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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Prayers of a nation - Barack Obama joins a memorial service in Connecticut, flagging gun law reform.These tragedies must end. And to end them we must change. Bunkering down - thousands in evacuation centres as Tropical Cyclone Evan begins pounding Fiji. It is a real danger coming our way. Dangerous escalation - the UN condems Syria's deadly air strike on a Palestinian refugee camp.

Good evening.Also tonight - a new poll shows Tony Abbott's disapproval rate climbing.We have an Opposition Leader who is a policy weakling and, of course, a thug.And we speak to the proudest parents in Australia. After their son's surprise PGA victory. Barack Obama says more must be done to protect America's children and in a sign he's children and in a sign he's prepared to tackle the country's gun laws, Mr Obama vowed to use all his power to prevent more shooting tragedies.The US President was speaking at an emotional memorial for the 27 victims of the weekend massacre in newtown, Connecticut. There he remembered the victims, especially the 20 young children.Gone was the pomp and circumstance that usually accompanies a presidential visit. When Mr Obama touched down in Connecticut this morning. The purpose of this visit - to help a town and a nation mourn.I am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow. Nor can they heal your wounded hearts. I can only hope it helps for you to know that you're not alone in your grief.The President met with the families of slain children in private before the service which was watched around the world. And while he was the featured guest here, the biggest ovation went to the first responders who held each other just a little longer after doing their jobs while being surrounded by so many young victims. Mr Obama read the names 26 six and 7-year-olds killed in the shooting. At one point forced to pause. We're now able to put faces to the names of some of the youngest victims. Again, sust six and seven years old, including 6-year-old Olivia Engel. The pastor says her church's nativity concert will continue ahead. Police say 20-year-old Adam Lanza showed up at the elementary school carrying several weapons, including a high-powered assault rifle.He shot his way into the school. The school was locked. He used a weapon to open up the glass and then -Blasted right through it?Yeah. With a number of rounds. He discharged to make an opening and went through it.Police believe Lanza took his own life when he heard officers coming but not before he killed 26 people, many shot repeatedly, leaving a community asking why.We're left with some hard questions.Much of Mr Obama's speech centred around the need for stricter gun control measures. It's something he's been criticised for not doing enough to change. He told the crowd one of those hard questions included whether enough was being done to keep children safe.I've been reflectsing on this the last few days. If we're honest with ourselves, the answer's no. We're not doing wer's no. We're not doing enough. And we will have to change.It was a point Mr Obama made repeatedly, telling parents clutching their children this is the fourth mass shooting he's responded to since being President. We can't tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. And to end them we must change.His words echoed inside the church where 26 candles burned, one for each victim. And outside, where makeshift memorials continued to grow and have come to symbolise a community struggling to cope with its loss. There are many questions being asked in the US tonight. On the one hand, Americans are again asking how massacres like Newtown can be prevented. At the same time, the school shooting has sparked a gun- buying frenzy. In Portland, Oregon, gun enthusiasts nd, Oregon, gun enthusiasts buy firearms in record numbers.Yesterday was the biggest day we've ever done in 20 years. Today will probably eclipse that.The normal 15-minute background check takes four hours. The FBI reported 154,000 checks around the country.Everybody's got a fear now that owning any weapon of any sort is going to be more difficult to acquire.Gun control advocates estimate there are 283 million firearms in civilian hands, worth one quarter of American adults owning a gun. One advocate in Congress, assault rifles are weapons of war. She will introduce a bill to ban them.Is this the way we want Is this the way we want America to go? In other words, the rights of a few overcome the safety of the majority.Assault weapons are banned in 1994 under President Clinton. But in 2004, President Bush let that ban expire. In the five years before the ban, assault weapons constituted almost 5% of gun crime. Afterwards it dropped to just over 1.5%. As President Obama again warned not enough is being done to stop gun violence, he's under pressure to take the lead.If he does nothing during his second term, something like 48,000 Americans will be killed with illegal guns. That is roughly the number of Americans killed in the whole Vietnam war. Emotions are running high, leading to a testy exchange between Piers Morgan and a campaign of gun laws. At what point do you say, "We get it, it's time for change?It is time.Time to do what?To get rid of the gun laws.Get rid of the gun laws?They were buying guns in portline but in Baltimore they were getting rid of them. People queued up to get rid of unwanted guns for food vouchers. As we go to air tonight - Fiji is feeling the force of Psycholon Evan. Thousands of people have been -- Cyclone Evan. Thousands of people have been moved in to shelters.The system has produced strong winds and heavy rains, damaging homes and businesses across Fiji's northern island, Viti Levu. Hundreds of military personnel have been employed.It's the strongest cyclone to threaten Fiji in more than 20 years. Winds of up to 230 kilometres per hour have wreaked havoc in the island nation's north. Power outages and flooding have been reported on the main island of Viti Levu, as the category four system approaches. All flights to and from Fiji have been cancelled. The Fijian Government says it refuses to take any chances, shifting tourists and residents from low-lying areas.Definitely within the last hour and a half, the force of the wind has increased. This is only the start. As far as I'm concerned, this is enough. Travel agents say hundreds of schoolies holidaying at Fijian resorts have managed to return to Australia over the weekend. Storm warnings are still in effect across the nation as the cyclone lingers about 85 kilometres off Nadi. On Fiji's main island, hotels and shop fronts have been boarded up and boats moved. oarded up and boats moved.These are a very real danger coming our way.The people of Samoa know it too well. Cyclone Evan's destructsive power claimed four lives and left up to 4,000 people homeless. Most of the island is still without power. Residents returned to what was once their homes to salvage what they could but some say they still have what matters.Thank God we were able to survive. We were able to survive with my daughter and my family.The New Zealand Air Force says it will continue its search for 10 fishermen missing off Samoa after a fourth boat was discovered to be missing. The cyclone's ferocious winds have caused a bulk carrier to drag its anchor and run aground on the edge of a reef in Suva Harbour. The storm is expected to be downgraded to category three tomorrow as it powers towards the south. They're calling this a near miss. What's going on around you now?I don't know if you can actually hear the incessant banging that we're hearing here but that's pretty much the very high-speed winds that have been circulating around this area for the last few hours. We were told here in Nadi to expect wind of up to 110 kilometres per hour. And from what I understand, we're bearing the brunt of this now. The winds have been increasing in speed and in severity. Consistantsly for the last six hours. And they're much worse now than what they were half an hour ago. We're anticipating it to get slightly worse before it gets any berts.What are now expecting -- better. What are you expecting over the next 12 hours then?We're sort of, the worst of it is bearing down on this part at the moment. We're expecting this to continue for another few hours. We're being told once daylight hits, it should have well eased should have well eased up and we'll be able to assess the damage that's been done. At the moment, I can tell you we've had some power blackouts here. We were sitting by candp light an hour ago. Both doors are in to the main area here at the hotel have been boarded up as well. So we're expecting to be here for another few hours yet, if not a little bit longer.We had a bits of trouble getting through to you on the telephone. You mention those very, very strong winds that are predicted. What's the word about flights resuming?Flights were suppose said to resume tomorrow. The airport was shuts down today. There was nobodies leaving and nobody coming in at all. There was talk of them reopening tomorrow. Authorities will have to make an assessment in the morning based on whether or g based on whether or not planes are able to fly in and fly out. Several people here are very Australian Governmenttious to ian Governmenttious to leave at the moment. And they're going to be waiting for the morning, much like everybody else. Nobody has a guarantee.Stay safe.

To Syria now - ops activistivists say at least eight people have been killed on an air strike on a Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus. The United Nations has called the attack an alarming escalation of violence.It came hours after a high-ranking Syrian official claimed the government isn't targeting civilians.Much of the day the Palestinian area of southern demask, the focus is street fighting. The areas have seen increasing fighting and shelling across the past five months. Groups of Syrian and Palestinian rebels tried to expel Palestinian fightertried to expel Palestinian fighters from the militia. The regular Syrian army supported the fighters with artillery and then air strikes. Thin course of that, the mosque was hit and there were clearly a large number of casualties. Rebel sources quick to say it was a civilian massacre by the government. The government equally claiming fighters were using the mosque as a base. By chance, the attack happened just after Channel 4 news had interviewed Syria's vice foreign minister.All those who killed innocents civilians are killers and terrorists and should be accountsable.That includes your government?We're not killing citizens.You are. You are. You're killing civilians.No. Absolutely not.You deny the government is killing any civilians? You're shelling civilian areas.These are not civilian areas. All the civilians were pushed away by the terrorist organisations from these areas.That denial will seem absurd to many. Life may appear relatively calm in parts of the capital but fighting north to south across Syria, the government's on the defensive. The national airports shut. Do you deny that picture? Absolutely. It's a big lie.The air force is closed?There have been lies.It's not a lie.This is a political game. And because if you go to Homs and so on, you may see something which is really, not as we wants it, but the government still has these places.But after today, a little bit less of the capital is in the hands of the government. Syrian deputy minister there in that report by Channel 4. The PM, Julia Gillard, and Barack Obama haf congratulated Shinzo Abe on his return to Japan's top job. Voters overwhelmingly dumped the other party. He wants to take a tougher stance on the territorial dispute with China. Celebrations as the Liberal Democrats reclaim their place in Parliament. They look set to take up to 300 of the 480 lower house seats, possibly enough for a super majority that would allow them to overrule the upper chamberment Shinzo upper chamberment Shinzo Abe's been propelled in to the prime ministership for a second time. He concedes it's a crushing puplts of his opponents. -- punishment of his opponents.

Noda resigned after his party lost about -- Yoshihiko Noda resigned after his party lost a lot of seats. Japan has had six PMs in the past six years, starting with Shinzo Abe. The biggest thing we need is a stable government and to make the economy improve a little bit. For our children.Two years after the Fukushima disaster, nuclear power didn't end up playing as significant a role as it expected. Most voters named the economy as the key issue, a sentiment Mr Aibaeb tapped in to. He's reiterated Japan's claim on disputed islands in the East China Sea, pledging to stand up to Beijing.

Markets are also hopeful. The nikkei rose and yen dipped on news of the conservative victory. Islamists backing a new constitution for Egypt has claimed victory in the first stage of the referendum. The controversial charter received more than 56% of votes in the first weekend of voting.In Cairo, mass protests against the draft constitution continued despite another 25 million voters still to cast their ballots.This is where the road to the referendum began but nearly two years after the revolution, there are still protesters in Tahrir Square who believe the journey to democracy is far from complete. And it's depressing reading for those opposed to the President and who voted no to the draft constitution. He and many of his followers won. Away from the square, others drink their tea with satisfaction. Content with preliminary results that fuelled their hope a new constitution could soon be in place and a dangerous vacuuming governance filled. TRANSLATION: I voted yes after I read the constitution, even though I'm against the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood. I was convinced because the constitution is good, even if just 70% of it is good, we can work on the remaining 30% as long as we move forward."There have been a number of complaipblts about fraud procedures at many -- complaints about fraud procedures at many polling stations. There is still another round to go. Another 25 million registered voters who will have the opportunity to affirm or deny. The only certainty at this stage is that the countries will be as divided after the referendum as it was erendum as it was before. Now a brief look at some of the other stories making news around the world. A demonstration in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Pri Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince, as attracted thousands of people calling for Michel Martelly to step down. Authorities responded with tear gas.rities responded with tear gas. Demonstrators are angry at the presence of United Nations troops in the country. Crowds of thrill-seekers have descended on Russia's Kamchatka region to witness an erupting volcano that's been dormant for almost 40 years. But recently spewed clouds of ash up to three kilometres into the air. Embattled South African President Jacob Zuma has promised meaningful change as he made his case for re- election at the African National Congress conference. The conference delegates will play a key role in deciding who will lead the party and potentially the country until the end of the decade? Zuma is being challenged for the leadership by his deputy. Later in the bulletin, one man's fight against alleged corruption in the African National Congress. The body of the nurse who aparentsly committed suicide in the wake of de in the wake of the royal phone prank scandal has arrived in her home village in southern India. The funeral for Jacintha Saldanha will be held later tonight. The Catholic bishop of Udupi is to conduct the service. In conduct the service. In a few hours, this will be the final resting place of Jacintha Saldanha. Preparations are under way at the Catholic Church in her family's home village of Shirva. As the news spread far and wide, we're expecting and wide, we're expecting a big number of people to attend.Her body arrived from Britain yesterday. Many in the village are inconsolable. A woman who had moved halfway around the world to make a better life for her family has returned in tragic circumstances, leaving behind a husband and two teenage children. Senior politicians will be among the mourners.We have been waiting a long time for the body to come. And to share the sorrow of the family. And the people here. They're very sentimental. I've been to their house. And visited the family members.The 'Sunday Times' has reported Jacintha Saldanha was involved in a dispute with management at the hospital before she took the prank phone call from radio hosts at Sydney's 2Day FM. Investigations into her aparents suicide continue. The Duchess of Cambridge has made her first public appearance since being treated for acute morning sickness. Attending a sport awards ceremony in London.

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - food charities face the leanest Christmas in decades. Shortly - we take a look at the rule of North Korea's reclusive leader, Kim Jong Un, one year on. The family behind golf's newest champion.

If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

With Christmas just over a week away, a national crisis is emerging among Australian charities. They're reporting a sharp increase in demand for services. But donations are down considerably and that's prompted calls for food, clothing and cash to bridge the widening - rapidly widening gap. For 4-year- old Branden, this Christmas came eight days early. But it wasn't Santa delivering these special gifts.I thank God for the Salvation Army. They've saved my life and helped a lot of my friends. It looks busy in the basement with volunteers Ariadne and Loretta sorting through the donated gifts. They won't last long. And upstairs the meals disappear just as fast. This time of year is busy for the Salvos.Especially when you're homeless and have no-one to share Christmas with.The Christmas 2012 is tougher e Christmas 2012 is tougher than most years in recent memory.Supply is definitely down and demands are definitely up. We're sensing it here in this centre in the city. It puts incredible stress on volunteers and staff. But also on the people coming in for help.The disturbing pattern is consistants across the sector.Somebody asked me if we're in crisis? Yes.At Wesley Mission, every cheque is worth its wait. With demand for charitable services up 25% but donations have halved. Our appeal is particularly around food. It is groceries. Even things like nappies for kids. Toothpaste. Sanitary products.Cost of living pressures including rental affordabout, rising electricity prices and the Newstart allowance have some concerned.The level of hunger which is apparent where people are living on Newstart. We're concerned about children in the households and who are vulnerable.And they're circumstances that extend beyond the festive season.The money we're raising is for the rest of the year. We know the need is escalateing and we're concerned about meeting the need.Now hope is for a late rush of festive goodwill. The Federal Government is reportedly preparing to divert hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign aid to pay for asylum seekers. Foreign Minister Bob Carr has told the Ten Network $375 million will be moved to help pay for the processing of asylum seekers currently in Australia. He said spending the money on refugees in this country is a legitimate use of aid money. Now to other stories in the news around the country. Australian consumers are expected to spend almost $12 billion in this week's run-up to Christmas. That's an average of $540 each. The biggest spenders in the country are people from NSW. And on the spot testsor HIV which offers preliminary results in half an hour has been approved. Kern tests take between two weeks and three months to get accurate results. The Health Minister said the rapid test will minimise accidental infection rates. Around 25,000 Australians live with HIV. And ralians live with HIV. And girls have again outperformed boys in the Victorian Certificate of Education. While girls did better overall, the top marks were dominated by boys. Over 50,000 students ed by boys. Over 50,000 students received their marks which helped determine their access to university online or by text this morning. Tony Abbott's approval rating has hit a new low according to the latest Nielsen Poll. Nearly two-thirds of those survey disapproved of the Opposition Leader's handling of the AWU slush fund scandal. The Coalition still leads an election - hold an election-winning lead over Labor. It is the issue that dominated the last sitting week of Parliament. What the PM did or didn't know about the AWU slush fund scandal. The Opposition hammered the Government on this issue but n this issue but polls show that approach was electerally unpopular. It was especially unpopular for the Opposition Leader. His disapproval rating has gone up 3% to 63%, compared with 50% for the PM. That makes Tony Abbott the most unpopular Opposition Leader since Andrew Peacock in 1984.I think it reflects his whole year of negative campaigning.We have an Opposition Leader who is a policy weakling and of course a thug when it comes to personal attacks.And the Coalition isn't ruling out pressing Julia Gillard on her role in the scandal in the new year.She failed to answer questions. No-one has been held acountable. The PM has questions to answer.Despite the fall in Mr Abbott's popularity, the Coalition is still ahead of Labor. Outpolling the Government 48% to 52%. Wayne Swan is not too concerned.I'm very confident we can win the next election.Mr Swan has hosted a meeting on tax reform with his State and Territory counterparts. The Treasurer is pushing the States to scrap stamp duty as the ACT has already promised to do. He's categorically ruled out an increase to the GST, calling it the lazy approach to tax reform. State Treasurers are disappointed Mr Swan will not discuss all the options.We need the Commonwealth to come onboard. Saying we can't help doesn't assist. The States are pushing for a reduction in the GST threshold on imports and online purchases, saying it would increase their reserve new by billions of dollars. -- revenue by billions of dollars. A year ago today Kim Jong Un became the world's youngest head of state. He succeeded his father and grandfather as Supreme Leader of North Korea. The leadership change left many in the international community hopeful. But last week North Korea launched a second long- range rocket despite international condemnation. Now many are saying nothing has changed in the past 12 months. Forced to grieve in public, kim young un -- Kim Jong Un mourned his father. He was considered by outsiders to idered by outsiders to be young and inexperienced. Four months later, a rocket launch to mark the centenary of the birth of the founder of North Korea. A hugely symbolic date. Following his father's example, he ignored international criticism. But the rocket failed. The rare admission of failure to the North Korean people followed by an even rarer speefrp by the leader. -- speech by the leader. The first time the world heard Kim Jong Un's voice. He acknowledged his people's suffering.cknowledged his people's
suffering. TRANSLATION: Our party is determined our people will not have to tighten their belts but will enjoy wealth and the honour of socialism.Kim Jong Un quickly showed a more personable side to his father and a willingness to interact with his people. He introduced his wife to the world and she accompanied him on many public engagements - unheard of during his father's reign.She has played a surprising role in constructsing this image of a looser, a more relaxed and more open leader domestically. One thing to watch for is back in a translates of international setting. Outside the cities, people still struggle to survive carg to aid groups and brutal labour camps remain. Defectser groups here in Seoul -- defector groups here in Seoul claim that he has crashed down on them. It's a claim CNN cannot confirm. His retdric towards both Seoul and Washington is bellicose and he has put his stamp on the military leadership. Replacing the head of the army and others.Certainly everyone has noticed a number of the key military figures - four who worked with Kim Jong Il have disappeared from the scene or have been reshuffled.Amid speculation of internal displeasure, Kim had a lot riding on December's rocket launch. With pong yaupbg deemed a resounding suck -- Pyongyang deemed a resounding success.This will give him extra room to manoeuvre now.From grieving son to triumphant leader in just one year. The Kim family has ruled the isolated country for more than six decades. As we reported earlier, South Africa's governing political party is currently holding its national conference. The meeting which is held every five years is key to deciding who will lead the party in to the next election. But the ANC is facing allegations of corruption and legations of corruption and poor leadership. Many South Africans are wondering how long it can or should remain in power. Some politicians are already jumping ship. Luxurious beaches, and stubborn poverty. South Africa's contradictions are all on display here. Could this town also show a struggling nation the way forward? The new mayor is hoping so. He needs an armed guard.I had death threats. I was very scared. Here is why. For years the town was controlled by the ANC, the party of Nelson Mandela. C, the party of Nelson Mandela. But he jumped ship, disgusted by the corruption that was bankrupting the municipality. He joined the opposition and won the next election.It was corruption top to bottom. It was part of the fabric the way they were running the town.Do you believe this .Do you believe this is a snapshot of South Africa in general?That is what the ANC is all about.The ANC has not takedown feet or defection too well. He's a traitor. He's not a revolutionary.He t a revolutionary.He is nothing more than a political prostitute.His task now stitute.His task now is to convince the poorest communities here that he can deliver on Mandela's promise of a better life for all.Those values from Nelson Mandela are actually within the democratic group, not the ANC.The ANC made lots of promises but nothing happened. For years, South Africans have voted almost instinctively for the ANC, the party that liberated them. But that loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. Slowly, sometimes violently, multi-perty democracy is starting to take root here. And so he keeps on reaching out, convinced that Mandela's dream is not dead. If one small town can cope with change, why not others? 4,500 delegates are expected to vote for a new party leader at the African National Conference. - Congress. That wraps up on Friday morning. Interesting times ahead. In sports, we often talk about fairytale stories. Tonight the story of golfer Daniel Popovic certainly fits that description. The young unknown left his sick Croatian father at home to blitz the field at the Australian PGA Championship in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast. Today his emotional parents have talked about Daniel's incredible rise. It's a moment any parents, any child would understand. A triumphant homecoming in every sense for Daniel Popovic, in to the arms of his proud father. The champion he is, one who started as a rookie but won like a seasoned veteran.

At 26, Popovic was virtually unheard of but leading the Australian PGA Championship from start to finish, ahead of seasoned pros will change that.Describing it, I can't. I actually can't. I'm so happy.Popovic, though, almost didn't play. His Croatian father is battling an incurable form of bone cancer. Daniel had taken time off to be ken time off to be with him. Radi convinced him to return to the game he has loved since childhood.I said you have your clubs. Let the clubs do the talking.Radi wanted to be there. His health wouldn't allow it. Forced instead to watch on TV in Melbourne with a growing band of family and friends.Whether I'm around or not, identical always be on his back.He would have loved it. Popovic worked in a pizza shop trying to make the tour in Zagreb. There were so many tears because it is a long road. It is a hard road. That journey has become a little easier. Popovic is almost guaranteed a start on the US PGA Tour. The words a proud father wanted to hear.

Coming up next - Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Including Michael Clarke injured. Australia turns the screws on Sri Lanka in the first cricket test. The fibreglass pods which could be your key to surviving

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# The moon belongs to everyone # The best things in life are free # Stars belong to everyone # They gleam there for you and me # Love can come to everyone # The best # Best things in life # Are # Free. #

If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

Economists at the ANZ are expecting interest rates e expecting interest rates to fall to a record low next year. They're predicting an official cash rate of just 2% by the end of 2013.They're blaming weakening mining conditions and a rising jobless rate. The Reserve Bank Board meets in February.

Joining us now with sport is Craig Foster. Michael Clarke falls victim to the injury curse. Yes, indeed. It put a dampener on Australia's push for the first victory of the summer. The skipper was forced to retire hurt after tweaking his hamstring and he's now in doubt for the Boxing Day test. He had just scored a . He had just scored a brisk half century which he sustained the injury which sent him from the field.

Resuming at 0/27, the Australian openers quickly set about building a formidable lead. COMMENTATOR: There he goes again. Celebrating the convict heritage. Ed Cowan enjoyed slipping the loose on the lb w non-referral.. Everything going right for the Australians.That's what he loves. And a love of the switch hit. Brilliant.The bowlers soon got their revenge. lers soon got their revenge.That's out. Caught behind.The opening pair reunited in the pervillion shortly after. Snappy work behind the stumps had Watson on his way. While there was no need to refer Phil Hughes's dismissal.Bowled him.The procession continued when Wade's elevation up the order failed to pay off. Five wickets falling for 49 runs. It was left to Hussey and Clarke to right the listing ship. Thum pire backed it up.The captain racing to .The captain racing to a quick 50. Then hurt. Hussey's batting remaining in robust health.Sensationally lifted. Setting Sri Lankan tongues wagging. There was no wagging of the tail as Heras finished with a bag. Chasing an imposing 393, Sri Lanka started positively.He's gone. What a great shot. Much to Mitchell Starc's frustration.It was getting willing all round. The question answered when Dilshan fell to Watson's first ball. The injured skipper giving Sangakkara a big let-off. Australia's still well on track to take a 1-0 series lead into Melbourne.

Melbourne.He finishes it.Football Federation Australia has issued a warning against anti-social behaviour after a weekend marred by fan-related incidents at two A- League matches. Officials are investigating a flare-throwing nent from Saturday night's Sydney Derby. On a day when the A-League summer of football campaign was being launched, FFA's CEO David Gallop was busy putting out fires.Working with the police and the venue people and you can expect a ban and a knock on your door from the police if you engage in that type of behaviour.Gallop was referring to fans who face 5-year bans from matches if found gelt of throwing flares. And Paul Ifill being racially abused.The game celebrates its role in the multiculturalism of this country. So that sort of thing is not on. Racism in British football has been brought into sharp focus with recent cases involving Suarez and John Terry who had to face criminal charges. Gallop doesn't believe that's a path the FFA needs to go down.The ban system that's in place for any kind of anti-social behaviour is one we need to continue to be vigilant about.The man closer to the action in Sydney on Saturday night making a similar plea to fans about flares.You understand why it's been banned here in s been banned here in the league. There's a danger aspect. There's a danger aspect. They have a zero- tolerance policy for that. Fans should adhere to that.While it may be a small minority tarnishing football's reptaegz in Australia, the FFA -- reputation in Australia, the FFA wants it stafrpled out. Still on frpled out. Still on football -- stamped out. Corinthians have ended a 6-year European stranglehold on the Club World Cup. Gary Cahill came within centimetres of giving the European champions an early lead. Corinthians went close after the hour when Paulinho's shot flashed narrowly wide. They grabbed the breakthrough moments later. Chelsea was dealt a double blow late on when Cahill saw red and an effort from Torres was correctly ruled out for off-side. As Corinthians claimed their second intercontinental title. Tottenham are back in to the top four. Kyle Walker had the best chance for Spurs. But the keeper was up for task. It took until the 75ant minute before the deadlock was fine -- 75th minute before the deadlock was broken. A classy finish securing Tottenham all three points. No goals between West Brom and West Ham. James Morrison came the closest of either side. Finally to sailing. 'Wild inally to sailing. 'Wild Oats Eleven' has some new secret weapons designed to dlifrbg Sydney to Hobart line honours -- deliver Sydney to Hobart line honours for a sixth time. It has a new sail roughly the side of two tennis courts. She's also sporting a high-tech keel design and a retractable bow centreboard, making her much faster in lighter wind. 'Wild Oats Eleven' is expected to face stiff competition from last year's winner as well as 'Wild Thing'. We have Frank Farina on tonight. It will bow a good chat. Indeed. Thanks, Craig. The weather details coming up. And one Chinese farmer's mission to preserve humanity in the face

A clean-up is under way in Scotland after what's being described as a perfect storm.The storm hit the east coast, producing damage from Shetland to North Berwick and causing the death of an oil worker. The combination of tidal forces and strong winds had not been experienced in some community for decades. To the forecast now. Lows and troughs are generating hot, humid and thundery weather across the north. A trough in the west is drawing some heat in to southern Western Australia. A high is keeping South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW generally dry.

The end of the world is coming if you believe those rumours swirling the globe. One believer is a Chinese farmer. He's not taking any chances. He's created fibreglass pods which could be the key to surviving the catastrophe.If the world carries on as normal, the inventor hopes the pods could help victims of tsunamis and ship wrecks. It's better to be prepared for nothing than to be unprepared for something. So goes the mantra adopted by this Chinese inventor as he set out on his latest project. This December 21 was meant to witness the end of the world, so he took to his workshop to create an invention he hopes will prove invaluable. These creations crafted out of fibreglass and metal are a modern day take on and Noah's Ark. Designed to offer refuge and a degree of comfort should the disaster or apocalypse befall you. TRANSLATION: The 2012 apocalypse won't necessarily happen but you can be sure disasters will happen around the world in the future. Tsunamis, ship wrecks on open sea or earthquakes. I thought I should make one of these.Over a year's work and almost 2 million yen, around $300,000 US, have been invested in creating several versions of the pod which their creator hopes will one day be mass produced. TRANSLATION: They could be used out in open sea, ocean liners or cargo ships, if passengers were ship wrecked, they could get inside the pod and survive. If such pods become widely used in society and out on the sea, the word ship wreck would become part of history. Inside, you'll find plenty of seats. Seatbelts, a spy hole to keep an eye on the outside world, a generator and world, a generator and engine to provide you with power. If confined spaces aren't your thing, apocalypse or not, you might prefer to take your chances outside. Not surprisingly, NASA is so confident the world won't end on December 21, they've already release advideo called 'Why the World Didn't End Yesterday'. It debunks the Mayan's calendar theories. Barack Obama has mourned with the families of the Newtown shooting victims at memorial in Connecticut. The President took the occasion to flag stricter gun control measures as the country grieved the fourth mass shooting of his presidency. Winds of up to 230 kilometres an hour have buffeted the main island of Fiji as Tropical Cyclone Evan continues in its deadly path.At least eight people are feared dead din masks after a government air strike on a Palestinian refugee camp. That's the world this Monday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS.Tont forget to follow on -- don't forget to follow on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnighw on Twitter. Goodnight.
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NARRATOR: On this episode
of MythBusters...

Only on MythBusters is someone
transferred on a stretcher

to be dropped off a building.

..Adam and Jamie jump on the myth
of an innerspring fling.

That was just as much fun
as it seemed like.

If a 3-storey drop
into shallow water is lethal...


..could you cushion the same fall
with a mattress...

I feel like I just got spanked.

..and live to leap another day?

I'm screwed.

Meanwhile, Kari, Tory and Grant...

Time for battle.

..put their boulders
to the grindstone...

(ITALIAN ACCENT) I like-a to call
this piece 'Ball on de Brick'.

..rockin' the myth that
15th-century cannoneers...

(LAUGHS) I love that echo
in the canyon.

..fired stone cannonballs.


Could they really do
as much damage as metal

and leave nothing
for the enemy to fire back?

That is the most disturbing castle
I've ever seen.

Who are the MythBusters?


Adam Savage...
It's scientific!

..and Jamie Hyneman.

Well, there's your problem.

Between them, more than 30 years
of special effects experience.

Together with Tory Belleci...
That was insane!