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54. Is quartzite an igneous rock?

No. Metamorphic. A frilled WHAT appeared
on the old Australian...? Neck lizard.
Correct. ..two cent coin. Are seals carnivorous? True.
Yes, they are, Anthony. What is 85 - 12?

Correct. True or false? Antarctic krill can lay as many as
10,000 eggs at a time.

True it is, Chantelle. Is a jiffy a very long
period of time? No.
No is correct. And that's inside the buzzer. Oh, and with that
look what's happened! Hoo-hoo! 200 points, Minchinbury. Anthony, Brittany and Olivia
are third today. Really swapping around
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - suspected wife killer
Gerard Baden-Clay makes a second bid for bail
in a Brisbane court. Security boosted

as police investigate death threats
against the prank call DJs. The bizarre twist to a man-hunt that
came to a dramatic end in a swamp. And Hugh Jackman joins Hollywood's
elite on the Walk of Fame.

Good afternoon. Lawyers for accused wife killer
Gerard Baden-Clay are making a second bid
for him to be released on bail. The application is being heard
in the Supreme Court in Brisbane this afternoon. Erin Edwards has more.

Gerard Baden-Clay's lawyers say the Crown's brief of evidence supports a case of murder as much as his does suicide. That is that Allison Baden-Clay could have taken her own a life. Peter Davis told the Supreme Court there is no official cause of death and that Allison Baden-Clay's body showed no signs of trauma. He said toxicology tests pointed to drugs in her system and a new evidence that Allison Baden- Clay was wearing exercise clothing when her body was found dumped earlier this year. The defence suggests that jumper she was wearing showed potential evidence that it could have been used as a ligature. Gerard Baden-Clay claimed he was not brought to the hearing and remains at the remand centre where he has been since his arrest for his wife's murder six months ago. Extra security has been put on at the Supreme Court today. The last time Gerard Baden-Clay appeared to make a failed bid for freedom, the court house did receive a threat from a phone call and proceedings had to be adjourned. We are not so certain of the decision will be made today but if he is granted bail, he will be released from a remand centre and will be able to spend Christmas with his family, including his three young daughters, who may be called to give evidence at their mother's murder trial. In breaking news - the New South Wales Coroner
has recommended all schools in the state
restrict the use of nuts following the death of a teenager who suffered an allergic reaction
at school. The findings were handed down
late this afternoon. The Coroner says nuts should be eliminated
from home cooking classes and all students at risk of
anaphylaxis should carry EpiPens.

16-year-old Raymond Cho died
in May last year after suffering a severe allergic
reaction to a walnut biscuit. Police are investigating
death threats made against the radio hosts at the centre
of the royal prank call scandal. Chris Maher joins me now. Chris, how serious
are these threats being taken? Chris, police from Sydney's
Eastern Suburbs Command say they have seized a letter
containing a number of threats.

It's understood

the letter specifically targets
DJ Michael Christian who, along with co-host Mel Greig,
made the royal prank call. Police say they are forensically
examining the letter to try and identify its source. 2Day's parent company,
Southern Cross Austereo, is saying little about reports key staff members from the station have now been placed
in safe locations with extra security. In a brief statement, Austereo would only say
that sensible measures are in place. All of this
as an inquest begins in the UK into the death of nurse
Jacintha Saldanha who took the hoax call.

Chris, the suicide notes
left by Jacintha Saldanha could shed some light on her death? Chris,
three suicide notes were found, one reportedly referring
to funeral arrangements and another mentioning
the prank call. It's understood a third letter contained criticism
of King Edward VII Hospital where she worked. Her family has read the letters.

Editor as you all right, we would want to know everything and there are wonderful family. They are a close-knit family. They are grieving. They need to be supported. There will be a memorial service
for Jacintha Saldanha at Westminster Cathedral
tomorrow night our time. Thanks, Chris.

And if you or anyone you know
is experiencing difficulty coping, Lifeline can help on 13 11 14.

A man has been arrested
after fleeing from police

and spending the night
hidden in a Sydney swamp. In a bizarre chain of events, police dogs searching for the man
injured an unsuspecting cave dweller who was spending the night with
his girlfriend inside a storm drain. Sarah Coates has more.

The drama unfolded around five o'clock this morning when police spotted a white EU to driving along the freeway in Sydney's north. It had no headlights on. -- ute. Police attempted to stop the vehicle for random breath test but he did not pullover, travelling along the freeway, stopping the vehicle and fleeing into bush land. He remained there for four hours. Just before 9am, a man called out of a storm water drain and try to run from police. He was arrested about 20 metres from his hiding spot. He was taken to North Sydney police station to be questioned in relation to a ute which was stolen this morning and why he ran from police.It was strange. You don't see a lot of people walking along and get into a vehicle and driving a top. -- driving it off.Another man unrelated to the incident was bitten by a police dog. He was camped inside the storm water drain on a mattress with his girlfriend but there date came to an abrupt end as he was dragged from the drain by two officers. It is believed the pair are members of the notorious Cave Klan and it is safe to say he would be sitting down for a while because of where the police dog bit him. That year. The mother of a Melbourne teenager who was fatally punched
in a drunken attack two years ago has lashed out at the justice system for refusing to increase
his killer's sentence. Kate Osborn is in Melbourne. Kate, what did she have to say? Chris, like the rest of her family,
Rikki Arney is absolutely devastated by what happened at court
this morning. Her 17-year-old son, Cameron,
died two years ago after he was king-hit
and fatally injured while he was walking home
from the Pakenham Hungry Jack's. The killer was another 17-year-old
who'd drunk 15 vodka energy drinks.

He was jailed for six years with
four years minimum for manslaughter, but that was reduced on appeal
to three years youth detention. The DPP sought leave
to appeal to the High Court, arguing it set a dangerous precedent which could lead to three years
being the maximum sentence for all underage offenders, but the High Court refused
the application, and so the killer's sentence
will stand. Here's Cameron's mother's reaction
outside court. So

So disappointed today what happened.

So disappointed today what happened.
We only fight to stop other people from being in our shoes and unfortunately, someone else is going to be here again.

Making today's decision even more
painful for Cameron Lowe's family is the knowledge his killer
is already back on the streets. He was released at the discretion
of Youth Justice two years early after serving only one year
of his sentence, and his victim's family
wasn't told he was free. There are now calls
for the law to be changed so that the victims
of juvenile offenders are notified when they're released, as is the case with adult offenders. Hundreds of people have attended
a memorial service for a South Australian woman
killed in a double murder. About 500 mourners farewelled
Jessie Fullerton in the country town of Quorn,
in the state's north. The popular 22-year-old camel rider
was found dead last week on a road next to her car
less than 100m from her home. A 19-year-old man has been charged
with her murder and that
of 16-year-old Rebecca Wild.

The Prime Minister's launched
a scathing attack on Tony Abbott, accusing him of "rolling in filth"
over the Peter Slipper affair. Julia Gillard demanded
he come clean about the scandal after a judge ruled that Liberal candidate Mal Brough
was involved in an abuse of legal process.

Mr Abbott has to extract himself
and his political party from the filth they're rolling in.

There are no conspiracies
whatsoever. I think the Labor Party
should stop hyperventilating. Mr Abbott says
he had no specific knowledge about the legal action
against Peter Slipper until it was revealed in the media.

Hugh Jackman has been given a prime piece of property
in Hollywood, unveiling his star
on the famous Walk of Fame. It's been a big day
for the Aussie actor, who's also celebrating
a Golden Globe nomination. Mike Amor has the details.

I'll Never Walk On the Moon and never have one of these.His cities. Hugh Jackman's new star on the Walk of fame. I keep rubbing it hoping some of his good books will rub off on me that you know you have made it when you have one of these. There are only 2004 -- there are only 2487 of them. Lots of fans from Australia and studio executives and his co-stars from the upcoming musical 'Les Mis' but more importantly, his family - his wife and two children. Let us listen to what he had to say today. It is so real. I don't remember growing up thinking, one day I want one of those. I hope one day I can go to Hollywood and just to travel. Been here now today with all of this is amazing. To have my family here and what Australians and the crowd.It is officially Hugh Jackman day in Hollywood. He is everywhere, there he is as Wolverine at Madam Tussauds. There was a nomination at the SAGs and the Golden Globe Awards nomination today. A couple of hundred metres, the theatre where the Oscars will be handed out in February. A hot favourite right now for Best actor for his part in 'Les Mis' and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the Queen gives her theory on what
caused the global financial crisis. Also, beaches closed as king tides and monster waves
hammer the east coast. And a bravery award
for an AFL legend.

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Several beaches along Queensland's
South-East coast were closed today after being hit
by the highest tides of the year. Residents on the Gold Coast were
warned about possible beach erosion while swimmers were urged
to stay out of the water. But with waves reaching almost 2.7m
in some places, surfers couldn't resist a chance
to take on the powerful swell. We'll get a big tide again
tomorrow morning, then it will start
to ease off a bit. but across the weekend,
it will be pretty busy. Swimmers are urged
to check with lifeguards before entering the water.

Two children are among
at least three people killed in a tropical cyclone in Samoa. Cyclone Evan intensified
for a second time this morning after slamming
into the Pacific nation yesterday. Several buildings have been damaged and there are fears
for a number of people missing in widespread flooding. The amount of buildings
that have been washed away because of the rivers overflowing
is nothing as I've ever seen before.

The Queen has given workers
at the Bank of England a lesson in economics during a tour of the bank's vaults. Her Majesty was asking what caused
the 2008 financial crisis when she decided to give them
her own view on the subject.

But people had got a bit lax... Complacency. Her husband, Prince Philip had
some more financial advice to share, telling the bank's executives
"Don't do it again". AFL legend Ron Barassi
has been honoured for bravery after helping a woman who was being
assaulted three years ago. The famous footballer chased down
the woman's attacker in St Kilda but was overpowered and bashed. Today, he was presented
with a bronze medal for bravery at a ceremony in Melbourne.

Get a pat on the back
and I think that's good because too much of the newspaper
and news is full of bad things -

some good things is good. He was among 35 people
recognised for brave acts.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - we'll get the latest
from the financial markets. Also, Christmas comes early
at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. And in sport,

a first-round win for the players
in rugby league's money fight.

ANZ has become
the last of the big banks to pass on part of
the Reserve's interest rate cut, reducing its standard variable rate
by point 0.2%. On the financial markets - the ASX 200 has closed flat today.

Christmas has come early for
residents at Sydney's Taronga Zoo. This morning,
Santa's helpers dropped off an array of festive treats
for the animals. The giraffes were spoiled with a special Christmas lunch
of leaves, carrots and apples, while the bear enclosure resembled a
familiar scene on Christmas morning as the bears named Mr Hobbs and Mary
ripped into their presents.

MAN: What did ya get? The meerkats were treated
to a new home for the holidays, while the tortoises
were taking it slow and steady as they feasted on
a Christmas buffett of watermelon.

Sport shortly

Hello there. Coming up in Sydney at 6pm, the coroner's ruling
on a student's death a school - 16-year-old Raymond Cho
couldn't be revived at Ashfield Boys High after eating a nut-laden biscuit
made during a cooking class. Tonight, the recommendations to prevent similar tragedies
happening again. Also, the police investigation into threats against staff
at Sydney radio station 2DayFM over the royal prank call tragedy. We'll let you know what's being done to fix the poor performance
of several Sydney hospitals, where the emergency departments
have been rated as among the worst in Australia. A Seven News investigation
has uncovered the safety problems
at day care centres, with dozens of children hurt
every day. The pictures we broadcast first
of a dramatic arrest - wait till you hear
where police found their wanted man. Sally Bowrey will have
the first forecast for Christmas Day to help you plan your celebration. And we test out the world's
longest waterslide, the Funnel Web. Those stories and more
in Sydney's Seven News at 6pm, but now here's Matt
with the day's sport.

Good afternoon. Phil Hughes has made
an impressive comeback for Australia in the first test against Sri Lanka. Australia chose to bat first
in Hobart, losing Ed Cowan for 4
and Dave Warner for 57 before lunch. Shane Watson made 30.

COMMENATOR: Oh, brilliantly caught! What a superb catch! Replacing Ricky Ponting 12 months after being axed
for the second time, Hughes made his first half-century
on home soil but fell for 86 after tea.

It was a thriller in last night's Big Bash clash
between Adelaide and Brisbane. and just beat
Callum Ferguson's dive to the rope. Perth's veteran, Simon Katich,
has been fined $1,250 for repeatedly abusing umpires
during their loss to the Stars.

Rugby league heavyweights
have applauded the NRL for agreeing to increase
the minimum wage for players. In New Zealand before fighting former
All Blacks hit man Troy Flavell, Willie Mason says players will accept an increased
salary cap to $5.8 million.

The minimum wage is $80,000,
which is the main thing, because a lot of young kids
that are playing at a high level are on 50 grand and that's not enough. On the Gold Coast, a new-look Dave Taylor modelled
a new look jersey for the Titans.

Sydney FC have unveiled
new signing Joel Griffiths after the striker's stint with Didier Drogba
and Nicolas Anelka in Shanghai. He'll now partner
Alessandro Del Piero. The players, they have got... I feel they can achieve
that goal and this to be champion. Last-placed Sydney host rivals
Western Sydney tomorrow night, but Griffiths isn't available
until January 1.

Jin Jun Zhang has taken the lead
from Daniel Popovic at the Australian PGA Championship
at Coolum. Popovic followed
his stunning opening round of 64 with a 2-under-70. He nailed four birdies today,
five less than yesterday. Geoff Ogilvy and Matthew Griffin
are 2 behind Popovic. Rod Pampling's on the move, shooting a 5-under-67,
including this chip for birdie. Chris, I think we

Chris, I think we should have been Basketball was because Andrew topped a rich list. $13.5 million. Just ahead of Mark Webber. Don't tell the rugby league players.

Hi. Could I get a thickshake? WOMAN: (OVER SPEAKER)
Yep, sure. That's $1. Oh, no, sorry.
I wanted to order a thickshake. Yep, that's $1. VOICEOVER: You won't believe the value you can get with Hungry Jack's
new Penny Pinchers menu. (YELLS) One thickshake!

Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update
from Waterfront City in Melbourne. In Hobart, it's a cloudy afternoon,
rain developing tonight. A bit of a gloomy day. In Hobart, it's a cloudy afternoon,
rain developing tonight. In Adelaide, the rain has cleared,
a shower or two tomorrow.

And, in Sydney, it's a warm
and partly cloudy afternoon.

From the satellite - that cloud that stretches
from South Australia to Tassie is driving areas of rain
and isolated thunderstorms, and the system
is tracking eastwards.

It's looking fine
over the southern half of WA.

Isolated rain over Queensland. Forecast in Brisbane tomorrow -
sunny. Sydney,
a shower or two. Canberra, unsettled,
afternoon showers. Hobart, rain. Melbourne, showers
and thunderstorms. Adelaide,
a shower or two. That's the latest weather.
More at 6pm, Chris. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Chris Reason.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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