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This program is captioned live. A masked man came in and just started shooting.Tragedy in the United States - another mass shooting, this one at a school. 27 people dead, 18 of them children. We'll have live reports from the scene in Connecticut. Here at home - a suicide claim in the Allison Baden-Clay case, the latest twist in the courtroom drama. What a return - Phil Hughes puts Australia in strong position in the first test against Sri Lanka. And - a reunion nine years in the making - Screaming Jets frontman Dave Gleeson and his family find their dog, disappeared nearly a decade ago. It is Saturday 15 December 2012. Richard Wilkins joining us on the couch this morning.Nice to be here, Syria yafplt it's not good news we're waking up to -- nice to be here, Sarah. It's not good news we're waking up to.Horrible news. A massacre in the United States. This is the worst in American history, behind Virginia Tech. 27 people are dead, 18 of them children.Primary school children. From kindergarten. It happened just after:30, parents dropping off their kids. We can just only imagine what was going through their minds.We heard, like, shots, and everyone went on the ground. And Miss Martin closed the door and we want to the corner.A little girl there at the school. A small town in Newtown, Connecticut. We will be hearing more as the day goes on. Just awful.More details coming up throughout the morning. Right now, let's take a very quick look at the weather: Well, as we heard, it's a very busy day. We better get the news now with Wendy Kingston. Good morning. As we heard, the United States has this morning been rocked by one of the biggest mass shootings in its history after a gunman opened fire at a primary school, killing up to 27 people. As many as 18 children and the school principal were shot ked as a masked man -- dead as a masked man terrorised the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.A masked man came in and started shooting.When we were doing morning meetings, we heard shots and everybody went on the ground. Miss Martin closed the door and we went to the corner.The gunman is among the dead and has been identified as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza, who reportedly has ties to the school. Terrified children were taken to a nearby fire station, as anxious parents waited to hear if they were safe.There is no words that I can come up with that would even come close to describing the sheer terror of hearing that your son is in a place - or your child is in a place - where there's been violence. It is a powerless and terrifying experience.The gunman's mother, a teacher at the school, was also killed in the massacre. We will cross live to the United States for the very latest on this unfolding tragedy shortly. Accused wife killer Gerard Baden- Clay will spend Christmas behind bars after a Brisbane justice last night denied him bail for a second time. The 42-year-old real estate agent is charged with murdering his wife, Allison, and dumping her body in a creek bed near the family home. He's been in custody since his arrest in June. Defence lawyers had argued Allison had a fatal dose of antidepressantness her system and suggested she took her own life. But the prosecution said bruising on Allison's body indicated she may have been suffocated or strangled. From the outset he has maintained his innocence. He has asserted that strongly and he continues to do so. Baden-Clay will face a committal hearing in March. Health experts want to introduce babies to solid foods earlier in a bid to curb the increasing number of children developing life- threatening allergies. The National Health and Medical Research Centre will release new guidelines suggesting infants start eating solids around four months. It found delayed exposure to different foods, couple would a lack of vitamin D and hypercleanliness, could be overstimulating kids' allergic reaction. It follows recommendations by the NSW Coroner to ban nuts in schools across the state following the death of 16- year-old Raymond Choh.What's happened to Raymond won't be in vain.It's SIMs that let people doufpblt and it's important that we put -- it's systems that let people down. And it's important that we put strategyness place.The Department of Education has accepted all recommendations. We could be heading to the polls next August, after Julia Gillard ruled out calling an early election. The Prime Minister revealed to News Limited she will most likely set the date for around three years from the last vote. While she can choose any Saturday up to the end of November, August 24 is shaping up as the hot favourite. A private memorial service has been held for Jacintha Saldanha at the hospital where she worked before taking her own life. Last week, the 46-year-old transferred a hoax call from two Australian radio hosts to a nurse who gave details on the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge. Following widespread coverage of the prank, Jacintha was found dead in her hospital accommodation three days later. The hospital has been forced top defend itself after reports Mrs Saldanha had criticised staff in one of three suicide notes. And if you or anyone you know needs support, you can contact Lifeline on 13-11-14. Well, we're now learning more and more details about the street brawl involving Australian actor Liam Hemsworth. The rising Hollywood heart-throb reportedly lashed out after leaving a bar in the US city of Philadelphia, thinking that he had been hit with a rock. Just want a good shot. That's all they want.Liam Hemsworth may be a versatile actor, but this is one role we haven't seen him play before. Watch as the man TMZ says is Hemsworth slugs this guy right in the middle of the street. Using some of the muscles 'The Hunger Games' star would have added while sprerping for another role. It happened early Sunday morning in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. According to TMZ, 22-year-old Hemsworth had just left a bar when he confronted this man after he thought he had thrown a rock at he and his friend. They couldn't confirm it was him.The bad-boy image may be appealing to some fans. But people in the industry, they don't like to see this type of thing.The victim can be seen clinging to the attacker's leg, while he takes a beating which only stops when a police car arrives.No, actually did.We have seen a glimpse of his bad-boy side before. Back in 2009, he and his big brother, clirks reportedly got into a full-on -- Chris, reportedly got into a full-on fist fight in Hollywood. That was after he started dating Miley sirus. She has gained a bit of a rebellious reputation recently. As far as Hemsworth's seemingly spontaneous audition in the event there's a sequel to the movie 'Fight Club', witnesses say they never saw the victim throw the rock that allegedly started it all. All captured on camera. More news in half an hour.Sometimes being a movie star is not all it's cracked up to be.Not at all.We have weather and first sports news next. Too much cricket is never enough! You're not wrong. Australia in a strong position after the first day of the test in Hobart. When will happen? We will go live to

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This program is not captioned. Good morning, Sydney. A possible late shower today in the Harbour City, with a top of 28 degrees. OK. Let's get our sports headlines now. Here's Roz Kelly, who joins us from Hobart this morning. A little grey outside this morning in Hobart, Roz? It is a little bit rainy and cold, Sarah, so we're hiding out inside the Tasmanian Cricket Museum here. They have selected great memorabilia throughout Ricky Ponting's career, which is on display. Tasmania gave him a beautiful farewell yesterday. We'll get to sha shortly. Firstly, Australia in a very strong position when play resumes on day two of the first test against Sri Lanka here in Hobart. The Aussies are 4/299, with cheark and Michael Hussey unbeaten at the crease, after an impressive knock from Phil Hughes. He was returning to test cricket, replacing Ricky Ponting, and batting at number three. Hughes made 86 before being clean-bowled. The skipper going on with the job, raising his willow for a half- century. The pair setting up a solid first-innings total.It would have been nice to get a three figures, and a few more. That's cricket. That's how it goes. Good for my confidence going forward now. All the day two action is live right here on Channel Nine. Just be sure to check your local guides. The Melbourne Renegades remain unbeaten in the Big Bash series, smashing the Sydney Thunder by five wickets at ANZ Stadium. Melbourne skipper Aaron Finch continued his hot form with the bat to deliver the Thunder their seventh-straight Twenty20 loss. West Indian master blaster Chris Gayle failed to fire, run out for 12. They were restricted to 116. Azhar Mahmood snared two wickets, but that wasn't enough. Finch steadying the ship to hand the Renegades the top spot on the table. COMMENTATOR: And the Renegades, they will start this season off with two very, very good wins. The Hurricanes and the Stars play later tonight at the MCG. In the A-League - the Central Coast has made it eight straight wins to consolidate top spot on the ladder, following a 2-0 win over Melbourne Heart at Bluetongue Stadium. A double from Travis Dodd saw the Glory win over Newcastle. With Newcastle's future uncertain, the Jets also found themselves in trouble on the field. Dodd netting back-to-back goals in the space of four minutes before Shane Smeltz capitalised from the spot, following a suspect penalty. COMMENTATOR: There is the icing on the cake for Perth Glory. Relief for Shane Smeltz. The three points in the bag for the home team. And in Gosford, a shot by Pedj Bojic saw the Mariners home, leaving the Melbourne outfit in seventh place on the ladder. Geoff Ogilvy is two shots off the lead heading into the third round of the Australian PGA Championship in Coolum. The 2006 US Open champion is in a tie for third at 8-under, after firing six birdies on the second day. But out in front are two unknowns - Victoria eaation Daniel Popovic and Chinese youngster -- Victoria's Daniel Popovic and Chinese youngster Xin Jun Zhang. Yesterday was Tasmania's chance to say thank you and farewell to Ricky Ponting for everything he has done for cricket here, and all his great achievements. Ricky did a lap of honour around Bellerive with his two young girls. Now he's off to play in the Twenty20 Big Bash. He said his girls, his two youngsters, and his wife, Rianna, they are his team now.Aw! Go, Punter.What a great family man.Thank you, Roz. Would have been nice to see him play in the last test at Bellerive. Yeah, I know.Let's check out the weekend weather now with Emma Freedman.Good morning to you, Richard and Sarah. We have gone on a little bit of a journey today. We are at the nation's capital, in the National Gallery of Australia. They have opened their latest exhibition. It is the toul toul toul Paris and the Moulin Rouge laut reck Paris andd the Moulin Rouge ex biation. This was the first one he created back in the 19th century. We will take a look at the weather and tell you more about the exhibition.

you more about the exhibition.
Well, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was a famous artist in the late 1800s and he had a fascination with the cafe culture of Paris. And while the city had undergone a vafpt transformation in recent years, he was really fascinated with its underbelly, which was often quite grimy. We're gonna show you some of his most famous works here throughout the morning. Thank you. President Barack Obama is holding a press conference on that shooting in Connecticut right now. Let's go live to that.We have been through this too many times. Whether it's an elementary school in Newton or a shopping mall in Oregon or a temple in Wisconsin, or a movie theatre in Aurora, or a street theatre in Chicago, these neighbourhoods are our neighbourhoods and these children are our children. And we're gonna have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. This evening, Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter, and we'll tell them that we love them. And we'll remind each other how deeply we love one another. But there are families in Connecticut who cannot do that tonight. And they need all of us right now. In the days to come, the community needs us to be at our best as Americans and I will do everything in my power as President to help. Because while nothing can fill the space of a lost child or loved one, all of us can extend a hand to those in need. To remind them that we are there for them, that we are praying for them, that the love they felt for those they lost endures not just in their memories, but also in ours. May God bless the memory of the victims. And in the words of Spritcher, heal the broken-hearted and bind up their wounds. A very emotional President Obama giving a press conference there in Washington. We'll have much more on this story coming up throughout the show. We'll go live to the scene of that shooting in Connecticut in our next hour. Live picture there is. Just awful, Dickie.It just is an absolutely appalling story. And we will be, yes, following it throughout the morning. And the memorial for the nurse at the centre of the royal radio prank has just wrapped up. We're gonna go live to London next on Weekend Today.

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Well, a memorial service has been held at the King Edward VII Hospital for Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse at the centre of the royal radio prank. And joining us now live from London is journalist Gavin Grey. Gavin, good morning. We know that Jacintha Saldanha was very critical of the hospital in her suicide note. What's the hospital had to say in response? Well, we know that she left three suicide notes. It's said that the longest one was, apparently, critical, as you say, of King Edward VII Hospital and its managers. Tonight, or this morning, they have issued a statement. It's quite long and it reads, "There have been reports today about the alleged comments of one of the notes found in Jacintha's room. No- one at the hospital has seen these notes and so cannot comment on the reports of their accuracy." It continues, "Following the hoax call, hospital management offered their support and told her that they considered her the victim of a cruel hoax." But let's not forget that at the time they found out that she was dead, they said no disciplinary action was being taken. They had not ticked her off for this. That seems to, in some way, made the family, it seems, pretty angry. They want a full and thorough and independent inquiry of what happened between hospital bosses and her.Understandably. Gavin, the hospital has held a memorial service for Jacintha, and a larger memorial will take place tomorrow. Can you tell us what the details are?Yeah, there are a total of three have taken place so far today. First of all, the one for the hospital, King Edward VII Hospital, is not a big hospital. Not many staff. Very tightly-knit unit, as it were. And so they held, for staff, those that wanted to say goodbye and hold Jacintha's memories in their hearts. The hospital also said that they stood by her actions and they made it clear there was no criticism of her. And they said that there would be no disciplinary action of any kind. So the hospital again coming out with that statement. And very sad scenes there for that memorial. Now, another memorial has just finished in her UK home town of Bristol. The family attended that one. And her body is being flown home to India for a memorial. And another service, this time in Bangalore, India, held by student nurses. It was very, very well attended. A lot of student nurse frps India come over to the UK to work. Three memorial services held so far. Tomorrow, the main one at Westminster Cathedral. How painful for her family. Gavin Grey, thank you for that.Cheers, guys.Over to you, Richard.Thank you. News, sport and weather are next on Weekend Today. And we're gonna check out our movie of the week, rise of the guardians, perfect for the holiday season, and with the man of the moment - Hugh Jackman. That's coming up. This program is not captioned.

This is Weekend Today, live around Australia. Time now for the news with Wendy Kingston. Thank you, Richard. Good morning again. It's just been revealed the mother of the gunman who opened fire on a US primarily this morning is among the 27 people shot dead in that massacre. 24-year-old Ryan Lanza has been identified as the masked gunman who slaughtered 22 children at the school yr in the state of Connecticut. His mother was a teacher at that school. He was killed in her classroom, along with her pupils, the principal and a psychologist just minutes after classes had begun for the day.I was in the gym and I heard a loud - well, I heard seven loud booms. The gym teacher told us to go in the corner. So we all huddled. And I kept hearing these booming noises. The gunman's father was reportedly shot dead at his New Jersey home earlier in the morning. Lanza's brother is reported to be in police custody. President Barack Obama has expressed his condolences for the victims' families.They had their entire lives aof them. Birthdays, graduations, weddings. Kids of their own.Just a horrible story. And we will cross live to the United States for the very latest on this unfolding tragedy shortly. Lawyers for accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay have used a second bid for bail to suggest his wife wasn't murdered but instead took her own life. Defence solicitors yesterday told the Brisbane Supreme Court there was enough antidepressant medication in the mother of three's system to kill her. The claims were shot down by prosecutors, who say other evidence suggested that Allison was killed. Baden-Clay's bail application was refused. He's charged with murdering his wife and dumping her body in a creek bed in June. Samoa has been declared a state of disaster as it continues to clean up following the devastating Cyclone Evan. Two people have now been confirmed dead after the storm made landfall on Thursday, causing widespread damage to the South Pacific nation. Authorities fear that death toll will rise as well, with a number of children thought to have drowned when they were swept away in a flooded river. Hundreds of people remain homeless, with access to food now the biggest issue for the island. Spectacular video footage captured in the US shows the moment a truck was picked up in a tornado and tossed through the air. That tiny dot on top of your screen there is the vehicle, which Jerry Millet was driving at the time. Amazingly, he survived the terrifying ordeal, all thanks to an unlikely hero.I heard my baby's voice, my little girl. I looked up, here she comes a-walking. He was like, "How did you get here?" I was like, "I seen the whole thing happen."Well, lucky Jerry is on the mend. His pick-up truck was totaled. If you have ever wondered just how Santa squeezes down the chimney, this may give you an insight this morning. A limber St Nicholas gave crowds a show this morning, swirling up the ropes. He braved the chilly temperatures to put on the display of tumbling tricks and spectacular stunts.Looks like Santa's been cutting out carbs! (LAUGHS)Is that how you do it? Very fit.Time for the sport now with Roz Kelly. Hi, Roz. Hello, Wendy. Welcome to the Ricky Ponting corner of the Tasmanian Cricket Museum. He was farewelled here yesterday. I tell you what, what an intimidating prospect for whoever's stepping in to replace him. But Phil Hughes has done a great job and says he would like to cement his position at number three in Australia's batting order, following a determined knock of 83 here yesterday. Hughes starred with the bat as Australia cruised to a first-day total of 4/299 against Sri Lanka. I really enjoyed batting three. Um, I was in there quite early, but in saying that, there's gonna be times where I will come in after lunch or whenever, you don't really know. But I really enjoyed it. Michael Clarke and Michael Hussey again look threatening, the pair piling on a 100-run partnership to remain unbeaten when play resumes later this morning. Of course, all the action right here on Nine. Still on cricket - the Melbourne Renegades are asserting themselves as the team to beat in this year's Big Bash series, following a 5- wicket win over the Sydney Thunder. Renegades skipper Aaron Finch again starring with the bat as the visitors easily chased down their target of 117. Never easy chasing a low total on a wicket like that. And with bowls like that at the start of the inning, that's as good as I've ever faced. It could have been different for them. If he knocks over a couple, a bit of luck goes their way. I am proud of our boys.The victory sees the Renegades remain unbeaten at the top of the competition table. In the A-League, a double from Pedj Bojic has handed the Central Coast a 2-0 victory against Melbourne Heart last night. Clint Bolton having a shock nr front of goal to give the Mariners their eighth-straight win. The main thing tonight, we knew Melbourne Heart set up well against us. A difficult side. We knew it was gonna be a tough night. We got the three points, which is what we wanted.While the Perth Glory has jumped into fourth spot with a convincing 3-0 victory over the embattled Newcastle Jets. And Victorian Daniel Popovic shares the lead with little-known Chinese golfer Xin Jun Zhang at the halfway mark of the Australian PGA Championship in Coolum. But hot on their heels is Geoff Ogilvy. He's only two strokes behind the leaders on 8-under in a tie for third. The 35-year-old firing six second-round birdies, looking to end a disappointing season on a high. Now, Sarah and Dickie, we're going to head over to the Channel Nine commentary box, and we'll give you a behind-the-scenes tour coming up in the next half-hour. See you then. Brilliant. Thanks very much, Roz. See you then. Now let's get the weekend weather with Emma Freedman. Good morning to you, Sarah and Dickie. This morning we are checking out the National Gallery of Australia's brand-new exhibition, 'Toulouse-Lautrec - Paris & the Mouin Rouge'. In the late 1800s, de Toulouse-Lautrec became quite fascinated in collecting prints of Japanese geishas, so in turn he became inspired to create his home with a Parisian twist. So he started to paint the ladies who worked in the gentlemen's clubs of Paris, using crayon and on stone he actually started to sell these to the wealthy members of Parisian society as well. This collection is absolutely amazing, from right around the world. We're gonna show you one of the feature works straight after we take a look at the weather and see what's happening in the capital cities today.

We'll take a look at the combined satellite and synoptic chart - cloud extending across the continent from south-west to the north-west. It's associated with a broad low-pressure trough and a cold front moving through the Bight. Clear sky over the south-west marks a ridge of high pressure centred over the Indian Ocean. And another ridge over Queensland from a high centred near New Zealand. Well, the collection here at the National Gallery has over 110 works from 30 collections right around the world. This one, 'The Sofa' is from the Met in New York. It depicts two ladies of the night, just chilling out after a couple of clients, maybe waiting for the next set as well. Here's a bit of information about de Toulouse- Lautrec. He was obsessed with redheads. 80% of the ladies in his paintings do have red hair. They are the ginger nuts. And interestingly enough, that also translated into his personal life as well. Because when one of his little ladies decided to dye her hair black one day, he dumped her and he gave her the flick.Gee. Hard marker.I don't mind a redhead myself, Emma. They are fiery!I knew that. That's why I threw that one in.Just for you.I am championing for the rangers! Anyone with the new iPhone has been frustrated by the new map app. There has been cases of people getting lost and ending up in national parks. But there is a solution. We'll have details in our next half-hour.Yes. They have it sorted. Up next - the movie of the week - the star-studded 'Rise of the Guardians'. Take no prisoners!!

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Welcome back. And thank you for your company this morning. Well, 'Rise of the Guardians' is the fantasy film, 3-D animated adventure featuring many of our favourite childhood characters - the tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and even Santa Claus. It has an all-star cast, including Alec Baldwin, Jude Law and Hugh Jackman. And it's my pick for Movie of the Week. MOVIE REEL: We are the Easter Bunny and Santa. And our powers are greater. Than you ever imagined.Enter a world where the wonder and innocence of the world's children are protected by the guardians. An 'Avengers' style bunch of mythic heroes.Santa Claus.The leader of the gang is the more naughty than nice Nicholas St North. Also known as Santa Claus.There's one moment where even I gasped when I saw this, which was Santa's workshop come to life. And there were so many things going on in the frame, so much happening, I thought, "Someone had to think of that."It is our job to watch over the children of the world and keep them safe.Are they really? Oh! Oh, they really do sparkle like freshly fallen snow. Our own Isla Fisher provides the voice of the tooth Fairy.She's responsible for every single lost tooth all arounded world, twerch. So she has a team of hummingbird tooth fairies to help her collect the teeth. My character is driven, focused, but equally she's ditzy and has a crush. So I get to play the whole gamut.Alec Baldwin full of praise for his co-star.Isla's voice is so perfect for this medium. This is a woman who could do characters and animated television shows and films, and probably make, like a billion dollars over the next 10 years. Her voice is so special and so unique. And she did such a great job on this.And she's not the only Aussie in the cast. Happy Easter, you little ankle- biter.Hugh Jackman lends his dinki-di voice to the Easter Bunny. I was like, "Can't the tooth Fairy be Australian?" I guess Hugh Jackman, whatever, he did 'Wolverine' movies, he gets first dibs.Chris Pine place Isla's love interest, Jack Frost.Well, there's only one thing missing - a touch of fear.And Jude Law rounds out the major cast as the evil character. Isla's looking forward to her own children experiencing the magic. What's great about the movie is the message - keep hope. And, of course, only 10 days until the real Santa gets here. Boy, oh, boy. We're gonna go live to the scene of the US school shooting in 17 minutes' time.Just an awful story. Up next - the Most Clicked Items on the Net, including Google's Year in Review video. It is just spectacular.


This program is not captioned. showers and thunderstorms on the way today. You're heading for a top of 24 degrees. Alright. Time to look at the Most Clicked Items on the Net. And first up, take a look at this 'Gangnam Style' karate instructor.

Style' karate instructor.
It's coming.Whoa, whoa whorks! 'Gangnam Style'! (LAUGHTER) Gee, gets you in the end. Brilliant! Next - Google has released their annual Movie of the Year's biggest event. Have a look at this. (MUSIC PLAYS)

(MUSIC PLAYS) I mean, one voice is so important. One voice can make a difference. (MUSIC

MAN: That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Until then, goodnight. (MUSIC PLAYS)

Wow.That was goose-bumps stuff, wasn't it?Absolutely.It's been a big year. You wake up to news of the shooting in Connecticut, the worst in humanity. Then you see there, the best of it.A nice way to advertise for Google - pretty smart stuff.They are pretty good at that. Coming up - we will meet the incredible Melbourne grandmother who has claimed Everest. Get this - she's about to embark on another epic quest.Yeah, she's quite some lady. We're looking forward to catching up with her. Plus - Michele Mahone has all the goss from Hollywood. What's happening, Michele?Well, Taylor Swift got quite surprise for her birthday. Yikes! SONG: # I knew you were trouble when you walked in... #

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This program is not captioned. You're looking at live pictures out of Connecticut, in the US, where a school shooting has happened overnight, Australian time. 27 people dead. We're now hearing 20 of those were children. We'll be going live to the scene in about 12 minutes' time. It is a terrible story. We're right on top of that. Right now, let's go to Hollywood for a change of pace with Michele Mahone and all the latest goss. Michele, Taylor Swift gets a visitor she wasn't expect sngNot at all. 24-year-old Jacob Cuckley boarded a bus in Wisconsin to go to Nashville to spend Taylor's 23rd birthday with her. How thoughtful, except she doesn't know the guy. So, at 1:45 in the morning, police detain him. He's like, "No, I'm the boyfriend of the homeowner." Well, clearly the police follow me on Facebook and Twitter, because they knew Taylor was in England with her real boyfriend, Harry stiles, from One Direction, so off to jail he went. He's a frightening, scary man. Mm- hm.Hey, Michele, Hugh Hefner is in it for the long haul, we hear, with his fiancee, Crystal Harris?Well, the 86-year-old has said he's getting married to 26-year-old Crystal Harris. She bailed on the wedding five days before the wedding last year, but he says this time he's in it for life. I have no doubt!Doesn't have long left, does he?Tick tock - should be single by Thursday! Thank you.Thank you for providing the light entertainment. Here are the top stories on Weekend Today. There was a masked man came in and just started shooting.Tragedy in the United States - another mass shooting, this one at a school. 27 people dead, 18 of them children. We'll have live reports from the scene in Connecticut. Here at home - a suicide claim in the Allison Baden-Clay case, the latest twist in the courtroom drama. What a return - Phil Hughes puts Australia in strong position in the first test against Sri Lanka. And - a reunion nine years in the making - Screaming Jets frontman Dave Gleeson and his family find their dog, who disappeared nearly a decade ago. It is Saturday 15 December 2012. It is a big news day. We're gonna go live to the scene of this appalling crime in the States very shortly. But right now let's go to Wednesday.Good morning again. Police in the United States have now confirmed that 27 people, including 20 children, have been killed in one of the worst mass shootings in the country's history. 24-year-old gunman Ryan Lanza stormed the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. He was armed with four guns and he opened fire on his mother in the kindergarten classroom where she taught. She was killed, along with the school principal and psychologist. President Barack Obama has expressed his devastation over that tragedy. Earlier in the morning, the gunman's father was shot dead at his New Jersey home. Lanza's younger brother is reportedly in police custody. And we will be crossing live to the US for the very latest on this unfolding tragedy in the next few minutes. A Sydney woman has been stabbed allegedly by her boyfriend during an incident in the city's Kings Cross nightclub district. A 45- year-old man allegedly struggled with police before pulling out a box cutter and swinging at an officer. The 27-year-old female became involved in the scuffle and suffered a slash wound to her thigh. Police managed to disarm the man before he was taken into custody by the riot squad. He will appear in court today charged with grievous bodily harm and resisting arrest. Gerard Baden-Clay won't be spending Christmas at home after his second request for bail was refused. The 42-year-old real estate agent has been behind bars since June, after being charged with murdering his wife, Allison, and dumping her body in a creek bed. Defence lawyers used yesterday's hearing to suggest Allison may have taken her own life, a claim strongly disputed by prosecutors. The father of three will face a committal hearing next March. Taxi companies have vowed to fight planned changes which would see fares made cheaper. New regulations set to be imposed from next year will limit surcharges to recover costs for fares paid by card to just 5%. Currently, all fares paid by Cabcharge impose a 10% extra fee. Despite the backlash from taxis, consumer group Choice has backed the proposed changes, labelling the surcharges the most outrageous in Australia. And it has been a holiday from hell for as many as 400 passengers on a cruiseliner, who were all struck down by the highly contagious norovirus. Holidaymakers on board the P&O ship were confined to their rooms for 10 days following that outbreak. Many have criticised the company's handling of that ordeal. They didn't really know what they were doing. Nobody came out to explain anything to the passengers. It was all our fault anyway.It was subject to extra cleaning before it set sail again. Now it's time for Roz with sport. Hello, Wendy. Welcome to the Channel Nine comment rary box. This is where the magic happens. And right here is where all the voices of summer sit. But also very iconic to the Wide World of Sports cricket broadcast is that man over there - Max Kruger. He's a statician. He is like a library of knowledge. Australia in a very strong position heading into day two of the first test against Sri Lanka. Michael Clarke is continuing his good form. He's 70 not out, alongside Michael Hussey, with the Aussies building towards a big first-innings total. Phil Hughes on return to test cricket set the foundations early. Batting at number three, he made 86 before he was clean-bowled. Hughes and Clarke setting all the platforms to steer Australia to 4/299. Both batsmen looking in very good touch.Look, it was nice to get a few. Would have been nice to get three figures and a few more. But that's cricket. That's how it goes. I suppose to get 80-odd is good for my confidence going forward now.You can catch all the action of every ball right here, live on Channel Nine. Be sure to check your local guides. The Sydney Thunder were no match for the Melbourne Renegades in the Big Bash last night. The visitors cudsing to a 5--- cruising to a 5- wicket win at ANZ Stadium. Little fireworks from Chris Gayle, run out for 12 as the Thunder were restricted to 116. Azhar Mahmood picked up two wickets, but it was Melbourne skipper Aaron Finch who delivered the Sydney side their seventh-straight loss. COMMENTATOR: That lbt winning run. So Will will tuck that -- that will be the winning run. So Will will tuck that for a couple. And the Renegades, they will start this season off with two very good wins. The Hurricanes and the Stars play later tonight at the MCG. In the A- League, Central Coast remains out in front on the competition ladder thanks to a 2-0 win over the Melbourne Heart. While the Glory recorded their first win in six matches, defeating Newcastle 3-0. And, with their future up in the air, things only got worse for the Jets. Perth's Travis Dodd netting back-to-back goals in the space of four minutes, before Shane Smeltz capitalised from the spot. COMMENTATOR: Smeltz - there is the icing on the cake for Perth Glory. Relief for Shane Smeltz. And a second-half break from Pedj Bojic saw the Mariners make it eight-straight wins. Now, Max is busy getting all the stats and facts ready for day two of play. What have you got for us? Anything interesting coming up?We're looking at Michael Clarke breaking an Australian record for most runness a calendar year. Ricky Ponting occupys spots one and two, but Michael should break him down. There you go - 117 more runs to go. Just want to know one thing - where does Ritchie Benaud sit?Where does...? I wasn't sitting in his seat. You can't do that. Mm-mm. I wouldn't dare.Channelling Ritchie this morning, with that white jacket.Off-beige. Let's go to the weather now. Come on in, Em. How are you doing?We're having so much fun at the National Gallery of Australia this morning with de Toulouse-Lautrec. One of the things he was very fond of was painting posters of his friends who were involved in the entertainment scene. And this was one of them - a famous cabaret singer. He often performed at the Black Cat and the El Dorado Nightclub. He often harassed his patrons. Thats with unusual, but he was always depicted in the pain -- in the paintings wearing a black hat. We're gonna take a look at the weather now and see what's happening with your weather today.

Well, de Toulouse-Lautrec also painted a lot of posters for the promotion of books and literary magazines. This lady loved to fund a lot of artists and she often married quite a few artists as well. This is another one, called 'The Queen of Pleasure', a book from the late 19th century. It was about a lovely man, let's call him the Donald Trump of the late 1800s, who found himself a lovely woman. She was not as high status as him. As a result, she decided to kiss the comb-over, so to speak, so she could get that apartment and a bit of bling as well. A very unusual take on life, de Toulouse-Lautrec, Dickie and Sarah. Indeed. Thanks for that. See you in half an hour. Let's kpwo back to the US now, where one of the -- let's go back to the US now, where one of the worst school shootings in history is unfolding. 27 people are dead after a gunman opened fire in Newtown, Connecticut. Joining us from the scene is ABC America reporter Mark Greenblatt. Mark, thanks for joining us. Can you take us through what happened this morning?Well, you know, it's about 4:00 in the afternoon here right now, in Newtown, Connecticut. This morning it all began to go badly at 9:40 in the morning. That's when the first 911 call rang out. The first signs that there was a major problem here at Sandy Hook Elementary School, about a mile away from where we're standing at this park right now. Police won't let us get closer than that to the school. What we know is this - 27 are now dead. 18 of those children. Many of them kindergarteners. One of the victims here appears to be the mother of the gunman himself, who was a kindergarten teacher. It's really just been an horrific afternoon all day here in this town, which has really been nothing but a peaceful place. One of the safest places in America, by many accounts. This entire town has been shaken to its core.We're only just waking up to this terrible news here in Australia. Many of us feel sick to our stomachs. How have the children responded while all of this was unfolding?One of the really scary things for them is when they heard gunshots ringing out, they didn't know how to respond. We're hearing stories about teachers and even police shepherding these children out of a very dangerous situation, telling them, "Close your eyes. Don't look at the scene around you. Hold on to each other's hands and make your way out in a big, long human chain." That happened, and so the kids that got outline are, of course, very shaken right now. The ones behind, their parents are just simply stkraight. --Simply distraught.We spoke to some of the children a short while ago. Have a listen.Once we had done morning meetings, we heard shots and everybody went on the ground. Miss Martin just closed the door and we want to the corner.I was in the gym and I heard a loud - well, I heard, like, seven loud booms. And the gym teachers told us to go in the corner. So we all huddled. And I kept hearing these booming noises.Mark, amid all this tragedy, we're now hearing tales of extraordinary heroism from some of the teachers at the school. What can you tell us about that?One of the teachers that we heard about began hearing shots, gunfire ringing out. She responded quickly, getting every last one of her children into a bathroom, closing the door behind. This is a very small bathroom. Some had to stand on top of a toilet. We now know that teacher probably saved those kids' lives.Mark, we know this is a developing story, but do we know much about the shooter? Do we know his identity yet?Well, we're starting to learn a lot, Sarah. One of the things we now know is he's 24 years old. His name is Ryan Lanza, is what authorities are telling us. We also know that he seems to have grown up in this town, even having gone to school here in this town. So, essentially, some calling him now a home-grown terror. One of the things we're hearing about him is while he was growing up, going through school here, he was essentially a nice kid, a nerdy kid is what we're hearing, so the last kind of person that his clatmates would have thought responsible for something like we're seeing today.This police investigation is ongoing, but has there been any clue as to why perhaps he opened fire in this school? I mean, what sort of motive he may have had?It's really unclear right now. One of the things that we know, of course, is that his own mother, a kindergarten teacher here, is a victim. Many of her students also died in this shooting today. It's unclear if there was a problem with his mother. We know and are hearing report that is he had some kind of an altercation with the school's principal shortly before the shooting began. But these are the kinds of things, before we really know what the motive is, it's gonna take a little bit of time for authorities to sort out.There have been so many shooting in the US this year, and over the past five years, since 2007, there have been more shootings than ever. I guess the question here people in Australia are asking - is it time to tighten gun control in the United States? Has there been much chatter about that there?Clearly, that's one of the first questions that gets asked after anything like this takes place. Someone put that same question to President Obama today. The President saying that in the days to come, that question, there will be plenty of time to address. But for today the focus remains on the family. That's the President of the United States. Yeah, absolutely. Alright, ABC America reporter Mark Greenblatt, thanks for joining us this morning. We'll try and catch up with you later. For now, over to you, Dickie. Thank you very much. It is just heartbreaking and gut-wrenching, isn't it? As Mark said, a very emotional President Obama addressed the nation about 45 minutes ago. Let's have a listen to what he said. We have endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. And each time I learn the news, I react not as a President but as anybody else would. As a parent. And that was especially true today. I know there's not a parent in America who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that I do. The majority of those who died today were children. Beautiful little kids between the ages of five and 10 years old.

10 years old. They had their entire lives ahead of them. Birthdays, graduations, weddings. Kids of their own. Among the fallen were also teachers, men and women who devoted their lives to helping our children fulfil their dreams. So, our hearts are broken today. For the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children. And for the families of the adults who were lost. Our hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors as well. For, as blessed as they are to have their children home tonight, they know that their children's innocence has been torn away from them too early, and there are no words that will ease their pain.A very emotional President Barack Obama speaking there. We will have more on that story as the morning unfolds. Alright, a big change of pace now. Anyone who has a new iPhone or is using the new Apple operating system has been frustrated by the map's app that offers some very bizarre directions. But now there is a solution, thanks to Google. Anthony Slater from CyberShack joins us now with more. This Apple maps app was an absolute shocker. It was taking us on all sorts of mad run, wasn't it?It was. The Victorian Police Department even came out with a press release saying, "Don't rely on Apple Maps." It was directing people to Mildura, getting people stuck in a national park with no water, electricity. Apple took the unprecedented step for coming out and apologising for how bad their maps were.Very rare! I know. A bit of humility for them there, with the new CEO, Tim Cook. This has affected customers and has been big news in the tech world. Google Maps, it's back on the iPhone. When did all this happen? Well, what's happened, over the last few years, Apple and Google were tied in together quite well. And Google Maps was previously the default mapping system on the iPhone. Earlier this year, Apple decided they didn't want to pay the licence fees to Google anymore, they didn't want all the Google products on their phone, so they got rid that of and came up with their own mapping system. A lot of people pushed back, obviously weren't happy. So Google have come out just a few days ago and have released their own mapping service on the iPhone to compete with the Apple system. It's already been the most downloaded app, the number one in the app store there. It's going really well. It's a rebuilt mapping system that Google have released. How has this app been improved?The differences between the Apple and Google versions - Google's version offers public transport information. Building and streets - street vufplt it's also more accurate. One of the major things. Google noul offer turn-by-turn directions. You don't need the GPS in your car. It will show you where to turn, where to go. It's quicker, smarter, smoother. It's really showing up Apple - this is how you should do maps.Do you think this tussle between the tech giants will continue?Look, it's gonna continue. Apple are investing a hell of a lot of money into their maps, trying to make them better. But they are fighting across a broad range of things. Google's Android operatorer is the biggest competitor. This isn't the end of the story at all. A lot of people will be preferring Google to Apple. It's ongoing, for sure.Interesting to watch. Thank you very much, Anthony Slater. Thank you.Over to you, Dickie. Thank you. Melbourne grandmother Dr Jan Smith, aged 68, has already conquered Mount Everest. Now she's about to head off on another epic quest, as she aims to climb the highest peaks on each of the seven continents. Thank you for joining us. You are one amazing person. What is your inspiration?Thank you, Richard. I guess because I can. I started 10 years ago and I just loved trekking in the Himalaya and then climbing higher. And I wanted to go higher and faster, so I sort of graduated out of the trekking range, which is - what you can see is 8,000m. That's the training mountain for Everest. So I climbed higher and higher. This was my third attempt on Mount Everest this year. Weather, and not being allowed to climb on, in case I held up the grurnings were the reasons I didn't summit -- group, were the reasons I didn't summit the previous two times. This year everything came together. We had beautiful weather, as you can see. I went on the Tibet side. I enlisted with a company called Summit Climb. He saved an Australian when he was left to die up on this mountain at the second step. I saw the place where there were another seven bodies this year, where Lincoln was left. I was in the tent with Dan and heard the whole story. So he was an inspirational leader and he let me climb at my own pace. He gave me a smaller oxygen cylinder, as requested. And he was full of encouragement. Kept saying, "Well done, you're doing great," and things like that. So everything came together for me and I was able to reach of the top with two experienced high-altitude sherpas in May this year. One day, the dawn after my 68th birthday.Goodness me. An amazing story. No hiccups along the way?No, not really. One bout of gastro as I started off. But that was gone in 24 hours, with antibiotics. Right at the beginning, I was just tired.How do you prepare for something like this, mentally and physically?Three or four months' training, and that means cross-training, so running, swimming, climbing, stair-climbing. Um, and... (LAUGHS) I'm watching the pictures.They are great pictures.Yeah, so just general fitness. You can't do much about the altitude. And luckily my body acclimatised as well. I know to go slowly and drink plenty of fluids. And I guess some of it's just luck, with my constitution that I make lots of red blood cells on the way. What was the reaction of friends and family when you said, "Off to climb Everest. See ya."?They are always very anxious about me and when I got to the top, I actually cried a little bit inside my mask with relief. I thought, "Thank God I have made it. I don't have to do this again. Everyone can stop worrying."And now you're off to climb another six?Yes. Well, I looked up Google and I found they are all 2km lower than Everest, so that's almost in the trekking range. A walk in the park!Yes, well, sort of!Just finally, Doctor, what's your secret? Um, I don't know. Determination. I found it sort of suited me. Um, I used to be a sprinter at school and then I did a university fencing blue, did a lot of horse riding. I just like physical activity. I got a bit of coordination, and, um, I like to be at the top. Well, you have done that. And now you're off to find a whole lot more tops. Look, you're an inspirational, amazing person. We love your story. Thank you for talking to us, and we wish you a very merry Christmas. Same to you, Richard. Thank you very much.Thank you. Alright. Let's go back to Roz Kelly at Bellerive Oval in Hobart, with Michael Slater no, less, Roz? Yes, Slats is here to talk about the cricket action. Thoughts on the contest so far?I thought it was a good day. Sri Lanka bowled well at times. 299 is an entertaining day's play. Interesting to note that a lot of batsmen got starts. No-one got the hundred. I thought Warner was set. He had a run-out just before lunch. Phil Hughes was set and disappointed to get out just before the break. But great to see him score runs. It was a good effort. Michael Clarke was struggling a bit yesterday with a knee, got hid on the pad and -- got hit on the pad. I thought it was a good day for Australia.Let's talk about Phil Hughes. He was under a lot of pressure coming in here. It's his third time back in the Australian team. What do you make of his performance - is it confidence or the technical changes?Confidence. He's a great young kid. He's 24 now. And I just love the way, given the disappointment of another dropping from the team and Heathrow Airports to play for another 15 years in the Australian team, he went away and he worked so hard at his game. I don't think yesterday you could notice a whole lot of technical changes. We put a split screen up with a cover drive that he played yesterday was gorgeous and one that he played last year. The only thing I noticed was his hands were a little bit tighter to his body and the flourish was a bit more... He finished there instead of holding... The cricket hands are going here. He got through the ball slightly in a different fashion to last year. But I think it's confidence. He comes in, the selectors have picked him in good form. He's the leader Sheffield Shield player. There's an up and down nature to this pitch. Obviously we have rain now, so that keeps a pitch together. Come day three, four, five, if we get to day five, then Ily we'll be playing a few tricks.What do you think will be a good total?350-plus, for Australia. They should be able to score more. First innings, 350, when you start to notice the pitch playing up and down. Siddle, Hilfenhaus, Starc, around 135 to 145, different prospect than bowling 125 when it starts to zoom low or it sits in the pitch and stands up. So I think the Sri Lankan batting, they will find it a lot tougher than the Australians yesterday.What about the Sri Lankan bowlers? The pace attack has been labelled one of the worst ever to be brought to Australia. What are your thoughts on that?I don't agree with that. I think the conditions yesterday suited holding good... He got the three wickets. I thought he bowled well at times. He's probably the most expensive. It's the long spells that hurt the Sri Lankan fast bowlers. One is a good, honest bowler. He got up around 135, but finished the day at 123. They have never been bless would a lot of great fast bowlers. They have had Malinga. Unfortunately, he's unable to play the long-form game. He would have been very good out there yesterday. But, look, they combined quite nicely. You have another, with his left-arm orthodox. He didn't get a lot of assistance yesterday. But he's one of the world's best spinners. I think he's ranked three in the ICC rankings.A better contest than most think. Thank you very much.Do you like this commentary box?It is. It's cosy in here.She has been on Ritchie's mike, by the way.You can give us a tour later shrax! See you guys later. Thanks, Roz. We will have news, sport and weather next on Weekend Today.And do not try this at home - this is Professor Splash. He's belly-flooping into less Han than half a metre of -- belly-flopping into less than half a metre of water. Goodness me! Oh! This program is not captioned. If you want great deals
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Tomorrow on Weekend Today - what really happened to Harold Holt. 45 years after he is simply vanished, we look at one of Australia's most enduring mysteries.Plus - the lost vision of Donald Bradman - we'll take a look at the footage unearthed in the most unusual cases. Pretty cool.It's better than pretty cool. Amazing. Let's go to the news desk now with Wendy Kingston. Thank you. Good morning again. First to the US, where President Barack Obama says the nation is in mourning after 27 people, including 20 children, were shot dead at a primary school in Connecticut. 24- year-old Ryan Lanza terrorised the Sandy Hook Elementary School, where his mother was a kindergarten teacher. He opened fire in her classroom after reportedly being involved in an altercation with the school principal, who was also killed in that massacre.So our hearts are broken today for the parents and grandparents, sisters and brothers of these little children, and for the families of the adults who were lost. Our hearts are broken for the parents of the survivors as well, for, as blessed as they are to have their children home tonight, they know that their children's innocence has been torn away from them too early. And there are no words that will ease their pain.Earlier in the morning, the gunman's father was killed at his New Jersey home. There are now reports that Lanza's brother has also been found dead in a New Jersey building. Back home now - and a man is in hospital with serious leg and chest injuries after being pinned under a bus in Sydney's CBD last night. It's believed the man, in his mid- 30s, was hit by the coach as he attempted to talk across the road shortly before 7:00. He was treated at the scene by paramedics before being taken to hospital. The bus didn't have any passengers on board at the time of that incident. Lawyers for accused killer Gerard Baden-Clay have suggested his wife, Allison, may have taken her own life. Appearing in Brisbane's Supreme Court yesterday, his lawyers argued Allison had a fatal dose of anti-depressants in her system. The prosecution shot down those claims, telling the court bruising on Allison's body indicated she may have been suffocated or strangled.From the outset he has maintained his innocence, he has asserted that strongly and he continues to do so. The 42-year-old real estate agent will remain behind bars after his second bid for bail was denied. The father of three is charged with murdering his wife and dumping her body in a creek bed. Nine people have been killed and close to 70 others injured in a major accident in east China. The pile-up involving it 12 vehicles is believed to have been caused by heavy snow which had coated a section of a busy expressway. Cranes were brought in to clear that wreckage, as paramedics treated those injured by the roadside. Well, a sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper may have been thrown out in court, but the case has taken its toll on his reputation. A Fairfax phone poll has revealed less than 3% of voters in his Queensland electorate support the former speaker. The damning findings come as Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott continue to trade blows over the scandal.Mr Abbott has to extract himself and his political party from the filth they are rolling in.I had no pacific knowledge of any of the details of the allegations against Mr Slipper.Despite her attacks on the Opposition's handling of that case, mz Gillard says Mr Slipper won't be returning as speaker of the House. Time for the latest sports news with Roz Kelly. Hey again, Roz. Hello, Wendy. The commentary box is coming alive here, as everyone prepares for the cricket broadcast. Australia, they will resume at 4/299 in this first test against Sri Lanka. And that was set up by Phil Hughes, earning a test recall, he discovered his form batting at number three and scoring a determined 86.I really enjoyed batting three. I was in there quite early, but in saying that, there's gonna be times where I'll come in after lunch or whenever, you don't really know. But I really enjoyed it.Michael Clarke and Michael Hussey are at the crease. The pair combining for an unbeaten 101-run partnership. All the coverage on Nine straight after Weekend Today. Still on cricket - Sydney paceman Dirk has described last night's 5- wicket loss to the Melbourne Renegades as frustrating in the Big Bash. The Thunder could only manage a total of 116 from their 20 overs at ANZ Stadium. Aaron Finch again starring with the bat as the visitors easily chased down the target.Never easy chasing a low total on a wicket like that. With bowls like that at the start of the inning, that's as good as I've ever faced. It could have been different for them, if he knocked over a couple a bit of luck goes their way. I am proud of our boys.The victory keeps the Renegades unbeaten at the top of the competition table. In the A-League, Melbourne Heart keeper Clint Bolton has had a night to forget, letting through two goals against the Central Coast Mariners at Bluetongue Stadium. The Mariners Pedj Bojic netting both to secure the 2-0 win and maintain top spot on the table.The main thing tonight, we knew Melbourne would do well against us, a difficult side. We knew it was gonna be a tough night. We got the three points, which is what we wanted.Meantime, Perth jumped into fourth place with a convincing 3-0 win over Newcastle. And Aussie surfer Joel Parkinson is on the verge of securing his first world title after 11-time champion Kelly Slater lost his fourth-round heat earlier this morning at the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. Slater breaking his board in the big swell. But he will have another chance in round five. But if he loses there, the title will be Parkinson's, after he has already reached the quarterfinals. Very best of luck to him. We'll keep an eye on that throughout the morning. And we'll see you guys in the next half an hour.See you then. Better check in with Emma now for all the weather.Moved into the kids' area, Sarah and Dickie, where we're having some fun with some of our younger friends this morning. We're getting inspired by the 'Toulouse-Lautrec - Paris & the Mouin Rouge' exhibition, which is currently showing at the National Gallery of Australia. One of the activities that the kids can get involved in while Mum and Dad take a look at the exhibition is replicating some of de Toulouse- Lautrec's famous posters. We're gonna show you what we've created straight after we take a look at your weather.

Well, you can get dressed up in this room and get inspired by all the wonder of the late Paris in the 1800s. And we have done some beautiful drawings this morning, Sarah. We've got Kim here, who has done a Cadot one, known as the Human Cannon Ball. You keep going on with that one. And Nakita has done another drawing of a beautiful lady, just like herself, dressed up in all her Paris yen finery. We'll come back to you in the next half- hour. Thank you. Time for What's Making News. Joining us is 'Herald Sun' columnist Susie O'Brien. Good morning to you.Hi.First to that awful news out of the United States, where one of the worst school shootings in American history is unfolding. 27 people, 20 of them children, are dead after a gunman opened fire in Connecticut, north- east of New York City. I mean, Susie, this story hit me in the stomach, like - it's very hard to describe what it was like hearing the news. I mean, is it time for gun control in the States?Oh, absolutely, Sarah. And, you know, when there starts to be a league table of these sorts of shootings, you really have to worry. You know, this isn't as bad as Virginia Tech, but it's worse an Columbine. What upsets people is the amount of children who have been killed. They are talking about a whole kindergarten class. You can't even imagine the terror of those children in their final moments. And the stories from parents talking about knowing that their kids are in there, knowing something awful is happening, but they don't know if their kids are safe. They can't get in there to help them is just almost unthinkable. Obama, who was clearly very affected at this news conference, was talking about the need for meaningful action. And I think so many people agree - you know, how many more people have to die before we see gun control? People are saying, "This isn't the time to talk about gun control," but I think there's never been a better time to talk about gun control. And it's not about more guns, it's about less guns.I think it's time to stop talking, Susie. I mean, President Obama's been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. He could earn it by putting a stop to people being able to own guns so easily, couldn't he?Absolutely. People are already talking about maybe the answer to these sorts of things is more security in schools and giving guns to teachers! But surely that's absolutely the wrong approach. Surely there needs to be less guns, not more.I think the thing that's really resonated with a lot of people here in Australia, as you mentioned, the age of these shooting victims. I mean, we're talking kids in kindergarten. What was your reaction when you first heard the news?My kids are exactly that age. And it's just gut- wrenching. Because it's not only