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This program is captioned live. Tonight, Sydney's bikie gang war
moves to a new suburb leaving residents in shock. First on Seven,
the police video explaining why officers
shot a man dead at Castle Hill.

Fiji takes a devastating beating
from Cyclone Evan.

The saddest goodbye as parents begin burying
America's Newtown school victims.

And Kevin Rudd back at play
while Julia Gillard's away.

Good evening. Sydney's gun crime
has exploded again and this time it has spread
to a new suburb. Police say they can't remember
a drive-by shooting ever happening in Cherrybrook. Scared residents now fear bikies have moved into their
usually peaceful neighbourhood.

Men in gang T-shirts, a car and house
sprayed with bullets and a long gun seized by police. A surprising morning for detectives
and residents in leafy Cherrybrook. Usually nothing like that
happens in this area. Just after 5am, at least a dozen bullets were fired
into the commodore and brick home. Inside - this man. Are you involved
in any illegal activities, mate? No comment. He has links to the Hells Angels
and did give us one comment. Yeah, take a picture of this, eh! His mates soon arrived speaking the same language
and wearing club colours, but they were warned to behave in a suburb usually considered
free of serious crime. We've lived here for 15 years,
so it's the first one. We can't dictate where members
of outlaw motorcycle gangs reside in the community. Neighbours heard a motorbike
speed off just after the shots were fired. The gangs squad has been called in
to help out Eastwood detectives. A crime out of place - police still don't have
a motive for. Three hours earlier, a shot fired into
their Milperra home. They say they're not criminals,
and give to charity. Police think
it's over a personal dispute. I'm really surprised that
that sort of thing would happen in this street in Milperra and for that particular family
as well.

So, Hugh, it seems another case of people settling their differences
with guns. Do police believe
the attacks are linked? Mark, detectives don't think so, but the latest shooting shows no part of Sydney is immune
from the gun crime epidemic. In the last month,
all corners of Sydney have been hit, from Lurnea to Bellevue Hill,
and now here at Cherrybrook. Residents here thought it'd never
happen to their neighbourhood. So far this year in Sydney,
132 shootings. Mark.

A policeman has explained
to the Coroner's Court why he shot a man sitting in a car
on a Castle Hill street who later died. In video obtained by Seven News he shows how he opened fire
to save another officer's life.

Detective Paul Gardiner, walking investigators
through the scene where he shot a man in a ute
at Castle Hill.

I've brought my firearm up
and fired.

Twice, yep. The senior constable
had arrived early for his shift on September 29
last year when he heard a call
on the police radio about a man waving a gun. He and two other plain clothes
officers went running. Minutes later, Rodney Elkass was dead
from a bullet wound to the head.

Detective Gardiner today
told an inquest of his split-second decision
to open fire, saying he and a colleague did so
to save another officer, after Elkass pointed a gun at him. Came out and just went like that,
straight at Paul. 37 witnesses have said they didn't hear anyone
identify themselves as police, but Detective Gardiner today
insisted he did.

The inquest is considering
whether plainclothes officers should put on fluoro caps or vests
when responding to emergencies.

Australia is sending
$1 million in aid to Fiji as it struggles to recover from
the devastation of Cyclone Evan. Some people living around Nadi
have been left homeless. Power, water and communications
are cut, with thousands of tourists
about to descend for the Christmas break.

Cyclone Evan is now
about 300km south of Fiji. Gone, but it won't be forgotten. The storm uprooted trees,
stripped vegetation, trashed homes and businesses, drove a luxury launch onto the rocks
at Denarau Island and flipped planes
parked at Nadi Airport. This was a village church - usually a sanctuary, but it could not withstand
the work of nature.

Holiday hotels took a beating too. Ceilings caving in, so it was a pretty interesting
experience. Fijians battled
to keep their villages intact, often at deadly risk
from flying debris. Metal decking was torn loose
by 200km/h winds. Thatched roofs did not
stand a chance. It's still windy. There's a flood warning, too,
for low-lying villages. Everybody's moving to
the community hall where it's a higher place. Many locals spent a miserable night
in storm shelters. We don't know, when we go back,
the house will be there or not. Tourists fared better, but emerged this morning to find paradise
looking pretty ordinary. WOMAN: (OVER PHONE) There's a lot
of shrubbery down, palm trees. there was five inches of water
in my room. The challenge now is to get it all
cleaned up for Christmas holidays as the airport struggles
to clear a backlog of flights.

The priorities - restoring power, clean water,
sanitation, opening roads and clearing debris.

Australia has offered to help both with personnel
and $1 million in aid.

The first funerals have been held
for the victims of the Sandy Hook
primary school massacre in America. Two 6-year-old boys
were laid to rest in heartbreaking scenes that will be repeated many times
over the coming days.

No parent should ever have to
bury a child. But in Newtown Connecticut, 20 families have begun
that unbearable task. You can't imagine what these parents
are going through, what these families
are going through. Two funerals
for two 6-year-old boys. Jack Pinto was a sports fan, The first grader was honoured by his favourite football team
yesterday. But today, it was his team-mates'
turn to pay tribute. Noah Pozner's mother called him
her "little man". His twin sister
was in another classroom when the gunman opened fire. She escaped uninjured. It's almost too hard to comprehend that there will be so many funerals
just like this one, as Newtown begins
to bury their young, as well as the teachers
who died trying to save them. So many families struggling
to say goodbye. It's still not real
that my little girl, who's so full of life
and wants a horse so badly, and who was going to get
cowboy boots for Christmas, isn't coming home. There was heightened security
at schools across the country as millions of children
returned to classrooms for the first time
since the shooting. Students in Newtown will go back
to school elsewhere tomorrow. But Sandy Hook Elementary
is still a crime scene and some say it should
never re-open.

The end-of-year report card
on interest rates is out today and when it comes to value, the big four banks
have been easily beaten. And with a prediction
of a further 1% cut next year, experts say
there has never been a better time to switch lenders.

18 lenders - 12 months a year. It can add up to 216
different interest rates. Now an annual report card
can help sort out the confusion and save thousands
in mortgage repayments. It's really the non-banks who are
actually offering the best value. Research by the One Big Switch
consumer network reveals not one of the big four could finish
among the top lenders for value. Earning an 'A+': Newcastle Building
Society, ING Direct, ME bank
and the Greater Building Society. The NAB, CBA and ANZ
were in the middle of the field - while Westpac shared the
wooden spoon for the worst value. The problem is, as consumers, we tend to be stuck
to the big four banks, presuming they're always the best. But more homebuyers,
such as Mitsy Goldman, are starting to drive
a hard bargain. You can actually ask questions
and get discounts. And a little Christmas cheer
for all homebuyers today - the ANZ is predicting the Reserve
will cut another 1% from the standard variable rate
next year - reducing it to the lowest level
since the 1960s. to keep the economy on an even keel. And stimulating consumer confidence.

Rupert Murdoch has delivered
a loving tribute to his mother, Dame Elisabeth, during a state memorial service
in Melbourne. and spilled out onto the streets
to celebrate her extraordinary life. Many of her 77 living descendents
were among them.

In many ways,
she grew up with this nation, through its youthful beginnings,
the hardship of war all the way to the vibrant society
we behold today. Dame Elisabeth died
earlier this month, aged 103.

Kevin Rudd's timing
has been questioned after launching his local
re-election campaign on 'Sunrise' this morning. The former prime minister revealed
his new slogan, even accepting a dance
based on his name on the same day Julia Gillard
went on holidays.

Move over, PSY. (SONG) # Op, op, op # Oppan gangnam style! # The latest K-pop sensation
is K-Rudd. Yeah, you could get the whole dance
going around the country. You think so? 'Ruddnam' style?
Yeah. But the former PM
rejected 'Sunrise's suggestion for his new campaign slogan. # I get knocked down
but I get up again... # Well, that's exactly what I do. as the winning entry
in his national competition. We've got nearly 1,000 entries
and most of them are polite. Not so polite was the timing
of the announcement today, which just happens to be Julia Gillard's
first day of holidays. We're assured
that was 'Sunrise's decision and not part of what some suspect is a continuing campaign
to undermine his boss. I'm very happy being
the member for Griffith with, I think,
a very good T-shirt for 2013. Not to be outdone - Tony Abbott - who also sought campaign help
in London... When are you going to be
prime minister? Well, when there's an election. ..gaining eccentric Mayor
Boris Johnson's endorsement. I'm backing you. I take my friends
where I can find them, so thank you, Boris. But no plans yet
for a Coalition campaign dance. If you're asking me
to do 'Gangnam Style' today, I'll leave that to Kevin.

HSC results are out tomorrow The awards ceremony
was again dominated by girls, who took out top prizes
for all levels of maths. But it was a male student
with a knack for languages. Sydney Grammar's Mischa Davenport was the top performer
in French, German and Italian. It reflects the school,
it reflects the family but mostly at that level, that individual student
standing out, it's about the kid. Pymble Ladies' College was
the state's most decorated school.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - Western Sydney residents fire up over toxic waste plans
for their backyard.

The changing face of Sydney - why our suburbs
are being transformed, and is it for the better?

Plus, Sydney's feisty little devils
on the move. How they're saving their species,

Australia, the only thing
more delicious than this beautiful Coles
Hunter Valley free-range turkey... Grown by me. when they're served with my special golden apricot glaze. Sally, you like gold, don't you? What made you think of that, Curtis? VOICEOVER: For Curtis's tips on
how to carve the turkey, plus more, visit That turkey is amazing.
You're welcome. CURTIS: How's it taste, guys?
(ALLEXCLAIM) Mmm! My recipe.
My turkey. # It's Christmas time... # ALL: Merry Christmas from Coles!

Hundreds of Western Sydney residents
have promised to keep fighting plans to dump radioactive waste
in their neighbourhood. At a heated public meeting
in Penrith, the State Government failed
to convince locals that nothing harmful would be buried
in their backyard.

Concerns, questions -
and a lot of anger. Ladies and gentleman, thank you.
thank you. Ladies and gentleman, thank you.
Thank you. For decades, radioactive waste has sat underneath
these Hunters Hill homes - a former uranium refinery. The government will clean the site, with Western Sydney residents
fearing the waste will be dumped
in Kemps Creek. We're hearing the word hazardous
being exchanged for the word contaminated. I don't think there's been
a lot of clarity. I'm very confused,
as is everyone, I am sure. No ministers attended, leaving it to local MP Tanya Davies
and bureaucrats to explain. Will they have been trained? No, because it's not
radioactive material. Anxiety quickly gave way to anger. Why don't you shut the hell up,
Councillor Cornish? Nobody is suggesting
this is good stuff... Can you just let me finish? The clean-up here will start
early next year. The state government says and send any radioactive waste The state government says
it will sift through the rubbish and send any radioactive waste to another licensed site
in Western Sydney, meaning the fight over this waste
will continue.

Parramatta's Catholic Church is expecting its biggest ever
Christmas congregation next week as more people celebrate
their faith. But it's not just a resurgence
in Christianity that's happening in our suburbs, with a Seven News survey finding
other religions are also packing them in.

Look around and there's no doubt the faces
you see across Sydney have changed. 50 years ago, official figures show
we were more likely to see Anglicans, Catholics
and Uniting Church followers as the major religious groups. But a survey by McKell Research
shows their influence is falling with Muslims, Hillsong members
and Jehovah's Witnesses becoming increasingly active
in our communities.

Well, I think the interesting thing
that what we're really seeing is the changing face of Sydney. 50 years ago, Woollahra and Waverley
were seen as diverse suburbs. Now it's Sydney's west
and south-west. Certainly out here
in Western Sydney, it's booming because we've had
so many new arrivals. According to the survey, Catholics, Muslims
and Hillsong members are seen as the most active
in the community, followed by Anglicans and Hindus. Official figures show Hindus make up
the fourth biggest religious group in Parramatta. 50 years ago,
they didn't rate a mention. We are certainly getting a lot more
people through the door now and because of that, we actually keep open the temple
the whole day now. Muslims have gone from no mention
50 years ago to the biggest religious group
in Auburn today. They're also the third biggest group in Liverpool, Parramatta
and Campbelltown. I am Muslim
before I come to Australia but in my culture, I am Australian
more than I am from overseas. There's also been a significant rise
in the number of Buddhists. It's the third biggest religion
in Auburn and fourth biggest in Liverpool. How Sydney has changed.

Six Tasmanian Devil joeys
from Sydney's Taronga Zoo are doing their bit to help save
the species from extinction.

The joeys are being transferred
to the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo where they'll hopefully
start a family. Thankfully for them and for us,
it's all instinctive so we don't have to teach them
too much. National efforts to save the species from the deadly
devil facial tumour disease are already having success, with 15 of their mates
released into the wild on an island off Tasmania.

Sport now with Mark Beretta and there's a ball-tampering
accusation in the cricket. Mark, the Sri Lankans
accuse Peter Siddle of cheating. We'll show you why next. Plus, Siddle the Lionheart tries to bowl Australia to victory
in Hobart.

And he has jet boots on, but Emile Heskey's not about
to take flight from the A-League.

And our sports stars dress up and look to slash and burn
for charity

Time's running out for
the new Lemon and Herb Chicken Sub from Subway restaurants. Tender, succulent chicken
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Paceman Mitchell Starc
has helped Australia claim victory against a dogged Sri Lanka
in Hobart. Starc claimed the final four wickets to edge out Peter Siddle
for the bowling honours as Michael Clarke's battered Aussies
limped to victory with just overs to spare.

Wounded captain Michael Clarke
was last out for day five, while his spearhead shrugged off
a ball-tampering controversy. The match referee confirmed
Sri Lanka's claim Peter Siddle fiddled with the seam
during their first innings. It's believed this close-up
prompted the complaint. COMMENTATOR: Edge. Has he got him?
Yes, he has. A 32-over Jayawardene-Sangakarra
resistance broken. That stayed down -
that's gotta be hitting the stumps. Sangakarra challenged
and won. It's not out lads, not out. After lunch,
Samaraweera was given LBW. Yes, he's given him. He was also saved
by referral. He'll survive. Siddle trapped Sangakarra on 63. This will be out.
This will be plumb. Third-time lucky for Umpire Long before two rain delays and stubborn
batting frustrated Australia. Oh, it's hit him. It was becoming Siddle or nothing - he removed Mathews and Samaraweera. That's close, that's close,
that's out. Into the tail,
Starc finally struck. It should have been twice. Oh, he flashed at it. Watson was there. Starc hit express pace and left Sri Lanka eight down
with an hour to play. His fourth wicket had Australia
one away from victory. Oh, he gets him finally. He gets another one. In fading light, Sri Lanka's brave mission to save
the test fell 10 overs short. And Australia will get the victory!

The Roosters have axed winger
BJ Leiluia from the final two years
of his contract as they look to make room
for Sonny Bill Williams under the salary cap. Meanwhile, Newcastle coach
Wayne Bennett has helped troubled owner
Nathan Tinkler buy more time from Knights fans.

Plenty of colour
in the Hunter Valley as celebrities and wannabes
raised money for charity. But despite cash woes, the region's rugby league team
is staying with Nathan Tinkler. I think there's a few people
forgetting when Nathan took over, the club had been insolvent
for a number of years. Coach Wayne Bennett and club bosses
convinced members last night that Tinkler was still the man
to take the Knights forward. I'm very comfortable
with our financial position and it's business as usual for us. Fans and club greats wanted to hear
Tinkler wasn't about to tumble. The commitments being made
are gonna be honoured and the bills will get paid and hopefully we can just
get on with the footy now. Little stumbles
like Tinkler's dramas don't scare off Newcastle Jets'
marquee man, Emile Heskey, who loves it here
and wants to stay. Come January, we'll sit down
and just discuss the talks and I doubt that will have
any impact on anything.

Lleyton Hewitt denies
he'll struggle to be a force during this summer of tennis. Now 31, Hewitt will tune up
for the Australian Open by tackling
the Brisbane International. Having overcome
a nagging foot injury, he says he's finally up to
matching the young guns of tennis once again.

Well, I feel younger.
Younger than 12 months ago. I don't need injections every day
to get out there. The former Wimbledon champion
is heading into his 17th straight Australian Open. His best result so far
was runner up in 2005.

Something just great for Lleyton Hewitt is on the court.

Sally Bowrey's at Coogee Beach
with Sydney's weather, and you're with a couple
of Olympians too, Sal? Mark, these guys have
an important message as the weather heats up
in the countdown to Christmas. I'll have details next.

Summer's in the air tonight and it will stay that way
as we get closer to Christmas. It will be busy at the beach, but don't be surprised if you run into gold medal winner
David Smith or silver medallist in sailing
Nina Curtis, because they're spreading
an important message for summer. Can you tell us about the message?

Can you tell us about the message?

Can you tell us about the message?
It is a new initiative by the Cancer Council. It is creating awareness. The Australian know about the awareness of skin cancer but it is every vine do for people to stay in the shed, keep the sunblock on and the hat and sunglasses. Be proactive.A some smart. You picked a perfect day to do it. We had a bit of summer in the

Summer certainly made
a comeback today. The city reached a top
of 26 degrees under those big blue skies. Around the suburbs,
we saw a warm day as northerly winds
swung in, pushing temperatures
into the low 30s in Penrith. Around the country
tomorrow - hot in Melbourne
before rain hits. Showers and storms
in Brisbane. Showers clearing
in Adelaide. Slight conditions
on the water tomorrow: You'll be able to see the stars
tonight with clear skies but tomorrow,
a touch of cloud will brew with the city set to see a warm top
of 27 degrees.

It will be warm
in our west and we may pick up
some showers and storms from late morning
until Wednesday night.

Looking ahead - it will get hot in the city
on Thursday. Then cool and cloudy on Friday. But otherwise it will be warm.

Clear skies
and plenty of sun on Christmas Eve with a shower possible
on Christmas Day. That's Seven News for this Tuesday. Next on 'Today Tonight', the highway pursuit
by a crazed driver - every second of the terrifying
road rage attack videoed by the victim.

Good evening
and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Kylie Gillies. Tonight, the worst case of road rage
we've come across - all of it caught on camera. So, now watch and listen as we ride with an innocent driver who found himself the target
of a mad man. Neil Doorley reports.

It started innocently enough, with Ken Olsen taking
a weekend drive south of Brisbane when trouble struck.

I just got rear-ended. I looked in rear-vision mirror
and there's a bloke gesturing, pulling signs at me
and going berserk, pulling signs at me
and going berserk. A camera in Ken's car records
what happens next as the driver, in the black ute,
comes into shot crossing double white lines. At that stage, he just appeared
to be coming up beside me so he could scream
through the open passenger window. Ken keeps going
before the ute appears again, this time on the inside. He's going berserk at me again - gesturing, pulling signs
and things - so I thought, "I'm not going to
pull over for this bloke "because he seems
a little bit unbalanced." Moments later, there's nothing
Ken can do to avoid the ute. He's gone onto the grass verge,
pulled over straight in front of me and then immediately
applied his brakes, and I had nowhere to go and went straight
into the back of him.