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This program is captioned live. Australia recognises the Syrian opposition amid claims deadly weapons are being used against them. This is a new species of mass crime. World condemnation - the UN draws up formal measures to protest North Korea's missile test.Violations of UN Security Council resolutions have consequences. Former 'Hey Dad..!' star back in Australia and ar back in Australia and in court over child sexual abuse charges. And - a formal investigation launched into the 2DayFM prank that went so wrong. ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm Anton Enus.And I'm Janice Petersen. Also tonight - the search . Also tonight - the search for the secretive site where Syria's believed to be manufacturing chemical weapons.The resume might take extreme action if we tried to assault, so we're just militarily choking it off.And - a Melbourne slaughtererhouse under fire over rerhouse under fire over allegations horses are being mistreated. The United States has joined human rights groupness causing the Syrian government of using scud missiles and incendiary weapons on its own people. The international community is turning its back on the Assad regime. Australia has joined more than 100 countries in recognising the Syrian opposition as the sole legitimate representative of its people. On the outskirts of the capital residence, incendiary weapons containing flammable materials, such as thermite and white fosfrors, raining down on the civilian -- phosphorous, raining down on the civilianian population.Sort of a napalm-like thing and it's completely indiscriminate in terms of civilianians.iminate in terms of civilianians. So very, very concerning, and indickative of the regime's brutalitydickative of the regime's brutality.Giving indications of Giving indications of why the regime may be feeling increasingly vulnerable. Taking it to the heart of Damascus, killing seven people and injuring more than 50 in a triple bombing at the interior ministry.It is time for those in the regime to make the decision to bring this to an end. In Morocco, representatives from more than 100 countries have met to endorse the tries have met to endorse the Syrian opposition, which is seething at Russia's continued support for the regime.

Australia one of 100 countries now recognising the rebels as opposed to the government.In the crimes of the post-war period, what the Assad government is doing to its own people stands out. This is a new species of mass crime. Like the victims of war before them, the Syrian people displaced by the hostilities have been reduced to fighting amongsteen reduced to fighting amongst themselves for the most basic of items. Like a blanket to keep warm. The latest indignity for a group of people who have lost everything.

The onset of winter compounding the misery. And coming up later in the bulletin - the dangerous hunt for those Syrian chemical weapons. The UN Security Council has condemned North Korea for launching a rocket in defiance of its resolutions. There's been virtually unanimous criticism of the act. The Security Council is flagging further possible measures against Pyongyang, but the veto holder, China, is already indicating it won't give its support. New pictures show the launch that sparked an international outcry, but which the North Korea government says sent local hearts racing with excitement. Revolutionary songs will now play in space, s will now play in space, said the control centre's chief. After emergency talks at the UN Security Council, diplomats flagged a formal resolution condemning yesterday's so-called satellite launch, which was widely seen as a cover for testing ballistic missile technology. It's clear new measures are planned against a country already under sanction for nuclear testing. Members of the Security Council record that in April 2012 did express the Council's determination to take action accordingly in the event of a further DPRK launch.The United States knows that its enemy is at least closer to a long-range attack capability it can use as leverage.Members of the council must now work in a concerted fashion to send North Korea a clear message that its violations of UN Security Council resolutions have consequences.But veto holder China has consistently opposed UN sanctions against its ally.

Today, Chinese state media says the test shows Beijing's lack of leverage over Pyongyang, so China will block moves for strong new sanctions to avoid further weakening its own position. Still, Australia's Foreign Minister is encouraging.I want to thank China for attempting to influence the behaviour of North Korea, but, of course, without success. It's speculated that the timing was meant to impact the upcoming South Korean and Japanese elections. But mostly, say analysts, to enhance the prestige of Kim Jong Un, just a year in power and already facing internal challenges. As the vote for Egypt's controversial constitution grows closer, the country's opposition is urging its members to vote. The National Salvation Front wants supporters to participate in the poll and vote no rather than not take part at all. Protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square welcomed the opposition's new stance. International voting has already started in Egyptian embassies around the world. And later we'll hear how Egyptians here in Australia are responding. 'Hey Dad..!' star Robert Hughes has appeared in court in Sydney over multiple sex allegations against children. The 64-year-old returned to Australia ear-old returned to Australia this morning after being extradited from London. He's now free on bail, under strict conditions. Two hours after Robert Hughes' first court appearance on Australian soil, he was whisked away to the home where he's been directed to live by the court. His journey began more than 36 hours earlier, escorted from London by NSW Sex Crime Squad detectives. On arrival, he was taken to the Sydney Police Centre, where he was formally charged.He will be charged later will be charged later this morning with 11 offences relating to five victims. These offences occurred between 1984 and 1990.Hughes was the star of the hit TV series 'Hey Dad..!'. Allegations that he had abused young girls first emerged in 2010. His lawyer advised him not to be interviewed by police.He denies his guilt. He will strenuously assert his innocence.He spent only minutes in court, wearing the same clothes he travelled in. The prosecution didn't oppose bail. The magistrate said she didn't consider him a flight risk, nor did she consider there were any issues relating to public safety. Robert Hughes has been bailed under strict conditions. He's to report to police three times a week, surrender his passport and not approach within 1km any international departure point. He's also been ordered not to approach any Crown witnesses. An application to keep his Sydney address secret on safety grounds was declined.I think in cases like this where there's been such adverse publicity and media interest, you've always gotta have some concern. So it was just something that he and his wife were worried about.Robert Hughes has been .Robert Hughes has been remanded to appear again in mid-January. Australia's media watchdog has launched an investigation into 2DayFM over its ill-fated royal baby prank. A British MP has condemned parent company Southern Cross Austereo's response to the incident. He claims the family of the nurse who died after falling for the hoax is yet to receive a formal apology. to receive a formal apology. Keith Vaz is the chairman of Britain's Home Affairs Committee. He's been working closely with the family of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse believed to have taken her own life after putting through a prank phone call at a London hospital treating London hospital treating Prince William's pregnant wife, Catherine. Mr Vaz says while the public's support has been overwhelming, the same can't be said for 2DayFM's parent company, Southern Cross Austereo.To do everything through press releases and public statement, through the media, I would have thought common sense requires that you write and you apologise and you make some attempt to put your apology to the family. I'm not quite sure whether that has happened.The MP has written to chief executive Rhys Holleran expressing his dissatisfaction. There's been no written apology, no request for a meeting with o request for a meeting with the family, and no attempt to express contrition in person, he writes. And on its promise to donate at least half a million dollars to a fund for Saldanha's family, "I would be grateful if you could let me know how you arrived at this figure and why you think it adequately deals with this important issue." The Australian Communications and Media Authority has now opened an investigation into the prank, which will focus on 2DayFM, rather than the two presenters who have borne the brunt of worldwide anger. The ACMA will investigatel whether 2DayFM breached the standards of privacy and scent. If it did, it faces fines, a range of restrictions or possibly having its licence cancelled. But media experts say that last one remains unlikely.I just suspect that, because of the martyrdom factor, it will distract everybody from the real wrongdoing. 2DayFM will be able to claim they have been suppressed.The results from Jacintha Saldanha's post-mortem are expected to be released later tonight. The echoes of 30 years of violence in Northern Ireland are still reverberating in the British Parliament. Prime Minister David Cameron admitting there was a shocking level of state collusion in one of the province's most controversial killings. The 1989 paramilitary murder of lawyer Pat Finucane. Pat Finucane's death could have and should have been prevented. It's now clear that one of the main reasons the Belfast lawyer died was that the State failed to protect him. He was shot 14 times by a loyalist gun gang, in front of his family, in 1989. He was a high- profile lawyer at the time, defending a number of IRA suspects. His family has always believed the State wanted ys believed the State wanted him to be killed. And a report published today confirms that elements within the security forces were helping loyalists to carry out murders.When you read some of the specific cases in the report, page after page in chapter seven, it is really shocking that this happened in our country. Collusion should never, ever happen. So, on behalf of the government and the whole country, let me say again to the let me say again to the Finucane family, I am deeply sorry.But for Pat Finucane's widow and his three children, sorry wasn't good enough.The dirt has been swept under the carpet without any serious attempt to lift the lid on what really happened to Pat and so many others. This report is a sham. This report is a whitewash. Most hurtful and insulting of all, this report is not the truth.In more than 800 pages, the report sets out in detail what happened in Pat Finucane -- what happened to Pat Finucane. Two loyalest paramilitaries involved in the killing were working as agents at the time, including the man who supplied the murder weapon, William. The other agent was Brian Nelson. He provided the murder gang with a photograph of Pat Finucane. The report says employees of the State facilitated his murder and that after the lawyer's death, there was a relentless attempt to defeat the ends of justice. But the report concludes there was no overarching conspiracy to murder Pat Finucane and no government minister had foreknowledge of the killing. But the Finucane family don't believe that. They are pushing for a full public inquiry. And the Northern Ireland chief of police has also apologised to Pat Finucane's family. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Anti-virus software founder John McAfee has arrived in the US after being deported from Guatemala. McAfee spent more than three weeks on the run after his neighbour's murder in Belize, before slipping across the border into Guatemala. He failed to win asylum there, but his lawyer successfully fought his deportation back to Belize. Members of Ukraine's newly elected government have come to blows. The mayhem preventing the election of a new prime minister and speaker. The disruption was sparked when the opposition tried top prevent two of its own members from being sworn in amid suspicions they had changed their political views. Eventually, the session was suspended. And Pope Benedict has sent his first tweet, just as his Twitter account hit the 1 million followers mark. The 85-year-old pushed the button on a tablet computer that was brought to him after mass. Later in the day, the pontiff answered a few questions about faith sent to him from around the world. America's Federal Reserve has unveiled a newspaper round of economic stimulus to help avoid the country falling back into recession. It's pledged to keep interest rates low until unemployment falls. But Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has warned the shadow being cast by the pending fiscal cliff is too strong for his organisation alone to control. 12 million Americans don't have a job and the Federal Reserve has committed to a new plan to see that number fall.We expect to continue asset purchases until we see a substantial improvement in the outlook for the labour market in a context of price stability.It's the first time economic indicators have been used rather than dates to signal policy changes. Previously, Mr Bernanke only said rates would remain low until mid-2015. The Fed currently buys $40 million in bonds per month to help stimulate the American economy. But from January, it's adding another $45 billion every month. It's also pledged to keep interest rates at close to 0%, pegging it until unemployment reaches its target. Right now, the US jobless rate stands at 7 up.7%. And interest rates -- and 7.7%. And interest rates won't change until it falls to at least 6.5%, a level not seen since 2008. The other condition is for an inflation rate not hort than 2.5%. It's currently below that. Some economists predict those targets may arrive sooner rather than later.The unemployment rate can change rather quickly. So right now we're at about 7.7%. I think we could actually get to 6.5% probably by the middle of 2014.Mr Bernanke also forecast economic growth of 3% next year, but warned his plan alone won't avert a deeper economic storm.But I just want, again, to be clear that, um, uh, we cannot - we cannot offset the full impact of the fiscal cliff.That fiscal cliff is fast approaching as budgetary negotiations in Washington stall. The main sticking point - higher taxes on the wealthy. If an agreement isn't made by the end of the year, a series of automatic tax increases will be triggered and spending cuts will come into effect, which many experts agree will set off a double-dip recession. Mr Bernanke believes the crisis will be resolved without significant long- term damage. Hillary Clinton says she's not interested in running for US president in 2016. After four years at Secretary of State, Clinton has travelled more ate, Clinton has travelled more than 1.5 million kilometres around the globe. But she says she has no plans to apply for a promotion in four years' time. I have said I really don't believe that that's something I will do. Again, I am so grateful I had the experience of doing it before. But, you know, I - I think there are lots of ways to serve. So I will continue to serve.The outgoing Secretary of State says Iran remains America's greatest security concern.

You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - cleared in court, but the fallout continues over the former parliamentary speaker. Shortly - what Australian Egyptians think of tralian Egyptians think of the constitutional reform dividing a nation. And later - no more monkey business - the pesky primates driving their when they're served with

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The Government is accusing the Opposition of accusing the Opposition of involvement in what it's calling a conspiracy. That's after the Federal Court found a sexual harassment claim against the former speaker gainst the former speaker was politically motivated. But the Liberal National Party is standing by Queensland candidate Mal Brough, named as being involved. While the political battle rages, Tony Abbott's been visiting the other war, and Australian troops in Afghanistan.I come before you with a great sense of humility, because you have to do difficult things as a result of our decisions, so thanks so much. And have a great Christmas. All the best. (APPLAUSE) The Government's accusing him of ducking questions in the wake of yesterday's scathing Federal Court judgement, throwing out a sexual harassment claim against former speaker Peter Slipper by his former staff member, James Ashby.Mr Abbott will probably want to continue circling the earth and not land and answer these basic questions. What did he know about this?The Justice ruled the case an abuse of led the case an abuse of the court process, brought to undermine Peter Slipper and advantage the Liberal National Party. The judge found Mr Ashby and colleague Karen Doane combined with the man who wants Peter Slipper's Queensland seat, former minister, now LNP candidate, Mal Brough, to damage Mr Slipper and undermine the Government.A conscious decision to engage in the politics of personal destruction to try to bring down a government. That is what we have seen here.It's not some great LNP conspiracy.Mal Brough is not a fit and proper person to be in the Australian Parliament and Mr Abbott should disendorse him.Mal Brough will be our candidate in Fisher. Peter Slipper quit as speaker in October, when private text messages he sent James Ashby were revealed in evidence. In the messages, he made offensive remarks about female genitals, prompting Independent MPs to withdraw their support. Peter Slipper isn't getting his old job back, despite the case which exposed the messages having been thrown out. The Government believes the Opposition was also involved. After demanding Julia Gillard explain her illard explain her past actions, they are being urged to do the same. The Opposition says, having settled early and paid Mr Ashby $50,000, it's the Government which should explain. The Government is offering to resettle Afghan interpreters and other star working for Australia in Afghanistan under what it calls a moral obligation to protect them. They will be assessed according to the kind of work they have done and the threat they potentially face. The Government made a similar offer to locally engaged employees and their families following the Iraq war. Allegations of inhumane slaughter have been levelled against a Melbourne knackery.ainst a Melbourne knackery. Investigations have been launched into the company's operation. And a warning - this story contains graphic images that may be distressing to some viewers. These horses are next to be transferred from t to be transferred from a dusty pen in Melbourne's west to the kill box. It's a regulated process, one which has recently come under the scrutiny of animal liberationists. They supplied these pictures of a horse, which is shot in the paddock before being shackled to a small tractor and dragged to the shed, where it's processed. Activists claim that the horse was still I -- still alive and suffering throughout.As it's being dragged, you could actually hear his leg breaking. And when he's in the shed, about to have his throat cut, you can see him actually breathing. PrimeSafe is the organisation charged with regulating abattoirs and knackeries. It's reviewed the footage ands. It's reviewed the footage and cleared the conduct.As I said, the advice I have is that this is - from a veterinarian. Whether the animal is dead or alive is inconclusive. That's basically irrelevant. What's absolutely clear is that the animal is unconscious and incensible to pain. That is our critical issue.It's absolutely abhorrent that any animal should have to go through that, when a little bit of care may have prevented this situation. Unfortunately, this is common place in lots of knackeries and abattoirs around Australia.The PrimeSafe audit relates specifically to processes employed at the facility rather than at the facility rather than the ethics of animal treatment. The RSPCA has confirmed it's currently conducting a separate investigation into specific allegations of cruelty to horses, but at this stage has declined to elaborate. On viewing the footage, Zoos Victoria acted swiftly, axing Laverton Pet Supplies as a provider to Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo. Despite the incident, Brian Casey is finalising a report on the knackery's conduct, which identifies some breaches of protocol.We have also changed their procedures.also changed their procedures. They are not to shoot a horse from a distance of more than a metre.Activists estimate around 40,000 horses are slaughtered in Australia each year. In Argentina, the public has reacted with outrage to the acquittal of 13 people on sex slave rip charges. ple on sex slave rip charges. The case centred on the -- slavery charges. The case centred on the disappearance of Marita Veron, who is believed to have been kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Her mother started a campaign, which has been credited with rescuing many young women. Anger at the court's verdict. People are demanding the judges explain their verdict or face impeachment. Susannat or face impeachment. Susanna arrived in court wondering if her 10-year-old fight for justice was finally over. She launched a nation-wide campaign after her 23-year-old daughter, Marita Veron, disappeared on her way to a hospital appointment. Marita's whereabouts have never been established. Her mother believes she er mother believes she was kidnapped and forced into prostitution. Fighting to find her daughter, she worked her way into human trafficking gangs, pretending she was interested in buying women. The information she gathered led to police raids, freeing hundreds of women forced into proiption. 13 people were accused of being -- prostitution. 13 people were accused of being involved in Marita Veron's disappearance. One by one, they were acquitted. A panel of three judges finding them not guilty of charges, ranging from abduction to running brothels were Marita was g brothels were Marita was alleged to have worked. They hugged each other and their families. But the verdict caused anger from others in the court. Susanna sat expressionless as she took in sionless as she took in the consequences of the verdict. Now she's had time to consider, the anger has not gone away. TRANSLATION: I don't believe in justice now. I only believe in God's justice. I did all of this because my life was in danger. Thank God they couldn't get to me. We will do all we need to do. We have everyone's support. I am still standing and feel strong. Today a new battle begins.Argentina's President, who gave her a top humanitarian award just last week, says the verdict is corrupt. TRANSLATION: I don't have any evidence but I have no doubt. And when there is money involved, anything can happen.She almost single-handedly changed the way human trafficking is viewed in Argentina and across South America. She says she will continue the search for her missing daughter. The grounds for the court's ruling have not yet been made public. There were stark warnings from an American intelligence expert today - Syria's - chemical weapons could be used at a moment's notice. It's believed Syria manufactures sarin, which killed people on the Tokyo subway in 1995. The nerve agent tabun, a we of mass -- a weapon of mass destruction, according to the US. VX, and mustard gas, a blistering agent used since World War I. CNN's Arwa Damon has made her way to one of Syria's five manufacturing chemicals sites to see what she could learn. In most of these villages, we don't dare stop. While no longer fully controlled by the government, the regime's spies still lurk. And we're snaking our way towards a facility the government most certainly does not want us to see. A site that multiple sources on the ground say is where the Assad regime produces chemical weapons. A place called the Scientific Research Facilitateientific Research Facilitate. To the south- east of Aleppo lies a town. On its outskirts, a sprawling factory. Manufacturing anything from containers to long-range missiles. This is as close as we can get before we hear an aircraft overhead, and quickly leave. To the south- east of that, according to our sources, is the Scientific Research Facilitate. From here, we can see the outer-most perimeter of the general research facility. And the fighters are telling us that it is amongst the most heavily guard areas where they are operating. The village right e operating. The village right below it, that is filled with government loyalists, so this is about as far as we can go. Abu commands a brigade that has fighters surrounding the facility. Tasked by his commanders was isolating, but not attacking it. The regime might take extreme action if we try to assault, so we're just militarily choking it off, he tells us. On all sides it is surrounded by rolling hills. We're being escorted by a defector soldier, who worked on the inside, and a rebel fighter from the area. We've agreed not to reveal their identities. We have to be very careful filming through here, but visible on the side of the mountain are what rebel fighters with us are telling us were the former positions that government troops used to occupy. Since the Free Syrian Army moved into this area, government forces have pulled further in, closer to the facility itself. This man was recently captured by the rebels. He says he led a unit whose job was to patrol part of the perimeter. Artillery units are positioned on the hilltops. He agreed to be interviewed if we disguised his identity and his voice. He says that soldiers like him were constantly searched. Their calls monitored, forbidden from seeing people who entered the main building. They arrived escorted by armed guards, concealed from sight. It was even forbidden for us to ask about it. den for us to ask about it. "If we did, we were punished," he tells us. They were under orders to shoot to kill anyone who approached, even a civilian within 300m. He says that around five months ago, regular employees stopped arriving. "And what I overheard is that those who were allowed to leave were Syrian and those re Syrian and those inside were foreigners. We saw large quantities of food still being delivered," he says. Defectors have previously told CNN that Iranian scientists have often worked here. There's no way to confirm that. Portions of the complex are underground. The hilltops have tunnels as well. Guarded, we are told, by up to 5,000 soldiers. The fear of chemical weapons has further traumatised people. But, in reality, people can do little more than pray that Syria's war doesn't lead to such a catastrophe. Local doctors in Aleppo told Arwa Damon medical teams will be provided with special training in the event the Syrian government resorts to n government resorts to using chemical weapons. Well, Egyptians in Australia have had the opportunity to cast the first ballots in the country's controversial constitutional referendum. In Egypt, the draft document has triggered ongoing protests and lethal clashes outside the presidential palace. As early voting begins in Sydney, it appears the expaitri yacht community is just as divided. Some say the constitutional referendum is exactly what they fought to achieve in the revolution, but moderates doubt the vote has any credibility. It will be Egypt's sixth constitution, and for some of Australia's 120,000 Egyptians, it's proof the painful and bloody revolution was worth it.You can't imagine how happy I am today. This is had a momentous day for us as Egyptians, as we have been fighting for the last two years since the revolution, 25 January last year, to reach such a point.Far from celebrating, though, young moderates see the birth of a new dictatorship and a constitution that buries human rights.People went out to protest tonne 25 January for an Egypt that, you know, protects all Egyptians, Christian and Muslim alike, whether they are conservative Muslims or liberal Muslims or leftists. The fact of the matter is that this constitution does not that -- does not do that.But she is satisfied that her and her children's rights will be protected.They have covered many important aspects, such as equality of people from all walks of life. Um, women's rights. Sayid is taking a pragmatic view. He wanted to build a solar panel factory in Egypt, but political instability made him choose saudi Arabia instead.Enough is enough. If they want to change something in the constitution, they can always review it later.Of the 4,000 Egyptians registered to vote in Sydney, half are expected to turn out. Moderates are staging a boycott, and SBS didn't meet anyone voting no idn't meet anyone voting no at the polling booth.To be proactive lling booth.To be proactive to participate in this process, because we are quite positive about the result of the democratic reform that Egypt is going through now, after the revolution. On the eve of Mohammed Mursi's inauguration as President, he promised to rule for all Egyptians. But on the streets, civil rights are a matter of interpretation. They are talking about the freedom, and they do not know that the freedom should be surrounded about Islam.The Australian chapter of Egypt's opposition party is distributing a list of 20 reasons not to vote for the constitution. They say the constitution is intentionally misleading and they are urging voters to read it carefully.You can't have a President who makes his own constitution.He says Egyptians should be voting for a new president on Saturday and not a new constitution.Don't forget that Dr Mursi was voted in 51.7%.Even if the constitutional problem is solved on Saturday, the country is in dire need of redirection. Analysts are predicting Egypt could be bankrupt within six months. And Egyptians in Australia can cast their ballots in the referendum at their local consulate until 8pm on Saturday. Thanks. Well, on a lighter note - who wants neighbours to steal your food, pinch your children's schoolbags or hassle your pets? That's exactly what residents in a Cape Town suburb have had to deal with. And what makes it worse is that this mob of noisy neighbours has been around for years. Taking care of essential grooming in the morning sun. These baboons are part of a hard core troop which has been living in this apartment block tore three years, much to the annoyance of the tenants, who have to keep their windows closed. It's been a pretty easy life for the baboons, who steal from the rubbish and children's schoolbags, while also tormenting people's bets. Emma says they are a health hazard and she can't wait to be rid of them. Our windows are never ever open, unless you have a burglar bar. They have to be a certain size, because the little ones skweed in and they go into the fridge.While the baboons don't seem to see what all the fuss is about, Cape Town City officials are employing more aggressive techniques to get rid of them. As soon as they hit the ground, the rangers are ready.Make sure there's someone standing there at that entrance there.The troops make a break for the houses. A few slip past, while the ranger's reloading his paint ball gun. But, eventually, they are all herded into the bush. The rangers will stay here gers will stay here all day to keep the baboons in their natural habitat. There is plenty of food here for them. It's just that they have to work harder to get it. Some of the serial offenders have been naized, and that's angered -- euthanased, and that's angered some.Going down to the residence, it's hurt them with the paint ball guns, teach them a lesson and they will stay away. What we're seeing - the minute the monitors go off duty, they are back to the village.The rangers have driven five baboon troops out of town completely. But there may always be those who can't resist the lure of an easy meal. Tania Page with that report. Coming up next - Craig Foster with all the day's sports news, including two codes under a cloud, with the Newcastle Jets and Newcastle Knights caught up in Tinkler's tax crackdown. Also - sneaking a peek into the famed 19th-century Priscillaian

All 27 European Union members have agreed to give the European Central Bank new powers to supervise eurozone lenders. The ECB will now direct at least 150 of the continent's biggest banks and intervene in smaller banks at the first sign of trouble. It's the first concerted attempt to integrate the bloc's response to the debt e bloc's response to the debt crisis. And the Australian share market has closed flat. It levelled just below peaks recorded 18 months ago. In a joint venture, BHP Billiton said it would spend more than $950 million to upgrade the Longford gas plant in Victoria, creating 250 construction jobs. Tourism Australia has moved quickly to make up for loss of funding from Qantas by signing a new $12 million marketing partnership with Virgin Australia.

Well, Craig Foster joins us now with sport. And the financial squeeze on financial squeeze on a mining magnate making headlines? Yes, indeed. The Tax Office has moved to Office has moved to wind up the A-League's Newcastle Jets and niegs over unpaid debts of $2.7 million, as Nathan Tinkler's debt problems continue to escalate. Documents filed on Wednesday in the Federal Court in Sydney show the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation is applying for the wind-up of the three entities. The Hunter Sports Group has issued a short statement to advise that any outstanding sums will be paid as soon as possible, and well before the court hearing. To cricket - Mitchell Johnson's roller-coaster career ride continues, dropped from the Australian pace attack for the first test against Sri Lanka in Hobart. Only days after his first appearance in fter his first appearance in the baggy green for a year, the paceman has been named 12th man to make way for Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus, who missed the series disguiser against South Africa. It's a setback for the one-time leader of Australia's pace attack in his return to test cricket, overlooked for younger blood. Mitchell Johnson bowled very well in Perth. And, yeah, he is unlucky to miss out. But, you know, we've gone for this attack for this test match.Mitchell Starc preferred, with local Ben Hilfenhaus and work horse Peter Siddle returning. Nathon Lyon holding his spot on a pitch that's expected to provide him some assistance.A pretty good batting wicket for the first few days. Then I think it mite stay a little bit low. And spin will certainly play a part there, that's for sure.The visitors hoping that will play to their strengths.Gives us a fighting chance, if we do a lot of things right. And it's about the processes, that's what we need to do against a strong Australian side.A slightly new-look side with the requirement of Ricky Ponting. On all fours for a train -- the retirement of Ricky Ponting. On all fours for a training drill. And Shane Watson hopes his move down the order will help the credentials. I certainly enjoyed opening. But it also meant I wasn't able to bowl that much, really, considering I was gonna have to go on and take the first ball.Not that Sri Lanka's pace attack is coming with a formidable reputation, described by Rodney Hogg as the worst to land on our shores.We'll see.Current Australian players distancing themselves from any suggestion Sri Lanka will suggestion Sri Lanka will be easybeats.I think they have got a good pace attack, they have really good options.They have got some of the best batsmen in the world. It's gonna be definitely a big challenge.That challenge for the Warne-Muttiah Muralitharan trophy, begins in earnest tomorrow. Returning to football now - Copa Libertadores's winners, Corinthians, have set up a possible showdown with Chelsea in Sunday's Club World Cup final after squeezing past African champions Al Ahly in the semifinals. A goal by Paolo Guerrero separated the teams, as Corinthians moved a step closer to breaking Europe's recent dominance of the event. When it comes to travelling football depans, those from Corinthians are as -- fans, those from Corinthians are as passionate as they come. 15,000 of them making the trip to Japan for the semi against Al Ahly. Despite coach Hossam el Badry's decision to leave out goal-scoring hero Mohamed Aboutrike, the Africans scored early. But found themselves chasing the game after the Peruvian striker pounced. COMMENTATOR: Corinthians have the opening goal! It's Guerrero! Aboutrike was brought on after the interval. The 34-year-old's weighted pass exposing Corinthians in the 60th minute. However, the Copa Libertadores champions held on to book a place in Sunday's final, as they eye a second Club World Cup title since claiming the crown 12 years ago. In their way, either Chelsea or Monterrey of Mexico, who face each other tonight in the tournament's other semi-. And while John Terry is out with a knee injury, the Premier League side is expected to start their other veteran, despite a recent calf complaint.Frank,recent calf complaint.Frank, available, all of them, training normal, and everything is fine.While Rafa Benitez is aiming to bounce back after an embarrassing Champions League group stage exit. The champions are eyeing a first-ever final appearance. If history is anything to go by, though, their chances don't look promising. European clubs winning the past five titles, stretching back to 2007. And you can see that match with Chelsea looking to put some poor domestic form behind it against top Mexican outfit Monterrey. It will be a clash of styles and football philosophies. One not to miss, from 9:00 tonight. Finally - golf. And unheralded Daniel Popovych leads in the Australian PGA. He fired a 64 to lead by two from Scott Strange, with three in a share of five under par. Greg Norman withdrew after just two holes with suspected food poisoning. But the man to catch is Popovych, the Victorian shooting five consecutive birdies in the middle of his round to be the clear leader. That's the day in sport, guys. Gonna be an interesting game tonight - Chelsea against mont raifplt it was good last night. And it will be -- Monterrey. It was good last night. And it will be interesting to see Benitez.Who's your pick? Benitez.Who's your pick?I think Chelsea will get it.Thanks, Craig. Coming up - the weather details. And...I'm Michelle at the National Gallery in Canberra.


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Now a quick look at some wild weather around the world, starting in Samoa, where Cyclone Evan has slammed into the capital, causing widespread damage and flash flooding. There's been no official reports of deaths or injuries, but authorities are warning residents in low-lying areas to seek higher ground. And in London, well, severe fog has made visibility almost impossible for locals in and around the British capital. Dozens of flights have been cancelled across airports across Britain, with around 20 of those occurring at Heathrow. A deep low in Western Australia is causing areas of storms, potentially severe in the south.

causing areas of storms,
potentially severe in the south. A high-pressure ridge is keeping skies clear in NSW and eastern Queensland. Another low is bringing storms to Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory and western Queensland.

The images of dancing women at the Moulin Rouge is synonymous with Paris in s with Paris in the late 1800s, and are still seen throughout the city today. The artists who created these impressions of gay Paris, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, is now the subject , is now the subject of a major retrospective, which openness Canberra tonight. -- which opens in Canberra tonight. Paris in the 1800s, music, women and the cancan.But he's an individual, um, and, uh, he liked painting the underbelly of Parisienne life, of gay Paris in the 1890s. He wasn't interested in the concerts or the opera. He was interested in e was interested in the cabaret and brothels. Lautrec arrived at the bohemian heart of Paris to work as an artist, despite being born into the rich. Lautrec really wanted to impress his father, so he wanted to be a professional artist and not a dabbling amateur.He could not participate in sport, as his father wanted him to. At only 1.5m tall, he suffered health conditions attributed to inter-marriage. His parents were -marriage. His parents were first cousins. Becoming a chronicler of personalities, he took the light brush strokes of the post- impressionists and applied them to the less glamorous side of life. Women who turned to prostitution or dancing for a living.But then he invents a new sort of portrait of figures of the cabaret or theatre in their own environment.Perhaps Lautrec's greatest legacy is his transformation of poster design into an art form, creating masterpieces such as this.His composition is influenced by the Japanese wood block prints popular at the time. While he died from complications due to alcoholism and syphilis at the age of 36, he was prolific in his output. This collection of over 100 paintings, drawings, prints and posters will be on show at the National Gall rip until April. -- Gallery until April. Recapping our top stories now - human rights groups in the US have accused the Syrian government of using scud missiles and incendiary weapons on civilians. North Korea has been condemned by the international community for launching a rocket in defiance of United Nations resolutions. That's the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS One. You can get rolling headlines if you follow us on Twitter-the- Twitter. Goodnight.Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - --If you follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee -

PETER KURUVITA: I'm off to explore
Sri Lanka's east coast, and my first stop is Arugam Bay. This place is best known for
its world-class surf breaks and stunning beaches.

But I'm more interested in
what you find behind the beach.

Now, I'm in the eastern tip...
of...Yala National Park, looking for bush food. We're gonna head in there, hopefully
not bump into any elephants, and see what I can find.

I'm catching up with Sumita from the
Second Partner conservation group, and he's bringing with him Apuhami,
a village elder who knows Sri Lankan bush tucker
better than anyone around here.

I'm a bit nervous about
going into this swamp. How many eels are there here?
Yes, there are a lot of eels.

The things you do.

The lotus plant is incredibly
nutritious and tastes wonderful. Right now, just after the monsoon,
is the best time to harvest. Here, first we will find a good one. This is thefruit. The fruit of a lotus. Hey-hey.

Is this the seed? Yes, this is...these are theseeds.

It's beautiful. It's, like, kind of like rice.
Exactly. Um, I've had lotus seed before
in drinks in Chinatown, but this is all new to me.

Now, all the roots down here
are just...

It's a mass of roots. But what we are looking for
is the yam at the bottom of it.

So, we've got the root. That's the roots there, yeah. You've got to do a lot of work
to get a big curry. I don't know how many I'm feeding
today, but I'll have to do more. So, that's it there. We cut that off, and then
we'll clean it up and take it?