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This program is captioned live.
This program is captioned live.

Tonight - the first tiny victims of the Newtown massacre lay to rest. A fitting tribute to a grand old dame. Bosses are pushed to look after the mental health of their employees - but who looks after the bosses? Fighting with your family? - some tips on how to type friendly this festive season. Plus, some timely Christmas messages home from our troops in the Sinai. This is The Project.

Good evening. Welcome to The Project. Please greet with some happy noises and, et cetera, the clapping and all that stuff - Lehmo and Dr Andrew Rochford. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Happy noises!Lots of happy noises there. And can I say, pull the rip cord on your zeebox machine. You won't regret it. Carrie, the headlines? Heartbreaking scenes in the US, as two 6-year-old boys killed in the Connecticut school shooting were laid to rest. Family, friends and the people of Newtown farewelled classmates Jack Pinto and Noah Pozner amid calls for new gun laws. The clean-up has started in Fiji, after Cyclone Evan left a trail of destruction across the island nation. Homes and buildings have been destroyed. Powerlines are down. And water supplies have been cut. Despite the damage, there have been no reports of fatalities. NSW Police say two early-morning drive-by shootings in Sydney's west aren't connected. Five people were unharmed after a single shot was fired into a Milperra house around 2:00am. But a Cherrybrook house peppered with bullets just hours lateser owned by a Hells Angels associate. Australia might have won the first test against Sri Lanka by 137 runs, but the team is now facing allegations of ball-tamp,. Sri Lankan media accused two prominent Australians of picking at the seam of a ball on Sunday during the visitors' first innings. Photos of the alleged incident popping up on social media. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch has been remembered as a woman who embodied the finest qualities of Australia. Her son Rupert delivered the eulogy at today's state memorial service in Melbourne, describing his mother as a woman who was devoted to her husband, family, and the community's most vulnerable. In her spirit, and her energy, she embodied the finest qualities of this country. Mum has left footprints that stretch across a century, a continent, and a society. Her unmatched generosity of spirit has left an enduring impression on all who encountered her.We, as a society, have an individual that we can look up to who, for the rest of time in our lives, will be with us and will be guiding us to do better. She's left an eternally grateful family who stand humble before her, admiring an exquisite garden that is a life lived always in full bloom. She was the matriarch of such powerful family, yet they were all just in awe of this woman.Hearing Rupert talk today about his mum and dad and the love they had was really beautiful, saying they were married for 24 years, and his dad died 60 years ago, but she never remarried and said she would love him until she the day she died. Yeah, it was really beautiful. Carrie, I was watching you host for Channel Ten this morning. I think a lot of Australians probably aren't aware of the length and breadth of the work she's -- her output across her life. It's just unbelievable. When I was readingen up on her, she's been involved in 120 charities. I don't mean signing cheques - hands-on involvement. So many of them were saying they would not still exist if it wasn't for Dame Elisabeth.You would hope that, with the coverage of her sad passing and the memorial today and us talking about it, that perhaps it can be an example for younger generations of a kind of philanthropy that isn't as common today.Absolutely. The Newtown school massacre has naturally sparked huge interest in the man who committed the crime, but why is there such a fascination with killers, and what role does the media play? Mass killers crave attention. They want notoriety. And when they commit a headline-grabbing atrocity, the media gives them what they want - and yes, this show is part of that equation. When something terrible happens, people want to know about it, and the press has an obligation to report those stories. But experts say we also have a responsibility to do so without exploiting tragedy, and without glamorising the perpetrator. American forensic psychiatrist Dr Park Deets has compiled a set of guidelines for reporting mass murders:

Break those rules, and you can expect one or two copycat events within a week. Perhaps sensationalism is inevitable in a 24/7 news environment. People fall on subway tracks all the time, but it's only news if there's a disturbing photo for the front page. Even legitimate coverage can be invasive - the people of Newtown are dealing with unimaginable horror. They shouldn't also have to deal with an intrusive press corps. Humanity has an instinctive fascination with killers, but should we fight that instinct to prevent these things from happening again? Dave Cullen wrote 'The New York Times' bestseller 'Columbine', about the 1999 high school massacre. Dave, we've agonised over this story. There's a theory that widespread media attention can spark copycats. Is that true?Well, it definitely does spark copycats. I think there's little to no doubt about that. It's a huge danger. I worried writing a book about -- worried writing a book about Columbine - in that case, nothing I could do could make the Columbine killers more or less famous, that had already happened. I'm advocating for a small number of voices that are starting to grow a little louder within the mead suggesting that we stop using the name of the killers in these situations. I am all for that. It would really send a signal to potential future killers in the making that we're not going to publicise who they are anymore. They're not going to get the name recognition.Who are these killers? Is there a profile of the sort of person who commits these horrible murders?There are three main types of these mass killers. The first is the most rare - the sadistic psycho. The second is also fairly uncommon, which is people deeply mentally ill. I'm talking about a real break from reality. Again, it's fairly rare in most people who are -- and most people who are mentally ill like that are not a danger to you. Woe don't want to stigmatise that. The third type, which is most common by far, and really surprises people, is the deeply suicidally depressed. When things get bad and helpless and hopeless enough, a tiny frack of those do go and do one of these horrible shooting surprise. That's the most common.What can we do? Is there any way of predicting or preventing another tragedy like this?It's estimated there are 2 million teenagers with severe clinical depression. 10 or 20 might be potential mass murderers. Those 10 or 20 are fairly indistinguishable in their symptoms generally from the other 2 million. The good news is, if we take that entire 2 million people, we get these people help, we can treat depression quite successfully. We'll see big drops in teen pregnancy, high-school drop-outs, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide. We will save a whole lot of kids' lives and really help them. In the process, we will also neutralise the majority of these shooters without ever knowing that we did it. Well, hopefully we can make improvement in the future. David, thanks for your time.Sure. Thanks for having me.(APPLAUSE) That is hard one. I was thinking about it today. I thought a lot of people, for example, could Name Anders Breivik, the man behind the Norway massacre. But could you name one of the innocent victims involved thanet? Probably not. Which is incredibly sad.So who goes first? That's the difficult thing. The thing about news is it's not just news, it's also entertainment. We're in competition for ratings with other shows. Who's going to be the first to go, "We're not going to name the perpetrator, we're not going to sensational us this for the good of society"?To me, a lot of it comes down to viewers. We're the first to say we're horrified by this, the first to be impacted by this. We're also the ones when we tune in to hear the facts they're talking about. Especially here and also in the States, we need to make a stand and say we don't care about that person. That person is nothing to us. The victims are the people woowoost be worried about. There should be a shift away from the way we report these kind of things, as well as impeding access. You need that safety net there, especially in the States.A big problem with this one as well is the misinformation that came out in the first few days as well - the false information around the family and around what happened. It was really disturbing. The media was in such a rush to get information out, a lot of it was actually wrong.We've got to take a break.We do. We'll be back with more after the break. Coming up - Kitty has some festive food tips on what to avoid at the Christmas dinner table. The results are in, but are they really a signpost to a young person's future? And looking after small-business employers.If their health falls over, their business can fall or. You're watching The Project.

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Welcome back to The Project. Investigations into the stabbing death of a 49-year-old Queensland man continue, but police have charged a 19-year-old with murder and two counts of armed robbery. The victim was found dead last night outside an apartment block at Caboolture, north of Brisbane. A TV commercial for panty liners which use the word "vagina" is the most complained about, out of the year. There were almost 150 complaints, but all were dismissed by the Advertising Standards Bureau, as it found the commercial was factual, and treated the issue seriously. Do not complain to me - I'm just reading a story!What I find offensive is Samuel L. Jackson selling gambling. That is offence. For me, it was a AAMI ad that endorsed foreign liaisens with the pool boy. Katut, I'm talking about you!I had one friend who wrote in and complained about that particular ad. He said the bunch of ploughers was completely in the way. (LAUGHTER) Kevin Rudd - can we move to the former prime minister? He was on breakfast teef this morning. He had an interesting answer to this question.Do you regret taking on Julia Gillard?I knew it would be formidable, I knew it would be tough and improbable at that stage that I would win. So it was the right thing to do.You give yourself terrible advice. In recent years, there's been a massive push for bosses to consider the mental health of their employees. But who's looking out for the mental health of the bosses? Small business is struggling.I've worked for myself for the last 28 years. It's certainly tough. Every week, there's another company of some sort or another closing down. 2012 would be one of the most difficult years we've had in a few decades now.We've seen phenomenal slowdown. People who should be extremely busy this time of oyear just don't have the work.The number of companies going broke is higher now than during the financial crisis. Shoppers choosing to buy online, an Australian dollar that won't come down, big supermarkets that put the squeeze on suppliers, and many other stresses, have all pushed small business to the wall. With all those set to worsen in 2013, it's starting to weigh on the mental health of employers.It's really, really tough. Really tough. Mentally, just exhausting. Many years ago, one of my bosses said to me, "The mental pressure is harder than physical work." Here today, he's 100% right.We don't talk about the mental health of our employers enough. A very large percentage of our workforce are small-business employers. Their health is their business. If their health falls over, their business can fall over.It's not always easy to own and run a small business. It can be quite a challenge at times. LeAnn Faulkner founded Billy Goat Soap, an all-natural soap for sensitive skin. At the height of the business, LeAnn employed eight people full-time.I had a massive sense of responsibility that I had all of these people who were dependent on me being successful. But in the struggling retail sector, her business slipped, taking had her peace of mind with it.I would say to myself, "Get yourself together, girl! You're resilient. You can do this. This is a down day." Eventually I was eaten up by feelings of, "I'm a failure and I've let everybody down." When she began crying on the way to work and having dark thoughts, her husband John pushed her to seek help.It was difficult. There's nothing worse than seeing someone you love in emotional pain.I was so lucky I had John, my partner, to go in there and take over the business. LeAnn's story is one of survival. But not all stories end so well. Gavin Wearing runs Your Business Angels, an accounting firm designed to turn around struggling small businesses.It's about getting themselves sorted out so they can get their heads sort out, think, and plan, and go forward. When they walk in here, they're in a terl state. We can't deal with that. We tell them, "You have to go and see your doctor."While Gavin can help with the books, some things are out of his hands. In 2005, the time result of unseen depression played out in front of him.2005 was pretty hard. Can you give me a minute?Gavin was powerless, as three of his clients took their lives.Sorry... I think I was probably the last person to speak to him. He called me and said, "We've finally cheaped up your old business. We've paid out your staff. Go away and get on with your life." And he went on and hung himself. That was pretty tough. But while everyone agrees that small-business owners are targets for depression, no-one knows just how much they're hurting.Nobody collects information on the number of self-employed people who suicide. Nobody collects information on mental-health issues around the self-employed. That's outrageous that a group of people, 2.5 million of us, are left out of the statistical collection areas.After an awful year for small business, the economy looks set to get even worse next year.I'm concerned not for the businesses, I'm concerned for the people in those businesses. That's our focus - it's people suffering out there, not businesses. (APPLAUSE) Very well put - people suffering. We've also heard from Christie on Twitter:

I bet.We wish you the best, Christi. If you are a small business owner and think you might need help, there are programs available. They're all linked on our website. And you can always call Lifeline on 13 11 14. And try to have a merry Christmas as much as you can. Speaking of Christmas, it is just seven days away. I bet your Christmas wish is to spend it with as much family as possible: But the stress of pressie shopping, preparing a feast, and having relatives coming from near and far can get the better of us all. 'Tis the season to be jolly, and the season for the family fight. People get together that haven't often seen each other through the year. They don't have a lot of links in terms of common interests, but they have links in terms of blood. And that means that there can be a lot of underlying conflict. (LAUGHTER) The family already had their biffos a few years ago. There is no family Christmas as such.Lots of stress. Lots of anxiety. Lots of - a few drinks, then it's on.A lot of people come in Christmas Day. Anything could happen.In some unfortunate instances, family get- togethered can end in assaults, with the latest police stats showing tensions are highest on Boxing Day, with an alarming 203 reports of family violence on the day, and 3,600 during the entire festive season in one state alone. Whist families come together to celebrate, unfortunately, around this time period, we also note a significant increase in the incidence of family violence. Christmas should be the time when you're able to go home, it place that'll have you when nobody else will.This time next week, Australians will be ho eing into Christmas dinner, a little poorer with and with a few extra pairs of socks. When it starts to fray, whathuts best way to survive Christmas Day? Family conflict psychologist Dr Mary Casey has some tips on how to get through the silly season. How does the Casey family survive Christmas lunch? (LAUGHS) Fortunately, we're all older and wiser these days. We've learnt over the years what to do and what not to do. I guess at the end of the day, we really respect each other's decisions about where we're going and what we're doing. We all catch up, but it's what we want to do. It's what everyone wants to do themselves.What are some of the common stresses that you see and your tips on coping? At our house, we pull out the Christmas pin yadda, hand -- pinata, hand around the baseball bat, and take out our frustration on that.A good punching bag is a good one! White what I find over time is there's usually two types of people that create the conflict over Christmas - either the person who's the real people had-pleaser, who says "Yes" to everything but goes with their insides churning and listening to the crazy mother-in-law all day, or on the other hand, it's the person who's controlling, that expects everybody to be there on Christmas Day.There's always that person that says, "Yeah, I'll have Christmas at my house! I'll do everything!" Then on Christmas Day, they're so annoyed they're doing everything for everyone, they regret it.That used to be me!You don't choose your family. We have a situation where, every year for this one day, all family members get together, when they may choose otherwise not to get together during the year. You expect them to get along and have a happy day. What about making it a Christmas with your best mates or something instead?You can really cull your family and friends - what you say is, "Look, this is what I'd like to do. I appreciate you want to see us, but we'll catch up early in the morning" or boxing day or whatever. "This is what we're doing for Christmas." Your good friends and family members will is a, "Sweetheart, that's great. Whatever you want to do." The ones that have a problem with it - they're the ones that you cull.(LAUGHTER) Good advice, Mary! Some nervous families around the country right now. Mary, I read the research months ago - I'm heading overseas with my girlfriend for Christmas. Am I a genius?Absolutely. (LAUGHS) Most definitely.Don't expect your mother to ever talk to you again. Hi, Mum!And also, if you fly on Christmas Day - cheap flights. Very smart.(LAUGHTER) Mary, thank you for joining us today. Have a great Christmas.My pleasure.(APPLAUSE) Why don't you let us know what you think about Christmas Day with the fam?

Zeebox is a new Christmas tradition! We'll take a break. Back in a tick. Coming up on The Project - they're young and they're fragile - literally. But a life-changing new treatment is offering hope.Olivia has had 4 broken bones. When I was six, I'd had about 50.This is The Project.

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This is The Project. Or is it? Yes, it is. Yes. Christmas is coming. From what I hear, the goose is getting fat. Much like the rest of us, as we eat and drink too much over the festive season. With only a week till C-day, Kitty Flanagan joins us with some advice on what foods we should avoid this Christmas. Yes. Thank you, Carrie. Listening to me. Number one thing to avoid - this is serious - brussel sprouts. They can kill you. That was the headline in the paper the other day. Brussel sprouts can kill you, which is great news for kids around the world, 'cause now when your mum says, "Go on, just have a few sprouts for health," you can shout, "Help, call the police! My Mum's trying to kill me!"Hang on, Kitty. Slow down.Talking... Yes? What? Can you clarify, exactly, how brussel sprouts can kill you?Not really.(LAUGHTER) Then I would have to admit that it's actually a bit of a beat-up. Do I have to? Alright. Why did you have to be on the panel tonight? (LAUGHTER) Apparently, brussel sprouts are only a problem if you're on some sort of blood-thinning medication, and even then you have to eat heaps of them. Turns out the vitamin K in brussel sprouts can interfere with these sorts of drugs are. You happy now, "Doctor" Rochford? Maybe I should have said The Project can kill you, because I'll pretty sure I just bored everyone to death with those medical stats. Number two thing to do avoid is a turducken. It's a chicken stuffed into a duck, stuffed into a turkey. A turducken. All I'm hearing is the words "turd" and "ucken", which to me, sounds "ucken" disgusting. (LAUGHTER) Anyone still not convinced how disgusting, let's look at these meaty triple beasts. (CROWD GROANS) The number three thing to avoid on your menu this year - Christmas pudding. Why? I'll tell you - because it's made with suet. Here for your edification is a definition of suet - it's raw beef or mutton fat, especially the hard fat found around the loins and kidneys. Mmm! Pudding. Tastes like sultana-y loin fat with custard on it.Kitty, let's talk about Christmas presents. Any last-minute advice on gifts to avoid?Yes. I say avoid gift vouchers, unless what you're trying to say to your loved ones is, "Eh."(LAUGHTER) Also, avoid buying dads and uncles those novelty books to read on the toilet. It just encourages bad habits. Avoid buying teenage boys socks for the said same reason. (LAUGHTER) That's it. I'm done. Have a happy and turducken-free Christmas. See you next week.Kitty Flanagan, have a wolf Christmas.Let's move on! Here's what is making news today - Tuesday, December 18: Dame Elisabeth Murdoch has been remembered as an exceptional woman with a unique generosity of spirit at the state memorial service in Melbourne. Her son Rupert described her character as one that embodied the best of Australia.In her spirit and her energy, she embodied the finest qualities of this country. As funerals begin for the victims of the Sandy Hook school massacre, a Victorian high school has defended its decision to go ahead with an excursion to a gun club. One teacher admitted he had second thoughts in light of the Newtown tragedy. The school has been running similar events for a decade now. Splits are emerging within the Labor Party over a decision to spend millions of dollars in foreign aid on asylum seekers in Australia. Treasurer Wayne Swan is reportedly behind the move, which will see Australia become the third-largest recipient of its own foreign aid, behind Indonesia and PNG. The Federal Government is being blamed for a Melbourne hospital decision to shut down beds - a move that will delay elective surgery. A head of government reforms audit in NSW has found the hours ambulance crews waste waiting on hospital emergency departments is on the rise. Instagram users are outraged at prifsy changes to the images they post online. New rules mean the popular photo-sharing app now reserves the right to use posted photos in advertising without the users' permission. Some Instagrammers have called for a boycott. I'm outraged.I feel sorry for the Instagram employee trawling through all those photos! What a tedious job.People are so angry about it. Yeah, advertisers really want a photo of your breakfast to sell their car.People take awesome photos. What if someone uses it? You don't get a kickback.Have you ever take an photo on Instagram? I've never used it. I'm outrage own their behalf!Remember in the good old days it was just a dodgy chemist that stole your photos? My Dad was a chemist, he wasn't dodgy! I like that Rochy calls them "the good old days". I mentioned K-Rudd earlier - on television this morning, he also danced 'Gangnam Style'. nam (CROWD Style'.
(CROWD GROANS) Later today, Julie Bishop was asked what she thought of Kevin's Gangnam efforts.I'm afraid I missed that iconic moment in political history. (LAUGHTER) She is a bundle of joy, isn't she? Have a laugh! Far out.At the same time, look, New Year's resolution - everyone, no more 'Gangnam Style' - how about that? I think it's been done. 's been Move. done.
Moving on to something a bit more serious. In the wake of the Connecticut massacre back home, one Adelaide mother has decided to buy her children's toy guns back, in a bid to educate them about the dangers of firearms. It was when she was talking about the recent tragedy with her children that Sam Paya came up with the idea.I didn't want them scared. I thought I'd explain that, "We're a lot safer here in Australia." I think part of that reason is because of the gun buyback. You have an awful lot of rubbish guns you got at the Royal Show this year. I'll give you $5 bucks for each of them." One son jumped at the idea. The other was less impressed.He couldn't accept the idea that I would be destroyingthem.When I heard about this, I bought 100 of these water pistles for $3 each. I'm going to sell them back to Sam for $5 bucks each. Basically I just made $200 bucks. Merry Christmas. You'll have to ask your Mum.That would have come in pretty handy about an hour ago, Sam.Sam's plan has made headlines, attracting fans on Facebook, and aggressive remarks from gun lovers.There are some very nasty messages out there.Is a toy-gun buyback the right way to go about educating your kids? Mia Freedman is the editor of Mamamia, and a mum of two boys and a girl. What do you reckon - good idea?Look, Charlie, I really like the idea. But I can't help wondering if it's in the wrong country. I think where they realied need to be doing this is the US. Mia, do you think toy guns can really have a lasting impact on kids?Lehmo, I was one of those parents who said, "No child of mine will ever have a toy gun." Which was fine with my first two kids. But my youngest, who's four, has a bit of a fetish. He now has not just a gun, but an entire weapons cache - everything from lightsabers to Nerf guns to sticks. This morning, he was going to kindy. It was hiss last day, and dress-ups. He was dressed as some 'Son of Star Wars' character. On the way to the car, he went to grab this big, Nerf, plastic gun. I just shuddered. It really hit home.Do you think there's a difference between your water pistol outside, and ones that look like a replica?Yes, absolutely. We don't have anything that looks like an actual gun. They're all plastic. We have some rules, like you're not allowed to shoot people with them, but there's only so much you can do to control their imaginative play. At a certain point, you just have to wave the white flag, in some ways. Where do you draw the line? If you say no guns, do you say no violent videogames? I understand that idea has been suggested as part of the buyback - to deposit videogames as well.Well, Carrie, I also said no violent videogames in my house, but I've got a 15-year-old son, and that's gone out the window too. So all I need now is for someone to suggest a Barbie buyback for my 6- year-old, and I'm broke!(LAUGHTER) Do you think, regardless of whether buying a gun back off a kid will prevent them leaning towards gun violence in the future - the idea of getting kids to think about whether they need toy guns, and actually getting kids to make a decision about them - perhaps that's where the benefit lies with this?I love the idea. That's very much what this mum was trying to do. She was not saying, "Let's ban them." She was not trying to take them away from other people's children. She wanted to start a conversation with her kids yft thought the thought behind this was beautiful - the idea of trying to raise money to support people going through a horrific time, and at the same time, trying to have a positive conversation. This is a really hard conversation. My youngest, who I've kept away from it, but it's a really tough conversation for any parent to have with their children this week.Mia, great to chat as always. Have a great Christmas. Good luck finding presents to substitute for the fetishised guns in your house.Wish me luck on that one.(APPLAUSE) We'll be back in a moment. Lots more of The Project still to come. Can't think of what to buy us this Christmas? How about a Logies nomination. It's that time of year to point and click on all your TV favourites. How about nominating project protect project for most popular light entertainment program? It waibl joyful Yuletide. A gold nogy nomination would surely provide a great start to the new year. Head to our website and (CHIRPY, UPBEAT MUSIC BUILDS)

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This is The Project. The latest NAPLAN results have revealed schools still need to boost their performance when it comes to literacy and numeracy. The result show there's been little improvement since the first five years ago, when the results came out. Indigenous reading levels were singled out as a particular concern. I really stuffed up that news-read. I need to do my NAPLAN tests again! Speaking of that plan, Carrie, some schools did do very, very well. Here one student with the secret of her success.How did you find the NAPLAN test?Ah, it's sort of easy. Why was it easy?Um, 'cause we got taught, like, some of the same questions like we do in class. (LAUGHTER) Busted!(LAUGHTER) And more renovation woes for the Prime Minister, with work on The Lodge delayed until the end of next year. The work to replace the roof, the 1920s wiring, and the dodgy plumbing, had been due to start in April - word is the builders are facing significant technical challenges. Carbon tax - blame the carbon tax.(LAUGHTER) I can see Tim with a bit of a plumber's crack renovating, Jules with a reciprocating saw. That's what renovating is about.I've been doing a tiny bit of work at home lately. I reckon lots of people around the nation would be joyous that even the Prime Minister has "dodgy 1920s wiring". Get Jamie Al- Daour in there. It'll be ready for I -- Jamie Durie in there. He'll be ready for Christmas. Tony Abbott has been meeting Boris Johnson.G'day, mate.Good to see you.Nice to see you. When are you going to be prime minister, Tony? When there's an election. That will be some time next year.There you go. Done deal. Don't bother voting. Don't you think that's rare? When he gets asked that question, he plays it down, likes to be the underdog. That's about as confident as Tony's evbeen.Maybe he was caught off-guard.He was going," Please like me, Boris! I'm going to be prime minister really soon! Be my friend!"Time to see what is making news around the world. 2,000 mourners packed a church India for the funeral of British nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who took her own life days after answering a royal prank call from 2Day FM radio DJs. In a statement, her husband and two children said the past week had shattered their lives, and they barely have any strength to grieve. Speculation is mounting North Korean leader Kim Jong Un could soon be a father, after his stylish wife swapped her normal designer outfit for a traditional Korean dress at a mass memorial ceremony to mark the death a year ago of leader Kim Jong Il. Amy Winehouse's family have insisted they do not want another inquest into the soul singer's death, despite an investigation finding the Australian-trained coroner lacked proper qualifications. A new hearing will now take place in January. The original inquest found she died of accidental alcohol poisoning. Her family believe the verdict won't change. A paralysed woman is now able to feed herself using a robotic arm controlled by her mind. Jan Scheuermann, who is paralysed from the neck down, can pick up and move objects with a similar speed to an able-bodied person. The 53-year-old says it's changed her life.This is the ride of my life. This is the rollercoaster, and I'm enjoying every second of it.That is SO unbelievable. And the hospital asked her what she wanted to feed herself first. She said chocolate. What a good woman!(LAUGHTER) Isn't it funny - that is so the difference between men and women. If it was me, I'd be like, "Who wants an arm-wrestle?"(LAUGHTER) "Got a robot arm. Think I'm gonna win."We'll take a break and be back in a moment.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hey. Welcome back to The Project, now with Kensington Palaceium. Sad news now. 7-year-old Koko, the kelpie who starred in the hit film 'Red Dog', has died in Perth. CROWD: Awwww!Despite treatment, he succumbed to digestive heart disease after being diagnosed earlier this year. Romeo Beckham, the new face of fashion label Burberry. Falling in his parents' footsteps, he strikes a series of playful poses. He was described as a joy to work with, who apparently stole the show. About time he started paying his own way, that kid.I didn't even know they did Burberry for kids. As if you'd waste money on Burberry for a child.There are lots of rich idiots in the world, Carrie. And some of them have children.Indeed. In Melbourne today, the TAC launched a new road-safety campaign. It's been run by a PR mob called Naked Communications. They already have a brand new number one fan. Good.They've got these naked people...Oh! Rightio.That's the name of the advertising agency we use - we're using these young people.OK. I reckon they'll do a pretty good job!(LAUGHTER) Warnie!He might have lost some weight, but that's still good old Warnie.A classic Warnie. There's a bunch of men and women spending their Christmases away from home. They are members of the Australian Defence Force serving overseas. I was lucky enough to do some gigs for these guys in Egypt. We wanted to give them a chance to send a shout-out back home to Australia.

CROWD: Awwww!

(APPLAUSE) Is that true?! Is that real?That was - that is a fair-dinkum proposal.Ashleigh! Wow! Do we know if Ashleigh knows about this?Well, Ash, I'm assuming she's finding out right now.Ash, if you saw this, jump on zeebox for goodness sake. Let us know!Ashingly, if you are watching, yes, that is a fair- dinkum proposal from your boyfriend all the way over there in Egypt. Awww.Hopefully Ashleigh is excited and saying yes, and hopefully we'll have a positive report for you tomorrow night on the show.Cool! We'll take a quick break and be back in a moment. Tomorrow on The Project - it's the staple of celebrations everywhere, but with a shortage of helium around the world, is it time to lose the party favourites and control what little helium is left to help mankind? That and all the news, but not as you know it, 6:30 tomorrow night on The Project. You guys grew up together?
Since third grade. What are you looking at?
I'm not... We're not good enough for you, huh?
You must be supermodels! What do you model? Gloves? Brad, eat a Snickers.
Why? 'Cause you get a little angry
when you're hungry. Better? Better.

Welcome back to The Project. A bit of feedback coming in, Andrew?That's right. We had a story earlier on in the evening about Christmas dinner - how to survive

(LAUGHTER) Even if you don't disconnect, pretend...(LAUGHTER) More news now. The Federal Government has given the go-ahead to a controversial open-cut mine in Tasmania's Tarkine region. Environment Minister Tony Burke has imposed 29 conditions on the mine's operations, but says he's satisfied it can coexist with the area's Tasmanian devils.Not the most practical use of cranberries, but it's nice to look at. practical use of cranberries, but
it's nice to look at. A group of wakeboarders have been filmed riding around a giant cranberry field in the US. They've assured us no cranberries were wasted during the video.One of them had a urany tract infection that cleared right up after he did that. Remarkable. (LAUGHTER)

up after he did that. Remarkable.
(LAUGHTER) Sticking with medical-type news, but something slightly more serious, doctors at a Sydney hospital are starting to see incredible results from a drug used to treat children with a rare and painful bone condition. It's life-changing treatment that's rewriting medical history. Olivia is the happiest little girl. She's just a bundle of joy. She loves life.Like most 6-year-olds, Olivia Winters loves tearing around on her scooter. What makes this simple act remarkable is that she's doing it at all. Like her mum Fiona, Olivia has osteogenerous imperfecta, a genetic disorder which causes weak bones that break easily.I knew that there was a 50% chance of passing OI on, and my husband and I were prepared for that. Olivia was tiny. She was 40cm long, 2kg. She had really bowed legs.For children who have really severe bone disease, they fracture spontaneously, by being cuddled or rolling over in bed and that sort of thing. For other children with OI, they can have aches and pains, and fracture with what we call mild trauma.Also known as brittle-bone disease, OI affects around 3,000 Australians. Ready? Up we go.Over the past few years, doctors have started treating newborn babies like Olivia with drugs traditionally used in adults with osteoporosis. The results are dramatic.You give them the bisfosen ifates that makes the bones stronger, then that lets the orthopaedic surgeons straighten the bones.She's had roding surgeries, which has enabled her to be able to walk.Olivia visits hospital every two months to receive her medication through a drip. It means she's able to do many things her mum never could.I took my first steps, basically, at five. She's six, and she can ride a scooter. So she's just like any other child. She plays, she has tumbles and she gets back up.My favourite thing is to play. Probably with my bouncy ball.Olivia has had four broken bones. When I was six, I'd had about 50.Before you used to have children with severe OI who would never walk. Their life expectancy would be decreased, potentially. But now you're seeing children with really severe OI who can run and jump and go to school.Christian ceo started treatment 15 years ago when he was two. It was early days back then, and he was the youngest child to receive the drug.Just to compare the way that his body is with others that are older that haven't had the advantage of having the bisfosen ifate from as young as when he was - he's healthy, strong, fit, able to do what he wants to do. Because the treatment wasn't available to Christian in the first few years of his life, the effects aren't as pronounced as they are in younger children. But they're life- changing nonetheless.Yes, he breaks, but he doesn't break as frequently. He doesn't have the same bone pain as he used to when he was little, and as the adults with OI do have.The most recent one I had was definitely the most painful. Two peoplers and a collarbone. The older you get, the more used to it you get. No pain, no gain.Christian doesn't want to stop his life because he's broken a bone. He wants to experience things, to have fun, to do the things everyone else takes for grant.This groundbreaking treatment is allowing Christian to do things he never thought possible. He's even learning to wog.Nothing should stop you. If you can't do it, find a way around it and still do it. Whilelyze no cure for OI just yet, he's excited about the possibilities young patients like Olivia now have.It feels really good that I was the start of a spark. Now, even younger kids are doing much more, which is fantastic. She tells me she wants to be a doctor. I think she'll really follow through with that. So, watch this space.(APPLAUSE) A great story. It's amazing when you combine great medical science with resilience - sheer resilience on the part of those kids. You can do anything.That was a great story and example of three generations with the disease at different times. Somebody along the way has had a spark of brilliance and said, "Let's use a drug we're using for something else and see what it does." You can see the difference between mum and daughter and how that -- how much that means to her mum, that she might have opportunities she never had.And what it could mean for other diseases and treatments we're not aware of now.This is the fun things about medicines. These are the Holy Grails. "Why don't we throw this in the mix and see if it works for other people, and see what happens?" That's the fun of being involved in that part of the world.As you said, remarkable resilience, as opposed to this desk. It's getting near the end of the year, and you can tell it's getting near the end of the year when Carrie can't even fake-laugh anymore at Charlie's jokes. (LAUGHTER) Let's wind the clock back about seven minutes. And take a look at this...(LAUGHTER) Look, that was after you did a thing when we came in from the break and I had a serious news-read to get through and it wasn't funny what you said.I was expecting more there!Carrie will be getting a lump of coal for Christmas. (LAUGHTER) Christmas.
(LAUGHTER) That's all we have time for tonight. Please thank Kitty, Doc Ro I, h, and everyone else.'Jamie's 15- Minute Excellent.

We all want food that's healthy,
gorgeous and super quick,

so I'm gonna show you
a whole new way to cook.

Amazing meals that you can do
in just 15 minutes.

Time saving tricks
and multi-tasking to the max.

You can create magic in the kitchen.

We're talking big flavours fast.

And these are great meals
without the guilt.

Balanced, tasty and good for you.

Healthy food
that you can eat every day.

It's delicious, nutritious,
super fast food.

Today, sizzling chicken fajitas
and an awesome smoky salsa.

And, a jumbo prawn cocktail platter
with tomato flatbread.

I'll make homemade bread
in under 15 minutes.

You will not believe it
but this recipe is solid.

to the 15 minute meal mindset.

If you think you haven't got time
to cook then think again.

First up, a taste
of a Mexican fiesta

with my hot,
sizzling chicken fajitas.

The soft little tortillas,
the salsa,

the sizzling peppers and chicken.

The refried beans and rice.

It's a real eating experience.

These lovely fajitas
are bursting with fun flavours.

Smoky, juicy chicken
and beautifully charred veg

served with a wicked
ancho chilli salsa

for a seriously delicious
Mexican kick.

Plus, my rice
and crispy spiced refried beans,

all wrapped up
in a lovely soft tortilla.

A great dish for family and friends
to get stuck into.

Just 15 minutes is all you need
to get this Mexican party started.

So, I'm gonna kind of start at the
end but at the start on this one.

I'm gonna do the salsa first
and there's a reason for that.

Because, at the basis
of that beautiful salsa,

is my friend here, this ugly friend
is called an ancho chilli.

OK, maybe disregarded
by the Brits at the moment

but this is highly regarded
by the Mexicans.

It's been slowly sundried, right,
but these have got incredible,

robust flavour,
sort of like, I dunno,

sort of cherry, cokey type flavours
going on in here.

I can't really put my head round it
but it makes salsa really good.

So, we're gonna start
in our liquidiser.

I just wanna slice up this ancho
and make it a little smaller.

So, just cut it
into little chunks like this,

just to sort of get it
finer and smaller

and then we put this ancho
into the liquidiser.

I wanna put a little swig
of boiling water in here

and immediately you'll see the
colour change around that chilli.

If you can't find ancho chilli,

then you could use
smoked chipotle chilli,

which you should be able to find
in most big supermarkets.

So, that's gonna rehydrate
in the bottom of this liquidiser.

I'm gonna go straight in
with two spring onions, OK.

A couple of tomatoes - just quarter
them or put them in whole,

it doesn't really matter,
they'll get going.

One fresh chilli here,

just crack that in as well.

A little bunch of coriander -
leaves, stalks, all of that goes in.

We're gonna go a tablespoon
of soy sauce, not classic,

but still regarded in many countries
as a brilliant way to season.

It's not just salt,
it's much, much more.

So, I'm using
that little trick as well

and then a clove of garlic.

I'm just gonna take the skin off

and that little hum of garlic
is gonna be beautiful.

Acid in a salsa's
really, really important.

First part is balsamic vinegar,
of course completely unclassic

but it works, bear with me.

About a tablespoon or two,
and then citrus.

You want one or two limes.

Just roll it, half it and
we go straight in with that lime.

Really fresh.

So, I'm just going to put
the lid on and do nothing.

I'm gonna let those
ancho chillies just rehydrate

and plump up
in the next few minutes.

So, next, peppers.

Dead simple,
just tear this up erratic, fast,

just get it going, get it in there,

and my third little friend
in that griddle pan is a red onion.

Take the ends off like that and then
we half it and we quarter it.

Then, what'll happen is
as you get that red onion

you can take it apart
like little petals.

We do wanna season with salt
and pepper, from a height,

really important to get the salt

into the inner workings
of that pepper,

so it's not just bland old veggies.

You wanna get that griddle pan
screaming hot, never any oil.

That veg should be perfectly
charred in about ten minutes.

Just give them
a little shake every now and again.

Next job, the chicken.

I want tender, juicy strips

with some seriously sizzling
smoky flavours.

What I'm gonna do is season this up
with salt and pepper

and then smoked paprika,
about a heaped teaspoon.

Look at the colour!

You've got smoky sweetness.
We're really going for the chillies.

The smoked chillies, the dried
chillies. Really, really good.

Don't think I'm going mental
on chilli, I'm really not.

The ancho - not hot,
this paprika - not hot.

So, once you've seasoned
it all up here,

got all that seasoning
on the top and bottom,

I want you to just fold
that other bit of greaseproof over

and just give it a light tap,
so you're tenderising it

and absolutely bashing
that wonderful smoked paprika

into the chicken, no mucking about.

And look how gorgeous that looks.

OK, one tablespoon
of olive oil goes in.

Then we're gonna go in
with our lovely chicken.

Look at the colour!

You know it's gonna taste good
before you've even cooked it.

So, swill the olive oil around
and we go straight in like that, OK.

That'll start frying pretty quick.

OK, the chicken's looking good,

the colour's coming out
of that paprika already.

The veggies are good.
Keep giving them a shake.

Don't be afraid to go back to them.

Take care of them, love them,
do you know what I mean?

And if it's looking too charred, we
just take them off. It's all good.

Leave your chicken to sizzle
for three or four minutes

before you turn it.

Now I wanna create some seriously
tasty crispy skin beans

to serve with the rice.

Good evening, Sandra Sully updating Ten News. The first of the 20 children killed in the Connecticut school shooting are laid to rest. Dame Elizabeth Murdoch has been farewelled in Melbourne. Fiji