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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - the faces of innocent lives lost
in the Connecticut school massacre. She is an incredible person. Soccer fans arrested
for firing flares at a Sydney match. Patients to be given doctor
consultations over the internet. And sand or the sales. Christmas choices
as the weather warms up.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
with Chris Reason.

Good evening. Heartbreaking details are emerging
of the 20 children shot dead in the Connecticut school massacre. They were all aged just 6 or 7,
killed by a gunman's hail of bullets that also left six adults dead. These are the faces of innocence, victims of not only a madman,
but also America's gun obsession. 12 girls and 8 boys,
all just 6 and 7 years old, gunned down in what was meant to be
a safe place - their 1st Grade classroom.

Each child was shot up to 11 times,
some at close range, when Adam Lanza forced his way in
to Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire. 6-year-old Emilie Parker
was one of his victims. She, ah...

She always had something kind
to say about anybody. And her...her love,
and the strength that she gave us and the example that she showed us is remarkable.

She is an incredible person
and I am so blessed to be her dad. But amongst the horror,
there are tales of heroism. Principal Dawn Hochsprung ran towards the gunman
when he started shooting and tried to overpower him. We heard the first gunshots and
we knew exactly they were gunshots and, immediately,
the leaders in our building did what they needed to do and they ran out of the door
to go take care of the situation. 1st Grade teacher Victoria Soto hid her students
in classroom closets, telling the shooter the children
were in the school gym. The 27-year-old was then shot dead. Other teachers scrambled to
lock the doors of their classrooms, desperately trying to comfort
the terrified students. They were amazing. They were quiet
when I needed them to be and they held each other, and, um, they were perfect. When the gunfire finally stopped,
20 children and 8 adults were dead, including the gunman, Adam Lanza,
and his mother, Nancy. She was her son's first victim, killed at her home
just blocks away from the school. Adam Lanza's family is now trying
to comprehend the enormity of the 20-year-old's crime. He was different, he was quiet.
Nice kid, good kid. I mean, he was definitely
the challenge of the family in that house. Police say they've uncovered
very strong evidence and could soon be able to reveal
a possible motive. But even a motive
won't help the families grieving over the lives
that were lost in the second deadliest
school shooting in US history. The sounds of gunfire
here in America are always followed by a deafening
silence when it comes to gun control but some are now asking whether the death of so many
of their youngest citizens will force change. And the answer
is almost certainly no. America loves their guns
more than children. Tonight, residents
of this normally sleepy little town are trying to understand how they
became the centre of a nightmare. Mike Amor is live in Newtown. Mike, what are the residents
of this small town doing to cope with this nightmare? Chris, a vigil was held here tonight to pray for those lives lost. You can see more candles
in the makeshift memorial not far from where the school is. Newtown has a population
of around 27,000. But the borough of Sandy Hook,
far less than that. So, there's barely a person
in this town that hasn't been touched
by this massacre. Tomorrow, Barack Obama will come
here to attend a memorial service. It's the fourth time that his visited a US city
following a mass shooting. Chris.

For the hundreds of parents whose children were inside
Sandy Hook Elementary, the moments after the shooting
were terrifying. Most were lucky enough to be reunited
with their sons and daughters, but coming to terms
with the nightmare could take years. Diane Licata didn't know if her son Aiden had survived
the school massacre. When you're standing there waiting
and no-one will tell you anything, it's an indescribable feeling
of helplessness. She says her 6-year-old saw Adam Lanza
shoot dead his Year 1 teacher then Aiden made a run for it. After what seemed like forever, she received a text message
from a friend. Said that
he was at the police station and he was safe there. It was a similar feeling
of helplessness for Declan Procaccini whose 8-year-old daughter
also got out alive. So, my fears are, um, just a lot of
pain and suffering that is to come. He says one of the hardest things has been explaining the shooting
to her. I told them that, ah, 20 kids died and that six or seven
faculty members died but the bad man that did this
is also dead and gone forever. Devin and Aidan Herbstman
were led to safety by their teachers once the shooting stopped. She was saying that this morning, she said,
"I can't get it out of my mind." When she was leaving the school that
she had seen bodies on the floor. Ben says he's worried
how his children will move on after witnessing such tragedy. We all go through horrible things
at different times in our life. It's just a shame that they had to be exposed to this
at such a young age and lose a part
of their innocence. After so many mass shootings
in the US, gun control advocates are now asking if the President will finally push
for stricter laws. Australia's tough anti-gun response
to the Port Arthur massacre is being seen by some as a beacon
of what can be done. Shock, grief and now anger. And you guys on the gun lobby want
to tell me the answer is more guns. It's madness. CNN host Piers Morgan says
the US should look to Australia. There was a massacre in Tasmania
in which 35 people were killed. The Australians, led by
the prime minister John Howard, he was right-wing,
friend of George W Bush, he brought in pretty draconian laws
after that. The 1996 Port Arthur massacre transformed gun control legislation
in Australia. Semiautomatic weapons were banned. 700,000 guns destroyed
in a buyback scheme. We should be going
to the Americans and saying, "Look what we did." John Howard faced tough opposition when he introduced
his gun control laws. It's an even bigger mountain
to climb in the US but Barack Obama has signalled
change could be around the corner. So, we have to come together and we're going to have
to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this
from happening, regardless of politics. Mr Downer doubts the president
has the guts to get it done. But they won't do it because they're worried about
the gun control lobbies and they're worried about
the politics of it. At what point
do you gun lobby guys say, "We get it, it's time for change." Soccer fans have launched flares
and destroyed seats at Sydney's A-League derby
last night. Robert Ovadia joins me live
from the Sydney Police Centre. Rob, this has really angered police? It has, Chris. Police fear,
with the rise of the A-League, they're witnessing the rise
of soccer hooliganism as well. These were the scenes last night
at the Sydney Football Stadium. (BOOING)

(SCREAMING) Many of the 26,000 spectators
cheered but many booed as well. Western Sydney Wanderers fans ignited up to five flares
and fireworks. Sydney FC supporters
launched one flare. And three people were arrested,
including a teenage boy. Police suspect fans
are smuggling the flares in underneath their clothing. We're not going to see here and other parts of the world where flares and detonators
are common practice. Before the game, Wanderers fans had marched
on a hotel in Surry Hills and started a brawl there. And they were also blamed
for an ugly incident at a pre-season match
at Campbelltown in August. So, plenty for police
to be concerned about, Chris. OK, thank you. Robert Ovadia there
at Sydney Police Centre. Thousands of Australian tourists
are preparing for the arrival of Cyclone Evan as it bears down on Fiji. The storm's expected to bring damage
to low-lying coastal areas when it moves past the western side of the Pacific Island nation
tomorrow. People staying on outer islands have already been evacuated
from their resorts. They shipped us out and, so, they shipped
all the residents out. The cyclone left
more than 4,000 people homeless when it struck Samoa last week. A new internet health service
is allowing Australians to see doctors
without leaving their lounge rooms and then receive the prescriptions
in the post. But experts are warning face-to-face consultations. The new sound of the house call. (COMPUTER TRILLS) Hi, Penelope. Penelope is not a real patient. But she's talking to
a real psychiatrist. What we'll do today is have a talk
about how things have been going. Dr Katie Dimarco
has joined a wave of medicos signing up to tele-medicine. She's serving patients
in three states. I find I get so absorbed
in the consultation that I almost forget that
the computer screen is there. GP2U is the brainchild
of Tassie doctor James Freeman. A patient can make a booking
to see a GP online, they can see the GP online
via Skype. Prescriptions are written online
and the drugs delivered to patients. (COMPUTER TRILLS) The technology is pretty neat but Skype can't wield a scalpel
or listen to a stethoscope so the face-to-face consultation
is here to stay. I've got great concerns that a patient might think they can consult with a doctor
they've never met and that's highly unlikely
to be acceptable. The Skype doctors concede
it's not suitable for all cases. Doctor and patient in the same room
will always be the gold standard. But just because
we can't do everything doesn't mean
we shouldn't be doing something. Something Katie Dimarco sees
as the way of the future. Bye, Penelope. Thank you, Katie.
OK, bye.

A study has found Australians will rack up around
$4.5 billion in credit card debt on gifts this Christmas. But the warnings were ignored today as shoppers packed the malls
to avoid a last-minute rush. To beat the heat today, you could join the crowds
on the sand or at the shops
for some Christmas cramming. We've been coming a few times
already. Almost done. Nearly, nearly there. Lots on the list. PlayStation games. Perfume.

Socks, underwear. Something for me. Very sexy. A new survey says Australians will spend $8.5 billion
on presents. An average $511 per adult,
who'll spend $87 per child. With warnings putting all that on the card could
take almost three years to repay. Budget? (LAUGHS)

Really trying to spend less
this year. Me too.

There's a lot of, ah,
iPhones and iPads out there. And also scooters. He was also hearing a lot of... (CRIES)

How about some bubbles? They fix everything. Or not. As bustling as it has been
in centres across the city today, the rush is really just beginning. There are still
eight shopping days left and retailers hope
plenty of Christmas spending. Still to come tonight
in Seven News - the Christmas thieves busted
in a Sydney police blitz. Also, the radio prank victim's
children share their grief. And the robot helping the elderly
stay in touch with loved ones. That's next.

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More than 100 people during a police blitz
on shoplifters. The 5-day operation
targeted major retail centres in the lead-up to Christmas. She's just put the two items
in the bag. She's put the items in the bag. One man was caught with
$10,000 worth of laptop computers. That male was also in possession
of a magnetic de-tagging device Operation Lightfingers recovered
$27,000 worth of stolen goods - including jewellery, clothing
and grocery items. The family of radio prank victim
Jacintha Saldanha has spoken publicly for
the first time of their devastation and the void left
by the nurse's death. Final preparations are being made
for her funeral in India following a special mass in London. Jacintha Saldanah's family
has had to face public scrutiny of a death linked
with the Royal Family, making grieving so much harder. We are shattered and there's
an unfillable void in our lives. Her daughter Lisha,
husband Benedict and son Junal just want to understand why. You were the core of the family
who kept us together. While Jacintha Saldanah
is laid to rest in India on Monday, the inquest continues to uncover all the circumstances
which lead to her suicide. One MP is calling for the hospital
to hold its own inquiry. The chief executive
of King Edward VII hospital says staff always stood by Jacintha after she transferred
the 2Day FM prank call to the Duchess of Cambridge's ward. The hospital also claims
it offered the nurse stress leave. Finding the answers
may take a long time but for now Jacintha's spirit
is all they have. We love you, Mum. Sleep in peace and please watch over us For the first time in Australia, a human-sized robot is being used
in a nursing home allowing people with dementia
to interact with loved ones. Researchers say
the robot is also a tool that will help them learn more
about the condition. At 84,
Estelle Hellmore has seen a lot... WOMAN: (THROUGH ROBOT) Hello, Mum! ..but nothing remotely like this. I wondered what on earth
is going on. (LAUGHS) The robot is controlled
by family members from a home computer and can navigate its way
around nursing home halls. It's not that hard to manoeuvre it
once you get the hang of it. At any time of day, they can check in on loved ones
from anywhere in the world... How are you today? ..see for themselves
how they're going, and, most importantly
for people with dementia... And what are you going to do today? ..they can chat. Communication loss is one
of the early signs of dementia and so it's a problem. Researchers from Griffith University
are trialling the technology at a nursing home in Logan to see if a robot can help
people like Estelle gain confidence and better interact with family. So they can have a conversation
with their families

The technology isn't just
helping loved ones stay in touch. These conversations
are being recorded and analysed by researchers to provide a better understanding
of dementia. We're looking at whether
that helps them engage, communicate to actually enjoy life a lot better. It's amazing
how things have changed. It's the only robot of its kind
in the country - but expect to see more. Eventually, I'm sure
all nursing homes will have one. Sport now with Matt Carmichael and Australia's lost another
fast bowler? Chris, Ben Hilfenhaus broke down
in Hobart. Coming up - it's up to Peter Siddle again as the Aussies take a big lead
in the first test. The Wanderers' first win
over Sydney FC. And, off the canvas. League's hit men
claim bragging rights over rugby's tough guys.

Remember how I cooked
the ham last year? Ready. Let's go. He's not doing that.
He's doing it his way. Yeah, big day. First ham. Shane's in control.
SONG: # I love you. #

Australia's bracing for the loss
of another fast bowler after Ben Hilfenhaus failed
to finish day three of the first test. Sri Lanka fell 114 runs short
of the Aussies' first innings total

after Peter Siddle stepped up
with five wickets. Ben Hilfenhaus rushed away for scans after breaking down
in the first session. Michael Clarke
knew something was wrong. Another side strain,
another broken bowler. Dilshan threw everything he had
into cutting the deficit. That was a controlled crash,
not a landing. Just before lunch,
the milestone arrived. It's 100 for Tillakaratne Dilshan. It's a magnificent 100
and it's a 100 for all Sri Lanka. He should have been out
in the second session It was an edge the Aussie coaches
left shaking their heads. Siddle, though,
didn't miss the next one. (SCREAMING) Oh, that's close.
That... Yes! Damage done when Starc beat Dilshan. Oh, he got him. He bowled him. 6/289, Dilshan out for 147. Matthew Wade
missed a sitter behind the stumps but it was history when Peter Siddle
trapped Jayawardene for 40. Sri Lanka all out for 336, and Siddle the workhorse,
taking 5/54. With a 114-run lead, there's got to be something
at the end of this rainbow. Cowan and Warner back on the job
before stumps. The Sixers host Perth in a rematch of last season's
Big Bash final tonight. Shane Warne was back
to his tactical best for the Melbourne Stars last night but his team-mates weren't. Cameron White dropped two
off the spinner who saved his sledging
for George Bailey. (CHEERING)

Ricky Ponting scored eight, robbing fans
of a showdown with Warne. The Stars beating Hobart
by four wickets with 'Slinga Malinga'
again cleaning up the tail. Michael Beauchamp returned
to haunt his old club as the Wanderers beat Sydney
in the A-league derby. After the Victory's draw, Western Sydney are just one point
behind Melbourne in fourth place on the ladder. Christmas came early
for Wanderers fans as the second Sydney Derby
was played out before 26,000 fans and the boys from the west
looked best right from the start. COMMENTATOR: He's so unlucky
not to score there. Sydney FC survived that one but there was no mercy
from Youssouf Hersi. It's 1-0 Wanderers. And their fans went wild. Swivels, spins and buries that. Not even the injection of Del Piero
could save the host side when former Sydney FC player
Michael Beauchamp put his old club to the sword. And surely that's the derby won now
for the Western Sydney Wanderers. What about the ball Shinji Ono?
Absolute quality. What about the ball from Shinji Ono?
Absolute quality. This crowd's unbelievable. That's what a derby's all about
and very happy for the boys. This a special day. We square the ledger now
so it's a great day for our fans. Not a great day for Liverpool fans as they lost 3-1 at home
to Aston Villa while Man U beat Sunderland to stay
top of the English Premier League. Blues brothers Greg Bird
and Paul Gallen have led rugby league to victory
against union in boxing's
Fight for Life charity night. Up against former All Black
Rene Ranger the 'Birdman' copped an illegal shot
and hit the deck early. Ranger was docked two points,
which proved crucial. He put Bird on his backside
later in the bout only to lose the decision. You gonna do that again? I don't know about that.
I wont be getting in with him again. Sharks skipper Paul Gallen
was too good for big-talking Hika Elliot. Willie Mason copped plenty
from Troy Flavell helping league win the night. Tour rookie Daniel Popovic
has completed a stunning victory at the Australian PGA Championship. The 26-year-old Victorian
saw his 2-shot lead evaporate after Rod Pampling's
six straight birdies and his nightmare visit
to the rough at the eighth. But the world number 1,251 regrouped while the man with $13 million
prize money in America collapsed. Pampling finished with double bogey. Popovic, a fairytale four-stroke win
at 16-under. COMMENTATOR: He's the
Cinderella man, Daniel Popovic. I just can't believe
this has happened. I really can't believe
it's happened. The former pizza maker
collects $225,000 for his first professional win. Jamie Whincup and Mick Doohan
were no match for Formula 1 greats Michael Schumacher
and Sebastian Vettel at motorsport's Race of Champions
in Bangkok. MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo
and Aussie legend Doohan both had trouble
moving from two to four wheels. Australia reached the semis, but Schumacher thrashed Whincup
by 4.8 seconds in the multi-car format.

Massively different especially being in the left-hand side of the car, that is a complete trip out. All the guys are very quick. Vettel and Schumacher claimed Germany's
sixth straight Nations Cup. It was a very warm Sunday
across most of Sydney. I'll let you know if the high temperatures
are sticking around after the break.


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It was a hot day across Sydney with temperatures well above average
in some suburbs. The weather stayed mostly fine, although there were some
isolated showers this afternoon.

It was a warm and cloudy evening. The hot weather stuck around today with maximum temperatures in some areas.

Penrith was the warmest at 38. Tomorrow - there'll be some morning cloud
in Melbourne. The chance of a shower
in Canberra.

On our waterways:

We should get some relief
from the heat tonight when a gusty southerly moves in. This will also bring
some isolated showers,