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Locals say it wouldn't be
the holiday season without the dancing cop. Every Christmas since 1984, retired police officer, Tony Lepore, pulls out his uniform
and shows off his fancy dance moves as he directs traffic. Even though he's retired, officials have allowed him
to work part time so he can continue spread
his Christmas cheer.

There you go.Coming out of retirement to do that? That will be you.I'll stand behind you, you and Luke Jacobs.Goodbye, happy Christmas shopping.Yes, good luck!

This program is captioned live. This morning - accused wife killer
Gerard Baden-Clay makes a fresh bid for bail
in a Brisbane court. Tight security for 2dayFM
radio hosts, as more details are revealed about
the suicide of a London nurse. And the dramatic arrest
of a suspected car thief

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Morning
News with Ann Sanders. Good morning. The man accused of killing his wife and dumping her body
in a Brisbane creek could find out today
if he'll be home for Christmas. Gerard Baden-Clay is behind bars, charged with Allison's murder
in June. Seven's Erin Edwards is outside
the Supreme Court in Brisbane. Hello, Erin. This is Baden-Clay's
second bail attempt?

Gerard Baden-Clay's first bid for bail was knocked back because the judge ruled he was a flight risk. Despite his defence team offering up $ Despite his defence team offering up $500,000 surety. Under Queensland laws, accused people can make aed ask bid for bail if they can praov fresh evidence. We are expecting arguments trying to prove the prosecution's brief of evidence was inconsistent with evidence heard at the first bail hearing. 15 affidavits will be lodged including one from his sister, Olivia, his father and brother-in-law. It is not unusual in Queensland for people accused of domestic homicide to be granted bail. It has become more common in the last 10 to 15 years and there are comparative trials where people have been given bail. He was accused of murdering Allison in their Brookvale rr home. And her pody was found in a creek. It is alleged before the body was found, he had applied to the life insurance company where she had a $ company where she had a $900,000 policy and he was in $ policy and he was in $1 million in debt. We have had word he won't come to the court, he will remain at the remand centre where he has been since his arrest. It is scheduled to start at 2:15. If granted he could be home for Christmas, with his two daughters, who could, of course, be called as witnesses to called as witnesses to their mother's murder case.

The Sydney radio station
at the centre of the royal prank call tragedy has been forced to hire
extra security after staff
received death threats. Over in London,
the story is still front-page news as the inquest into the death
of nurse Jacintha Saldanha gets under way. Chris Maher has the details.

A security blanket is being placed around staff from 2DayFM as the fallout from fallout from the royal prank call continues. Police have confirmed today they are investigating death threats, including a letter sent to DJ Michael Christian. Key staff from the radio station have reportedly been placed in hotels for their safety. While protection services have also been hired. It comes as details emerge of the death of United Kingdom nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who was duped by the radio call. An inquest has been told she was found hanging from a wardrobe in her nurse's quarters. There were also several injuries to her wrists. Three suicide notes were found, including one containing criticism of staff at the King Edward VII Hospital where she worked. It has intensifyed calls in the United Kingdom for the nurse's family to be given more information.

and they are a wonderful family,
they are a closeknit family, they are grieving
and they need to be supported.

It has also been confirm said there will be a memorial service for Jacintha Saldanha at the Westminster cathedral, tomorrow night, our time. Ann.

And if you or someone you know
needs help or support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14. 'Hey Dad..!' star Robert Hughes has spent his first night
in a Sydney apartment, after arriving back in the country
to fight child sex abuse charges. The 64-year-old flew
in from London yesterday morning and was charged
with eleven offences. He's on strict bail conditions including reporting
to police several times a week. He's also had
to surrender his passport. Hughes is accused of abusing five
young girls between 1984 and 1990. The Prime Minister says Tony Abbott and his party
are "rolling in filth" and must come clean over their role
in the Peter Slipper affair. But the Opposition Leader
has accused Labor of hyperventilating
in its talk of a conspiracy. Tony Abbott emerges
from the shadows in London with the spotlight on his star
candidate Mal Brough. (MAN): Can you guarantee Can you guarantee Mal Brough will be the Coalition's
candidate for Fisher? Yes I can. The Opposition Leader was responding
for the first time to a judge's finding that Mr Brough,
along with James Ashby, abused the legal process
for political gain against rival Peter Slipper. Mr Abbott has to extract himself
and his political party from the filth they're rolling in. The only way of doing that
will be by coming clean. There are no conspiracies here, there are no conspiracies
whatsoever. I think the Labor Party should
stop hyperventilating. However, one Coalition colleague
wasn't so open in his support. Is Mal Brough damaged politically? He's got some questions to answer. Questions have also been raised
over when exactly Tony Abbott knew that sexual
harassment claims were to be launched
against the former Speaker. I had no specific knowledge of any
of the details of the allegations
against Mr Slipper until I read about them.

On the Saturday morning when they were in the paper.

What knowledge did he have? Julia Gillard has her own
battle closer to home with a senior Labor MP saying there's a now a good case
for the Government to give up its pledge to return
the Budget to surplus. Chief whip Joel Fitzgibbon says
they should consider a deficit in order to stimulate the economy. People understand places
like Europe are still in bad shape and that has an impact on Australia, and you have the backing
of some very senior economists now. The Coalition says
Labor should deliver a surplus, otherwise it's
another broken promise. Two young men are
in a critical condition after their car plunged five metres
down an embankment in Geelong. The driver somehow lost control
of the vehicle crashing through a barrier and a
wall before landing on train tracks. The four men were all pulled
from the car and taken to hospital. It's believed two are critical Six people have been arrested
in a series of raids across St Albans, north-west of Melbourne. The raids follow a 2-month
investigation into drugs supply and weapons
in the area. Officers took away guns
and also found two puppies. During the search warrant we located numerous firearms
and also a quantity of drugs. Police say the investigation
is ongoing and they expect
to make more arrests. One man is in custody and another is recovering
from a police dog bite after a bizarre chain
of events in Sydney this morning. It all started when officers chased
a suspected car thief into bushland. Sarah Coates has the details.

The drama unfolded at around 5 this morning when police spotted a white Hilux utdriving along the Gorehill highway with no head lights on. The police attempted to stop the driver for a breath test but he failed to pull over. He pulled over later and fled into bushland for four hours. Just before 9am, a man crawled out of a stormwater drain before trying to run from police. He didn't get very far and was arrested 20 metres from his hiding spot. He has been taken to police headquarters to be questioned in relation to a stolen ute and why he ran away from police. A strange one. I heard he might be a bit inebriated.Earlier, a man unrelated to the incident was bitten by a police dog. He was camped inside the stormwater drain on a mattress with his girlfriend but their date came came to an end. He is a member of the notorious Cave Plant and I think it is safe to say he won't be sitting down for a while because of where the police dog bit

unveiling his star
on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor was joined by his wife
and children as he received the honour, just hours after he was nominated
for a Golden Globe. Mike Amor was there.

Here it is, Hugh Jackman's star being trampled on on Hollywood's walk of fame. I keep touching it hoping some of his good looks will rub off on me. You know you made it when there are only 2,487 of them. There are fans, studio execut chbs costars from the big musical, 'Les Miserables' that will be released in the next couple of kids, more importantly, his wife, Deb and his kids, Avaa and Oscar.

It's surreal, you know. I don't remember growing up
thinking, "One day I want one of those." I think, one day I hoped I'd be able
to go to Hollywood - just to travel. So, being here, now, today,
with all of this, is amazing. To have my family here and lots
of Aussies in the crowd, so, it's been really cool.

It's official It's officially Hugh Jackman day here. You can see him there at Madame Tussauds. A staggering day for him, yesterday, the Screen Actors Guild award nomination and the Golden Globe nomination. He would be hot favourite now for the best actor. Couldn't happen to a nicer bloke, Ann. nicer bloke,

And Hugh Jackman isn't the only
Australian up for a Globe gong with local stars dominating
the nominations. while her husband Keith Urban
received a nomination of his own. 'For You' 'Act of Valour', music and lyrics by Monty Powell
and Keith Urban. Naomi Watts is also
in the running for best actress, for her performance in the film
'The Impossible'. The 70th annual Golden Globe Awards
will be held on January 13th.

Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Samoa battered by Cyclone Evan. Also, Christmas comes early for some
of Sydney's cutest residents.

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A funeral service is under way for a South Australian
camel jockey killed in a double murder
in the state's north last week. Hundreds of family and friends
are attending the service for Jessie Fullerton. The 22-year-old's body was found
beside her car just metres from her Quorn home
last week.

Jessie was seen to be known
by everyone. She was a dwarf. The kids loved her,
she was the right size, I think. A man has been charged
with murdering Jessie and 16-year-old Rebecca Wild. have been diagnosed
with breast cancer after being cleared by
digital mammograms. The women came forward
following revelations there could be a glitch
in the system. There was an unusual drop
in detection rates between September 2010
and June this year, with 100 fewer cases than usual.

If there has been an error then there may well be an avenue
for compensation. Legal experts say there could be
grounds for compensation. To finance now and joining me
is ANZ economist Andrew McManus. Good morning, Andrew. How are the markets looking
at the end of the week?

Good morning. Well, the big event this week, for markets, was really the Federal the Federal Reserve meeting. They decided in 2013 they will continue printing money, effectively. That is adding money to the financial system to support the markets. But also, they said they will keep interest rates low until 2015, likely as they target a 6. target a 6.5% unemployment rate and 2. target a 6.5% unemployment rate and 2.5% inflation rate. Now, what this means for Australia is that while global growth might be a little bit stronger because of this, we will also see a higher Aussie dollar. The Aussie dollar is now back over $ Aussie dollar is now back over $1. Aussie dollar is now back over $1.05 this week and swee expect it to remain high over 2013 as well. For the Reserve Bank, we expect them to need to ease monetary policy through 20 thp 13 as the high there dollar does weigh on business confidence. We saw that this week as well.What should we be watching before the year ends?Well, the major data releases have really come out over the last two weeks. So the focus will probably turn towards the will probably turn towards will probably turn towards the
fiscal cliff now, the fiscal outlook for 2013 and beyond in the US. And that will probably weigh on a bit of, in investment intentions and heightened uncertainty, just going into the year end. So we expect volumes in markets might be a bit light on, especially coming into Christmas now.Thank you.

A state of disaster
has been declared in Samoa, lashed by a cyclone
for the second time in two days. Three people have died, as Cyclone Evan pounds the island
with winds up to 160km/h.

Heavy rains and powerful winds that proved to be a deadly combination on Samoa's main island. Cyclone Evan hit Apiae yesterday -- Apia yesterday evening. According to unconfirmed reports, it has claimed the lives of three people, two children in the low lying area of the capital. It has also caused widespread damage to infrastructure. Residents were given a brief window of calm overnight as the cyclone headed offshore but it has returned and is more intense.Most Apia residents have had to leave.They have been taken to higher ground and may need to stay there for some time. Samoa is no stranger to tropical cyclones, a cyclone in 2004 caused an estimated $ caused an estimated $30 million of damage. The cost of the latest cyclone is meant to keep rising. The Government is assessing before it makes a decision on possible aid for the country.

There's still 11 sleeps
until Christmas, but the animals at
Sydney's Taronga Zoo have been treated early, receiving their presents
this morning. The giraffes were spoiled
to a Christmas lunch, with their keepers dishing up a tree made of leaves,
apples and carrots. The bears were in a hurry
to open their gifts, ripping into boxes filled
with peanuts and honey. There was a new holiday home
for the meerkat enclosure, and the tortoises were treated too with special tree shaped

Next in Seven News - sport and the latest
on the first test and PGA Golf. Also, South Africa's blade runner
takes on a new challenge. Find out the winner next.

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Australian captain Michael Clarke
has set a tough challenge for his batsmen on day one of the first test
against Sri Lanka. Clarke won the toss
and chose to bat first on a pitch with plenty
of assistance for the bowlers. Our focus is solely and wholly
on Sri Lanka. We know we're up against a good team and we have to be at our best,
starting this morning. Ed Cowan was dropped, second ball
of the match but was out, caught at mid-on
soon after for four. Phil Hughes made a confident start to his third chance
at test cricket with some extravagant cover drives
early in his innings. Brisbane Heat has scored
a thrilling last-ball victory over the Adelaide Strikers
in the Big Bash League. Star import Kieron Pollard thrilled
the Adelaide Oval faithful, as the Strikers amassed a healthy
8/185. The West Indian also came up with
one of the luckiest deflections you'll ever see, to run out Ben Cutting. Brisbane needed a four off
the final ball to win, and Chris Hartley came up trumps,
but only just. COMMENTATOR: Oh, it's hit the rope! That's four and the Heat win. The 3-wicket win was
the Heat's first of the season. An increased NRL salary cap is set
to be finalised before Christmas after another positive round
of negotiations. It's understood
the Players Association has agreed to a $5.8 million cap
for 2013. The minimum wage is set to rise
to $80,000 a year. We wanted our bottom two players,

Correction: bottom tier players to be look after.

We have reached a position
that is fair and that's been our
goal the whole way along. The new deal ensures there'll be
no boycott of the All Stars game. The Newcastle Jets insist they're fully focussed on tonight's
A-League clash against Perth Glory, despite the financial woes
of owner Nathan Tinkler. Meanwhile, Sydney FC
will confirm the signing of former Socceroos and Jets striker
Joel Griffiths today. following a 3-year stint in China. And Chelsea has advanced
to the final of the FIFA Club World Cup with a 3-1 win over Mexican
side Monterrey. COMMENTATOR: Goal from Juan Mata! They'll take on Brazilian
giants Corinthians in the decider. Daniel Popovic has extended
his lead to 5 shots midway through his second round
at the Australian PGA Championship. The unheralded Victorian
carded a blistering 8-under par-64 in an opening round that
included 8 birdies in 11 holes. Geoff Ogilvy's right
in contention at -5 thanks to a pair of eagles.

COMMENTATOR: This for an eagle
to really get himself going Ah-ha. (LAUGHS) Shot of the day belonged
to Stuart Appleby and his camera. He couldn't resist snapping some
locals who were going toe-to-toe.

Fresh off the professional
athletics track, South Africa's blade runner
Oscar Pistorius, has taken on a new challenge. The double amputee has tested
his speed, taking on a racehorse
in Qatar's capital. After getting off to a good start, a downhill finish gave him
a second to spare across the line. Hopefully that will do a lot
to chance the perceptions of people with disabilities
in this region. The race is promoting disability
in sport. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather

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Checking today's weather -

Canberra may get
a shower.

showers clearing.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders. I'd like to wish you all Thanks for your company
and see you in the new year. Supertext captions by
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