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(generated from captions) 'The Last Crusade',
we needed, Aiden. True or false? Australia's current 50-cent coin
is made from pure silver.

False, correct. Is the earth always the exact
same distance from the sun? False. No. That is correct. What is 96 - 61?

Um, 35.
Correct. Rearrange the letters
of the word 'doom' to get the state of your emotions.

Correct. Typically, do blue whales
prey on porpoises? Outside the buzzer. Time's up! Good game. Wow! Chisholm, the girls,
Molly, Natasha, Sarah, 220. Hung in there very well. Big competition today. Aiden, Liam and Matthew - they held the lead, Newington,
most of the game. They surrendered it
just at the finish, 290 points. They've come second. Northmead have powered over the top in our final round of
Beat the Buzzer questions. Elena, William and Helaina. Good start to the week
for Northmead Public School. 300 points is your winning score. Let's do it all again same time
tomorrow. Bye for now. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - President Obama's pledge at a vigil for victims
of the Newtown school massacre. These tragedies must end,
and to end them, we must change. Thousands of Australians bunker down
as Cyclone Evan hits Fiji.

A pilot killed in
a fiery plane crash in Queensland.

And the Duchess of Cambridge
steps out in public after overcoming
severe morning sickness.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Rebecca Maddern. Good afternoon. US President Barack Obama has vowed
to use everything in his power to prevent more shooting tragedies. During a moving tribute to the 27 people killed
in the Newtown massacre, the President gave
his strongest indication yet that he plans to act
on gun ownership laws. US bureau Chief Mike Amor
is in Connecticut. Mike, how have people reacted
to President Obama's speech?

Well, it comes too late for too many parents in this community but a lot of people who saw this speech thought it may be the tipping point in the gun debate yesterday. President Obama admitted that this was the fourth time that he had addressed a memorial following a mass shooting. This time was different. If a nation can't present tech it's youngest, what can it do to get things right here. He did promise to use everything within his promise to use everything within power to bring about change. That's not easy. He will have to convince his Congress, even members of his own party to bring about change. That will be very, very hard indeed. It was a very emotional speech. He read the first names of read the first names of the It was a very emotional speech. He
read the first names 20 six and Seven read the first names 20 six and Seven-year-oldes who were killed. You could hear the parents crying as he read the names. Let's hear what he had to say tonight. Can we honestly say that we are doing enough to keep our children Can we honestly say that we are
doing enough to keep our children , all of them, safe from harm? We can't tolerate this any more. These tragedies must end: To end them, we must change. We have heard moving tributes for the victims and heroes of the shooting throughout the day? Yeah, incredible stories of bravery from teachers. These are people who trained to teach children, not to save lives but that's exactly what they did. 27-year-old Vickery Soto yarks man amazing yarks man amazing story she was in the second classroom that was attacked. Despite hearing what had happened in the first classroom where 14 little ones were shot. She confronted the gunman and tried to convince him that her children, as she called them weren't in that classroom. She was killed. But she managed to save 7 people in her classroom. We are also hearing stories that the little ones that will be buried tomorrow, the first of the funerals will begin tomorrow and school goes back tomorrow in America and there will be in many classrooms armed policemen, Bec. OK, we will leave it there, thank you very much,

A clear timeline is emerging of exactly what took place
on the day of the massacre. But questions remain about why the gunman targeted
Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The horrifying sequence,
officials say, begins Friday morning -
they don't know what time - when Adam Lanza takes
hundreds of rounds of ammunition and four firearms from his gun enthusiast mother and uses one of them to kill her,
Nancy Lanza, shooting her several times,
perhaps as she lay sleeping. Before leaving, they say,
he damages his computer. Investigators are now trying to
retrieve what was stored. and drives the roughly 5 miles
to Sandy Hook Elementary. He had a relationship
with the school, had attended there. He's carrying two handguns
and a Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle with several
high-capacity magazines, each able to hold 30 rounds. The school door is locked,
state officials say, so Adam Lanza blasts his way in
with the rifle, shattering a window. The sound of the shots
alarms principal Dawn Hochsprung and school psychologist,
Mary Sherlach, who come running. They are immediately killed. Lanza, investigators say,
turns left, away from the school auditorium, towards the kindergarten
and first-grade classrooms. He passes one room and heads to the classroom of
substitute teacher, Lauren Rousseau. She and the 14 children inside
are shot and killed. From there, he heads to
Victoria Soto's classroom. She and six children inside
are shot and killed but seven others,
hidden by their teacher in a closet, are spared. Two other teachers - Rachel Davino
and Anne Marie Murphy - are also killed. The horror is over in 10 minutes,
officials believe. Lanza shoots himself in the head
as police storm in.

In other news, thousands of Australians are
bracing themselves as Cyclone Evan
makes its presence felt in Fiji. The Category 4 cyclone is expected
to bring winds of up to 230km/h as it rips through
popular tourist resorts.

The clone arrived at lunch time. It has got bigger and stronger and faster. The rain is pouring in and the trees are being stripped. Everyone is bunkering down, waiting for it to go. The noise of the cyclone was something to behold.

and it's got bigger
and stronger and faster. The rain is pouring in
and the trees are being stripped. The wind and rain grew stronger
and stronger by the hour, destroying anything in its path. The hurricane-force winds
lifted iron off roofs and sent iron racing down road. Signs were smashed in the wind as authorities patrolled
the streets. It is a duty
to get people home safe. Are they going home? Only this number of people are
stranded because of no transport, so we are looking for transport
and let them go home. It also brought down trees, littering the road,
making driving treacherous. Thousands of tourists hunkered down. Every window at the Hilton Resort
has been taped up. Water was delivered to every room. The resorts are worried about the
rising sea levels from the storms. This is what authorities
are worried about - the huge seas that are
being whipped up by the cyclone and when the tide comes up
at 9 o'clock tonight, it's bound to come ashore. They say it could be as high as
5m over the sea wall. Guests used towels to stop any
sea water flowing into their rooms. We were as safe as anyone can be
in such situations. The major concern is for Fijians who don't have half the protection
we have. Local residents secured
what they had, ready to move to
an evacuation centre.

Some very relieved schoolies
arrived home last night making it out of Fiji
before Evan made landfall. They were forced
to cut their celebrations short to escape the wild weather. On the last day,
it got very overcast and there was a lot of wind
picking up. That was probably the calm
before the storm. The other schoolies,
sadly for them, but it's good we left when we left,
I guess, for safety reasons. There are currently more than 2,000
Australians registered in Fiji.

A pilot has died after his light plane crashed
into powerlines and burst into flames
near Hervey Bay in Queensland. Police say
the Cessna clipped the powerlines then crashed at Burrum Heads
around 10:00 this morning. It's believed the accident happened during
a display for a skydiving party. A friend of mine was driving past
when it happened. He reckoned the wings folded up
and she fell to the ground. The pilot was
a 59-year-old father of two. Friends say he was very experienced. Senior Liberals are playing down
the last opinion poll of the year which shows Tony Abbott's popularity
has taken a dive. But it appears his leadership
is safe as the Coalition maintains
its election-winning position.

Former Liberal leader Brendan Nelson
tours the Australian War Memorial after being named
its new director... It is a wonderful responsibility
and a privilege. ..while the current Liberal leader,
Tony Abbott, takes a battering in the latest opinion poll.

The Nielsen poll shows
the majority of voters are unhappy with Tony Abbott's handling
of the AWU scandal. I think people are recognising
increasingly just how deceitful Mr Abbott can be. Mr Abbott's performance rating
has taken a plunge. His disapproval figure sits at 63 - the worst rating
for an Opposition Leader since Andrew Peacock
led the Coalition in 1984. I'm very confident that we can win
the next election. Tony Abbott is leading
a united and focussed team. I'd much rather be in our position
than in the government's position. And for good reason - the Coalition still holds
an election-winning lead in the two-party preferred stakes, ahead 52% to 48%.

Which means the election is likely
to be called late next year -

around the same time

after the government decided
to push back the work. The renovations
were scheduled to begin in April but the Government says the age
and condition of the building mean they will take
longer to complete.

The Duchess of Cambridge has made
her first formal public appearance since she was treated in hospital
for severe morning sickness. After cancelling four engagements, Catherine resumed her royal duties
to present awards at the BBC Sports Personality
of the Year in London.

Kate was radiant
in a green Alexander McQueen dress and appeared to be recovering well
from her illness. but stopped to chat to athletes
after the ceremony.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the alarming surge in gun sales
following America's school massacre. Also, the body of nurse
Jacintha Saldanha returns home. And a pop superstar teams up
with some rock legends.

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Returning to our top story - the massacre at
the Sandy Hook Elementary school in the United States has ignited passionate debate
over America's gun laws. has sparked a massive surge
in gun sales.

The massive lines formed just hours after Friday's
school massacre in Connecticut. Yesterday was the biggest day
we've ever done in 20 years. Today will probably eclipse that. Local gun stores are so busy, state background checks
that usually take 15 minutes now have customers waiting
up to four hours. Even so, gun buyers like Brett Eyman
are more than willing to wait. He is buying a semiautomatic rifle because he believes
his right to buy one may soon be going away. The guns we're seeing
in our communities have nothing to do with hunting, they have to do with killing people
and we have to get real about that.

State senator Ginny Burdick
is a long-time gun-control advocate to keep guns out of the hands
of children and criminals. Shootings this week
in Clackamas and Connecticut have people on both sides
of the gun control debate fired up. Everybody's got a fear now that owning any weapon of any sort is going to be
more difficult to acquire. I think you're going to see people,
including gun owners, get engaged to end this madness. In the meantime, it appears
guns and ammo of all kinds will be flying off the shelves.

The body of nurse Jacintha Saldanha ahead her funeral.

The body of nurse Jacintha Saldanha
has arrived in India ahead her funeral. Media crews and security guards
surrounded her coffin as it arrived in Mangalore
in the country's south. Nurse Saldanha took her own life after receiving a prank call
from two Australian DJs. Her husband and two children
accompanied her body from London. Thousands are expected
to farewell Jacintha in a small village outside the city. Rock legends the Rolling Stones have wrapped up
their 50th anniversary tour with a final sold-out concert
in New York. 'The Boss', Bruce Springsteen,
joined the band on stage while Lady Gaga shared the spotlight
with Mick Jagger. # Gimme, gimme shelter

# Lord, I'm gonna fade away... # There was a sombre moment too
when Jagger dedicated 'Wild Horses' to the victims
of the Connecticut shooting.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll get the latest
from the financial markets. Also, tributes
for a football pioneer. And in sport, the A-League's
red alert over a flare fiasco.

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Now for a quick look at the markets. The ASX 200 has closed lower,
down 10 points.

Legendary sports commentator
Tony Charlton has died after a battle with cancer. The Melbourne broadcaster
is being remembered as one of the best in the business, having covered three Olympics,
two Commonwealth Games and countless football matches. They don't come better
than Tony Charlton. He passed away this morning,
surrounded by his family. He was 83.

Sport shortly, but first Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines. Hello there.
Coming up in Sydney tonight - our first-on-Seven
interview with John Howard as he responds
to the Connecticut school massacre. The former Prime Minister's gun laws are being held up as an example
of reforms that work. Also, first at 6:00 - we reveal the Sydney suburbs
being targeted by mining companies. Our exclusive story tells could have drilling
under their homes. Power companies have been given
a stern warning from the pricing regulator. Hear what he has to say following a spike
in the number of homes having their power and gas
disconnected. As hundreds of thousands
hit the shops, new figures show many of us
have left our Christmas shopping until the final week. At 6:00, advice from the experts on getting the gift-buying done
before time runs out. And we'll show you
the secret weapon which could see a record time
in the Sydney to Hobart. I'll have those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6:00 but now here's Matt
with the day's sport news.

Good afternoon. There's concern
for Michael Clarke's future after the Australian captain
retired hurt against Sri Lanka in Hobart. After a century stand from openers
Dave Warner and Ed Cowan, the Aussies collapsed on day four. Clarke's quick fire 57
pushed Australia's lead past 350 before straining a hamstring
and leaving the field. If he's done it badly,
the immediate future's not good. Yep, it's the right hamstring.

Australia was all out for 278 setting Sri Lanka 393 runs to win
in four sessions. Last night, Jimmy Barnes
watched his Sixers cop a hammering from Perth in a rematch of last season's
Big Bash final. The defending champions slumped
to an embarrassing 6/28 then limped to 9/113. We were off our game. There's no excuse
or hiding behind that. We were poor tonight. The 7-wicket defeat
is Sydney's first in 13 games.

Nathan Tinkler's representatives
will meet Knights members tonight to assure them the troubled mining magnate is not about to walk away
from Newcastle's rugby league team. Meanwhile, the Sharks say Paul Gallen's boxing debut
had no bearing on elbow surgery which was already planned. I'm having surgery on my elbow
this Thursday for a quick clean-out. Yeah, I'll be 100%, come January. They return to training
on 7 January. The A-League's put football fans
on notice after bad behaviour
spoilt two games at the weekend. Fans were arrested after flares
were thrown during ugly scenes as the Wanderers triumphed
before 26,000 in the Sydney Derby. You can expect a ban. You can expect a knock on the door
from the police if you engage in that type
of behaviour. Police are also investigating claims Wellington's Paul Ilfill
was racially abused in the loss to Adelaide United.

The owner of 'Wild Oats XI'
has revealed revolutionary changes that could see the supermaxi finish
this year's Sydney-Hobart yacht race in just 24 hours. New hydro and aerodynamic keel
modifications were inspired by 1983 America's Cup winner
'Australia II'. The previous race record
is just under 43 hours.

Sport often throws up
inspirational stories, few better than this one
from America. 16-year-old basketballer
Zach Hodskins has one hand but is starring
for his American high school team. He's averaging 12 points per game
and 60% for three-pointers. Hodskins says he just wants to earn
the respect of opponents.

That's very cool. I don't think he will be having too much trouble with that. Awesome stuff, thank you, Matty. After the break - we'll get the national weather
forecast with David Brown.

Good afternoon.

David Brown with your weather update
from the Carlton garden in Melbourne Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update
from the Carlton garden in Melbourne on this mild
and mainly sunny afternoon. , Let's have a look at our weather cameras. We head off to Brisbane where it has been a hot and clear day. Sydney, cloudy, sitting on 21. Hobart, a partly cloudy afternoon, relatively cool I guess. It's hovering around 17 degrees. As we take a look from the

, in the south, there is a low pressure trust, gradually building. It's heading towards the Great Australian Bight. That system will bring a thond ri change to Adelaide late Wednesday. Until then, tomorrow, conditions are expected to warm up with freshening northerly winds over South Australia and essentially, light winds through the south east corner. A beautiful day on the way. For the major centres

That's the latest weather. More at 6:00.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Rebecca Maddern. Enjoy your evening.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions by
Red Bee Media -

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