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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - nurse inquest. A British court hears details
about Jacintha Saldanha's death after the royal radio prank. The prank call radio station in
lockdown and staff given bodyguards.

Doctors' worst fears - breast cancer cases missed
by new screening technology.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News
with Natalie Barr. An inquest into the death
of a British nurse duped by the royal prank call
tragedy has opened with tragic details
about her final moments. It's heard Jacintha Saldanha
was found hanged at London's Prince Edward hospital three days after being duped
by an Australian radio station. The inquest begins for British nurse
Jacintha Saldanha in a bid to find out how
and why she died. If it was you or I,
we'd want to know everything. There were no
family members present - too distraught to attend. They were represented
by MP Keith Vaz. They are grieving,
and they need to be supported and they need all the facts. The inquest heard there
were no suspicious circumstances surrounding Ms Saldanha's death three days after she was duped
by two Australian radio hosts. The coroner's office said she was found hanged
in her nurses' quarters. She left three notes. The grief is also being felt in
Jacintha's hometown of Bangalore, where hundreds have gathered
for a candlelight vigil. Since Jacintha has had
a very mysterious death, we would like
a thorough investigation into this. British police have confirmed they will gather evidence
from Australia, where the Media Watchdog
has launched it's own official investigation. Radio station 2DayFM could lose
its license if it's found to have breached radio
codes of practice. And if you or someone you know needs
help - contact Lifeline

Back home, Sydney radio station 2DayFM has been
forced to hire 24-hour security after staff received death threats
over the prank call tragedy. News Limited reports there's been
a security lockdown at the station, with up to a dozen staff forced
to move to hotels. It's believed police
are investigating a letter sent from South Australia carrying threats against host Former 'Hey Dad..!' star
Robert Hughes has spent his first night in Sydney at a hotel
instead of a jail cell after being extradited from the UK. The 63-year-old faced court briefly
yesterday charged with 11 child sex offences
dating back to the 1980s. Bail was set at $50,000
paid for by his wife. She's very anxious
and she's very upset. She's under a lot of stress
and a lot of pressure. They are a very close couple,
very dedicated. Hughes has surrendered his passport,
is forbidden to go near airports, and can't approach
his alleged victims.

At least three
South Australian women have been diagnosed
with breast cancer after being cleared by
digital mammograms. The women came forward following
revelations there could be a glitch
in the system. There was an unusual drop
in detection rates between September 2010
and June this year, with 100 fewer cases than usual.

then there may well be
an avenue for compensation. Legal experts say there
could be grounds for compensation.

Parts of Perth and
Western Australia's southern regions are mopping up after days
of thunderstorms and heavy rain. 40 properties were flooded at Collie after more than 150mm of rain
fell in just 24 hours. Local businesses were hit hard and
the velodrome became an aqua park. It was more interesting than scary. The weather bureau says a slow-moving storm front moving
over warm ocean temperatures is to blame.

Four Adelaide men will face court
today over a suburban street fight which left one man dead. Neighbours say a brawl broke out
between two groups armed with shovels,
metal poles and bats. Some of the men made threats
to passers by. There was a guy just running up
and down the street with a bat threatening us,
telling us to pull over. A 49-year-old concreter died
from severe injuries. 4 men aged between 18 and 26
have been charged with his murder.

There's been a worrying increase
in the number of coastal drownings around the country. Between July 2011 and June 2012,
119 people drowned on the nation's coast, nearly 50 more than the year before. Yesterday, three New South Wales
nippers were praised We were very grateful
for all that training because without that we probably wouldn't have been able
to do what we done. One of the women
is recovering in hospital but the other couldn't be revived. Victoria's solarium owners are angry
they won't receive any compensation following the announcement
of a state-wide ban on tanning beds. The industry has 24 months until
the ban comes into effect. The state's premier says
his government had to act. We believe that solariums
are dangerous and there will be no compensation. New South Wales and South Australia
have already announced bans starting on the same date. Queensland's Health Minister
Lawrence Springborg has indicated his state could follow suit. Nathan Tinkler's Hunter Sports Group
says it was unaware of debts owed
to the Australian Tax Office that threaten to shut down Newcastle's NRL and A-League
football teams. The ATO is seeking to wind up the Newcastle Knights
and the Newcastle Jets to recoup a combined total
of $2.7 million. The clubs are confident
they'll survive. I've been advised that the
outstanding payment to the ATO will be paid shortly
and the issue will be resolved. The matter is due to be heard
in Federal Court in February. Parents are being warned
to be extra vigilant when shopping for toys
this Christmas after Fair Trading pulled more than
160 products from store shelves. Rubber duckies, remote controlled
helicopters and plastic guns have been named among the most
dangerous items for kids. Most kids would love to wake up
on Christmas morning to see all of these toys
under their tree. But if they did, they might not live
to see New Year's Eve. Toys that would strangle a child, and toys that would effectively
put children's eyesight, and lives, in danger. These toys were seized
during pre-Christmas raids on more than 1,000 outlets. And hitting the suppliers
of these toys is one way that we can effectively
use our resources to combat these toys getting
into the marketplace. Some are obviously dangerous. Then there's this rampant rattle... ..and killer rubber duckies - both harmless looking, but with detachable parts
that could easily choke a child. Even this Christmas star light
burns brighter than it should. Yeah, take them off the shelf
if they're dangerous, you know? They're for kids. I should really look at safety but we don't because we just assume
they've been tested. With Christmas
just around the corner, concerned parents are being urged
to exercise a little common sense and shop at the more reliable
big-name retailers. To check if you've bought
a dangerous toy, go to our website for the full list.

Sydney police are searching for
a hoon driver of a different kind. This man was caught tearing down
a major south-west Sydney road in what appears to be a go-kart. He attempts to run a red light but thinks better of it
and spins out. If he's caught,
he faces a string of charges.

Unregistered, uninsured,
unlicensed driver and potentially
"driving manner - dangerous". Experts say it's not even
a real go-kart, making it even more dangerous. Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts
and Nicole Kidman are leading the Aussie charge as the awards season
gets under way in Hollywood. They're among a host of Australians
nominated in Beverly Hills for the 70th Golden Globe awards. Keith Urban is vying for
Best Original Song, while his wife Nicole Kidman is up
for two gongs in different projects. Best Actress in a Mini Series or
Motion Picture made for Television, Nicole Kidman,
'Hemingway & Gellhorn'. Hugh Jackman has been nominated
for Best Actor in his role in the upcoming musical
'Les Miserables'.

Now for your first look
at Friday's weather. Scattered showers
and 27 in Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Sydney
and Canberra. Melbourne, rain,
tops of 24. Showers in Hobart and Adelaide. Perth partly cloudy
and 27 and the usual afternoon storm
for Darwin, 34. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am - a woman's amazing survival after
she was stuck in a snow storm. But next on Seven Early News, the teenager caught posing
as a doctor at South Australian hospitals. And a state of emergency declared
in Samoa after a deadly cyclone.


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An old tram route is being revived
in Sydney as part of a major overhaul
of the city's transport network. Plans have been unveiled
for a $1.6 billion tramline stretching from Circular Quay
to the eastern suburbs. The New South Wales State Government
says the initial disruption to traffic
will be worth it. What light rail allows us to do,
is move more people more quickly, more reliably. A similar route was ripped up
from Sydney's streets 50 years ago.

at Adelaide hospitals. The former St Johns Ambulance
volunteer and even reading patient notes. He even bragged about it
on Facebook. He just turns up, and sort of, walks around pretending to be
a doctor. We don't know of any cases where he's had any interaction,
direct interaction with patients. Police say so far

there's no evidence the boy
has broken any laws. Prince Philip has given bankers
some advice after the global financial crisis, "Don't let it happen again." The Duke of Edinburgh
was accompanying the Queen on a tour of the Bank of England. They toured the bank's vault, home to $41 billion worth
of gold bars. They each signed an
unissued £1 million note. Prince Philip pretended
to pocket his, joking, "You wont miss it,
will you?".

European ministers
have finally agreed to give Greece
the next instalment of the debt-stricken country's
bailout. Greece has been waiting since June
for the vital loan which was postponed over economic
and political uncertainty. The next instalment
is worth almost $45 billion. The release of the funds
is a message that Greece will remain in the euro. 16 people have been killed
in a bomb attack near a school in Syria's capital Damascus. Seven children died when a car
packed with explosives No-one has claimed responsibility but the government has blamed
the bombing on rebel fighters.

A state of disaster
has been declared in Samoa after a cyclone killed at least
two people. Cyclone Evan swept over
the South Pacific islands with winds of more than 200km/h. The storm damaged buildings,
uprooted trees and brought down powerlines. Residents in the capital Apia
are being evacuated. The biggest names in music
have rocked New York to raise money for victims
of Superstorm Sandy including the Rolling Stones.

# You got me rocking now # Hey, hey you got me rocking. # The Who... # Whooa tell me who are you, # Who are you.

And Bruce Springsteen
with Jon Bon Jovi. # Tramps like us, baby, # We were born to run.

$30 million had been raised
before the telethon even began.

Your first finance this Early News:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6am -
shopping revolution. a new wholesale supermarket opens
in Australia. But next on Seven Early News, Michael Clarke urges his
young players to stand up against Sri Lanka. And the Heat and the Strikers
play out a final ball thriller in the Big Bash.

What does a long bar have to do
with a huge river?

What does a Parisian artist have in common with a touring cricket team?

Or Seven Sisters and 21 First Ladies? Give up? They're all part of
Canberra's huge centenary year. Beginning in January 2013, there's a massive year of events planned to celebrate
Canberra's 100th birthday. So visit to start planning your experience now.

The stories we're following
on the Early News. An inquest has heard shocking
details about the death after the royal radio prank.

Jacintha Saldanha was found hanged
in her nurses' quarters. The coroner has heard
she left three notes.

Staff at Sydney radio station
2DayFM have been moved to safe houses and management has been forced
to hire bodyguards. Police are investigating death
threats in the wake And doctors' worst fears have been
confirmed in South Australia with confirmation at least three
cases of breast cancer were missed by new screening technology. Now it's over to Mark Beretta
with all the day's sport. Australian captain Michael Clarke has called on his young players
to stand up in today's series opener against
Sri Lanka in Hobart. Mitchell Johnson
has been left out of the side, but Clarke's backing
the veteran paceman to bounce back.

Hobart's upgraded pitch
has been a nightmare for first-innings batsmen. Mitchell Johnson
would have had a field day. Yeah, Mitch should feel unlucky,
there's no doubt about it. His impressive return in Perth
after a year out of the test team not enough to stop the return
of Siddle and Hilfenhaus. Certainly wasn't a simple decision. All four guys
have performed really well. Mitch Johnson
has been bowling beautifully for Western Australia as well but this is the XI. We've gone for this test match. Mitchell Starc's selection
is also part of a bigger picture. There's no doubt, though, that John Invererity, Pat Howard
and Micky Arthur need to be able to look to India
and then to the Ashes.

Sri Lanka's never won a test
in Australia but a wild wicket might change that. Gives us a fighting chance Mike Hussey is over a head cold
and will play.

Brisbane Heat has scored
a thrilling last-ball victory over the Adelaide Strikers
in the Big Bash League. Star import, Kieron Pollard thrilled
the Adelaide Oval faithful as the Strikers amassed
a healthy 8 for 185. The West Indian also came up with
one of the luckiest deflections you'll ever see to run out Ben Cutting. Brisbane needed a four
off the final ball to win, and Chris Hartley came up trumps
but only just.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, its hit the rope,
that's four and the Heat win. The 3-wicket win
was the Heat's first of the season.

A substantially increased
NRL salary cap is set to be finalised
before Christmas after another positive round
of negotiations. It's understood
the Players Association has agreed to a $5.8 million cap for 2013. The minimum wage is set to rise
to $80,000 a year. We've been very firm
on that point. , We wanted our bottom players, our minimum wage players looked after. We have reached a position that is fair and that's been our goal the whole

The new deal ensures there'll be
no boycott of the All Stars game. The Newcastle Jets insist
they're fully focussed on tonight's A-League clash
against Perth Glory despite the financial woes
of owner Nathan Tinkler. Meanwhile, Sydney FC will confirm
the signing of former Socceroos and Jets striker
Joel Griffiths today. He'll join the Sky Blues
in the new year following a 3-year stint
in China. And Chelsea has advanced to the
final of the FIFA Club World Cup with a 3-1 win over Mexican side

COMMENTATOR: Goal from Juan Mata! They'll take on Brazilian giants
Corinthians in the decider.

Daniel Popovic will take a two-shot
lead into the second round of the Australian PGA Championship
at Coolum. The unheralded Victorian carded
a blistering 8-under par 64 in an opening round that included
8 birdies in his first 11 holes.

COMMENTATOR: This for an eagle to
really get himself going...ah-ha! Shot of the day belonged to
Stuart Appleby and his camera. He couldn't resist snapping some
locals who were going toe-to-toe. , if I was him, I would being back a little bit further. He is brave than you though, thank you, Beretts Scotland you, Beretts you, were.

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Now for a closer look at how
the weather's shaping up around the country. A ridge will weaken across
New South Wales and Queensland And a cool change
will bring some showers and rain to areas around Tasmania, Victoria
and South Australia, Around
the capitals - fine and sunny
in Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Sydney
and Hobart. Showers in Canberra
and Adelaide. Rain in Melbourne. Cloudy in Perth,

and an afternoon shower
or storm in Darwin. And that's Seven Early News
for this Friday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext captions by
Red Bee Media -