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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning, President Obama
prepares to meet families as more details emerge about
the Connecticut school shooting. Thousands of locals and tourists
brace for Cyclone Evan to hit Fiji. And an early Christmas present
for Labor - receiving a boost
in the opinion polls. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. Good morning. US President Barack Obama
is preparing to meet the families of the victims
in the Connecticut school shooting, offering his support
and condolences. The private meeting comes as we learn more about the young
children who lost their lives. Emilie Parker's face says so much
about Friday's attack. She was six years old,
like many of the victims. Described by her family
as a little girl with a big heart. My daughter Emilie... would be one of the first ones to be standing and giving her love
and support to all those victims because that's the type of person
that she is. As the deep pain begins to settle
in to our hearts, we find comfort, reflecting on the
incredible person that Emilie was and how many lives
she was able to touch in her short time here on earth.

Emilie was among 26
who were shot dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School, 20 of them children. Including 6-year-old Dylan Hockley, who's thought to have been
from Britain. His head teacher, Dawn Hochsprung,
also died confronting the gunman,
whose youngest victim Noah Pozner. His twin sister is reported
to have survived the attack. Ana Marquez-Greene had only moved
to Newtown two months ago. She also died as the gunman
began firing at random. It was peaceful,
everything was fine, everything was just normal
as a regular Friday morning would be to everyone. And then, it all just changed. And when we heard gunshots... we all hid into my teacher's office. The gunman's been named It's thought
he killed his own mother before driving to school
and opening fire, aiming a final shot at himself. In a statement, his father says:

But Lanza's legacy will be
one of America's worst shootings. President Obama is due here later
to meet the families of victims and speak at a vigil
in their memory. It will be difficult to offer
any words of comfort here. (SOBS)

Teachers, staff and those first
on the scene at the shooting are being praised for their bravery. Some incredible stories
are still emerging of the lengths teachers went to
to protect their students. In a town consumed by heartbreak
and tears, tonight, tales of courage
and heroism. When gunshots rang out
at Sandy Hook, Janet Vollmer huddled
her kindergartners into a back room. She saved the lives of her entire
class and escaped unharmed. She... (LAUGHS) ..locked the doors, pulled the blinds down,
the curtains, put paper over the window on the
door then sat the kids in a cubby and read to them.

Just down the hall, another
kindergarten teacher scrambled to close her classroom door
to protect her students. Came to the hallway,
saw the gunman and her comment was that
she felt the earth shake. Geoff Mubarak is a neighbour
of the only surviving victim. She went back into the class,
secured the door, locked it, secured the children and then
realised that she had been shot. The unidentified teacher, who
tonight is still in the hospital, is said to have locked her door just
before the gunman pried it open. It's believed everyone in her class
survived. She's a hero. Without a doubt. And in breaking news - police have responded
to a bomb threat at a church near the site of the shooting. A SWAT team responded after
worshippers called in the threat. There's been no official word
from authorities on the origin of the disturbance.

Thousands of Australian
and New Zealand tourists are stranded in Fiji with Cyclone Evan
about to make landfall. Some people have already been
evacuated from low-lying areas with the tropical storm
expected to hit today. Hundreds of schoolies
have also been staying in Fiji - many arrived home last night. On the last day
it got very overcast and there was a lot of wind
picking up, that was probably the calm
before the storm. The cyclone hit Samoa last week,
killing at least four people. The Gillard Government has ended
the year on a positive note, according to
the latest Nielsen poll. Labor's primary vote
has risen to 35%, the highest it's been
since November 2010. But on a two-party preferred basis,
the Coalition is still ahead by 4% and would take power
if an election were held today. Julia Gillard is 10 points in front
as preferred prime minister, leading Tony Abbott 50% to 40%.

The family of a nurse
who took her own life after falling victim
to a radio prank will face another tough day as they
prepare for her funeral in India. Jacintha Saldanha's husband and two
children have travelled to India for a private family funeral. It follows public tributes
at a special mass in London. The service will be held
in the Indian village of Shirva where Jacintha was born. A man remains under police guard
in hospital following a double murder
in a small Tasmanian town. The bodies of a 31-year-old woman
and a 34-year-old man were found at a property in Hamilton,
70km from Hobart, early yesterday. It's believed

the suspected gunman was previously
in a relationship with the woman. He is in hospital after he was found
with a gunshot wound to the head. The woman's 9-year-old daughter
called police. A Brisbane woman almost killed
in a horror smash over the weekend is pleading with people
not to drink and drive. The woman and her passenger
had to be cut free after their car was struck head-on
by a ute and sent flying
into the Brisbane River. four times the legal limit. Absolutely do not get
behind the wheel - for your sake
and everybody else's sake. Both women were treated
for minor injuries from the crash. Police are warning soccer fans
to behave or risk being banned from stadiums after violent scenes
at a weekend game in Sydney. Three fans were charged after they destroyed seats
and threw flares onto the field. We're not going to see here what we see unfortunately through
parts of Europe and other parts of the world where flares and detonators
are common practice. Police are reviewing
security camera pictures to identify any other offenders.

More than 50,000 Victorian students
have a nervous wait this morning with their Year 12 Victorian
Certificate of Education results released. Students will receive their results
via text message or online from 7:00 this morning. Of the 37 students getting
the top score of 99.95, more than half are boys. Girls were the highest achievers
overall, though. Those working through
the Christmas holiday period are expected take more sick days
than usual. costing their bosses
a staggering $350 million. The figures are likely
to be particularly high this year because Christmas Day
is on a Tuesday and New Year's Eve is on a Monday. Now for your first look
at Monday's weather. The chance of a morning shower
in Sydney. Similar conditions
in Canberra.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the 'X Factor's Bella Ferraro
performs live in the studio. But next on Seven Early News -
the online health service allowing patients and doctors
to stay in touch. And when rock met pop -
Mick Jagger takes on Lady Gaga.

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A new online health service is
allowing patients to see doctors without leaving their lounge rooms and receive prescriptions
in the post. But experts are warning
the advances in technology will never replace face-to-face
consultations. The new sound of the house call. Hi, Penelope. Penelope is not a real patient.

But she's talking to
a real psychiatrist. What we'll do today is have a talk
about how things have been going. Dr Katie Dimarco
has joined a wave of medicos signing up to tele-medicine. She's serving patients
in three states. I find that I get so absorbed
in the consultation that I almost forget that
the computer screen is there. GP2U is the brainchild
of Tassie doctor James Freeman. A patient can make a booking
to see a GP online, they can see the GP online
via Skype. Prescriptions are written online
and the drugs delivered to patients. (COMPUTER TRILLS) The technology is pretty neat but Skype can't wield a scalpel
or listen to a stethoscope

I've got great concerns
that a patient might think they can consult with a doctor
they've never met and that's highly unlikely
to be acceptable. The Skype doctors concede
it's not suitable for all cases. Doctor and patient in the same room
will always be the gold standard. But just because
we can't do everything doesn't mean
we shouldn't be doing something. Something Katie Dimarco sees
as the way of the future. Bye, Penelope. Thank you, Katie.
OK, bye.

Warplanes have reportedly bombed
a Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital of Damascus for the first time since
the country's internal conflict began more than 21 months ago. Pictures posted online are said
to show the aftermath of the strike, in which activists say
several people were hurt and some may have been killed. Elsewhere, rebels are claiming to have blown up
a government ammunitions dump. North Korea has paid respect
to former leader Kim Jong-il on the anniversary of his death. His son and present ruler
Kim Jong-un joined thousands of officials
for a mass memorial rally. Outside, citizens laid flowers
and stood for silent prayers. The tributes capped off
10 days of national mourning that included a controversial
long-range rocket launch in defiance of a UN ban.

The Rolling Stones have wrapped up their brief run of 50th anniversary
shows in New York, with the help of some friends. # Gimme, gimme shelter

# Lord, I'm gonna fade away. # 'The Boss', Bruce Springsteen,
was also there. For those who couldn't get
to a concert - don't worry - the band has hinted
at more shows in 2013. Your first finance this Early News - Wall Street finished lower
last week.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - the woman who defied the odds
to have a miracle baby. But next on Seven Early News - Australia's already thin
fast bowling stocks take another hit in Hobart.

And the Sydney Sixers cop
an SCG scorching in the Big Bash.

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The stories we're following
on the Early News - US President Barack Obama
will travel to Newtown, Connecticut to meet the families of the victims
killed in the school shooting. It comes as more details are
released about the young victims. Authorities have moved
thousands of people to safety with Cyclone Evan expected
to lash Fiji today. Hundreds of schoolies
are also staying on the island - many arrived home last night. And a new poll out today
has given Labor some good news to end the year. Labor's primary vote is slightly up,
ahead of the Coalitions. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Australian paceman Ben Hilfenhaus will learn the extent
of his side injury today but is unlikely to bowl
in the remainder of the first test against Sri Lanka in Hobart. The home side will resume today
at 0/27 with a lead of 141 runs. Ben Hilfenhaus rushed away for scans after breaking down
in the first session. Michael Clarke
knew something was wrong. Another side strain,
another broken bowler. Dilshan threw everything he had
into cutting the deficit. COMMENTATOR: That was
a controlled crash, not a landing. Just before lunch,
the milestone arrived. It's 100 for Tillakaratne Dilshan. It's a magnificent 100
and it's a 100 for all Sri Lanka. but Peter Siddle didn't appeal. It was an edge
and a let-off for Dilshan, the Aussie coaches
left shaking their heads. Siddle, though,
didn't miss the next one. (PLAYERS APPEAL) Oh, that's close. That... Yes! Damage done when Starc
beat Dilshan... Oh, he got him. He bowled him. 6/289, Dilshan out for 147. Matthew Wade missed a sitter
behind the stumps but it was history when Peter Siddle
trapped Jayawardene for 40. Sri Lanka all out for 336, and
Siddle the workhorse, taking 5/54. With a 114-run lead, Cowan and Warner back on the job
before stumps. Reigning Big Bash League champions
the Sydney Sixers have lost for the first time
in 13 matches. The Sixers were unable to recover
from a horror start in a rematch of last season's final
against the Perth Scorchers at the SCG.

The hosts lost wickets
early and often, slumping to a disastrous 6/28. COMMENTATOR: Stumped! And Dominic Thornely's gone.

That wrongun you happen talking about, Roy, you were right.

The Sixers limped to 9/113
from their 20 overs with the Scorchers reeling
in the modest target with four balls to spare. Embattled coal baron Nathan Tinkler
could lose control of NRL club the Newcastle Knights
today. will meet with Knights Members Club
directors and there's speculation they'll be asked
to hand back the club's licence. Tinkler also faces losing
the $20 million bank guarantee that was put in place as part
of the privatisation deal. Hunter Sports Group boss Troy Palmer
maintains Tinkler's not going anywhere and says outstanding tax debts
of more than $3 million will be paid soon.

Football Federation Australia
is investigating claims Wellington midfielder Paul Ifill
was racially abused by fans during the Phoenix's 3-1
loss to Adelaide United at Hindmarsh Stadium. The incident took the gloss off a
dominant performance from the Reds. Import Marcelo Carrusca
showed his class with a first half double.

for the Argentine, and what a sweet left foot he has. Goalkeeper Eugene Galekovic
produced a brilliant double save from a penalty in stoppage time to keep the Phoenix at bay. Chelsea has blown
a golden opportunity to claim its first trophy under
Rafa Benitez, losing the final of the FIFA Club
World Cup to Corinthians. The Brazilian heavyweights
headed home the matchwinner in the 69th minute.

COMMENTATOR: And now surely! Corinthians have got their goal! Guerrero scores. Fernando Torres looked
to have equalised for Chelsea in stoppage time but the Spaniard was ruled offside. In the Premier League, Tottenham
moved back into the top four with a hard-fought 1-0 win
over Swansea. Australia has collected
two silver medals on the final night of competition at
the World Short Course Championships in Istanbul. Tommaso D'Orsogna finished second
in the final of the 200m freestyle. And Kenneth To gave world record
holder Ryan Lochte a run for his money in the 100m individual medley. COMMENTATOR: Ryan Lochte
gets the gold. But what a performance
from Kenneth To of Australia, a lot of credit to him. To finished less than two-tenths
of a second behind the American superstar.

A big weekend of sport, got plenty mer coming up in Sunrise shortly. Yes, and Beretts waterskiing, coming up on Sunrise. Next, a look at how the weather is shaping up in your part of the country.


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Now for a closer look at how the weather's shaping up
around the country.

The chance of a morning shower
in Sydney. Similar conditions
in Canberra.

And that's Seven Early News
for this Monday. I'm Natalie Barr.
Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
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