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Tonight - gun control top of mind in the US, but will this latest tragedy see any real change? Our Government is set to slash millions from the foreign aid budget. If you hate the commercial side of Christmas, we'll show you a way to buy a present and make a difference. Growing up inside the wrong body. Plus - our latest Hollywood heart- throb, Jai Courtney, joins us live. This is The Project.

Good evening. Welcome to the beginning of the week at The Project. Please welcome back Meshel Laurie and Lehmo.Thank you! (APPLAUSE) Thank you!
(APPLAUSE) You've been to the Sinai entertaining the troops?I was indeed. A real honour to be over there, entertaining our troops. The shows were great. We had loads and loads of fun, and hopefully the troops enjoyed the shows. But we're back now - full report tomorrow night on the show for you.Look forward to it.Excellent. First things first - Carrie, some headlands?In the news today, Monday, December 17: President Obama has offered the love and prayers of the nation at a vigil in Newtown, Connecticut. He promised to take action, but says there are no easy answers. A high-school gymnasium provided a simple backdrop for this interfaith vigil in memory of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims.We say that we're truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose? I've been reflecting on this the last few days. If we're honest with ourselves, the answer is no. We're not doing enough.As if to underline the President's message, just hours earlier, police evacuated a nearby church after a phone threat promised another massacre. Through it all, people try to cling to hope. Stories of heroism have emerged. School principal Dawn Hoxbrun ran towards the sound of gunshots and was killed attempting to tackle the shooter. One 1st Grader was forced to play dead to escape the fate of her classmates.The first words she said to her mum when she got outside was, "Mummy, I'm OK, but all of my friends are dead."27- year-old teacher Vicky Sodo hid her students behind a door and died shielding them from bullets. But for the town of Newtown, those few glimpses of bravery and humanity are cold comfort in the face of 26 lives extinguished in a single morning. All these people can do is ask why, as if anything could truly make sense of such a senseless tragedy.


Ten's US correspondent, Emma Dallimore, is in Newtown. Emma, how important was it for the community to have their leader make that effort to reach out like that?Look, very much so. Of course, it's always divided opinion at times like these. This little town, in the last 24-48 hours, of course, has just been absolutely torn apart - not only the horrific deaths and casualties, the trauma that these people are facing, but their town is swamped with media, with extra police, with swot teams driving around, and then the President comes into town. So a lot of people didn't really want to see him here, but they acknowledge that it's the right thing for him to do, and they appreciate his prayers and his sympathy. Of course, she a father too, so it was a very heartfelt speech here tonight.Emma, there's lots of stories emerging about the shooter and his mother, who was one of his victims, and the rest of his family. What is the picture emerging now of the Lanza family? Of course, detectives and police en masse are digging into every facet of the Lanzas' life. What we do know, apparently, is that Adam Lanza, in the last week, tried to purchase a handgun or a gun. He was denied that. So he used his mother's. We know his mother, Nancy, was an avid gun enthusiast. She was quite proud about her gun collection and, when her son couldn't get his hands on his own, he used hers. A lot of questions still going on there, and investigators say it will be weeks before they can really piece it all together.Em, something very shocking to us here in Australia was, watching the coverage on the weekend, just how many children were being interviewed by news crews immediately after the massacre had occurred. Have people started asking questions about that over there in the States?Yeah, it is incredibly sad, and the difficult part is that, unlike in Australia - we talk often about, God forbid if something like this happened in our country - that the children would be protected. We, as the media, would get nowhere near them. The police would lock that down, let alone their parents. Here, it's a very different mindset with the media. People want to tell their stories, and often when you see those children interviewed, their parents are standing next to them.Such a sad, sad time. Emma, thank you for the update. Emma Dallimore there. Absolutely heartbreaking. It still breaks my heart to see those kids, and I think, "What have I got to be sad about?" I still have my little boy. I look at them, and even trying to explain to him today what was happening - how do you explain to a 5-year-old? There is nothing you can say. I almost turned it off. There was a psychologist saying the best thing you can say to your children is that they're safe and that they're OK, and explain to them as simply as you can. But how do you explain that?When I was a kid, my Mum used to say, "They're all mad over there." It's racist, but it worked on me. It created the idea that I was safe in my home and world. Kids have a very small world they need to feel safe in, you know?It was only last month that we brought you a story about why gun control should have been a huge political issue during the US election. At the time, few politicians were willing to discuss gun control and review the right to bear arms. Since 1791, the second amendment to the United States Constitution has protected the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. Nation had wide, it's been estimated there are 270 million guns owned by private citizens. That's about 88 guns for every 100 people. This is a nation where 18-year-olds can't drink alcohol, but they can buy and carry a pistol.Messing with the average American's fundamental rights under the Constitution doesn't appear to be something anyone is willing to tackle.It's hard to believe in Australia, following the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, Prime Minister John Howard introduced some of the world's toughest firearm laws, banning all automatic and semiautomatic rifles, pump-action, and semiautomatic shotguns, as well as establishing much stricter licencing and ownership laws.I'm very proud to have been a member of the Cabinet that made those difficult and controversial decisions in 1996.Compared to Australia, the USA has about 14 times the population - 146 times as many firearm suicide deaths, and 474 times Australia's firearm homicides.Having people running around with automattic and semiautomatic rifles is hugely dangerous, as we've obviously seen in the last few days.At the forefront of the fight to protect America's right to bear arms is the hugely influential lobby group the National Rifle Association, claiming to have 4.3 million members, the NRA receives more than $200 million a year - much of it from gun manufacturers to lobby politicians and ensure gun control stays off the political agenda.It tends to pull it punches much greater than it actual size would suggest. The reason for that is that they're very well-organised, they've been around a long time, and they know how to get what they want in the US Congress.Following the weekend's tragic massacre in Connecticut, New York's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has urged Barack Obama to tackle gun controlt.This should be his number-one agenda, and if he does nothing during his second term, something like 48,000 Americans will be killed with illegal guns.For the sake of the thousands of Americans killed each year by firearms, and the thousands more left to piece together their own lives in the wake of these recurring tragedies, could it finally be time that America's leaders reviewed the right to bear arms?We can't tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end.

For his thoughts, we welcome back to The Project international relations expert Dr David Malet. David, it's an understatement to say that, for Australians, we can't get our heads around why Americans would persist with the level of gun ownership they have, given massacres like this occur so regularly. What is it about the right to bear arms is so important to Americans?I'm not sure every American understands it either. I'd say the main difference between, say, Australians and Americans goes back to historical roots. The US got its independence and nationhood through fighting a war against Britain. Our history of expansion comes from fighting armed wars against native Indian groups. There's this real mythology attached to firearms, that they're a guarantor of freedom, of security, and a lot of Americans believe that. David, the President has made a speech that some people are reading as a suggestion that he may do something about gun control. However, he has made speeches like this before, hasn't he - most recently after the Denver massacre. Do you think anything will come of this one?Yeah, I hate to add even more despair at a time like this, but I'm not that optimistic. Right now, the President is having trouble getting anything passed by this Congress, and they're not likely to yield more control, even with this going on. President Obama can advocate for stronger gun control.Does it possibly feel like the climate is different this time around, whether it's the fact that the President never has to be re- elected again, whether it's the fact that the victims this time around are 6-year-olds in a primary school, that perhaps this time, something could change?Well, a lot of people are asking - if not now, when? One would hope there would be some change. What I've noticed that is different is there's a lot of silence from what are normally the pro-gun advocates. The editorial pages of a lot of conservative papers in the US and in Texas that normally argue against gun-control restrictions are not running editorules one way or the other today, which is bizarre.Even this morning when I heard some Americans say, "If only the teachers could have had guns, they could have stopped the shooter." I can't get my head around that as a solution. A significant portion of Americans feel that way. Again, it go back to the frontier mentality that has not died out. I spent the last few years living in conservative, rural Colorado. They believe the safest guarantor of strong safety is that as many people as possible are armed as possible. I have friends who are constitutional lawyers who argue for gun rights, and they truly believe that the way to have safety is to arm as many people as possible.David, thanks very much for speaking to us tonight.Thank you.(APPLAUSE) On your point, Carrie, the idea of - if more people have guns than the situation -- then the situations will be safer, I was reading on the weekend, in the history of these mass shootings, only one armed civilian has only taken out the person perpetrating the shooting - one occasion out of hundreds has that led to the situation ending and being stopped.The laws they do have, they don't even enforce properly. Here's Mayor Michael Bloomberg on 'Meet the Press' this morning with a shocking statistic. I think there's something like 77,000 people who've been accused of lying when they applied for a gun permit. We've only prosecuted 77 of them.77 out of 77,000. So basically, if you lie, it doesn't matter - whatever. Just go for it. There's so much feedback on Facebook and Twitter about this story.

I chuckled when I first read that, but I think it's very true. We are very quick to defend our own rights for things. We have to, I guess, try and understand where they're coming from, somehow.It's very hard. Back home - more news now. Fijians are being told to prepare for the worst, as category-4 Cyclone Evan lashes the Pacific Island nation. Thousands of people have been moved into evacuation centres. Already, flooding and power outages are being reported. Fiji's international airport has been closed, stranding thousands of Australians. If you are concerned about loved ones in Fiji, contact the Department of Foreign Affairs. An experienced pilot has been killed in a light plane crash near Hervey Bay in Queensland, moments before he was due to land at a Christmas party. Dozens of families and children witnessed 59-year-old Mike alten's Cessna clip powerlines and burst into flames at Burrum Heads this morning. Deputy Prime Minister wan Wayne Swan has branded Tony Abbott a thug, after the Opposition Leader's disapproval rating hit 63%. While the Coalition remains in a strong, election- winning position, Mr Abbott is now the second-most-unpopular leader in the Nielsen poll's 40-year history. Choice wants our consumer watchdog to look into the cost of printer ink. Current prices make it one of the most expensive liquids on the planett, with some brands working out to around $3,000 a litre. That's more than champagne or Chanel No. 5 perfume!I bought some printer ink for my girlfriend for her birthday. She did not appreciate it.(LAUGHTER) Adam on Twitter says, "I use my Chanel No. 5 in my printer: Much cheaper, and smells great."The printer is $80 bucks. The ink is so expensive. I got sick of it. I bought a laser print, and I can't say how much better it feels to spend a ridiculous amount of money on toner printer rather than ink. Sorry, boss.I just do my printing at work! Let us know what you think. We'll be back with more after this. Don't go away. Coming up on The Project - the rules are different, and at times so, is the side of the road. Is it too easy for people to get behind the wheel with a foreign licence? And the chilling new fad sweeping across social media. You're watching The Project.

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You're watching The Project. Australian captain Michael Clarke has retired hurt with a hamstring injury on day four of the opening test against Sri Lanka in Hobart. The home side was bowled out for 278 in its second innings. The visitors resume at 2/65 on the final day, needing another 328 runs to win. Let's hope we can wrap that one up tomorrow, yeah, Carrie? I know you're very excited about the Aussies.Yep.(LAUGHTER) But I tell you, there's another test match on at the moment - India against England. It was a very, very bad day for Indian bowler Ravindra Jadeja, with the worst- ever delivery. Let's see it again. That's mean!Jonathan Trott dispatched it to the boundary.That doesn't count, does it?It still counts! Look at that! It's the worst ball ever!That's like how my uncle bowls after Christmas lunch. Can't bowl straight.It was an absolute disgrace. You might think that's unbelievable, but check out his bowling coach...(LAUGHTER)

He should never have employed John Howard. That was his first mistake. 50% of men think women exaggerate the stress of Christmas preparations. UK research found that 85% of women don't think men understand what it takes to create the perfect Christmas celebration. A third of blokes believe they could do a better job. Well, then do your bloody better job.(LAUGHTER) She is so furious about this, I can't tell you.Turkey and the Webber, beers in the fridge. There's Christmas done.A lot of Christmas spirit in that!You are pulling exactly the wrong things out of these statistics. Two-thirds of men don't think that women exaggerate the stress.They do, they just don't the guts to say it in a survey.Picking the wrong side! If one-third say something, two-thirds say the other thing. Even Mrs Clause probably does all the work, and on the last day, Mr Laws sails in as the hero.Seems to me like someone needs a chill pill! Why can't we all just get along? Well, we asked you:

Speaking of Christmas, if you hate the commercial side of Christmas but you'd still be too embarrassed to rock up to Christmas lunch with no gifts, here's a way to buy great presents and still make a difference. It's estimated Aussies will fork out more than $40 billion this Christmas. But not all of that will go to big retailers, with more and more of us choosing to buy our gifts with a little goodwill attached.Social enterprise is a business that exists that sells goods and services to deliver a community benefit.Mark Daniels is from Social Traders the, group behind the social enterprise finder - a one-stop shop for goodwill gifts.One of the goals of our organisation is to increase the number of customers for social enterprises. So we create a social enterprise finder, a directory with over 5,000 social enterprises listed.One business they help is Green Collect, who not only recycle office waste, but also employ disadvantaged workers.We take products - for example, book binders, computer discs, keyboards - and turn it into books, into things like key magnets for fridges, little journals, put little pocket books and all that kind of thing. Best friends Albert and Jack work in the Green Collect studio. Albert has mental health issues, and Jack was born with spina bifida.For me me, trying get a job is very difficult. Being in a wheelchair, people don't really give you a chance.Having bipolar, there's a lot of stigma out there. Being able to work in this environment where they don't care that you've got that, it's a really awesome distraction for me. Watching a product go from this ring-binder folder to a really awesome book - and especially playing with the guillotine - it's really rewarding. For anyone still wanting something rewarding from bigger retailers, there's Home page for Homeless. Consumers can do Christmas shopping through a simple webpage. 15% of their purchases going to programs for homeless youth.It doesn't cost customers a cent. By simply using it as a portal, these retailers will donate a percentage of your sale to the charity Ladder. Ladder gives homeless youth a place to stay, and the support they need to get back on their feet. All the profits from a social enterprise bow go back into creating good, meaning any purchase really is a gift that keeps on giving. Basically, look, it's really good- quality products that are made here in Australia. And why wouldn't you buy from a face like this? (LAUGHS) (APPLAUSE) Full details on the goodwill gifts seen in that storey are found on our website. Another quick break. Back in a tick. Coming up on The Project - he's about to star opposite none other than Tom Cruise - Aussie actor Jai Courtney joins us live. Plus, looking one way and feeling another - life as a transgender person. By nature, loves diversity. Unfortunately, society hates it. This is The Project.

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(APPLAUSE) You're watching The Project. Michele, lots Meshel, lots of feedback coming in.We were talking about how stressful Christmas is:

I have to admit, I don't hide my light under a Bushell when I'm stressed. Everyone is well aware that mummy is stressed.(LAUGHTER) Create a bit of stress...More news now. Gotye has become the first Australian musician in 30 years to rule the US charts. His single 'Somebody That I Used to Know' was the number-one song in the US for 2012, and was also the number-one radio, digital and alternative song of the year. The last Aussie to achieve this was Olivia Newton-John with 'Physical' in 1982. Both great songs.The parents of Victorian golfer Daniel Popovic have spoken of their pride and joy, as he defied the odds to win the PGA Championship at Coolum. Ranked 1,251 in the world just a week ago, he finished four shots clear of the field to record his first professional victory. This is the most awesome story. He says that a few years ago, he was making pizzas. His specialty was putting the toppings on the top-of-the-range supremes. In 2010 for six months, he held a 'Stop' sign in traffic. Now he's won a PGA. He is so stoked. (APPLAUSE) Awesome effort. And a new number- one fan in Carrie Bickmore.I might even get into golf now!You are so into golf. He did the 'Stop'/'Go' sign. Think it helped his grip? Maybe!His parents obviously very, very proud about his achievement, but might have revealed a bit too much about Daniel today.Me and my wife made a pact when Daniel was born that she would look after him while he was in the nappies, and after that, I would look after him. When he got out of the nappies from the age six, he was into soccer.He wore nappies until he was six?! (LAUGHTER) Moving on now - transgender Australians have long had to fight against society's opinions, but they've also had to fight the medical system. But all that might be about to change. Sally Goldner has always known she was born in the wrong body.I was born with what society calls a male body, assigned male at birth, but I've always had this sense that I needed to live as female, and identified as female.For years, this difference made her a target: I ended up at an all-boys school. I was bullied for two years by the entire class of 25.In her late 20s, Sally decided to do something about it.After nearly 29 years of living and whether cons conscsly or subconsciously stamping down the truth about myself, the more I pushed down, the more it pushed back, and something said to me, "OK, I've gone against this all my life." I said, "What would happen if I went with it?"Sally underwent hormone treatment, something she will have to do for the rest of her life.I'm just this totally different person for being true to myself, and I shudder to think what would have happened had I kept trying to go on the wrong way. I don't think I'd be here now.For years, transsexualism has been classified as a disorder in the dying nostic and statistical manual of mental disorders. The go-to book for psychiatrists worldwide. In the new DSM-5, due for publication next year, transsexualism will no longer be seen as a disorder.The emphasis has gone from deviant sexual behaviour to the distress that people with this condition experience.Sally wants it completely removed from the DSM. The last thing we are is mentally ill or disordered in any way. The quicker we can remove anything that stigmalises us, the better off that's got to be.But there are some in the trans community who feel it should stay. Arom transitioned from female to male when he was 23.I am of the view that having some kind of criteria is useful, certainly here in Australia, in order to be able to access hormones or surgery or other things people want for medical transition. You have to have some kind of diagnostic criteria in people's body and identity.For many transgender people, their internal struggle is matched by the struggle to be accepted by society. Traditionally in our society, boys grow up to be men and identify as male, and girls grow up to be women and identify as female. Those in between are just a natural expression of the diversity we see in nature. While nature loves diversity, unfortunately, society hates it.While the road to public acceptance can be long, for Sally, it's accepting herself that matters most.I'm a lot happier, a lot healthier. Yes, there's challenges. I've managed to learn how to deal with them. I just feel a lot more like I'm living my life, rather than trying to be, in many ways, someone that I'm not meant to be. (APPLAUSE) If you have just joined us, here's what's making news today, Monday, December 17: US President Barack Obama has vowed to stop shooting massacres, after the hurisk tragedy at a Connecticut school at the weekend, where 20 children and 6 adults were shot dead. He's told a multifaith vigil that the US must change. We can't tolerate this anymore. These tragedies must end. To end them, we must change. Fiji's government isn't taking any chances, as Cyclone Evan bears down on the Pacific Island nation, moving residents and tourists out of low-lying areas. The category-4 storm killed at least four people when it struck neighbouring Samoa last week.Luckily, two Australian girls made it home just in time. We had an amazing story.How many people can say they've lived through a possible cyclone and...? Millions. Millions and millions of people can say that.(LAUGHTER) Absolute millions. Moving on - a pilot killed in a fiery plane crash at Burrum Heads near Hervey Bay in Queensland had been flying his Cessna to a Christmas party. 59-year-old Mike Alten had been flying low to wave to friends, when the plane's wheels clipped powerlines. No jail time, just probation, for the girlfriend of Tyson Dagley, the Aussie tourist convicted of causing the death of a US teenager in a jet ski crash in Hawaii last August. 21-year-old Natasha Ryan allegedly deleted video footage she took of the fatal accident, and then lied to police. Police in Victoria are concerned about the gap between foreign and local driving standards, with overseas drivers involved in more than 20 injury-causing crashes a week. The Great Ocean Road is a problem, with foreign mortests distracted by the scenery, ending up on the wrong side of the road. Not just foreign motorists - I'll hopeless down the Great Ocean Road! I totally went it. I went to Hawaii with my girlfriend. Out of the hire-car lot, she said, "You're on the wrong side of the road!" She did it about 14 times on that trip. Can you imagine coming to Melbourne and trying to make sense? I'm from Perth. Trying to make sense of a hook turn - I still don't know how to!Those tram things, yeah.If you take those hook turns abroad - exciting holiday.(LAUGHTER) That is true. Some other news today - Joe Ludwig, Agricultural Minister, was talking about biosecurity in Sydney. He alerted us to how important border security is, and how important our sniffer dogs are. What we also have to assist us in all of this is canine detector dogs or sniffer dogs, to be able to detect a range of, ah, a range of produce at the border, including things like sausages.How long, exactly, does it take to train a dog to sniff out sausages? (LAUGHTER) I'm wondering.You do not want to know where I've kept my sausages to get them over the border. Ah, moving on to something else. An announcement is said set to be made by the Federal Government this week that will see 12% cut from the current foreign aid budget, leaving many of the world's most needy charities desk stated by the news. Undoubtably this year, the Government has been obsessed with bringing the budget back into surplus.The budget will be back in surplus in 2013 if I'm re-elected. The Government is returning to a small surplus of around $1 billion. But it also wanted to lift its foreign aid assistance to further help those less fortunate than others. However, in the May budget update, they realised they couldn't do both, and their foreign-aid goal was pushed back a year in order to save almost $3 billion. Now the Government is playing funny buggers their figures again, and will, by week's end, announce a slashing of almost $400 million out of our all- important foreign aid programs.It costs about $4,000, roughly, to save a life. So if you cut aid, you literally do cost lives.The Opposition claims the Government has made a farce of their foreign aid donations to get a seat on the UN Security Council.This shows that, not only is Julia Gillard prepared to break promises with the Australian people - she also can't be relied upon by the rest of the world to keep her promise.Bob Carr says the money will be redirected to asylum seekers being processed here in Australia.Money spent on refugees within a country is legitimate aid.So is a Government that prides itself on being a generous global citizen reneging on a promise to our needy neighbours, all for the health of their own back pocket? Ten political reporter Hugh Riminton broke this story, and is in Canberra now. Hugh, a pretty drastic move. What sort of impact will it have?If you listen to the people who spend their lives in international aid - people like Tim Costello, for example - they say this will plain and simply cost lives. The argument that's being put up by Bob Carr and the Government is that the foreign aid budget isn't actually being cut, but what is happening is a whole bunch of foreign-aid programs will have to be cut. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth. And that money is going to find its way into supporting asylum seekers in Australia - essentially, the Australian Government is about to become the recipient of its own foreign aid. Now, that is a little bit weird. Bob Carr says that's within OECD guidelines. If you're looking after refugees, he says it doesn't matter whether they're on your own turf or in some camp overseas. A lot of people are looking at that. It's nevertheless the argument they'll try and push on. The practical effect is that hundreds of millions of dollars are disappearing out of our foreign aid programs.I'm very cynical about this, Hugh. I get that it's great for the surplus that they're desperate to have. Is it also about appealing to conservative voters thin this country who wouldn't be unhappy about cutting foreign aid? Certainly the surplus is the key to it. The cutting of foreign aid is not the most unpopular thing you can do when you're trying to cut things out of your budget. Quite plainly. The other thing it is, if you're cutting where it's going to damage other economies overseas, you're not damaging your own economy, either. You can see why the hard heads and rationalists might think this was a idea. But they're going to suffer some pain among their own base for taking this approach.Wayne Swan had a Christmas message for Tony Abbott today. It left me a bit confused. Have a listen.We've got an Opposition Leader who is a policy weakling, and of course a thug.Is it possible to be a weakling and a thug?(LAUGHTER) Yeah, as thugs go, he's pretty weak, according to the Government. I think this is on the back of some poll numbers which have shown Tony Abbott is really very high in his disapproval rating, and it continues to get worse at the end of this year. So I guess the question is, can he win an election next year? You'd have to wait and see. But the Coalition is still tracking comfortably ahead of Labor at the moment.And no doubt you will be kept in a job asking those questions well into 2013, Hugh.God, I hope so.Thanks for your time tonight.All the best.Time for a break after this. The tablet, phone, desktop or laptop - there's plenty of ways to get more out of The Project online. The website has extended interviews, past episodes, and viewer forums. Or it could be on zeebox while you watch the show and have the chance to win really cool stuff. The Project - it doesn't finish when the credits roll.

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You're watching The Project. Let's call it a draw. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon is trying to clear a 6-figure debt from a 2006 election campaign, by selling self-branded knick-knacks like squeeze balls and sick bags. He's also selling a calendar for featuring a different stunt every month. Nick joins us now. Nick, talk us through this. Squeeze balls and Nick's "fully sick" sick bags, yeah?That's right. Well, look, you've got to do something novel. Some politicians have thousand- dollar-a-head fundraising dinners. I just want to sell my balls. (LAUGHTER) balls.
(LAUGHTER) It does make a more serious point as well - that politics in Australia is going down the US path, with big money involved. This is retail politics, in a sense - flogging things off a few bucks at a time, I think, is a much better way of getting grassroots support. Or you could just learn from Barack Obama and do a gig with Springsteen and Jay-Z.(LAUGHTER) Um... I don't know. The Sex Pistols aren't around anymore. They'd be more my thing.I guess this is all being part of Independent, Nick. On the upside, you can talk about what you actually believe. On the downside, you don't have the massive party machine to bankroll you.You don't. That's why I'm doing this. I think the sick bags also make the point that politics are very toxic in Canberra at the moment, so maybe they can be some use.You know if you bought a poker machine for yourself, you could make some sweet, sweet cash.I don't think so. I don't think so. Just buy the balls.Maybe you don't want to solve your financial problems, Nick!No, I'd make it much, much worse all around.For Christmas, we'll all buy one of your balls...(LAUGHTER) Hopefully help you out a bit, Nick. Best of luck.All the best. Thanks. (APPLAUSE) s. (APPLAUSE)
Time to see what's making news around the world. The body of nurse Jacintha Saldanha has arrived in India for her funeral in her husband's home town. He and their two children accompanied her body on a flight from Britain, following a memorial mass in London. It's now been revealed in one of three apparent suicide notes, the nurse blamed her chonth Sydney DJ whose made the royal prank call. Japan's conservative opposition has been swept to power, giving former prime minister Gabriel Aubry a second shot at the top job -- Shinzo Abe a second shot at the top job. He'll make a decision on nuclear power. The in London, the Duchess of Cambridge has made her first public appearance since being hospitalised for acute morning sickness. Flying solo, she looked healthy and composed as she presented the BBC sports personality of the Year award to champion cyclist Bradley Wiggins. More than 4,000 people donned Santa Claus suits and ran the streets near Paris for charity on Sunday, raising money for Third World countries, many participants showing their own take on Santa, with head-to-toe red-and-white moth suits among the crowd. The results of the race are here. The winner was... Santa.(LAUGHTER) Big surprise there.Mario came in third, I believe. Now for something completely detsar. I've got six words for you. Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger,

# It's just a start away...

He's saying, "Anyone who are you? Get off my stage." She's trying to work out what he is.

That dance-off went on for nine hours.(LAUGHTER) I still can't get around how she dances in those heels.I don't think that was actually dancing. She was stabilising the whole time. We'll take a break. Plenty more after this.

Might just change my dress. I might just fix that wall.

MAN: New Selleys
No More Gaps Fast Dry. Ready to paint in 20 minutes. I can't find my earrings.
Oh. Might paint the wall.
No More Gaps Fast Dry. If it's Selleys, it works.

MAN: (SINGS) # The moon belongs
to everyone # The best # Best things in life # Are # Free. #

You're watching The Project. Time now to welcome our next guest. What is it about our young Aussie men making it big in Hollywood? Chris and Liam, Sam, Joel and Ryan, all hitting the big time in la-la land and starring in some of the biggest blockbusters of 2012.He's my brother.He killed 80 people in two days.He's adopted.Well, make room for another one, people - this home-grown hunk is about to go global. Meet Jai Courtney. If you haven't already seen him buffed up and shirtless in US cable hit 'Spartacus', he's going to be hard to miss playing the nasty villain to Tom Cruise's hero in the brand- new action thriller 'Jack Reacher'. Are you hurt?Do I have to tell you how this works?I'd like to kill you. Please welcome Jai Courtney. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) This is your first big movie. What was it like when they rang you up and said you would be playing the baddass in a Tom Cruise flick?It was pretty unreal, that's for sure. Yeah. Look, I was just happy to get a gig, to be honest.(LAUGHTER) Weren't you intimidated by Tom? I would think, "Is he going to be weird? Is he going to try and marry me?" Any of those weird fears?Not those fears exactly, but...They're married!We're married, in fact! Look, it's a little intimidating meeting someone like that who you've seen on the big screen for literally decades, but Tom is a really lovely, generous, professional guy. We just had a lot of fun. Soon after you make the introduction, you get rid of all that nervousness and get on with it. Did you ever - in the time you were hanging out with him, did you ever just go, "What was the Oprah jumping-on-the-couch thing?"I didn't get the chance. I did want to ask.Does he make you sign saying -- something saying you'll never ask?He doesn't, but I think there's an agreement.There's a killer car chase that goes for about 45 minutes. Well, about 10. I love a killer car chase film. I'm always intrigued about the filming. One - how long it took, because it's 10 minutes on the screen. And B - how much fun our how scary it was actually pulling it all together.It's lots of fun, and it's very scary. Look, it took us about two weeks, I think, to film that sequence. Night shoots, mainly - you've got to block off streets and shut down bridges and, you know, annoy the locals by doing that. It was crazy. You get licence to do all these things you can't with your dad's Subaru.(LAUGHTER) Is it a great feeling when you smash a car and go, "There'll be a new one tomorrow"?I smashed the Audi I'm driving in the film one night. That's the great thing about Hollywood films - they bring the next one in.Kids, don't do that at home. Not cool.Your big break was 'Spartacus'. Quick question - did you ever have a shirt to wear?I wish I had a shirt to wear.In fairness, did spartans have shirts? Apparently not.They had tunics. How did you keep up - were you having spray tans?We were having smear-tans, which are...What's that? How does a smear-tan works? It works by - a couple times a weir after you finish shooting, you get on the make-up bus and they rub you down with, like, seaweed matter. Then you get to go home and sleep in that and smell like...Nothing to do with the movie, was it?That was just part of my personal requirement. It was in my contract. Something really exciting - you're going to be in 'Die Hard 5' with Bruce Willis.It's true.

We're not done yet. Plenty. See you in a tick. Tomorrow on The Project - they are young and they're fragile - literally. But a life-changing new treatment is offering hope. Aallivia has had four broken bones. When I was six, I'd had about 50. That and all the news, but not (SOFT MUSIC)

Give someone special
a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Or the Samsung Galaxy Music.

And now get a bonus cover
they can make their own.

So be the best Santa
you can be this Christmas... ..with a little help from Optus.

(APPLAUSE) This is The Project. Welcome back. Bit of feedback?Some feedback on Facebook:

Makes perfect sense.Some more news now. South Australian Police are searching for an A-League fan who racially abused a Wellington Phoenix player during last night's game against Adelaide United. English-born striker Paul Ifill says he was vilified by members of the Hindmarsh Stadium crowd during the 3-1 loss. A public servant injured while having sex during a business trip has been awarded compensation after a 5-year legal battle. The Federal Court has ruled against a workplace health insurer, because the woman was technically still at work while making love in a motel. Can you make love in a motel?You sure can, Carrie! You sure can.As far as I'm concerned, if you don't get injured, you're not doing it right.(LAUGHTER) Carrie, you thought it was romantic in a drainpipe the other night!I was sticking out for the cave- dwellers amongst us!The Maritime Union of Australia are protesting at the moment against plans to privatise the Port of Fremantle. I've got a message for the fellas. If you're gonna protest, you might want to articulate your demands a little better than this.When do we want it?!Now!(All grunt)

More "ooh ooh ooh" is what they're after.Good point. I'd like to see big business do that.The wait is over for Victorian school-leavers. They've received their VCE results today. Threav students scored the top mark of 99.95 - 37 students. HSC students in NSW get their final marks on Tuesday. The HSC results - 160 kids got the wrong message with the wrong score, then a "sorry" text.I got a text saying I got into medicine. I was so excited. Quick one, guys - advice. Never agree to an interview when you're busting for the toilet, yeah?We're fed up with all the carry-on. It's a lot of nonsense. We all have to live it again, and we just wanted to show our solidarity.(LAUGHTER) And then she ran off to a loo after that.We're almost out of time. Here's your top five.We don't have a top five. One more news story. Move over, milking and planking. Here's a thing called frosting. The fad began in Montana last year. Pretty simple. People in subzero temperatures dress up in summer clothes and pretend they're not freezing. They have shots taken of them looking like they're not freezing.Winners.People are just bored.I know.They need to feel as though they belong to something. There's another craze, apparently, called port - you pour port over your head.That's just called Christmas parties.There's milking as well.I think there's a thing called porting.Milking is already a thing. You do it to cows.It's where they pour milk on their heads! Just read a book!Just cause you put "-ing" on it doesn't mean it's a thing! It's a mistake. Move on. 'Modern Family' is next. Please thank Meshel Laurie and Lehmo. Tomorrow night, Kitty Flanagan. Goodnight.And (SINGS) # The moon belongs
to everyone # The best things in life are free # Stars belong to everyone # They gleam there for you and me # Flowers in spring
The robins that sing # The sunbeams that shine
They're yours, they're mine # And love can come to everyone # The best things in life are free

# The moon belongs to everyone # The best things in life are free # Stars belong to everyone # They gleam there for you and me # Love can come to everyone # The best # Best things in life # Are # Free. #

Today, Sam Riley kicked a soccer
ball and it hit another kid so hard

his eye popped out.

Really, his eye popped out?

Gotta hit the sack,
big Saturday tomorrow.

That's right.
It's somebody's birthday.

Not just that, the iPad comes out
on my actual birthday.

It's like Steve Jobs and God got
together to say, "We love you, Phil."

What's so great about
that doohickey?Doohickey, Elly May?

It's a movie theatre, library
and a music store

all rolled in to one awesome pad.

A library is a place
where people get books.

A movie theatre's a place
where people go on dates.

I'll pack the beach chair. I'll need
it for the line in the morning.

Honey, you can't spend
your birthday in line.

Not the whole day, I have to be there
at six and I'm out by ten.

Why don't you let me do it?
Claire, you don't have to do that.

No, I know, but I want to.

That way on your birthday
you'll wake up

and you'll have your brand-new toy.


In spite of you calling it a toy,

this is shaping up to top
the best birthday I ever had.

Thank God we didn't have to hear
that story about...

It was called the Fun Zone.
I was 11.

I hit ten straight fast balls
in the batting cage.

Then my best friend Jeff Sweeney
stepped in and took one in the groin.

I yelled out, "Ball two!"

Everybody laughed.

That was when I knew I was funny.


B-E-L-I-E-V-E. Believe!

Are you sure there's not an E-I
in the middle?No, it's I-E.

Good.If I can't fool you,
then your teachers can't fool you.

They're not trying to fool me.

Wait till you see what I got Phil
for his birthday.

I found it
on the SkyMall catalogue.

It's not one of those
talking alarm clocks?

"It's 6:05. It's 6:25.
Wake up! Wake up!"

Even better, a rosewood chess set.

Before I wrap this,
what say we take it for a spin?

Come on, Manny, I'll teach you.
His father taught him.

I'll teach him real chess
not the Columbian version.

We use the pieces to play the game
not smuggle stuff out the country.

I know one Columbian piece
you won't be playing with later.

Manny, let's see what you've got.
You'll be surprised.

Manny's an excellent player,
but Jay is a grumpy loser.

He mopes, he makes the face,
he slams the door.

Then he says
he didn't slam the door.

It's better that he wins.


Hmm. I got this.

MAN: Everything's gonna be OK.

It's OK. It's OK.


There's a man in Lily's room!
There's a man in Lily's room!

It's go time!

Oh, thank God!

No! It's me!

She's fine. We must have just heard
a neighbour with the same monitor.

Thank God!If a spider
would have broken in here,

he would have been in trouble.

Light-up barbecue tongs.

This was the lame gift I got Phil.

So... was I bummed to get up at five
in the morning and wait in line?

No. No, because I was finally
getting my husband

something that he really wanted.

I was every bit
as excited as he was.





I hope you're not upset
about our chess match yesterday.

What do you say we play again?
I'm good.

That's the spirit. Downloaded this
for you, it's a kids' guide to chess

No, Jay, I'm good.

It's not dry like that,
they have fun with it.

You can colour in the little players
with your crayons.

Now you are making me
wanna play again.

Now we're lighting a fire.
Let me toss this up.

If you beat me,
if that day should ever come,

I'll give you...
I want your watch.

Wow! You had that loaded up, huh?

OK. Game on.

Now...I want you to go first.

Now, remember, try to open up
the middle of the board.

I'd have moved that guy two spaces,
it's more aggressive.

And you don't want to bring
your queen out that quickly.

You could have protected that
with that,

but now you're vulnerable -

What?How did you do that?

You will not believe what's going on
at Jake and Debbie's house.Who?

The people on the monitor, they must
live nearby. So much drama.