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80... 90.
No. 91. True or false? The carpal bones
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Yes, it does. What is the past tense
of the verb 'stick'?

Correct. What is 86 - 14?

Correct. True or false? The oldest person
to win the Nobel Prize was 65. True. False. 90. Typically, do white-tailed spiders
build webs to catch prey? True.
No, they do not. That's inside
so the points do come off. Well, very interesting finish. Chisholm - Declan, Dylan, Nathan -
finished strong. 260 points. They have shared second place with Thorne, Cameron and Jasmine
from Northmead, 260. Slipped a little bit
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Gus, Darcy, Ben, Newington College - Stanmore,
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - the first funerals for the young
victims of the US school shooting.

The amazing life
of Dame Elisabeth Murdoch honoured in Melbourne.

Counting the cost
after Cyclone Evan batters Fiji.

And tensions on the rise in Sydney
after more drive-by shootings.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Rebecca Maddern.

But first to some breaking news
this afternoon, and police have just announced that there will be
no retrial of a man following a review into the murder of Queensland
schoolgirl Leanne Holland. Leanne was 12 years old
when her body was found near the side of a road
near Redbank Plains, south-west of Brisbane, in 1991. She had disappeared
from her home at Goodna three days earlier.

The DPP has considered
all of the material and the Queensland police service
respects his decision that there is no public interest
in now retrying the case. The Queensland police service
is confident that unless new admissible evidence
comes to light in the future that the investigation
is finalised and that there are no additional
persons of interest. Graham Stafford was convicted
of her murder and spent 15 years behind bars, but the conviction was quashed
on appeal in 2009.

The first funerals have been held
for the young victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School
shooting in Connecticut. The school remains closed and now there's doubt
it should ever be reopened.

Rebecca, this community
is still in the midst of immeasurable pain
and suffering. I guess, unfortunately,
this is the next stage. You know, they say that no parent
deserves to bury their children. Well, that's exactly
what 20 sets of parents will do We were at the funeral
of 6-year-old Jack Pinto. Jack loved sports -
any type of sports. His funeral program
was in the shape of a baseball card. Just heartbreaking stuff. At the exact same time, another 6-year-old, Noah Pozner,
was laid to rest. His twin sister was in
another classroom and survived. Noah Pozner's family say he was destined to grow up
to be a great man, a great parent, but that would never happen. Today, police revealed
there were two adult survivors, not one, as first reported. That's crucial because that gives
another firsthand account of what happened inside that school. Across the country today, children went back to school for
the first time since the massacre. Some protected by armed guards
and even by police. Children in this region won't
go back to school until tomorrow, although the Sandy Hook
Elementary School is still a crime scene,
still remains shut. It will probably remain shut
for months to come and some, Rebecca,
say it should never reopen.

And we'll have more on the growing call for gun control
in the States later in the bulletin.

Rupert Murdoch has delivered
an emotional tribute to his mother, Dame Elisabeth, during her state memorial service
in Melbourne. Mourners filled St Paul's Cathedral and spilled out onto the streets
to celebrate her remarkable life.

Mourners were told today to know Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
was to love her. And those who did filled every seat
in St Paul's Cathedral - every vantage point of the service
was broadcast in Federation Square. In many ways,
she grew up with this nation, through its youthful beginnings,
the hardship of war, all the way to the vibrant society
we behold today. The media baron spoke of
the remarkable woman we all knew, her tireless charity work, her love of the arts, but Rupert Murdoch also shared
fond memories of a mum
known by only cherished few. of a mum
known by only a cherished few. I still remember vividly
the good smacking I got for pulling
my big sister, Helen's, pigtails. The service was attended by many of Dame Elisabeth's
77 living descendants and a wide range of dignitaries, entertainer Barry Humphries, businessman James Packer, former prime ministers
Malcolm Fraser and John Howard, former premier Jeff Kennett. For me, more the example
from Dame Elisabeth was actually putting your hands
in the soil, staying connected with Mother Earth. Gardening was one of
her greatest loves. Flowers at the service were specially cultivated
Dame Elisabeth roses, but she was known for so much more - Life Governor
of the Royal Women's Hospital, President
of the Royal Children's Hospital, patron of
the Murdoch Children's Institute, just 3 of more than 100 charities
she devoted her life to. Faith, hope, charity - but the greatest of these
is charity. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch died earlier
this month, surrounded by family. She was 103.

Mum described her rose this way,
"Tough as old boots, just like me." Well, boots perhaps, but Mum has left footprints that stretch across a century,
a continent and a society.

Tropical Cyclone Evan
has left a wide trail of destruction across Fiji, the Pacific nation battered
by winds of up 270km/h. Flights have now resumed as residents and tourists
emerge from evacuation centres to survey the damage.

It was time to challenge Cyclone Evan's Mike -- Mike with muscle of their own. It was made up for in teamwork. As the roads were cleared and the makeshift shutters came down, and Fiji people were grateful for the cyclone's deadly record was not repeated here.Everyone is safe, everyone is good.It is a sense of relief. No-one is hurt.But it left its mark. Homes were lost as gusts of around 200kkm/h back to the country's West Coast. Thousands of residents took shelter in evacuation centres.We do not know if we go about whether the house will be there.This woman already knew the answer. At the tourist resort -- resort, this family was trapped in the unit.We have lived through it and we are here to tell the tale.And so has Fiji. This resilient Pacific nation getting back to business in typical island style. The cyclone's told will be great but it has not wipe the smile off its people's faces.

Kevin Rudd's
back in the spotlight again after showing off
his dancing ability on Seven's 'Sunrise' program
this morning. But his timing's been questioned with his latest stunt airing the same day Julia Gillard
went on holidays. There's 'Gangnam Style' and now there's 'Ruddnam' style. Ruddnam style - what do you think? You can get the whole dance going
around the country. You think so? You look a little bit like him,
you reckon? Well, he's got the same charisma
as I've got. And the former prime minister
knows how to pull a crowd, much like the Korean singer. Do you enjoy the attention? It's better than the alternative. With Julia Gillard on holidays
for less than a day, the timing of his dance moves is
not the only thing being questioned. But Kevin Rudd's lively appearance
on Seven's breakfast show is just a coincidence, the interview pre-recorded
last week.

And, luckily,
he's wants to keep his day job. And, luckily,
he wants to keep his day job. I'm very happy
being the member for Griffith. If you're asking me
to do 'Gangnam Style' today, I'll leave that to Kevin. The only real rock star
of the Parliament, Peter Garrett, was unwilling to critique
Kevin Rudd's dancing style. Instead his focus was on the release of this year's disappointing
national education results. The final literacy
and numeracy figures show little improvement
in student achievement since 2008. We need to have a whole nation
roll-up-the-sleeves effort on improving education
for every student in every school and today's NAPLAN results
confirm that.

Two houses have been shot at during separate drive-by shootings
in Sydney. No-one was injured, but people were inside both homes when the shots were fired
early this morning. Hugh Whitfeld has the latest.

A familiar scene here in Sydney. A suburban street take off and a detective going through a crime scene. This is an unfamiliar place for the gang squad. This is the few Cherrybrook. Just after 5am -- five o'clock in the morning, bullets were pumped through this time. The bullets hit the home as well. At least one person has links to an outlaw motorcycle gang. Police also recovered a rifle from nearby. It has left neighbours in this street shocked that something like this could happen in their suburb.It has been the safest neighbourhood for me to walk and live, really. Never seen anything dangerous or scary at all.He stoically, we do not have a drive-by shootings are occurring in this north-west corridor.Earlier in the morning, in what police say was an unrelated incident, at least one bullet was fired into a home at Milperra. There was a family of five inside at the time. Parents and three teenage girls. No-one was hurt. They were taken to the police station for much of the morning. The father returned home late on and told us he does not know why the family was targeted. They do not have any criminal links and they give to charity in the community. Police say they were targeted but they do not know why.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the chorus of voices calling for
gun reform in America grows. And the Wiggles raise money
for children's charities.

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There are signs the Sandy Hook school tragedy
has shifted political opinion on gun control
in the US. A famously pro-gun senator has joined New York Mayor
Michael Bloomberg in calling for tougher gun laws.

Surrounded by victims' families, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg
today said, "Enough talk, it's time to act." Congress and the White House
has to come up with something that stops this carnage, no matter what
the political ramifications are.

Long an advocate
for stricter gun regulation, Bloomberg is pushing Congress
to close gun show loopholes and demand background checks
of anyone who buys a gun. He wants a new assault weapons ban to replace the one
that expired in 2004 and a ban
on high-capacity ammo clips. He is promising to use
his own vast personal wealth to take on the gun lobby
if necessary. ALL: (CHANT) Shame on the NRA! Today, as protesters gathered
outside its offices in Washington, the NRA declined to comment
on the debate but there were signs
the Sandy Hook massacre has eroded some of the NRA's
influence on Capitol Hill. As your senator, I'll protect
our Second Amendment rights... West Virginia senator
Joe Manchin, a lifelong NRA member, today said
he's rethinking his own positions. I don't know of anybody that
goes hunting with assault rifles. I don't know anybody that needs
those types of multiple clips, as far as ammunition. And former Republican congressman
Joe Scarborough, now an MSNBC host, also reversed himself
on gun control. Politicians can no longer be allowed
to defend the status quo. They must instead be enforced
to defend our children. But at least one Texas Republican continues to defend
the right of Americans to own assault weapons. It ensures against the tyranny
of the government. Gun control, off Washington's agenda
for a decade, suddenly front and centre.

The Wiggles' Big Red Car has sold
on eBay, raising almost $40,000 for charity. The much-loved Volkswagen Beetle
soft top was listed on the auction site
nine days ago, and when bidding closed last night,
it sold for $37,500. The money is being donated
to SIDS and Kids.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News,
the latest finance. A breakthrough in the use
of medical robotic technology. And is Warnie interested in taking over as Australian captain
on Boxing Day?

Breakthrough technology has allowed
a quadriplegic woman to feed herself a bar of chocolate
just by thinking about it. Jan Scheuermann can control
a robotic arm by using her thoughts, thanks to electrodes inserted
in her brain. This is the roller-coaster,
this is the skydiving, it's just fabulous. Jan lost the use of her limbs
13 years ago.

Sport shortly, but first Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines. Hello there.
Coming up in Sydney at 6:00 - the investigation into
two more drive-by shootings, including what's believed to be
the first at Cherrybrook
in the city's north-west. We hear fears bikies are moving into
usually peaceful neighbourhoods. We'll also show you Western Sydney
residents venting their fury over plans to dump toxic waste from
the north shore in their suburb, and why they don't believe
assurances from the government.

The report card is in on how the big banks
have treated borrowers this year and where we're being advised
to look for a better deal. It's the story Sunrise
broke this morning - Kevin's "Rudd-nam style" dance as he launched
a new election slogan. Why there are claims
it's undermining the Prime Minister. Plus our First on Seven repot
on the changing face of Sydney - what's transforming our suburbs,
and is it for the better? but now here's Matt
with the day's sport news.

Good afternoon. A ball-tampering allegation
against paceman Peter Siddle has overshadowed Australia's push
for victory in the first test. Siddle removed Sri Lankan captain
Mahela Jayawardene before the tourists had
two LBW decisions overturned while fighting for a draw in Hobart. Siddle took the only two wickets
to fall before tea.

Oh, that's close this time. This is out -
this will be plumb. The match referee confirmed Sri Lanka has accused Siddle
of tampering with the ball during their first innings.

Shane Warne has laughed off
suggestions he could replace Michael Clarke
as captain for the Boxing Day test. Launching a road safety campaign, Warne backed Shane Watson
to lead Australia if Clarke's hamstring injury
forces him out of the second test. I think a lot of good candidates
at the moment. I think Shane Watson as vice-captain
should do the job. Brisbane paceman Ben Cutting
will push his test claims in tonight's Big Bash clash
against Perth. Newcastle Jets star
Emile Heskey says Nathan Tinkler's cash crisis won't affect his plans
to stay in the A-league. The Jets are hoping the former Liverpool star
produces his magic when they host Sydney FC
on Saturday night. Sydney want to extend
Alessandro Del Piero's deal and Heskey's also keen to stay. In the English premiership, Arsenal have finally found some form beating Aussie goalkeeper
Adam Federici's Reading side 5-2.

Former world number one
Lleyton Hewitt believes he can be a force
at this year's Australian open. Hewitt kicks off his campaign at next week's
Brisbane International confident after overcoming
a foot injury. Well, I feel younger -
well, younger than 12 months ago. I don't need needles every day
to get out there. The 31-year-old is heading to
his 17th straight Australian Open.

I would love to see one more big run from Lleyton Hewitt. I think he can do it this summer. After the break - we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Come on. Just relax those nerves.
This is not really a sport. OK, that's good to know.
WOMAN: Let's do it, guys! Alright, let's gee him up.
Here we go. Releases the ball.
ONLOOKERS: Ohh! That was short.
I'm a little self-conscious. Got the glasses on. Hiding the
eyes. He's looking for the wind. Make mama proud! Make mama proud! I call it 'patting the bottom'.
MAN: Nice. Just like a pat on the bottom. He's gonna carry that through to
the gully. He's gonna take it out! Oh!
Gutter ball. Reckon that was a good one. MAN: Good one, there, mate.

Good afternoon. David Brown
with your weather update. In Melbourne,
it's a beautiful sunny day.

A change building
tomorrow afternoon.

In Brisbane, thunderstorms
are sweeping across the suburbs. From the satellite,
this broad area of low pressure is triggering scattered showers and
thunderstorms across the interior. They are pushing towards the south- east corner of Queensland at the moment. A cold

moment. A cold front pushing across the Great Australian Bight and heading towards SA. It will bring a few showers to Adelaide tomorrow morning. Eventually we will see rain pushing through Victoria and large parts of Tasmania as well. The odd thunderstorm is also likely. In Brisbane, a few afternoon showers
and thunderstorms. Sydney, fine and
mainly sunny. Canberra, a sunny 32. Adelaide, a morning cool change.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Rebecca. Thanks, David. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Rebecca Maddern.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
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