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(generated from captions) He said I have got Sangakkara in my pocket. Sangakkara would be aware of that.You had Latifin your pocket but that didn't make you an owl-rounder. What speed is that one? 112. He is not gonna make 120. You're right, I was bumping him up too much.Come on, Huss, just one. He is gonna need one of those Hobart Hurricanes to help him get to 120, I reckon.A little bit wide.

to 120, I reckon.A little bit wide.
Mike Hussey has run back to the top of his mark but Jayawardene has gone back to pat down the pitch. Must be getting close to the last ball of the day.This should be the last ball of the day's play actually, 6 o'clock is ticking over. Hussey has bowled the completion of day 4 or are they rushing around for one more? No, one moreover. Very close to 6 o'clock. So one moreover.

moreover.That's the first time I have seen Shane Watson run when it was unnecessary or didn't have to. He sprinted down to give his hat to the umpire and he has got another over.They tried to draw it out. They were trying to make that previous over the last one. But Watson has one more opportunity here. Six deliveries. He will bowl around the wicket with Sangakkara. Wouldn't the Aussies love to grab sank sang here.Jayawardene was too nice. He just felt he was holding everyone up.That's normaly the time your shoelace gets a little bit undone.Irritate the opposition if you have to but make sure there is not an extra over. They thought they had got through. It was the big Shazam. But one moreover. We will get through 6 balls. They were sure it was 6 o'clock. Come on, Ump! Good movement.He is good, isn't he, Nathan Lyon. You don't often associate spinners with being good fields men. He was good in Perth.What about it. Im May?You don't normaly associate spin bowlers with being good fields men. Although I can probably hear Warnie shouting out from somewhere.Big hands.

Trying to think of another spin bowler who was dynamite in the field. Coming up with blanks, are we?Heals just said Malett. Bruce Yardley wasn't bad.Roger Harper. Yes, Roger Harper.So two balls remaining. Two balls for Australia to get one more wicket. Lapbg a are nearly there are nearly there : they will turn up tomorrow and try and put the pedal down just a little bit. They don't have to up the ante too much to get that run rate up close to three runs an over. If they keep the wicket intact and operate close to three runs an over they will feel like they're a sniff. Australia have to go hour by hour, session by session. Two wickets in the first session by lunch and then keep it going the second session. If Sri Lanka want to drag it out that long.Keep mixing the bowlers up too tomorrow. Change them around, hit the deck hard. Hope to get - one dismissal off a ball that does something out of the ordinary, that will send a shudder through the changerooms. That's what you want to have for tomorrow.And solid in defence. Two for 65 Sri Lanka. That completes day four. New South Wales and Victorian viewers will now go to news. We will see you back here This progam is captioned live. Tonight, a President's powerful message for change after the Newtown school massacre. Jail for the waiter who bashed a Sydney bus driver simply doing his job. Holiday emergency, Aussie tourists caught in a Fiji cyclone. The childcare centre right next to an us Vestas cleaner. And Michael Clarke, the latest victim of Australia's injury Clijsters off -- asbestos cleaner. -- crisis. No words will ever erase the suffering of the families of those killed in the Connecticut school shooting, but the massacre has finally led to a real soul-searching among many of America's leaders. And President Obama, while visiting the grieving town, has vowed to battle America's gun madness. Families of the victims sharing the pain of their loss, then applause... And tears for the police to stop the massacre, only to be confronted by unimaginable scenes of horror -- who stopped. Earlier President Obama spent hours consoling the relatives of those who died, then came the promise everyone was waiting for.We can't tolerate this any more. These tragedies must end. In the coming weeks I'll use whatever our this office holds to engage my fellow citizens in an effort aimed at preventing more tragedies like this.Tributes have been laid across the town. Teddy bears are the most popular.They are babies, they are just babies. Something really has to be done, we can't live like this.And the man America wants to know more about, Adam Lanza. This newly released photo shows an innocent young boy, his family home where the massacre began, like so many in the US. Those who knew his mum, knew he had problems.It was just getting difficult for her to try to get him into regular life.But no one thought it would come to this.A lot of people just saw him as someone different, and really just left him alone.Police say he was carrying enough ammunition to murder every student in the school. But the police's quick response saved countless lives. They were there within 10 minutes of the first call, and when Lanza heard them outside, he took his own life. Among the dead, 6-year-old Anna Marquez Green, seen here in a home video, singing alongside her brother. Her brother survived, as did one unnamed 6-year-old girl, the only one in her class of 16. She ran out covered in head to toe with blood, the first words she said to her mum when she got out side, were "Mummy, I'm OK but all my friends are dead".There's even been a suggestion they may call off the Christmas celebrations here, but ministers around the town now I encouraging people to go to the services, and particularly the nativity plays, even though some of the little girls murdered were to play the roles of the angels. Obama has now returned to Washington with the hopes of the nation on his shoulders.

Denham Hitchcock joins us now from Newtown. What is the next step for these grieving families?Georgie, I don't know if anyone will truly get past this, this week will be very tough because the funerals begin. Two tomorrow, won the day after that and many more this week. They are saying the school will be Sri started this week but it will move from the location here. -- be started. It is doubtful the children here will ever return to this place. The President probably said it best when he said, "We can do better", it will be up to the American people to hold him to that. Thank you for joining us. It's an all too familiar drama of late night Sydney, a few seconds of rage leaving one man badly injured and another heading for a jail cell. The man who bashed a Bondi bus driver will spend a minimum of six months behind bars, the attack caught on CCTV. As it was the last run of the night for Bondi bus driver John Olsen, when passengers Samuel Smith launched into a ferocious attack. He kicked and he hit him repeatedly in the head. The 57 year-old driver suffered bruises and a broken nose. The magistrate told Smith it was a costly brains that. She sentenced the 27 year-old Californian to nine months in jail -- brain snap.He punched me in the head 4/5 times. Then I ran away.On the night of the attack, Smith had just finished his last shift as a wine waiter at a restaurant. Magistrate Jackie told Smith:

The magistrate said the message needed to get out, that bus drivers were vulnerable. She said she wasn't surprised that John Olsen had been assaulted 11 times. Smith will appeal the sentence. John Olsen is now retired.I hope it sends a message out to other thugs that get on buses, trains or anywhere else, that it would be tolerated.-- won't be. A strong wind was all that was required before two grass fires on the outskirts of Sydney airport took off today. There was a debility alert as planes took off and landed. -- his ability. -- visibility. The Murdoch clan headed by media tycoon Rupert is gathering in Melbourne ahead of tomorrow's memorial service for his mother, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch. Also on the plane from the US, his wife, Wendy, and daughter Elizabeth. The service will be broadcast on Gem at 11am. Thousands of holidaying Australians are stranded in the midst of Cyclone Evan as it casts a savage path through the islands of Fiji. But it is the locals bearing the brunt of the giant storm, their homes being battered and broken. A white out of wind and rain. Gusts of more than 200km/h were dangerous and damaging. The category 4 storm tracked down the island nation's western edge, you can see it's I from space and feel its fury in the tourist resorts Bee Gee relies on. With all flights cancelled, more than 2000 Australians were stranded. -- Fiji.I basically kept the door open, don't go out.Fijians are normally relaxed about cyclones but not this one. Will your house be OK?I don't think so, I will go and check.In their villages this morning residents tied down flimsy roofs. Will it work?I don't think so.Are you worried? It's not just this wind that is a danger, cyclonic seas, a storm surge and torrential rain mean low-lying areas are at risk of flooding. Many have fled to evacuation centres on higher ground. The cyclonic winds and torrential rain will continue tonight. Fiji's strongest cyclone in many years still has a few more hours of damage to. -- 20 years. More than $375 million will be reallocated from the foreign aid budget to help pay for living expenses for asylum-seekers. -- living expenses. The Pillud government said this is common practice, but aid groups said it will cost the lives of some of the world's poorest people. -- Gillard government. A showdown in Sydney's West over asbestos, a childcare centre in Northmead has gone into lockdown with staff concerned about airborne fibres from a work site next door. At the demolition site this morning, union officials were locked out and our cameras were far from welcome. Next door at the Northmead Early Childcare Centre, children weren't allowed to play outside because staff hold fears about airborne asbestos fibres.I'm not going to let them out because it is not worth the risk. I will keep them inside.WorkCover has confirmed its investigating after receiving a complaint about the removal, a childcare centre staff member said they were only told about the work at 5:30pm on Friday for.It makes you feel sick.They should have told us with more notice.Officials were later let on to the site for an inspection, the union says it also has safety fears. Our concerns are the airborne fibres.We have a right to be here. You want me to call the police? Matt Snelson joins us now, what happens next?WorkCover has ordered the rest of the asbestos be removed safely by tomorrow morning before the childcare centre opens. That's a relief to parents and staff here, WorkCover will continue to monitor things here, but says it can't comment on those fears about airborne particles. No comment from the company involved either.Thank you for joining us. In the last frantic shopping week before Christmas, Australians are letting their fingers do the buying, snapping up online bargains from overseas. But State Guzmans feel they are missing out. -- governments. They want cash, and they wanted to come from more GSD. But Wayne Swan isn't on board.We will never consider increasing the rate for the base of the GST. Currently of the buyers don't pay GST on overseas purchases if the value is under $1,000. State governments want that slashed because they're missing out on hundreds of millions of dollars.It was never envisaged that you would see the growth in the online retail sector.All other exams and would remain, fresh food, education and health products -- exemptions. Struggling local retailers that the plan.Jobs are being lost every day because of this loophole.-- backed the plan. The Pillud government does not want to increase the GSD base, but what it needs to do is increase its voter base -- Gillard government. Labour's primary vote

increase its voter base -- Gillard
government. Labour's primary vote is just 35%, the Coalition is on 43. But there's bad news for the opposition, Tony Abbott's disapproval rating has risen to 63%. We have an

disapproval rating has risen to 63%.
We have an opposition leader who, and of course a thud.Only one opposition leader has ever been less popular, Andrew Peacock in 1984 -- thug. Sydney commuters can now get real time information about bus services. The phone app for smart phones tells you exactly where your bus is and when it will arrive. The trip View app also has real time information and includes a map. They currently only cover state transit services but will be expanded. She has that gorgeous glow back, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, looking happy and healthy while doing the honours at a sports awards ceremony. It was her first appearance since leaving hospital after treatment for severe morning sickness earlier this month. A room full of Olympic legend and a gold performance from the Royal man to the.We are so delighted to be joined this evening by her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge -- mum to the.She cancelled four previous engagements, but tonight she was glowing with pride. There was a lifetime achievement of ward for the mastermind of the London Games, Sebastian Coe, before handing over the price for Sports Personality of the Year. Runner up heptathlete Jess again is accepted the trophy but not the Royal and. The BBC Sports Personality of the Year for 2012 is Bradley Wiggins. The winning Bradley's Wiggins took the stage. The Duchess was flying solo with Prince William on duty with the air force. It wasn't a late night, her first public outing lasting no more than 45 minutes before returning home to Kensington Palace. Next in Nine News, Bill shock, a sharp rise in the number of households being disconnected. New technology catching out the truckies who are polluting our suburbs. And tourists ignore the risks for some extreme sightseeing.

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This program is not captioned. Families are struggling to cope with soaring electricity prices. There was a 53% jump in the number of complaints to power companies. We think it is important for customers to understand that if they contact their retailers there is assistance available to them. Customers are also unhappy about their gas bills with an increase in disconnections and complaints.We are all too aware that smoking is a health hazard, and smoking trucks are no exception. Nine News has exclusive video for a hi-tech cameras that are catching out hundreds of drivers -- from hi-tech cameras.Hazy, smoky and so thick many days you can almost taste the pollution, welcome to the M5 tunnel. With filtration and ventilation seemingly ineffective, the State Government is using special cameras to catch the heaviest polluters.If it is a new truck there's not as much pollution, if it is older, there's more.In three months, 264 have been caught. The operators have until the end of February to fix their trucks. The government will even pay for half of the repairs. Some drivers say the problem is the tunnel, not them. The filtering system has got to be improved.Sometimes we get caught in traffic, about 40 minutes, as I was driving out of the tunnel, I was falling asleep behind the wheel. That was due to the lack of oxygen I was getting.This is why there's a problem in the M5 tunnel, the middle of the day and we are crawling. The government can't come up with a solution, but we know what the problem is, too many tracks and too many cars. Ultimately the best way to fix the tunnel is to turn the road around the other way instead of going up and the end, go down from the other end, and the duplication of the tunnel would give us that opportunity.That extra tunnel is at least 10 years away. It's about as extreme as tourism gets, sightseers are flocking to this volcano in Far East Russia which began spewing lava and ash at the end of last month. It's not a bad spot to be given temperatures in the region can plunge as low as minus 30 degrees. Let's heat things up and get the sport with Tim Gilbert.Good evening. The very latest on Michael Clarke's injury, but this was a more painful moment, the latest from Hobart is next. Also the Knights crisis, a key meeting is under way right now. And an emotional reunion between a new golfing star and his ill father. The temperature will soar by up to nine degrees tomorrow, I This program is not captioned. It's that time of year when
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This program is not captioned. Australia's cricket injury crisis has deepened, Michael cars forced to retire during the Aussie second innings in Hobart. -- Michael Clarke.

Resuming 141 ahead, Australia's openers with the job of building a solid lead. And quickly.

openers with the job of building a
solid lead. And quickly. Warner toying with the Sri Lankans. He went down swinging on 68, Callum's steady knock came to a screening hold shortly after. -- how one. Watson, issues and they promoted Wade all fell cheaply after lunch, Clarke doing the attacking. -- used and Wade. He joined the Aussies back in the field after tea, Starc firing up the Sri Lankans with his aggression. The wildlife also getting on each other's nerves. Watson removing one major threat in Dilshan. More pain for Clarke as Sangakkara slipped through his fingers, but when Starc's yorker hit its mark, the Aussies moved a little closer to victory.

Ross joins us now from Hobart, what is the word on Michael Clarke's dodgy hamstring?It is enough of a concern that medical staff are taking him to hospital right now for scans. The results should be revealed tomorrow. All afternoon while he was in the field he did not stop holding on to his hamstring. It's just nine days until the Boxing Day Test, and Australia can't afford to lose another player through injury, let alone their captain, because Tim, in more breaking news, Ben Hilfenhaus has been just ruled out of that test.Spinners are always trying to come up with new deliveries and India's Ravindra did Asia caught everyone by surprise with his ball, his team-mates had to come for cover as Johnathan Trott smashed it for four and gave everyone a good laugh. -- Ravindra Jadeja. It may be the worst ever but there's competition from former Prime Minister John Howard. Newcastle Knights members' club board is meeting right now to get assurances from the Hunter Sports Group that Nathan Tinkler can keep the club afloat. Also Blues captain Paul Gallen has told us that he did not injure his elbow fighting at the weekend, and he will have a schedule operation on Thursday to clean it up. The Sydney to Hobart is more than a week away but the crew of favourite Wild Oats XI say they are ready now. Keel modifications to the Super maxi have been revealed today, and they will make her more competitive in light winds after losing last week's -- year's race by three minutes. Daniel Popovic has had an emotional reunion with his sick father a day after winning the Australian PGA at Coolum, Radi Popovic is suffering bone cancer and was too sick to travel to witnesses and's triumph in Queensland.That's my son -- witness his son's triumph.He won the PGA by four shots and he is ranked well over 1000 in the world. To finance news, and the ANZ is predicting the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates in every quarter next year, down to 2%.

Amber is coming up next with the weather.Our West is going to reach 38 degrees, I'll

man, left quadraplegic, after being do
shot by police loses his 8 million neighbo
dollar compensation case. How blaze,
neighbours helped extinguish a Ova
blaze, And: vandals target Manuka Oval' s lights.That' s next.

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This program is not captioned. After a very hot day yesterday, a strong southerly change moved through last night, especially on the coast with winds reaching 70km/h on the harbour. That called things down, it only got to 23 in the City, and 22 in Penrith. Interstate tomorrow, Brisbane will be stormy and 33. For the cricket, it will be partly cloudy with a possible morning shower and a top of 22. Eight cloudy start tomorrow but these guys should clear as the day progresses with light south- easterly winds. -- A cloudy start - - but this guy is. -- the skies. Looking ahead, a possible share on Wednesday, 26. Warming up to 31 by Thursday, with a few scattered showers -- a possible shower on Wednesday. A little cooler on Saturday and Sunday.

Our West will see a possible show on Wednesday. A very hot day on Thursday. Warming up to 38 degrees