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This program is captioned live. The faces of the dead - families remember their innocent children. She was the type of person who could just light up the room. Residents brace as Cyclone Evan bears down on Fiji. We are so frightened. Back to the future - a former prime minister looking likely to govern Japan again. And counting begins in Egypt's controversial referendum.

Good evening, and welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin. Later, Craig Foster will join me with all the day's sport, including - a fighting century. Tillerkeratne Dilshan revives Sri Lankan hopes in the First Test. But first, grim details are being released of the people killed in the latest US school massacre. All 20 children were aged just six or seven years old. Some of them were shot up to 11 times. Today, the father of the suspected gunman released a statement, saying his family is in a state of disbelief and trying to make sense of what has happened. Amid the red flowers and balloons left outside the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut was an overwhelming sense of whelming sense of grief.Our teachers take care of children. It is unbelievable.No word of its grip seemed a more apparent than on the face of this man. He says he has no anger, despite losing his 6-year- old daughter Emilie Parker, who was in one of the classrooms.She always has something kind to say about anybody. Her love and the strength she gave us was remarkable. She is was remarkable. She is an incredible person. I am so blessed to be her dad.She was one of 26 people killed when 20 a rod Adam Lanza or opened fire inside the school. Another body, believed to be his mother, was discovered in a house nearby. The minutes that se nearby. The minutes that followed the call were filled with chaos, especially for loved ones.When you're standing there waiting and no wonder told you anything, it is indescribable. These twins ndescribable. These twins became separated inside the school.I went to the fire department. I do not see anything. I didn't know what happened to my rough. Why I found the turn -- event I was relieved. We stuck together.Other families were not as lucky. The 20 children shot dead were first graders, six and seven years old. We also have a better sense of ve a better sense of the events that followed one Adam Lanza or water to the school wearing a bullet-proof van - - walked up to the school with a bullet-proof vest.The principle of the school was run into aboard the shooter in order to protect her students.She turned on the PA system to warn other teachers. The everyone body was an animal.Then when we heard gunshots we headed into the hots we headed into the teacher's offers.Adam Lanza then rs.Adam Lanza then walked into the classrooms where to the classrooms where he began shooting children at an shooting children at birth -- close range. One teacher got all of her students into a closet before being gunned down. Then Adam Lanza took his own life. 24 hours later, candles were lit.As we move on from what happened, what happens to so many people, what did not turn it is something that defines us.A committee struggling to cope with its grief. ng to cope with its grief. -- a community. More questions arising over the gunmen's up brain. -- upbringing. The connection between Adam Lanza or and the Sandy Hook Elementary School goes back to when he was a student. His mother worked as a teacher's aid.She had issues with school. She eventually wound up homes calling him. I am not sure if it was behaviour.Among those killed were the school psychologist, who has hool psychologist, who has worked with a troubled children since 1994, which would include the time Adam was a student there.He didn't hit -- need help, no-one made t -- need help, no-one made that clear.A former picture approved. -- appeared. He was described as a smart but socially awkward student.He always carried a briefcase.Another classmate said that he was a loner. He was very timid and nervous. He did not go out of his way to talk to somebody.His parents went through an uncontested divorce three years ago. His aunt also said that his mother had purchased a number of guns because she was living alone.It was for self- defence, no other reason.His mother's high-powered guns were the guns used by Adam to kill his mother and those he massacred at the school. A family friend told us that the mother told him she often took her son to a gun range for target practice. Barack Obama will join an inter-faith vigil in new town tomorrow. Around the world, people are paying their respects to the children spects to the children killed to the shooting. Russians, who remembered their own massacre, laid flowers outside the US embassy. They said they thought slot -- solidarity for the grieving parents. The tragedy has also reignited the debate over gun control in the US. Despite the scale of the latest shooting, the resistance to stricter gun control measures in a country where 30% of households own a gun remains strong. Gun advocates say the real issue is personal responsibility.These things that happened are tragic. Here is a case where a mental health -- and mentally unstable person had lly unstable person had his hands on his mother's guns his mother's guns and committed a heinous crime. He then killed himself. That does not mean that I, as irresponsible gun owner, will do the same un owner, will do the same thing. A -- as a responsible gun owner.Critics say it is another tragic example. After hammering Samoa, tropical Cyclone Evan has cal Cyclone Evan has intensified as it bears down on Fiji. At least four people were killed. A further eight are missing. The weather bureau expects this cyclone ureau expects this cyclone too soon become Category 5. In Fiji, residents are expecting the worst as Cyclone Evan heads towards the islands.We are so frightened.Look at this place now, it k at this place now, it looks beautiful. We do not know how it will look like.Many tourists who have found them selves Stark are stocking up on the essentials.What else can we do? The Storm is due to hit the Northern Ireland tonight. The eye of the Cyclone Evan pass just to the north of Bee Gee's main island. It will be off the course -- off the coast on a Monday. It will reach a It will reach a tourist centre on Tuesday. Most residents are doing all they can set -- to secure Homes and businesses.God can do something extraordinary. He can change the weather. He can change the direction of the wind.Some NT is still mopping up after it was battered and earlier this week. -- Samoa. This family sheltered underrate table as the home disintegrated around them. At least four people were killed. Eight are still missing. Thousands have been left homeless.People will say it is like ill say it is like another tsunami. The impact is the same.Most of the main island has no running water or electricity. Workers are frantically trying to fix powerlines. Thousands have fled to evacuation centres.We're trying to help with the basics. The most depressing thing is clean water. Many are happy to have a roof over their head. It could be some time before they can rebuild the life they knew. We are joined from Fiji. What is from Fiji. What is happening at the airport? Are people trying to get out?There was some activity at the airport earlier today. It has gone quiet now. The last two flights had just about to depart. The airport is shutting down until tomorrow. Anybody who is looking to depart tonight will not be able to. It will not happen tomorrow. The advice is to head out and seek shelter and seek shelter and reassess in the morning. What are you hearing about one this cyclone is due to strike?The conditions that we flew in are quite nice. flew in are quite nice. We're hearing that this cyclone is due to hit in the next 24 hours. Ismay past to the West. There are several areas in Fiji on high alert. People are being told to make sure that they have got suppliers. Over the next 24 hours it will be a critical period.Thank you. We will have reports in the coming days. Japan could have yet another new Prime Minister. National elections are predicted to see the return of the opposition coalition. The campaign has seen a rise in has seen a rise in nationalistic rhetoric. There is a defensive stance on foreign policy. Analysts expect the government will be punished at the polls. Nearly two years since the tsunami, voters are giving the Government's a report card on its response. That could spell disaster for the ruling party.

Japan has had six prime ministers in six years. Its 7th maybe every turn to the start of the revolving door. -- may be a return to. They have been promises of a harder stance on international relations. That includes the islands in China.

A record 1,500 candidates are vying for seats. It is despite a rise and added a clear parties. Voters are not quite es. Voters are not quite so passionate. Political analysts believe the winner would not be decided by enthusiasm for everything.Before be because of a public desire to punish the current party.Some candidates gave up days ago. Yoshihiko Noda remained hopeful last night.

The Japanese have a history of disinterest in history of disinterest in politics. This election may prove no different. 50% of voters claim to be undecided. Who gets over the line is dependent on them. A little later, while the election is the last thing on the minds of Japanese tsunami survivors. Many people sunami survivors. Many people here are very frustrated with ry frustrated with the government. Billions of ment. Billions of dollars in reconstruction money has been siphoned off been siphoned off for unrelated projects in other parts of the country. The coin to the government itself, Russell 115,000 people in this prefecture alone remain in temporary housing. Opposition groups in Egypt have accused members of the brawling Muslim Brotherhood of the vote rigging. -- the role when Muslim Brotherhood. They have Brotherhood. They have stopped short of calling for a boycott. Around half of the Oedipus's 51 f of the Oedipus's 51 million voters are eligible to cast ballots in this first round of the referendum. After weeks of clashes between supporters and opponents, it was a peaceful turnout.

The Muslim Brotherhood's former leader praised all Egyptians, as did leading opposition figures.We have been gures.We have been together talking amicably, knowing that I will vote No. This did not prevent us from having a chat in a civilised way.The civility wore way.The civility wore thin as the day progressed. Opposition groups accused Brotherhood ups accused Brotherhood supporters of ballot stuffing. There were reports that Christian and women voters were refused entry to polling stations.

Early counting suggests there has been a ests there has been a strong Yes vote in regional and remote areas.

Those advocating a no vote are counting on their support to come from the main cities of Cairo and Alexandria.I cannot accept a constitution with limited rights for minorities and women.The final count has been delayed as voting was extended by four hours to cope with the turnout. A quick look at some of A quick look at some of the other stories making use around the world. At least four people have been killed and more than 40 when did in an attack on an airport in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. Officials say militants fired rockets and detonated a car bomb outside the facility which handles both military and civilian traffic. At least four militants were killed and a gun battle with security forces. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is recovering at home ecovering at home after suffering a concussion. The State Department said she sustained the injury when she fainted from dehydration while battling a stomach virus. The virus had already forced to do cancel a trip to North Africa. The injury caused the postponement of her testimony on the Benghazi attack. South African anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandela has had surgery to remove gallstones. The Office of the President said in a statement that the operation went well and the 94-year-old former President is recovering. The body of the British nurse who died after a radio prank call is now on wrote to her home town in India. A mass was held forth Jacintha Saldanha in London's Westminster Cathedral. For the first time, her family spoke about their grief over her death. Delight of his life now gone out. That is how Benedict Barboza describes the loss of his wife. There was a final tribute in the country they had made their home.The events of the past week had shattered alliance. - - our lives.Her 14-year-old daughter spoke of the unfathomable void left by her mother's death.We will miss your laughter, the loving memories and the good times we had together. We love you, mum. Please watch over us.Jacintha Saldanha's body is being transported to India. Her home o India. Her home village is in the country's south-wes in the country's south-west. Preparations are under way.The family is very sad. They are not in a position to talk about the causes for the things that caused her death.The mother of two was found dead a week ago, days after being found by two Australian radio DJs into transferring a call at the present Duchess of Cambridge. Authorities are investigating what they say is an apparent suicide. Questions remain, as does criticism of her employer. Management of the hospital have defended their treatment. They say she was considered a victim of a cruel hoax. Her husband thanked the Prime Minister and the public for their condolences.A part of me has been redoubt. I love you and this you for ever.The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up - Australia's multi-million dollar attempt at improving education in Sri Lanka. Shortly - the struggle of Filipino children left homeless and orphaned by Typhoon Bopha. And later - the politics of poverty, Gangnam style.

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Australia is giving millions of dollars in ions of dollars in aid to Sri Lanka. It is a bid to stem the flow of asylum seekers. In a 3-day visit to Colombo, Bob Carr has announced a funding package for Sri Lankan schools. A warm welcome for Bob Carr at a school in Colombo, where he pledged to $34 million in Australian aid for Sri Lanka's education sector.That means improving the That means improving the quality of education for about education for about 4 million children in primary and secondary schools. Eight like ools. Eight like this is a good thing to do. It is a good thing to do. It is also in Australia's interests.The funding boost is not just an act of charity. It is part of the latest efforts to stop people smuggling. There has been a surge in the number of Sri Lankans trying to reach Australian shores. Thousands have sought asylum. They are attempting to escape an uncertain future at home. Many of the recent arrivals are he recent arrivals are a Sinhalese, rather than Tamils. They are deemed to be economic refugees. Hundreds have been sent back under ray more hardline approach and a tougher screening process. The Gillard Government wants to deter Sri Lankans from getting on a stroke in boats. Double hop to improve conditions in their homeland.We have an interest in a stable Sri Lanka. When it comes to the problem of human trafficking, helping a stable society with good prospects of economic growth is the smartest thing to do.During his visit, Bob Carr vomit Sri Lanka leaders for talks on border security. Sri Lanka's navy has already intercepted numerous boats this year. They have stopped thousands of people from making the journey to Australia. With a election next year, but people are likely to remain a hot political issue. Bob Carr is Bob Carr is seeking more corporation from Sri Lanka on curbing people smuggling. 18 people have drowned and several others are missing after a ing after a boat sank off the Greek islands of Lampedusa. The sole survivor told Greek police but those on board, including children, were from Iraq. Italy's coastguard has rescued more than 200 Africans from an an 200 Africans from an overcrowded vessel in danger of vessel in danger of sinking off the coast of Sicily. Another boat with hundreds of people t with hundreds of people on board was also intercepted and escorted to the Italian island. More than one week after rate-killed more than 1,000 people in the Philippines, the United Nations is appealing for humanitarian aid. 10,000 houses are gone. As survivors struggle, much of the attention is now focusing on children. 2 million of them were displaced. Many in a New Bataan lost one or both parents. It is in brief moments of play like is that this toddler is able to do get her grief. Her father drowned when he went back home to retrieve their belongings.I miss my father, he was the one who provided Forest. With him gone it is difficult. Sometimes it ifficult. Sometimes it is easy to spot the ones who to spot the ones who has been traumatised by what they have gone through. Other children find it easier to express their feelings through drawing. Child psychologist believe attention is necessary. Some aid organisations have stepped in to provide a space for children to be children.For children who have experienced disasters such as there is usually gets their attack scared. They did pulled out of normally activities they normally activities they do. They do not go to school, but do not have the security of doing normal activities that they enjoy.In one swift moment, these children had their childhood disrupted. Home is now a crowded evacuation centre. Then they have more practical and immediate needs like food. For now, family is living here said they had enough to eat. They're worried about what they will do once the food stops. e the food stops. Many have lost their homes and farms. Their main concern is how to feed their children. This woman police children. This woman police he can make a fresh started a new town. Even though her Sabin Saigon and she has no job, she remains determined to do her best.

In Japan, the economy is the main issue with most voters. There are other concerns from the tsunami and earthquake. The election fuels a world away. Coastal areas in Ishinomaki still show the scars of the tsunami from March 2011. What was once a neighbourhood is now eerily quiet. Destroyed homes, long abandoned. Like everyone here, Kenichi Kurosawa remembers the day well. He was driving down this road to try to meet his wife, when the waves moved in."I knew I had to get to higher ground fast", he tells me, "I climbed this tree to get to safety".

This is some of the video he shot in the hours that followed, perched above the destruction. Keinichi spent the entire night, more than 12 hours, sitting in the tree in sub-zero temperatures, soaked and freezing. Today, he brings us to the sign that he erected in the weeks that followed. It's become a memorial of sorts here in Ishinomaki. It says ganbaro Ishinomaki. What does 'ganbaro' mean? "It means hang in there, do not give up", he tells me, "I wanted to do something to encourage the people here". His message for Japan's next prime minister? "I know it was a huge disaster, and things would take time, but I'm frustrated", he says, "The reaction has been too slow for too long".

67-year-old Katsuji Ogata lost his wife in the tsunami. He used to run a small restaurant here. Now it's a simple food truck. And he isn't afraid to say what he thinks about the government. "The government hasn't done a thing for us. They've only cleared the debris", he says, "They want to build a park here, but what will that do? We need homes". Many people here are frustrated with the government. Billions of dollars in public funds intended for the reconstruction effort have been siphoned off for completely unrelated projects in other parts of Japan, and according to the government itself, about 115,000 people in this prefecture alone, remain in temporary housing. This is just one complex. More than 500 units scattered across what are essentially parking lots, just outside Ishinomaki. The people here are getting by. They've set up a basic convenience store and they hold a small Sunday market as well, despite the freezing temperatures. Today, they're selling radishes. There's also a barber shop, where we meet Satoshi Sakurai, who's passing time reading the paper. "I'm filled with frustration," he tells us. "Another prime minster, a new cabinet, the reconstruction will be delayed again". It's a sentiment shared by Junko Hino, who lost her father-law on March 11th, as well as her home. -- father-in- law. Today she lives here with her husband and three children. "Nothing has changed here, but the prime minister has changed many times", she says. "I don't understand the meaning of any of it". Caught in the middle of massive recovery effort, and so much political change. "Yes, we're working hard and trying to move forward", Keinichi says. "But there are many people who are really struggling and need some help". Altogether, more than 320,000 people remain in temporary housing, enduring their second winter since the quake and tsunami.

The promises of politicians are drawing a iticians are drawing a weary response in South Korea. It goes to the polls to elect a new president. Both the main candidates are promising economic change. They are insisting they will help the poor. The number of people living in relative poverty -- poverty has jumped 10% in the last five years. Lee Ha-Soong walks outside the bathroom she shares with hundreds of others. 82 years old, she notes she lives in the most expensive district in South Korea. It does not feel like it. Her home is a small two room shack. Squeezed in the middle of a shanty town. In heavy rain or snow, it makes badly. She has to stay elsewhere. -- leaks. She has lived here for 30 years. She has 0 years. She has seen presidents come and go. The situation has not improved. Every election improved. Every election and every Christmas, she says, politicians come and ask me, how are you? How can we help? I told them, if you cannot change anything, why ask such useless questions? Her husband died years ago. She lives of savings as time as a nanny. You view, exclusive high rises of Pan Am. The Beverly Hills of Seoul. -- Gangnam. Nowhere is the widening gap between rich and poor en rich and poor bleaker. Many people moved into this y people moved into this residents in the late 1980s. 2000 residents are living on top of each other. They have been left behind during South Korea's economic miracle. Instead of a WACA for some, an eviction notice. -- welcome mat. People would be rehoused in a low income apartments. Some cannot wait to leave. Others do not want the community to be stupid to -- split up. Few believe the new president will make a difference. Lee Woon-Chul is part of a volunteer group in town. He is ensuring security and safety. With most homes using call forced her -- heating, fires are dangerous. During the election. All the candidates say they will shrink the gap between ll shrink the gap between rich and poor, he says. It never happens. There is little hope that this collection will be any different. South Korea goes to the polls midweek.

Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Missed Opportunities - chances go begging for Australia in the first Test against Sri Lanka in Hobart. And pop the champagne - Daniel Popovic wins the Australian PGA Championship at Coolum.

If you're caught speeding these Christmas-New Year holidays, you're on your way to losing your licence. Or if you and any of your passengers are caught not wearing their seatbelt, your licence could be gone. Remember, double demerit points these Christmas-New Year holidays.

A century from Dilshan has boosted Sri Lanka's hopes. Rain interrupted day.

Australia remains in a strong position with two days to play. Sri Lanka started the day four wickets down y four wickets down and still in double figures. Australia's bowling stocks depleted. Dilshan went straight on to the attack. He and Angelo Mathews offer no resistance, fighting back in the morning session. Dilshan charged towards Test century number 15. Hobart's reign -- 15. Hobart's reign -- rain was seen. Angelo Mathews was boisterous. Australia's fatigue on the field was telling. Peter Siddle chose not to appeal this call and it was costly. His vocal silence was soon broken. Angelo Mathews was moved for 75. Dilshan's dominance was unwavering. Mitchell Starc finally staked one through. He removed Dilshan. Matthew Wade fluffed his chance to make it a double breakthrough. Michael Clarke dipped into the reviews have to give Peter Siddle his third. Nathan Lyon are still has hit a day. -- had his day.

Ed Cowan and David Warner build on Australia's lead. The hosts were in control at the end of day two. In the Big Bash League, James Faulkner survived an appeal for handling the ball. They beat the Hobart Hurricanes.

Her bark struggled. Clint McKay. 3/35.

Tim Paine hit a run-a-ball. He was Hobart's top scorer. James Faulkner was given not out after handling the ball. It was bowled by Ben Laughlin. With five runs needed, James Faulkner top edged the first ball before a May Ball finish. -- no ball.

Helen -- Wallington was defeated at Hindmarsh Stadium.

In the Phoenix faced Adelaide in red-hot form. They did not for Port -- they did not for Port -- they did not need a fortune.

The Argentine soccer player with his first goal last week. This week, two more. Wellington needed to strike straight back. This player thought he had done just that. The officials disagreed. This player had a sucker punch. They were running rampant. Tony Popovic returned to his form last night. They were looking for their first derby victory. Shinji Ono capitalised on ji Ono capitalised on a weak clearance. Youssouf Hersi ran home with the dominance. The Cove urged their side to bounce back. Police arrested three spectators. Those in attendance were ators. Those in attendance were adamant the atmosphere was good natured.99.9 % of the fans were brilliant. They were supportive and it was in good spirits. The couple of guys who threw flares were. With. The flares were distinguished h. The flares were distinguished -- extinguished quickly.Shinji Ono showed that his star was still rising. Sydney was left to ponder the absence. Blake Powell was on goal. Both sides looked to their number 10.

You knew somebody would have walked -- fought his former club.

-- wants. Sydney FC was left hurting. The Wanderers are in delirium. In the Premier League, Manchester United ensured there would be on the top would be on the top of the table by Christmas.

Sunderland came to Old Trafford. It took barely 15 minutes for Manchester United to assert its authority. Some superb one-touch football between Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverley saw Manchester United double its lead. Robin van Persie was in van Persie was there. A goal against his former club, merely a consolation for y a consolation for this striker Fraizer Campbell. Newcastle was determined to bounce back from the defeat last time. Javi Garcia made it 2-0. Demba I pulled back one for the Magpies. -- Demba I. Yaya Toure grabs the third.

At Enfield, kill Paul pushed for a place in the top four. -- Liverpool.

This player set up one and scored two in e and scored two in the 3-1 boiled over.

Daniel Popovic has fought his way through a pressure packed final round to win the Australian PGA title by four shots.

It was an emotional day for Daniel Popovic. His father is battling bone cancer.

Rod Pampling were simply red hot on the front nine. Successive birdies on the first six holes. An ominous warning for ominous warning for the rest of the field. Hoping to continue his fairytale run, Daniel Popovic went about his business with relatively no signs of early no signs of early birds. Anthony Brown was keeping pressure on the leaders. Four birdies on the front, it proved somewhat of a false dawn.

Peter Senior and loomed as one of the favourites to take out the title. But he showed how much the fortunes can change in one week. Daniel Popovic got a taste himself. There was a taste himself. There was a double bogey. He shrugged off the set and it turned into a two horse race. Consecutive bogeys on 16 and 17 saw Rod Pampling's chances w Rod Pampling's chances evaporate. There was a two shot lead with one hole to play. A tap in part at 18 was enough to complete the Cinderella story.

A sweet victory for Daniel Popovic inspired by sentiment for his father.

In swimming, Robert Hurley has produced a major upset to claim gold in to claim gold in the 50 metres backstroke. He touched the wall to claim Australia's first gold medal. He upset hot al. He upset hot favourites for Stanislav Donets of Russia, who won bronze, while American Matt Grevers took the silver medal.

The weather is next. The end of the world is near. It depends on the weather. Do you ask the Mayans

There will be showers to Tasmania, Victoria and SA. They will be warm winds over the north, causing thunderstorms in some areas.

According to many, the Mayans have predicted the world will end this Friday. But NASA insists the end is not nigh. They released a video explaining why. video explaining why. So confident they are, in the video was not supposed to be released until Saturday. It has been put online early. Our correspondent arly. Our correspondent has more. It is the doomsday prophecy that has had Hollywood salivating and tongues wagging for nd tongues wagging for years.The Mayan calendar predicts the end of time... Even Julia Gillard is brought into the debate. It was a joke.My idea of remaining fellow Australians, the end of the world is coming. It was not the carbon price. It turns out, the Mayan calendar was true. But not according to NASA. It has uploaded why the world will not end this year.

22nd December, 2012. If you are watching this video, the world did not end yesterday.Many believe the Mayans predicted the end of the world of this Friday. The NASA video signal fires of the complex calendar, likening it to the rolling numbers of a car speedometer.The numbers can roll over and repeat itself.It explains that the world was created 5125 years ago, according to my own feel edgy.-- Meyer and theology.I according to eology.I according to Mayan scholars, there is a significant interval that is not necessarily destructive. All the claims of rogue planet and, as do not add up because we would be able to see them in the sky. --, its.

Who knows? NASA is now predicting the future. You might be lucky enough to get next week's lottery numbers.

Here is a reminder of the headlines - President Obama is to visit Connecticut tomorros to visit Connecticut tomorrow to meet with the families of the victims of the Newtown school of the Newtown school massacre. All 20 children who died were aged just six and seven years old. Officials say it old. Officials say it victim were shot multiple times. -- each. Fijians are bracing for the arrival of Cyclone Evan as it heads towards van as it heads towards the nation, stronger than before. Japan's former prime minister Shinzo Abe looks likely to return to power as voting is coming to an end in general elections. That's the s. That's the news for now. From all of us here, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

RENEE: These days, serious lovers of food like to know
where it comes from -

the paddock to plate philosophy.

Well, today, we're starting off
at the plate end of the journey.

The food we're tracing
isn't spring lamb or prime beef,

but Australia's best butter.

The flavour is so rich,
it's luxurious, the butter.

And it''s perfect.

The butter is called Pepe Saya
and this is Mike McEnearney.

Mike used to be head chef
at Rockpool in Sydney

so he knows
a few things about produce.

When you cook the pastry,
the butter fries in the pastry

and you get that lovely,
nutty flavour.

You wouldn't get that
with regular butter.

It would take longer to do

and basically you may even
burn your pastry

before you got that flavour profile.

This particular butter's
the star of Mike's pissaladiere,

or as he likes to call it,
'French pizza'.

Tell me how you've made it.

So you need, basically,
the same amount of flour to butter.

Add a little bit of water
to bring it together.

Let it set in the fridge
for a little while.

And then you bash it out
with a...a rolling pin.

Roll it out nice and thin.

Line it in a frying pan.

And then you dock it with a fork,

put holes in it
so it doesn't rise too high.

Bake it in the oven, and
when it's all golden, bring it out,

then you spoon on
all the lovely onions,

which you've cooked with capers
and thyme and olive oil.

And then we do
the little lattice pattern

of the beautiful anchovies one way

and then the roast red capsicum
the other way with the skin off it.

And then we spot the little
Ligurian olives in the middle.

And then put it back in the oven for
another five minutes and it's done.

Now, from that oversized plate

back in time, if you like,
to a well-stocked paddock.

So now I know
I'm really in the country,

because I am surrounded by cows.

Just south of Sydney, near Picton,

is the Country Valley Dairy Farm.

It's been home to John Fairley's
family since 1855.

That's six generations
of dairy farmers.

He can easily trace
his own family tree

but he also knows the pedigree
of every cow on the farm.

This is obviously
more than just a job to you.

What's the passion with...with
the farming and the dairy?

Oh, I've been running
around these hills

since I was four years old,
five years old.

I used to work with Dad.

But it's still going on now.

You know, Dad's up here doing
some fencing today

and my nephew works in the factory

and my son works in the business
in Canberra.