far outweighs the negative.

The old rule applies - the only thing worse
than being talked about What do you think - which ads iritate you? Nominate them on our website, or head to our Facebook page
or send us a tweet.

For tens of thousands
of high school-leavers, the festive season coincides
with an almighty reality check. It's when their final school results
are delivered and when the numbers
don't stack up, they're left wondering -
where to next? But those results
aren't the be-all and end-all, as Pippa Gardner reports
on the hard-knock heroes who dropped out of school
but thrived in the real world and worked their way
to incredible success.

BY THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS PLAYS) Richard Branson, Frank Lowy,
Mark Zuckerberg, Kerry Stokes - the faces of the rich and famous. Leaders from the world of business,
super successful and ultra wealthy. All with something else in common. They're high school
or university drop-outs. I was certainly a straight-C student and one of the things
that got me through was that I probably
didn't dwell too much on it. When Tom Potter left school at 15,
he was told he was making the biggest mistake
of his life. But a passion for pizza paid off, and, with a whole lot of hard work, Eagle Boys became a household name and Tom secured a spot
on Australia's rich list. If you don't work your butt off no matter where you are
or what you do and I'm probably,
to a certain extent, still working my butt off and...something that I enjoy doing. It really is the drive or the people
who find their passion that make a success of themselves, not necessarily the ones
that got the great marks at school. See these kids
working their butts off, cutting fruit
and making smoothies... Janine Allis has made a motza
out of juices and smoothies. 11 years ago, she launched her first Boost store
in Adelaide. She now owns more than 200
around the world. Not bad
for a self-taught businesswoman who used to jump from job to job. It is not the end of the world
when you open that letter and it hasn't got the marks
you wanted. The reason being that the only ceiling,
the only barrier, is the barrier you create yourself. There is no one road
that leads to success. In fact, social researchers predict that by the time high school kids
of today reach the age of 30, they would have had
at least five full-time jobs in careers
that haven't even be thought of yet. The experts say the key is attitude, not necessarily aptitude. Look, you've got to keep things
in perspective and that is, if you fail
or you don't get what you want, you're not a failure. You just didn't do terribly well
at this. You can give it another go Psychologist Grant Brecht says receiving high school results
is one of the most stressful times in a young person's life. He says, if you do well,
give yourself a pat on the back. If you don't get want you want, look at it as resilience training
for life. It doesn't matter
how good a batter you are, life is going to throw you
those curve balls and you've gotta be able to swing, and you'll miss some, but it's not giving up. When people were really doubting me and saying, "This is a big mistake", I probably found it
as a major motivator. Tom is now onto his next venture,
Crusty Devil bakeries, and is working as hard as ever. His advice -
don't be afraid of failure. It's a very long marathon. A career is a long marathon. And if you think
you are going to make it rich quick, you are going to be
extremely disappointed.

Pippa Gardner reporting
on self-made success stories. After the break - evicted from her own home
by her council... I've got to be 29m from this
fenceline here and I'm only 27m. ..forced to live in a car because
of something that might happen. That's next.

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Welcome back. How would you feel if you were
ordered out of your home because it might be
in the path of a bushfire some time in the future? It's happened to
one single mum and her son who are now sleeping in their car, paying the price for building
too close to bush.

This is my home. This is my home! But this is where Cherylynn Quinn
says she has no option but to sleep, alongside her 14-year-old son,
Kieran. I come home, I feed my son, and then we throw our doonas
and pillows in the back of the car and we sleep in the car. This is not acceptable and it's up to the minister now to
step in and find a solution to this. This tranquil 8-hectare bush block
is Cherylynn Quinn's main asset. 10 years ago, she became a single
parent to her four children. Unable to afford to build a house, Cherylynn set about converting
her existing 25-square garage into a home.

I've built all these walls
in this house, I've put the ceiling in,
I've had to tile all the floor. On a tiny budget, the conversion
has taken Cherylynn a decade. Now with three of her children
grown up and gone, the battling mum has finally
almost finished - only to be told the dwelling does not comply
with new bushfire safety laws introduced after the Black Saturday
firestorm in 2009. I'm caught between the fact that I would have been given
a certificate of occupancy two years ago

Cherylynn's local council
demanding she evacuate the building, returning it
to its original condition, because it's next to a state forest. The Country Fire Authority ruling
the home too great a risk - it's in the flame zone and unable
to withstand radiant heat. I've got to be 29m
from this fence line here and I'm only 27m

and I'm only 27m. So if I move my house 2m,
which is where I am standing now, that way, then I would be
legally allowed to stay. Ironically, if Cherylynn
had finished her shed before these new laws
were introduced she'd be allowed to stay. If we allow people to live there
in conditions that are risky, we're not doing our job,
we're not looking after their lives. Dr Alan March
is an urban planning lecturer at Melbourne University, who made submissions
to the Bushfires Royal Commission. The main change is that
in the building regulations the structures have to be built
to a much higher standard to withstand ambient heat
and to withstand ember attack. So that's a much more rigorous test
that's applied to new buildings. I think it's absolutely devastating
for Cherylynn. Maree Edwards is Cherylynn's
local Member of Parliament. She's fallen into a gap
between the 2009 bushfires which were very, very tragic,
as we know, and the implementation
of this bushfire recommendation, which we fully support, but there has to be allowances made
for people like Cherylynn who have fallen into the gaps. I don't want to live in my car,
I want to sleep in my bed. Cherylynn's insisting she would
never stay to defend her property in the event of a bushfire. The situation at the moment is,
it's based on what might happen, it's based on the safety of myself
if a bushfire - if a bushfire comes through,
we might be in danger, we might not be able to get out,
we might not survive, but I don't have any plans
for staying. So it's all based
on the ifs, buts and maybes. These building
and planning regulations significantly reduce
the risk of loss of life and, indeed, loss of property
in bushfires. We really need to stand by them. It's the world's best practice
in this system and it's just really unfortunate that, occasionally, people
are caught in between these changes. In desperation, Cherylynn has tried
to sell her property, to no avail. I don't know what to do. I don't have family to live with, I don't have friends
that can take me in, 10 years of living here
and converting this property will be for nothing.

Jackie Quist has been contacted by the Victorian Planning Minister,
Matthew Guy. He is now reviewing
Cherrylyn's situation. We'll let you know the outcome. and then, the life of Jai - and his mum who's so afraid for him,
she's afraid to sleep. He has seizures all day, all night,
24/7. He has 500 seizures a day -
what can be done?

Time's running out for
the new Lemon and Herb Chicken Sub from Subway restaurants. Tender, succulent chicken
marinated in zesty lemon juice, garlic and spices. Enjoy your first
or come back for seconds.

Tomorrow night, the little boy struck down
with a rare condition so serious his mum can't afford to sleep.

He has seizures all day,
all night, 24/7.

It's an extreme disease, and desperate diseases need
desperate measures.

Mum, what's wrong with John? Someone's always gotta be there -
all the time. That story tomorrow. Before we go tonight,
a clarification. Back in August, we broadcast a story on illegal migrants
working on Australian farms and showed footage of a Strawberry Farm
called Koogee Downs on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The owner of the farm has confirmed he does not employ
any illegal migrants on his farm. That's all for now.
Thanks for your company. I'm Kylie Gillies.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
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Hello and welcome
to Better Homes and Gardens. With everything that's going on
this time of the year, don't you wish you had a place that
you could just chill and relax in? Well, here it is -
Tara's ultimate space to relax. When we say 'makeover',
boy, oh, boy, do we mean it. Chicken drumsticks -
but wait until you try the sauce. It'll put some fire in your belly
to match the smoke on your barbie. The secrets behind
the ancient art of topiary. From hedges to horses, I have
the topiary tips all wrapped up. Wanna keep toys tidy? It's an elephant,
and she'll clean up after your kids.

The biscuit legend
baked in your oven. How to make
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Plus, another chance for you to win
one of our nightly giveaways. All you have to do is keep watching. SONG: # Ooh # Getting better, yeah # Life keeps getting better # All the time # Getting better. # The art of a great barbecue
is essentially just a balancing act between the classic smoky flavours and hints of sweet, sour,
bitter and salty - all the bits that bind it together. I reckon the best example
of how to do this properly is with a lemony chicken drumstick served up with your own homemade
sweet chilli sauce. Simply grab yourself the finely grated zest and juice
of a couple of lemons plus a couple of good slugs
of olive oil and mix it really well
on to the chicken.

Once it's combined, you'll need
to cover it with cling film and set it aside
for at least an hour but not longer than two hours,
otherwise it'll firm up too much. Meanwhile, we get on
to making our sweet chilli sauce. It's probably no surprise that our first ingredient is,
of course, some chillies - the long red variety work best. But what might surprise you is just
how many we need - 600g worth. You see, although they've
got a lot of intensity, you still need quite a bit of chilli
to fill out the sauce. Start off by cutting them all
in half and get rid of
about half of the seeds.

You can adjust the amount of heat
you want by having more or less seeds. When that job's done, you wanna set
aside a handful of the chillies that still have their seeds
left in them. The rest, put into a blender and you're gonna puree that up
with five cloves of garlic, a stick of lemongrass, half a cup of apple cider vinegar,
and about 75ml of fish sauce, as well as two lime leaves. You need to puree it
until it's really smooth. Now, at this stage, you wanna put it
into a medium-size saucepan with 400g of caster sugar and set it over a moderate heat. You'll need to let this simmer
for about 25 minutes until it's thickened. While that's warming through, we can
finely dice the remaining chillies and finely slice
the remaining kaffir lime leaf and simply chuck those in.

And I reckon it's time to check out
how our chicken's doing. The first thing you'll notice is that the meat's started to go
a little bit translucent. That's exactly
what we're looking for. That just means that the very
outside part has cured a little bit and that'll help
to lock in the moisture. Now, to cook 'em, you want
a bit of salt, bit of pepper and put them on to the ribbed
grill side of the barbecue. They should need
between 12 and 15 minutes but make sure you turn them
plenty of times.

And then use any leftover marinade
to baste the chicken while it cooks.

You are gonna be amazed at just exactly
what this lemony marinade does to the chicken drumsticks. They are so moist and delicious. But the best part of this meal has
got to be the sweet chilli sauce. It'll be the perfect inspiration
to get you back out on the barbecue.